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another summer of sorrow. A protecting the State from

of blueprint for future management

of flood events in Queensland.

If I am re-elected we'll

implement this report in its entirety, lock, stock and

barrel. The only team that can actually implement this

and passion commission's report with energy commission's report with

and passion and commitment is

the strong and united LNP team. And all aboard in

Beaudesert. Is that the man Beaudesert. Is that the

with the big red bus? Is he

part of the wiggles? I hope so,

the I love the wiggles. He's got

the Bob Katter thing. That bus

is as old as Bob Katter.

Hello and welcome,

Hello and welcome, I'm

Jessica Van Vonderen. 3

Wivenhoe Dam engineers have

been referred to the Crime and

Misconduct Commission over

accounts they gave to the flood commission of inquiry. The

commission's final report today

also highlighted what it called the inertia of the government

when it came to handling the

into the Brisbane River. large volumes of water heading

Justice Cate Holmes concluded

the floods were handled to the

best of the system although she

remarked there was plenty of improvement in emergency planning. Rather than election vote changer the planning. Rather than being an

parties agreed with the report

and promised to implement it in

full. Kathy McLeish reports.

The finding that there has

been a breach of the manual

opens the possibility of legal

action. I wanted them to have

the truth, now they've got it.

This report is a comprehensive, examination of all comprehensive, rigorous

examination of all the matters

floods. For Queenslanders surrounding our terrible

looking for someone to blame

and answers to the catastrophe

that unfolded last summer, this

have the pleasure to present to report is crucial. Premier, I

you the final report of the

Queensland floods commission of inquiry. Well, Judge Holmes,

can I thank you on the people of Queensland, can I can I thank you on behalf of

thank you, can I thank your

deputy, can I thank all the

team at the commission. This is

a very important piece of work,

findings and your I look forward to reading your

recommendations. I know it's

been a very intense period been a very intense period of

time and I thank you for your

work. May I just say that

anybody who is genuinely

interested in how we manage

flood risk will read it all parts of flood risk will read it closely

all parts of it. And so they did. The findings were mixed.

On the controversial management

of Wivenhoe Dam the Commission found:

What is concerning though

The Commission also found the

dam's manual was not complied

with. What should not be

overlooked is that the manual overlooked is that the

itself was ambiguous, unclear

and difficult to use:

Three dam engineer, Rob Ayre,

Terry Malone and John Tibaldy face more scrutiny. The

Commission says the CMC should investigate whether investigate whether the

documents they prepared and the

evidence they gave constitute a

criminal offence or misconduct. It's the trigger lawyers It's the trigger lawyers and home owners have been waiting

for, an inkling that the water for, an inkling that the

manager and dam operator, SEQ

Water, may have a case to

answer. The dam operation

manual was breached during this

event. This does open the

potential for legal action

against SEQ Water but it does

not, of itself, establish liability. But any

consideration of any claims will be required by the State

to be managed by SEQ Water, claims that are made against to be managed by SEQ Water, any

SEQ Water people will be

treated fairly. This is now a

legal matter as I understand it

and the Commissioner clearly believes that they have not

acted totally appropriately.

That's what the commissioner

seems to appear and this is a recommendation and that's why

it needs to go to the CMC, as

we've heard, and they need to

be afforded natural justice. So

remember, they have been found

- I do say this, they have been

found guilty of nothing at this

time and they need to be afforded natural justice. I

think those 3 engineers are

just scapegoats. I think the

CMC inquiry is not about the

flood management or the dam

management, it's about how they

gave the evidence into the inquiry. So you're not going to

have any closure in regards to Wivenhoe Dam. Volunteers government agencies who stepped Wivenhoe Dam. Volunteers and

forward in the time of crisis were were commended. Queenslanders

can be relieved that

governments at all levels were

able to provide a:

More than anything I wanted

it to tell us what we could do

better in future. We had an

event that was unprecedented, we had an event that tested every single part of our every single part of our system

in a way that it had never been

tested before. I still think

that we owe a great debt of

gratitude to all those frontline responders. They were

simply magnificent, but they

will be the first ones to tell

you if there's a lesson to be

learnt for the next event they want to learn it and want to learn it and that's

what they're doing with this report. Weather experts say

Queensland, like elsewhere, is going to experience more going to experience more floods

so all eyes are on future

planing and trying to save many

from the heart ache and devastation. The devastation. The Commission wants councils to implement buyback programs for people

whose homes are likely to be

flooded again. And it called

for State and local to carry out a comprehensive for State and local governments

flood study of the Brisbane to carry out a comprehensive

River catchments which would form the basis of better

planning laws, property

information and planning. Ultimately, providing

simple flood maps. The Commission put it this way:

