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Live. Grave situation - Live. Grave situation -

reinforcements called in to

bolster a town's survival

hopes. The guys have been

100% all day, flatout. They

haven't stopped. Fijians worried about an Australian miner's

miner's plans for their land.

The only concern is our land

and our future. Green with

envy, a 6-star building that

envy, a 6-star building that has business leaders taking

notes. Tenants will come notes. Tenants will come to buildings such as this and

they'll pay more to be in it.

And a meagre run total proves

enough to keep Sri Lanka at


COMMENTATOR: And Australia take

out this match by 16 runs and

clinch the series 2-1.

Hello, and welcome to ABC News

across Australia, I'm Ros

Childs. It looks like Greece

has survived another dead

deadline, so that's given a

lift to stock markets around

the world.

More finance later in the

bulletin. ruling in Sydney. She pulled

out all the stops, but in the end mining billionaire Gina

Rinehart has just lost her bid to

to keep details of her family feud under wraps. The High

Court has refused to grant her

request that a case brought

against her by her children be

held behind closed doors. It

means that all can now be

revealed. More from revealed. More from reporter Jamelle Wells. What Jamelle Wells. What can you

tell us now about the case that

you couldn't before? Well,

this case started in September

last year and three of Gina

Rinehart's four children want

her removed as head of a family

trust that's worth a lot of

money. Being Australia's

richest person. Now two judges

in the High Court refused her application for leave to appeal

and that means that court papers previously unavailable

to the ABC will be released

hopefully within the next hour

or so and we'll be able to bring you more information

about the case. What we do

know about it is that there was

some sort of dispute over the

management of the trust. That

dispute Gina Rinehart denied.

We do know that her fourth

child, her youngest daughter

sided with her mother and sided

with her mother in wanting

details of this long, ongoing feud being kept secret. Gina Rinehart argued that it

shouldn't be held in open

court. This matter has been in and out of court since September, but today September, but today all the existing suppression orders her

lawyers have had put on it fall

away. So that means the ABC

and other media outlets who are

applicants in this matter to

try to report this case, has

access to the documents. Now

today Gina Rinehart just statement through her lawyers

as they left the court and says as they left the court and she says "My loving

heart-working mother has only

heart-working mother has only

ever wanted the best for her

children. She says my siblings

and I were blessed with an exceptionally fortunate upbringing and it's upbringing and it's very

painful to have my family's

disagreement aired so publicly

in the Supreme Court. " She says

says "The case is motivated entirely by greed and I have no

doubt that one day soon my brothers and sisters will

regret putting money before

family. Unfortunately, this

realisation will come too late

as the damage to our family and

its good reputation will have already

already been done. " Now Gina Rinehart's youngest daughter

also goes on to say "My mother

and I remain focussed on protecting our company group

and continuing to invest in

Australia. " She says "I'm

proud to be part of my family's

Australian legacy. " Now so

far Gina Rinehart hasn't made

any comment. We're any comment. We're expecting some sort of comment from her

legal team on her behalf soon.

What's the next step in this

case? Next as I mentioned, the

the papers will be released

that outline the exact details

of the argument and why her

three children want her removed

from the trust and just the

exact nature of the issues that

she's in dispute with. she's in dispute with. Thank

you. Now to the ongoing flood

situation in NSW and Victoria.

Many residents in Nathalia in

the north of Victoria have

defied an evacuation call and

are staying in their houses. Authorities say they can't

guarantee the metal levee

around the town will around the town will hold

although so far it is keeping

the swollen Broken Creek at

bay. Reporter Guy Steyner is

in Nathalia. It must be a very anxious time wait for the river to peak?

Amazing scenes here. There's

this sense of calm and yet

there are bursts of activity

that you'll see a truck go quickly through town quickly through town loaded up with sandbags and shortly

thereafter fire trucks will go

through, and it's this sense of alert that is really I suppose typifying this town at the

moment. The main source of concern at the moment is the

northern levee that's along the

Murray Valley Highway. We've

seen amazing pictures of the 25 metre aluminium fence that blocks off a section of the

highway and it's holding back a wall of water that we've been

told stretches as far as 10 kilometres to the north. There have been furious sandbagging efforts overnight with

volunteers from all walks of

Nathalia life putting their

efforts into trying to shore up

the wall and it's not so much a problem with the leaking, but

the sand bags are providing

very heavy reinforcement for

that wall and they say the

longer this flood lasts, the

sogier the levee banks become.

