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Live. Tonight, LNP in, ALP

out. Campbell Newman sweeps to

victory. With the support of

all Queenslanders, we pledge

tonight to make this great

state a can-do place once

more. After the rout comes the resignation. This is much more

than a loss, it is, without

doubt, a devastating defeat.

enthusiasts show off their Spit and polish - car

pride and joy. The Brumbies

upset the high flying

Highlanders. This young

Brumbies team continues to defy

the critics. Good evening,

Craig Allen with ABC News. As

far as election defeats go it

doesn't get any bigger. The

Labor Party in Queensland has

been all but wiped out with a

swing of almost 16% against the

Bligh Government. The former

Brisbane lord mayor Campbell

Newman has risen to become

Premier elect and has done it

from outside parliament and

with a massive majority. For

Labor, the recriminations have

begun. Anna Bligh has repd

signed and the federal party is

on notice that no Queensland

Labor seat is safe. The loss

to Labor came as no surprise,

the sheer size of it did.

Quite staggering stuff, not

something that I would have

envisaged. Our worst fears are

being realised It's a

massacre. Less than an hour

after the polls closed the

outcome was clear. This is a

disastrous result. The most

devastating of electoral defeats. The Liberal and

National Party is on track to

take 78 of the 89 seats, Labor

just 7, not enough to qualify

for party status in the parliament. Days like today

are very tough days. Bob Katter's Australian Party

picked up to two seats and 11%

of the primary vote. We have

established ourselves as a very

real force. Campbell Newman

will be sworn in tomorrow. I

pledge to you that we will

conduct ourselves with

humility, grace and dignity.

Restraint not shown by all

supporters. Anna Bligh is the

most disastrous leader in

Australia's history, no one has

lost by so much as she has. God

bless her As the recrimination

the began today, Anna Bligh

fell on her sword, resigning

from the politics. The

loudness and the clarity of the

message from the people of

Queensland is unmistakable and

I do not intend to ignore. It.

The Queensland wipe-out cannot

be ignored nationally either.

Julia Gillard's job just got a

lot harder. The Prime Minister

flew to South Korea for a

security summit but paid

tribute to Anna Bligh and congratulated Campbell Newman.

The tide is changing. At the

next Council of Australian

Governments meeting four of the

six state premiers will be from

the Coalition. The Queensland

result will ring alarm bells

for Labor. If the state figures

were to translate federally,

the party would lose all of its

Lower House seats. We have to

rebuild or the Labor Party can

lose the next federal election

in Queensland alone. The basic

message is that the Labor brand

is toxic, right around Australia. Tony Abbott

labelled the quell election a

referendum on the carbon tax.

I think the carbon tax was an

issue. It certainly wasn't the

only issue. This was a Queensland election about

Queensland issues. Anna Bligh

faced a backlash over her

sell-off of state assets but

the government rejects

suggestions Julia Gillard will

face a similar fate over the

carbon tax. If you have been

in government for 20 out of the

last 22 years, at some point

you probably do wear out the

welcome mat. They say politics

moves in cycles. New South

Wales Police have been involved

in a fatal shooting at a busy

shopping mall in Sydney's

south-west. The police were

called to the Westfield

shopping centre just after 4:00

and went to the food court and

a short time later there were

reports of gunshots. I saw the

police running and asking

for... What happened?

Somebody got shot, that's all,

I was told by my customers. It

was a fatal shooting. A crime

seen has been set up at the

maul. The police say they have

established a critical incident investigation - terminology that indicates a police officer

is involved. New South Wales

Police are considering using a

new type of taser which allows

two electric shots to be -

shocks to be fired in quick

succession. The taser X-2 will

be evaluated before a possible

trial. Critics of tasers are

angered it is being considered

just a week after a young

Brazilian student was killed.

He died after police fired a

taser at him in Sydney. I

think it's outrageous that the

police are even considering

double shot tasers, given the

tragic events of last weekend.

Victorian police recently

announced they will be

trialling the double shot

tasers. It hasn't happened

yet and world leaders are

meeting to make sure it never

does. Prime Minister Julia

Gillard will join more than 50

of her counterparts at a

nuclear terrorism summit in

Seoul. The North, which has not

been invited, is already

describing the gathering as a

declaration of war. Stephen

McDonell reports from the South

Korean capital. With 36,000

police in place, the South

Korean capital is running a

massive security operation.

