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Tonight - a police suspect

dies after being stunned with a

taser. Remote communities in

Western Australia feel the

wrath of cyclone Lua. Ian

Thorpe faces life in the slow

lane as his Olympic bid

crumbles. A Raiders come close

but can't get past the

Roosters. Good evening. Craig

Allen with ABC News. A man has

died after police fired a taser

while trying to arrest him over

a suspected robbery in the

heart of Sydney. The man

stopped breathing after the

confrontation on Pitt Street

and couldn't be revived. But

questions surround the death including what actually killed

the man, how many times the

taser was used and whether he

was involved in a robbery at

all. On the footpath of one of

Sydney's byiest streets a man

lies dead, beside his body are

the signs of the struggle that

killed him and a fruitless

efforts to save his

life. During a confrontation officers deployed capsicum

spray and a taser, the man

squntly stopped breathing and

police began CPR, despite their

evidents and those of per

medics the man could not be

revived. At 5:30am police were

called to a robbery on King

Street. Shortly after on Pitt

Street they found a suspect.

They said he resisted arrest

and they tried to subdue

him. It's unclear as to how

many times a taser was

deployed. In fact, very little

is clear, the man's precise

cause of death is isn't known,

nor is the extent of his involvement in the reported

robbery. I cannot as I've

mentioned before even confirm

that it was an actual robbery,

nor that any particular

instruments or weapons have

been found It's the second

death connected to a taser

since NSW police started

carrying them in 2009. It's put

the taser debate back on the

agenda. It clearly demonstrates

that tasers are not an

alternative to the use of

lethal force. Tasers in fact do

kill people and we need much

more stringent controls. We've

always supported the use of

tasers as a non-lethal

alternative. Tasers versus guns

is a clear choice. The police

want the public to spare a

thought for the officers

involved. None of them went to

work expecting this type of

tragic incident to unfold. The homicide squad is investigating. The findings

will be reviewed by the

professional standards

command. A family camping

weekend in Tasmania's central

highlands has ended in tragedy

with three people dead. A

father and son and another man

died of carbon monoxide

poisoning in the caravan where

they were sleeping. Police have

blamed a gas fridge that was

left to run overnight. A

beautiful setting for a tragic

incident. Police believe the

three men died in their sleep

of carbon monoxide poisoning

caused by a gas fridge inside a

caravan.. We've found that

there are instructions on that

fridge that says not to be

orped in a confined space The

bodies were discovered by

another member of the party who

slept nearby in a tent with a

9-year-old boy. There's one

lady who has lost her husband

and a son, another family have

lost the father and a husband.

A a so one can only speculate

as to how they're feeling at

the moment because it didn't

need to happen. Little Pine

Lagoon is a popular trout

fishing area but the men came

here for the nearby hunting

grounds. The caravan was set up

on land 7 kilometre away. It's

rocked the t tight-knit

highland community which would

normally be enjoying the month

long deer season. Devastated by

the - that's such a tragedy can

unfold up here in the central

highlands just coming up to

have a shot or relax. Police

have been criticised for the length of time it took to

release information on the

tragedy. Three men lost their

lives and we hear nothing about

it, that's just scandalous. Our

number one obligation is to

families, we had difficulty

locating the relatives of the

people involved. The bodies of

the three men men will be

autopsied before an inquest.

For now friends and family are

left with the fallout of a

weekend away gone horribly

wrong. Ian Thorpe says his

career is not over despite

failing to qualify for the

London Olympics. Today's 100m

freestyle was his last chance

but the five time gold

medallist was well off the pace

and couldn't even make the

semifinals. Ian Thorpe says he

left it too late to begin his

comeback and says he'll not

going back into retirement. On

the face of it, Ian Thorpe was back in familiar territory

today, the calm imposing figure

on the blocks who swam a

powerful race and finished

first. But this time, first

wasn't enough. 20 other

swimmers swam faster than

Thorpe did knocking him out of

Olympics comeback to an the semifinals and bringing his

end. I've missed out on what

was a huge goal. Time's been

Ian Thorpe's enemy from the

moment his comeback began 14

months ago. Even back in

January after a flat

performance at the Victorian

titles he concede he probably

hadn't done enough. For London

yes, for trials no t so

sure. But on Friday he looked

as though he might just have

hit form in time but his lack

of preparation showed in the

night semifinal. He almost got

there but he just couldn't

quite make it. He needs perhaps

another six or seven months Ian

Thorpe says he couldn't have

done anything different. I can

remember point blank that the

day before I even thought about

swimming again I didn't think

I'd ever swim again, so there's

no way that those circumstances

could have changed in any way.

So I'm happy with what I've

done and the way that I've done

it. Two days ago Ian Thorpe was

utterly devastated. Today he

was disappointed but

optimistic, he says he's

rediscovered his love

forswiming and he'll go on

withet, perhaps a tilt at next year's world championships and

he's not ruling out the next

Olympics in Rio. My desire is

still there. The gap he needs

to cover is huge. The cop fall

questioner James Magnussen is

more than 3 seconds faster over

the 100m but another veteran is

showing the way. Michael Klim

qualified for tonight's semis

despite being five years older

than Ian Thorpe, then there's

Liesel Jones who last night

became the first Australian

womener to qualify for four

Olympic Games. Ian Thorpe's

journey might not be over yet

but it's inaye enlonger road

back from here. Authorities

have flown to remote parts of

the West Australian Pilbara

region to assess the damage

from cyclone Lua. The category

4 system ripped through the

tiny community of Pardoo late

yesterday, with wind gusts up

to 250km/h. Since then it's

been downgraded but now poses

another threat, flooding. This

was cyclone Lua at its worst a

white wall of rain being driven

sideways by 200km/h winds. The

footage was filmed from inside

the Pardoo road house, directly

in the firing line. It was

horrific. Unbelievable, noisy,

just rain horizontal,

unbelievable. 3.5 hours. In

that time the category 4 system

tore a path of committee instruction through the road

house and adjoining camp site.

Decades old trees were

uprooted, shade clothes

shredded and a petrol bowser

knocked over. Janet Robb and

Ian Badger have owned the camp

site for years. This is what it

looked like just days ago. It's

heartbreaking. Literally

heartbreaking to see all

that. The water was coming in

through the windows and down

thele whats Steve Bunce is the

ranger at the nearby Cape

Keraudren Reserve. He weathered

the cyclone in his donga on his

own and says it's an experience

he'd never want to repeat. The

winds were just horrendous,

they really were, it was scary,

the whole house was just

vibrating, it was amazing so

see. Lua was the most severe

cyclone to hit Australia since

yash devastated Queensland last

year. Remarkably though most of

the towns in its path were left unscathed and moth of the

damage was limited to the tiny

and remote community of Pardoo.

While the cyclone has been

downgraded to a tropical low

the Weather Bureau has warned

it could still dump hundreds of

milimetres of rain, prompts

authorities to issue widespread

flood warnings. The Riverina

community of Hay is preparing

for major flooding tonight with

the swollen Murrumbidgee River

threatening hundreds of homes.

The SES issued an evacuation

order early yesterday saying

the town's levees could be breached. And tonight,

authorities say that at least

one leak has been detected in

the levee but just 12 hours out

from the predicted peak the

bulk of the community remains

in town with most residents

refusing to leave. The Murrumbidgee River is still

rising and from the air you can

see the impact this body of

water is having as it moves

down towards Hay. It's just so

flat and the water is spreading

into rice crop and agricultural

land as you come down towards

Hay. You can see the levees are

holding but the water is

getting uncomfortably close to

homes lapping at the top of

levees in parts and people have

been out sandbagging today

trying to prepare for the

expected peak of 9m tomorrow,

we're out by the river now and

the gauge is showing just a

hair under 9m nou so it's not

going to rise very far. The

local hospital has already been

evacuated, some days ago, along

with a local retirement village and hundreds of Hay residents

are spending their second night

in evacuation centres, but it's

far from a ghost town, in fact

residents are saying that it's

busier than Christmas with a

lot of traffic on the roads,

many people are saying that

they don't believe that the

community needed to be

evacuated, they don't believe

the levees will be breached.

The council has put a lot of

work into raising the levee

bank, it's at 9.5m and that

should be enough to hold the

expected peak of 9m but the SES

is saying that that work has

only been done recently. It's

basically just dirt piled on

top of an existing levee and

with the heavy falls and the swolon Murrumbidgee River

there's no guarantee that those

levee also hold. Authorities

are saying that they'll

continue to monitor the levee

over the next couple of days

and that they haven't ruled out

forced evacuations of the

community if necessary. Twin

bomb blasts have rocked the

Syrian capital Damascus dill

killing at least 27 people.

There have has been a string of

bombing in recent months as the Government continues to

crackdown on the Pro democracy uprising. Two massive

explosions struck the heart of

the capital. State television

called them terrorist attacks,

and said the car bombs were

timed to go off within minutes

of each other. The police

headquarters and the Air Force

intelligence offices were the

targets. Most of the dead were

civilians and more than 140

people were wounded.

TRANSLATION: I didn't hear any

voice. My husband was shouting

and my leg was bleeding. Wheefs

while I was trying to get the

wreckage off him. We received

about 40 wounded with different

injuries, cuts, bone flag turs

and bruise, we've performed the

necessary first aid procedures,

we've received many children

and the elderly. There have

been several bombings in

Syria's cities recently which

the regime blames on armed

terrorist gangs, including

accused the Government of stage al-Qa'ida. The Opposition has

managing the attacks. The UN

Arab League envoy Kofi Annan

has warned the growing violence

threatens the stability of the

whole region. The region is

extremely concerned about

developments in Syria. Their

concern goes beyond Syria

itself because crisis can have

serious impact for the whole

region if it's not handled effectively. He's sending a

team of UN experts to Syria to

discuss a possibility ceasefire

and an international monitoring

mission. One of Colonel

Gadaffi's mast feared

Lieutenants has been captured

while on the run. Abdullah

Al-Senussi Libya's former

intelligence chief was

nicknamed the butcher, the

Gaddafi loyalist was arrested

in the West African country of

Mauritania travelling on a

false passport. He fled Libya

when Gaddafi was ousted and

killed last year after months

of fighting. It's really good

news for the people of Libya,

this kind of bringing closure

is very important. France,

Libya and the international

criminal court in the Hague are

all seeking his extradition.

The perform former naza death

camp guard John Demjanjuk has

died in German at the age of

91. Demjanjuk was convicted

last year of being involved in

the murder of more than 2le,000

people in polland's Sobibor

concentration camp during World

War II. He was sentenced to

five years jail but was

released pending an appeal and

placed in the care home because

of his age. While his victims

were upset he didn't go to

jail, Demjanjuk always

maintained his innocence. East Timor's Presidential election

appears headed for a second

round of voting between the two

leading candidates. And perhaps

surprisingly the incumbent

President Jose Ramos-Horta

looks unlikely to be one of them. Free and fair, East Timor

is keen to show it can run

peaceful elections. I would

say, except for some minor

hiccups overall, throughout the

country, the situation was

peaceful. Is peaceful

today. The election were very

successful. They were free and

fair, that's the first thing I

need to say, all of the reports

from our over 50 observers have

reported no incidents. No

incidents so far in a closely

fought contest. As the results

came in the country watched

although blackouts slowed

counting at some rural polling

stations. I don't have power

preliminary but it's certain The results are still

this race will go to a second

round of voting. Early results

Francisco Guterres and Taur indicate the Fretelin candidate

Matar Ruak will be the two

leading candidates who will

come Pete in the run-off. The

incouple bet Jose Ramos-Horta

says if he loses he'd leave the

office with pride. I deliver a

country back to the new

President, a country that is at

peace with people's faith and

hopes restored. The two men who

remain in the race are leader

from East Timor's fight for

independence. They say they're

now ready for East Timor's

current challenges of poverty

and unemployment. The United

Nations mission here in East

Timor is planning to close by

the end of the year. And the

candidates say the success of

this election shows the country

is ready to go it aye loan. A

latest polls have former

Brisbane lord mayor Campbell

Newman on track to win this

week's Queensland election. The

Galaxy Poll in today's 'Sunday

Mail' newspaper shows few vote

es have shifted since the

campaign began four weeks ago

with the LNP 20 points ahead of

Labor but Mr Newman still faces

a tough contest for the seat of

Ashgrove to win his place in parliament. They think that

they can get change in

Queensland, but retain the dud

Labor member. You go into every contest looking to win

that contest. But I think you

do need to call a spade a

spade. Although the Premier has virtually conceded the

election, she's planning ofinal

blitz of the State, Anna Bligh

will attempt 50 seats in five

days in what could be her

farewell trip. Television chef

Matt Golinski's family who

perished in a house fire have

been farewelled on the Sunshine

Coast today. A chapel was open

to the public to allow the

community to pay their

respects. Tough, very

tough. They were so beautiful

and so kind, they were just

gorgeous girls. Matt Golinski

wees wife Rachel and their

three draughters, Stalia, Sgae

and Willow died when a fire

engulfed their home at Tewantin

on Boxing Day. Mr Golinski is

still recovering in hospital

after suffering extensive burns

grandfather Keith Golinski trying to save them. The girls'

