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(generated from captions) This morning - a mini

tornado hits Townsville tornado hits Townsville in

North Queensland, wild winds

rip roofing off homes an smash windsos. It's worth worst than what

what Townsville saw when yazy came

came along.- Yasi came came along.- Yasi came along.

French police on the hunt

after a rabbi and three

children are shot dead at a Jewish school in Toulouse. Superprofit force budget

Government touts the benefits bottom line - the Federal

of its newly passed mining tax.

Less than 100 hours to go in

the Queensland election Less than 100 hours to go in

campaign. Campbell Newman and

Anna Bligh press the flesh in

Cairns. And AFL Cairns. And AFL legends Jim Stynes dice after a 2-year battle with cancer. He was 45.

Good morning. You're watching

ABC News 24. I'm Joe O'Brien.

Taking a quick look at the weather first.

A mini tornado has torn

through a suburb of in North Queensland this through a suburb of Townsville

morning as extreme weather morning as extreme weather

continues to batter the State's north. Authorities

north. Authorities say holes in

the bush of Vincent have lost the bush of Vincent have

roofs and there are reports

houses have collapsed. The

suburbs of Gulliver and Pimlico

have also been affected. The

storm through in around 5 this

morning with wind speeds up to 110km/h. State Emergency

Service crews are the damage and they're door Service crews are now surveying

residents. The SES has been knocking homes to check on


urging people to stay indoors

as a number of powerlines have

been brought down in the winds.

Around 17 ,000 homes are now without power across

Townsville. And I think we

can hear from one of those Townsville residents now. A Townsville residents now. A lot

of destruction. No fences. of destruction. No fences. A

few people have lost fences and

their roofs and I've lost

their roofs and I've lost a

whole heap of windows and

house is trashed. It's a mess. whole heap of windows and my

I have a roof which is

wonderful but my neighbours

don't. I've lost a whole heap

of windows. I've got a few

now from the wind broken items inside the house

now from the wind gusts. Beth Simmonds there a, a local in

Townsville. Much of North

Queensland is awash this

morning with floods between

Cairns and Bowen. There were rescues overnight and this

morning near Gordon Vale south

and of Cairns, mere Mission Beach

and a pregnant woman was

ferried across two flooded

creeks at Ravenswood so she

could get to a hospital at

Townsville. The incident near

Gordon Vale, 211 people were in

cars caught between two flooded

causeways on the Gilles

highway. A swift water rescue team had to be called in. The

Bureau says a tropical low and monsoonal trf trof have caused

the e severe conditions and a

further 200mm of rain sex

pected. That's more rain that

is expected on the way. is expected on the way. Cairns

has received 400mm over the

past three days alone. I am

Vanessa joined now by weather presenter

let's begin with this min you

tornado in Townsville. Where

did it come from? These things come from hot air and cold air combieng. We have the deep monsoonal trough and low

pressure some. So all of this has combined this create this

mini tornado that happened

through Townsville this morn.

We can see some foot age at the

moment. There is a lot of

damage around Townsville, the

winds got up to 111km/h, just

morning. And these things do around 5 o'clock this

happen in Australia quite often

although they are quite a

freakish event as well. One of

the residents up there was

saying the thing was the surprise with this, usually

with a major system like a cyclone

cyclone they get so much

warning from authorities but

with this min you tornado it with this min you tornado

came out of the blue very early

this morning. They do. That this morning. They do. That is right. They come through this

United States, quickly. In places like the

United States, where they do

have that tornado belt, there

is usually enough time to give

warnings for this. But when warnings for this. But when we

have them it's one-off even and that is why there's not a

warning because they happen so

quickly. Looking at the broader

picture in North Queensland,

there's been some amazing falls

up that way over the past

couple of days and the falls are going to continue. That is

right. In 24 hours Mission

Beach seems to be the one

then had over that's been hit the harder and

then had over 300mm. Over the

next 24 hours we are looking in

excess of 200mm for some of

those areas in the northern and

also central districts. There

are severe warnings at the

moment and the winds are also

very strong. But this is the

culprit behind the system. Now

last week we were predicting it last week we were predicting it

would become a dike however it didn't stay around would become a dike loan

that gulf of car pen tear

that gulf of car pen tear a

waters for long so it didn't

develop into a cyclone. The

issue sit's moving inland and causing a lot of damaging

winds. This whole area is expecting the heavy rainfalls

today. We will continue to see

that rain move further south-east as the week

pro-progresses. And we will

talk to Vanessa later this

bulletin for an update on the

national forecast. The SES has

re Newed its evacuation order for the NSW Riverina town for the NSW Riverina town of

