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Live. Tonight - Canberra police

mount a murder investigation

after a woman is found stabbed

to death. A safety cloud over

Australian surf-lifesaving

after another drowning at the

national titles. Beware the

budget. The government primes

us for a boust cost cutting. Because it's in the

interests of families right

around the nation that we bring

the budget to surplus. And is

the Internet killing

traditional media as much as we


Good evening. Welcome to ABC

News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Canberra police Canberra police have spent today combing a neighbourhood

for clues to the murder of a

30-year-old woman. She was

found stabbed to death in her

house in Macgregor on the

western edge of Belconnen

yesterday afternoon. Police say

it was not a random attack. The

30-year-old woman was killed in

a sleepy street in Macgregor.

Police are talking to two men,

however, no arests have yet

been made. But been made. But detectives

clearly believe that the death

is no accident. We believe at

this stage it's not just a

random attack. We have two

males currently assisting us

with our inquiries, but we have

made no arests yet. Forensic

officers have been combing the

crime scene and the nearby area

and have seized a number of

items. A relative found the

woman's body in a room of this

house at about 4 o'clock

yesterday afternoon. She'd been

established multiple times,

prompting police to treat the

killing as a potential murder. This afternoon, police

continued to search a nearby

field for the murder weapon. I'm not prepared to

comment on the murder weapon.

It possibly was a knife but at

this stage, till we've done

post-mortem, we can't determine

exactly what the murder weapon

was. A neighbour says that the

family had only recently moved

into the house and that people

in the neighbourhood keep very

much to themselves. Police have

not released the woman's name

because they're still trying to

contact relatives overseas. A

most more tell will be

conducted on the woman's body


A truck driver who was

severely injured in a workplace

accident in Turn error on

Friday has died in a Sydney

hospital. The 48-year-old man

is the second person to die

from a work site accident in

the ACT since November. The

Master Builders Association has

been accused of allowing a drop

in safety standards across the

Territory. They are providing

second-rate training courses

that don't meet national

standards and are driving down safety that way. We're not

trying to cut corners here.

conductsing It's about actually, you know,

conductsing courses that are appropriate to the activity

that's been conducted. And

that's what that was about and

no more. But both the union

and the MBA agree that a major

rethink of safety on ACT work

sites is now required. Police

have launched an investigation

into the latest drowning

tragedy at the Australian Surf

Lifesaving Championships on the

David Cameron. The body of a 14-year-old competitor was

retrieved from the water at

Kurrawa beach this morning.

Matthew Barclay went missing in

heavy surf during a board race

late yesterday. His was the

second death at the

Championships in two years.

Competition will resume

tomorrow, but officials have

now decided to move the event

to a safer beach. Matthew

Barclay's family and Freds were

on the beach at dawn watching

and hoping for a miracle.

Again, life savers and Water

Police systematically combed

the Kurrawa beach shoreline,

just after 9 o'clock the

teenager's body was found

almost two kilometres away at

north cliff beach He was a

beautiful boy. A beautiful,

innocent boy. And our community

grieves greatly. The discovery

shattered the 120 members. Teenager's home club,

Maroochydore. We're a very

close-knit family, orientated

club who compete together,

socialise together anded it

we're grieving together. Police are investigating how the

competing in a unionor board 14-year-old died while

race. We're not in a position

to speculate on what may have

occurred. That will be

something that will be

forthcoming in due course. Two

years ago Sydney teenager Saxon

inquest recommended the Bird died at the same beach. An

introduction of new safety equipment. Surf Lifesaving

Australia says it's trialling

inflatable vests, but one

manufacturer says they're

taking too long. A singlet

style shirt. That way it

inflates in case everybody is

in trouble. It's non-impeding.

I just don't understand Surf

Lifesaving Australia. The Australian Surf Lifesaving

Championships have been held at

Kurrawa beach on and off for

the past 28 years. And they're

scheduled to be here again next

year. But this latest tragedy

casts a shadow over the future

of the event here on the David Cameron. Surf-lifesaving

officials have defended their

decision to hold yesterday's

events, but the death of

Matthew bar cli will place the

organisation under increased scrutiny. Matthew loved

competition. And while he was

very successful individually,

he was also a great young club

and team man who we'll miss greatly. Members. Maroochydore

surf club are tonight holding a

private memorial for Matthew

Barclay. And organisers have

decided to shift the events

tomorrow to north Kirra Beach,

where conditions are less

treacherous. He's got his

knife out and the Treasurer is

telling everyone he's not

afraid to use it to achieve his

first ever surplus. Wayne

Swan's launched himself into

the pre-budget season, warning

that he will cut and cancel

government sending over the

next month to drag the nation's

finances back into the black.