That's going to put a lot of pressure on local government. Local governments

are responsible for flood plain

mapping, land buybacks and

other matters. But I'm deeply

aware that for many local governments these responsibilities are often

beyond their resources. So I'm pleased pleased to announce today that a new Labor Government will

reserve $40 million over the

next 3 years from the local

government grants program to

work in partnership with local governments. I will governments. I will make the same commitment the

made. We welcome it and we're

pleased that it's been announced. We'll sit down and

discuss the details but it's discuss the details but it's a

task that will take a number of

years to complete. So ongoing

fund willing probably be the

issue on the table as well. The

inquiry may have wrapped up but for many still struggling with insurance companies insurance companies and denied

a payout the matter is far from

over. The Commission said some

fundamentals of flood insurance

had caused considerable stress

to policy holders. It went on

to say:

Despite an ongoing deep sense

of ongoing dissatisfaction from

policy horlds, the insurance Council of Australia thought

the performance of it members

was more than adequate. It gives us a bit of courage and

encouragement that we did do a

good job during these

unprecedented events. It was a

strain on all resources including the government and

private sector and I think private sector and I think the insurance industry came out of

it extremely well. But it extremely well. But since

the disaster 3 fed ral reviews

have made recommendations have made recommendations aimed

at better protecting people

when they buy insurance. And the Commission didn't let the Commission didn't let the

insurers off lightly reminding customers they have the right

to know why they didn't get a

pay out. In all, those who pay out. In all, those who were

affected are still digesting

whether the report gives them

enough ammunition to take enough ammunition to take their fight further. Brisbane city

business owners are considering

legal action. Certainly something we have discussed with our insurer. It probably affects us business wise because we lost a lot of because we lost a lot of the

customers. A few of the towers

didn't open up for a few months

after that so we los a lot after that so we los a lot of revenue. Lawyers say they've

been approached by many others considering class actions. The

report clearly assists a class

action. The class action is not a certainty at this point in

time but the findings as to the

breach of the operations breach of the operations manual of Wivenhoe Dam together with

the finding that most

the finding that most likely

the proper operation of the dam

would have resulted in lesser

release s of water give support

to the proposition that a class

action can proceed. The next installment of the flood drama

could be in court with the commission officially commission officially over. I'm no longer commissioner. It's

over to the CMC, local

government and most importantly

those who will be in power

after next Saturday, to take up

where it left off. To where it left off. To the

election campaign now and a

crucial line of Labor attack

against Campbell Newman appears

to have been neutralised. Late

this afternoon the CMC found

that there was no evidence of misconduct involving misconduct involving Mr Newman

in 3 matters while he was Lord

mayor. It's buoyed the LNP team

a week out from polling day. Earlier I spoke to the former

Labor Treasurer David Hamill

and the former Liberal lord

mayor of Brisbane Sallyanne

Atkinson for their Atkinson for their analysis of the campaign and the implications of the flood

report. Dr Hamill, you would

have dealt with many people

affected by the floods in your recent role as chairman of the Premier's disaster relief

appeal, do you think this final

report provides those people

with some closure? Look, it's

been a terribly traumatic been a terribly traumatic time for thousands and thousands of people, people were anticipating some answers, I

think the Premier courageously went

went and established a commission of inquiry. I

remember Sir Joh said don't

establish an inquiry unless establish an inquiry unless you

know the answer. Premier Bligh

didn't know the answers and

hopefully the answers the

inquiry produced will give closure for a lot of

people. What's your reading for the people of Brisbane, there

seems to be lingering anger? Were people looking for Were people looking for someone to blame? I think that's human

nature. I think people are

always looking for someone to

blame and one might argue

perhaps that if the Premier

didn't know the answer she

should have known should have known the answer because this was because this was all about management and I think one of

the problems for the people,

the people that David's talking

about, the ones he had dealings with, are that they are angry and they were looking for

closure and they've closure and they've really been

strung along. I think the fact

that we had a commission of

inquiry and cost what, $50

million and they didn't get

answers then and then it had answers then and then it had to

be reopen ed and strung out, so

I think they're feeling very

unhappy. Ms Atkinson, you

alluded to concerns and

criticisms that were made about

the commission, now that this

report is finished, should people

people have confidence in the findings and the

recommendations? Well, I think people should have confidence

in the fact that both in the fact that both the

Premier and Campbell Premier and Campbell Newman

have said that the

recommendations will be

implemented and that's a good

thing and I'm sure that Graham

Quirke as lord mayor of

Brisbane will be implementing

those recommendations and I'm

sure there were some

recommendations that will apply

to the council. Of course, you know, we haven't read the report but I think the fact

