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(generated from captions) Art shock - best landscape painting. the surprise winner of Australia's Martin Bryant. It immortalises Port Arthur gunman live. The winning artist will join us video in history. Kony 2012 - it's now the most viral So, what's the next chapter? we thought it was a fizzer - Solar storm - a late surprise. but then this morning, And The Weakest Link - emergency - right on our doorstep. Cornelia Frances discovers an animal Weekend Sunrise begins, now. for the sunrise BAND: (SINGS) # Reach out to the big sky. # # Put your hands in this is Weekend Sunrise Live from Studio 52, and Andrew O'Keefe. with Samantha Armytage It is amazing what you boys can do. That is Andrew's special pen. I have been waiting for weeks to use the whammy bar. Enough already. I'm starting to inflate. Welcome to the show. Thank you, boys. No Obama new-music ensemble. They're in the house. He is phenomenal, the power of the live band. We love them. You would not want to reach out for the sunrise today, you would burn your hand on the solar flare. We sincerely hope that love that is in the air for the small town of Wirrulla. We're in SA. The farmers say it is impossible to meet a woman there. That is what farmers say. Only 60 people live in the town and the girls apparently prefer the city lifestyle. Farmers are fabulous. As we know. They are. There are some lovely farmers. Is that the campaign? Farmers are Faber? Get one, taking home? So today, Wirrulla is measures. A busload of women have home? So today, Wirrulla is taking

arrived in the town. They are open to finding love with a rugged South Australian farmer. Were it will cross live to Wirrulla after eight o'clock. -- we will cross. What are your experiences, Samantha? You're a country girl. Why am. You are a dichotomy. A country girl who thrives in the city. Let us get a couch. I will tell you all about it.

Look, there is nothing better than couch. I will tell you all about it.

the country. I like having a bit of a mix. It is nice to escape. I wouldn't live there all the time but it is a wonderful lifestyle. Is it a gendered been? To as many men want to leave the country? I would imagine in areas like this, there are a lot of farmers who are still there because it is a family property. That makes it even trickier. It is in their blood. It is a way of life. If only we could clone you. Cut you imagine? It would shut our email down for a few weeks. You try to get rid of me to Wirrulla? Never. You're such a dichotomy, you would need to make buses. Like a good brood mare. Let's improve the tone. and welcome to the show. Good morning has struck north-eastern Japan A 5.4 magnitude earthquake Good morning.

this morning of last year's devastating Tsunami. on the eve of the anniversary of Mito The epicentre was near the town but was felt as far away as Tokyo. of any injuries. There are no immediate reports The region is the very same with last year's disaster still struggling to come to terms which took 20,000 lives the Fukushima nuclear power plant. and sparked a meltdown at in Sendai And our Weekend Sunrise team this morning's quake. also reports feeling coverage planned A reminder, we have extensive for tomorrow's anniversary. hardest hit exactly 12 months ago. Natalie Barr tours the region the largest bailouts in history Greece is close to securing one of after the country struck a deal a vast amount of its debt. to write off to receive a whopping $160 billion It now looks set from other countries from going bust that will help stop it of the European single currency. and falling out thousands have been demonstrating Meanwhile, in Italy, on the streets of Rome, hikes and cut backs protesting against government tax its own economic crisis. designed to help it avoid And that leads us to finance news: 100 guests have been evacuated was destroyed by fire after an historic hotel in Sydney's west overnight. to the Log Cabin hotel in Penrith Fire crews were called engulfed by flames. to find the building Entry was made crews had to be pulled back. but because of the collapsing roof, fault could be to blame. Investigators say an electrical A family is in mourning were killed in an horrific car crash after a father and his two daughters of Braidwood, east of Canberra. near the New South Wales town with another vehicle Their car collided yesterday afternoon. on the Kings Highway and the two girls, aged 10 and 8, The 52-year-old man died at the scene. Three people in the other car injuries. suffered non-life threatening the death penalty A Perth man is facing with drug trafficking in Malaysia. after formally being charged Dominic Bird was arrested a week ago methamphetamines for allegedly selling in Kuala Lumpur. to an undercover police officer planning to visit him in prison The 32-year-old's lawyers are this morning. He'll face court again in May. of Nathalia Residents in the Victorian town for floodwaters to subside are nervously waiting plugging leaks as emergency crews continue in the levees protecting the town. at 3.25 metres Broken Creek has peaked to remain above three metres but the flood level is expected throughout the weekend. continue with its clean-up Griffith, in New South Wales will Narrandera remain on flood alert. While downstream, people in in Brazil And Prince Harry has arrived visit to the South American country. as he begins a packed 3-day official the prince play beach volleyball A highlight of the trip will see on a Rio De Janeiro beach. of the 2012 London Olympics, As well as promoting Britain ahead business ties with Brazil, Harry is hoping to help strengthen fastest growing economies. which is one of the world's The tour he has been doing has been fabulous. A great success. A great ambassador. Can you imagine when he got the itinerary? So many countries. Do you want me to do this? Jamaica twice. There are two of them. He is having a ball. He is being a great diplomat. There are tricky situations. Talking about the monarchy. He made it all better. Any man who beats the fastest man in the world, he's worth it. We look out for London's. The tricky start. Look that way! Coming up - why kids who snore could have problems later in life. Plus - it was one heck of a show but did the solar storm cause problems here on Earth? Also ahead - your first look at sport including how Adelaide secured a berth in the final of the NAB Cup. And James Tobin's North Queensland mission. He has your weekend weather.