Hay. The Murrumbidgee river is

holding under its expected peak

of 9m, despite the renewed order only a small number of

residents have registered at the

the Dell in-Quinn show grounds.

Most refuse to leave town Most refuse to leave town when

the order was first issued the order was first issued on

Saturday saying they had full

faith in their levee system. Authorities are urging everyone

to stay out of the area. Police

in Sydney say a man has shot his estranged wife outside a

club before turning the gun club before turning the gun on himself. The 48-year-old woman

was leaving t a & club at

Bossley Park last night when

police say she was shot in the

face. After responding to the

shooting the officer's went shooting the officer's went to

the man 's house where they

found him dead Dead in a garage with an apparently

self-inflicted gun shot wound

to the head. If woman is in a serious condition in hospital.

The the Federal Government The the Federal Government is out selling the benefits of the

mining tax after mining tax after the legislation passed the Senate last

last night. The legislation

passed with the support of the

Greens. Bringing an ends to a 2-year battle for the Labor

Government. The tax will apply

from July 1 and is expected to

raise 10.6 billion dollars over

three years. The Prime Minister and the Treasurer have labelled

it hiss forric reform. -

historic reform. Ultimately the big public policy big public policy decisions in

national life come down to who

you stand for. In determining

that at this time of our

nation's history we needed a

mining tax, the Government

determined that at this time, particularly as we particularly as we see all of

the changes in our economy that

the resources boom is bringing,

that we needed to take special

measures to share the benefits of that boom. Put simply, it meant we determined to stands

for the benefits to the many rather than to the rather than to the privileged few. To shape the future rather

than to pretend that we could

stand still, to make sure we were supporting jobs rather

than doing what we have been

urged by the Opposition which

is effectively to stand in the way of Australian way of Australian jobs. It ensures that all Australian also share more fairly in the

resources that we own 100%. And it certainly gives us the opportunity to spread the

benefits of a mining boom more fairly right around our continuery. Tax breaks, for

example, to 2.7 million small businesses, right around the

country. A big boost to super

for something like 8 million

Australian workers, if you're a

30-year-old on average

earnings, it's a boost to your super in retirement of an additional 100,000 dollars. And of course a significant

increase in infrastructure

investment in mining

communities. Now I did want to

pay tribute to the role of both

the Prime Minister and also the

Resources Minister in what has

been a very difficult and very

strong political debate, an

economic debate in Australia. New, now the Prime Minister

went in to bat for millions of small businesses and millions

of workers. She won. Treasurer Wayne Swan and the Prime Minister Julia

Minister Julia Gillard speaking there. Just in the last hour or

so from Canberra. The Federal

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

has condemned the passing of

the mining tax, saying the mining tax, saying lit reduce the competitiveness of

Australian mining and hurt the economy. I think the only

people who are celebrating the mining tax are the Labor

Party. The Labor Party always

chooses to celebrate when

they're hitting with us a big

new tax. Come 1 July,

Australians will be hit with

two big new taxes - the mining tax and the carbon tax, and tax and the carbon tax, and

these two big new taxes will

hurt your family and they will hurt your job. So there's

absolutely nothing to be proud of. There's absolutely nothing

to celebrate and I think that the average Australian will

wonder why it is that wonder why it is that the Labor

Party only celebrates when the Parliament has passed a new

tax. Will the drop in company tax. Will the drop in company

tax help family and their jobs? It's interesting jobs? It's interesting that only 50% of the mining tax

revenue is going to then go

into this company tax cut. And

it's a company tax cut that

can't even be guaranteed

because of the Labor-Green alliance breaking down on this

point. I say to Julia Gillard - if she is serious about getting

her company tax cut through,

she should declare that this is

a matter of confidence in 2

Government and force the - in

the Government and force the the Government and force the

Greens to back it. Do you still

committed to getting rid of both taxes if you win office?