that there is a report and that

it makes recommendations is a

very positive sign. And as you

say, both Anna Bligh and

Campbell Newman have both

committed to implementing these recommendations so with no

difference to the major

parties' response is this going

to have any bearing on the

election? Who knows election? Who knows which particular issues ultimately

have bearing. I mean the thing

is for people there will be some issues that impact for one

group of people and not for

another. So there will be, you know, sure, there will be people in some areas who will

be looking for an answer and

they might be angry because

they felt that the council in Brisbane hadn't responded quick

enough. They might be angry

because they feel the State

Government didn't respond quick enough. It will be just one

other factor in the general mix

of issues. Let's go to the

election campaign. The Premier

this week really tried to up

the ante over Campbell Newman's family business dealings. Mr

Hamill, is there a risk that this sort of constant attack

will backfire? Has Labor gone

too far? Well, I can't answer

that question in terms of has

it gone too far or not. I

the substantive issue though is

about accountability and, you know, I remember a know, I remember a time when I was elected to parliament, this is going a long time back now,

there was a particular

minister, Mr Hinze, who I used

to say never had a conflict of interest, he always had a

confluence of interests. He was able to never distinguish between what was public and

what was private. Now that's at

the heart of the issue the heart of the issue that's

been canvassed publicly been canvassed publicly about

the Newman family's financial

dealings. Do people like that

negative attack? Look, I don't

like negative campaigning, I never

never have. Unfortunately I

think this campaign has seen a

lot of negativity. I mean the

Katter Party ads, which at one

level seem to attack Campbell

Newman, I think they're more

insidious than that. Mr Newman has described the campaign as

the dirtiest in Australia's

history, is that true or does

he need to accept - You've seen

a few. Do you need to accept

that State politics is more robust, that there's more scrutiny than local

councils? The thing that really

gets me is that it's not been honest

honest scrutiny and I found that people

that people have turned off. My

grandchildren said last night

"Why is everybody so mean to

each other" and it's that whole

negativity. They should be more

like us, shouldn't they? They should be more like us,

David. We've got over it. But I

really do want to say that I

think you talked about the Newman family, it's not the

Newman family, it's in-laws. Do

you know what all your in-laws

are doing? Campbell has - It's

a very good question. Campbell

has answered all of those.

There's been nothing

substantive brought against them, there's been nothing

substantial. Campbell declared

all his interests when he was

in city hall and that's on the record and if they're going to talk about wrong doing in city

hall, the Labor Opposition was

sitting there when he was lord

mayor for 7 years, why didn't they say anything? Is some of

the mud sticking though because

if you look at the poll, the

Newspoll in the 'Australian'

today, Kate Jones is only 4 points

points behind Campbell Newman

in Ashgrove, there's a bit too close for comfort for him,

isn't it? It would be very

unfortunate if it was unfortunate if it was because

of mud sticking because, as I

said, the mud - I just think

it's sort of sleazy and vicious

and I'm surprised. I'm surprised that the Premier has

gone down this tack because

it's not quite fitting with it's not quite fitting with her general image of, you know,

babies and little children. And

what we've seen, I think, is a campaign designed to camouflage

an incompetent government. It's

all about the campaign and

that's distressing. I that's distressing. I mean

democracy's a great idea, David, we agree with that, but

if you make a judgment based on what happens in the campaign

rather than what the Government

does or doesn't do, I think

that's a tragedy. I think two

points. One about Kate Jones. I

think none of us should

overlook the fact that Kate is

a terrific local member and

that's been the heart of Kate's

campaign in Ashgrove. The other

issue, as I said, is about accountability. I remember what

life was like in Queensland

Parliament prethe Fitzgerald

inquiry. It was when sort of

ministers could run and do real estate deals out of the their

electorate office. So it electorate office. So it was pretty awful stuff. There does

happen to be three ministers in

jail at the moment. I just

think that you've got to keep the business of government beyond

beyond reproach. It's really

hard. I think it's really hard,

really tough being in public

office today. It was hard

enough when we were there, it's

got even harder in terms of got even harder in terms of the accountability. OK, whilever

the contest is close in

Ashgrove though, people are

going to be asking who will be

Premier if the LNP wins

Government but Campbell Newman

doesn't win Ashgrove. How doesn't win Ashgrove. How could

Campbell Newman be answering

that question because voters don't seem to be satisfied with

the answer he's giving? He

should be answering it fairly

truthfully. Is he doing

that? I'm not a big television

fa fat gnattic, I'm fa fat gnattic, I'm afraid.

Perhaps I'm not your - perhaps

I'm like your average

Queenslander, I'm turning off a bit. All the LNP research shows

if Campbell Newman doesn't win Ashgrove we won't win Government and I think people

throughout the State and

certainly people in Ashgrove

want a change to the Government

and of course empeople in Ashgrove do know, as some of

them have said to me, if Kate

Jones should get back she will

go off to go off to be a minister straight away. So she's not

going to be on the ground in

Ashgrove. She has said she

Ashgrove. She has said she

isn't going to do that. Well, I don't think it's going to happen. It's interesting, it

takes about I think 4. And a

bit per cent swing for Government to change in

Queensland. Ashgrove is sitting

on Labor 7%. So I think Mr

Newman's figures are a bit out.

The LNP can win this election without

without Campbell Newman. I

think he's answering quite

honestly though when asked if

he doesn't win Ashgrove who

will lead the LNP, he doesn't

know, because the decision will

be made by the LNP members in

Parliament and it could be one

of half a dozen people. I'm

very sorry, but thank you so

much for your time. Bob

Katter's Australian Party is

the wild card of this election.

Observers say it has a chance

of winning Nanango with former

cricketer Carl Rackemann and Mt

Isa with Mr Katter's son

running there. The party's

State leader is Aidan McLynn

don, he was an LNP member and

then he set up his then he set up his own Queensland party. Now Queensland party. Now he's hoping Katter's appeal will

help him stay in help him stay in parliament. Emma Pollard hit the Emma Pollard hit the campaign

trail with Mr McLindon in Beaudesert.

The Beaudesert electorate is

a mixed bag of farms, a mixed bag of farms, small businesses, industry and tourism. And a conservative stronghold. G'day, my name's

Aidan McLindon. I was raised in

a family of 9 kids and I

believe that families are the building block of any successful community. MP Aidan

McLindon's political past is

following him all the way to

the ballot box. He was elected

to represent the seat in to represent the seat in 2009

under the LNP. But walked away

from the party after

challenging for the deputy

leadership. A big leadership. A big decision today. It hasn't been made

lightly. He became an

Independent and then set up his

own party. Today I will be

registering a party called the

Queensland Party, a moderate

party that's neither left wing

nor right wing. But the

Queensland Party never took off and the occasional joined forces with federal MP Bob Katter.

(Sings) # Bad boys, bad boys

# What you going to do when

Katter comes for you # The old

London bus dubbed the Kat

mobile is now a familiar site

in Beaudesert. How you going? Good mate. Hey,

buddy. Aidan McLindon is

campaigning hard. How are

things going already? Pretty

good. Stom businesses here are

frustrated by local issues like

parking. But it's the wider

economic downturn that's really biting. It's going backwards at

a rate of knots since 2007 probably, when they first put

the interest rates up and the

fuel went up, that big hit the

first time. Like someone turned the tap off for us. There's

also concern about Aidan McLindon's shifting political

allegiances. From all accounts a very good politician but he

did the wrong thing. Getting voted in under LNP and voted in under LNP and then

deserting the ship wasn't the

right thing to do. You were

elected a member of the LNP, you quit , you became an

Independent, you formed the

Queensland Party and now you're flying the flag for Katter's

Australian Party, what can your

voters expect next? Well, they

can expect that I will never

believe in and my philosophy ever compromise what it is I

has changed the and ideological, none of that

time. Some of the has changed the whole time. Some of the party's policies include opposition to

coal-seam gas exploration, aset

sales and gay marriage. And as

has got a lot of expected the party's name sake

attention. Who's governing attention. Who's governing the

place? Who is responsible place? Who is responsible for this? Penguins in Antarctica,

aren't they? He's a man who

divides opinion and therefore

the electorate. What do you

think of Bob Katter? I don't

like him. I've got no negative

thoughts about him at thoughts about him at all. So Bob Katter might get your vote? Very likely. Aidan McLindon needs Bob Katter's

star power. 6 candidates star power. 6 candidates are vying to represent Beaudesert

and 4 are conservatives. It's crowded on the crowded on the hustings. How

the best man win. McLindon's you going, mate? Good man, may

biggest threat is the LNP's candidate John crouzly. John

and I are almost the same age

and a little kid each. It will be interesting to see what

happens. Voters are watching

closely too. I think if you're

going to do something you prove

it by doing and not by saying

you're going to.... Is that the

man with the big red bus, is he man with the big red bus, is

part of the Wiggles? I hope so,

I love The Wiggles. He's the Bob Katter thing. For I love The Wiggles. He's got

better or for worse, McLindon

is now wedded to Bob

Katter. He's just got so much

wealth of experience in him and wealth of experience in

then to transfer that to me I'm

just sitting here lapping it up

going this is just awesome.

