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Tonight - more than a month's

rain in just one day in and the

region braces for more. We have

received in excess of 360

calls. We still have a

reasonably large number of

those outstanding. James

Murdoch steps down from the

British arm of his father's

newspaper business. A boost for

the Raiders as Josh Dugan signs

on for another two years. My

heart was always here with

Canberra. (Sings) # Hey hey

we're the 'Monkees'. The

'Monkees''s frontman Davy Jones

dies at the age of 66.

Good evening, welcome to ABC

News. I'm Virginia

Haussegger. The region's flood

emergency is continuing as we

go to air tonight with more

than two-thirds of NSW

underwater or on flood watch. As persistent rain continues,

parts of Cooma, Goulburn and

Cowra have been evacuated, with

many more householders told to

prepare for the worst. With

more heavy rain forecast for

the next few days there is

little reprieve in sight. The

rain didn't let up and the

creeks kept rising. By

mid-morning parts of Cooma were

almost unrecognisable. You

seen it like this before? No,

not like this. This floods

regularly but not to this

degree. This is serious. It

comes up a little but not like

this. This is bad. The

emergency services weren't

taking any chances asking more

than 500 residents and

businesses to seek higher

ground. Anyone that lives on

Cooma creek and Cooma back

creek are at risk, as both

creeks merging together, they

will - the water does start to

build up. Some heeded the warnings straightaway, stocking

up and getting out. But this

long-term resident chose to stay, saying she's seen the situation a lot more

serious. It is a bit

frightening but in the 100 year

flood I believe it come up to

about here. The SES was kept

busy throughout the day. We

have received a number of

requests for assistance, for

leaking roofs and for also

people to assist with sand-bagging. Farmers were

occupied moving animals to

higher ground. What are your

priorities at the moment?

Keeping the animals dry and

watching it, keeping an eye on it. This nursing home was

temporarily evacuated. And

Cooma's ex services club became

a hive of activity. In the

State's south-east parts of

Goulburn were also evacuated as the Wollondilly River broke its

banks. It is hard to imagine

this town was left almost

waterless in the midst of the

drought, now it has had two

serious floods in less than two

years. In Cowra in the State's

central west, the Lachlan River

is continuing to rise and areas

of risk have been promptly evacuated. With wet weather

expected for much of the coming

month it could be a miserable

autumn for many in the region.

Cooma is facing an imminent

flood emergency. In the past

couple of hours, flood waters

have risen rapidly and the SES

is door-knocking homes around

Cooma creek and back creek to

make sure people previously

evacuated have not returned

home. Stephen Coles is with the

SES in Cooma and joins us on

the phone. Earlier today it

appeared that the flood threat

had eased somewhat in Cooma.

What's happened this afternoon

to change that? That is

correct. About 3 p.m. the river

- the creek did rescind about

1.5m from the height at 10 a.m.