Mark Simkin reports. Canberra's

budgetary position is becoming

a little bit clearer. The

details are still vague, but

it's the surplus is certain. Because

families right around the it's in the interests of

nation that we bring the budget

to surplus. There couldn't be

anything more in their

interests. Getting there

won't be easy. Maintaining

fiscal discipline is not for

the faint hearted. The brave-hearted Treasurer reckons

it will be most difficult

budget he has delivered.

Revenues are lower than expected, particularly company

tax. We do need to find even

more substantial savings in the budget

budget than we had earlier

anticipated. I'm not talking

here about slash and

burn. Government won't reveal

those savings, although sources

have ruled out means testing

the child care rebate We need

to cut and cancel existing

programs if we're to meet our

targets and we'll need to

redirect some spending to where

it is needed most. We have

heard this before. It is going

to be a tough budget. It's

going to be a tough budget.

Thi. Will be a tough

budget. And the budget will be

a tough budget. This is the

official start of the

softening-up season. The

government doesn't want the

success of a projected surplus

overshadowed by complaints

about cuts. So it's talking up

the economic benefits of tough

love. Some economists remain

sceptical. That seems to me to

be an argument actually to let

the what I would call sort of

automatic stabilisers work and

not actually push too hard for

a surplus. That is the easy

course but it's not the right

course. He doesn't have the

guts to cut wasteful and unnecessary government

spending. Speaking of belt

tightening, Tony Abbott's got a

fashion tip for the Prime Minister. Get that jacket

off! I know, I know. Germaine

Greer was right on that

subject. Which subject? What I

want her to do is get the rid

of those bloody jackets.

They're cut too narrow in the

hips. You have a big arse,

Julia. Just get over it. Take that as a xent.

- a comment. A plan to

create a new tertiary education

provider in Canberra is on

hold, prompting speculation it

will never happen. The

government unveiled a project

last December. It involved the

University of Canberra and CIT

joining forces to form a third

provider of associate degrees

and diplomas but it's been

shelved next next month's COAG

meet being education

funding. We've got continuous

announcements of change from

the Commonwealth Government,

the prudent thing is to sit

back and work out what's going

to be put on the table and then see our way forward from that

position. We've been amazed at

the limited work that's been

done on this proposal. In fact,

each meeting has been about the

initial press release that was

issued in December and little

more. So we don't think

anything really has been

developed. The union argues

it's time to dump the plan. The

Greens have forced the

government to provide project

details, so a committee can

investigate. The Supreme Court

has heard that no DNA matching

the accused killer of a Sydney

family was found at the crime

scene. Robert Xie's barrister

told a bail hearing today the

case against his client is exceptionally weak but

prosecutors argue there's still

plenty of evidence to prove Xie

killed five members of the Lin

family at their North Epping home. Detective Sergeant Joe

Maree is in charge of this

investigation. He was

questioned in detail about the

case against Mr Lin's

brother-in-law, Robert Xie. Detective Sergeant Maree denied

claims there has been a single

minded pursuit of Xie. He said

other lines of inquiry had been

pursued and eliminated. Xie's pursued and eliminated. Xie's

barrister put to t to the

officer "You don't have a time

of death, do you? The answer

was not precisely, no. When

asked about a motive, he said

"I believe that the accused had

underlying hatred towards his

in-laws, adding there was

evidence of jealousy in

telephone intercepts. Xie's

barrister said analysis of a

blood spot found at his

client's garage was

inconclusive. He said the brand

of shoe said to link Xie to the

crime scene was extremely

common, but Crown Prosecutor

Kara Shead said this is not by

any means a weak Crown case.

She said the blood found at

Xie's home could have belonged

to more than one of the

victims. The wife of the

accused killer was in court to

support her husband and has

offered $300,000 surety. Xie's

barrister said his client had

been to China and returned a

number of times prior to his

arrest. But the Crown argued

his interests in China meant he

continued to be a flight risk.

Justice Derick Price will hand

down his decision on bail for

Xie next Thursday.