How are you going 20 do that?

Surely it will be extremely

hards. Well, we are absolutely

100% committed to repealing the combanchs and the mining

tax. We think that tax cuts

paid for by tax increases are

not cuts, they're not cuts, they're cons. And the

only way that you can have only way that you can have a

sustainable tax cut is to have

a permanent in-Reece in the the

size of the economy, or a permanent decrease in the size

of government. The last way to

grow our economy is to clobber

it with big new taxes. For

more we're Joaned by Latika

Bourke in Canberra. Good morning. So one morning. So one battle is over

in terms of getting the mining

tax through but now you have

the battle over the tax

cuts? Good morning. That is

exactly right. The Prime

Minister is conducting a mini media blitz this morning. She

went on morning television, did

a radio interview, held a very early morning press conference

to w her Treasurer and Resources Minister to declare

this historic day and certainly

it is this, this is a reform that the Labor Party, the previous Prime Minister Kevin Rudd tried

Rudd tried to get through and

ultimately that saw or

contributed to partly his

downfall. So this has been a

very long,riccy troublesome

difficult as the Treasurer

described it this morning road

to this day. But this day has

come and it's certainly another policy victory that the Prime Minister will be putting Minister will be putting down on her scoreboard as she did this morning. When it was

pointed out to her, pointed out to her, that, yes,

the tax cut s she has promise

as part of this mining tax

package still needs to be package still needs to be

passed by the Senate and at

least the big business tax cut

may not get through because the

Greens won't support it and the

Opposition is saying it

Opposition is saying it won't

support it either, the Prime

Minister turned a little bit feisty, let's have a listen to

what she said. I come to these press conferences a press conferences a lot and I

get told at every one of them

gee you you won't get X or Y

through. I puts up with months

of scofg about the carbon

price, guess what it's the law of Australia today: I have put

up with months of scoffing

about the minerals resource

rent tax. Guess what, it went through the Senate last night.

Before we start on a process of

months of scoffing about

whether or not we will get

through the company tax cuts, I

think I am entitled to go

scoreboard and at the moment

it's running more in my favour

than yours. It was a feisty Prime Minister there, Prime Minister there, saying

effectively back Atta ya

fellas. What is the situation there? It does look like the

tax cuts for big companies

probably won't get through at

the risk of in curing the wrath

of the Prime Minister that that

won't get through? Yes, I am trembling in fear of being nominated nominated been the Prime Minister's scoreboards, Latika

zero Julia Gillard 10. At this

stage you have to take what the

parties are saying on face all.

The Greens are saying we will

only support half of it. The

Opposition is saying we won't

support anything that is funded by the mining tax. by the mining tax. Ift certainly does look difficult for Julia Gillard in getting

that through. Now it's always

possible that the Greens could

come back and renegotiate. And

look at maybe supporting that.

But the Greens are very adamant

that they want that funding

committed to other spending

projects. And indeed the Greens

who vote for there mining tax package are not very happy with

it. They wanted to expand it.

They unit move that amendment

in the Senate last night and Bob Brown entering Parliament

House this morning was certainly flad that the mining tax had passed but tax had passed but certainly

condemned it as a very poor

cousin to the original form

floated by the former Treasury Secretary Ken Henry. We would

raise an extra $100 billion through

through the amendmenters of the

next 10 next 10 years. Governments are going to be struggling to fund

disabilities insurance, to fund public education, to fund denty

care, to fund high speed rail

between Sydney, Brisbane and

Melbourne. So look, Joe, maybe

we just have to watch this

space and see what the Prime

Minister can negotiate. There's

no doubt that that is probably

her strongest skill. OK, and

don't you go doubting that in future! Thank you for that. I

will try not to. Thanks. Our top story a Hiny tornado has torn through the

Townsville suburb of Vincent.

Rez didn'ts are being urged to

stay indoors as a number of

powerline s have fallen down in

the suburb A Gunnman has shot

dead a teacher and three young

children at a Jewish school in the French city of

Toulouse. And the Federal Government's mining tax legislation has legislation has passed through

the Senate and will soon the Senate and will soon become law. Checking the weather now

in the capital cities for today.