but with the large downpour we

had between 3 o'clock and

onwards it raised the river at

one point by 2.5m and that was

within an hour. With the large

downpour within an hour the

creek rose quickly. I take it

you're continuing to evacuate

people? Yes, we evacuated all

the residents from 8.30 this

morning. The decision was made

to again go around and

doorknock the residents and

make sure they haven't returned

and they have evacuated and to

remind those that refused to

evacuate to evacuate. What is

the likelihood of homes and

businesses being inundated, do

you think? We're just

experiencing a bit of rain at

the moment. If this rain

continues and gets heavier, any

large amount of rain, I have

got at least a metre, it will

cause the levy banks at some

parts of the town to overlap

and force flooding in other

parts of the town. We're still

concerned. Heavy rain is still

expected over the next couple

of days and we're saying that tonight could be an

issue. Stephen, we will stay

tuned and thank you very much

for that update. We will come

back to you later on tonight if

need be. In Canberra, many

roads are closed and low-lying

areas at risk of flooding are

steady. Heavy rain continues in

the Territory. The capitals

received more than a month's

rain in the past's day and it's Queanbeyan across the border

that is suffering with scenes

reminiscent of the December

2010 floods. Kathleen Dyatt

reports. It was a matter of

curiosity for some. It looks

amazing with the water going

near the trees and around

it. It is quite spectacular as

long as it doesn't do the damage. That is the heart of

the matter. As the Queanbeyan

River steadily rose, nearby

businesses weren't taking any

chances. We have to take the precaution, especially for the

guests. All the guests have

been relocated to other

hotels. A riverside caravan

park packed up well before any evacuation order could be

issued. At the moment we

thought it was probably better

to do it in daylight hours

rather that if it happened to 2

o'clock in the morning. Some businesses were content to go

with the flow. I am excited and

optimistic and appreciate of

the fact that the Googong is

full. Parts of Queanbeyan were

warned they might have to

evacuate because of moderate to

major flooding. But the city

saw worst floods in 2010 and

lessons have been learnt. Given

it was only 14 months ago there

is a state of real preparedness across Queanbeyan at the

moment. The ACT was also

prepared for a deluge and it

came. Canberra received more

rain today than it usually

would for the whole of

March. We have received in

excess of 360 calls. We still have a reasonably large number

of those outstanding but we

have as many crews as we can have on the road at the moment. The downpour swallowed

the old Cotter Dam and it is

causing damage at the new dam

wall. Tonight we will probably

see the new Cotter Dam overtop,

which is not something we

wanted to see happen at this

time, but it is a very solid

structure, it will be fine. The

rain's expected to ease off

across the ACT tomorrow but the

region is not out of the woods

yet. More rain is forecast for

the weekend. That was Kathleen

reporting. Kathleen joins us

now from Queanbeyan. Locals are

still nervously watching water

levels and a number of streets

are facing the threat of

evacuation. Kathleen, the river

was expected to peak right

about now. What is the

situation, has that happened?

Virginia, the river was

expected to peak at about 6.2m

but it is lower than that. It

is now at about 5.5m. That is

compared to 3.5m that it was

yesterday morning. They is

still an evacuation warning in

place for 10 streets in Queanbeyan. The river is steadily rising with the

rainfall. Those residents have

been told they need to get the

belongings together and be

ready to leave at short notice. Does it look ominous.

Are you sensing that people

down there are getting nervous?

It is really hard to say where

the river will go from here.

The people I have spoken too

aren't too worried. Some

businesses are concerned that

they might experience some

damage if the river gets much

higher. The general feeling is

people are prepared. They have

learnt from the floods in

December 2010 where the river

reached 8.4m. They tell me they

have a flood strategy and they

know what to expect. They're

keeping an eye on on it but

they feel confident they can

tackle what is coming. What

sort of emergency services

operations are under way at the

moment? The SES has been on

24-hour calls since 6 a.m.

yesterday. They have been flat

out and answered more than 70

requests for help. They're

prepared to set up evacuation

centre if they need to and

there will be two of those. One

on either side of the river so people can get where they need

to go. People have to stay

tuned and go to the evacuations

centres if the rain gets

heavier and that river does

rise? That is right. The SES

is really saying "Listen

into-up sdats and make sure

you're aware of what is

happening and be ready to go if

it becomes necessary". Thanks

Kathleen. You can stay tuned to

the situation there on ABC's 666 throughout the evening. The

wet weather is not confined to

NSW and the ACT. Residents in

Victoria's north are also

sand-bagging their homes as

flood waters rise. Towns in the Shepparton area the worst

affected. More than 200 mm of

rain has fallen in the region

in the past few days with close

to 100 mm last night.

Sand-bagging has been going on

all day in a number of

communities. The threat isn't

just from rising waters.

Early this morning a bloke

up the other end grabbed the

gum boots and a snake slithered

out and gave him a fright. Police say it is

difficult to estimate how many

properties are isolated. To

other news now. Horrific

pictures have emerged of an

asylum seeker who as allegedly

tortured while in detention in Indonesia. Police say the

28-year-old escaped from the

detention facility and was

found dead a day after he'd

been recaptured. They say his

body had injuries that were

consistent with torture.

Indonesia correspondent Matt

Brown reports and a warning his

story contains some very

disturbing images. At the

Pontianak detention centre a

bid for freedom has ended in

death. The asylum seekers

escaped by using a spoon to

scape a hole in the ceiling of

a cell only to be recaptured

and returned to the centre by police. TRANSLATION: They were

handed over to us in good

condition. The detention chief

said not to abuse them. But

there has allegedly been some

abuse from our staff. The next

day one of the men, a

28-year-old Afghan, was found

dead and taken to the local

morgue. Police say a doctor

found the asylum seeker died

after being beaten with a blunt object and there were other

signs of torture, apparent

cigarette burns and marks where

his wrists were

bound. TRANSLATION: From the

autopsy we found the wounds

were caused by a blunt object.

Blood had come from his mouth

and his nose and the cause of

death is physical abuse. Two

guards have been brought in for

questioning but they're yet to

be named as suspects. Asylum

seekers have also been wounded

at the Surabaya detention

centre on Java. They say they

were beaten by the guards when

they resisted attempts to

transfer them to Pontianak last

week. The chief of security at

the centre confirms there was a

scuffle but he says the guards

didn't cause any injuries. The

UN's refugee agency says the

man who died at Pontianak was a registered asylum seeker and it

is deeply saddened by his death

but it is still waiting for more information from the

authorities. An Australian

has been arrested at Bali

airport on suspicion of

carrying drugs. Indonesian

authorities are expected to

charge the 54-year-old

Victorian man. The Department

of Foreign Affairs says it is

seeking access to the man to

offer consular assistance. US authorities have accused a

Sydney man of conspiring to export restricted military

technology to Iran. According

to an indictment, David Levick

ordered aircraft parts and

other goods from the United

States on behalf of an Iranian

trading firm. The orders were

allegedly made through thinks

company ICM Components over a

two-year period starting in

2007. Levick says the first he

heard of the indictment was

when he was contacted by the

ABC today. He says ASIO alerted

him to the Iran embargo about

two years ago. As soon as I heard I wasn't supposeder supposed to do anything with

them I stopped it straightaway.

I didn't know we weren't

allowed to supply stuff to

Iran. Mr Levick faces a lengthy

prison term if convicted. North

Korea has agreed to halt its

uranium enrichment program and

spend nuclear and long-range

missile tests in exchange for

American food aid. It is also

agreed to allow monitors from the United Nations nuclear

watchdog access to the country

to confirm the program really

does stop. The United States is

calling for North Korea to go

further. The agreements that

the North Koreans have made are

very welcome. But obviously

they need to be followed up by

actions and commitments to do

something are one thing,

actually doing them are

another. The US is preparing to

send 240,000 tons of food to North Korea butts it will be

sent on the condition that its

distribution is monitored to

ensure it reaches the people in

need and is not delivered to

the military. At least nine

people have been killed by a

string of tornados that tore

through six states in America's

mid-west. The tornados developed overnight and

although warnings were issued some people were sleeping and

didn't hear the alert. The town

of harass burg in Illinois was

one of the worst hit. In Kansas

a couple saved their grandson

from being sucked up by a

tornado. He went airborne and

came all the way over here. He

hit the coffee table and

screamed and rich reacheded out

and caught him. Rescue workers

are searching the wreckages of

homes demolished by the storms

and it is feared the death toll

will rise. - Harrisburg. After

months of scrutiny James

Murdoch has quit the scandal

ridden British arm of his

father's newspaper empire. News

International has been

embroiled in a phone hacking

scandal that has seen the

arrests of former top editors.

Murdoch will no longer manage

newspapers, he's still run News

Corp's television interests. For months the

pressure has been building on

James Murdoch under his watch the 'News of the World' was

closed, there have been arrests

and resignations of executives

and journalists. He told a

parliamentary committee last

July he knew nothing of the

hacking. If I knew then what we

know now, we would have taken more action around that and

moved faster to get to the

bottom of the allegations. MP

Chris Bryant was on the

committee. His phone was hacked

and, he says, James Murdoch's

resignation is overdue. He may

not have been there when the original criminality was

conducted in 2002, 3, 4, 5, 6.

He certainly was there when the

cover-up was organised. The

resignation comes as News International's 'The Sun'

newspaper launched a new Sunday

edition to replace the 'News of

the World' closed over the

hacking and overseeing it all

was Murdoch senior. Someone

said to me one Murdoch running

newspapers is enough and that

one is Rupert. This is far from

the end for James who will

remain a deputy chief operating officer for News Corp. He will

be in charge of global

television interests. With

fresh allegations of corrupt

payments to public officials

involving 'The Sun' newspaper

authorities in the US could

open their own investigation. I

think the executives in New

York will not allow themselves

to be tainted by what went on

in the United Kingdom. They're

going to cooperate as best they

can with the police and that means, if it means James

Murdoch having to lever the

company on tb. Rupert Murdoch

said he was grateful for his

son's leadership at News

International and others are

not lament ing his

departure. This won't draw a

line under News International's

problems with several public

inquiries and police

investigations to conclude.

There is plenty more to come.

On line giant Google has

defied calls by regulators to

suspend a new policy giving it

unprecedented access to the

personal data of its users. The

move takes effect from today and it has sparked strong

opposition from consumer and

privacy advocates across the

globe. Google has begun taking

information from users who have

accounts with G mail YouTube or

any of Google's other 60

services. That data is being

combined with information

gleaned from web searchers. It

makes them able to charge more

to advertisers because they say

that they can target the ads

more directly. Google says

there is benefits for users

too. Just say you do a lot of

searches for cooking and for

recipes, with the updated

privacy policy that means that

we may be able to surface recommendations for cooking

videos on YouTube. Data

collection by companies like

Google and Facebook is

troubling privacy advocates worldwide. They may know more

about you than you do yourself. Governments and

organisations can demand access

to the information through the

courts and there is also a risk

that data could be stolen by

computer hackers. It is kind of

scary to think of that in five

years time what will it be like

then St? Does that mean I

can't put my name anywhere. Google is trying to

allay any fears? Our

commitment to your privacy and

to the security of your

information stays the same. If

you are a Google account holder

and you don't want your web

search history kept there is a

way out. Go to this web site...

sign in and click remove all

web history. Internet companies

say the user is always in

control but privacy advocates

say many users don't have the

time or the inclination to

understand all of the options.

To finance now and house

prices increased in February in

all capitals except Perth and

Brisbane. As Allan Kohler

reports local shares and the dollar went into reverse

today. The national average

house price rose 0.8% to

$435,000 in February according

to the latest index from RP

Data. Prices in Darwin shot up

5%. Hobart 2.2% while prices in

Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and

Canberra went up between 1 and

2%. In Perth and Brisbane,

where retail sales are rising

the most house prices fell

strangely. Here's a chart of

some of the main capital cities

and the trends are broadly

similar except for Melbourne,

it surged from third to second

between 2009 and 2011, a

position it has held onto without threatening Sydney's

lead as Perth did back in 2006.

The share market lost everything it gained yesterday

and a bit more and the cause

seems to be that central banks

give and take away. The European Central Bank unleashed

a new round of lending cheap

euros to 188 European banks

last night in what is called

LTRO. This lot is for 529 billion, more than the injection in December that

resulted in the global stock

market rally in January.

Markets rose tentatively in

Europe. Then the chairman made

a speech in which he was

strangely optimistic so the

investors thought the Fed

wouldn't print more money so the...

This graph says it all. There

is mining investment and then

there's all the rest. Down the

bottom going nowhere. That's

finance. In the 60s he set

countless teenage hearts a

flutter as a frontman of the

'Monkees'. Davy Jones' good

looks and charm helped propel

the band and its TV show to worldwide fame. Today Jones

died of a heart attack at his

gnome Florida. He was 66.

Davy Jones had a dream

job ... The lead singer of the first manufactured boy band

'Monkees'. Made for TV

executives modelled the group

on the beetles with Jones' role

akin to Paul McCartney. Critics

panned them of the prefab four. The press labelled them

as a manufactured band. Like

anything, you make arrangements

to do stuff and whether you're

a DJ or a TV presenter or a

secretary in an office or a

fireman you're interviewed for

the job. His role as the

sweet-faced nice guy had teens

around the world swooning.

How about the flip side?

When they toured here in 1968, Australian girls were

unimpressed when Davy Jones

didn't appear on the hotel

balcony. Where's Davy?

Australia was a huge market

for the 'Monkees'. They had

eight hits in America. They had

collectively separately in

Australia 22 hits. Davy Jones

was born in Manchester,

standing 5 foot 3, he was set

to become a jockey. What do you

want me to do? You want to

know something? I think you

been a jockey. Instead, from this audition he was propelled

to stardom. The 'Monkees' only

a ran for two searchs. Jones

went on to perform sew low but

found opportunities limited by

the premises once a Monkee

always a Monkee. He died in

Florida overnight of a heart

attack. He was 66. The

Raiders of secured a major

boost as they head in their

first game of the season with

star full yak Josh Dugan

signing on for another two

years. The 21-year-old has

finally put pen to paper to extend his contract until the

end of the 2014 season. Despite

reports of him being linked to

rival clubs Dugan says there

wasn't any doubt he would

stay. There was talk about me

leaving and that sort of thing.

I never really had any meetings

with any other clubs and that

sort of thing. My heart was

always here with Canberra. The

club is tight-lipped about how

much they paid to secure Dugan

but confirm the deal includes

third party sponsorships. We're a

developing club, we all develop

the players. Over the years one

of the fans' frustrations is

seeing them pinched. I said all

along, we need support from the

Canberra community. We need to

do what other clubs are doing

to be able to compete. The

Raiders will face the Melbourne

Storm on Saturday at Canberra

stadium. The Socceroos will

take winning moment ment yupt

into the next phase of World

Cup qualifying after a victory

over Saudi Arabia in Melbourne.

Australia scored three goals in

four minutes in the second half

to end Saudi Arabia's hopes of

making the World Cup. The

Socceroos were going to finish

on top of group D regardless of

the result but it was do or die

for Saudi Arabia. Australia

answered when the recalled Mark

Bresciano released Alex

Brosque. Can he finish? He can. Sluggish Socceroos

defending gave the visitors an

opening near half-time. 2-1

Saudi ab ra. The home team

trailed until the 73rd minute

when Brosque and Kewell

combined. Socceroos supporters

had only just sat down when

Brett Emerton set up Brosque.

Emerton ended the Saudi's cup

dream. I am very confident now

with even a greater pool of

players that we have the

quality to make it all the

way. The next stage of

qualifying is in

June. Australia's already

qualified for the tri-series

cricket finals but the players

are still a ball of energy as

they prepare to meet a

desperate Sri Lanka which must

win at the MCG to make the

finals. There is a lot riding

on tomorrow's match now. A lot

of people thought it might have

been a dead rubber but the

series is certainly alive. If

Australia wins then its

opponent in the finals will be

India. Is that in the book?

Is it in the book. Tiger

Woods will be giving the big

miss to a book carrying the

same title by his former coach

Hank Haynie. It says Woods

considered joining the navy at

the height of his career. A

reporter's attempts to clarify

it weren't appreciate

it. You're a beauty. Have a

good day. Woods is hoping for

good days in the tour event in

Florida this week as he builds

up to next month's US

Masters. And now with the

weather and summer is obviously

over because it is the first

time in months that Mark Harmody is not wearing

shorts. It is raining. I can't

wear shorts. Are you dry at

home? The rain has been the

talk of today. As we have seen,

falls more than the monthly

total in one day. Some suburbs

have had big 24 hour totals

like expense who has had 120

mm. The figures on the screen

are from 9 this morning. It was

breezy today with gusts between

50 and 60km/h around 3 o'clock.

It is still raining here and

it is 16. As we have seen, the

rain caused flooding in a

number of centres and no wonder

with heavy falls overnight. In

the last 24 hours falls

included 87, 50. The

temperatures were dawn.

The radar is still showing

widespread showers moving to

the east stretching from the

north of Sydney to the

Victorian border. Around the

country today...

The cloud that is causing

this rain stretches through the

centre of Australia which

indicates that this rain will

continue for a few days yet.

The cloud is associated with a slow-moving trough which might

bring showers not only to our

region but to parts of SA and

Tasmania. In the State capitals


Rainfall tomorrow follows the

cloud band. There is also some

over the Top End. Ed cloud

over the State breaks up a

little tomorrow, which

indicates the rain might not be

as heavy as today. The showers

will move to the north before

being pushed more

north-westerly by moderate

south-easterly winds. It will

be wet around our local region

again tomorrow...

Virginia, a yellow Budlie, it

was the only shiny thing I saw

all day today. You're lucky you

found that. Before we go a

brief recap of the top stories

tonight - widespread flooding

has forced more evacuations as record-breaking rain continues

doos NSW and the ACT. Flood

waters are rising rapidly in

Cooma, putting hundreds of

homes at risk. Evacuation

orders are also in place in

Goulburn and Cowra. Canberra

has received more than a

month's rain over the past 24

hours. That is the news for

now. You have been watching the

ABC's Canberra news bulletin on

ABC 1. There will be regular

local flood updates on ABC

radio 666 this evening and

overnight and on line. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Thanks for

joining me. Stay with us for

'7.30' with Chris Uhlmann. Good

night. Closed Captions by CSI.

This Program Is Captioned

Live. Tonight, Facebook

fracas. How will the army deal

with some rats in the rank s?

I am disgusted, dis appointed

and concerned. So I see, I

think, I wonder. And fit to

teach? Would you want your

child taught by someone with

six weeks' training? I believe

I've had a positive impact in

my classroom. The Federal

Government has been sold a pup.

There's been an angry

backlash from members of an

army Facebook page exposed for

xenophobic and sexist behaviour

online. 7:30 uncovered the site

last night and Defence Force

chiefs have promised to take

action against any current

soldiers implicated in the

abuse but victims of past cases

of online discrimination don't

take that promise seriously.