The world's most powerful

leader are here in Seoul.

Barack Obama, who gin too and

the list goes on, from Dmitry

Medvedev to Australian Prime

Minister Julia Gillard. All

here to prevent what is called

nuclear terrorism. From 9/11,

the attack on the World Trade

Centre, to a nuclear 9/11,

there is only one step missing,

getting a nuclear bomb that a

state made material from which

you can fashion a nuclear

bomb. Former US Deputy

Secretary of Defense Graham Allison says Al Qaeda cannot

make weapons from a cave, so

countries like Pakistan, South

Africa and even Japan must

secure deadly stores of highly

enriched urinum. All we need

to do to prevent nuclear

terrorism is to prevent

terrorists getting the means to

achieve their deadliest

ambitions. The hills behind me

are in what is said to be the

most heavily militarised zone

on the planet. On the other

side is North Korea, where the

government says it is furious

that its name could even be

mentioned at this conference.

Whether or not it is on the

official agenda, there will be

those asking whether groups

like Al Qaeda could somehow get

hold of nuclear weapons

material from North Korea. The

US president travelled straight

to the demilitarised zone after

arriving in South Korea. The

symbolism won't be lost in the North. In Pyongyang they

staged a mass rally, North

Korea has warned that any

provocation at this conference

will be considered an act of

war. The brother of the

French gunman who murdered

seven people says he is proud

of his sick's killing spree.

Police are interrogating the

older brother, to see if he was

involved in the killings, which

included three children at a

Jewish school. Cameras have

been allowed into the flat where Mohamed Merah was holed

up for 30 hours before he was

shot dead by police.

TRANSLATION: Imagine a flat

set up like an assault course,

furniture was turned over to

allow him to hide, he went for

our unit, shot at all my

staff. The French President

Nicolas Sarkozy has resumed his

re-election campaign, vowing to

crack down on extremism. A

cash for access scandal has

erupted in the UK. A top fundraiser for the Conservative

Party was secretly taped

offering time with the Prime

Minister in exchange for a

donation. The party's

co-Treasurer Peter Cruddas was

recorded by under cover

reporters posing as potential

donors. He told them ?250,000

would buy them direct access to

Prime Minister David Cameron

and his Chancellor, George

Osborne. When we talk about

your donations, the first thing

we want to do is get you at the

Cameron and Osborne dinners. In

fact, some of our biggest

donors have been for dinner in

number 10 Downing Street in the Prime Minister's private

apartment with Samantha. The Conservative Party is

investigating, but says all

donations must comply with

electoral laws. In Egypt , a

13-year-old boy has been killed

in clashes between soccer fans

and police. The fans were

angry after the suspension of the Al Masry club following

last month's riots in which 74

people were killed.

Demonstrators set fire to tyres

and blocked roads in the city

of Port Said. Troops fired tear

gas to disperse them. The club

has been banned for two

seasonsance the stadium closed

for three years. Russia's

opposition movement is losing

momentum and fast. Rallies

this weekend were a far cry

from the mass demonstrations of

just last month. Russian correspondent Norman Hermant

reports from St Petersburg,

where opposition supporters are

suffering from protest fatigue.

Russia's winter of mass

discontent empowered huge

position protests that melted

away. Rallies that attracted 100,000 people seem like a

distant memory. People are

getting tyre. You can say it

once or twice, but after about

the third or fourth time, you

you should change something.

The Kremlin controlled media

has stepped up the pressure

too. This controversial

documentary, which alleged many

opposition demonstrators were

paid to attend, itself sparked

protests. But it seems nothing

the opposition does now can

stop its rallies from

shrinking. The first time it

was 10,000 people, then the

second time it was 8,000, then

it's 5,000, and now you can see

I think about 2,500 or 3,000

people. Vladimir Putin's waninging in the presidential

election earlier this month has

knocked the win out of Russia's

opposition movement. As the

protest of big protests fades,

a new generation of activists

has decided the way forward is

to think small, changing the

system not from the top but

from the bottom. Young

opposition supporters are

running for seats on small

neighbourhood councils, and

winning. They say this is the beginning of real democratic

change. Even if some of the old

guard don't like it. Before

September, nobody went to

politics in Russia, young

people thought this was not a

thing that is possible to go

for. Now it is changing, this

is the way to do it.