You know what? I started up this restaurant 'cause I love cooking. Not cash flow, not loans, not invoices. And I was thinking, "Surely, it shouldn't be this hard." Lucky for me, one bank was thinking the same way. An A-Z Review with my ANZ Small Business Specialist got my banking sorted. Now I can get on with what I really love. It is never too early for Benny Hill or toilet humour. The trick does. It took me by surprise. Boston is in the house. I was going to do what toilet humour segment. We were hoping to dressing up as a French maid and dressing up. -- dress you up. North Queensland have pulled off a stunning 28-26 win against the Broncos at Suncorp Stadium. Brisbane looked poised for a home win after Ben Te'o touched down late in the second half. Cowboys full-back Matt Bowen stealing the match with a solo effort two minutes from time. COMMENTATOR: Bowen will put it down. That'll be the ball game for North Queensland. Reigning premiers Manly staged a gutsy win over Wests Tigers, to edge out the Tigers 22-18. To cap off a miserable night for Wests, winger Matt Utai is set to miss four to six weeks with a knee injury. Yeah. after cruising to victory over Collingwood. Substitute Ian Callinan provided a burst in the second half, setting up two goals and threading a superb left-footer as the Crows raced to victory. Not so easy for the Sydney Swans - they've been knocked out of finals contention after falling by just two points to Essendon. Gold Coast looked set to run away with a surprise A-League win over Newcastle before a stoppage time equaliser levelled the scores at 1-1. In yet another antagonising move, former Gold Coast owner Clive Palmer hired a helicopter to hover over the stadium carrying his ongoing statement to the FFA. I think they are getting the message. He is tenacious, he keeps going. When Simon said to me, Beretts, can you come in? The whole show is going to Mission Beach. It is actually just James. How is the weather? Maybe you got my email. You might be able to see, it is raining a little bit but the clue is that I am standing in a T-shirt and shorts because it is beautiful and warned in North Queensland. The fact you can stand in the rain is one clue you live here. You see a lot of this kind of action. Tropical North Queensland Star. Or use the fruits like that. That is a jackfruit. A jackfruit with elephantiasis. Were will find out later on what to do with it. You get away with walking around like this. He is in a stinger suit. He is also known as Spiderman. The nippers where bees or years round. For most people, it is a few months of the year. Whatever, Tom Celica. -- Selleck. Fine, mostly sunny for Brisbane. Partly cloudy in Sydney. Sunny in Canberra. Early showers then a sunny afternoon in Melbourne. Partly cloudy in Hobart. Mostly sunny in Adelaide. Hot and sunny in Perth. And storms for Darwin. Here at Mission Beach, a bit rainy this morning. My Kitchen Rules. They came up here, they were said to some tropical challenges. So on this morning's show, we are going to have some of our own tropical challenges. Something with a jackfruit. Can you grow a moustache like Tom Selleck. If you like peanut collider, and getting caught in the rain. -- pina colada. That is one of the beauties of having a band. If you like making love at midnight. That's all I remember. If you like getting caught in the rain. And you have half a brain. It suggests if you're into yoga, you do not have half a brain. Why Ahead this morning - we're live to the country town launching a desperate search for women. Also coming up - the code word you need to enter this week's Call my Bluff. Plus, why Hollywood has been accused of undermining America's Presidential race. But next - it's just won Australia's top prize for landscape art. Yes - that's Port Arthur gunman Martin Bryant. We'll talk live to the artist. VOICEOVER: Blades are great for skating, but not on the delicate surface of your skin. New Veet Hydro'Restor Hair Removal Cream - it helps restore skin hydration for hair-free silky-smooth results.

New Veet Hydro'Restor Cream. And for delicate areas, try new Veet Suprem'Essence Bikini & Underarm Cream. It leaves skin with visibly fewer red bumps than shaving. The winner was announced last night in Tasmania and is certain to stir up emotions. It's a contemporary painting of Port Arthur - complete with a gun-wielding Martin Bryant. People will no doubt offer plenty of views on this today. But we thought we should go straight to the artist. Rodney Pople, good morning. Rodney, first congratulations on winning. Why include Bryant in your painting? Giving it is a landscape prize, why did you make the decision to include a portrait of Martin Bryant in the painting? It is anything but a Portrait of in the painting? It is anything but a Portrait of Martin Bryant. It is a landscape painting of Port Arthur through the layers of history and Martin Bryant is a part of that. Martin Bryant is a part of that. I do not want to switch anything under the carpet. I have never done that and I will not do that. Some people I have seen commenting say that the site itself is so imbued with the spirit, the eyrie spirit of that event, that you don't need to have a depiction of Martin Bryant in it. Why would they say that? Martin Bryant isn't really a significant part of that painting. He is the small figure being virtually swallowed up by the landscape. That landscape is a landscape. That landscape is a very brooding, powerful part of the world. It has echoes of a place like Poland and I saw the atrocities of the Nazi camps and the horror beer that has tried to be buried. The gas chambers and such. If you go to Port Arthur, the atrocities of the Aboriginal people. The settlement itself. It was unsuccessful and tried to be camouflaged by due to find it with clover and this sort of been and now, Martin Bryant fits into that and he did that dreadful thing in 1996. That's an interesting question men, Rodney, given that the site itself, as you say, does have that extremely brooding atmosphere, with many layers, I suppose, of historical suffering, white privilege the story of Martin Bryant over, say, the story of the convicts who were there or, indeed, the stories of the original inhabitants, the local Aboriginal people? That's a good point. Perhaps I should have done a trilogy. That may be interesting. That could be another way of looking at it. I sort of feel looking at it. I sort of feel that, recently, when I painted the painting of a cardinal with an altar boy sitting on his lap, predicting the paedophilia through the church and that sort of been, that caused a bit of a stir. Our social structures are we are doing that sort of thing. The financial crisis has been a huge corruption right down to the bottom and as artists, there has been too much of bringing in things that are not important. Artists have to tackle important subject. The modern world has become too used to decorative art and has lost the habit... It was never meant to be that. It is a clear decision not to sweep Martin Bryant under the carpet but if you do, he becomes more of a martyr. In deed. Rodney, it is a fascinating work. Congratulations again for winning and thank you for joining us this morning. Floods aren't the only natural wonder giving us a hard time at the moment. Earth has this week been hit by the largest solar flare in five years. It didn't cause any major problems for our power grid, but are we out of the woods yet? Dr Karl is here. Good morning to you. First up, what is a solar flare and how often do they happen? The son normally birds 600 million tons of hydrogen every second. -- Burns. It throws off a hot ball ofs and gas and particles three times a day and it rarely throws them directly at the Earth. That was sunspot 429 and in one second, it throws out as much as a whole throws out as much as a whole of the sun does and it is seven times bigger than the out. Is this all over or can we feel any effects? It is still going on. We have beautiful light shows and the sky but it is not a huge one. It is pretty big but not as big as we can get. Are these something we should be worried about? We talked about communication devices being disrupted. Is that possible? In 1989, it not doubt satellites in Canada. In 2003 as well. These solar flares, when big balls of gas come out of the Sun, they cost the American economy $500,000 every 18 months because they call -- caused a little overloads on the old, fragile grid. What we are concerned about is the big one. This could have been really big but was not quite as big. It is not Armageddon. When the big ones happen, they will kill the entire grid in America. 150 years ago, at a big one happened. It was called the Carrington Event. Sparks would Carrington Event. Sparks would jump off things. Telegraph operators were shocked unconscious. Telegraph stations were set on fire. Aurora's happened within 18 degrees of the equator. If it happened today, we would lose 10% of all of our satellites immediately and the electrical grid in America would go down totally and most of the transformers would be killed and transformers would be killed and up to replace them, it would take the world's entire output of every times former factory three years. We are not ready for it. The East is the universe reminding us we're not as big as we think we are. -- This is. Always fascinating. Thank you. And later in the show - something Dr Karl no doubt has a view on - do this week's floods prove global warming was a myth?

