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Live. Tonight, massacre in

Kandahar. America braces for

the backlash. This was an

individual acting alone not

with authority. Family secrets.

Court documents shed new light

on the Rinehart family feud.

Canberra's year of partying. A

sneak preview of the capital's centenary program. And the

price to find the secrets of a

long life. I have a glass of

wine with my meals at night and

I think it's a great idea.

Great invention. Good evening,

welcome to ABC News. I'm

Virginia Haussegger. There are

fears of a wave of anti-Western

violence in Afghanistan after a

lone US soldier went on a

killing spree overnight. The

American staff sergeant went

house to house in Kandahar,

methodically killing 16

civilians, 9 of them were

children. President President

Karzai is outraged. The Taliban

has vowed revenge and President

Obama has made a heart-felt

apology but as Stephanie

Kennedy reports, the Afghan

people are already seething

about several earlier incidents

involving American troops. In

vans, the bodbies - the bodies

of the dead are covered as they

are removed and prepared for

burial. "They killed a

2-year-old," says this grieving

mother. "Was this child a

member of the Taliban? Believe

me, I have not seen a

2-year-old Taliban member yet."

In a nearby house, bullet

casings are gathered from a

bloot spattered room that was

home to many of the dead.

Police say the soldier left his

base in the dead of night and

headed to a village. He burst

into several houses shooting

indiskrminately. 11 people were

killed in one, 4 in another and

1 in a third house. The

incident is under investigation

and the United States service

member has been detained. In Washington, President Obama

rang the Afghan leader and

issued a statement saying he's

deeply saddened. Adding, "This

incident is tragic and shocking

and does not represent the

respect the United States has

for the people of Afghanistan.

The soldier's killing spree

comes at a time when US-Afghan

relations are in crisis. Last

month American troops burned

copies of the Koran, sparking a

wave of deadly protests. Six US

soldiers were killed by Afghan colleagues. There are fears the

latest incident will unleash a

new wave of violence and

retaliation. In a bid to head

off any backlash, the White

House's vowed that the soldier

responsible will face the full

force of the law and on this

issue, President Obama has

Republican support. This is

tragic and will be investigated

and that soldier held

accountable for his actions

under the military justice

system. It's one of those

things that you cannot explain

except to extends your deepest sympathy to those victims and

see that justice is done. But

in a country where corruption

is rife, few believe there will

be justice. Children were also

among the casualties in

fighting between the Israeli

army and Palestinian militants

in Gaza. Several children were

injured when an Israeli air

strike hit a family home in

Gaza as violence continued for

a fourth day. A 12-year-old boy

was killed on his way to

school. More than 150 rockets

have been fired into the Jewish

State while Israeli war planes

have launched a series of air

raids on targets within the

Gaza Strip. I have a clear

policy and clear instruction.

We will strike at anybody that

plans to strike at us, tries to

strike at us or actually does

hit us. The fighting, which is

the worst in over a year, began

on Friday when an Israeli

attack killed a militant

Palestinian leader. The UN's

latest effort to stop the

bloodshed in Syria has had

little success. Kofi Annan

emerged empty-handed after a

second meeting with Syrian

President Bashar al-Assad but

he's opt mystic a set of

proposals delivered to the

regime can help end the

crisis. I told the President

that my main preoccupation is

the welfare of the Syrian

people and that we should put

the interest at the centre of

all our energies. At least 58

people have been killed in the

latest clashes. This footage

purports to show yelling in the

province where the loss of life

was greatest. The lid has

finally been lifted on an ugly family dispute involving

Australia's richest woman. Gina

Rinehart has spent months

trying to keep the row over

control of her family trust behind closed doors. On Friday,

she lost a bid to go to the

High Court but documents at the

heart of the case were only

released today. Among the

claims revealed allegations the billionaire secretly extended

the date her children would

receive their share of the

trust to 2068. Karl Hoerr

reports. They tried but in the

end Gina Rinehart and her

daughter couldn't stop the

dispute with the three other

children going public. One

email to Hope Rinehart, Mrs

Rinehart is quoted as saying,

"This lawyer stuff will never

work and all that it will rurlt

in is one massive tax leaving

you in bankruptcy." There are

also claim Bianca Rinehart was

offered a quarterly

distribution if she agreed to

withdraw from the proceedings.