played a Tibetian gong at

today's service to symbolise

peace and healing. Matt

Golinski plans to hold his own

private ceremony when he leaves

hospital. The potato industry

is the latest sector counting

the cost of the recent heavy

rain. Crookwell north of

Canberra provides seed potatoes

to the nation's manger

producers who in turn supply

the big chain supermarkets. But

with more than half of

crockwell's crops destroyed,

the question mark hangs over

the supply of the humble

spud. The crops maid look green

and lush but for potato farmers

Gary and Matthew it's what

underneath that kouptds. They've already gone

black here as you can see. That

ones gone to the next stage.

They're all lost Crookwell is

normally a potato drouers

dream. It's cold climate means

the area is disease-free but

like much of south-east

Australia the land was

drenched, reducing the potatoes

to a rotting and worthless mess. It's an enormous

financial hit to us. In our crop personally, our preliminary estimatations are

around 366,000. And the flow on

effect to that when I

multiplied it out... More than

10% of Australia's seed

potatoes are grown from these

paddocks and with rain wiping

out at least half to crop,

farmers say the ramifications

are going to be felt by the

whole potato industry. The flow

on effect will be definitely

happen probably in the coming

season when the shortfall of

seed flows through to our

commercial growers. If they

can't source the seed in the

quantities that they require to

fulfil them contracts then they

will mean a fair amount of

trouble The industry body says

it's too early to assess the

national picture. We're waiting

to see the full extent of the

damage. We're hopeful that this

won't be as bad as we

expect. But for these farmers

the damage is obvious. Very,

very worried. I think everybody's worried and I think

the community is worried for us

as well. It is an enormous

stress and there's no way you

can hide that. We laugh and we

joke about it but the stress is

enormous Growers will soon find

out if they're eligible for

Government assistance. In the meantime they're praying the

sky stays blue. British

driverer Jensen Button made a

great start in this afternoon's

Australian Grand Prix and was

never headed from the first

corner. It's his 13th GP win,

the most dramatic moments of

the 58 lap race were in the

opening and closing

seconds. The whole day is a

grand prize for fans and

they're happy with any wheels

that get them to the track.

After a damp lead-up, blue

skies prevailed for the main

event. British driver Lewis

Hamilton was on pole position

with McLaren team-mate Jensen

Button by his side for the

start of the first Grand Prix

of the year. It's lights

out. It was a messy start as

the drivers played dodge yeps

and Australia's great hope lost

ground. Mark Webber down in

ninth at the moment The race

was split wide open as third

fastest qualifier Romain

Grosjean hit the squids. It's a nightmare Sunday for the

Frenchman. His race is done. And Jensen Button left

the field behind. But gear problems put Michael

Schumacher's comeback in the

pits as Button widened the gap

Mark Webber pushed through. But

after a re-start, the Briton

was still unpassable. Last

year's champion Sebastien

Vettel push his way between the

McLarens to grab second, Pastor Maldonado nearly made it to the

end. That was a hefty whack

into the concrete for Pastor

Maldonado. He'll feel that

tomorrow. But Jensen Button

made it a Melbourne

hat-trick. As Jensen Button

crosses the line to win for a

third time in Australia. Fantastic. What a great way to start the year

guy, seriously. Fantastic. As

for Mark Webber, still no

podium in Melbourne, but he's

celebrating his best finish in

the Australian Grand Prix in

fourth position. The Raiders

suffered a 6-point loss to the

Roosters in Sydney this

afternoon, and to make matters

worse fullback Josh Dugan

injured his shoulder and could

be sidelined for months. Last night, Parramatta's dismal

start to the season continued

when smarp smashed by the

Cowboys. Today, the Rabbitohs

steam rolled the Panthers, a

Ben Barba master class saw the

Bulldogs defeat the Warriors

while the injury curse struck

the Raiders again. In the

afternoon's sun the Canberra

Raiders had a bittersweet start to their clash with the Roosters opening the scoring