The weather has been pretty

wild in the Townsville suburb

of Vincent this morning. A mini

tornado has damaged homes and brought powerlines. For more brought powerlines. For more

I'm joined on the phone by the fair of Townsville, Les

Tyrrell. That was blow this morning. We're still coming to

grips with what level of damage

has been caused. We have a

disaster group meeting in about

15 minutes and we will get an update then. But something that

came out of nothing and went

very quickly but from all reports has done some really

devastating damage to a number of homes and businesses. And

the best description at the moment seems to be kind of like

a mini tornado because it's cut

a narrow path through a couple

of suburbs. I am not sure what of suburbs. I am not sure what

the bureau will determine as

this morning but I sealed to

start around the airport and

move through at least two of

the bush inturs and I am not

sure what happened to it from

there. It seems to have

disappeared. But it has done some major damage. It quite

eerie in the city because

eerie in the city because either side of that narrow swathe, people are going about their business, the their business, the garbage collectors are picking up the

bin, people are taking their kids to school and people are

driving to work, it's an eerie

situation where it can cut that

tharo swathe through the city

and do so much damage. So

Vincent seems to be the suburb

worst affected. You mentioned one other suburb. My

understanding is there is some

damage in gar butt which is the suburb suburb closest to the airport. The major damage in Vincent but also

also some fairly heavily damage in

in aten Vale. And nobody in aten Vale. And nobody - Aitken Vale. And nobody hurt -

I know we were speak ing to

someone on ABC 14 #24 and she

said with she got a couple of

arms when a window blew in.

We're just sighing a shot now of

of a branch that speared there

tu side of a home shows how

strong that wind must have

been. So have you heard of anyone being hurts? Haven't got

any reports at this stage. But

obviously when we have our

meeting this morning we will

get an update on all of get an update on all of that.

Our work crews are out there of course looking at cutting

barricading off roads where there's powerlines

there's powerlines down. ,

clearing the roads of debris

from trees that have fallen. The Ergon energy people are The Ergon energy people are out there trying to restore power.

I understand there's 10 to 15,000 homes that are out

because of the damage to the

poles and the wires being down.

Police are out on the Police are out on the traffic

lights guiding traffic through. lights guiding traffic through. So we will have a better update shortly

shortly and hopefully there is no injuries. Les, early reports had suggested at least had suggested at least four

homes had been affected. From

the vision we're seeing it

seems like there's a fair few

more than four in terms of

damage. Have you received damage. Have you received any preliminary reports or got any preliminary indication yourself about how many homes have been

damaged? The department of damaged? The department of

public work s people o are out

there doing that assessment.

But we do know there were 34

calls to the SES. Some of those

were just for a leaking roof.

But it certainly would appear

at this stage there would be 30

to 40 homes but that could be

an estimate that is not close

to the mark. Again we will have

that information when we meet

and get a better handle on what

needs to be done. And for

people in that suburb of Vincent

Vincent now, and the other

suburbs you mentioned that have

been affected, your advice is

for them to stay for them to stay indeers

because of concerns about fallen powerline? Certainly

people shouldn't walk the streets or drive through the

streets. There will be water on

the streets as well. We had

torential rain overnight. So

people need to be very careful about what they do. We will no doubt activate our recovery

team this morning and we will be looking at those things that

need to be done on a personal

nature, whether we need to

provide temporary lodgings and

thing likes that. Les thing likes that. Les Tyrrell, Townsville mayor, thank you for talking to us and good luck with your work over the next

couple of days trying to clean

up the mess there. Thank you. To

you. To the Queensland election

now and Premier Anna Bligh has

all but conceded defeat ahead of

of Saturday's pole. It means that Campbell Newman is on

track to become Queensland's

next Premier. Just over next Premier. Just over a year ago, both were being praised

for their leadership during the deft estag Queensland floods.

One of the starting hit suburb

was Rosalie in the inner west.

Let's cross to Kim landers who

is with several of the local businesses there. Thank you.

As people might remember, a

year ago, just over a year

year ago, just over a year ago,

this Brisbane suburb of Rosalie

was very badly damaged by the

floods we're not far from the

Brisbane river and the Brisbane river and the water slowly rose. Many of the local

business owner had time to get some produce and equipment out

of the shops but nonetheless

the flood waters ended up being waist high and ruined their

shop. With me some of the local business owners. Norris Lewis is the owner of the Rosalie

gourmet market. Can you believe

it was just over a year ago in was so much devastation here? It is difficult to believe and fortunately the

recovery has-been has been strongly supported by the community and for that we're

very grateful. We have had

wonderful support and I think

most of the village has. Most

of the village is back enjoying reasonable reasonable business conditions

and for that all of them are very grateful. The flood is

very much behind us now. But

very much behind us now. But

there's always constant remind es

es of it, though? Of course and

one can't deny that. Looking

forward we're keen to see the

re-establishment of trust in

the governance of our large public corporations and I think

that is what is coming out of - that is the stage we're at

now. And it's not really just about three about three engineer, it's about much more than that. We

will speak a bit about that in a

a moment. But as businesses

here in Rosalie recovered, the other thing that's other thing that's now

happening is a year on from the floods we near the mid ofs a

State election campaign. Donna

and John are the oefbs the Old

Rock ice creamry up the road.

This is a hotly contested year

in politics. You va deputy plem

who holds this seat, a Labor

MP, hotly contested by an LNP candidate. Are people coming into the shops and talking

into the shops and talking about politics? They certainly

are. We have had lots of

customers who local people and, yeah, - Even the politicians themselves. And their

families. They're all our

friends. So we have to be sort

of quite careful how we talk

about politics. So basically these politicians, though, were on

on hand when people were

cleaning up after those devastating floods the local

politicians, as many

politicians in Brisbane, all

pimped in to help. Most of them

were seen here with their

sleeves rolled up, cover ed in

mud. They all did a fantastic job. And we can't thank them

enough. So, John, let me ask

you - what are your

expectations from a future Queensland Government? It looks

like there could be a change

like there could be a change

come Saturday bu but as

business people who do you want

from whomever forms the next

government? Being part of a small business, the

discretionary spend part of discretionary spend part of the industries, we need confidence.

We need people to feel

confidentable that they can come out and

come out and buy themselves an ice cream for their

ice cream for their

family. Because we hear a lot

about the economy and how

confidence business confidence is

is a little bit down, consumer confidence is down. Are you

experiencing that in your

store? We have been very

fortunate with the support from loyal support loyal support from customers who have come back and keep

coming back. So we have coming back. So we have been lucky in

lucky in that respect. I think

business does need the confidence. They need the

politicians to be speaking confidently, not knocking our

economy. I might ask on that

foet a final word to Norris

Lewis you've been speaking about the need for business

confidence. Do you think a lot

of institutions here in

Queensland and as the rain

falls behind us again, once again, do you think a lot of businesses here

businesses here are really

looking for a bit of a shake-up in the Government, in the Government, whomever wins? Think Thi that is

probably a fair summary. And

whoever wins need to s to

address this issue of governance within our public

kormss and organisations. It's - dr corporations and organisations It's very

important. We need to get that

trust back and we need to

identify that and go after it. It's not good enough for us to

to simply be left languishing. I am sure that whoever wins Government will address that in

a very, very detailed

way. Thank you to all of you

for joining us today and, Joe,

back to you. I have to say that

this seat of Mount Coot-tha is

one of those seats that might

change hands on Saturday, it's

a hotly contested seat. So these business owners have a

lot more to talk about in the

days to come. Thank

days to come. Thank you. Say a

big high to those big owners

because I was up there

interviewing them only a year

or so ago during the floods so

it's great to see them back on their feet. They remember you, Joe, don't worry about that!

