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Tonight - Good Friday

guidance, pointed messages from

the pulpit. I think Australians

have had enough of spin.

They've had enough of self

interest. As Syria's ceasefire

looms worsening violence

prompts a new refugee

exodous. Mick Fanning

outmanoeuvres Kelly Slater in a

Bells Beach manoeuvre.

Honouring Matilda - a day to

commemorate Australia's iconic song.

(Sings) #You'll come a Waltzing

Matilda with me.

Good Evening. Siobhan Heanue

with ABC News. It is a hugely

significant and very sombre day

on the Christian calendar. Good

Friday has been marked across

Australia and around the world. This year's Easter messages

from religious leaders

contained more sting than

usual. There were sharp

criticism of big business and politicians. Although the Pope

saved his comments for some

within his church. Ben Worsley

reports. For those of Christian

faith, there is no more solemn

day than this, the

re-enactments are vivid, a

reminder of the suffering

behind the belief. Crucify him!

For some Good Friday is one of

two days a year they make to it

church.For others it is the

most important of many. Easter

trivialised. There claims should not be

trivialised. There is more to

the season than the Easter bunny. The Anglican Archbishop

of Melbourne touched on equity

in his Easter message. Philip

Freier took aim at the banks

and the mining sector for failing to share the

spoils. When you have

significant profits being made

it is important that those

benefits are shared broadly. That brought an

unusual Easter rebuke. Once a

year we come at the banks and

anybody with money - mining -

they're easty targets. Adelaide's top

Anglican chose Canberra to

chastise. I think Australians

they've had enough of self have had enough of spin,

interest. The head of Australia's Anglican Church called for more understanding

of the dangers of social

media. It turns ingenius

technology with amazing

potential for good into a

weapon for bullying and

brutality. In Rome the Pope

began his Easter with a

reminder to those within his

church considering defiance.

Pope Benedict delivered a

direct enunciation of the

teachings on celibacy and priests who recently challenged

women's ordination.

TRANSLATION: We are only free

if we stand united by God, not

by resisting him, eliminating

him or denying him. Discussion

is healthy, he says. Dis-Obeid

yans is dangerous. With less

than a week to go before a

ceasefire deadline in Syria the

United Nations says the

violence is getting worse. The

says the Syrian ambassador to the UN

says the Government will keep

its promise to pull out of

urban centres but opposition

groups say the Assad regime

seems to be mounting new

assaults forcing a new wave of

refugees to flee. Anne Barker

reports. This dramatic amateur

video posted online shows the

shelling and bloodshed in Syria

continues unabaited despite

President Bashar al-Assad's

promise to abide by a UN-backed

ceasefire. Sir isria claims it

is already pulling its troops

and tanks off the streets in

line with the demands of Kofi

Annan's peace plan but the

situation on the ground shows a

different story. In the heart

of Damascus opposition

activists report large numbers

of pro-Government forces

engaged in all out war. In the

suburb of Duma black smoke and

heavy gunfire suggests the

crackdown continues. There is

little, if any, sign the Assad

regime is taking the peace plan

seriously. Instead it appears

to be using these last few days

to crush all remaining

resistance. Kofi Annan has

warned both sides that all

fighting must end by Thursday

and he briefed the UN Security

Council by videolink from again

evea. We must silence evea. We must silence the

tanks, helicopters, mortars,

guns and stop all other forms

of violence too. The Security

Council calls upon the Syrian

Government to implement

urgently eand visibly its

commitment, as it agreed to do

in its communication to the

envoy of 1 April. Syria's Opposition Leaders are

sceptical the Assad regime has

any intention of keeping its

side of the agreement. TRANSLATION: Even if

it announced its acceptance of

the Kofi Annan initiative we

believe it is an attempt to buy

time and an attempt to

reorganise the military. As the crackdown continues thousands

of Syrians continue to pour out

of the country to escape the

violence. In barely 24 hours

nearly 2,500 refugees have reportedly crossed the border

to turkey. The Federal

Government is urging Papua New

Guinea not to delay national

elections by six months.