Former AFL star Ben Cousins

will face a Perth court on

Monday charged with possessing

methamphetamines. The

33-year-old flew in to Perth

last night after police charged

him with possessing 4.5 g of

the drug. Cousins was arrested

in Esperance on Western

Australia's south coast earlier

this week. He was on his way to

a drug rehabilitation centre

near the town and it's

understood the drugs were

hidden inside his body. He had

little to say when he arrived

at Perth airport last

night. There's a lot of people

behind you at the moment. Is behind you at the moment. Is there anything you want to

say? I've got nothing to say. Cousins' playing career ended

two years ago. He has had a

number of relapses in his

battle to overcome drug

addiction. It was a deal

trading food for peace. But

just one month in, the United

States has suspended its aid

agreement with North Korea. The

US called off the deal over

North Korea's plans to test a

rocket which critics say is

really a missile test.

Engineers are reported to have

begun fueling the rocket ready

for launch in about two weeks.

North Korea rejects claims it's

part of a weapons program,

saying the rocket will be used

to launch a satellite. It was

meant to fix America's home

finance crisis but many home

owners are discovering they've

been left of the rescue plan.

The Obama administration is

spending billions to compensate

people whose houses were

repossessed but as Jane Cowan

reports many who need help are

finding there's not much on

offer. Towns like Baltimore already bear the scars of

industrial decline. But

elsewhere, the cracks in the

American dream are concealed

beneath a veneer of suburban

bliss. We are several bliss. We are several months

behind and in foreclosure hat

this point, they won't accept a

payment from us any more. Sadly

enough I tried to catch up what

I could with the tax refund and

they wouldn't accept it at this

point. Jennifer Hazard hoped the multibillion dollar

foreclosure deal announced by

the Obama administration would

help turn things around. But to

qualify for a mortgage modification, modification, your loan has to

be both serviced and owned by

one of the five big banks. And

hers want. It's disappointing,

you nope. It was like oh you

get excited and then let down.

It's like you have those five

winning numbers on the lottery

ticket and the last one's just

way off. Housing counsellors

are getting used to delivering

bad news. I have yet to see one

prn qualifies. For those who've

already lost their homes the

settlement amounts to about

$2,000. I've had the reaction

from climates who say 2,500,

that's it? Economists readily

admit the settlement's no panacea for America's housing

crisis and more the art of the

politically possible in an

election year. The entire

Republican Party is against any

program to ensure program to ensure that everyone

has health care coverage. What

do you think their reaction

would be to the administration

saying we're going to give

bridge loans, for example, to

people who face foreclosure?

While the banks were too big to

fail, some families might be too small to help.

Protests over the death of

an unarmed black teenager in Florida

Florida have reached the US

House of Representatives.

Congressman Bobby Rush addressed the House wearing a

hoodie in response to the case

of Trayvon Martin. Just because

someone wears a hoodie does not

make them a hoodlum. The Congressman was suspended from

the House for breaking dress

rules. Trayvon par tin was

wearing a hoodie when he was

shot by Neighbourhood Watch

organiser George Zimmerman who was freed because he acted in

self-defence. Video has been

released showing Zimmerman on

the night of the incident.

There are reports police

initially wanted to charge him

with murder or manslaughter,

but were blocked by

prosecutors. The Pope has ended

a visit to Cuba with a meeting

with former leader Fidel

Castro. The man who ruled

Communist Cuba for decades

arrived at the Vatican's

embassy in Havana for a

0-minute meeting. Castro

introduced his wife and four of

his sons to the pontiff before

quizzing him about changes in

the church and the role of the

Pope. Pope Benedict gently

raised questions of freedom and

liberty according to a Vatican

spokesman. The meeting was held

after the Pope told a rally in

Havana that Marxism was no

longer rel vant and that Cuba

needed to change. Doctors in

the United States have carried

out what they say is the most comprehensive face transplant

ever attempted. The recipients,

37-year-old Richard Norris,

lost much of his face in a

shooting accident 15 years ago. The operation has transformed

his appearance from behind his

hairline all the way to his

collarbone. Along with the

external features provided bay

donor he also has a new tongue

and teeth. We look at the donor and we look at Richard

obviously it's a blend of two individuals. Clearly there are

some specific features like the

nose and maybe the chin. But

behind that soft tissue

draping, behind that skeleton,

it is Richard Norris. The 36-hour operation connected

nerves to the new face to give

him control of his expressions.

The anonymous donor also gave

organs which saved five other

people on the same day as the

face transplant took place. It

hasn't passed Parliament yet,

but the Federal Government has

already pledged millions of

dollars for its Stronger

Futures legislation. It's the

new alternative to the

controversial Northern

Territory intervention, and as

Alison Horn reports the

minister was in Alice Springs

today spreading the word.

Aboriginal people across the

Territory says alcohol abuse is

one of their biggest concerns.

You have flowers where people

have been knocked down or

passed away. Today in Alice

Springs, the Federal Government

announced $700 million for

Indigenous alcohol and family

services. They demonstrate our

commitment to Aboriginal people

here in the Northern Territory and our determination to make

sure that we work with

Aboriginal people and see the

services delivered that they need. The government has

promised more than $11 million

for 20 new alcohol support

officers. They will be sent to

remote communities to help

problem drinkers who check out

of town rehab programs. Once

they leave those residential

services and go into the home

communities we need to make sure there is support for them and that's what this will do.

The government has also

promised more than 440 million

dollars over the next 10 years

for family support programs.

That includes funding more youth workers and child youth workers and child learning centres. To provide

them with the mentoring and

support that they so

desperately need. This week

the government has announced

about $1.5 billion in Stronger

Futures funding. That includes

money for health, education and

safety in remote communities.

All of this before the

legislation has even passed through Parliament.

The Federal Government says

the roll-out of the National Broadband Network is about to

step up a gear. It says work

will begin on an extra 3.5 million premises within the next three years. Homes, businesses and hospitals have

been told work will beened way

by the end of 2015. But there's

no guarantee of when they will

be connected. Construction's

already started on a quarter of

a million premises. By the end

of this financial year, we'll

be earn ing - adding another

500,000 to that. About three

quarters of a million will be

under way by the end of this

financial year, under way or

built. The opposition says the

rollout has already been

delayed by nearly 12 months.

Video didn't quite kill the radio star, and new radio star, and new research

shows the Internet isn't killing traditional media. In

fact, it appears they're

co-existing quite well. On-line

media have grown exponentially

but there's still steady demand

for the old media. Perth's Rob

Nixon has found fame through

his cooking shows, but he's not

a TV chef. The former airport

worker is an Internet chef. His cooking clips have cooking clips have been viewed

by 42 million people. My salary

is four, five times as much as

it was working out at the

airport. Internet giant Google

also has much to gain from

trumpeting the power of the

web. Its own report shows

Australians spend triple the

amount of time on-line than

they did a decade ago. The vast

majority of Australians are

that Australians are great on-line today. And we also know

early adopters of early adopters of new

technology. The Internet now

accounts for 7% of total media

revenues in Australia. The

report projects this to rise to

14% by 2015. Consumer guests to

control t you know. You control

when you watch it. How you

watch it. Whether it's at a PC,

on your laptop. And the

increasing use of Smartphones

and computer tablets is also

set to turbo charge Internet

usage, as is the usage, as is the roll-out of the National Broadband Network.

The report also shows that most

traditional media revenues are

still growing, in part aided by

the Internet. There's plenty of

media providers out there who are being successful in terms

of using the Internet to reach

a bigger audience. A

free-to-air TV has never been stronger, subscription TV

continues to grow. The report

shows radio, book and movie

Newspapers are tipped to revenues also remain strong.

stabilise, but not regain any

of their lost revenues. Only

magazines are expected to lose


To finance now. And growing

concern about Spain's debt

problems contributed to moderate falls on most share

markets around the world today.

And as Alan Kohler reports the

Australian dollar slumped as

well. Economists at Citibank

have announced the ball on the

next crisis gain. This time

about Spain. They said

overnight that the risk of a

euphemistic debt restructure

ing is higher than it's ever

been despite all the liquidity sloshing around Europe thanks

to the ECB's money printing.

Investors reacting by unloading

some shares in the US, Europe

generally and Madrid and in

Asia today.

Copper is often called Dr

Copper because of its unique

ability to diagnose and predict

the world economy. For the past

couple of months the doctor's

put away the stethoscope and

shrugged his shoulders. The

price has gone sideways because the copper the copper traders are torn

between the better than

expected recovery in the United

States and the slowdown in

China. As for Europe, well,

anything could happen and

probably will. Finally - the

Australian dollar dropped to

around 103.5 today because of

the general risk off mood of financial markets around the

world. It's now down 4.5% from

the February peak of 108.5.

Canberra drivers have been

remarkably careful or lucky

over the past year. There've

been no fatal road accidents in

the Territory for a full 12

months. But there have been

many fatalities on surrounding

New South Wales roads,

including five deaths in one

recent weekend on the Kings

Highway to the coast. It is

pleasing that it's been 12

months since fatality on

Canberra's roads but there's no

room for clays sen see. We've

seen some terrible sdemts,

including multiple fatalities

in our region in the last

couple of months. The police

say targeting drink-drivers and

the identification of

disqualified drivers using a

new numberplate recognition

system have been key factors in

reducing the toll. They've been

waiting nearly 100 years, but

cricket fans in Canberra look

set to finally see the

Australian side play in the national capital. The ACT Government has reached an

in-principle agreement with

Cricket Australia to secure a

limited overs series in April

next year. Most likely against

New Zealand. It's all part of Canberra's centenary

celebrations. And the

government hopes the series

will lay the groundwork for

future cricket in the capital.

The national capital has never

hosted the Australian cricket

team. Finally that looks set to

change. We've been working to

secure matches against quality

international opposition. We're

very close to being able to

make a major announce minute

there. Normally restricted to

the annual Prime Minister's XI

match, Canberra looks set for

an upgrade. So there will be a

number of matches, most likely

two, they will be in the first

week of April of 2013. It's

understood those matches could

be two Twenty20s, two

one-dayers or one of each. The

government hopes this isn't a

once in a century event. The

goal longer term is when the

Big Bash league expands and we

have more teams in the domestic

Twenty20 competition, that

Canberra would put forward a

bid to be part of that. That's

a few years away. A formal

announce minute on the international series will be

made in the coming weeks. And

caught! Meanwhile Brumbies

today announced their team to

face the Sharks on Saturday

night. Matt Toomua is back in

the starting side after

recovering from a knee injury.

His inclusion pushes in-form

Joseph Tomane to the bench. He

can feel a bit disappointed but

at the same time he has

accepted the fact that it's in

the best interests of the

group. Rory Murphy will

replace Dan Palmer who will be

rested this weekend.

Australia's men's hockey

team the Kookaburras is in

Canberra this week for a three-match series against three-match series against

Japan. The series begins

tonight in Lyneham with two

matches to be played over the

weekend. Australia will use the

series to prepare for the

London Olympics, while Japan is

still hoping to qualify for the

Games. Melbourne halfback

Cooper Cronk has ended

speculation about his future by

re-signing with the Storm for

another four years. The

28-year-old Queenslander

rejected bigger offers from

other clubs, including the Gold

Coast, to remain with the team

where he started his career. It

means the unbeaten Storm holds

on0 to the so-called big three,

Cronk, Cameron, Smith and Billy

Slater. I believe the best of

Melbourne Storm is yet to come.

Craig Cameron Billy tipped

something in us all as a team

that collectively is who we are

as individuals. Nathan as individuals. Nathan hind

marsh has announced he will

retire at the end of this

season. The second rower has

played a record 310 games for

the Eels. To the weather now.

And without Mr Carmody, given

it's his turn to be ill, and to

cheer up all those suffering

colds and flus it was a lovely

sunny day today with a top of 23 this afternoon.

There is a small bit of

patchy cloud over eastern New

South Wales. Patchy cloud

across WA and South Australia

with a trough causing a few

showers. To the chart, and a

nice hue of red orange and

yellow. Moist easterlies will bring showers to bring showers to the eastern

seaboard. And we can see that

wet activity on the national

chart, storms in the north,

west around Broome, sunny in Adelaide, 31.

Before we go, a brief recap

of our top stories tonight. ACT

police say the stabbing murder police say the stabbing murder

of a 30-year-old woman in

Macgregor yesterday was not a

random attack. They've been

questioning two men today but

have made no arrests. And the national lifesaving Championships will resume

tomorrow, but at a different

Gold Coast beach, following the

death of a 14-year-old

competitor in a board race late

yesterday. And that's the news

for now. You've been watching the ABC's Canberra the ABC's Canberra news

bulletin here on ABC1. I'm

Virginia Haussegger. Thanks for

joining me. And stay with us

now for 7.30 with Chris

Uhlmann. I will be back with a

news update at around 8.30.

Until then, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

This Program Is Captioned

Live. Welcome to 7:30.

Tonight, cruel sea. Was a

teenage boy's death avoidable?

I blame Surf Life Saving

Australia pure and simple.

From a Surf Life Saving

perspective we're very

confident we couldn't do too

much more. Greetings from the

Pilbara. We are in iron ore

country. And Gina Rinehart's

new industrial minefield. Her

plan to import migrant workers

en masse. It is a last

resort. She's all about making

as much money as she can. Why

did a 14-year-old boy die in an

event that's supposed to help

save lives? Why have three

teenagers perished in the same

competition? And why is the