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Tonight - a big rescue

operation as an asylum boat

sinks on its way to to Australia. If there is anyone

scum that take the money off

people and put them onto a boat

and risk their lives. Death

and devastation as a killer storm whips through the

southern Philippines. Another blue-green algae alert for Lake Burley Griffin so cloudy that you couldn't see Burley Griffin . The water was

in front of you. As Geoff

Ogilvy's Masters dream fades it

is Poulter the bolter for the

golden jacket. That has a

chance as well. Hello.

Good evening, Craig Allen with ABC News. A wooden boat

packed with hundreds of asylum

seekers from the Middle East

has sunk in heavy seas near

Indonesia. More than 200 people

were thought to be on board

when it went down about 90

kilometres off the main island

of Java. Australia has offered

help aircraft and patrol boats to

is being hampered by bad

weather. So far two bodies have

been recovered and 34 people

rescued. It is believed the

boat was bound for Australia

and was carrying asylum seekers

mainly from Afghanistan and

Iran. The survivors are the lucky

lucky ones. A few grabbed life

jackets, the rest clung to each

other for hours. Before being

picked out of the sea by local

fishermen. TRANSLATION: The

boat was overturned by huge waves and passengers were on

the sea floating for more than

six hours. Authorities say

around 215 people were crammed

into a boat built to hold half

that number. High waves and

strong winds are making it

difficult to find those still

missing including children. The

group of Iranians and Afghans

had been in Indonesia for 40

days. I came to Jakarta Australia. To was planning to go to

Australia. To find

freedom. Last month, eight

people lost their lives after

their boat capsized in the same

area. They were also believed

to be bound for Christmas

Island. If there is anyone to

blame for this, it is the scum that take the money off people

risk their and put them onto a boat and

risk their lives. The

Opposition says the large number of people involved confirms a worrying trend and

everyone agrees it is not a day

for politics. A lawyer for the

families of last year's

Christmas Island tragedy says

the answer will only come from

politicians working

together. We need a bipartisan

this approach to asylum seekers in

this country otherwise there is

going to be more deaths. Just a

couple of weeks ago Australia

handed over three patrol boats to Indonesian authorities to

help them in the crackdown on

people smuggling, however, as time, it is hard to keep a the

watch on a sprawling archipelago with such a long coastline. Search and rescue

given the difficult weather teams are sweeping the area but

conditions, the hope of finding

more survivors is fading. The Philippines government

has deployed 20,000 troops in

the aftermath of a deadly storm

Tropical storm Washi swept in the south of the country.

across the north of Mindanao on

Friday night, killing at least

600 people. Hundreds more are

still missing. Tropical storm

Washi has left the island of

Mindanao in chaos, pounding

rain on Friday night caused

rivers to rapidly swell, with

walls of water sweeping through the port cities of Cagayan de

Oro and Iligan on the islands

north coast. It is the

Everywhere you see places that

have before been occupied with

so many houses, now it is all

of them have been washed

away. Officials say the deluge

came in the thick of the night

while many people on the lield

were asleep. Many of the victims were children. TRANSLATION: The water reached the roof. could see the light. People

were using flashlights. They

destroyed the ceilings to get

to the roof. With no place to

go, people have simply had to

wait for help. They sleep where

they can as authorities

continue the search for

survivors. We were able to

rescue 18 people in amongst the

rescue helicopters. They're conducting

rescue operations right

now. Each year 20 major storms

strike the South-East Asian

archipelago but Mindanao is

rarely in the firing line. Part

of the problem is that of the problem is that this

area don't normally have ti

foons and storms like this so

even if people were given anticipate what was coming warnings they probably couldn't

their way. At the Holy Spirit

Catholic Church in Sydney, the

Australian-Philippine community

prays for the victims of the

disaster. I am deeply saddened really. It is a tragedy. Especially this time

of the year when most people

celebration of are preparing for the

Christmas. Father mess mess is

launching a fundraiser drive

and will a special prayer at

dawn masses every day this

week. One of two men claiming

to be Papua New Guinea's PM

says his Government is getting

down to the business of running

the country. At a news

conference this afternoon,

Peter O'Neill said his

Government had taken full

control of PNG's assets and the

public service. Mr O'Neill says

parliament will resume tomorrow

hopes to pass morning and his Government

legislation, including next

year's budget. He says the constitutional crisis is

over. I can assure you that

Somare's got a minority numbers

on the floor of parliament and he's got no chance of ruling

the country. You can go home

and have an early Christmas. On

Monday night, the PNG Supreme

Court ruled the election of Mr O'Neill in August was un

constitutional and ordered the reinstatement of Sir Michael

Somare as PM. Sir Michael is

yet to comment on tonight's

development. It is a case that

has divided national opinion

for decades and it is about to be reopened. The death of

Azaria Chamberlain is to go

before the NT Coroner for a

fourth time to determine once

and for all whether a dingo

Azaria Chamberlain, after three took the baby. The death of

coronial inquests, a criminal

trial and a Royal Commission,

the case is heading back to

court. It has been court. It has been 31 years now

and I just hope that - I am

sure this time it will be the

been looking for. The NT ultimate verdict, which we have

Coroner agreed to reopen the

case after examining new

information from the Chamberlains about

attacks on children. The most

recent attacks have happened on QLD''s Fraser Island, the

latest in April. No witnesses

will be called at the inquest

but evidence, old and new, will

be examined along with

submissions from the

Chamberlain's lawyers. Lindy Chamberlain has always

maintained her nine week old

baby girl was taken from her

tent by a dingo while they were

camping at Uluru in 1980. The first

first coronial inquest in 1981

found a dingo probably took Azaria Chamberlain. Are you

glad it is all over? Wouldn't you think so. The second inquest a year later

recommended the Chamberlain parents should go murder. It was in 1982 Azaria's

mother, Lindy was sentenced to

life imprisonment for murder. A

wave of controversy and public

support initiated a royal

inquiry which exonerated her

after three years in jail. The

last coronial inquest in left the verdict open. The one

day inquest will be held at the Darwin Magistrates Court at the

end of February next year. Whether that delivers the

ultimate verdict the Chamberlains are hoping Chamberlains are hoping for

remains to be seen. Violence

has raged across Cairo for a

second day as security forces

fought running battles with protesters demanding an end to military rule. Several people

were killed and many more injured. Egypt's PM fuelled tensions by accusing the protesters of being counter-revolutionaries. Anne

Barker reports. For a second

day running, violence has

erupted in central Cairo as

protesters again took to the

streets and clashed with soldiers soldiers and police. Hundreds of demonstrators threw stones

and petrol bombs at the security forces

security forces as they fought running battles in the streets around Tahrir Square. In

retaliation, soldiers on roof

tops hurled stones back into

the crowd, many on the ground

were beaten while others took helmets and helmets and metal sheets to

protect themselves. At least

eight people have been killed

and hundreds wounded. TRANSLATION: We can't work

anymore because of this chaotic

situation. The military should intervene wisely with

protesters to end this.

Earlier in the day, angry mobs

set fire to a Government

building, demanding the removal of Egypt's military regime. Security forces with

batons charged the protesters

to take control, at least one

soldier was seen firing a

pistol into the crowd. One

of those killed was a prominent Muslim cleric shot outside the government's government's cabinet office.

This latest violence comes

just days after Egyptians voted

in a second round of

parliamentary elections, but

many are sceptical the military

will agree to transfer power to a civilian government. Egypt's interim

interim PM denies interim PM denies security forces opened fire and instead

accused protesters of hijacking the

the revolution. TRANSLATION: I

am calling for all the

political parties to protect Egypt. What is happening today

is not a part of the revolution, rather it is a

turning against the revolution.

It is the worst violence in

Cairo since mass protests last

month left around 40 people

dead. A three week state of

emergency has been ordered in

one of Kazakhstan's key cities

after some of the worst

violence ever seen in the

country. The oil city of

Zhanaozen in the west of the

country is in result of the conflict. The

streets of the city are largely deserted but burnt-out buildings and charred vehicles

are evidence of the mayhem

hours earlier when striking oil

workers clashed with riot

police. The Government says 10

people were killed, protesters

say the true figure is much

higher. The workers are

demanding higher wages although the country's President says

their ranks have been infiltrated by criminals

looking to exploit the

situation. Police in the north

of NSW have recovered two

firearms from a camp site used

by fugitive Malcolm Naden. The

guns were found near Nowendoc

where an officer was shot in the shoulder earlier this month. The community should feel a little bit more

comfortable. We know he still

has obviously one firearm that

he did the shooting with. To

locate the firearms in the bush

was good work by my

officers. Bless say they're not

embarrassed that Naden has so

far evaded their capture. He's

been on the run for almost seven years

the murder of a woman in

Dubbo. Sydney police are at

their wit's end after rounding

up more underage drinkers in

the CBD last night. 21

teenagers were detained as part of a regular operation

targeting antisocial behaviour and and when police contacted their

parents only four bothered to

turn up to collect their wayward children. Police say their resources are being

stretched. Much of their

efforts are focused on reigning

in alcohol-fuelled children.

Nothing quite prepares you for

the sight of a 14-year-old girl

being so violent you think the

door of the police Paddy wagon is going to be kicked out. Last night 21 children night 21 children were

detained, some as young as 13, most of them were girls. The

girls doubled the boys. There

was 14 females detained and

seven males. The females are

the ones that caused the

problems. Parents were called

to collect their children from the city. Only four showed up. That is pretty disappointing. That is parents who have given up on their kids. The remaining children

were taken home by police in

what is becoming a thankless

task. When I get to the front

door at 2 o'clock in the

morning I have a 14-year-old

next to me, I am expecting the

parents to hug me and

"Thanks for bringing my child

not happening. Meanwhile five home". Unfortunately that is

teenagers were charged after a

party got out of control at

Lidcombe in the city's west.

Fighting broke out when gate

crashers arrived. Some party

goers say the police were

heavy-handed. Pepper spraying

and beating everyone down with

their batons and that. They

could have done it a different

way. Those charged will face

court next month. Another

summer, another blue-green

algae alert issued for Lake

Burley Griffin. High bacteria levels have of the lake to some users.

While this weekend's capital summer triathlon went ahead

without a hitch, the athletes

are worried the poor water

quality should jeopardise

future events. The murky waters

may have put off some users may have put off some users but

for die hard athletes it was

business as usual. Authorities

were close to calling off the

capital summer triathlon due to

high bacteria levels but the event was given a last-minute

reprieve. People come from all

over Australia for the race.

They want to swim a full

have the lake available. The triathlon and it is people we

closure of Lake Burley Griffin

due to toxic blue-green algae

has almost become the summer

norm but temperatures are cool

still and earlier this year the National Capital Authority installed two water regulators

which stir the water and are

meant to stop the algae forming

but the water remains

dirty. There is the shore Ryan. That is a

worry. I swim in a lot worse. I

am from the UK and we swim in some horrendous things. The

water was cloudy and you

couldn't see. The NCA is

blaming last week's rain for the closure of some sections

the lake. Weston Park East and

East Basin are closed to the

activities due to a high alert

level for bacteria. It is a

problemer for the triathlon

community to schedule the races

earlier in the year before the

lake bacteria builds up. lake bacteria builds up. They are currently investigating what is causing the build-up. It will be at least

another two days before rescue

crews reach a Russian fishing

boat in trouble near

Antarctica. The Sparta's hull was holed when it hit submerged

ice in the Ross Sea near the

Antarctica ice shelf. US air

force photographs show the

Sparta listing heavily.

Authorities say the crew has

jettisoned some of the ship's

cargo in a bid to stabilise it

and some water has been pumped

out. Rescue officials are preparing an air emergency supplies to the crew

as it is the only way to reach

them. The the nearest ship is a Norwegian fishing vessel 90

miles away. That is iesd in and

it might be some time before

they can assist. Diesel fuel

and a new water pump are

amongst the items that will be

dropped off to the crew of the

boat. They have married seasonal traditions with some

traditions of their own. A children's choir from the outback is using intidgeious language

language and sounds to

reinterpret Christmas carols.

The music is echoing across

Adelaide, the city of churches. Lunchtime in the city and office workers are entertained

by a group that travelled

almost 1,500km to be here. This

choir from Ernabella in SA's

far north-west began in the early

early mission days. Some of

the elders who were part the elders who were part of that early that early choir have travelled

with the children to help them sing. They're learning and

reading and writing and listening to English and Pitjantjatjara. Their teachers say bringing the group to the

city shows them there are many

options for what they can

achieve if they finish school.

For some of the children it is

their first time. It has got

lots of places and lots of cars driving

driving around and a big

city. Being the first time they

have travelled off the lands it is also the first time they

have seen the sea. Was that

your first time to go to

your first time to go to the

beach? Yes. What did it look

like? It was dark blue.

They're not afraid. For

desert kids, they ran straight into the water. The choir

will perform in front of tens

of thousands at Adelaide's

Carols by Candlelight.

Thousands of people in Sydney

and Brisbane have come together

to celebrate the life of Arthur Beetson. The rugby

legend they called Big Artie

died of a heart attack earlier

this month. Today, friends,

family and former team-mates shared

shared stories at two of his favourite battle grounds, Lang

Park and the SCG. Mark Douglas

reports. Fans once flooded

through these gates to watch

Arthur Beetson in his prime,

today they came to remember the exploits

exploits of a larger than life

legend. He's got millions of

mates. Can you see by the crowd

here today. There was a lot of

people that come for him. He stopped playing 30 years ago

and yet there is people

here. As a Balmain Tiger beat

the best Johnnie Raper in his first game at the SCG. He first game at the

captained the rfters club to on

two premierships. He was a

magnificent footballer who had

influence on whr ever he was,

not only as a player but as a

person and leader. He was more

than just a great footballer,

any Australian sporting the first Aboriginal to captain

he was a trailblazer for

indigenous Australians. He will

be flerd a lot of ways and the

indigenous kind oh a favour to

Arthur to pave the way for us

to be able to do what we're

doing. Thousands stood in

silence for a man that changed

the way of the game. You're an

immortal al and prop and a team

of century. God has you in his

team. Rest in peace, you were certainly simply the best. There were trints too in

Brisbane on the field where

Beetson brought state of origin

to life. Born in the town of

Roma 60 years ago, a small Aboriginal kid called Artie, he

became QLD folklore. If you

ever want to get rid of

somebody for the next few

years, tell them to try years, tell them to try and

find somebody who doesn't like

big arty Beetson. That is a

search not worth taking if the

sentiment in Sydney is anything to

to go by. Geoff Ogilvy's dream

of an Australian Masters gold

jacket turned to dust at the

Victoria Golf Club in Melbourne

this afternoon. The overnight

ladier falter ed in the blustery conditions allowing

Englishman Ian Poulter to claim

the title. He finished in

third. Geoff Ogilvy's guest for

a gold jacket shartd shakily

allowing Ian Poulter to draw

level on the first. The Englishman's approach to the

early holes was as

unconventional has his trousers

but his putter kept him in

contention as the wind whipped

up. Marcus Fraser defied the

conditions and went on a

charge, getting to 10 under midway midway through his round.

Ogilvy and Poulter were locked

in a battle for the lead. The

Englishman's stroke play a cut

above. This shot on 9 set up an

easy birdie and gave him a two stroke lead at stroke lead at the halfway mark. It all seemed to be going

wrong for Ogilvy. While Poulter

chased birdies of a different kind. Ogilvy again found

trouble on the 13th but this time couldn't escape. Just

playing was rather playing was rather difficult

for Steve Bowditch whose ball

was apparently taken by an

overzealous souvenir-hunter. Took three

ball was gone. Marcus Fraser steps and turned around and the

finished off with his eighth

birdie for a round of 64 and a

share of second. With chances dwindling Ogilvy holed this

monster putt to birdie the 16th

suit. Ogilvy's next drive put only for Poulter to follow

an end to any fading hopes. In the

the end, it was the Englishman

by three shots. Some people

might have thought Victoria

from Golf Club was easy. It was far

from that today. It showed its teeth. The overnight ladier

faded to third while Poulter

raised the fashion police's

eyebrows adding a gold jacket

to his ensemble. Crowd numbers

may have been down but the entertainment was right up

there. Last night 23,000 fans

at the MCG were treated to

another blazing century from

Dave Warner. The opener steered

the Sydney Thunder side to a

Big Bash League win over the Melbourne Stars. Tonight

Warner's in Canberra. One

gate closes and another sometimes

sometimes opens. Besieged Test

batsman Phil Hughes will hope

so when he lines up this week against India. While David

Warner has strengthened his

position with another century,

Hughes turned his back on the Twenty20 Big Bash League to

concentrate on the Chairman's

XI at Manuka Oval. Another name

in the selection spotlight is

Tasmanian opener Ed Cowan who will play in will play in this week's

three-day game against the

tourists. Any time you get to

play against a high quality

Opposition before a Test match

is a good time to press your claims. Cowan and Hughes are

sharing a room during the

Chairman's XI game. A

29-year-old left-hander Cowan admits balancing the different formats of the game is a challenge. It is hard to adapt

but you need to find a way. It is mental more so than

technical. Whether it be at

Twenty20 one day or Test level,

David Warner has taken a

similar attitude and he's

become the man of the moment. When Warnie met Warner, the

the big winner was the man

carrying the bat. Down the

wicket, he's taken on Warnie. All the way. The Sydney

Thunder skipper made his

century off 51 balls with an equal number of fours and

sixes. It is good to be hitting

the ball well and it is good to

get out here and I thoroughly

enjoying the enjoying the cricket. While

Warner appears to have

consolidated his future,

question marks remain about the

Big Bash League series. The

early crowds have fallen well

short of official expectations.

Just 23,000 people saw Warner's

heroics at the MCG last night.

The empty seats would not impressing either the sponsors The empty seats would not be

or the administrators. The reigning A-League reigning A-League champion Brisbane Roar has crashed to

its fourth loss in a row and handed Central Coast Mariners the top

the top spot on the table. Melbourne Victory was too good

and Sydney FC scored a late


Just a few weeks ago Brisbane was on a record-breaking

unbeaten streak of 36 matches.

The Roar's first loss has been followed by another three and

last year's runner up, Central Coast is setting the standard. The first half was

dynamite, we could have easily

been up by three or four at half-time. I was disappointed

with the second half. The

second half I couldn't be

prouder of them. We were pretty much gone at half-time

physically. A few boys were

running on empty fumes. The

punch drunk Roar will be back

in the ring on Boxing Day for a

bout with Gold Coast. Sydney FC

had its fifth win of the season

scoring twice in the second

half to beat Newcastle 2-1. Like Sydney, Melbourne

Heart found a late winner to

beat Perth for its fifth win. Melbourne Victory sharp

shooter Archie Thompson was on

target in the opening minutes

of the game against

Wellington. If the second

goal was something of an early Christmas present for Christmas present for Victory

fans, the third was like a gift

from above. What a goal by

Diego Ferraira, Melbourne

Victory are in heaven

here. Wellington had a one man

advantage for the last 20

minutes but could only find the

back of the net on one

occasion. And Adelaide United

has removed Rini Coolen from

the head coaching position

after the team's poor start to

the season. His replacement,

John Kosmina, was sacked by the

club four years ago.

Residents in the small town

of Batchelor, don't mind a bit of exposure.

They revel in it in fact. Each

year Batchelor produces a

calendar starring some of the

citizens and the 2012 edition is already in hot demand. This

is Batchelor, a peaceful town

where the residents probably

see a lot more of each other

than most. Every year they band

together to bring out a

calendar. While they may not be

your average pin-ups, they will

be featured in all their glory

throughout 2012. It is a case

of minding your beaswax when working without

working without protective clothing as Mr January found

out. I wouldn't like to think

about it what could happen with

the bees getting cranky at the

one time being naked. It would

be scary. No-one could accuse

this Government minister of any

cover-up, local member Rob Knight is Mr politicians there is always

someone lurking nearby wanting

a piece of you. How did this

kind of exposure go down with

his colleagues in the big

house? There is a few raised

eyebrows but at the end of the

day I am a local member and I

serve my community. What serve my community. What could be more natural than being in

the buff in a paddock full of

buffs, merrily roller blading

through and with the right

tools those handyman jobs

around the house can be a breeze. Operating a slasher

wearing nothing but a hard hat

and boots could prove hazardous

but these February pin-ups

prove they're a cut above the

rest. Getting off the clothes

is the hard part. In case you

ar wondering there a reason the

residents shed their clothes.

Money raised will go towards

the town's festival being held

in August next year. Heavy snow

reserve have brought out the

best in two giant pandas there.

The snow appeared to make the

pandas more playful sdlieting pandas more playful sdlieting

the visitors as they put on a

show. The pandas were brought

to the nature reserve from

their home in Sichuan province

as part of a captive breeding

program. The species remains

critically endangered. Onto the

weather. Not quite as cold as

that but a cloudy mostly fine

day around Canberra. The odd

shower in the region and a top

of 24. Rain in the mountains

today. Cloudy and 24 on the


Melbourne, showers and a top

of 26 today.

The obvious system on the

satellite picture is a frontal

trough which is pushing cloud across the south-east and bringing showers and

few days of unsettled weather

but we're likely to see showers

on and off through the viewing area all through the coming week. It will stay warm in

Sydney and Brisbane tomorrow

despite the prospect of rain

and storms. Melbourne, Hobart

and Adelaide will all see rain tomorrow. The trough tomorrow. The trough is

bringing showers and storms

through our region tomorrow

with the bay looking at 26.

Rain developing tonight in Rain developing tonight in

Canberra and falls of up to 20

mm possible tomorrow. Possible

storms as well and a top of 25. That's the news for now.

Thanks for your company. Good Thanks for your company. Good night. Closed Captions by CSI.