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Tonight, the suspected Wikileaks source finally has

his day in a US military court. Bradley Manning stands accused

accused of a serious crime

under US law. If he did this,

to me he's a great hero and he

should be given the medal should be given the medal of

honour and be release. A shock

explodes for Christmas shoppers as a bag

mall. Japan's crippled explodes at Belconnen Fukushima Nuclear Plant finally

under control. And Geoff Ogilvy

makes his move with a thrilling

third round at the Masters. Good evening, Craig Allen with

ABC News. A criminal case involving one of the leaks of classified material in

US history has got off to a

dramatic start. Army I intelligence analogist Bradley

Manning is accused of leaking

thousands of military secrets

to the whistleblower web site

Wikileaks. He faces charges of

aiding the enemy which could

carry a death penalty. At the pretrial hearing, Manning's

lawyer accused the officer of

presiding over the case of bias

and tried to have him removed

from the proceedings. It's

the first glimpse of Bradley

Manning since his arrest but 18

months out of the public view

has done nothing to dim the controversy surrounding am here because Bradley Manning, private first-class

Manning was a good soldier, who

stood up for the truth and

lived the army values. If he

did this he's a hero and should

be given a medal of honour and

be release. Amid tight security

and with a huge international

media contingent looking on, he

wore black-rimmed glasses and wore army fat yeetion. He's

accused of leaking realms of classified material, none more

explosive than this video of

explosive than this video of a

US helicopter crew gunning down

men in Baghdad, one of them

turned out to be a news photographer. He faces more

than a dozen charges, the worse

aiding the enemy. Bradley

Manning stands accused of a

serious crime under US

He's innocent until proven

guilty. But he took an oath of

office to protect and defend

the constitution and our national security and protecting information that is related to our national security is part of that fundamental obligation. The private's lawyer went on the

attack, accusing the military

officer presiding over the

hearing of being a stoudge for the US Department of Defence

and demanding he step down from

accused is appealing. The the case. He refused but the

stakes are enormously high, not

only for Manning who faces a

lengthy jail term if he's found

guilty but for the US military.

After the biggest leak in

American history, it needs to

be seeing as handling this case properly. The theory that the

US government is trying to

succumbing to Julien Assange, a cajole Bradley Manning as

painstaking process that's only just begun. The Wikileaks

founder has won some time in

his fight against extradition

to Sweden on sexual assault charges. Julien Assange has

been granted an appeal in the British Supreme Court against the extradition. Seven judges

will hear the appeal which will

centre on whether the Swedish prosecutor had the authority to

request extradition in the

first place. The case is questioned yuld for early

February. Britain may have

already been in the bad books

with France after last week's

disagreement over how to handle

the European credit crisis but

a fresh batch of insults is now

flying across the English

Channel as the relationship

between the two nations source even

even further. France has been

talking up its fiscal strength

but has angered the British by

talking their economy down. A

week ago British D'Amico David Cameron earned a brushoff from

the French President for

vetoing the rescue plan, now

some of the taken the row to

another level. The governor of

the bank of France has

suggested ratings agencies

should start by downgrading Britain and the finance

minister chimed in with a dose

of French pride. We don't have

any lessons to give but we

don't want to be given any

lessons either. The economic

situation in Great Britain is

French than worrying and we'd prefer being

comments were too much for the French than British. The

British. Deputy PM Nick Clegg

said they were unacceptable and

the French should calm the

rhetoric. Fitch maintained

France's AAA rating but its

high cost of borrowing and

European partners make France exposure to the debts of its

very well know how acute their vulnerable. French

problems are and how damaging this downgrade would be so

think area trying to deflect attention away from their own problems. At least one

Englishman in Paris wasn't joining in the row. It is

relationship between the two important we have a good

countries. I don't - I never

have had any aggression from French people towards me French people

because I am English. In London

it was a different story respect It wouldn't surprise me

if they're trying to be nasty towards us as they tend to

be. There has been diplomacy

with the French foreign

ministry emphasising France and

Britain need each other and work together every day. With

more economic clouds on the

hoar I zn, there will be plenty

of stormy weather to test the friendship further. The power

struggle in Papua New Guinea is

continuing with Sir Michael Somare insisting the

constitution and the Supreme Court

him. Sir Michael defied his

opponent by holding a press conference as a disputed

government building in Port

Moresby. We described his

rival's government as an

illegal regime and said it

would weaken the rule of law if

he stepped aside for Peter O'Neill. We must safeguard the

future of our children, by not accepting the gross manipulation of law by O'Neill

and nah ya government. Hours

earlier Peter O'Neill and his

supporters arrived at the same

building which Sir Michael had

been using as a base for his rival

rival Government. Mr O'Neill

said the army and the police had rejected attempts by the

Somare camp to exert control

and insisted that his was the legitimate government. Japanese

authorities have announced they

have finally brought the

reactors at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power

facility under control. Nine

months after the plant was

damaged by an earthquake tsunami, the stage known as

cold shutdown is a key

milestone. The Government is

warning a total clean-up could

take decades. It's been for

than nine months since the nth

quake and tsunami but a radioactive relic remains. Since the meltdown in March workers have been trying to

stabilise the reactors. Now the

PM's announced they have

completed a key element of the recovery process. TRANSLATION:

The nuclear power plant

accident itself has been

brought under control and that

the reactors have achieved a

state of cold shutdown. That was confirmed. Cold shutdown

essentially means the nuclear

fuel has cooled to a point

where there are no reactions

taking place and there is less radiation being omitted. Dangerous particles

have already been released

contaminate ing food and water

and forcing tenses of thousands

of leave the 20km exclusion zone around the plant. TRANSLATION: In the disaster-affected area outside

of the nuclear power plant

strong deep effects still remain. Decontamination work

needs to be done and debris

needs to be cleared and the

evacuees need to return home. There are still many

problems. Now that cold

shutdown has been achieved

authorities can reassess evacuation zones. Dozens of

workers put their bodies on the line

line to stabilise the plant.

The PM says they have done the nation proud. TRANSLATION: There has been great contribution made by many

heroes representing the people

of Japan. I would like to once

again express my heartfelt gratitude. The operation is now

moving into a long

decommissioning phase, some nuclear experts say it could

take up to 40 years to finish

the job, a heavy burden for

generations to come. A bag of

blamed for a blast at the

Belconnen mall this afternoon. The 30-year-old man carrying

the bag suffered minor injuries

and several others were hurt and several others were hurt as the explosion spread debris

across a wide area in the food

court. It would appear that the

injuries have been caused by

the explosive, the material carried by the to that male and items or

debris that's been flying from

that explosion which has struck people standing nearby. ACT

Police are investigating what

may have caused the ammunition

to explode. The area will remain closed until investigations are complete.

The ACT Government says

Northbourne avenue would have

to change significantly to

accommodate proposed upgrades

to the city's transport system.

The distinctive wide leafy

median strips would be lost

making way for a transit Lane.

It is all part of a plan to

introduce a light rail or rapid

bus system

and Civic. It is the latest

transport plan for north Canberra and will mean a

dramatic facelift for one of

the city's most familiar roads. We must separate the

public transport from the

general lanes because the buses

hold up the government wants a transport

corridor for one of the fastest growing suburbs Gungahlin. And Flemington road and Northbourne

avenue are the top of the list. Getting from where I need

to go, from 7 o'clock it is bedlam. Anything will be

better. Betting to the close

suburbs like Dickson is not as easy as you would think it might be on public transport. Narrowing the median strip on Northbourne avenue

will be a costly exercise, some trees would have to be removed,

and underground cables and

pipelines would have to be

relocated. The city to

bid the Government is preparing

to commur Commonwealth funding

for infrastructure. The Greens

say they have heard it all

before. Its track record is

appalling. Before the last

election they put in an infrastructure Australia bid to

do light rail and we're doing

it again. The options on the table haven't table haven't been costed but the Government isn't confident

it can do it on its own. We may

be able to build smaller sections and

sections and do it in a stage

manner but that will depend on

the economic analysis that we see in the coming months. The Government says if nothing is

done, commuting from Gungahlin

to the city could eventually

take up to an hour. The final

report will be released in the

middle of next year. Christmas appears to have come

early for Canberra shoppers

with the Boxing Day sales apparently already under way. But bargains for buyers

mean pain for retailers. They

say the early discounting is a

sign of desperation following two years of tough times. You

may not bat an eyelid at

pre-Christmas markdowns of up

to 20% but what about up to

50%. Great sales on,

absolutely. In all stores. I am

getting nervous because there

is such good discounts pre-Christmas and am wondering

whether we'll still have the

January sales we usually have. Maybe they should keep

them at bargain prices all the time so we would buy more throughout the year as

well. The cutting and slashing

is below cost price for many retailers and the Chamber of

Commerce says the desperate

markdowns can't be customer tand. For anyone who is worried

about holding on and getting a

better deal after Christmas,

they might stop doing that, the

best deal they'll get is

now. Normally retailers earn a

major part of their annual profits over Christmas. The

fact they're giving away the

profits now means they will have a financial year with

is going to be critical to retail. Some retailers have

already gone broke and others are closing down. Charities are reporting significantly increased demand. The Salvation Army says

Army says even higher income

earners are seeking help. This

year alone in 2011 we have had

just under 750 new clients come to seek help from the Salvation

Army for the first time. Other

charities like the Smith family

are worried they have only

raised half of their $4 million

target to support 30,000 children

children in need nationally,

but fortunately other charities report high donations. This

year our donations in Christmas

would be anywhere between 40

and 50% increase compared to

last year, 2010. Remember in

the big picture the ACT has the

second strongest economy in

Australia. Second only to WA. The NSW opposition has accused the states environment

minister of waging war on native species. Robyn Parker

has signed a new regulation

allowing loggers into the hab Tait of the yellow-bellied

glider, one of the State's glider, one of the State's most endangered marsupial. Concerned

for the future of the

yellow-bellied glider is so

great that Taronga Zoo runs a

special breeding program. Until

now its habitat was protected

under the threatened species

conservation act. But the State's environment minister

has signed a regulation

covering forests in the State's

south, permitting loggers to

damage the habitat and cause

harm to the endangered yellow-bellied glider. It

follows this slip-up from the

minister at a parliamentary

hearing in October about another

another famous marsupial. That logging logging protects koalas but -

look How does it protect them,

it removes its habitat. The

Opposition has swooped

again. Robyn Parker is a disgrace as environment

minister. She's allowing our

vulnerable koala population to

be logged and now endangered yellow-bellied

glider. The minister says the

change only reflects new information about the animal's

habitat. This amendment

restricts... The other thorn in the

minister's side, the saga of hazardous spills by chemical

giant Orica has opened up on

another front. This time up to

4,000 litres of sulphuric acid

has leaked from a ship to shore

pipe at the company's Port

Kembla facility. They have

clear systemic failures with

their mechanical issues. This

They have told investigators

there is no environmental risk.

I will wait for a full report

from the EPA. The latest leak

came on the same day that Orica

decided to postpone the restart

of its imown ya plant knee

Newcastle. The restart has been

put on hold indefinitely because of safety concerns.

Molly Meldrum's manager says

it is a good sign that the

music industry identity got

through another night without

his condition deteriorating.

The 65-year-old was badly injured when he fell at his Melbourne home on Thursday

whilst putting up Christmas

decorations. He's expected to

remain in an induced coma remain in an induced coma for

at least the next few days.

Meld meld had a comfortable night after brain surgery. It

is very early days. Long road

ahead, there is no question

about that. From what I have

been told, one day at a time and condition is not going backwards. That is a

positive. Mark Klemens says

messages of support continue to

come in from around the

world. A 50-year-old mother has

died in a freak accident in Brisbane. Sue Wickenden was

riding a luge down Mount Cootha

when she lost control on a when she lost control on a bend and hit a steel barrier. Although she was wearing full

safety gear, she suffered

serious injuries and died at

the scene. Sue touched a lot

of areas of community within

her sport but at the same time

within her general community.

She had a very strong passion

for life in general. Police are

investigating the legalities of

luging on Mount Cootha. Especially leading up

to the holiday period, it is a

high risk activity and those

such activities belong in a restricted area where the risks

can be managed. On a road and high risk activities

don't mix. A report will be prepared for the Coroner. The

jury is still out on the country's newest cricket

competition. The Twenty20 Big

Bash League has been heavily

backed by Cricket Australia in

a bid to cash in on the sport's

latest craze. Based on last

night's tournament debut, the

competition still has some work

to do to attract a following. The debut of the Big Bash

League and after fireworks League and after fireworks wet

the crowd's appetite the

spotlight quickly moved onto

the players. Game one at the

SCG had everything from

spectacular catches . Smith is

moving around. Close to the

boundary. To blasts from the

cricketing past. Stuey

MacGill with another one. Throw

in a winning captain's knock

from Brad Haddin. That is 15

rows back and on the roof. And Australia's new Twenty20

competition had landed. It needs needs to be proven that what they're doing is not either

antagonising or cannibalising

or deluting the existing support base for cricket. Last

night a crowd of 12,385 passed

through the SCG gates, clearly

only a few had decided which

team to support and based on

the stands most people are still working out whether they

support the new movement at

all. There will be curiosity

value about how a city based competition is going to work.

We had a successful State-based

competition last year. Cricket Australia will want Australia will want this tournament to go significantly tournament to go significantly

better. For the record, the

Sydney Sixers kept their noses

in front from start to finish,

while Brisbane opener Brendan

McCullum needed stitches to his

after a Brett Lee bouncer in

the third over. A lot of

nervous energy. We did an outstanding job It was good fun. We hope for

the support. Hopes are pinned

on a healthy attendance at the

MCG for tonight's game MCG for tonight's game between the Melbourne Stars and Sydney

Thunder with Shane Warne the major drawcard. Tomorrow Ricky

Ponting will be the headline

act. He has the chance to push

his case for selection in the

Boxing Day test when he opens

for the Hobart Huccicanes. The

higher you can bat in this form

of the game the better off you

are. Ponting scored 5 in a

practice match for the club on Tuesday. Victoria's Geoff

Ogilvy has his first Australian Masters golden jacket within

reach after a stunning third

round today. Overnight leader

Ian Poulter struggled at times but

but is still in the hunt after

shooting a 69. World number one

Luke Donald is 8 shots behind

but it was Ogilvy's eight under par 63 that grabbed everyone's

attention. Geoff Ogilvy has

never won the Masters golden

jacket but he started his third

round like a man on a mission.

He sank this monster putt on

the third as he picked up four

shots in the first three holes. The overnight leader Ian

Poulter battled a stomach upset

yesterday. His tee shot on the

fifth might have made him feel

a bit queasy. Matthew Giles'

tee shot on the same hole was

positively stomach churning. He finished with a double

bogey. Meanwhile, Ogilvy was on

fire. He took just 29 shots on

the front nine to edge in front

of Poulter. He pulled off

arguably the shot of the day on

the 12th to stretch his lead to

four shots. Greg Chalmers did enough

enough to keep his triple crown

hopes alive but he'll have to make up five catch Ogilvy. World number one

Luke Donald shot a steady 69

but at 5 under may be too far back. Poulter paid the price

for being too aggressive out of

the bunker on the 13th but his

69 was enough to keep him in

touch with Ogilvy at the end touch with Ogilvy at the end of

the day. Let's see what the wind will do tomorrow.

Obviously I will have to take

my chances at the right time

tomorrow. Geoff is a great

player. He has his nose in

front. The Australian's 63 is a

tournament record and leaves

him perfectly placed going into

the final round. I started off

really well. I felt good and really well. I felt good and I

have played here a lot of

times, I feel comfortable

playing here. It was fun to

play well here in a

tournament. A win tomorrow

would be his first tournament

victory in more than a year.

Some of the smaller boats

competing in this year's Sydney

to Hobart Yacht Race have

stepped up their preparations

in a key lead-up open water event. super maxi yachts have

generated the prerace publicity

but today's race was the chance

to handicap contenders to test

themselves. This weekend is

also a chance for many crews to

fine tune their boats ahead of

the big race on Boxing Day.

It's a picturesque way to

spend a Saturday, but these

crews aren't focused on the

harbour view. These yachts are smaller than the super maxis

and they won't be vying for

line honours in the Sydney to Hobart. Instead they will race for the coveted handicap trophy, a kl can you lation

based on size and

speed. Jessica Watson was out

for another training run with the youngest ever crew to

compete in the Sydney to

Hobart. Her coach Chris lieu

lieu was back at the dock

preparing his own boat to race

in the same division as his

young protege. We have eight boats that are identical Sydney

38s racing against each other. In her team we have been coaching.

Come race down we turn from coaches into competitors. Chris

Lewin's crew is one of a number

of teams not competing this

weekend, instead taking time to

fine tune the boat. The team is

adjusting the tension on the

wires that hold up the rig so

that is tuned correctly

race day. Across the dock, also

hard at work is West Australian

Daniel Taylor, he's had a long journey just to reach

Sydney. Three Sydney to Hobarts

just to get here, distance

wise. And we actually went

further south than Hobart, so

we have seen all the conditions

that we'd expect to see in

Hobart. Back on the water it is

a long day of sailing in light breeze for this lead-up race.

The better known yachts racing include 'Loki', 'Ragamuffin'

and 'Ichi Ban'. 15 of the 25

boats competing today will also

race in the Sydney to Hobart on

Boxing Day. Race organisers expect a fleet of 88 yachts to

start the main race. Ky Hurst

is a champion in the ocean but

he's being pressured to step

concentrate on his Olympic away from ironman events to

challenge in the 10km open

swim. Hurst says he can do both and will and will compete in the first

round of the ironman series

tomorrow. Ky Hurst combines ironman events with distance

swimming. It wouldn't work for

most athletes because paddling

any sort of craft builds bulk

which isn't the shape most

swimmers desire but he's no

regular athlete and has vowed

to continue to compete in his

favourite sport until the

Australian surf life championships finish in Australian surf life saving

March. I think it is a good

balance for me leading into the

Olympics. It is great mentally

and physically. Cross training

is an important element to swimming, it keeps your mind

fresh and I think that is important. He's hoping the

cross training will also help

prepare for his 10km open

Olympics. Basically I have got in the London

just over 20 weeks to concentrate on what I need to

do to make sure I go to an Olympic Games and represent Australia and give it my

all. Hurst is confident his

love of the board and surf ski will not compromise his chances of winning an Olympic medal. Leading into the last

warld shampships, the Olympic trials, I kept on my craft and

because I did that, having that cross training was very important. Hurst is the only Australian male swimmer who's

qualified for the 10km swim at next year's Olympics. A

Tasmanian chef has proved he's

no flash in the pan by winning

the UKTV competition

'Masterchef' the professionals.

Ash Mair says the win has

changed his life and his cooking. Our 'Masterchef' champion is

Act. Ash Mair's career has

taken him from washing dishes

in Launceston to the winner of professional 'Masterchef' in

London. I am overwhelmed with

it but happy and stoked. Three

million viewers regularly tuned

into the high drama British cooking competition. You're

feeling the pressure. I will be

in trouble. He impressed the

judges as well as a room full

of Michelen star chefs. It is

perfect, I lover it. If you

cooked food like that in a

restaurant you'd be busy every

day. Described as a culinary

genius player Maryborough's

final three course dinner

earned him the accolades and

the coveted TV title. It is completely amazing. The

since arriving in London at 19 since 34-year-old has come a long way

after dabbling in restaurants

in his home state. Some big

changes from cooking in

Tasmania but it is in my heart

and I might be doing some

cooking there as well at some

stage. For now he's planning to

move on from canapes and

catering work and concentrate on food writing. Taking a look at the weather

now. We have enjoyed a

beautiful day in Canberra with

plenty of blue ski and light

winds. A top of 24. It was

mostly fine right around the


brought heavy rain in SA and A low pressure trough has

Victoria today. It is heading

east. There is monsoonal storms over the Top End. A high pressure ridge was responsible for the fine weather for

for the fine weather here

locally but there will be a

change coming to our region in

the coming few days.

The chance of storms for the

bay and 23 the top down there.

Showers up and down the coast.

A cloudy night with a few

isolated showers continuing

into tomorrow and increasing to

areas of rain by later in the

evening tomorrow. Before we go, a brief look

back at our top story tonight.

The army intelligence analogist

Bradley Manning who is accused of leaking military secrets to

Wikileaks has made his first

appearance in court. His lawyer

accused the prosecutor of bias

and tried to have him removed

from the case. That is the news

for now. We will leave you

tonight with some of the

spectacular Christmas lights on

display around the city. Thanks

for your company. Good night. Closed Captions by CSI.