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(generated from captions) behind Molly Meldrum. Weekend vigil - Australia rallies from the hospital We have live updates and we'll hear from his friends. America ends its war in Iraq. Job done - But what has it left behind? The Oprah effect - did her visit make a difference? 12 months on - captivating millions. And shell life - the unlikely star on a piece of cheese One time I nibbled and my cholesterol went up to 900. as Weekend Sunrise begins, now. Meet Marcel sunrise...# SONG: # Reach out for the this is Weekend Sunrise Live from Studio 52, and Andrew O'Keefe. with Monique Wright , Samantha Armytage you say. Yes, I'm back. How are you I am ready to be back. I was getting a bit board. You can only lay there on your pillow stairing at your tonsils for pillow stairing at your tonsils for too

too long. You it's awful to be too sick to enjoy your sick-leave. That is what Simon saying that. I was saying that to Monique before It's good to have you back. All fixed up. All good as new. All good as

Can you perform a scale for you. I think my voice may have deepened a little. You can be the new Renee Geyer. My driving skills are about the same! She is back. . More on my tonsils later. But right now, it's news time it's good morning to Monique Wright. and with Jess off this weekend, Good morning. in a bar fight in Bali. Two Australian men have been stabbed early yesterday morning The men were allegedly attacked during a fight at the Bounty Disco in the popular area of Kuta. It's believed the fight started over one of the men's drinks. after the alleged attacker knocked the drink when he got angry. Police say he was asked to replace Both the men are in hospital. condition this morning, Molly Meldrum remains in a critical at his home that nearly killed him. almost 48 hours after a fall he is likely to get worse His family's been told any signs of improvement. before they see Molly is critical but stable Doctors say still hangs in the balance. but admit his life He's fighting for his life. he wins that battle. We'd better hope the 65-year-old tumbled three metres It's been almost 48 hours since decorations at his Melbourne home. while putting up Christmas He had a fall - don't believe it was a ladder. where the spa was. He fell down the stairs a punctured lung, cracked skull Three broken ribs, and swelling on the brain. Yesterday surgeons operated. critical to see where things lay. Obviously the next 24 hours are by the outpouring of support His family have been encouraged and the Australian public. from stars is indestructible I always feel that Molly that's the case on this occasion. and I'm really hoping and that gives us tremendous heart. It's been extraordinary there pulling for him. There's so many people out Well, he's a fair chance. until at least early next week. It's likely he'll remain in a coma Alfred Hospital shortly And we'll cross to Melbourne's to hear from two of Molly's friends. on their Christmas break, As politicians head off she's not going anywhere. Prime Minister Julia Gillard says with Fairfax, In an end-of-year interview government would last the full term a defiant Ms Gillard says her into the next election. and she will be the one to lead it It follows reports had turned their backs on the PM, that up to six ministers behind Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd. throwing their support Ms Gillard says she feels safe about speculation and isn't concerned regarding any defections. were given the chance Locals in Darwin Tony Abbott last night to speak with Opposition Leader at a community forum. impacting local business He was asked about issues and disability funding. along with defence training was also a hot topic. Mr Abbott's stance on climate change of reducing carbon dioxide. You indicated that you are in favour Why on earth are you doing that? detention centre opened in Darwin. Mr Abbott earlier toured a new to extradite him to Sweden to appeal a decision in Britain's Supreme Court. a written submission Three judges considered a 2-day appeal starting in February. and have now granted Assange of sexually assaulting two women Assange was accused in Sweden last year. in Britain to avoid extradition. The hearing will be his last avenue Australian boys Doctors are considering giving the Gardasil vaccine against the human papilloma virus. to protect them the vaccine since 2007. Young women have been receiving body says The Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory aged 12 to 13 Gardasil should be given to boys in a school-based program. However, the Government admits put in place before 2013. it's unlikely any program would be a little worn-out If you are already feeling from the Christmas party season - chances are you are not alone. on alcohol this December New research has revealed spending the highest increase ever. is likely to rise by 5% - sales in bottle shops In New South Wales alone, figure set last year. are set to top the $385 million the strong Aussie dollar It's believed in supermarkets and cut-price liquor sold has lead to the increase. In finance news: here's Simon Reeve. And now with sport, series kicked off at the SCG The long-awaited Twenty20 Big Bash last night a comfortable 7-wicket win with the Sydney Sixers posting over the Brisbane Heat. put on a vintage performance At 40, Stuart MacGill, for the home side. 2 for 21 from four overs He finished with a very respectable after three years out of the game. the difference with the bat, Sixers captain Brad Haddin proved slogging 76 from 59 balls. all the way COMMENTATOR: That has gone so the skipper, turning on the heat. Tonight, another well-known spinner makes an Aussie comeback - Shane Warne will step out for the Melbourne Stars when they take on the Sydney Thunder at the MCG. In the A-League, Gold Coast United have added further insult to Adelaide's miserable season, thrashing them 3-0 in front of their home fans. With the Queenslanders pinned to the bottom of the table, the horror night for the Reds started in the 18th minute through the boot of Ben Halloran. They got their second when Dutchman Maceo Rigters found the net with this long-range special. And even though they were down to 10 men, Dylan Macallister put the finishing touches to a lopsided score line. COMMENTATOR: They've come here and they've conquered. Gold Coast United are back to winning ways at Hindmarsh. It's Adelaide's fifth loss of the season. England's Ian Poulter remains outright leader sitting at 9 under going into day three of the Australian Masters at the Victoria Golf Club. Matthew Giles is two shots back and the closest Aussie. Greg Chalmers is keeping his triple crown dream alive and will start moving day at 3 under par. We love building bridges here at weekend Sunrise, we are buildsing one to James who has the weather. Thank you very much Weekend Sunrise party boy, Simon. I was out at party boy, Simon. I was out at the party boy, Simon. I was out at the cricket yesterday. It was a lot of fun but I'll be back bash cricket. It will be exciting. Welcome back Sammy, it's nice to have you back after four weeks of deserting you. The only desert she has had for four weeks is icecream. Not even that. Back off party boy number one. Have a look at this. I liked onseys. Remember, in a jumpsuit. Sexy. Yeah. Its sexy and I know it. How good is this, this morning we are doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. We have just had our induction for the last hour, making sure we are fully safety briefed. We have got our jump suits. I've got my group with me this morning, morning everybody. And, it is going to be great. It's summer holidays now. Lots of people are coming to for the first time and doing the bridge climb is one of those Lots of people are coming to Sydney