It's like a dream come true. There's a theory that many

voters don't pay attention to

political campaigns until the

very last days before an election. That makes this

coming period of time crucial

for candidates wanting to get

their message out. And increasingly politicians increasingly politicians are

turning to the social networking medium Twitter to have their voices heard. We'd

still like to hear from you so

you can send emails, Facebook

messages and tweets. Yesterday

our reporter was flying over

far north-west NSW and posted

quite a few aerials of

Twitter Or you can tweet at 612

Brisbane to take part in that particular discussion today. In

the mainstream media the online

phenomenon called Twitter is

spreading its tentacles.

Twitter is a bit like sending a

text on the Internet. It's

short, it's public and it's

instant. Each message is

limited to 140 characters, just

a brief sentence or two. For

Queensland election campaign journalists covering the

it's become a tool of their

trade. I'm not sure if it's

dumbing down, it's a fastening

up, if that's a word. It's

making things happen more

quickly and it's all part of

the 24/7 news cycle now. Twitter is great because

you can get out immediately if

something funny has happened

but it's also a serious way to

instantly - it's the quickest

way to report an

announcement. It's not just journalists reporting on

politicians. You take a picture

of us. Politicians also tweet

up on my Twitter sabt themselves. We can all go

account. Twitter account. Twitter provides one

more platform to have their

policies and opinions heard and

allows them to interact

directly with voters. Everyone

seems to be trying to get

online, get on Twitter and to

start using it for their own

political uses. In Queensland

now we I think, are tracking

about 80 politicians or candidates in the election at

least who have joined least who have joined Twitter who are active there. Internationally too there's

been a strong trend towards the

Twitter take up, led probably particularly by politicians particularly by politicians in

the US where use of social

media now is a very common

thing to do during the election

campaigns. Barack Obama has 13 million followers on Twitter, Anna Bligh has nearly

30,000. When you're in an

election campaign one of the

tasks is to communicate with

the electorate, to be out there

about your ideas, about your talking to people every day

record and about the things you

want to do for Queensland and

you do that in many ways you do that in many ways and

social media is a growing part

of the public conversation, not

only do people get instant

information about what I'm

saying or what my team is

saying, I get a pretty instant

reaction, good and bad, to what

we're doing. I find that a we're doing. I find that a very useful thermometer, if you

like, about the electorate and

its views. But it's not

everyone's cup of tea. No, no, I'm not that technologically

advanced. I know it gets some people in trouble because they

write things that they'd rather

regret and for those of us who

tend to be hot tend to be hot headed that's not a good place to

be. Campbell Newman is still

learning the art of

Twitter. Give me time, give me

time. I think they're starting

to realise they can't ignore it

and Campbell Newman has tried to ignore it. In his first

interview I did with him when

he said he would run as premier

he said he hated it. I've been

on a mission to get him on

Twitter. I'm not sure if Twitter. I'm not sure if he's embracing I. Twitter embracing I. Twitter can be fun, providing blind the scenes

campaign colour but it's also a

place full of rumour and

scuttle butt. Twitter has its

own version of faceless men

with fake kts an false identifies spreading misinformation about political rivals. At the rivals. At the Queensland University of Technology, University of Technology, the political Twitter sphere is

being closely monitored. Axle

Brunes is studying the Brunes is studying the impact

of social media on campaigns

here around around the world.

He said its influence is hard

to measure but its potential

reach is huge. At the moment the main Twitter audience seems

to be in the 25 to 45 to be in the 25 to 45 age

range, probably more likely to

be urban, more likely to be

educated, more likely to be

affluent and that, of course,

also means that they are

particularly influential group

of people in political life. There's probably between 1 million and 2 million

Australians who are on Twitter

at the moment and

internationally between 200 and

400 million users. I'm not sure

if it's going to be the future

of communications but it's on

the way to being this is the way to being this is how it's going to be minute by

minute. And of course you can

follow 7:30 on Twitter or see

our stories again on the ABC website. That's the program for

this week. Bye for now. Closed

Captions by CSI