Developing Russia's democracy

from the grassroots will take

years, and not everyone here is

prepared to wait. It's a

vital ingredients in many a

Australian hamburger but it

seems not everyone wants to buy

locally grown beetroot. Entrepreneur Dick Smith gave

away 100,000 cans today in

Sydney. He bought a beetroot

crop six months ago when local

farmers failed to buy a buyer.

Even the renowned salesman drew

a blank, offering it to

supermarket chains for 90 cents

a can but could not compete

with cheaper imported

beetroot. It is RIP, rest in

peace Australian farmers. If we can buy beetroot in the

supermarkets at below cost, it

means they don't have any

work. Sprrkt chain Aldi says

its canned beetroot is 100%

Australian grown and priced at

75 cents a can. In in-depth

study is under way into a

baffling disease that affects

many cancer patients.

Lymphoedema causes swollen limbs and significant discomfort. Australian

researchers are looking at ways

to diagnose it much earlier.

Lorna Cresswell survived a

diagnose of of breast cancer

but was left with a condition

called lymphoedema, where fluid

pools in her arm. I went to

the specialist straight away

and he drained it and it took 8

times twice a week. To get rid

of it. It's a common

condition. As many as 20% of

breast cancer patients will

develop it. But little is known

about what causes lymphoedema

or which parents are likely to

get it. The 86-year-old is

taking part in a trial to work

out the best way to diagnose

the condition. Often people

report it can feel very heavy,

look quite swollen and painful,

cold or hot. The study is examining different ways to

measure lymphoedema, to see

which is the most accurate and can be done even before limbs

start to swell. We are using

different types of imaging

techniques and will compare

them for the first time to the

types of tools that myself as a

clinician might use to diagnose

a patient. The research

project is about identifying

when are the earliest changes

occurring, because if we can

identify that point and

intervene then, we might prevent developing a great big

fat arm. Doctors hope to

recruit 100 patients with

lymphoedema and have some

results by the end of the year.

People go to great lengths to

raise money for charity, but a

Sydney professor has taken his campaign all around Australia,

including to Canberra. The

56-year-old has completed seven

marathons in seven days. Like

Forest Gump, Professor Terry

Diamond just kept running and running. From Central

Australia to the Great Ocean

Road. A new marathon every day

for a week. Each completed in

under 4 hours. The final

destination was Bondi Beach.

Joining him on the last stretch

was 22-year-old Pnina Kraus.

She was diagnosed with the

condition known as retinitis

pigmentosa at the age of 4.

Not many people feel like a

dance after a marathon, but

Sydney's Jewish community gave

him some help. The group of

people like this, you can feel

like dancing on the clouds,

just amazing support. The

herdtry condition is first

noticed when people struggle to

see at night, then lose their

peripheral vision. Generally

it's from the outside in and

the person ends up look looking

through a drinking straw.

Pnina Kraus has only 5% of

vision left but it has not

stopped her from studying advanced science at

university. I generally don't

think about what I can and

captain see, I just get on with

my day, as if nothing is wrong

at all. It is estimated 20,000

Australians have severe sight

impairment from the condition

and many more have milder

symptoms. The marathons raised

$80,000 for research into using

stem cells to treat the

condition of the We need

$100,000 for three years to get

a program going. Early trials have proved successful on mice

and researchers hope a cure can

be found within three years.

Good on hill. The Brumbies are

proving to be the surprise

package of the Super Rugby

season, winning against the previously unbeaten Highlanders

in Canberra last night. The

victory puts the Brumbies at

the top of the Australian

conference ladder. Defending

title holders the Queensland

Reds suffered a humiliating

defeat against the Bulls and

the Crusaders made a triumphant

return to their home stadium in

Christchurch. The defending

Super Rugby champions have been

hit hard by injuries and they

did well to restrict the Bulls

scoring in the first half.