on the top of many people's lists. If you want to see if you do t we bridge climb is one of those things

will be reaching the summit before the end of the show as we look at the nation's forecast. Showers and the chance of a storm for Cairns. Showers for Townsville. Mostly fine in Maroochydore. And fine for Brisbane. In New South Wales, there's rain and the chance of a storm at Bourke. Partly cloudy in Tamworth. Partly cloudy and 22 for Sydney. And possible showers in Canberra. In Victoria - late rain for Mildura. Showers and possible storms and 30 for Melbourne. Partly cloudy in Launceston. And the chance of morning rain for Hobart. Possible storms at Mt Gambier. There's also the chance of a storm in Adelaide. Showers for Alice Springs. Afternoon storms for Darwin. And in WA - partly cloudy in Albany. Mostly sunny in Perth. Partly cloudy in Kalgoorlie. And sunny at Exmouth. Request you believe it's been just over 13 years since this start and so many people have done it, including big celebrities. including big celebrities.. They've got a big photo board of people downstairs. Lowly Weekend Sunrise weather reporter James Tobin is heading up with my trustity team of companions. It will be a good morning. It's a nice looking morning It's a nice looking morning out there Lovely morning. It hasn't been very nice in Sydney the last couple of weeks We have already had our first small wanting to see your safety brief, JT. Enjoy that. Have fun. A lot of jump off to to take off to see a safety brief. I am a little bit concerned, when they took your gob stoppers out, they may have left a bit in. During that last news bulletin, when that picture of Shane Warne came up, you went like this. I was a bit shocked and also a bit impressed. He looks so good. Who would have thought. He has been this bad boy bit of a mess. Liz will be there to watch him tonight as well. At the G He was a little Lardaciu on, s. That was part of his appeal. Who would have thought you would make a positive gurling sound seeing Warnie without a top. As opposed to a gag Yes, you usually want to take your own tonsils out. Now it's just in commentary. It was never that bad, sorry, Warnie. He is very ripped indeed. Moving Michael Jackson's furniture is about to go on auction. We'll take you there shortly. But straight ahead, American troops finally leave Iraq. But what have they left behind? And the nervous wait. Two of Molly's friends join us live with his latest condition. remains in a critical condition at Melbourne's Alfred Hospital. Molly fell at his home on Thursday night while putting up Christmas decorations. Showbiz correspondent and friend of Molly, Peter Ford, is at the hospital. And Molly's manager Mark Klemens is in Portsea. Good morning to you both. Peter, what's the latest from Molly's doctors? , Well, pretty much there is no news. No news is sorts of good news. So, we have to grab whatever there is. He had a stable night and nothing really has changed significantly. So, that's what hospital sources are telling me. We can really interpret that as what was expected. We were told yesterday, by the professor, not to expect anything for 24 hours. Not to interpret that as being good or bad news. They know how this is meant to play out. Apparently it's playing out the way it should. So, there are no guarantees obviously. But, at this point in time, you know, everyone is still crossing everything and hoping for the best. Yeah, absolutely. Mark, this has been two days now in an induced comb why. What is the feeling amongst his close friends and family? Is there optimism there? I think there's Caucuses optimism. I