Cheers. Now the passing of AFL legends Jim Stynes was

confirmed this morning. For

more on his career and what

Stynes meant to AFL, I'm joined

Stynes meant to AFL, I'm joined

now by sports presenter

xefrnd. Paul, you're a Melbourne boy through and through over the years. For

people outside Melbourne, give

us an idea of how big a man Jim

Stynes was in Melbourne. When

you say Melbourne boy, yes, I

grew up in Melbourne . I wasn't

a Melbourne fan but one of the

many football lovers that

admired Jim Stynes. No admired Jim Stynes. No matter

which team you came from, he

was a guy that

was a guy that came to

Australia as an 18-year-old as

part of this broader expermentd

that happened in the late '80s,

where the Aussie Rules people

had worked out that the

athletes from Ireland had athletes from Ireland had a

similar game, a similar in that there was no there was no offside and there's certain similarities

despite the shape of the ball, that would make Gaelic

footballers a

footballers a nice fit for

Australian rules. Was he one of

the first? That is right. He

was one of the first. was one of the first. Certainly

the first big name. There was

another guy called Shawn White

who plaid through the '90s,

great mate with Stynes and

tragically he died last year of

lung cancer. That was despite

him never being a smoker or

dinker. - drinker. It was just

another tragedy. I guess a co incidence

incidence as well. But best not

to sort of think too much about that. It certainly was a

tragedy but Jim Stynes, he went

to greater heights than any

other player that had some from

Ireland. In 1987, there was a

famous moment, Joe, where Jim

Stynes ran across the mark

which gave away a 15m penalty

to Gary buck Nara in the

to Gary buck Nara in the

preliminary final Gary then

kicked the goal after the siren

so Melbourne didn't go through

to that final and Jim Stynes's famous paragraph of pictures of

him walking off the ground and lots of people blame Stynes for not getting through to the Grand Final. It was rather un

fair but it was a mistake and

so bit. It spurred him on to

greater heights an when he within d Brownlow medal for being the

being the best player this the

competition just four year s

later, remember he had only

been playing for four year, he

thought that that was some way

of paying back for that

mistake. He went through the '90s one of the great records

in Australian Rules is the

unbeaten streak that Jim Stynes

had. He played more than 200

games without a break and it stands

stands in my mind as one of the

stands in my mind as one of the great records because there's

so many times you get injured

playing football you can't go

through uninjury. So he through uninjury. So he played

through with great pain he had

this great durability. A this great durability. A great player and gentleman who moved

into life after football. He

brought a lot of his skills to

the Reach Foundation which he

formed and basically he wants

ed to give young people who ed to give young people who weren't being heard a voice weren't being heard a voice and

a reason for them to reach

their potential. He was great

at identifying young people

that might have some sort that might have some sort of different personality and he

got the best out of them and so he had that great side

too. Just going back for one

second, tell us how he

developed as a player, what

position did he play? He was

ruckman and a pine gleer ruckman and a pine gleer that position too because he was a very, very

very, very mobile ruckman. He

has had a big engine, basically

he was able to run all day. You

can see the type of build he

was. See how mobile he was,

very few ruckman, particularly

in that era, were able to have

those skills. So the big

dinosaurs he was up against he

might have been hard pressed to

win the taps in the ruck

contests but then he would get on his bike

on his bike and run and run and

run. None of that ruck men of

the year were able to keep up

with him #23izically and he was

able to mark and kick. He had great skills despite growing up

with a round ball game. So that

was his point of difference as a player ha.

a player ha. Is why he was so

effective and hard to match up

against. And Paul got so much

respect over the last couple of years as years as he battled with

cancer. That's right. Just

prior to him getting cancer he

took over the presidency of the Melbourne Football Club.

Melbourne was rabble and he took over straightened it up,

brought some honestly back and

he offered that club great

leadership. It was then he

became very sick and I think

because he took on that task of straightening the club up he

didn't want to hand ball didn't want to hand ball it to someone else. He stayed on in that

that role and these are the

pictures we became used to.

Time and again we heard that

Jim Stynes was near death and

time and again he would show up

the next week at a function at

the football club. That's why

it's such a shock today because

you kept assuming that he would

keep bouncing back. But it was

too hard for him. He was 45. He

had two children and those

children and his wife children and his wife were at

his bedside. They said he was

in peace in his final

minutes. Above all else, tragedies like this that's all

you can hope for, that he died

peacefully. Obviously a lot of trict s will be flowing in

today for Jim Stynes. Thank