Great tackle. Some clever

passing got the home team going

straight after the break. In all, the Bulls scored seven

tries in the second half, the

best of them from jacks

Potgieter. Nobody needs it, he

will go all the way. As the

match wore on, bigger holes

could be found in the visitors'

defence. Some nifty food work

from Dom Shipperly was the only

bright spot for the Reds. The

41-8 loss drops the Reds into

second place on the Australian

conference ladder. Ahead of

them are the Brumbies, who got

off to a flier against the high

Lauren, thanks to Tomane's

intercept. Tomane's second was

almost as good. The Brumbies

led 20-13 at hoof-time. Sloppy

defence after the break allowed

the Highlanders back into the

match. But a serious ankle

injury do playmaker Colin Slade

minutes later halted the

visitors run. When Michael

Hooper scored a try midway

through the second half, the Brumbies had the breathing

space they needed. Full-time

at Canberra Stadium. The early

season wins have ensured

spirits are high in the

capital. The Storm remain

unbeaten after dismantling a

hapless Roosters side in a

record win in Melbourne. They

piled on 8 tries to 1 in their

40 points demolition. The

Bulldogs suffered their first

loss of the season against the

Knights and last night the

Dragons were too good for

Manly. The Sharks came from

behind to snatch the win from

the Cowboys. When playing the

Storm in Melbourne it's

important to get off to a good

start. Nielsen into a hole.

The Roosters didn't do that and

they paid the price. Billy

Slater continued his red hot

form, scoring two tries for the

fourth straight match. Into

the record books he goes! The

Roosters were virtually spectators as Melbourne

practised their party tricks en

route to their biggest ever win

over Sydney. The Knights

also got the jump on the

in-form Bulldogs. When Trent

Hodkinson went down, things

were looking bleak for

Canterbury. Newcastle delivered

in typical Wayne Bennett style,

limiting the Bulldogs chances

and making the most of their

own. Although the blue and

white did their best to lift

the intensity, the players did not do themselves any favours

while in possession, the impie

ground out their second win of

the season. The Dragons

Michael Weyman was looking more

like a full-back on the way to

the opening try in last night's

match against the Sea Eagles.

It is hard to see Brett Morris

relinquishing the role any time

soon. Morris steps through

the chase. A controversial try

had the Dragons up by 12 at

half-time. Digging for the line. The under strength Sea

Eagles were unable to peg back

the dragons, the red and white

cruised to an 11 point win.

The Cowboys looked to have the

Sharks measure last night. But

two tries in two minutes had

the Sharks in the match. With

scores locked late, Sharks

skipper Paul Gallen capped off a stellar individual

performance. Gallen scores!

The match was out of the Cowboys grasp as the Sharks

earned the tight win in

Queensland's north. After all

the hype of the AFL season

build-up came the reality of

round one game one. 38,000

fans were at the Olympic

Stadium to taste the inaugural

Sydney derby. The Swans were

challenged by the Greater

Western Sydney Giants, but took

control to win by 63 points.

One sprawling town, two team.

Today's recovery session

locations told the story. The

Swans hit the waves at Coogee,

the Giants at a pool on the

western reaches of the harbour.

Derby one assessments came with

degrees of satisfaction. Happy

with the football but we still

lost the game. There are

definitely some things we need

to improve on. Round one is a

big occasion. We set ourselves

for the game and it was a

really good contest. For the

AFL, these were hardly

tentative first steps into

Sydney's west. The heavily

marketed Giants v Swans season

fanfare, colour and opener splashed down with

anticipation. Go the Swans!

Still go for Carlton, now for

Carlton and the Giants. The

new boys were fierce at the

ball but let themselves down by

turning over possession. The

Swans kicked the first three

goals. Israel Folau had few

touches but was involved in the

Giants maiden goal. The first

goal counterclaim your is their

co-captain Callum Ward.

Consecutive goals kept the men

in orange in touch. The first

20 minutes of the third quarter

belonged to the Swans, five

goals to nil. Set the task of

winning a quarter, of the

Giants sustained efforts paid

off in the last, reducing the

margin and gaining respect.

Any team that comes out and

plays with as much talent as

they have is going to be hard

and tough at the footy and

that's the way they were. We

will end up a better side, but

we want to be, because we have

the Kangaroos coming up and

West Coast up at Blacktown. As

the Giants grow there will be

much closer matches than this.

The the Swans are the first to

recognise the rivalry. They

really had a crack and competed

well and tested our boys out.