Yesterday the PNG parliament

voted for the delay because

election preparations were

considered inadequate. But

Foreign Minister Bob Carr says

Australia and New Zealand had

already agreed to provide

support for the poll. We are

disappointed. We hope to

decision will be reviewed and

it's premature to talk about

sanctions. There is some time

to go before we'd have that on

the agenda. Senator Carr says

30 Australian aid workers are

available to help set up a fair

election. Rupert Murdoch's

media interests are making

headlines again. This time it

is British broadcaster Sky News

which is partly owned by the

media mogul. Sky admitted it illegally hacked into the

emails of a man who faked his

own death in a life insurance

scam. John Darwin and his wife

Anne claimed more than $1

million 234 insurance payouts

and fled to Panama but the

broadcaster insists the hacking

was in the public interest and

that it led to the prosecution

of the couple in 2008. Sky's

admission comes after the 'News

of the World' phone hacking

scandal that forced Rupert

Murdoch to shut down the

tabloid last July. He has been

held without trial for a record

7 years but next week the

British terrorism suspect Babar

Ahmad will find out if he'll be

extradited to the United

States. He says he wants to be

tried in the United Kingdom and

not the US. Philip Williams

not the US. Philip Williams reports. For more than 7 years

he has been in a British prison

fighting extradition to the

United States where he faces

charges that he headed a

terrorist support cell

operating a website called If convicted there

he faces life in prison. He

says he wants to be tried in

the UK. I would urge the Director of Public Prosecutions

to please put me on trial in

this country and to find out

what has gone wrong in my case.

There has been a serious and unprecedented abuse of

process. Already prosecutors in

Britain have said there isn't

enough evidence to mount a case

against him here. He has been

in a maximum security jail

since the US requested his

extradition back in 2004. If

there was anything on there

that broke any law of the

United Kingdom or if there was

anything in there that was

wrong I don't understand for

the last 16 years where the

police and crime prosecution

service have been. The

interview conducted by the BBC

was only possible after a

Government attempt to block it

was quashed in the courts. The

reason Babar Ahmad faced a

possible battle in US courts is

because the computer servers

used by the website he is

alleged to have run were

located there. Terrorism expert

Evan Kohlmann is likely to give

evidence against Ahmad if the

extradition is successful. There has never

been a site like this that had

a direct line in, not just to radicals or extremists but

people who were movers and

shakers in the world of jihad

and the huge .- Mujahid. His

made may be dieded in the court

of human rights next Tuesday.

His is one of a few cases of

extradition to the US that have stirred questions about the

whole extradition process. One

of the world's most notorious

arms deals has been sentenced

to 25 years jail by a court in

the United States. Russian

national Viktor Bout was

arrested in Thailand in 2008 in

a sting operation. He agreed to

sell 100 missiles and 5,000

AK-47 rifles to US agents

posing as Colombian rebels.

While the conviction was based

on that incident US officials

say he has a long hitionry

supplying arms to warlords and

dictators, especially in

Africa. One man is dead and a

teenager missing after a boat

capsized off South Australia's

Eyre Peninsula this morning. Three males were onboard the

vessel when it overturned in

rough weather at Venus Bay near

Elliston on the West Coast. A

22-year-old man managed to swim

ashore but another 22-year-old

died in hospital after he was

pulled from the water. Strong

winds and swells of up to 5

metres are hampering the search

for a 17-year-old. Low oxygen

levels during pregnancy could

be responsible for birth

defects affecting the spine and

heart. Australian researchers

say it is the first time nature

and nurture have been shown to

interact to cause abnormalities.

One in every 1,000 Australian

babies is born with spine twisting scoliosis facing years

of metal braces and surgery.

The condition may be

preventable. Researchers at the

Victor Change cardiac research

Institute have shown it is not

caused solely by a gene

muttation it can be a brief

lack of oxygen during

pregnancy. Pregnancy is more a

combination of what is inate in

the developing embryo, their

own genetic make-up versus what

we do as women. The key to preventing scoliosis could be

as simple as avoiding things

that can impact on the oxygen

splie, such as high altitude,

smoking and some prescription

and recreational drugs. Maybe

we can come up with a diet try

supplement that will protect

embryos against an exposure to

hypoxia and they can be taken

before a woman considered

pregnancy. Having discovered

the link between genetics and

the environment researchers say

they may the key to preventing

more common about normalities

in the heart, kidney, brain and

face. We will find that other

forms of congenital

malformations may share a

similar mechanism. This is

something that could have quite

a lot of importance for

families in the future. The

Victor Change team has already

begun applying the discovery to

congenital heart defects that

affect 1 in every 1 Australian

babies. It is a little known

fatal disease which has struck

down thousands of children in

Uganda. Nodding disease has no

cause or cure and appears to be

spreading at a rapid rate. The

Ugandan Government has started

opening treatment centres to

try to control the disease'

worst symptoms. Warning: This

story contains some disturbing

images. Since he detected the

first case of nodding disease

in Uganda a decade ago this man has fought to get authorities

to take notice. Today for the

first time food is being handed

out to families with affected

children. TRANSLATION: They

want good because the parents

have to stay home. They can't

go and dig in the fields. If

one goes the other has to stay

home to look after the kids.

This boy is 15, his growth and

mental capacity stunted by the

disease. Before he was speaking

but now he is no longer

speaking. Now he spends his

days under this tree. The

nodding seizures, which are a

signature symptom of the

disease, are now so frequent he

can do no more.

Across northern Uganda almost

4,000 children are now infected

with the fatal disease. More

than 200 have died. In this

primary school 35 students are

affected, many have regular seizures. Every child will be

doing like this because they

fear when they inhale the air

that comes from that child, all

of them may be affected with

this kind of disease so their

fear is that. The Government

last month opened the first of

a number of planned treatment

centres to try to control the

worst of the disease' symptoms.

Three of Paulina's children are

affected but she could only

afford to bring her eldest, who

is often confused, to this centre. TRANSLATION: Since she

has got sick it is up to me to

tell people where she is. Tell them so the doctor can help

you. There is currently no

known cause for the disease and

no known cure in. Villages and

schools across northern Uganda,

fear and superstition prevails. TRANSLATION: I think the cause

of this disease is due to the

spirits of people killed during

the war. The war, malnutrition

and flies have all been blamed

but mystery surrounds a disease

for which there are no real

answers and the victims are all


It is all too familiar in

Australia but in England it has

come as a shock. 20 million

people are facing water restrictions as the English

drought continues to worsen.

The greens at this bowling

club won't be spared from the

new restrictions. They are

getting one last soaking before

the members hope nature will

take over. It simply depends on

whether you have a fixed

watering system or not. Because

unless we get water on this

green in the next few weeks it

will disappear. 20 million

people in southern and eastern

England will be affected by the

ban on hoses as parts of

Britain face the worst drought

in more than 30 years. Rivers

have run dry and dams have

dropped to dangerously low

levels. They are very vital.

For us our underground water

supplies, 75% of it come from

bore holes. The remaining 25%

is from rivers and reservoirs. Britons caught

using a hose could face a

$1,500 fine. Swimming pools

can't be refilled, nor than

fountains or ponds. Parks and

businesses will face the same restrictions. It makes life

very difficult, doesn't it, particularly if you grow your

own vegetables and fruit. It is

okay, I only have a small

garden so I can just use a

watering can. The drought

conditions are foreign to areas

further north in the UK where

rainfall has been steady and in

a sign of how confusing the

weather has been for those in

England, just this week a cold

snap hit in some parts of the

country complete with strong

winds and heavy snow.

South Sydney has moved into

the NRL top 8 with a 20-10

victory over the Bulldogs this

afternoon. Winger Andrew

Everingham was involved in all

of the Rabbitohs' tries in

front of a crowd of 35,000.

Canterbury started like a

team that had won four of its

five games, a precision

backline move produced the

opening points. That's a mag

knife sent rugby league try. Souths try was more skill

full. How he keeps that in is

incredible. King kinding's coon

verted try puts the Rabbitohs

in front. Sam Kasiano's slight

of hand gave David Stagg a

saloon ride to the line. It was

scrappy but the king Everingham

combination led to another four

pointer and Adam Reynolds had

the chance to give Souths the

half time lead. It is perfect. The thrills outside

the ground at the Royal Easter

Show were being matched by

Andrew Everingham. He scored an

unbelievable try. Are you

serious? How does he do

this? Big names Michael Ennis

and Roy Asotasi went on report

for high shots. The sight of a

rejuvenated Greg Inglis in full

flight would send a shiver down

the spine of some full-backs

but Ben Barba cut him down. The

Rabbitohs wrapped up a 20-10 victory, their third win of the


Carlton forward Eddie Betts

stole the show with two

spectacular marks in the Blues

thumping win over Brisbane last

night. Jarrad Waite kicked five

goals in the 91-point victory

but it was Betts's gaps that

had every one talking. The

first one came in the second

term as the Blues started to

take control of the game.