think everybody is optimistic. I think that Peter is right, my intelligence from the hospital is exactly the same. I think the fact that the night went through well is positive. There has been no deterioration. So we just have to sit and wait. Everybody sit and wait. Everybody is optimistic. That's good to hear. Messages of support continuing to pour in. Lots of celebrities and from ordinary Australians as well. It's amazing. I have never known a known a story like this, where there has been some much concern. I don't think there would be too many other people in the public eye who would generate such interest and concern. It's one thing for people to be interested, to know is he going to pull through, is he alright, what happened? But people are actually genuinely moved. It's a like a good mate or a member of the family has been injured. People feel that close to it. I was talk to go a friend of mine in New York who has been reading all the stuff on the net. He wasn't really familiar with Molly. He said " He said "Why do people care so much? He said "Why do people care so much?" Even I can't properly explain it. He has been an ever-present force in our lives. He has introduced us to the world of music

and show business. He was on top of the latest trends in music. Even a terrific bloke, he would still be a terrific bloke who people would generate towards. So, generate towards. So, all those things combined, I think people just have this extraordinary affection and hope for a good outcome. Yes, Mark, his popularity is extraordinary. I guess the response to this is not a surprise really, is it? Look it's not, but it is extraordinary. I got a email David Bowie about half an hour ago. We are getting smalls and messages extraordinary. I got a email from

from all sorts of people from all over the world and just people who Molly wouldn't know and who they don't know, Molly personally but just want to express their concern, their sympathy, their support. I must admit, as a manager of a number of years now, in this - in the business for a while, I have never seen anything like this We wish him all the best again and fingers are crossed that he makes a speedy recovery. Thank you very much for your time this morning. Thank you, Sam. After almost nine years, the war in Iraq has formally come to an end. Most US troops are now on their way home. The rest will leave Iraq before the end of the year. So was it all worth it? And what happens now? Our foreign editor, Dr Keith Suter, joins us. The US Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, has told his troops the mission was "Worth the cost in blood and dollars." Do you agree? We are talking about a trillion dollars here and 4, dollars here and 4,500 lives lost on the American side plus another 100,000 on the rearky side. 100,000 on the rearky 100,000 on the Reark rearky side. Was it worth it? His dilemma is that the President himself, has been on record all the way along for opposing the war. at the same time, Americans were very high regard for their Defence way along for opposing the war. But

Forcees. So in a sense, the US Government is having to tread a very fine line between on the one hand, privately regarding the war as an error but at the same time, endorsing the courage, endorsing the courage, the endorsing the courage, the bravery of endorsing the courage, the bravery of the defense personnel. What I have also found interesting, is the way in which many of the way the rearkies are so glad the Americans are going. Not even the Prime Minister and the President, bothered to attend the final ceremony. The first idea was to take out Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. Then the war became something else. What was it? We are not exactly sure why we fought the war. You are right, originally it was supposed to be about weapons but in fact the weapons were not there. A number of people, including Australian defence personnel, were themselves saying " personnel, were themselves saying "There are no weapons left" they had been there but the chemical weapons degrade over a period of time. So there were no weapons left. The UN had done its job. Then it became a question of getting a regime change, then it became a question of introducing democracy there in the way that it may flow through to Middle East. That has Middle East. That has proved to be a way that it may flow through to the difficult. It's coming from young people who are challenging their own leaders through leaders through non-violent methods. It seems that they have just

