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Tonight - Indonesian

soldiers implicated in the Java

asylum boat tragedy. A judge

says the murder of an Indian

man which sparked a diplomatic

row wasn't racially motivated.

Doctors move to allay fears

about faulty breast implants.

And - immortalised in bronze.

The spin king gets a stat few

at the MCG. -- a statue. Good evening. Welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. The Federal Government has

bowed to pressure and agreed to

revisit the possibility of

using Nauru as an immigration

processing centre. Minister

Chris Bowen has confirmed he will send the will send the opposition a

written plan which will include

Malaysia, Papua New Guinea Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and

Nauru as possible options for

offshore processing. The

minister's olive branch comes

after the latest asylum boat

tragedy off Java. More bodies

were recovered today. And as

Matt Brown reports, it now appears Indonesian soldiers

helped set up the ill-fated

trip. From would-be freedom

ferry to death ship. The boat

that carried around 200 asylum

seekers to a watery grave has

been brought back to shore.

Searchers are still finding

corpses washed hundreds of

went down in Far East Java and kilometres from where the

even Bali. We found the bodies badly

badly decomposed. For

Fishermen, soldiers and sailors

alike the gruesome recovery

task continues but Indonesian

military personnel are accused

of playing a much darker role

soldiers have been questioned in this tragedy. Several

accused of involvement in the smuggling venture. I don't

have the final report yet but

if it comes to punishing them

we'll go by the book. The owners of the doomed boat have

accused the soldiers of hiring

the vessel and organising

transport to get the passengers

on board. There's now mounting evidence that Indonesian

soldiers play an intrinsic role

in the smuggling operations.

The ABC has confirmed their

involvement in cases as far

afield as far eastern

Indonesia, northern Indonesia

and in Java. While there's talk

of a policy compromise of a policy compromise in

Canberra, the tragedy remains a political football. The the issue without a written

proposal. Late this afternoon,

the government agreed. The

Liberal Party say they have concerns about Malaysia. We

have concerns about Nauru. But the time for yelling at each

other about this issue has

stopped. This latest tragedy

has galvanised

it's not the first, and as long

as the boats continue coming,

it won't be the last. That's

why we need Nauru. The

survivors of being sent to

immigration detention centres.

But some still insist they won't stop trying to make the

dangerous voyage.

The Top End is on alert for cyclone Grant which is expected to develop on Christmas Eve.

The system is moving slowly

towards Darwin, but forecasters

are unsure where it may hit. A tiny island community north

east of Darwin may be the first

to feel the wrath of cyclone Grant. The residents of Croker Island are Island are no strangers to

disaster. In 2005, Cyclone

Ingrid battered the island and

residents are prepared if

history repeats. We have a

brand new cyclone shelter here.

Everything is in readiness if

Bureau it does eventuate. The Weather

Bureau expects a cyclone will

form in the early hours of

Christmas Eve. The system is

slowly moving south towards Darwin. Having formed into a

cyclone, it could still go towards

towards the south-east towards

the Gove peninsula. It's

tending to be a strong

consensus that it would go

towards the south west. In

Darwin, people are readying

themselves, boats are being

secured in preparation for big tides. The Northern Territory

Police commissioner says people

need to valuate if their home

is likely to withstand the

impact of a cyclone. If you

choose to leave there are two

options. One is that you go to one of the that are available in the

Darwin region. Or you leave

Darwin. Royal Darwin Hospital

is on high alert. The national

on stand-by to coordinate critical care response team is

medical services. Should a disaster

deal with a number of casualties. In fact, with the

assistance of the Trauma Centre

we can see up to 2 to 3,000

casualties if that were to be

the case. In Queensland, ex-tropical cyclone Fina has

caused strong swells and haze

yes skies. Almost a year on

from cyclone Yasi, people in

Townsville are bracing for what

this cyclone season may

bring. We just recently had a meeting of upcoming season. We're management group to discuss the

upcoming season. We're as

prepared as we can be. Wild

weather may dominate parts of

Christmas in parts of northern

Australia this year. All people

can do now is watch and wait.

Melbourne teenager for the A judge has jailed a

murder of an years ago. 21-year-old Nitin

Garg was fatally stabbed as he

was walking through work to a

park. The incident heightened

tensions between India and

Australia, but the judge found

the motive for the attack was robbery not racism. Nitin

Garg's death came amid a series

of racist attacks on Indian

nationals in Australia. But in

sentencing Mr Garg's killer to 13 years' jail, Justice Paul

Coghlan found he was simply an

spontaneous crime, saying: innocent and random victim of a

The 21-year-old was walking

through Cruikshank Park on his

way to work the night shift at

a fast food store when the then

15-year-old boy pulled out a

knife and demand his knife. In

the ensuing scuffle Garg was

stabbed to the abdomen. He

rushed to hospital but died

several hours later. The

incident and ensuing manhunt

further inflamed relations

between the two countries.

Sections of the Indian media

said Australia was unsafe and

accused police of not doing

enough to protect Indians. It

was only the eventual

confession from the boy's

friend that gave police the

break they needed. He later

pleaded guilty to murder and attempted armed robbery. Justice Paul Coghlan said while

he accepted the boy was remorseful, his plea of guilty

had not come at the earliest

opportunity. Indeed, he'd been captured on police with his mother. The

17-year-old who cannot be

identified has spent a year and

a half in custody, he faces

another 6.5 years behind bars

before being eligible for


Authorities are investigating how a how a five-year-old boy fell

from a moving train from a moving train on the way

to Cairns last night. It's

believed he fell from a doorway between two carriages.

Amazingly he escaped serious

injury and was found by a

passing motorist not far from

the tracks. It could easily

have been a Christmas tragedy.

A five-year-old boy falling from a moving train. It's

utterly remarkable that this

child is alive and well, safe

and well. It's a miracle that

they've survived this ordeal and been able to be located.

The boy was travelling with his

family from Brisbane to Cairns

when his mother noticed him missing around 7 o'clock. He

was later found by a motorist, wandering near the

tracks. And has told

investigators he fell through

an open door between two of the Sunlander's Sunlander's carriages.

Alongside the relief he

survived there is shock he managed

managed to fall in the first

place. That's a terrible safety

issue. We weren't issue. We weren't really

surprised. We came up here on

Monday. And the doors all open.

There's no locks on the carriage doors. It's not the greatest. The incident has

prompted Queensland Rail to withdraw the carriage and ramp

up safety announcements and

signage. It's extremely serious

and that's why we're doing a

full and thorough investigation

into it, so understand firstly what's occurred and then to

address that and make sure that

it doesn't happen again. It's

been operating for more than a

generation. There is a critical

element here, but if something

is identified that needs to be

quickly amended in order to facilitate operation then we will. It's

not the historic train but but

passengers who may be to blame.

A spokesman for the relevant

says he can't understand how

the accident could've happened

but there has been an issue

with some passengers smoking

between the carriages and not closing the door afterwards.

The 'Sun'lander is due to be

replaced by a new tilt train in

2014. Health authorities are

trying to allay the concerns of

4,500 Australian women who've received suspect breast

implants. The implants made by

the French company PIP have a

high rupture rate and have been

linked with a rare form of cancer. The Therapeutic Goods

Administration is seeking more information from France, but

for now, it says there's no

cause for concern. This is the

implant that has thousands of women worried about their

health. And this is what it

looks like once it's ruptured.

That concern is deepest in France, where the implants were

manufactured. Women have protested calling on the government to pay for the

implants to be removed. The

problem is more acute there,

because it appears the gel used

may have been industrial rather

than medical grade, sparking

fears of cancer if there is a rupture. But

been exported to many countries including Australia and

Britain. In the UK, Britain. In the UK, experts

have been reassuring the 40,000

women affected there that there

is no danger. British women do

not need to be worried. We have

looked extensively and with our

experts at an association with

cancer, at the toxicity of the

filler and breastfeeding and we

can find no safety issues. But

that's no comfort for Rachel.

Her implant ruptured, requiring

surgery. I had a little girl

four weeks ago today. I can't

breastfeed properly. Surgeons

say those who feel they may be

at risk need to have them

checked out. They need to

discuss whether there is a reason to have a surgical

procedure. They mustn't be

hustled too doing into doing

something you urgent le. The

company has shut down and a

criminal investigation is under

way. No consolation for tens of

thousands of women worldwide

who now live with uncertainty

and fear.

A series of explosions has

rocked Baghdad just days after

US forces with grew from the

Iraqi capital. A government health official has reported

the death toll could be as high

as 40, with 150 wounded. The

coordinated attack of more than

10 explosions stuck early in

the city's rush hour. The US

says the transition of power in

North Korea appears to be going

smoothly after the death of Kim

Jong Il. State media has

broadcast more extraordinary

scenes of public grieving as

people file past Kim's body in Pyongyang. The government says

5 million people have attended

services to pay their respects

to the former leader. Concerns

the new leadership would try to

assert itself by attacking the

south have proven unfounded. We

haven't seen any unusual

movements by the North Korean

military. This appears to be a

relatively smooth transition on

the peninsula and we hope it

stays that way. The industrial

zone jointly operated by Nort and South Korea appears to be running

running normally. The joint venture is funded by the south,

but staffed by workers from the north. north. And is a rare of example of cooperation between the two

countries. In contrast to the hysterical scenes in North

Korea the Czechs are giving

former President Vaclav Havel a

dignified farewell. His body is

lying in state in Prague Castle the seat of Czech Presidents

after being carried through the

streets past thousands of

mourners. The ceremony was held

within the castle before dignitaries including the

current President and his wife

and Havel's widow and daughter.

Three days of official mourning

will end with a state funeral.

The man accused of The man accused of murdering five members of one family in

Sydney has lost his bid to be

free on bail before Christmas.

Robert Xie's lawyer argued the

case against him was weak,

there was no most tifr and it's

likely more than one person was

the killer. But the court ruled

that the lack of a motive doesn't weaken doesn't weaken the Crown's

case. Robert Xie's wife was in court

court to support him even

though he is accused of killing

five members of her family. In

applying for bail the

47-year-old's lawyer told the

court the case against Xie is weak and weak and the DNA evidence doesn't stand up.

The defence says it's complete

complete fantasy that Robert

Xie killed for money because Xie killed for money because he

has substantial means of his

own. He said he lacked the

military or martial arts

experience that would make him

capable of bashing five people

to death. He is accused of

murdering his prornl, his wife, her sister and two other family

members. Robert Xie was charged in May, according to his lawyer. He's

also the criticised delays in

the ongoing police

investigation. In opposing bail, the Crown said the

murders were hate filled and

personal, telling the court: She said there

where no motive can be

demonstrated and argued that Mr

Xie was a flight risk with financial ties in China N

refusing bail magistrate Julie

Huber said she wasn't satisfied

the Crown case was weak or

there were unusual delays. She

said the fact there's no motive does not weaken the Crown's

case, it simply doesn't

strengthen it.

The logging row has flared

again after a big international

timber supplier banned Tasmanian timber products on

environmental grounds. It was

proposing to use the Tasmanian wood

the London Olympics. Now it says it would rather stay out of the fight between Tasmania's

timber companies and for

evident activists. This is what the supposed peace in the

forests looks like. Activists

still on top of trees and in a battle that now reaches all

way to London. We're not there

to savage the forests. We're

here to try to buy product in a

responsible manner. And act in

a responsible manner as our business. Ian Attwood is the Managing Director of

International Plywood, which

was using Tasmanian timber

bought from the company Ta Ann

to build sites for the

Olympics. Activists flew to London to stop it. The reason

that we've stopped or suspended purchaseing from Ta Ann is

mainly because of the

controversy around the logging

in Tasmania forestry. So we

went to London to visit a

number of companies to inform

happening. The peace deal does

say these forests shouldn't be logged but Forestry Tasmania

says the forests are still

being assessed to determine if

they are actually of high conservation value and that the

deal also allows them to continue logging to supply Ta

Ann. It says Ann. It says activists are extorting potential

customers. We're talking about

a situation here that is

reminiscent of the 1930s where

if you didn't pay money for

protection your shop was burned

the next day. The same is

occurring today. Timber

company Ta Ann had celebrated

being involved in the

Olympics. We're stoked. Now

it's furious. It's certified as

sustainable by an international accreditation scheme. Our real

concern is that if our

customers don't buy from us then they're going to buy from potentially illegally logged

sources. But the Greens are

predicting further pain for the

company. There's a growing international furore international furore over the activities involving logging of Tasmania's high conservation

value forests. The promised

peace in the forest doesn't

even appear to be a truce. To

finance now. A multibillion

dollar cash injection by Europe's Central Bank has

failed to calm global markets.

With equities and With equities and the

Australian dollar both ending

the day weaker. It's Christmas

, so the European central bank

handed out nearly 500 billion

euros worth of cut-price loans.

The retail index is heading

back to the depths of 2009 when

consumers were spooked by the

end of the world part 1. Not

much survived today's selling. Investors have been moving

into other safe havens like the

US dollar. This graph's one

line represents the relationship between a US

dollar measure and the MSCI

world index, an index of global

stocks. The more the line falls

below zero the black line the

greater the difference in performance

performance between the dollar

and global equities. So when

world equities fall, the dollar

rises and vice versa. The

divergence hasn't been greater

than it is right now, showing

people are still rushing

the US dollar. Since August when

when the European crisis intensified the world equity

index is down 12%, but the

dollar is up 8%. And the

Australian dollar is swinging

with the global mood. So it's

generally weaker. And that's

finance. Tonight's Twenty20 match between the

Renegades and Perth Scorchers

could determine Australia's

final line-up for the Boxing

Day Test. The game will serve

as a fitness Test for top order

batsman Shaun Marsh who says

he's overcome a serious back

injury. After a frustrating

start to the summer that's seen

him confined to the nets more

than any other batsman, Shaun

Marsh is finally ready to

stride out to the middle. I have worked very hard in the

last week and a half to get

myself in this position. The last two or three days have

been really good. I've had

extended net practice. Should Marsh come through tonight's

Twenty20 fixture unscathed, he will almost the Australian batting line-up

at No. 3 for the Boxing Day

Test and he has friends in high places. It's really important

that he gets a long run at it.

He has to get his body right.

He has to keep himself on the

park, that he can play and perform for a period of time

of games then be injured. rather than play a all couple

Warne had more than just Marsh

on his mind today with a bronze

statue of the 42-year-old

unveiled at the MCG. It's the

first of five to Amir in

Melbourne's Yarra park over the

next five years. I feel very

honoured. Former Test captain

Mark Taylor paid tribute to

Warneed a today's Warneed a today's ceremony and

also heaped praise on new Test

opener Ed Cowan. I love that

selection. He has demanded selection. Something like nine first-class hundreds in the

last two years. He has said to

the selectors I'm ready to play. Give me an

opportunity. India will get its first look at the S CG with a training session tomorrow afternoon. Five Canberra

Cavalry players have taken part

Baseball in the inaugural Australian

Baseball League All-Star Baseball League All-Star game

in Perth. Cavalry pitcher Mike

McGuire was credited with setting up the World All-Star's

team 8-5 victory over the home

side. The game was the first of

its kind and featured eight

Major League baseball players

from the United States.

Tropical Cyclone Fina is likely

this year's Sydney-Hobart to generate a big swell for

fleet. The Weather Bureau has

released a long-range forecast

for the race, predicting a fast

start, fueled by a strong

northerly before a wind change

to the south. This was a day

all about the weather at the gloomy Cruising Yacht Club

navigators were deciphering the

long-range weather forecast. A

lot of changeability in the

wind direction. It will be the fickle nature of that wind

direction over that first one

to two days that will impact winds turning south west,

southerly, south easterly. We

don't see another tail wind after the first six hours.

Crew also also have to deal

with the fall-out from Tropical

Cyclone Fina. We'll have waves

from the north east generated

by the cyclone. Then overnight

as the southerly builds we will have waves from the south. There is a lot of discussion here about the sea and the

swell and that alters your

tactics considerably . Once the

boat starts getting beaten up

by a sea wave, you know you

have to start to reassess how

you sail the boat. It's a mixed

picture for the smaller boats

come too. It's not just the fronts

come through but how we

position each front that through with the other boats.

So it's going to be a real

challenge. This is being

called a classic Sydney-Hobart

forecast with erratic winds and

a decent swell. There's no

expectation there will be a

race record set this afraid it's out the window. Someone who will set a

benchmark is crisper see, the

youngest skipper since age

restrictions were introduced. I

think I've got a good handle of

it, to make the right calls at

the right times and, yeah, get

to Hobart. He will sail on 'Alacrity' with his father


If you ever wondered where puggles come from you're not

alone. The nocturnal habits of

echidnas are still a mystery but a wildlife sanctuary on the Gold Coast is having breed

success by spying on the shy

mammals. Meet Migy the Currumbin wildlife sanctuary's

newest short beaked echidna

puggle. It's not yet known whether it's a boy or a girl.

But fingers are crossed he is a

she and will contribute to the

sanctuary's breeding program.

The puggle is the 16th echidna

born in captivity an

already proving elusive. He is

yet. Sometimes we open the box a bit too young to be exploring

and he is missing. We have to

do a hunt around the exhibit to

find him. Pig yes's pop is

Jack and his role in the

breeding cycle was limited breeding cycle was limited to

the conception. Mum Tacky has

the parental responsibility. He

will feed from his mum until

about seven months of age. And

he has milk, they are mammals.

They don't have teats, there's

pores on the belly and the milk

expresss from that, then the

little one will lick it off her

fur. It's a prickly subject but

exactly how they breed is intriguing. The boy basically

wedges her up against a solid

object, a rock or a log or

digs a little C shaped moat

around her, he lies on his

side, she lies on his belly and

away they go. This is the

breeding closure. Although

echidnas are private animals in here their every move,

including their rude moves, are

captured on camera. The footage

helps helps handlers monitor the

breeding pairs. The short beaked echidna is still commonly found throughout

Australia, but habitat

destruction and domestic dogs are impacting on their numbers.

There you go. Mark calm gee just learnt something. Here he is with our weather news. Yes,

it's amazing what you hear on

the ABC News but thanks

Virginia and good evening. And

it's always exciting around

Christmas and the weather today

added to it. 14 overnight, in

partly cloudy and hot but we

got to 25. Then it became

apocalyptic, black skies, with

storms sweeping across parts of

north the city, particularly in the

Monsoonal cloud covers most

of the Top End and is there is scattered cloud down the east

coast A trough lies off the

coast and another covers much of inland New South Wales.

systems will result in some showers around our region till well after Boxing Day. It's Christmas, so two

flowers, the country women's

association flora subject for

2012, and continuing the native

theme a West Australian

maleluca that could be seen flowering beautifully in our

magnificent Botanic Gardens. Thank you, Mark.

Finally tonight a long lost

piece of rock music history has

been rediscovered to the delight of

delight of David Bowie fans.

hit 'Jean Genie' was thought to This live performance of his


have been erased by the BBC,

soon after it was broadcast in

1973. But a cameraman kept one

of the videotapes not realising

his was the only cop mee in SONG: # Jean Genie

# Let yourself go # Critics

say the live performance

without backing tracks or

digital autotune puts many modern bands to shame.

And that's the news for now.

And that's it for me for a

couple of weeks. A Christmas to you all. I will

see you again in the new year.

But stay with us now for 7.30

with Chris Uhlmann. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

Autoalthough welcome to 7:30.

I'm Chris Uhlmann. Tonight we

meet the businessman who's

turning green and put his money

where his mouth is. Actually

see what's happening in the

field with the melting of the

ice. It's on a scale that's

just enormous. He sold about half half of his DCA shares and invested $10 million in his own

environmental fund. And

sister act. Two nuns would the true spirit of

Christmas. They first opened

their doors and try to do anything to help people. This Program Is Captioned

Live. Those stories soon but first, it's well known that

public sigma is a huge hurdle

for those with a mental illness

but are Australia's doctors and