That was marks up in 2 school

yard. Saw it from a mile

away. Betts launched again in

the third quarter, this time he

went over the top of Cheynee

Stiller. Onballer Marc Murphy

was one of the Blues' best with

30 possessions and two goals.

The sets the scene for the Carlton-Collingwood blockbuster

and the Lions face a trip to

Perth to take on Fremantle. Australia's leading golfers

will be out to make amends

tonight after a disappointing

start to the US Masters. Aaron

Baddeley is the best placed

Australian four shots off the

pace of leader Lee Westwood.

The opening day at Augusta

presented its fair share of

challenges at Patrick Galway

reports. A tournament so rich

in tradition would not start

any other way.Arnold Palmer

joined by Jack Nicklaus and

Gary Player to mark the

beginning of the year's first major. Tiger Woods is a

four-time master rrs victor but

two snap hooks off the tee

early in this hound had him

chasing his trail. He would at

least be pleased by finishing

even par. I hit some of the

worst golf shots I have ever

hit today. Rory McIlroy

occupied Tiger's old number 1

spot for two weeks but his

round came unstuck on the par-5 13th. Unplayable. The

22-year-old rolled in his fifth

birdie of the day on the last

but his one under par round was

inconsistent. I didn't feel

like I had my best out there today, especially after the

start making six at the first

but to finish under par for the

day I'm very pleased. The man

to catch is Lee Westwood who

hit 16 greens in regulation,

the Brit trying to win his

first major and judging by his

measured negotiation of amen

corner things are looking

up. Majors are hard enough to

win as it is so I will have to

play as good if not better than

I did today. Phil Mickelson

spent too much time looking for

tee shots while off the tee

things were looking bright for

Bubba Watson but it was the

short stick that let him down.

Louis Oosthuizen is hoping to

emulate the performance of

Charl Schwartzel who won this

event last year. He had 8

birdies to finish one shot

back. I knew there would be

bogeys out there. It is really tough. Henrik Stenson would

agree with that. He carded a

quadruple bogey on the last. He

is not a happy camper. Adam

Scott eagled the par-5 8th and

Ogilvy could only manage one finished 3 over and Geoff

shot better. Australian surfer

Mick Fanning won a thrilling

fee 23458 at the Bells Beach

Classic narrowly defeating

American Kelly Slater. Fanning

broke an 11-year drought to

overcome the evergreen Slater

whose aerial displays excited

the big crowds. Clean two metre

waves greeted competitors this

morning and they made the most

of it. Look at this thing. The

biggest wave of the morning for

sure. In the semifinals Kelly

Slater benefited from a rash

mistake by Jeremy Flores the

judges ruling he impeded slate

it and penalised him. Mick

Fanning and Joel Parkinson

dualed it out with Fanning winning the right to challenge

the 11-time world champion.

After a memorial for surfing

great Michael Peterson it was

Fanning who drew firsted blood.

A 9.1 out of a possible 10

complete with aerial flourish

set the standard. Slater was

too happy to oblige this

display netting him a perfect

10. Fanning's consistency won

out, he added another 9-point

ride for a score of 18.8 out of

20 to Slaters 18.07. It is one

of the hardest waves in the

world to win. Been so close

many times. I am just stoked to

be back up here. Surf contests

always need one thing, surf.

Previously a lack of waves has

forced organisers to move competition competition down to remote

Johanna. Despite a dropping

swell clean conditions have

paved the way for a classic

final and the warmth has

allowed the crowds to lap up

the atmosphere organisers hoped

for. It is not that cold. I can't believe the kids are allowed to swim in the water

and they get to go up and see

the Surfers. In the women's

draw three-time Bells champion

Stephanie Gilmore scored her

own perfect 10 en route to the

quarter finals proves she will

be the one to beat. Australia's

top track cyclist Anna Meares

will defend the second of her

three world titles tonight at

the world championships in Melbourne. So far Australia has

just one gold medal putting it

behind the British who are in

top form in the lead-up to

their home Olympics. their home Olympics. Another

day and another showdown between Australia and Great

Britain on the track. In the

afternoon the women's pursuit

team set a new world record in

the heat but they only held it

for a few minutes before the

British came out and took it

straight off them again. When

it came to the final the

Australians went out hard and

fast but just couldn't maintain

it. It is the Brits that get to

the line first. They are championships. New world the line first. They are world

record. You always want to win

but I think we made a huge leap

forward and now we have a few

months to build on that. The

British are now on top of the

medal table thanks to their

sprints it is Germany and endurance riders. In the

Australia who are dominating.