uncorked a uncorked a sectarian war in Iraq. Saddam thought that Bush would never be stupid enough to attack. He thought you've got 3 different groups, you need a strong brutal leader to hold them all together. It will be very difficult for will be very difficult for reark to stay will be very difficult for reark to will be very difficult for reark will be very difficult for will be very difficult for rark in stay will be very difficult for rark in will be very difficult for rark Iraq, to stay particular. You've got the Kurds in the north, with their own agenda. So you've got a series of ethnic and other issues there. Plus, of course, the country is potentially very wealthy. If the only the only potentially very wealthy. If the only Iraqis could get their act together. As we said, a trillion dollars, over 100,000 lives lost. What we are leaving behind is a country in enormous strife. So that's the cost for setting up a not very functional democracy in the Middle East. Yes. Is there hope that they will get their act together and Is there hope that they will get their act together and that with their oil dollars, they can make something out of Iraq? One tries to One tries to be optimistic, we hope they can start to rebuild their something out of Iraq?

country. At the moment, wow have to say that the war overall has been a tragic mistake. country. At the moment, wow have to There we go as many tragic mistake. There we go as many people probably know intuitively already. Thank very much, Dr Keith Suter. know intuitively already. Thank you Thank you. Ahead this morning - the Prime Minister's new year's resolution. I know what it is The Prime Minister says defiant Gillard, I'm here to say. I think there was a typo, I think that should be Molly saying " should be Molly saying "I'm here to stay" should be Molly saying "I'm here to stay". should be Molly saying "I'm here to And did Oprah's Down Under visit pay off? But next, the highlight of many people's weekend - Simon's app of the week. And under the hammer - inside the auction for Michael Jackson's furniture. MAN: (ON PHONE) Welcome to Apia. How can I help you? ALLAN: I'd like to get a quote on car insurance for my wife. What would I need to supply to you to get immediate cover? If you'd like to set up a direct debit, the bank details, of course, and also information about your wife and the car. If you wanted to do it, let's say monthly or something, it's not any extra. That seems pretty reasonable. And what time are you there till tonight? We're open 24/7, Allan. That's good service. VOICEOVER: If you're over 50, you can have a chat with Apia about your insurance anytime. So call 13 50 50 right now. Low fares are just part of the story. Why not celebrate the festive season by booking your next getaway with Jetstar. Take off between Brisbane and Hamilton Island for $49 per person or Perth to the Gold Coast for only $129 per person. And here's the perfect way to explore the reef and rainforest coast. Stay three nights at the Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas. The package includes economy airfares and accommodation. It's $478 per person from Brisbane or the Gold Coast Or $558 per person from Melbourne Tullamarine. Hurry, this sale is on now until midnight Tuesday. To book: , Samy, that's almost Samy, that's almost a Christmas present. Yeah, that's a perfect Christmas present, for a couple, without You can You can mind all your niece's and present, for a couple, without kids nephews and send your

nephews and send your sister nephews and send your sister off to Hamilton Island. She is in rainy London. Isn't it bad that I've just had four weeks Isn't it bad that I've just had four weeks off, I want to go weeks off, I want to go on holidays. That's the trouble with having time off work. off That's not true, I love being here. off work. You do. New research has suggested that kids don't bring you happiness. Couples without children claim they are happier. We're going to talk more about that after 8am, but in the meantime, we're keen on your view. Linda said on Facebook: "Parenting isn't cut out for everyone. "I'd be a nervous wreck if I had kids And Claire said: That's a great - that you nailed it, Claire I think the research assistanting. It's not saying that it's the kids themselves that are having the detrimental impact on the parents. It's the fact that the parents stop interacting with each other. All the attention goes to the kids. That's right. They stop nurturing their own relationship. Your happiness depends on your partner - it doesn't depend on your Not on any of your partners. - just

joking. What do you mean, plural. I've only been back half a day I'm talking in a historical sense, current one, awesome. Moving on! current one, awesome. Moving on!. A whole year can go by and you haven't Gaunt for a date or you haven't gone to the movie. You have that intention. We are not going to be like all other people. There are not enough trips to Hamilton island. You have the great intentions seven o'clock, but by 11 it's all gone. Are you sure you still want - I'm You have the great intentions by

really keen to go out if you still want to go out I think it is really important, every few months, just find one day that you can lose the kids and just spend the whole day and a night together, don't you think. Don't lose them totally. Give them to someone you trust. In a nightclub, Or take them to a nightclub separately. It's bloody hard work being a parent. It is, in the old day, you just take them to the forest and tie them to a free them to the forest and tie them to a free tree for a couple of days you have a bit of fun. Do not leave your kids in the car free tree for a couple of days while

while you are in the casino. Shortly on the show, our Sunrise GP weighs in on Molly Meldrum. Just how common are these type of head injuries? But right now, Monique has our headline news. Good morning. Family and friends of Molly Meldrum say the music guru will fight with all he has The 65-year-old remains in a critical condition. I think that the night went well is positive and there's been no deterioration but we just have to sit and wait. He is likely to be kept in a coma until next week. Two Australian men are being treated for stab wounds in Bali after a fight in a bar. A fight broke out early on Friday morning at the Bounty Disco in the nightclub area of Kuta. It's believed the fight started after a drink was knocked over. The alleged attacker remains on the run. And rescue crews had to pull a man from an overturned car in Sydney's south-west last night. with a parked car at Wiley Park, The Toyota Corolla collided rolling onto its roof and trapping the driver. It took an hour to free him before he was taken to hospital. Dozens of items formerly belonging to singer Michael Jackson are set to be auctioned off in California. Furniture and other personal possessions are among the memorabilia up for grabs. Seven's US correspondent Angela Cox has been following the story. This is what surrounded Michael Jackson in his final days, more than 500 lots will go under the hammer this weekend. Among them, a wardrobe which bears a handwritten motivational message left on a mirror which the pop star wrote himself. Ever every day he looked in the mirror, he saw this message to see what he was training for. There is also a message which has been written by the singer's children and that's been left on a black board which was found in the kitchen. This is the master bedroom suite where Michael Jackson slept. So private, no one, not even his children was allowed inside. So this is the master bedroom. You see where we have recreated it just as it was in the home, a magnificent room in the mansion in the house. The auctioneers have also recreated the medication room where Michael Jackson was given that fatal dose of Pope foal. They were going to be selling the head board from the bed, but have agreed not to at the request of Katherine Jackson who didn't want it sold. Ordinarily, this collection would sell from anywhere between 4 r $ anywhere between 4 r $400,000 and $ anywhere between 4 r $400,000 and $600,000. It's expected to sell for more than that because of the connection with one of the world's most famous entertainer. If you Weren't a crazy fan, would you want stuff? Probably not but there are at least, 15 million crazy fans still out there who are rich enough to bid on it I guess. What happened to the chimp and all of his animals. I think they are still out at Neverland. I hope someone has been out to feed them. They are at home in Florida Florida. The chimp is administering the estate, just in the final section of probate at the moment. It's kind of sweet the furniture, it's like someone's old gran ma's house. . Let's get some sports headlines now from Simon. Updating sport and the Sydney Sixers have begun their Twenty20 Big Bash campaign with a win at home over the Brisbane Heat. Veteran spinner Stuart MacGill made a triumphant return from retirement with two wickets while Sixers captain Brad Haddin hammered 76 from 69 balls. Ian Thorpe continues to struggle in his comeback to big time competition with the 5-time Olympic gold medallist finishing 16th in the 100m freestyle at the Italian Winter Open. It's his first long course outing in six years. And in the NBL, the 36ers have beaten fellow NBL cellar dwellers Wollongong 87-63 at Adelaide Arena. The result keeps their slim finals hopes alive. James is making his way to the of the bridge. So, in the James is making his way to the top of the bridge. So, in the meantime we have got the Beth. Thank we have got the Beth. Thank you, Simon. Let's have a look at the forecast for your capital. And in Brisbane, fine today. Looking ahead, showers over the next few days building to possible mid-week storms. Partly cloudy in Sydney today. Expect showers and temps in the low-20s for the week. Possible showers in Canberra today. The 5-day forecast shows showers tomorrow, right though till Wednesday. In Melbourne, possible storms today. There will be rain tomorrow and Monday, easing by Tuesday. Rain in Hobart today. Ahead, a cloudy day tomorrow with a rainy start to the week. In Adelaide, possible storms today. Expect some rain for the next few days before clearing mid-week. Mostly sunny in Perth today. Ahead, a cloudy day tomorrow, before a sunny and hot change from Tuesday. Storms for Darwin today with similar conditions forecast for the next few days. JTv we got you? Sorry we are using Harbour Bridge as ouran ten yarks we are just fine Sorry we are using the Sydney

are just fine tuning. If you turn around, it's a bit of a set up. This is around, it's a bit of a set up. is how we are broadcasting. around, it's a bit of a set up. This is how we are broadcasting. Are you serious Gee, the budget cuts have really cut deep. Using members of the general public as your sound view. deep. Using members of the general public as your sound view. If you are getting a free bridge climb, you may as well put in. This is the Opera House photo, when you get the photo like your Opera House like this, you get your city photo. What is that the big boat, the Rapsody of the City. They have moved one ship and put in another one. This is my group. Morning everone. Very slightly looking group. We Very slightly looking group. We have having a good time. It's quite physically taxing doing this, I have done it before about 5 years ago. I thought I was a little bit fit. My legs were shaking. We are having a pause here and in half an hour, we will be up on the summit. Are you able to get a shot with Opera House on your head. Does that Are you able to get a shot with the work. Little bit up and to your right a bit. Yes, like a Nice, that's good. Yeah. Nice, that's good. Yeah.. It's a right a bit. Yes, like a fascinator. good little fascinator for Melbourne Cup. JT, we love you That's just his onsey. That's just his onsey.. Thank you, JT. Time now for our App of the Week. Simon, one of the best things about travel is sharing it with family and friends. This is called Winzali which is a Zulu word for what are you doing. It's like, what's up. If you are fighting a war with the British, you turn off your iPad and get back to the fighting. This is brilliant, I really like this. It's free as well. So, it's a bit of a work n progress as well. work n progress as well. When you find yourself in a city, we have put free as well. So, it's a bit of a

in our GPS location for is Sydney central. I hit on it and up come all the restaurants, it will find all the restaurants, like 41, like Prime. A bit out of my league. I can go to Surrey Hills as well, Paddington that's kind of thing. And also, in this area, if I like something, I can recommend it immediately. Pop it up to Facebook or Twitter and that's the big thing about this particular app. Is that it combines which none others do, the social media side of things, Facebook and Twitter are a big part of this as well. So it comes, entertainment, food, Culture, places of interest and stuff. For example, I was just mucking around with this earlier today. I found out that Mark Seymour who I am a fan of is playing at the Brass Monkey tonight which I didn't know about. This is literally it has just found everything within the sort of area. What is this called again? It's called Winzani. It's linked in with Lonely Planet, and stuff so they have got of the big public cases as well. It doesn't just tell what you the and stuff so they have got support

restaurant is, it will give you a review. Not just the Xy stuff as It is really good. It's not going to be free, maybe for that long. So if Not just the Xy stuff as well.

you want to get it, get it now. Go it. Like it a lo. I'm going to start popularising it. These two people with the Christmas tress we should get them in, we only have four in here, think we These two people with the Christmas