They're just krnd about They're just krnd about trying to provide additional

reinforcement to that wall.

There are different small leaks around the dirt lvee system

that protects much of this town and we've also seen sandbagging at different points around the

dirt levee this morning. So

the ongoing vigilance of the

town is quite remarkable and it

needs to continue to be that

way for at least another three

days or so. Lots of people

have decided to stay put in

their homes and ignore a call to leave, why? to leave, why? Essentially

they feel that all of the work,

the incredible vigilance of

everyone will pay off and that

the integrity of the levee will be

be maintained. Essentially

people are going to stay in the

town until they're told "You've

got to get out" so got to get out" so really I think that's only going to

happen if there is a major

breach and the integrity of the

levee is severely damaged.

You have touched on it already,

but give us an but give us an idea of the

numbers of people in the town and the effort that's going

into maintaining this levee?

Nathalia has a population of

1450 people. Now the official

evacuation as of this morning

was just over 160, so as you

can see from there, about 90%

of the town so far has chosen

to stay. There may be a few more go later today and over the weekend, but the vast

majority of people are choosing

to stay here and many of them

are also choosing to stay here,

because they realise that so

many hands on deck are helping

to maintain the town and keep

the bulk of the town dry.

There's a huge effort going There's a huge effort going into protecting the town and levee system and you levee system and you can see

they've already used about 210

sand bags around Nathalia and

there are sand bags at the

ready in case additional work

needs to be done around the town town for the various levees that protect the town. Now to

NSW, and residents of Wagga

Wagga in the south of the State

are starting to count the are starting to count the cost

of flood damage as water levels slowly recede. The flood peak

is moving towards the town of the Murrumbidgee River which is

rising faster than expected as reporter George Roberts explains.

Here at Wagga, the river has dropped quite quickly and as a

result that water is rushing downstream and that's what's

causing that peak at

Narrandera. It's peaking at

higher and quicker than

expected. It's expected to expected. It's expected to hit

about 9 metres and that's

equivalent to the 1974 flood.

For the people that makes this a one in 40-year flood and as a result

the SES is ordering evacuations

in Narrandera today and they'll

obviously be inspecting that

levee to see whether that will

hold and how much of the levee

will be breached by the water

that's heading downstream.

From there it will head to the other Murrumbidgee River communities such as Leeton and

Haye further downstream. What

is the situation in Griffith and Forbes? Well, in

Griffith, that's serviced by

this sort of network the crops around there and

they've been overloaded with

water from the heavy downfalls they've

they've had of the past couple

of weeks and also the massive

amounts of water coming out of the river system and into those

canals. That's all moving

across the land and it's effectively unpredictable.

It's not like a normal river

that you can say "Well, we have

a gauge on this, we know how

high it is and where it's heading. " This water's heading in all different

directions and we've seen

creeks and new rivers starting

across the landscape. So it's

a bit unpredictable, but there

are still evacuations in place.

There are still a number of communities there that are

still under evacuation order

and while they're trying to go

back in and assess the damage

and clean up businesses and homes there's no word yet on

when they can move back in, or how much further it will be, the flooding will be in the flooding will be in that

area. For Forbes, the river's

static at about 10.5 metres,

but there's a possibility of

there being more flooding there

or it even rising again. That's a bit of uncertainty for

the town of Forbes which is the town of Forbes which is cut

into three by the flooding on

the Lachlan River. You're in

Wagga, how are people in the area coping area coping as the water levels

slowly recede and the extent of

damage is revealed? The people we spoke to yesterday

from Griffith and some of the

areas around here have said it's simply devastating. They weren't expecting the flood to

come up this high and the

people who've lost their

businesses and homes, that's been really hard to deal with.

For the people of north Wagga,

they've been out of their homes

for nearly a week. It's been

completely underwater. That's

just over the river back here.

Now it's expected that the army Now it's expected that the army

will be able to go in there

today and start the clean-up, but

but there's still no word on

when the hundreds of people

from the homes over there will

be able to get back in and get

life back to normal and that's

the same for about 1,000 residents around this region who've been out of their homes

for about a week. George,

thank you. thank you. The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is Leader Tony Abbott is putting Government departments on

notice. He'll slash wasteful spending if the spending if the Coalition wins the next election. Mr Abbott

says he'll set up an audit

commission to conduct a line by

line review of Government

spending. He's used 11,000

public servants as examples of

where savings could be found.

A Coalition would report A Coalition would report back

in four months. If we are

serious about providing a more

pruv economy it's vital to

ensure the Commonwealth and its

agencies are only doing what

they have to and doing it as

efficiently as they can. Paid

parental leave scheme is already funded and would be

offlimits. offlimits. Australian company Newcrest Mining is

facing a backlash from

landowners in Fiji over plans

to mine millions of tonnes of

copper ore in a previously

undeveloped area. The project

is so crucial to Fiji's

economy, the country's military

ruler is personally involved in

negotiations with landholders. Reporter Philippa McDonald

filed this report from the

proposed mine site north-west

of Suva. It's pristine and not

far from the Coral Coast.

Mountains and valleys, a river

and streams unspoilt by

development. The villagers

here run their electricity off

a generator and they only got

flushing toilets a decade flushing toilets a decade ago. Never mind we're poor... the

concern inside our heart is our land and our future generation.

Newcrest Mining has a 70%

stake in a proposed copper and

goldmine here which would goldmine here which would tap

into one of the largest

undeveloped deposits in the world. The economic

ramifications are so big the

office of Fiji's interim Prime

Minister has taken charge of

negotiations. Just the

initial infrastructure to put

in before any work initially

gets started would be around $1 billion Fiji. They're

concerned about the massive

scale of the mine. Two open-cut pits the size of

hundreds of rugby fields and a hundreds of rugby fields and a tailings dam estimated to be

the size of 1,000 rugby fields.

Newcrest Mining says 2,000

people will be employed

building the mine and there'll

be a permanent workforce of

1,000, but the locals here say

they're crying for their land

and they don't want the mine to be built be built under any

circumstances. An Australian

sustainable mining specialist

says Fiji needs to avoid the

problems experienced in similar

projects in Papua New Guinea. There's been significant

amounts of waste materials

being flushed down through the

system and that's had significant downstream impact

both on the river and also on

the flood plain communities adjacent to those.

Newcrest Mining declined the ABC's request for an interview.

The company says it's confident

the mine will go ahead subject

to the findings of an environmental impact

assessment. It's already built

a kindergarten in one village

and provided assistance for 170

locals to go to university.

Electricity costs are on the

rise, the carbon tax is coming,

now corporations are looking

more closely at the financial

benefits of going green. Business

the country have been in the country have been in Sydney this week getting tips on

sustainable development at a

building that has a 6 green

star rating. That's the highest score possible and it's

savingtonants big bucks with energy efficient measures

shaving $2 million a year off

the running costs. Even the

Prime Minister is planning to

make this building home for her

offices in Sydney. This is

what $600 million worth of

green building looks like.

It's packed with energy-saving

features like double windows with automated bleends that

only deploy when needed and a

black water recycling program

that can save up to an Olympic

pool's worth of drinking water

every two weeks. That every two weeks. That means

we can supply 90% of our we can supply 90% of our water, massively reduce our airconditioning energy loads. We are going to reduce the

running costs in this building

in the order of $2 million a

year. Recycled rainwater feeds a green wall, there are

solar panels and louvres bring fresh air to the highest

levels. That's earned the

building a 6 green star rating.

It's a world leadership

building. There are only a building. There are only a few

in Australia. Tenants will

come to buildings such as this

and pay more to be in it. As a long-term owner future to ensure that our

investment is still sound investment is still sound and highly relevant in the

marketplace. Dexus says the

key to affordability is getting the design right rather than

retro fitting. It says costs

are coming down and energy efficient features will become

the norm. For visiting

business leaders business leaders it's a glimpse

of what's possible. Creating

quality buildings that are

comfortable to be in and it's

an important thing to do.

They're ranging dramatically

from just being energy or water

efficient to now looking at

healthier ways of living and

working. This Bligh Street building will become the Sydney

headquarters of the Prime Minister's Commonwealth

officers and perhaps the

savings from going green will help other tenants stay in the

black. Let's go to some of

the other stories making the other stories making news

in business. Qantas' plans to

create a premium Asian airline

have been thrown into disarray. It's announced talks with Malaysia Airlines have failed.

Qantas says Asia remains a

priority and it wants to expand

in the region, but given global

uncertainty it will allocate

minimal capital to Asian

ventures. The Tasmanian timber

company Gunns says potential

investor Richard Chandler

Corporation has pulled out of

its bid to take a 40% its bid to take a 40% stake in the company. the company. Gunns'

shareholders were due to vote on the Singapore-based

company's $150 million offer in

April. The deal was widely

seen to be crucial for the

company to shore up plans for

its Tamar Valley pulp mill

project. And, more jobs are going in the finance industry

with Insurance Australia Group

announcing 600 positions will

be axed at its CGU unit. be axed at its CGU unit. The

jobs will be gone by the end of

2015. IAG wants to save 2015. IAG wants to save $65 million. Global markets have been watching and it appears

Greece has been able to scrape

through yet another deadline

and save itself from bankruptcy. trying to convince 30 European

banks and other private

investors to take steep losses

on their holdings of Greek

Government bonds. That would

clear the way for a second

international bailout. Athens

wants 90% of creditors to

agree. The deadline expired

this morning with reports that

95% of investors had said yes,

but official figures won't be

announced until late this afternoon.

afternoon. Lets take a check

of the markets with Elysse

Morgan. All eyes on Greece?

Investors are looking quietly

confident ahead of the official announcement. The All Ordinaries Index is around 0.5%

higher. The ASX200 is matching

those gains. The major banks

are mixed. Westpac and NAB are

up while the other two are losing ground. Among stocks

clawing back recent losses. Rio Tinto's one that's 2% higher and shares higher and shares in Gloucester

Coal are up slightly after the

Federal Government approved its merger with Chinese-owned

Yancoal. We had that big announcement from Qantas, how's

that affecting the share that affecting the share price? Stocks in the airline Stocks in the airline are

being dumped understandably.

Now that's after the

partnership with Malaysia Airlines is off the cards.

Some analysts say it's a very

bad news for Qantas as it won't

survive without an Asian-based

partner. Shares are down 3%.

How's Gunns going after its potential investor walked away?

Investors are still waiting for

for their chance to react.

Shares remain in a trading halt

at 16 cents and just before we

look at the top movers, shares

in insurance group IAG up 1.5%

after announcing its

restructure. Checking the top

movers in the ASX top 100 now.

OneSteel out in front of the

pack. Wall Street recovered most

of the week's losses of the week's losses as Greece

moved closer to that debt deal.

The former UN

Secretary-General Kofi Annan

has warned that outside military intervention in the

Syrian conflict would only make

the situation worse. Mr Annan

has been appointed by the UN

and Arab League as special

envoy to Syria. His comments

came after the UN humanitarian

chief described chief described the devastating scenes she'd encountered on scenes she'd encountered on her visit to the worst hit visit to the worst hit area in the city of Homs. Foreign

affairs editor Peter Cave

reports. Leaving yet another

meeting with Syrian officials, the UN's humanitarian chief

didn't have much to say, but her comments were to the her comments were to the point.

Of course I was devastated by

what I saw in Babr Amr

yesterday. The hopes of the

United Nations and the Arab

League for a breakthrough on

Syria are now with their

special envoy. He says any

solution must be political.

I hope no-one is thinking very

seriously of using force in

this situation. I believe any further militarisation will make the situation worse. make the situation worse.

Even as Kofi Annan warned of

the dangers of militarisation, opposition groups were warning

of a big build-up of government

forces near the Turkish border -

Syrian Army. They say it may

be a prelude to a major

military offensive. In their

words, another Babr Amr. But the government suffered a

setback when the most senior

official yet - the deputy oil

minister - defected to the opposition saying he would opposition saying he would no

longer serve a criminal

TRANSLATION: I do not want to

end my career end my career serving the

crimes of this regime and I

choose to join the voice of

justice. He warned that the country was on the brink of

disaster. He said the economy

was about to collapse and the

regime was doomed. A former

US marine convicted of stabbing

a Sydney nurse to death has

been handed a life sentence.

Last year, a jury 51-year-old Walter Marsh Last year, a jury found

51-year-old Walter Marsh guilty

of murdering Michelle Beets

outside her Chatswood home outside her Chatswood home two

years ago. Michelle Beets was

his former boss at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital Royal North Shore Hospital and

Marsh cut her throat and

stabbed her over a workplace

grudge. Today in the Supreme Court, wild cheers erupted when

judge Judge Price read out the sentence. Walter Marsh for the murder of Michelle Beets

you are convicted. I you are convicted. I sentence

you to imprisonment for life. The

The sentence is to commence on

19 May 2010, the offender is to

be removed. Judge Price said

the murder was brutal and the murder was brutal and the last moments of Michelle Beets's life would have Beets's life would have been terrifying. In the AFL Melbourne

Jurrah has been granted bail by

an Alice Springs court today

where he's facing charges over

a machete attack. Jurrah is in

his north season with the Demons and has Demons and has spent the past

week on family leave. Club

officials flew to Alice Springs

this morning and want to get

him back to Melbourne as soon

as possible. We'll try and

assist and support Liam as much

as we can during this period, understanding that we understanding that we are dealing with incredibly complex

emotional and difficult issues.

The attack happened at an Alice Springs town camp on

Wednesday night. It left a

35-year-old man with severe

head injuries. Jurrah and another 23-year-old man have

been charged with causing serious with an offensive weapon. with an offensive weapon. He

was held in the police

watchouse overnight. The

5-wicket haul by Clint McKay

has helped Australia to a

series-clinching 16-run victory

over Sri Lanka in the day-night

match at the Adelaide Oval.

Clint McKay and Brett Lee

picked up eight of ten wickets

to fall as tourists were bowled

out in the 49th over. Chasing

232 runs for a surprise series

victory, the Sri Lankans

recovered from a poor position

to put themselves within range. Upul Tharanga made 71 and combined with the lower order

to close in on the target, but

when he fell to Shane Watson's

bowling the pendulum swung back

in Australia's favour. Sri Lanka

a quick turnaround, the Australians this morning Australians this morning were

in Sydney to board a flight to

the Caribbean. There's no

doubt some guys who have

be a little bit tired, but

that's part and parcel of playing international cricket.

You are playing just about all

year round. Australia year round. Australia will play five 1-day internationals

in the West Indies. On Sunday

Japan will stop to remember the

massive earthquake and tsunami

of a year ago. About 19,000

people died in the people died in the terrible

waves. The tsunami also

triggered the world's worst nuclear crisis in a quarter of

a century at Fukushima. Mark

Willacy has revisited some of

the coastal communities at its

epicentre. It sits 800m

inland. A haunting reminder of

the indiscriminate power of the

earthquake and the terrifying

waves it gave rise to. waves it gave rise to. Swept

ashore by the tsunami, this 330

tonne fishing trawler smashed

homes, crushed cars and

destroyed lives. And it will

stay right here where it was

dumped by the waves if the Kesennuma Government Kesennuma Government gets its way.

TRANSLATION: Yes, this boat provokes painful memories for the people here. We want to

keep this boat as a memorial to

the danger of tsunamis. In

Kesennuma, anything that wasn't obliterated by water was

consumed by fire. So to some,

the very thought the city the very thought the city would

like to keep this 60 metre long

boat where it sits is obscene .

TRANSLATION: I don't like it.

Whenever I look at this ship Whenever I look at this ship I

remember the tsunami. I saw this ship

this ship crush most of the houses that

houses that were once here. It

was terrible. Towering over

Kesennuma is the goddess of

mercy who watches over the

safety of the town's fishermen.

But many who relied upon the because of it. Erika Koika

used to work at a seafood

processing plant, but it was

swallowed by the tsunami.

TRANSLATION: Before I started

learning how to use a computer

I was very pessimistic. I was mentally damaged, because my home where I was born and

raised was washed away. But

since going back to school I

started to feel more positive.

Kamaishi was recognised Kamaishi was recognised as

having the world's deepest

break water, but not even that could could stop the tsunami destroying almost everything in

its past. A year on from that terrible March day, the wounds

are still very raw all up and

down this coastline. A house

fire sparked by petrol bomb

attack has shocked residents in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs. Police say several petrol bombs

were thrown through a window of

the Vermont south home the Vermont south home just after 11 o'clock land.

Witnesses say they heard

screams and a bang. All of a

sudden I just saw fire. All in

the front garden there was fire

in three or four spots and the

fire was coming out through a bedroom

bedroom window. No-one was

harmed in the attack, but

detectives are investigating. To the weather now and the

satellite shows cloud clearing

over the south-east as a low

moves across the Tasman Sea.

Patchy cloud over the tropics

with a monsoon trough due to a

ridge of high pressure. The monsoon trough should

strengthen off the north coast generating heavy showers generating heavy showers and thunderstorms. Isolated

showers along the NSW coast. A

high should keep the remainder

of the country dry. A final check of the


That's the news for now on a

day when mining billionaire

Gina Rinehart lost her court

bid to keep details of a bid to keep details of a family

feud quiet. There's continuous

news on ABC News 24 and there's

also news on-line. Our next

full bulletin on ABC1 is at 7

o'clock this evening. I'm Ros