On hearing,000 dispute, Queensland Senator Barnaby

Joyce contacted Hope Rinehart

by email saying before it gets

out of hand Ied try getting

back in house and out of public

view. The Federal member for

Hume also sent an email saying

the antion was a horrific step

and should be dropped. The

implications are uncertainty

over precise ownership of the

Rinehart fortune and what

effect it might have on

potential partners. Even before

the release of the documents

Ginia Rinehart said the case

was nothing more than a

destructive display of greed,

jealousy and a selfish sense of

entitle ment and says the whole

affair should be settled in

private mediation and anything

else is an unnecessary

distraction for the company's

core business of prospecting

and minus. Those in the

business of sorting out family

rows say going to court is

usually a bad idea. People who

will have disputes in any

family and they can, if not

managed properly, explode and

end up in court and I believe

court is the most inappropriate

place for a family dispute. It

will not dissolve it. I don't

think it affects her

reputation. If anything it

might enhance it and show her

to be a woman of steel. This

bruising encounter may have

already gone a few rounds but

seemingly still has a long way

to run. The wildcard of the

Queensland election has granned

the limelight again. Bob Katter

has come under fire from his

gay half-brother over a

political ad he says is

homophobic and offensive. The

TV ooed highlights support for

gay marriage by the LNP leader

Campbell Newman and questions

his family voolus. - values.

There was no mention of gay

marriage or civil unions at

yesterday's launch of the

Katter party's Queensland

campaign but last night in a TV

ad, Katter threw the cat

amongst the pigeons. The LNP

leader supports gay marriage

like Greens leader Bob Brown. I support gay marriage. In

just 30 seconds, the ad take as

swipe at gay marriage which is a Federal issue and

Queensland's LNP leader

Campbell Newman, who's conflictedong the subject. If

he's elected, he's promised to

toe his party's line and repeal

the State's new civil union

laws although he personally

supports gay marriage. Weald

certainly be looking at it

immediately but it's not a

priority. The Premier says the

ads emerged because Mr Newman's

confused the public on the

subject of civil unions. That

doesn't excuse Mr Katter's ad.

I think it's bizarre and

offensive but there's nothing surprising about Bob Katter doing something bizarre. Bob

Katter denies the ads are

homophobic. There's no attack

on people who believe in that

sort of behaviour and there is

no attack upon the LNP leader.

That's what he said. He should

be proud of it and stand by

it. Bob Katter's brother is a

marriage equality advocate.

That's absolute rubbish. The

majority of Australians can see

that that ad is highly

offensive. Of course it's homophobic. Katter's Queensland

chief admits the ads are about

hitting the LNP where it hurts,

on the soft spot of ideological

division. We make no secret of

the fact this is designed to

derail the LNP campaign. The

Greens want the ad pulled. It's

what the Australian community

has learned to expect from

Queensland at election time.

Can-Blairens were given the day

off from work to celebrate the

city's 99th birthday today. Families took advantage of the

long weekend by enjoying a

sunny afternoon in Commonwealth

Park, the epicentre of the

festivities. Good food and

plenty of lazing around was in

order. After an unusually cool

summer, Canberrans lapped up

the warmer weather and indulged

in some favoured summer treats.

The public holiday has become

entrenched as a day to relax

and enjoy spending time in the outdoors before the cooler

weather arrives. Next year,

Canberra will be bigger -

Canberra Day will be bigger

than ever, in fact there will

be celebrations throughout the

entire year as the capital

marks its 100th birthday. Most

of the planning for the

centenary bash has been kept

under wraps but today we were

given a sneak preview of some

of what's in store. To find out

a little more, we're joined

live from Commonwealth Park by

the Sendai ry's creative

director, Robin Archer. Robyn,

it's quite noisy down there but

what can you tells us about

next year? What should we

expect? I think it's going to

be a wonderful year and it will

be a year of our program but exactly one year from today it

is going to be a wonderful

weekend of celebration. That's

when we let our hair down. Lots

of things happening there, lots

of music, five music stages,

every taste catered for and the

world premiere of the new

centenary symphony and also lot

of opportunity on that day it

for people to get involved. I

think it will be a splendidly

good day. We also to have

remind people this is not just

a weekend festival or a week or

a month t is the whole year

round and so we're examining architecture, education,

planning, history, science,

everything that this Civic

society is. And I think the

best way to learn about even

the small slice we've given

them today is get hold of the

brochure that will be widely

available as of Wednesday, I

think. Have a look. There's so

many things. Robyn, what

exactly though is the aim of

the festival all year round?

Is it about changing

perceptions of Canberra? Very

much so. I basically think this

is an opportunity for

Canberrans to be proud of their

own city, to show what a lively

21st century city it is and

also we have to remember this

place is owned by all

Australians and we've had some

fantastic efforts from every

State and Territory, by

bringing things in and sending

things out. We also have a

national focus and let's

reintroduce pride in the

national capital. Robyn, this

is already looking like a great

year but you've performed

around the world and directed

major arts festivals. How does

this fit into your own body of

work? Well, it's a great festival because my first offer

to direct a festival was right

here in Canberra. I was invited

during too direct the national

festival of Australian theatre

and that made up the next 17 or

18 years of my life. It is

fantastic to be back and indeed

this will be the longest

because it's an entire year. I

have direct lot of the great

festivals in Australia but this

is a whole year. It's a huge

budget and fantastic

participation from the Federal

Government and Local Government

and the community here. It's

just amazing. Sounds fantastic

and I already can't wait. Thank

those much for joining us

tonight on a very busy night

for you indeed. Thanks, Robin Archer. Thanks, Virginia. Robin Archer there at

Commonwealth Park, all very

noisy but very excited. Now,

there will be a detailed safety

review of the Kings Highway

between Canberra and the coast

following the loss of five

lives on the road over the

weekend. But already, driver

behaviour is being blamed for the continuing carnage and

there appears to be broad

support for point to point

speed cameras. It was a weekend

of carnage. On Friday a father

and his two daughters died in a horrific crash with another

car, 8km east of Braidwood.

Then yesterday, another

tragedy. Just kilometres from

the first, two young men killed

when their car slammed into a

roadside tree. Speed and risky

driver behaviour were to blame.

It's understood that in

yesterday's accident the car

was travelling at 140 km/h and

overtaking illegally. The

silver Astra sedan was

overtaking and the section of

roadway here is governed by

double white separation lines.

But the deaths did little to

calm aggressive drivers.

Holiday-makers returning from

the coast today told of a few

impatient drivers making the

road dangerous for all. I think people are impatient.

Yes, it's going to take another

half an hour or an hour to get

home on a day like today. You

expect it. It's a long weekend. You have to watch out

all the time for people doing

silly things on the

roads. Already point to point speed cameras with being

suggested. I'm in favour of

looking anything like point to

point cameras for the presence

of police, other speed cameras

Something I'll pursue is with the NSW Government, is seriously looking at how we

have some measures to stop the

speed with which people are

travelling on those routes. The

NSW Government has ordered a

safety audit of the road but

the councilsies review has

already been done in 2009. Its

top recommendation - eliminate

narrow road shoulders.

Somebody does have to swerve to

miss another car that's done

something wrong, they just need

to be able to recover without

hitting gravel. $40 million a

currently being spent on improving the road between

Queanbeyan and

Bungendore. Federal Government

black spot funding was

reenchtly spent improving the

road just 300m from yesterday's

accident. When it's daughtery

job there's no substitute for

elbow grease, plenty of it was

on show today in Wagga Wagga

where cleaning up after the

floods is still a fulltime job.

Mountains of rubbish and a lot

of mud. The cleanup effort is

immense in north Wagga Wagga

where army crewserise working

to get the community back to

normal and today there were

some high-profile volunteers.

A hell of a mess. It's been

more than a week since

floodwaters from the rising Murrumbidgee engulfed the

region. Hundreds of properties

were flooded, many with water

up to the eaves. Farmers have

lost cattle and crops and treasures have been washed

away. This is a terrible

tragedy for Wagga and people of

the Riverina but Australians

are rallying around them. I've

got to say this is Australia at

its best. On a separate tour,

the Deputy Premier was getting

a bird's eye view of the devastation near

Griffith.. It's larger, it's

wider in its impact and as far

as the locals are concerned,

they haven't seen anything like

it. Heavy falls over the

Murrumbidgee Basin led to

serious overland flooding with

120 homes and dozens of

businesses inundated. There is

a huge impact that's going to

have an ongoing effect on the

State's economy. Production's

been affected, transport's been

affected and of course local

infrastructure and individual

residences have been

affected. In the Riverina

alone, flood damage is expected

to exceed a billion dollars and

the threat is far from over. As

the bulk of water moves

downstream, new flood warnings

are being issued. Darlington

Point is now a concern, along

with Hay, with flood peaks

expected further downstream

well into next month.

Scientists are researching the

genetic make-up of people

who've lived past 100 years of

age, hoping to find some comden

nominator that's enabled them

to do it. As Sophie Scott

reports, there's a rich prize

on offer for researchers who

come up with some answers.

Gwenny Gleeson is a fit and

active 87-year-old. I'd like

to live as long as I can, as

long as I'm healthy. Scientists

want to know why some people

like Gwenny Gleeson can reach

old age in good health. In a

bid to unlock the secrets,

scientists are being offered a

$10 million prize to map the

genes of 100 people who are

over 100. This is an incentive

prize, a prize to encourage

technology developers to create

methods to sequence whole human gegnomes quickly, cheaply and

very, very accurately. The

competition will begin in

January next year. Researchers

will only have 30 days to

sequence the gegnomes of 100

centenarians. Doctors will then

compare the centenarians' DNA

to those who have diseases.

The centenarians will be at

great advantage because they

may have some genes that are

perfect because they've avoided

all normal human

diseases. Scientists hope to

isolate particular genes

switched on in people who live

to 100 and develop

medicationchise do the same thing. Tremendously exciting

and turns on its head our

historical approach to drug

discovery. It means that

sequencing DNA can be done not

only for medical research but

help patients to. You enter a

completely different sphere of

analysing complex information

and I really do believe that

that's going to revolutionise medicine. Gwenny Gleeson

already knows the secret to

aging gracefully. Yes, well, I

have a glass of wine with my

meals at night and I think

there's a great idea. Great invention. And researchers say

it will help us understand not

only what cause aging but

hopefully how to prevent it as

well. To finance now and with

some states on holiday, the local share market drifted

lower today in line with

markets around Asia. Here's

Alan Kohler. The All Ordinaries

index fell about a third of 1%

thanks to a general lack of interest that saw resources

stocks and banks all go down.

Quan quan lost 1.5% with

maintenance workers picketing Brisbane airport and grain corp

shares jumped more than 4%

because there's talk of a

takeover offer for the company.

We've had quite a few lay-off

recently so it's nites to be

able to report lay-ons.

Domino's Pizza is looking for

1,000 people Australia-wide, so

something's boomping at least.

Asian markets were generally

weaker today and that was

despite a rise on Wall Street

on Friday following a better

than expected employment report

for February. It was the third

mukted in a row that saw more

than 200,000 new jobs created

in the United States. The

Australian Dollar fell more

than a cent over the weekend to

just over 105 US cents. Its

lowest level since late

January. The dollar is higher

against the Euro because the

Euro is falling even though the

Greek bail-out deal got up last

week and a $130 billion Euro

loan was made available to keep

Greece out of bankruptcy.

Perhaps the idea of loans to

pay back loans to pay back

loans has got the market

nervous. Here pafs graph of the

predictions of a continuing Australian Dollar and

rise in the exchange rate to

$1.10 and beyond have not

eventuate ed. It seems to be

meeting resistance all the time

at around 107.5 and that's

still uncomfortably high for many Australian businesses of course and one of the reasons

for it is there's a big gap

between the Australian 10-year Government bond yield and the

same thing in the United

States. Don't forget Australia

is now rate hider than America.

Our bonds pay 4%, theirs pay

2%. That's finance. Tiger Woods

has suffered an Achilles injury

that's put him in doubt for the

US Masters early next month.

The injury forced him to pull

out of the world championship

event in Florida halfway

through his final round. John

Hayes Bell reports. Tiger Woods

has felt tightsness in his left

Achilles before his round. To-T

got progressively worse and he

pulled out with 7 holes to

play. The leg has troubled the

world number 16 before and

depending on what scans reveal

he could miss the Masters next

month. The final day was a

triumph for Justin Rose. The

Englishman had the biggest pay

day of his career, finishing

the event at 16 under. He'd

been chased by American Bubba

Watson who surrendered a 3-shot overnight lead. Northern

Ireland's Rory McIlroy produced

a little of the Madgechuck has

taken him to the world number

one ranking. And spare a thought for one excitable

caddy. England's Paul Casey

finished 51st but card adhole

in one at the 15th. Moments

earlier, Casey promised his

caddy he'd split the reward

which appeared to be a new car.

Celebrations ended when the

pair was told the car on

display was actually for an

adjoining hole. In Six Nations

rugby, England has held on for

a 24-22 win over France. The

three tries to one victory put

England within two points of

Grand Slam-chasing Wales. In

next weekend's final round, the

Welsh meet France in Cardiff

and England plays Ireland at

Twickenham. And the

frustrations of following

football in Manchester.

Manchester City has

relinquished top spot in the

English Premier League to its

cross-town rival. City fell 1-0

to Swansea while Manchester

United beat West Brom 2-0 at

Old Trafford. Rooney gets the

touch. Brilliant opportunism. Wayne Rooney

bagged both goals. United's

ladder lead is 1 point. There

are 10 games remaining. The

Canberra museum and art gallery

in Sieving has been transformed

by local artists in an

explosion of paper, colour and

glue. They've turned a wall

into a giant display of

paste-up art, a style of street

art growing in popularity. It

allows works of great

complexity to be greatly e -

quickly erected in urban

landscapes arreally enjoyable crash and it's going

to catch people unawares. Even

the ghost of Walter burly

Griffin made his presence felt.

A cleskt of young architects

resurrected his image in a bid

to make people reflect on

Canberra's history and

potential. Walter burly

Griffin is the pinnacle of

Canberra's design in some

respects so we're looking at

bringing Walter back in a more

urban fashion and laying him

out on the street. Griffin's

image was among dozens of

artworks that sprung up today

to the amazement of passers-by.

The project is part of You Are

Here, a festival aiming to

bring new life into the city

through experimental art. The

brooks have stopped babbling,

the land is no longer so green

and pleasant. England is going

through a dry spell, a long

one. A drought has been

declared across much of the

south and east with some

predicting could end up being

the worst in decades. Lisa

Miller reports from cheingsm in

the southeast. The landscape

has inspired writers and

artists for centuries but the

eternally green hills of the English countryside are under

threat.. It's a disaster

really. We're devastate by it.

Local people are spent quite

lot of money restoring the

river fairly recently and see

it without water as an

environmental disaster. An

hour's drive from London, the

Chess River hasn't seen water

since last July.. It's very

depressing, really depressing.

This river at this time of year

should be really flowing very

strongly. It used to look like

this, a dried-up lake on the

edge of a historic abbey was

once filled with water and

wildlife. Two years of little

rain and a growing population

in the area has England facing

its worst drought in more than

30 years. We've seen the water

just drop and drop each week

that we come here and it's sad

really. You think we've never

been like this before. The

grass may still be green but

the future is grim. The fear

now of course is that this is

the new norm, that these parts

of England will just have to

get used to living with drought

and that's why they're turning

to places like Australia for

help, looking for ideas for

drought-resistant crops. The

biggest problem though is

surging demand. In this area,

in the Chiltons area, we have

one of the highest water usages

per person per day anywhere in

Europe so the water usage here

is something like 175L per

person per day, that's 20L

above the national average and

40L above the Government's

target for water usage. Hosing

the garden could soon be banned

and shorter showers and

encouraged but trying to

convince the English there's

not an unend ing supply of

water is moving a hard task. To

our weather now and without

Mark Carmody, who clearly takes

public holidays to heart. It

was a cool and cloudy start to

the day until the sun broke

through early afternoon. A top

of 23 at Tuggeranong.

The satellite image is showing masses of cloud over

the tropics. An active monsoon

generating heavy showers and

storms and cloud over south-eastern Australia causing

a few coastal showers. On the

synoptic chart, we can see warm

winds will filtner to Victoria

and SA ahead of a low trough

which will bring a showery

change to western Australia.

Er if you missed the rain,

cheer up, there's more on the


Before we go, a brief recap

of our top stories - the

Taliban has pledged revenge

attacks after a US soldier went

on a shooting rampage, killing

16 civilians, many of them children. And court

documentvise revealed details

of the Rinehart family feud

over the billionaire's

management of a family trust.

They show the billionaire

secretly extended the date her children would receive their

share of the trust to 2068.

That's the news for now. 7:30

is next and we'll leave you

with some Moomba magic in Melbourne. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

Tonight - massacre A lone

gunman's rampage deep dwrens

questions over the Afghanistan

war. There will be some


And - why the golden oldies

are keen to make a splash in

the pool. To walk out in front

of a crowd of 10 or 15,000

people is something that not

everyone every single day gets to have that opportunity to

do. It's the best feeling in

the world. If you've done it

well. And it's something that

no-one can ever take away from


The horror of betrayal is

almost as shocking as the

brutality of the crime. In the

dead of Sunday night, a US

soldier went on a shooting

spree in southern Afghanistan,

killing 16 civilians, including