Both sides head to head. Plus - a whole new meaning to hard-hitting reporting. you. Per be


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Decide right at iSelect today. There's a car in my office! SONG: # From little things big things grow... # VOICEOVER: For anyone in construction and building, Cbus is your Industry SuperFund. To find out more, visit 5K, 10K, 15K. For your chance to outsmart the team and win big, you need today's codeword: Now simply text the codeword, along with your name and address to 1970 0774. Then watch Weekend Sunrise 8:30 tomorrow for your chance to play and win. In a moment - our App of the Week. If you like coffee, you'll like this. But first, some headlines from Jess. JESS Thank you. Good morning. Less than 24 hours before the anniversary of last year's devastating tsunami, Japan has been rocked by a 5.4 magnitude earthquake. The epicentre was near the town of Mito which borders the Fukushima Prefecture. A tsunami warning hasn't been issued and there are no reports of serious injuries. Entire towns and villages were washed away last year by a wall of water that left more than 20,000 people dead. Fire has gutted a historic hotel in Sydney's west overnight, forcing 100 guests to evacuate. Fire crews managed to bring the blaze under control but the Log Cabin hotel suffered major damage. Fortunately no injures from patrons, they've been evacuated from the scene. Greece has overcome the last major hurdle needed to secure a multibillion-dollar bailout that will save it from bankruptcy. The struggling country struck a deal with private investors to write off a large portion of its debt. It now means Greece will get $160 billion from other countries, stopping it sliding further into economic ruin. And Gina Rinehart's youngest daughter says her siblings are acting out of greed in their fight to take control of the family trust. Her comments follow a High Court decision allowing details about the family's legal feud to go public. Mrs Rinehart's three eldest children want their mother removed as trustee, accusing her of gross misconduct. The mining magnate lashed out yesterday - telling her kids they should get a job. Updating sport at Suncorp Stadium. A piece of Matt Bowen magic two minutes from time was enough to see the Cowboys edge out Brisbane 28-26. Reigning premiers Manly staged a spirited second half fightback to down the Wests Tigers 22-18. Adelaide is the first side through to the NAB Cup final after cruising to a 77-point victory over Collingwood. Matthew Jaensch slotted this monster kick as the Crows raced to an untouchable lead. Sydney's finals chances are over after a narrow 2-point loss to Essendon at Etihad Stadium. Kieren Jack is set to be sidelined with a lower leg injury. And Kelly Slater has braved the huge swell that rolled in off Port Botany. It wasn't the 11-times world champion's smoothest ride - this wipe-out snapping his board in two. That is how big the waves off. Even Kelly Slater's board isn't safe. Now to JT and today's weather. It is pretty Rainey, but that is the tropics. Beautiful one day, pouring the next minute. We have got the guys and gals from Rotary doing their own at Might have back kitchen Rules challenge this morning. Good morning, girls. What have we got here? Of this is Rocky. And to do you have? Raphaels. Kind of like an injured Tuttle? Or a bonus on spotters. -- or a Renaissance artist. Let's take a look at the National forecast. Fine, mostly sunny for Brisbane. Partly cloudy in Sydney. Sunny in Canberra. Early showers then a sunny afternoon in Melbourne. Partly cloudy in Hobart. Mostly sunny in Adelaide. Hot and sunny in Perth. And storms for Darwin. look at the National forecast. Good morning. You're not getting too morning. You're not getting too wet there? No, it's alright. You Lada Mission Beach coconut man? It Mission Beach coconut man? It is not just Mission Beach where coconuts are popular. In Sydney's Eastern suburbs, coconuts are all the rage. You're just not heap on this you have a coconut in your hand. What is it about coconuts? Why are they so great?

Why are they so great? Firstly, they are very tasty. How many fingers do you have there? I have got 10. How often do you do this? On weekends, and markets. Not only do you do this sort of coconut chopping, but you also go around and get them off trees? Yes, they are well worth the effort. Have you guys ever tried coconut juice before, straight from the coconut? Yes, it's fantastic. It is a super hydrate. It hydrates you faster than water. And it has lots and lots of good fats. It is better than a lot of other health drinks out there. Markets are out there. Markets are resident health expert. He will be joining me in Queensland in a couple of months. Could we perhaps have a few coconuts lined up? 100 Sunrise coconuts? For the middle of May? coconuts? For the middle of May? That would be great. OK. It is very thoughtful to put that umbrella in the coconut when it is raining. the coconut when it is raining. It keeps the coconut drive. It stops the water going into the hall. From coconut to coffee, app of the week time. Yes, Simon has left me very clear instructions about this. It is called Coffee art essentials. You know when you go into a cafe and there is art on the top? This shows you have to do it yourself. You'll have your car keys, so follow along with me. That's begin with the heart, because that is always an

always an effective one. We are going to watch this and see how to make it. Swelled the milk around in a circle, stop in the middle, they did poor, and then, wait for it. Up to the top, and there you go. I am not sure about yours, Jess. I am not getting any froth. This is not going very well. Can we just step ahead to the advanced stage? This is a butterfly. Anybody can do it. Put it around in a circle, and then stop and that the cream go down. You need a little cool. You need an implement. A couple of little inserts here. You are so impatient, Sam, it is going to become a butterfly. Imagine having a butterfly in your coffee. What a way to start the day. What is the app called? The coffee essentials app. If you turn it upside down it is like the bottom. There is the Benny Hill toilet humour. It is fantastic. You'll be making coffee like a barrister at home. If anybody makes me a coffee like this, I am changing coffee shops. You do everything it can these days. You can make your own copy. Maybe coffee shops will go out of business? Did say that, we will always need coffee shops. Coming up next, Y Cornelia Francis need your help. Plus, Kony 2012. Can they translate the passion into real action? But next - warning signs - what snoring really says about your health.

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clinically proven to be absorbed at double the speed of regular Nurofen tablets. Some exciting news this week in the fight against breast cancer. Australian scientists have developed a way to help identify those most at risk. Our resident GP Ginni Mansberg is here. Ginni, what is this and why is it so good? It is the microwave. Believe it or not, they're actually going to be taking breast tissue, and using microwaves to measure the density. Because we have known for a while that dense breasts are more likely to get breast cancer. Right. And we have known for a while but if you have a dense breast on a mammogram you're more likely to end up getting cancer, it makes it much harder to read the mammogram. They are going to take breasts from women who have had them removed, because they wanted a breast reduction, and they are going to use the microwave to see how it is and measure the breast density. So what they see how it is, had for they will have a test available to measure breast density. But they are starting off with breast not on women. What other risk factors for breast cancer? Being overweight is its huge factor. And after all, one glass a day apps you risk significantly. -- alcohol. Having a child late, and starting your period early. Sometimes those are things beyond our control, but alcohol and weight you can control. And then you could get one of those eight balls which says it got more time for misbehaving since I started microwave in. And if lose weight, you reduce your risk. started microwave in. And if you

So you'll have more time for misbehaving. Bright? Moving on. by the Cancer Council has found Research conducted first reason is that we are living misbehaving. Bright? Moving on. The

longer. And the longer you leave the more likely it is you will get cancer. We are also more overweight, which grip the increases your of cancer. Thyroid cancer is also which grip the increases your risk

on the way up. There are some conspiracy theorists to think that there are hormone a modify his inner our Plastics, and that is contributing to certain kinds of cancers. The liver cancer is also expected to go up, possibly because we are seeing higher rate of hepatitis C. If it goes it can often turn into cancer. So hepatitis C. If it goes untreated

just keep going to your GP and be aware of your body functions? A study has found that due to stall could face problems later in life. This was a huge study art of the United States, and there followed them up later in life, and found that key to snore are 72% more likely to have behavioural problems. They were not formally died first, we do not know if they have ADHD. - - formally diagnosed. A lot of kids nor and a lot of parents do not really think much about it. It is not the only thing we know about snoring, because one could take best touring one step further and actually stop breathing for periods. That is called Sleep apnoea. That is very significant and is associated with learning difficulties later in life. What is the mechanism there? Is it because the brain is being rattled around by the snoring, or is there depravation of oxygen associated with it? That is what happens with sleep apnoea, they are actually losing oxygen when they stop breathing. We do not really know about the scoring and the behavioural problems. We do not really understand what is going on. But we certainly know that when it comes to sleep apnoea, that is a far more serious condition, were the brain is being deprived of oxygen. What duty if you are Perrett and you have a kid whose story? Go in and watch them. Doctors need to know if your kids are having a moment whether stop breeding, and then you can get that tonsils out. It is not an operation we are doing any more, not like when we were kids and everyone who gets tonsilitis has been taken out. Now it is about sleep apnoea. Very interesting. Thank you very interesting. Thank you very much for that. Straight ahead this morning - why Sarah Palin is again making headlines in America. Also coming up - the confrontation that changed everything for Cornelia Frances. And have you got the code word yet? $15,000 is up for grabs. Want truly better hair colour? Think inside the box. Only Garnier Nutrisse nourishes with not just one but two essential fruit oils - avocado and grape seed extract for double nourishment. Because nourished hair means better colour. Colour that's rich, more radiant and amazingly silky. So why not change your shade today? Take it from me, it's as good as a holiday. Garnier Nutrisse. Take care. Garnier. (WHIRRING) H-hey! (ENGINE STARTS) Want more power to remove stains? Introducing new Vanish NapiSan Power Shots. Just one shot per wash easily dissolves, and has 50% more power per drop. For amazing stain removal, first time. New Vanish NapiSan Power Shots - power-packed stain removal.

Naturally better. We all know getting active is great for your wellbeing. So with thanks to Vitasoy here are some great ideas to get out and about this weekend. Brisbane - the Noosa Festival of Surfing kicks off today on main beach. Sydney - Get fit and raise some money for charity in the Sydney Harbour Swim Classic on Sunday. Melbourne - take a chef's masterclass at the Langham as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Adelaide - celebrate music of the world in Adelaide's Botanic Gardens at WOMADelaide. Perth - stroll along Cottesloe Beach and check out some amazing art at Sculptures by the Sea. Goodbye, Miss American Pie.

What inspired American Pie this morning? Because we are going morning? Because we are going to our postcard of America. Time now for our weekly Postcard from America. Bye, bye, Miss American Pie! And the Republican Party has attacked Hollywood producers after the release of a controversial movie about Sarah Palin. It's called 'Game Change' and tells the story of her 2008 campaign to become Vice President of the United States. You're going to seriously consider her? You have to call her now. This is Sarah. They say the difference between a hockey Mann and a pit bull is lipstick. CNN has us even with Obama. The weekend win this thing. I am not sure how much she knows about foreign policy. You can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska. Julianne Moore is almost as good as Tina Fey. The film airs on the American network HBO this weekend. Our US bureau chief Mike Amor is with us. Mike, has Sarah Palin made a comment about the film? I have got my recorder said already. She has not commented much. She says, she will not watch it, nor will John McCain. She called it Hollywood lies. One of the problems is key John McCain campaign organisers say it is pretty spot-on. It is about the 2008 campaign and one newspaper reviewer says it questions whether Sarah Palin is mentally balanced. That is why she is not so keen on it. The film- makers are showing their support for Barack Obama, she claims, and they are doing their best to hurt her. Mike, we had Super Tuesday during the week. Are the Republicans any closer to working out who they want to take on Barack Obama? When is this going to end? Mitt Romney got six of the 10 states. It is still a lot, I guess, as a victory. He will end up being a candidate but he is going to be bashed for a couple more months before this becomes official. That will work into the hands of Barack Obama, who will face him in November. They must be exhausted by the time they start campaigning. What are the polls showing Mike? Any chance Obama will actually be toppled? Barack Obama is getting better. His popularity polls are under 50% but they are improving. Improved job figures today. As the economy improves, so did his chances. He still has to worry about Iran, the price of oil. If that changes dramatically, that will hurt him. This is not a popularity race. He could still win the overall number of the votes but because of the way the electoral college system works, if he loses a number of key states, he will lose the White House. It is not forgone. Given how much the Republicans have torn themselves apart, you can only imagine their attack on Obama will be very against the Democrats and against Obama rather than for the Republicans and their own candidate. By Our going to go on the attack. They have these organisations, these super groups spending millions of dollars on attack advertisements and Obama also has won himself. He will raise $1 billion. It will get dirty. I love a good American election. Moving on and a Canadian TV reporter has brought a new meaning to the term 'hard hitting journalism'. Let's take a look. You failed to prove it the first time around? What do you have up your sleeve now? I already said I will not be making any comment. Ouch! That has got to be a broken nose. Is he alright? Yes, ouch. Poor old Kent Molgat. He is OK but I am told he has some concussion. People say it is fake but the person who posted it says he has a sore head. His ego might be more bruised. How many times have you seen Cameron men run Interpol's outside court? -- cameramen run into poles. We found a clip of another Canadian reporter. Here they come down the hill. That was a bad idea. I loved the fact that he waited to do the sign-off. Who says the Canadians are boring? It was evil Kenny Ball reporting there. -- Evel Knievel. That last one has to be a set up. For why would you do that? So you can end up on Weekend Sunrise. Maybe become a vital sensation. -- viral. Coming up - the rare disease changing the appearance of entire Australian families. It's painful and potentially fatal - but that's just half the story. Also coming up - Kony 2012. It's become the most viral video in history. So what now? And it was a week of extreme weather. So where does that fit in the jigsaw of climate change? Both sides head to head. Plus, we'll cross live to the small country town launching a desperate search for women. But right now, it's news time with Jess. Good morning.

A 5.4 magnitude earthquake has struck north-eastern Japan this morning on the eve of the anniversary of last year's devastating Tsunami. The epicentre was near the town of Mito but was felt as far away as Tokyo. There are no immediate reports of any injuries. The region is still struggling to come to terms with last year's disaster which took 20,000 lives and sparked a meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. And our Weekend Sunrise team in Sendai also reports feeling this morning's quake. A reminder, we have extensive coverage planned for tomorrow's anniversary. Natalie Barr tours the region hardest hit exactly 12 months ago. Greece is close to securing one of the largest bailouts in history after the country struck a deal to write off a vast amount of its debt. It now looks set to receive a whopping $160 billion from other countries that will help stop it from going bust and falling out of the European single currency. Meanwhile in Italy, thousands have been demonstrating on the streets of Rome, protesting against government tax hikes and cut backs designed to help the country avoid its own economic crisis. 100 guests have been evacuated after an historic hotel was destroyed by fire in Sydney's west overnight. Fire crews were called to the Log Cabin hotel in Penrith to find the building engulfed by flames. Entry was made, but because of the collapsing roof crews had to be pulled back. Investigators say an electrical fault could be to blame. A family is in mourning after a father and his two daughters were killed in an horrific car crash near the New South Wales town of Braidwood, east of Canberra. Their car collided with another vehicle on the Kings Highway yesterday afternoon. The 52-year-old man and the two girls, aged 8 and 10, died at the scene. Three people in the other car suffered non-life threatening injuries. A Perth man is facing the death penalty after formally being charged with drug trafficking in Malaysia. Dominic Bird was arrested a week ago for allegedly selling methamphetamines to an undercover police officer in Kuala Lumpur. The 32-year-old's lawyers are planning to visit him in prison this morning. He'll face court again in May. Flood-weary residents across New South Wales are beginning the massive clean up effort as conditions ease. Last night 2,000 residents evacuated from the town of Griffith were allowed to go home. In Victoria, residents in Nathalia are nervously waiting for floodwaters to subside as emergency crews continue plugging leaks Broken Creek has peaked at 3.25 metres, but the flood level is expected to remain above three metres throughout the weekend. The winning artist of this year's Glover Prize says he didn't want to sweep anything under the carpet. Rodney Pople took the award for a contemporary painting of Port Arthur - complete with a gun-wielding Martin Bryant, but it's caused a bit of a stir. It's a landscape painting of Port Arthur through the layers of history and Bryant is part of that. The Glover Prize is Australia's richest award for landscape painting - the winner taking away $35,000. And locals call it the race to the end of the earth. 16 hardy Russians have begun a 1,000 kilometre dog sled race. The annual event - which leads competitors across some of the harshest terrain in the world - takes almost three weeks to complete. That looks top. It is for big blokes. It is down and dirty. Matt Bowen has lifted the Cowboys to an electrifying win over the Broncos at Suncorp Stadium. Ben Te'o looked to have cemented the hosts win late in the second half before Bowen raced from the base of the scrum two minutes from time. COMMENTATOR: Bowen will put it down! That'll be the ball game for North Queensland! At Gosford, reigning premiers Manly came from behind to beat Wests Tigers 22-18. The Sea Eagles withstood two late tries from the Tigers to keep their season record unbeaten. Very pleased with the way we came out in the second half. It was a very gutsy performance. Further disappointment for the Tigers - winger Matt Utai will miss four to six weeks with a knee injury. Adelaide will lobby the AFL to host the NAB Cup grand final after thrashing Collingwood by 77 points last night. Meantime, Sydney's hopes of making the final have been destroyed after suffering a narrow 2-point loss to Essendon. The Western Force have been outmuscled 46-19 in their clash with the Hurricanes. 19-year-old debutant TJ Perenara scored a hat-trick as the visitors ran in 6 tries to 1. The Force's third loss on the trot, worrying form leading into next weekend's clash with the Waratahs. Kelly Slater has thrilled Sydney locals, launching himself into huge waves off Port Botany. It wasn't exactly a joy ride for the 11-time world champion - this wipe-out snapping his board in two. A big, mighty, powerful waves. It looks sharky. How can you tell? That grey water. Shark fins poking out the top. That's dolphiny water. TUC sharks when you're out surfing? -- do you see. Little hammerhead sharks poking their heads up. We love the weather as well, especially when it is in Mission Beach. When you're talking about tropical North Queensland, sometimes tropical means rain. That is what we are experiencing. We have some hard core locals. Then we have got the soft locals. They are standing under the shelter. We are here at Castaway Resort. Thank you for getting up early. Angela, this amazing fruit. Sunday and Monday and Tuesday, Sunrise is coming up for some challenges. What are these fruits? They are beautiful and magnificent. They taste extraordinary. We Abbate collection of fruit from the one farm but these fruits are right through South East Asia and South America. Other a breakfast fruits? Anything. Savoury, sweet. That is an Amazonian custard Apple. It tastes like lemon. Amazonian custard Apple. It tastes like lemon. This is my favourite. It is like a cream caramel. A rambutan. Star apple. Dragon fruit. And a coconut. We will look at the massive tropical fruits after the weather forecast. Fine, mostly sunny for Brisbane. Partly cloudy in Sydney. Sunny in Canberra. Early showers then a sunny afternoon in Melbourne. Partly cloudy in Hobart. Mostly sunny in Adelaide. Hot and sunny in Perth. These are the serious prudes -- fruits. It is like a giant passion fruit. The his area was affected by the cyclone. You were saying on Monday, it is the first day you're opening up the tropical fruit safari. At offer it is ready to go again. We are excited. -- our fruit. Or on the safari, if they want to come up to tropical North Queensland, And Feast of the Centres in March. Yes. We need a spoon. You do not need one. Everybody knows that. That is good, really good. See you soon. You would get a fair reading if you took out a spoon in tropical North Queensland. Our Soapbox has been dominated by two topics over the past week. One is Kony 2012 - more on that soon. The other has been the weather and in particular, whether Australia's recent flooding proves that global warming isn't real. One particular email went viral and appeared in our in-box over and over again. It essentially accused climate scientists of one big con job. Let's bring in both sides now. Corey Watts is from the Climate Institute while William Kininmonth is a climate sceptic. Good morning to you both.

Corey, do those viewers have a point? It is perfectly natural when you stick your head out the window, you wonder what scientists are talking about but the thing to understand is the difference between climate and weather. Climate is what to expect, the weather is what you get. You get the weather every day and month and year but climate is measured over decades or centuries. Nothing that we have seen is Nothing that we have seen is in consistent with the scientific projections. We expect there to be a long, deep, hot, droughts punctuated by heavy rainfall. For decades to come, it will continue to reign. Hasn't it always been like that? Isn't that the cycle of nature? There are cycles of nature. We are seeing those metal cycles superimposed overall long-term warming trend. And trying trend in southern Australia. The meteorologists are saying, the autumn and winter rainfall is contracting and getting less. The last big drought, we saw temperatures that were considerably hotter than they had been in history. For Australia and the planet, we are seeing a long-term warming trend. The let us bring him with him here. You believe that this is in fact something that occurs naturally over the course of not only decades but indeed, millennia. Has there been a higher than normal concentration of these extreme weather events recently? I would agree there has been a warning over the last 300 years. The reason for that is still shrouded in the mistress of science. We don't know the real answers. We don't know how far it will continue. There is no evidence that the recent drought sort floods are becoming more intense or even more frequent. We have 200 years frequent. We have 200 years of records for Australia. That is not very long. We have these fairly rare but extreme events. If we don't know what is causing the warming, how can you be certain, why do disagree so vividly with the climate scientists? Before the warning, there was several hundred years of cooling. Carbon-dioxide has risen in the last 50 years. The warming has been going on since the 1600s. It certainly wasn't carbon dioxide that brought us out of the Little Ice Age and we do not know what direction the climate is going to go over the next 100 years. 200 years of records and I guess, only 100 years of precise records in this country, it doesn't seem like an awful lot to make such sweeping statements that the climate is changing. We don't really, to me, it doesn't seem to be quite fair over a shorter period of time in the great scheme of things. If you just look to Australia, you might reach the conclusion that if you looked at the world as a whole and listened to the UK Met Office, NASA, and the CSIRO, you'd say the world is warming. Events like the Little Ice Age were quite regional events. They were not global events. The thing to understand about why the climate changes is it has to be forced by something. In the case of the roast recent warming, -- most recent warming, factoring recent warming, factoring in volcanoes and cosmic rays and all other drivers, the thing that stands out and you cannot explain climate change without his carbon dioxide and methane and other gases. That is why the vast majority of climate scientists are saying this. Can I ask you both this? We, as lay people, can't be expected to understand fully the science of climate change. In a sense, we have to rely upon experts. There has been a lot of misinformation or false information about how United the experts are. Can I ask you both, to give us a clear answer of reputable peer reviewed climate scientists around the world, how greatly are they United in the belief that global warming is at least passably man made? -- partially. I'd like to have a shot. Certainly, if one goes to conferences and so forth, one talks to scientists in many cases who are going along with the paradigm that perhaps it is carbon dioxide that they don't know. Very few people are running the computer models that really understand the basis of these projections. What I would like to says that computer models up until recently did not factor in the ocean circulations and the earlier alarmist projections of global warming were done with computer models which represented the oceans as a shower swamp. The oceans are really the Controller of our climate, as we can see from recent weather events. The oceans are so important. That is another factor in the expert calculations as to how expert calculations as to how much the globe is warming and what is causing that warming. But still, the question remains, what percentage of recognised climate scientists believe mankind has a hand in this or a major hand in this? If he were a... The point is a... If he were a brisk management expert or anybody taking out insurance. -- if you were. You would look to the experts and the people. You would look to the people who are working on this every day of their lives. You would say, what to do they say? I don't know what conference as William goes to but I have to say, upwards of 90%, well upwards of 90% of the working climate scientists from around the world accept that the world is warming rapidly and the main driver is carbon-dioxide and other greenhouse gases and those are the people you would look too. He would ask Nasser, the Bureau of meteorology, the Met Office, you would look to the peer would look to the peer reviewed literature and when you do, analyses have been done. They counted how many papers were published on climate science and how many of those sceptical of the basic science and virtually none are. I'm not a scientist so I are. I'm not a scientist so I have got to rely on scientists like you and we are in contact with them almost every day asking them questions about things like floods and droughts. What they are saying, every day, the risk is very real. We can't necessarily attribute this flight or this cyclone or this drought to man-made climate change but when we look at the big picture, we are seeing that very clear warming trend and that has got to tell you something. Look, we have to leave it there a... Sorry, William, we are out of time. It is being a very calm debate. It is great, these often end up not so calm. Bake you so much for your time. I hope that has answered some of your questions. It will not answer all of them but maybe a little one. That is a good point you made. I have never interviewed the same climate expert twice. There are so many of them out there with so much conflicting information and you look out the window and think, it's cold. If nine out of 10 electricians said you have to rewire your kitchen, you would do it. If nine out of 10 climate scientists say we've got to fix this carbon dioxide problem all we are all going to get hurt, why don't we believe them? They spent a decade's study -- studying it. And Bight to our University protesters. -- thank you. Ahead this morning - the next chapter in the campaign to make Kony famous. Also coming up - Cornelia Frances and the confrontation that changed her life. But next - farmer wants a wife - in real life. A very different SOS from a country town. (DRAMATIC MUSIC) These experts demand the absolute best in dishwashing. They know only the best detergent will allow them to achieve the best results. For them, nothing beats Finish - the number one recommended brand by leading dishwasher manufacturers and the number one trusted brand by Australian mums. Not long, then, till the switch off? No, not at all. 5 June is only three months away, then they switch off the analog TV signal forever.