In the individual sprint Anna

Meares broke another world

record in the heats then in the

quarters blue away one of quarters blue away one of her

main challenges China's Guang

Shuo. Anna Meares's main rival is Victoria Pendleton. She had

a comfortable win and Meares

and Pendleton will meet in the

semifinal tonight in what will

be the most anticipated race of

this meet. Australia has

another medal hope in Glenn

O'Shea in another event. With three races down and three to

go he is sitting on go he is sitting on top of the

rankings , no thanks to some

questionable tactics by the

Italian rider Elia Vivani.

Vivani himself was on the

receiving end in another of the

races rear ended by Hua Lao but

Vivani got back on the bike and

still Vinnished the race in first place. On day three the

men's sprinters are beginning

their campaign but tonight it

Victoria Pendleton. is all about Anna Meares and

Victoria Pendleton. Eight world

tide les each, one Olympic gold

medal and a rivalry that is far

from friendly.

It is a ball lad embedded in

the Australian psyche. Now

those from the historic home

town of Waltzing Matilda have

deemed the song worthy of its

own national day it it gained

some attraction at the national

folk festival in Canberra

today. Chances are you know how

it goes.

(Sings) #You'll come a Waltzing

Matilda me darling

#Who'll come a Waltzing Matilda

with me. Banjo Paterson penned

the words more than a century

quintessential Australian song ago. For me it is an absolutely

that everybody and their dog

knows. It continues to stir the imagination. It speaks to knows. It continues to stir the

Australians of social in

justice and the ethos of a

their go and a much more equal

society in Australia. I have so

far tracked down 703 unique

recordings of Waltzing Matilda and I am sure there are more

out there. It is believed the

ball lad was first performed at

a Winton hotel in outback

Queensland 117 years ago. That

caused a fair bit of fuss in

residents the town over the years. Now

residents have decreed an

annual celebration on April 6,

Waltzing Matilda day, it is about celebrating the song

nationwide. I think on Waltzing

Matilda day people should go

out in the street and sing

waltzing Ma tilleda. The word

has passed around and

Canberra's national folk

festival got into the spirit of

the occasion. Why not have a

Waltzing Matilda day. We could even change Australia even change Australia Day to

the make that on Waltzing

Matilda day. It is the song

that will resonate and stay in

the Australian culture for a

long time.

(Sings) #Waltzing Matilda ,

#Waltzing Ma tilleda. For

lovers of Australia's

unofficial anthem, that is

music to the ears.

Now here's a man who know es Now here's a man who know es

how to swing a swag, Mark

Carmody with today's weather. Happy Waltzing

Matilda day. For an autumn day

today had a real summary feel

about it. It got to 25 degrees

after dipping to 12 overnight. The warm temperature had

everything to do with mostly

clear skies and a light to

moderate north-westerly air

streams. Cloud is stretching

Cloud is stretching over the

interior and into the southern

corner of the country and warm

and fresh northerly winds are

pushing into south-east

Australia ahead of a cold front

that is triggering

thunderstorms. The cold front

is also drawing cool and gusty

winds into South Australia and

troughs are also triggering

showers over the nation's

interior and over the


It is going to get cooler

tomorrow but it will still be

nice to get out and about. The

flower the ever popular hardy

and showy, the bottlebrush.

Very popular with those noisy

Wattle birds. Before we go a

brief recap of the top stories

tonight. The leaders of

Australia's main Christ Chan

churches have discovered

stinging Good Friday mess ans to to big business and

politicians. With less than a

week to go before a ceasefire

deadline in Syria the yairtions

says the violence is getting

worse. That is the latest from

the Canberra newsroom. For more

ACT news follow us online or on

Twitter. I'm Siobhan Heanue. Thanks for your company.

Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI.