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Captioned Live. Today - the

deadly scene. Authorities warn

about the dangers after about the dangers after four

people died in boating accident

this is Easter long weekend.

Also today - Syrian troops

pound opposition strongholds in

a brutal offensive just days

before the start of the a UN

backed ceasefire. Up to 135

people now feared dead in an

avalanche that ploughed a

military camp in Kashmir.

There's no business like business for the people behind There's no business like show

Sydney's royal Easter affair.

And an And an Australian protester

disrupts one of Britain's

oldest sporting contests on oldest River Thames. Oh, this is

ridiculous. We have a man in

end there. You're watching ABC the river. And the drama didn't


News 24. Hello, I'm Jason Om.

A quick look at the weather: Authorities

body of a 17-year old boy who went missing went missing off South

Australia's coast in a boating

stent on Friday. The teenager

collision was found washed up on a

collision face near Venus Bay.

The search follows a

treacherous 48 hours along Australia's coastline. Four

people died, as Bill people died, as Bill Birtles reports.

reports. The 17-year old from

Victor Harbour was one of - one reports.

of the other men died. While

another made it to shore and

survived. That boating

accident was just one of

several that have kept

authorities busy over the Easter holiday. In far North

Queensland, the body of an

18-year old man was recovered yesterday afternoon after he

was thrown from a boat near Ingham. Police have interviewed several teenagers

who were on board the boat. In

Tasmania, rough weather played

a roll in the death of an

experienced sailor off the Tasman Peninsular yesterday.

The 66-year-old man fell

overboard when the yacht he and

his wife were on became caught

in gale-force winds. There was

a luckier escape for a group of

trouble during difficult yachtsman who ran into twrubl

conditions on the Victorian

yacht race overnight. yacht race overnight. Their

yacht sunk and after spending a cold night in the ocean they cold

were rescued by competitors on

through another yacht. Everyone went

through a stage of retreating into their own selves and one

of the guys was really

struggling. Just very grateful

for the guys in the rescue

boat. The rescuers have been

praised by organisers of the

a race. They managed to effect

a fantastic rescue of six

people in very trying

circumstances and so they're

heroes. The men from the sunken yacht have all been

discharged from hospital. Two men are in hospital after

separate shootings in Sydney's

west overnight. Police were

called to a suspected drive-by

shooting in Auburn after witnesses reported hearing

gunshots. They were unable to find anyone injured. A short

time later a man showed up at

Auburn Hospital with a gunshot

wound to his leg. About half

an hour later, in a separate case, emergency services were

Pendle Hill where they found called to a house at nearby

another man with a gunshot

wound to his leg. Police wound to his leg. Police have

arrested the five men over the attack. Investigators are

working to identify a body in a dam at a high school in

Sydney's south-west. A

farmhand made the discovery at

Hurlstone agriculture high

school this morning. A crime scene has been set up and

forensic office verse examining forensic office verse

the man's body. Police say the

body had been in the water for

some time. Police say two

people died when their car crashed minutes after they crashed minutes after they sped

Northern Territory police say away from a patrol car.

they saw the car going the

wrong way through a round about

inial Alice Springs last

night. It as alleged the

driver sped off when police

tried to stop him. The

officers did not pursue the

car. A few minutes later they

were told the car had crashed

into a power pole and into a power pole and burst

into frames. The male driver died along with the into frames. The 27-year-old

female passenger. A third

woman and child were hurt and are in hospital. West

Australian police have arrested

and charge aid man accusing running over and charge aid man accusing of officers in Perth's running over two police

officers in Perth's northern the suburbs. Police allege he's

the driver who reversed into

two officers after a breath test in a shopping centre

morning. carpark early yesterday

morning. The drivers quars

found in the western suburb of

Wembley and a man was arrested. Activists in Syria

say more than 70 civilians have

been killed in the latest

loyal to the violence by security forces

loyal to the President Bashar Al-Assad. The violence comes despite the President's pledge

to withdraw heavy weapons from

populated areas by early next

week as part of a UN brokered

peace plan. In Damascus almost as though everything as though everything were normal, the regime was holding

a big rally to celebrate the

65th anniversary of the ruling

Ba'ath Party. In Homs not far

to the north, a very different

story. (Gunfire). Several story. (Gunfire).

quarters of the country's third biggest city were being heavily

bombarded. Actives advices say

many died here and more from the north where they the north where they said

shelling caused a real

massacre. They put video image

objects the knit et far too gruesome for us to show. gruesome for us to show. Under the Kofi Annan peace plan

Syrian troops are meant to be

already carrying out withdrawal

from towns and cities and to complete that process by

Tuesday. The Americans said satellite images showed them

still in place. If the regime

does call off its crackdown and

pull the military out by Tuesday, rebel fighters from the Free Syrian Army the Free Syrian

supposed to follow suit so that supposed to follow suit

a comprehensive truce is in

place on Thursday. That would

allow UN observers to deploy.

But the approaching deadline

has led to unit surge in violence, sending thousands of

refugees across the border into

Turkey. And Carrara has Turkey. And Carrara has told

the UN it will need help if the exodus goes

exodus goes on. Pakistan's

military says up to 135 military says up to 135 people were buried were buried when an avalanche

came down on top of an army

base in the Himalayan mountains

in Kashmir. The know is 23

metres deep. More than 150

soldiers with sniffer dogs and

helicopters have been deployed

to search the rubble. Pakistan's President Asif Ali

Zardari is visiting India today

for lunch with the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. It Minister Manmohan Singh. It is

the first visit by a Pakinstani

head of state in India for 7

years. The two south Asian

powers have fought three wars

since they became free nations

in 1947. The peace dialogue

that began in 2002 broke that began in 2002 broke down after Pakinstani militants

launched a series of attacks in

Mumbai in 2008, killing 166

people. Talks began again last

year and many hope today's

visit by Asif Ali Zardari will

help to move the process

towards lasting peace in south

Asia. Dr Ian Hall is an expert

in Indian foreign policy in Indian foreign policy and

global security at the

Australian National University.

He says this visit is a small step towards closer relations between between the two countries. It is

is likely this particular visit may lead to an official

invitation to Manmohan Singh to

visit Pakistan later this year

and that's where we'll probably see

see some moves on a whole range

of different questions. Probably not territory, but I think things like water rights

and opening up the border to

more trade, I think we could

see some significant moves in those areas. Rescuers in Peru

are struggling to free nine

miners trapped alive by a rock

fall 2 50 metres underground.

The men have been stuck in a

gold and copper mine since it partially collapsed on

Thursday. Tr they're receiving

oxygen and drinks through small holes dug by rescuers. Despite

being unable to bring in heavy

equipment to bring the miners

out, officials say they hope to

free them bitten of the free them bitten of the day. To

Africa now where women's rights campaigner Joyce Banda has been Africa

sworn in as the President of

Malawi three days after her

predecessor died of a heart

attack. Her appointments has

revived hopes for a fresh start

in the develops nation. -

developing nation. Malawi's new

president taking the helm.

president taking the helm. So

help me God. (APPLAUSE). The swearing in of Joyce

swearing in of Joyce Banda ends

a tense period after the death on Thursday of Bingu wa Mutharika. I thank you on

I just sincerely hope there's

no room for revenge. I just sincerely hope... sincerely hope... (APPLAUSE)... That we shall stand united, and

I just hope that as a

God-fearing nation we shall

allow God to come before us,

because if we don't do that, we have failed. (APPLAUSE). She

was one of Mutharika's fiercest

critics and some politicians

had try to block her path to the top job. The Malawi had try Mutharika's death on Mutharika's death on Saturday

two days after the leader died.

The 62-year-old Banda is Malawi's first woman president

and may have to deal with

powerful enemies at home as she

tries to lead her country out of

of an economic crisis. There are

are shortages of sugar, fuel

and other commodities leading

to long lines at shops and

service stations. Mutharika responded to anti-government

demonstration across Malawi last year with an unprecedented

security crackdown that

resulted in at least 19

deaths. Banda will have to fix relations with international relations donors with whom Mutharika donors with whom Mutharika had

clashed. Des Pete the challenge

as head, The Transition of

power in Malawi seems to power in Malawi seems to have taken place as set out by the

country's constitution. Easter Christians around the Christians around the world to

stop to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus

Christ. It is sometimes Christ. It is sometimes said non-Christians enjoy the

holiday but don't care for the

story mind it. One priest disagrees. Professor Gary

Bouma is a social yol professor with Monash University and an Anglican

priest. The whole notion of new

life after death, of new life

after tragedy, and the hope that

that this isn't all there is but there's something more,

sits very much in the hearts sits very much in the hearts of

most people. It most people. It takes different forms and of course Easter is

Easter is the most profound

Christian form of that, and I

think that profound and deeply

but shyly held hope that there's more is something that people very easily resonate

with. Without Easter there

would be no Christmas.

Christmas is gift giving Christmas is gift giving and

reception and things like that.

People do that very easily, but

the more profound meaning of

Easter, of this new hope, of

this hope of life beyond this

life, of life, new life coming out

out of tragedy, is something I

think that every person in one

way or another gets alongside

or not, whether they associate

that with Christianity or not. The leader of not. The leader of the Roman

Catholic Church in Scotland has

used his Easter message to

appeal to Christians to wear a

cross on their clothes as a

symbol of their belief.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien say

strong critic of what he sees as

as a push to remove religion

from public life. The discrete

symbol of belief which Britain's most senior Roman

Catholic cleric says should

become nor prominent in

become nor prominent in the

lives of Christians. It is to

shore up what he describes as

the country's Christian

heritage and culture. In his Easter address last year,

Easter address last year, he bitterly denounced the way in which he claimed Christians

have been prevented in behaving

in accordance with their

beliefs about issues such as

homosexual. His call this

Easter for them to display Easter for them to display a

cross comes as these two cross comes as these two women, two Christian women who claim

their employees discriminated against against them by stopping them

from wearing the symbol,

prepared to take their case to the European Court of Human

Rights. In his Easter homily tonight, Cardinal O'Brien will

remind Roman Catholics or Wayne Bennett's call for Christians

be free to act as their consciences dictate. Some

employees objected even a small

cross runs the risk of offending offending non-Christians, Cardinal O'Brien says Christians should wear a cross

to show they're living up to

their religious. Wearing a

cross means I want to share

myself with you. I want to share myself with share myself with wider

society. I'm not going to

force myself on to you, but I

want to share myself where I'm accepted or available. Cardinal

O'Brien says a simple lapel

croft costs less than an Easter

egg and suggests them as a present to mark Christianity's

most important festival. Climate change

scientist are alarmed by the

rapid melting of a vast ice shelf is Antarctic. shelf is Antarctic. The

European Space Agency says its

satellite images shows the

Larsen B shelf has shrunk by

85% since 1995. Warmer ocean

currents caused half of the

shelf to melt in the last

decade. 'Weekend Breakfast'

spoke earlier to Matthew

England the co-director of the

climate change research centre

and asked him whether he

believed the melting presents irrefutable evidence that climate

climate change is happening.

It is not the on piece climate

have. There are many hundreds

of lines of evidence and

observations from glaciers,

mountain glaciers, the oceans, atmosphere, atmosphere, the land surface, atmosphere, there's a progressive there's a progressive warming

decade by decade of the planet

and that area of the Antarctic Peninsula is warming particularly rapidly. It is

about three tow Greece sea warm

ofrg the last 50 years and

that's enough to dislodge ice

shelves. The big concern we

have behind these ice shelves

are the ice sheets and the are the ice sheets and the ice sheets flow in much more

rapidly one the ice shelves are

gone. Did you distinguish

between the shelf and the note

for instance, in the Arctic we

have sheets don't we? In the Arctic the main ice sheet we

have is the Greenland ice

sheet. The Arctic sea ice has

been melting. The sea ice

floats. One it melt the water

is not raised in sea levels.

The ice shells melt allow the

ease sheets to flow rapidly by

does raise sea level of the.

In the Antarctic it is close to

the West Antarctic ice sheet

which could raise sea levels

global by by four or five

metres. That's the big concern that. Region of the Antarctic is warming the most

rapidly of the whole Arctic

region and like I said 3

degrees celsius is very rapid.

It is unprecedented and it is

enough to start to enough to start to disintegrate ice shelves very rapidly. Is

this process starting to

accelerate in any way? Is it

happening more quickly than we actually have anticipated?

Certainly the last 40 years of warming warming is much more rapid than

the preceding century before

that. Yes, most of the

indicators are accelerating and those ice shelves that we

thought would only carve icebergs, for example, in

summer time, the Wilkins ice

shelf actually started to crack

during a recent winter and this

is unprecedented to see the ice

shelves actually cracking and disintegrating in winter as

well as summer. We used to see

them carving in summer them carving in summer and

winter they re freeze. To see

these events occurring in

winter time is indicative of rapid warming of the region. Are there any

indications that this has happened to this scale happened to this scale before? I'm not talking about hundreds,

but perhaps by thousands but perhaps by thousands of

years ago? Obviously, there's

drilling into the ice in Antarctica where scientist are

trying to wourkt what happened

tens of thousands of years

ago. Yes. It is unprecedented

for the last 100,000 years and

beyond. You can go back to

warmer eras on our planet and actually there have been times

when the entire Antarctic when the entire Antarctic ice

sheet was gone in very, very

warm climates. This is warm tens of millions of years ago

and sea levels back then were

50 metres higher than today.

We know there's a lot of water

stored on those ice sheets. We and

don't think the entire

Antarctic ice sheet could go

but west Antarctic ice but west Antarctic ice sheet

which could contribute 4 metres

of sea level most scientists

think that's going to go. The

time scale when it goes is the

big question we're trying to

resolve, but most glas yol

exists think the west Antarctic

ice sheet is destined to

inintegrate over the next centuries. 4 metres extra in inintegrate over the next few


terms of sea levels is

the significant. That would change

the face of Australia,

obviously? Absolutely. It is

not just - it is actually major cities, Sydney would cities, Sydney would be challenged

challenged by that level of sea challenged by that level of

level rise. It would level rise. It

completely change coast lines around the world and Australia

would be affected as well.

We've only had about 20

centimetres of sea level rise

to date and coastal resident

are noticing the effect of

that. You can imagine 10 times

that amount to 2 metres or

beyond will change the face of

our coastline significantly. Germany is

stepping up a project to sell

World War II bunkers but not

for their original purpose. It

turns out many of the bunkers

can be converted into homes or

office space. But critics say

the bunkers were built by

forced Lane a should not be

used 7 decade ago the siren

would summon the people of the

neighbourhood at night.

Sleepy, terrified, often except

times before dawn. This is to

get oxygen in when inside the

bunker were more than 500 people This man is the

architect who helped launch the

live in a bunker trend.

Building apartments in a bunker

is really unbuilding, drilling

holes through more than a metre

of concrete to saw out 20 tonne

blocks for windows or

balconies. Moving the German

Government was much harder. I

wanted to buy the bunker and

the Government was the owner

and I went there and asked for

buying a bunker and they never

did something like that before

and I think they said - they

thought I would be a bit

crazy. But Government has crazy. But Government has now

transformed into well appointed sold him several bunkers he's

apartments. The apartments. The retirees living

here say friends expecting a

dark, damp hole are pleasantly

surprised. And that instead of

being haunted by the past, they

want to redefine it. During

the second world war between

300,000 to 600,000 German

labourers civilsians and foreign forced

labourers were killed because

of allied bombings. Bunkers like

like these saved a lot of lives. During the Cold War lives.

there were fears of another clash on German soil so the Government

Government kept the bunkers.

Three years ago it decided to

start actively selling them.

Because of who first built the

bunkers in many cases some historians suggest living inside them today is morally

questionable. TRANSLATION: The problem is that great

numbers of forced labourers, including people from concentration camps, built

these bunkers. They're like war crimes in concrete. History, of course, hangs over everything in

Germany. The architect hired a

shame man to chase the bad

memories from some of his

dwellings, allowing people to

move into how homes and move into how homes and perhaps

to feel they've moved on from

couples are turning memories from

couples are turning to commercial surrogacy to become

parents even though it is

illegal in some States. A new survey finds that for survey finds that for most

couples the idea of breaking

the law does not deter them from pursuing commercial surrogacy arrangements here's medical reporter Sophie

Scott. Alisa Latto has a genetic genetic condition which

she was unable to have her own children. After exploring local options, she decided to

use a surrogate mother in the

United States. Thomas and Taj

were born two years ago. We

found a fantastic agency over

there and were matched with an

amazing surrogate that agreed

to help us. We formed a very

strong bond and relationship strong bond and

with her and her with her and her family. New research shows research shows more Australian couples are turning to

commercial surrogacy to fulfil

their dreams to become parents. We found a threefold

increase in families accesses surrogacy overseas in the surrogacy overseas in the last

two years alone. From July 2010

to 2011 300 babies were born to

Australian parents through overseas arrangements. That's despite the fact commercial surrogacy is illegal despite the fact that

in NSW, Queensland and the ACT.

The survey we did recently

with over 200 Australian

families showed that the

majority of those in in States

where the bans are in place

still say they would go still say they would go over yeast and sues surrogacy

there New reach shows most

women who turn to surrogacy

have spent three years trying

to conceive naturally. Many

spent five years and almost

$50,000 on unsuccessful IVF

attempts. Advocates say not

attempts. enough are done to help

Australian couples who want to become parents. Instead of

use supporting couples that need to

use surrogacy to create a

penalise families the Australian laws

penalise them. Couples using commercial

commercial surrogacy are increasingly turning to India

Two as the favoured destination.

Two years ago, it attracted

about a third of couples. Now

it's a as high as 80%. Athletes

around the only ones who spend

years preparing for the

here have gone to remarkable Olympics. Sports scientists

lengthses and used sneaky

kicks to prepare our lengthses and used sneaky tack

cycling team for London. kicks to prepare our road

Here's Olympics reporter Ben

Knight. In this corner of the AIS, there's a little piece England. It might look like a AIS, there's a little piece of

video game, but this is serious

science. A mile for mile, hill for hill re-creation of the London

London Olympic road cycling

course and it is called project

deja vu. It allows deja vu. It allows the

Olympic athletes to go into the

Olympic Games feeling quite comfortable and feeling like they've

they've already been. That's

why we used the tight at the

time deja vu. The data was

direct collect bid sneaking

Australian riders on to the

course before trial events course before trial events and

in the Earl I ly mornings.

They had to break some rules to

do it A number of signs, no

cars, no says bells, don't

enter. We decided to give it

one shot before we to one shot before we headed back to Australia. The idea isn't

new, but it's come a long way

from simply walking the from

with a video camera. The

amount of data is staggering. Even weather information is being used in wind tunnel

testing. They can look at the effects of cross winds and the

effects of different Helmets and different wheels on the

types of resistances and the

types of weather that we'll

expect when the athletes are

off in lob done. The guinea

pigs are AIS riders who not is only

only helped to develop the

system but work on pacing

strategies and nutrition, all

of which will be used whinl the Olympic squad starts training in Europe before

games. There's a nice little

hill about halfway through and

then there's a really tough one about about 10 kilometres before the

end. Then it is nice downhill

. Of course it is impossible to

replicate every single bump in the road and he

to recreate the adrenalin of race

race day. It is about making

sure that Australia's riders are as prepared as they can

possibly be. Instead of possibly be. Instead of being scared for the event you scared for the event you go in thee haven't saying I can't wait until I get out of wait until I get out of that

turn three because I'm going to

hammer through that section and when get to that bridge, can I

open it up and take it all the

way home. The Olympic squad

will be named in will be named in June. Good job. There's been high drama on London's river Thames

overnight. The Oxford and

Cambridge boat race had to be

suspended after an suspended after an Australian swimmer forced both crews to will stop nearly halfway through. The

The man was arrest bid police

and the race was restarted.

But the controversy continued. Something like 8

minutes to go. After 158

years, the most dramatic boat

race. In equal measure this

was disturbing, compelling and

confusing. What's happened? Cambridge has stopped. What

you can tell us? We've stopped rowing. There's a man rowing. There's a man swimming

across between the boats. Both

crews had to stop. A swimmer stopped the race narrowly

averting injury himself.

Police would not immediately

confirm he was a protesters but confirm he

he was revveded. In London's

Olympic year it is a reminder

of how high-profile sport can be disrupted. Attention go. The

race was restarted but quickly

became chaotic. A big clash.

There's a broken oar. This There's a broken oar. This is

terrible. Look carefully at the

Oxford oars, missing a blade.

Oxford's cox howled at the up

fire to stop again. He decided

the collision was her fault.

Cambridge were left with a man advantage and completed advantage and completed victory comfortably. Oxford's

relentless attempt to catch up

took its toll. There were worrying scenes as Alex Woods

exhausted and I'm mobile was

car red from the Oxford boat.

He was taken to hospital and

Oxford say he was conscious.

After all this boat After all this boat race entailed, victory seemed oddly

meaningless. It's time for

sport. Collingwood has won its first match of the AFL season first match of with a 21 defeat

with a 21 defeat against Richmond last night at the MCG.

The Pies had a strong

third-quarter with five goals

in 7 minutes to down the Tigers. Adelaide

Tigers. Adelaide celebrated Scott Thompson's 200th Scott Thompson's 200th game with an over the Western

Bulldogs at football Bulldogs at football mark. Also yesterday, West Coast open bar

hassed Melbourne by 108 points

in Perth. Sydney beat

Fremantle by 13 at the C is CG.

Essendon defeated Port Adelaide

by 25 at Docklands. The Sydney Roosters have beaten

Essendon Coast Titans 18-12 in the Coast Titans 18-12 in the NRL

on the Gold Coast last night. Sean Kenny-Dowall scored two of

the Roosters' three tries. Meantime, the Cronulla Sharks

defeated St George-Illawarra 12

nil in Sydney. Perth Glory has

had a thrilling 3-2 extra-time win against the Wellington

Phoenix in the A-League sudden

death semifinal in Perth. Glory substitute Todd Glory substitute Todd Howarth

scored the game winner in the

second half of extra-time.

Australia has had a successful night at the track cycling World Championships in Melbourne pulling level with

Great Britain with three gold

medals last night. Anna Meares

overcame the disappointment of last night May sprint with

redemption in the Keirin for her

her first gold of the series.

In an awe Australian pursuit final Michael Hepburn upset the defending champion Jack Bobridge. Cameron Myer

narrowly won the points race.

The West Indies were 3 for 179 when

when play was called off

because of rain on the first day of the opening test against

Australia in Barbados. The not

out batsmen are Dwayne Bravo out batsmen are Dwayne Bravo on 20 and Shivnarine Chanderpaul

on 8. The Perth Wildcats and New Zealand Breakers New Zealand Breakers are through to New Zealand Basketball League grand veers

after wins yesterday. The

Wildcats beat Wildcats beat the Gold Coast

Blaze 88-67. In game three of the semifinal final veers in

Perth. The Breakers defeated the Townsville Crocodiles

97-840 of - 97-80. Sweden's

Peter Hanson holds the clubhouse lead during the

third-round of the US Masters

under at Augusta. Hanson carted a 7

under 65 to be nine under

overall. Phil Mickelson is a

further shot back in outright

second. Checking the weather, the sun like shows a

low-pressure trough is generating generating storms in WA while a

system of high pressure system of high pressure is slowly clearing South

Australia. Brisk westerly

winds are bringing showers winds are bringing showers to

western Tasmania and a trough over inland Queensland is producing light showers. In producing


Today's top stories -

authorities have found the body authorities have found the

of a 17-year old boy who disappeared off South Australia's coast in a accident

Australia's coast in a boating accident on Friday. The

teenager's accident teenager's body washed up on a

cliff face near Venus Bay. The

search follows a treacherous 48

hours along Australia's coastline. Four people have

died in three separate boating

accidents. Several others have

Syria say Government forces nearly drowned. Activists in