The two Sydney teams now have a

break until Easter. In the

curtain-raiser between the

Swans and Giants feeder clubs

it was a similar result. The

Swans were too strong for their

more inexperienced open pons in the north-eastern football

league opening round.

Queanbeyan's win over

Tuggeranong looked more like a

cricket score and Ainslie

finished ahead of Belconnen.

The Tricolours were favourites

going no the match. Belconnen

went down by just 28 points.

The Central Coast Mariners have

locked up the A-League minor

premiership. The 2-1 win over

Wellington secured the top

spot. Sydney FC beat the

Newcastle Jets and Shane Smeltz

became the highest goal scorer

in A-League history, booting 4

of the Glory's goals in their

win over Melbourne Victoria.

With its season on the line,

through Bruno case recent. Sydney FC made a superb start

for survival, Newcastle What a header! Also playing

appeared unluckily not to be

heading to the spot. Probably

a penalty. The Jets equalised

when Zatkovich combined with

bridges. Brett Emerton set up

the 22-year-old in the third

min minute. A late goal from

Newcastle provided some nervous

moments for the home fans, but

the Sky Blues held on. Listen

to the noise, the joy, the

relief, the smiles on the face

of the coach. Central Coast

needed to beat Wellington to

guarantee it would win the

Premier yes plate for finish

ing on top at the end of the

regular season. After Sutton's

first half success, Abini

double the Mariners advantage.

Phoenix mounted a late That's a very clever goal. The

The home team are number 1 fightback but it wasn't enough.

after 25 weeks. The Mariners

can stand tall and very proud.

Third placed Perth Glory warmed

up for the finals with a 4

opinion 2 win over Melbourne

Victory. Smeltz provided all

four goals to over take Archie

Thompson as the A-League

all-time goal scorer with 62.

It was a disastrous season for

the star-studded Victory, who

managed only five wins. For

24 hours they rode but the

annual marathon mountain race

outside Canberra is finally

over. The month Mont 24 brought

more than 3,000 competitors in

separate relay style teams.

Riders from around Australia

and the world navigated their

way through the 18.6km course

overnight, going lap offer lap

in the gruelling event,

crossing the finish line for

the final time at midday.

They just don't make them the

way they used to. From the

vintage to muscle car classics,

more than 1,000 vehicles were

put on show in Canberra today.

For many, this was no Sunday

drive. These priceless relics

are often treated more like

museum pieces. Canberra's

vintage, veteran and classic

wheels show has been running

for three decades , which means

cars that were on the road when

it started are in the classics

section today. 30 years ago

they were the Holdens and the

Ford, the GT Falcons, early

Commodores, are now classified

as historic cars. Car

enthusiasts love to talk, and

they love to tinker. I have

had it for 32 years, I got it originally as five trailer

loads of parts. That's a whole

lot of tinkering. But it pays

off. It was my wedding car,

it's been my daughter's wedding

car, no one could offer me

enough money for it, it's just

for for sale. From the garish

GTs to the flashy FJs, everyone

has their flavour. It has to

be a pick-up and a chef. You

would think the glamorous

veteran rides of the golden era

have almost nothing in common

with the muscle cars of the

modern era. Just pop the

bonnet and you will find what

all car lovers have in common -

undying passion and the little

glint of mischief in the eye.

I think Australians generally

love motoring and they love

motor cars. So much so, the

hobbyist car industry gives an

annual boost of more than $1

billion to the national

economy. That figure doesn't

count the blood, sweat and

tears. Countless hours, took

me seven and a half years to

build. From shed to street and

back again, the glory days are

here to stay. It was a great

day to be out admiring the cars

or perhaps the vintage planes

at the airport open day. The

weather was pretty indecisive

early. To start, very cold and

overcast. Later on, warm and

sunny, once the cloud broke up.

We made it to 19 in the city,

20 in the Tuggeranong valley.

Temperatures were mild to warm

around the region today.

Perth is getting showers and

a few storms from a trough, and

there are more showers from a

weak monsoonal trough over the

tropics. The Canberra region is

getting cool and dry winds from

the south but they will swing

around to the east in coming days, bringing more moisture

our way. Around the capitals

for tomorrow:

That's ABC News. We will

leave you with - up close with

some classics of the sky, and

their modern counterparts at

Canberra Airport's open day. I'm congratulate cray, thanks

for your company. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI.