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(generated from captions) Federal Government MPs are

doing a lot of soul search being the Labor being the Labor Party's

drubbing in the Queensland

election. Some are convinced

for next the result is an ominous sign

for next year's federal

Queensland will now election. Craig Emerson says

Queensland will now be getting

a lot more attention. This kind

of analysis that says when you lose an election you're out decades is wrong. The lose an election you're out for

decades is wrong. The fooid goes in and out dramatically goes in and out dramatically in Queensland particularly in

State politics. But on the

issue of federal politics we will increase our campaigning

effort in Queensland now that

we've got some of important policies through we've got some of the most

Parliament and of course you important policies through the

need to be in Canberra to do that. What people don't fully appreciate south of the border

provincial it is, how about Queensland is how

important to travel to Far decentralised it is. So it's

North Queensland, North

Queensland, central Queensland,

the Gold Coast, the Sunshine

Coast, obviously the south-east

corner more broadly, even

western Queensland. We will be

doing that and a lot doing that and a lot of face-to-face discussions not

only about the policies that

we're implementing for the working people working people Queensland but

also the absurdity of the

policy positions that Mr Abbott is adopting. For more we're joined by Andrew Greene joined by Andrew Greene in

Canberra. An insight there from

Craig manier son as to how

federal Labor is taking this

result? Can you get a sense of

the shellshocked nature of many

certainly following this Labor MPs from a federal level

result. If you look at result. If you look at the

current numbers, federal Labor

only has eight seats in

Queensland, and if those swings

that we saw on Saturday night

were replicated at a federal were replicated at a federal level, all eight of them would be losing their spots in be losing their spots in the

Lower House of Parliament. So

there is quite a bit of soul

searching going on in Canberra.

And there is a lot of questions

also being asked about whether there is a lesson here for the

Federal Government following

Anna Bligh's crushing defeat. What are the implications for

the Gillard Government? There

There's are certainly a few there.

There's - now we've got a

strong indication from Craig

Emerson that we will be seeing a lot more of Julia Gillard and

her senior ministers in

Queensland. They have a lot of

work to do if they are to stop

this tide against them. We know this tide against them. We

that also from a practical

point of view for Julia Gillard

when she sits down at her next

COAG meeting she will be for

the first time surrounded by more more conservative leaders than

Labor leaders so that will be a

difference also for her as she

works on her cooperative

federalism. There will be more

all the major States under the Liberal National

Liberal National Party banner.

And of course, there's also

going to be some questions

try to stop asked about whether Labor can

try to stop the flow of of the

seats going down in States like New South Wales

New South Wales it's it's one

thing to lose potentially eight seats in Queensland but somagely.s could be predicts

there could be as many as 20

seats falling in New South

Wales. What have we heard from

Julia Gillard so Julia Gillard so nar? Very

little so far. She through out

brief statement following to South Korea. She put out a

Campbell Newman's victory on

the weekend congratulating him and paying tribute to Anna the weekend congratulating him

Bligh and her stewardship of

Queensland, but around midday

eastern standard time the Prime

news Minister is expected to speak a

and as you can news conference in South Korea won't just be questions and as you can imagine, it

won't just be questions about the nuclear crisis talks, it's

it will be questions about what the devastating result for it will be questions about what

Labor in Queensland will mean for her government at the

election in 18 months' time.

Hopefully that media conference

won't coincide with Campbell won't coincide

Newman's swearing-in. More on the nuclear summit now.

North Korea against going ahead President Obama has warned

with plans to launch a shat

light using a long-range

rocket. The Americans see the launch as provocative, claiming

that the same missile

technology could be used for nuclear warheads. The President nuclear warheads. The President

was speaking after talks in

South Korea before a global

summit on nuclear security.

When he was US President, Bill

Clinton called this the

scariest place on earth. Today

from behind bull loot proof glass, Barack Obama peered into North Korea just as tensions North

are rising. President Obama described it as freedom's frontier. Hundreds frontier. Hundreds of thousands

of troops face off along the

ceasefire line that splits the

kor Korean Peninsula. One

incident could trigger an

incident between American and

North Korea. On the other side North Korea. On the other side

the still Stalinist State the still Stalinist State was

today mourning its Dear Leader

Kim Jong Il who died 100 years

ago. Last month the north ago. Last month the north

offered to suspend its nuclear and missile programs in return

for food aid is desperately

needs but its new leader Kim

Jong Il's son Kim Jong-Un who

that's not even 30 years old

and keen to impress his own

people now says he will launch

a new rocket in the coming days. Like the last time it

happened, North Korea says the happened, North Korea says the

event will be a satellite launch. But America event will be a satellite

these are tests for launch. But America believes

intercontinental missiles

banned by UN resolutions. So

President Obama this evening

warned the response could be

more sanctions and no food

aid. North Korea will achieve

nothing by threats or provocations. North Korea knows nothing by threats or by

its obligations, and it must

take irreversible steps to meet those obligations. But the

problem for President Obama is

that North Korea has been subject to sanctions for years.

It's one of the world's most isolated impoverished countries

and piling more pressure on a young untested leader could have unknown consequences. Julia Gillard is at Julia Gillard is at that

conference in South Korea at the moment. We're expecting a media conference from media conference from here

within the next couple of

hours. We plan to bring you

that live here on ABC News 24.

She a visiting a school She a visiting a school in South Korea this South Korea this morning and word is she's going to hold a

media conference, a doorstop

interview there. The Australia China relationship is facing a

new test with the Federal

Government banning a Chinese

technology company from tendering for the National

Broadband Network. Wawei has been operating in Australia been operating in Australia

since 2004 and it headed by a

former army engineer. The

company spokesman in Australia

Jeremy Mitchell has rejected

security concerns, saying if the company ever did anything

wrong, it would fold overnight.

He says the government's

decision shows a lack of

understanding of modern China, the latest setback for Huawei

is it not the first time the is it not the first time the company has been rebuffed

overseas markets due to

security concerns N recent

years two major deals to

acquire a US electronics

manufacturer and to upgrade an

American telecommunications

network were both scuttled by

the US Congress due to security concerns.

concerns. And just on that

story as well, in the next hour

or so, in about 1.5 hours, we

will be chatting to John Lee

from the University of Sydney

who believes that's a prupd who believes that's a prupd

dent decision by the Australian

Government to ban Huawei from

tendering for contracts from the National Broadband Network.

Police are interviewing Police are interviewing workers

at the Westfield in Parramatta

in the city's west, where a police officer shot and killed a man yesterday. Erin Bell was

at the shopping centre in par mat that she says detectives

are still investigating what

happened before the fatal shooting. Police still are a

crime scene set up here at

Westfield Parramatta as they

attempt to link together a

series of events that yesterday

resulted in a 34-year-old man

being fatally shot by a police

officer near the food court at

around 4 o'clock. Now, police say they were initially alerted

to the man after he was allegedly involved in an armed robbery

robbery near Penrith. And fled

the scene in a stolen vehicle.

A police car pursued that vehicle onto the M5, but drew

back its pursuit after a police

helicopter was able to take over surveillance. That car was

involved in a crash and that

man then exited the vehicle and

was allegedly involved in an

aggravated car hijacking. He

fled the scene in a Mitsubishi

Lancer before ending up here at Parramatta

Parramatta Westfield. Officers

were directed to the car park

of a shopping centre here. A police officer then followed

the man who was allegedly

driving that vehicle into the

shopping centre. Into an area

which all though it has been

reported was in the food court,

it was actually in a service

area away from the public area of the food

of the food court. Now, police

are of course questioning

several witnesss from along

those series of events. Here at

Westfield shopping centre,

several witnesses reported hearing up to five gunshots

fired at the time of the

confrontation. Police are yet

to confirm exactly how many

bullets were fired and are

still yet to respond to

questions of why a Taser wasn't used in the altercation.

Film director James Cameron

has become the first person in 52 years to visit the deepest

part of the ocean. Just a short

time ago, just minutes ago,

Cameron descended the 11

kilometre of the Mariana trench

in the western pacific to the

ocean floor. In a cramped one

man submarine the director of

the 'Titanic' and avatar hopes to

to spend six hours on the sea

floor exploring and filming

with 3D cameras A document tree

will be made but Cameron's team

says the mission is being done

in the name of science. in the name of science. The specially designed sub was

built in the Sydney suburb of

built in the Sydney suburb of

Leichhardt. Now, as I just mentioned this is happening right now. James Cameron is

down at the base of that trench. His team has been live

Tweeting updates about Tweeting updates about the

submarine mission. Just a short

time ago, they said Jim Cameron

is the first person in is the first person in history

to solo dive to the deepest place on earth. A place on earth. A record 10,898m. They

10,898m. They made the point

solo dive because there were

two men who went down several

decades ago. And James

Cameron's Twitter account

reads, just arrived at the

ocean's deepest point. Hitting

bottom never felt so good. Can't wait to share what I'm

seeing but. How he is Tweeting

from the deepest place in the ocean is anyone's guess.

Campbell Newman will be sworn in as Queensland's new

premier, probably about

lunchtime. His deputy Jeff

Seeney and Treasurer Tim

Nicholls will also be sworn in

as part of a three-man interim Cabinet. Former premier Anna

Bligh is quitting Parliament

after Labor was reduced to after Labor was reduced to a likely seven seats. Sydney police are investigating the

death of a man shot at a busy

shopping centre. The man was shot during shot during a scuffle with

police at the Westfield

shopping centre at Parramatta late yesterday. Police allege

he'd been involved in an armed

robbery and had two stolen cars. Prime Minister Julia Gillard will join dozens of

world leaders in South Korea

today at a summit aimed at making nuclear material more

secure. Ms Gillard flew into

Seoul last night for the second global Nuclear Security Summit. Checking the weather now in the Checking the weather now in the capital cities around the nation today:

In the UK the Labor Party is

demanding a full investigation

into allegations access to the

Prime Minister was offered in

return for big return for big political donations. The scandal has already claimed the scalp already claimed the scalp of one of

one of the Conservatives' top fundraisers and David Cameron

says the party will

investigate. The tape appears to show the Conservative

Party's top fundraiser

detailing what a big cheque

would mean for prospective would mean for prospective donors. Some of our bigger

donors have been for dinner in No. 10 Downing Street. Peter

Krudders also seemed to suggest

the bigger the donation the

more power they could wield. If

you're unhappy about something

we'll listen to you and we'll

put it into the policy

committee at No. 10. The offer

was filmed by undercover

reporters. He quit hours after it became public. Apologising

for his bluster and saying he

could never actually get them access. The Prime access. The Prime Minister denounced the suggestion he

could be bought. What happened

is completely unacceptable .

This is not the way that we raise money in the Conservative

Party. It shouldn't have

happened. It's quite right that

Peter Krudders has resigned. I will

will make sure there is a

property party inquiry to make

sure this can't happen again. But the Labour Party again. But the Labour Party wants a wider wants a wider investigation. People across

the country will be saying why aren't

aren't we in the Premier

League? Is it only the people with money and influence who

get the hearing? They are

dedemand ing details about who has already been to Downing

Street and what they asked

for. This goes to the very heart of government decision

making. Now that we know of the

Premier League Downing Club, we need to know who dinners with David Cameron need to know who had secret

dinners with David Cameron and what policies were considered

what policies were considered by the Downing Street machinery? The scandal has

sparked re calls for reforms to fundraising across all fundraising across all parties.

US military has paid compensation to the families of

victims. Kandahar massacre. A

US soldier has been charged

with murdering 17 Afghan civilians two weeks ago. The families have been paid

families have been paid $46,000

for each person killed, and

10,000 for those injured. The

brother of the gunman that killed seven people killed seven people in France

has been charged with complicity in the murders. The

29-year-old has denied helping

Mohammed Merah with the

killings but has reportedly killings but has reportedly said he is proud of his

brother's actions. This comes

as silent marches took place across across France to honour those

who died. It was a powerful

statement of solidarity. Jewish

and Muslim young and old

gathered to march quietly and

with dignity. It was a very

real risk that the murders of

Jewish children here by the

Muslim Mohammed Merah would bring simmering tensions to the

boil. But in times of crisis,

France finds strength in its founding Republican principles. Liberty, equality, brotherhood,

beliefs which are widely and

deeply held. Prejudice and

inequality are publicly

condemned. But the Monday

morning school attack in

Toulouse has prompted much soul

searching here. I have the same

feeling as the fwrench in general. A certain impression

that something broke in the

republic on Monday republic on Monday morning. The elder brother of the man who carried out Monday's attack has made his first appearance

before a judge in Paris. Merah freely admits

freely admits helping to steal a motor scooter used in the

deadly attacks. Now Merah deadly attacks. Now Merah is

facing preliminary charges of conspiracy

conspiracy to commit acts of

murder and terrorism. Together

with the possession and

transportation of weapons. In

Morocco the body of one of the shooting victims, a

paratrooper, arrived for burial

in his family home. His remains

were given a military guard of

honour and accompanied by the State Secretary of State Secretary of the State Secretary of the French Defence Ministry. He was one of three French soldiers of North

African origin gunned down by

Mohammed Merah on March 1 1 allth victims were remembered

on Sunday in Paris, where many

hundreds of people joined

another silent march. Our wait

will be to fight to stick together whatever our

backgrounds whatever our

beliefs or non-beliefs, we're going to all together say we want to seek want to seek the democratic

values and this will be the

frame for national political

debate, for this presidential election and for the elections

to come for the next few years

ago. For all its ago. For all its fine Republican principles France shares the same problems of

social inequality and

fragmentation that many

countries have. Addressing those problems in a construct

ive way is the real progress these marchers want to see. It's important see. It's important if there

are people from different

groups to show that it's not a

matter to oppose one to another. Our President Nicolas

Sarkozy said horrible things

about immigrants b Muslims. I think think it's a bad time for

France today. We have to fight

against those words and those against those words and those

minds. It was a strange march

in many ways. It was silent,

there were no slogans no, speeches and no big rallying

point at the end either. Young

and old were united by one

sentiment, that the events in

Toulouse should not lead to an

upsurge of racism, division and

prejudice here in France. Now a

look at the major sports stories of the day. Paul

Kennedy joins us. We have two

stories that wrapped up over

the last hour or so. Golf and

cricket. Let's go to the golf

first. Tiger Woods is showing a bit of form? He won the

Pammer Classic by four shots.

The time something interesting.

Just before the Masters and two weeks after he walked off a

course in the final round of

another event and didn't know

what sort of injury he had but

he limped away. We thought

maybe he was done again. Was

it an ankle? And something to

do with his calf. He was a bit perplexed by that. But this time he has been able to win

this one and it's the first PGA

win in 30 months. It comes just

before the Masters. The masters

I think it only just two weeks.

That will be a really, really interesting interesting Masters. We know he loves playing

loves playing there. Can he add

to his Majors tally. Still four

behind the great Golden Bear.

Maybe he is within reach still

despite what's happened the

last couple of years. To the cricket now. A win for Australia in the Windies and Australia really needed

this? They did. They evened the series in

series in the end. Two 2-2 plus a tie. They couldn't be separated. Australia made 280. Then they Then they took early wickets. Got right on top of the West Indies. And this is the victory Indies. And this is the

there. Darren Sami knocked over

for 84 off 49 balls. 251 was

the total. They looked like

being bowled out for under 130, 140 but Darren Sami real scare. Also giving them a scare was a 140 but Darren Sami gave them a real scare was a collision between Wade real scare. Also giving them a scare was a Wade and Hilfenhaus. This scare was a collision between

Wade and Hilfenhaus. shocking! It's a commitment to Wade and Hilfenhaus. This was shocking! It's a commitment to the catch, I guess. a couple of times this morning, the catch, I guess. every time I look a couple of times this morning, every time I look at it, for

cricket tragics, you can cricket tragics, you

ly get the image of ly get ly get the image of your head of gill ly get the image of of gill less tee running ly get the image of your head

Steve Waugh in of gill less tee running

Steve Waugh in the subcontinent of gill less tee running into Steve Waugh in the a couple of years ago. a couple of years Gillespie broke his leg a couple of years ago. Gillespie broke his leg and Steve Waugh a couple of years ago. Gillespie broke his Gillespie broke his leg and Steve Waugh nose. They're both OK? seem to be. Wade stayed out nose. They're both OK? the ground. He nose. They're both OK? They seem to be. the ground. He was the longer

to the ground.

to get up but he seems the ground. He was the longer Australia will hope to get up but he alright. He will be to get up but he seems OK. Australia will hope alright. He will be the keeper for the first alright. He will be for the first Test against the Windies alright. He will be the keeper for

Windies in the next couple of weeks for the first Test against the weeks . Full marks for

Windies in the next couple of weeks . Full marks for

commitment. Yeah. That series

ends up even that was going to be commitment. Yeah. That series ends up even that was going to be the first one-day series that the Windies had won in 15

that? Yeah, they've had a rough trot. I'm not sure of the

that? Yeah, they've had a rough statistics. But might've been trot. I'm not sure of the 15 years since Australia in 15 years since Australia in a one-day series. They hadn't 15 years since they've beaten Australia in They hadn't beaten Australia for about four Australia in a one-day series. They They hadn't beaten Australia for about four for about four years in a one-day international. going to be going to be excite - going to be excite - quite pan exciting

let's go to

for Cadel Evans and this is in

the kind of - the warm-ups this for Cadel Evans and this is in the kind of - the warm-ups year for the Tour de France. year for the Tour de The Tour de France doesn't year for the Tour de France. under way for under way for a couple of months? Everything The Tour de France doesn't get under way for months? Everything is a warm-up for the Tour de months? Everything

under way for a couple of for the Tour de France. He was wearing yellow months? Everything is a warm-up for the Tour de wearing yellow in this won as well. He wonts some wearing yellow in this won as well. He wonts some It's a criterion well. He wonts some points. It's It's a criterion series where they have a couple It's a criterion series where they

events on the same day. You can events on the same see there Cadel events on the same day. You see there Cadel is see there Cadel see there Cadel is not busting

a gut to win that one. But he

had enough points to win the overall event. A win is a win.

Only a couple of weeks ago

people were saying that Cadel's

farm was not where it needs to

be. So it's good for him to win that one. Keeping in mind he has the Tour de France, has the Tour de France, the

Olympics and the World

Championships coming up after

the Olympics. The whole timing the Olympics. The whole timing

of his run is slightly different this Championships coming

enough fourth for Mark

weber? Fernando Alonso won this one. Much different one. Much different conditions

to what we saw in Melbourne. Remember Alonso said that Ferrari was off the pace before

Melbourne and that they weren't

a chance to win. When the rain comes down, I guess everyone's

a chance. Alonso was able to

win this one. Webber finished fourth again A couple of the

big guns, Button included and Vettel finished well back. They

were outside the top 10 because

of various spins and punctures. So Webber not a bad result. Fourth. But fourth again. He'd

want to get on the podium sooner rather than later, the Australian. Daniel Ricciardo,

the other Aussie, fixed 12th

there. Good result for Ferrari that one. A reasonable

performance by the Greater

Western Sydney team on the

weekend in the AFL? It was

good. The margin was discussed

asing with being a good result.

The same team, the same format

last year, Gold Coast lost

their first match by 20 goals. So if you go off that, Greater

Western Sydney's 10 goals

better. They probably looked a

little like that as well. They looked very well looked very well organised. And they just don't have the

players, the maturity in the

younger players to win games of

football at the moment. But it

wasn't bad to watch. The

commentary was really building

them up to a point that was

almost annoying there were two

teams. I wanted a bit more talk

on the Sydney Swans as well. I

think the swans will be OK. think the swans will be OK. I

don't think they will be world

beaters but that's just beaters but that's just my early opinion. Kevin Sheedy

once again showing his magic in

terms of getting that team ready for the AFL? The veteran.

He's still got it maybe. We'll

wait to see in the next few

weeks. Cheers, Paul Kennedy.

Vanessa O'Hanlon is with us now

to take a look at the weather.

It's a bit drier now but there

is still some heavy rain over

the north? This from the Coral

Sea extending across the

northern tropics of Queensland.

Still some heavy falls around there. South Johnstone there. South Johnstone this

morning in about 24 hours had

around 130 mm . Lots of rain

falling around the area of Cairns as

Cairns as well. Drier weather across the northern parts of

Western Australia and also the Northern Territory with some

showers about the north east coast. These seas are still

very, very warm, so we may see

another tropical cyclone

develop later in the week but

it's just a possibility at this

stage and the talk is that it would remain off the

coastline. Just how coastline. Just how cold is it did it get in the south-east over the over the last couple of

days? It was pretty cold it got

to as low as 14 in Hobart. What

it meant was that places like Adelaide, Melbourne, also Tasmania

Tasmania had perhaps their

coldest day since November of last year

last year that was definitely the case in both Melbourne and

Adelaide. It's a bit behalf

shock to everybody. And it's

still quite early in the year

as well. What we will see this week, slightly week, slightly warmer temperatures. Adelaide getting temperatures. Adelaide getting

up to 29 degrees on Friday and Saturday. Still some warmth

left. Around the States today,

a bit of rain in Queensland? That's right.