What, no more telly? There won't be if you don't get ready now. Now we're ready. With less than three months left, you must get ready for digital TV now. To find out how to get ready in southern and central NSW, the ACT and the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, call: Or visit the website. by working out Simon was telling the truth. You've got it, Kate, $15,000. If you'd like to play Call My Bluff on tomorrow's show, enter now. You need the codeword: Now that you have it: Then be watching at 8:30 tomorrow for your chance to win big with a game of Call My Bluff. (PLAY 'WORKING CLASS MAN') A bit of Cold Chisel. Well, no-one can deny that farmers do it tough. Whether it's flooding or droughts, livelihoods are always at stake. But paying the bills isn't the only struggle - finding love can also prove a challenge. And that brings us to the town of Wirrulla. 700km out of Adelaide and with a population of just 60, meeting a lady can be hard. But desperate times call for desperate measures so this weekend - a bus full of city ladies has hit town - all of them, also searching for love. Wirrulla farmer Colin Priest and event organiser Karen Agars join us now. Colin, the girls arrived yesterday, did the famers give them a warm Wirrulla welcome? Other strange picture of all these ladies in a cattle truck being shipped into town. It wasn't like that? They were a bit better- looking than cattle. They at is a start. -- that is a start. Have they arrived in had they settled in? Are they having a good time so far? About three o'clock this morning, but they were having a bit more than a good time. A that's good. It's important to let your hair down when you're in Wirrulla. What do women expect to get out of this? What do women expect to get out of this? The women have come with a really good attitude. They're looking for a fun weekend and are looking for some companionship. I guess they just hoping to meet some local people and make a lot of new friends and hopefully, maybe they might find a partner. Indeed, it is like online dating without the online bit. C 700 kilometres from Adelaide. What qualities would put the farmers of Wirrulla ahead of some of their City counterparts? They are characters, I reckon. Yeah. A loquacious manner. Talk it up, this is your time. Big, tough blokes. Good-looking, practical. There are better looking blokes than me. Trying to drum up business all ready for next year? We are trying to help you. Is there much shyness going on? Is it easy to get these two groups to mix? Are probably was a bit concerned that I think last night proved me wrong. We had a really good night and just kept a nice relaxed feel about it. Yeah, no, I think everyone mingled very well and I did not see too many shy people. Did you meet anyone particularly nice last night? Yes, a few candidates. A few candidates? Well, I see. Best of luck on that one. Stage two, I hope the farmers are going to bust themselves into town to meet the ladies, it seems only fair. They will just get into the ute, coming to town. Best of luck. Have a fantastic weekend. Colin, good luck. Don't be the strong and silent type. Get out there. I think we the appropriate lead-in time and maybe a small beer, he would open up. A E looks naughty. That is the small town of Wirrulla, which is Aboriginal for "Place of no women". Be it is Aboriginal for water but there is no water there at the moment. And our reporter Paul Marshall is spending the weekend in Wirrulla. His special report on the outcome of the town's SOS will air at this time next week. I don't think I've ever heard I don't think I've ever heard an Aboriginal place-name that did not mean a "Place of water." There are many Aboriginal dialects so do I could be wrong. Coming up this morning - the return of Cornelia Frances and how she needs your help. Also ahead - the rare disease changing the appearance of entire Australian families. And it's now the most shared online video in history. The lessons from Kony 2012.

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Not available on all flights or days and conditions apply. for free. With all those children, it is bound to be. Get on board quickly. I was supposed to say not available on all flights. I am so now, aren't I? It's like Yoda. (IN YODA VOICE) Fly for free, the children will. Take a look at these stats. On Tuesday, the Kony 2012 video had been seen by just 66,000 people. By Wednesday, that had climbed to more than 9 million. Thursday - 50 million. Right now - we wanted to talk about the campaign itself. Good morning to you both. Joe, what do you think of it? Oh, my God. I am so sick of it already. Anyone who can get a generation Y to pay attention for more than 30 minutes, they can get a medal. If this goes on much longer, I'm going to catch him myself. I am sick of it. Joe against Joe. I am going to get him in real time. You have this annoying little white American guy. He says, Oh, my God, I just discovered this place called Africa and people suffering and I'm going to make a difference. Everybody has to discover the world around them and if they discover it in such a way, is there anything wrong with it? Look at, no. If they managed to indict Joseph Kony in the International Criminal Court, I don't care what techniques. They're using tried and true manipulative techniques which everyone in advertising and television would understand. Such as grabbing our emotions, making a comparison between the film maker's son and the children of Africa. They'll all legitimate a motion or manipulative techniques and if they are using the a forces for good instead of evil, then, instead of selling butter. Our could use some butter. Butter is evil. You heard it first. He makes you fat. We get your point. Is this the social media campaign of beer or can you not say it in March? It's hard to say that if another one comes that's quicker and bigger and faster, then we are in for a revolution. It's unbelievably clever in its use of social media and it shows, and what I think it is exciting about it, and I have my reservations, is it that makes it harder for bad people to do awful things because they will get exposed and they can whip up this attention and pressure, that has to be a good thing. Be as is the thing. How is showing him all over Facebook going to catch him? He is not in Uganda. He is in a neighbouring country. They cannot find him. A bunch of people sitting on their iPhones saying, is that him? They have got 100 military advisers... They only got 100. That was put pressure from this video. Who is the real target here? We are not going to catch him but we may be motivated enough to pressure our governments to do more to catch him. Money will pay soldiers to catch him. There is this thing about sovereignty and the fact you can't invade other countries for no particular reasons. The army has already chased him out of Uganda. The military advisers are helping him. He is indicted in the Criminal Court. We have got to put some substance behind a court like that. Will he be invited him? America has been invited by the Ugandan military. Bad dangerous themselves. Tony Burke yesterday said, we Tony Burke yesterday said, we are giving money. Some of that money goes to these dodgy warlords. Anyway, it has drawn attention and it was meant to do that. We all know his name now. If it works, then it is worth it. We have to cut it short because we are so late. That's OK, I have run out of things to say. Queen that that has never happened to me. Stop it. Jane, and Joe what's his name, thank you very much. And we're planning special coverage of the Kony 2012 campaign tomorrow. Our guests include the man behind the movie. He will answer his critics. Plus - a rare video interview with Joseph Kony himself. He details what he actually stands for - and what his army of children actually do - well, at least according to him. That's Weekend Sunrise tomorrow. To will be a fairly unbiased view point. -- that will be. But ahead this morning - the return of Cornelia Frances. And the confrontation that changed her life. But next - this family has a crippling illness. That's right - family. And there is no cure. But that's only half the story. Did you know that customers who reviewed their level of cover and switched to NIB saved, on average, $276 per year? Call NIB - 13 14 63 - to see if you can save. It's worth it. I am not a morning person. There's a bit to do. Do my buttons. Do my shoelaces... WOMAN: And your hair. Mum says breakfast is important and that oats fill my tummy. Quick Sachets are the same as Uncle Tobys Oats, just cut up smaller, so they cook faster. Done in 90 seconds. Which means we can get you to school on time. Right. And they're nourishing, right? Real oats, real quick. Delicious. have a real problem. and could cost them their lives. And so far - the Government has offered next to no help. It's a disease called hereditary angioedema. It can cause a massive amount of swelling - changing the entire appearance of those with it. There is no cure - and left untreated, can turn fatal. It runs in families. And attacks can strike as often as five times a month. Treatments cost about $3,000 per shot. We're joined in the studio now by Cindy Maruncic and her two children, Ivana and Luke. All three have the disease. We're also joined by Professor Connie Katerlaris, head of Immunology and Allergies at the University of Western Sydney. Thank you all for your time. Connie, tell us a little more about HAE? Cindy, you and your two children have the condition. Explain how it affects your life. We don't know what to expect day- to-day. We have to juggle our lives. We don't know what to expect. There are no particular triggers that you know of? No, it is just something that happens. Usually from stress. We never know when it can happen. Just at any moment, any time, there could be a trigger and, as a teacher, I have to organise someone to take my class and just leave. Why does this afflict some and not others? It is an inherited condition. It is genetic. It is rare. One in at 100,000 people worldwide. In Australia, less than 100 people. Around the world, up to 400. A tiny percentage of there population. If somebody like Cindy has it, she has a one in two chance of giving it to her children. She as four children and two are affected. Did your mother or father or people in your family hacked -- habit? My mother and father and grandmother. The only other treatment is to go to hospital and take an inhibitor which is sometimes a very difficult task. I have had many episodes that hospitals. Never have I run into a doctor who has known what to do. 40, 50 times, I have had to explain what it is, who they have to call, what they have to find. By its nature, that makes it expensive. $3,000 per shot? Extraordinary. I had a doctor say to my daughter but it was too expensive to have so I had to go to another hospital to receive the treatment. If the medication was subsidised by the Government it would cost only $30 each time. That would be life- changing. One Machrie yes, I would not have to go to hospital so why would save taxpayers money and a could have the treatment at home. When we travel, that is an issue. What is to be done about this? As Sindy has said, we have effective therapy and in fact, Australia was one of the first countries in the world to have access. The problem is, it is very expensive and has to be administered in a hospital. World standard in treating this condition is to train people like Cindy and her children to administer this at home. If the Government were to subsidise it, they would have their own supply. You could treated earlier and they don't have to go to emergency where they are kept waiting for hours in agony or where they have to beg for treatment and that is not right. If they had common, well known conditions, people would know what to do. They happen to be afflicted with a rare condition for which we have effective therapy but is not accessible at the moment. Everybody, thank you so much for joining us this morning. We hope there are some policy makers out there listening to this, that they are here in your plea for some government subsidy for this treatment. Thanks very much. Straight ahead - she took pleasure in finding the weakest link. But now she's found something she never wants to say good-bye to. A plea for help from Cornelia Frances - right after this. VOICEOVER: Forget going to extremes.

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we want to draw your attention now to a major animal emergency on our doorstep. One of our closest animal relatives - the orangutan - is getting dangerously close to extinction in the wild. Actress Cornelia Frances is out to make sure they don't become the weakest link. She's graced our screens for decades - early on on 'The Box', 'Young Doctors', 'Sons and Daughters' and for 20 years as Morag Bellingham on 'Home and Away'.

Four at the Easter can look after him a damn sight better than anyone else. -- at least I can. Now one of Australia's most famous red heads is joining the fight to save one of the world's most endangered species - the orangutan. I am at the RN it can have a care centre in Borneo. -- orang-utan. Orangutans are one of our closest relatives - highly intelligent they share 97% of our DNA and can live up to 60 years. But not for long in the jungle unless we do something. Around 1,000 die each year as their rainforest habitat is ripped down to make way for palm oil plantations - a football field every two seconds. It's only $55 to help save one of these gorgeous creatures. The destruction is taking a massive toll on the orangutans - around 2,000 orphans are in care centres in Borneo and Sumatra. Their extinction in the wild could be only years away. Enter the Australian Orangutan Project - a not-for-profit that supports rainforest protection, the rehabilitation and reintroduction of orphaned orangutans back into the wild. But they need your help Oh, baby. Oh, darling. They are so cute. And Cornelia joins us now. Good morning. cute. These palm oil plantations, what can we stop -- how can we stop them? In Indonesia, the government is very corrupt. They just want money. They burn and sell-off these forests for far for -- for palm oil plantations. It is not necessary. Now there are going to put it on all labels, palm oil. If you can, please just have a look and do not buy it. They are depriving these beautiful amazingly intelligent creatures of their habitat. And there are such incredible creatures. If you're a support the project, where does the money go? Do we buy tracts of land to stop it being burnt down? If you go on to the website and go to the project, you can become a member of the society and see what is happening. You can adopt a baby. I adopted a baby called Pinkie who lives in Sumatra. I have not met him but I have photos of him. They are $56. It is a lovely present to give to some body, to adopt a little creature. There are just beautiful creatures, they are so intelligent. And they are so intelligent. And they are safe in a century. -- Sanctuary. It is a medical centre. They had each got a little diary. A medical diary, it is wonderful. The Indonesian carers, they are just wonderful. Everyone has a name. We went to this Care Centre, and there were over 300 and they all have names and they know every single one of them. We can adopt one so it can live safely in a shelter. When it is ready to be released into the wild, if there is any wil