then losing star fullback Josh

Dugan with an apparent shoulder

injury. The Green machine kept

rolling though with Jarryd

Croker scoring in the

corner. Jarryd Croker gets

there. The injury toll

continued to mount for

Canberra, but the Roosters were

their own worst inmies. When

the home side did finally hang

on the the ball Braith Anasta

scared for their first

pointings. The Roosters within ahead after Daniel Mortimer scored in the 59th

minute. Support on the inside,

and the Roosters cross through

Mortimer. A tired Raiders side

wasted their opportunities as

the Roosters claimed a 6-point

win. At just 22, Ben Barba is a

young dog with plenty of

tricks. Ben Barba is away from

one. He's good. The fullback

was on fire against the

Warriors in the opening

minutes. Look at that. You've

got to love it. Nothing was

going bright for the home side

until a James Maloney try

inspired a comeback from the

Warriors, putting them just

four behind at half-time. Can

he get h there In teams swapped

the lead throughout the second

half with plenty of momentum

swings. Players on both sides

sacrificed their bodies for the

cause. In the tense final

minute, the Warriors were

denied an equalising try by an

outstretched Ben Barba hand.

Before the Bulldogs sealed an

entertaining contest with a

entertaining try. In Sydney's

west, the pink Panthers were

plainly visible but nowhere to

be seen in their own end. The

Rabbitohs made light work of

their opposition running in

some superb tries including a

Dave Taylor special. Might have

got it down. He thinks he

did. Have a look at this. That's crazy someone that big

can run that fast The route

continued after the break as

South Sydney piled on the

opponents putting the Panthers

to shame. Penrith scored

several concentration tries but

the Rabbitohs were never in

doubt. In Townsville, wet

conditions played into the

hands of the homeside with the

Cowboys slipping and sliding

their way to a 36-point victory

that keeps the Eels winless

this season. Waratahs have

continued their disappointing

start to the Super Rugby season

with a surprise loss at home to

the Western Force. The

Melbourne Rebels were beaten

after the siren the Reds had

their first loss while the

Waratahs went down by a

point. With three losses from

their opening four games, the

Waratahs are again being booed

by their fans. I think we're

very disappointed tonight. I

don't think that's indicative

of the first three

weeks Hammered by 27 points

last week the Western Force

wasn't expected to trouble

NSW. Inside to Harvey. The

Waratahs edged ahead late in

the first half. Tom Kingston

for the corner. And gets the

run of ply The lead changed two

more times and until quick

hands produced the match winner

in the 64th minute. Wara,

try. The reigning champions the Queensland Reds squandered a

1-nil lead in Durban. Going

down to 27-22 to the Sharks. It's the Reds' first

loss from four games in

season. We're edging

closer. Looking for their first

victory the Melbourne Rebels

surged over to level the scores

early in their game against

South African team the

Cheetahs. But would rue James

O'Connor's attempt to spark

another attempt. Intercepted.

Le Roux, another try he has got

a double. The elusive O'Connor

made up for it and it was

20-all early in the second

half. What a step. And he will

score his first try for his new

team. Beaten after the bell by

the Brumbies last week, the

Cheetahs served up that dish to the Rebels this afternoon. They've snatched

victory at the end. What a

try. And Wales is the Six

Nations champion completing its

unbauten run through the

tournament by defeating France

16-9 to claim the grand slam

for the third time in eight

years. Let's have a look at the

weather now and so much for the chance of showers last night.

Heavy storms rolled in in fact

just before 8 o'clock. Dumping

some 8mm at the airport and

about is 2 million in tug ra nong.?

To the cloud chart and

there's leavy cloud in two

distinct systems, one the

ex-Tropical Cyclone Lua which

is weakening in the west but

still providing heavy rain over

inland WA. And another tropical

low is threatening to turn

cyclonic over the Top End. Our

local weather though is

dominated by a high pressure

trough that's pushing cool

south-easterly winds into the


Before we go the top stories

again - a man has died after

police fired a taser while

trying to arrest him over a suspected robbery in the heart

of Sydney. The man stopped

breathing after the

confrontation and couldn't be

revived. And Ian Thorpe has

failed to qualify for the

London Olympics but says he has

no plans to retire from

swimming. And that's the latest

from the Canberra news roomment