have four in here, think we need some more. Should we let those people in. That's our new Soapbox? Should we let the Christmas tree inside Should we let them in. Can I vote no. Do I get a vote. I think they should come in They found us on Winzani. She is going to wake up on Christmas morning with presents all around her chin. With kids climbing all over here. chin. With kids climbing all over here her Telstra Dome. here her Telstra here her here chin. With kids climbing all over here her. Millions are now captivated. And preparing for a boozy Christmas? We'll tell you whether detox is the way to go. You're gonna love this. $12. Amazing! Does it melt the butter as well? Yes. VOICEOVER: Want irresistibly low prices on everything every day? ALL: OK! I'm gonna get the kids to make this themselves. his supervisor says they will give him a bag of dirt. Tomorrow on Weekend Sunrise - who's digging the world's gold? And, yes, some of that gold is being sold here in Australia this Christmas. any, # You are amazing God # . Also tomorrow, singing in the heart of our biggest city. But this is not what it looks like. Plus, it's the world's most famous mug shot, right? What you don't know about this photo. And live music from Stan Walker. Our Sunday edition of Weekend Sunrise, from 7am. We've all heard about the dangers of mothers-to-be drinking alcohol while they're pregnant. But what about mothers drinking after they've had children? Our Sunrise GP, Dr Ginni Mansberg, is here. Good morning. Ginni, how serious is the problem of boozing mums? It sounds like it should be really serious. We don't have enough evidence from scientific studies to tell you if you drink when you are a mother, you will do untold damage to your children. We don't know that at all. In fact, if you are having a bit after tip will after the kids go to bed and you're not completely wasted, maybe you're fine. We don't really know but I tell you this much, a recent UK mothers found out there were a lot of a lot of mothers drinking. 50% felt that they were more depressed and stressed It sounds to reason, if you are waking up tired and hung over and trying to deal with the tiresome business of young children, you will end up cranky. If you are a mum and drinking like a fish all the time, maybe there are better ways to deal with the stress. We are often told in our family that The Irish livers? A glass of wine or a point of Guiness, whilst you are pregnant once a day is not such a bad thing. It reduces your stress levels t doesn't throw through so greatly to the child. Look, there are a couple of studies to say, unless you you heavy drinking your kids are OK, and other studies, a couple of drinks can put your baby is your baby your baby at risk. If you've got your sister's wedding or something, one glass of wine What if you're at a music festival. Go home. A lot of pregnant women say they don't feel like it. A lot do though. . This time of year is notorious for over-indulging and then trying to compensate. In fact, today's papers say Christmas Day will be the booziest in Australian history. With dear Molly sadly being in hospital, I think they have downgraded that forecast a little

bit.. Detox programs might seem tempting. Are they a good idea? Look, I'm not a big fan of the defox tox, nor than I a bit fan of the pre tox or re tox afterwards. I they are all stupid. The only thing is, Buried in most detoxes, there is tox or re tox afterwards. I think

drink more fluids, eat less processed food, have more fruit and vegies. That makes sense. I would look at that more long term than just a sort period of detoxing. I wouldn't be taking all the herbs and empty your wallet out What about eating grapefruit and lemons. You can't specifically send grapefruit to the liver, it doesn't work that way work that way unfortunately Dam, I have had one strapped to the side of my body for a week now. It's like a dollar as opposed to $ It's like a dollar as opposed to $500 herbs. Zblif ee got visions of you walking around with a grapefruit protruding. That's only one half. You don't know

what I did with the other. Ginni is a serious medical professional. I take you seriously. I take you seriously.. Our friends, the Christmas tree ladies are allowed inside of ladies. We asked the question. The overwhelming response was yes. I said no but the rest of them said yes so you're in. Great to have you in here. Just behave We will come and decorate your heads with some baubles. Good to see Coming up, Kathy Lette answers your questions. Plus, was Oprah Winfrey worth the money? The bottom line from her Down Under trip. Oh, God, I can smell his face. It's our Postcard from America.

(SLOW PIANO MUSIC PLAYS) When you need pain relief, you know exactly where you need it. Nurofen knows this. That's why it's designed to work with your body and act at the site of the pain... you smart relief right where you need it. At Allianz, eligible New South Wales customers saved an average of $192 on comprehensive car insurance with our safe driver discount and a discount for buying online. Plus we reward customers with roadside assistance after the first year, at no extra cost. So if they saved an average of $192 on their car insurance, see what you could save. Visit Allianz online and get a quote today. You'll be OK with Allianz. Welcome back? What? What, what are you laughing about? I'm not laughing about anything. In this week's postcard - a shamed comedian who's now come out of her shell. She swore during a live sketch on America's top-rating comedy show. It could have been career suicide. But as you're about to see, it changed her life in the strangest possible way. Here's NBC's Brian Williams. My name is Marcel and I'm partially a shell as you can see on my body. But I also have shoes and a face and I like that about myself and I have a lot of other great qualities as well. Like the best animated films from Hollywood it has something for adults to love and something for children to love but unlike those films, 'Marcel The Shell With Shoes On' is done in this apartment on this computer by this nice couple who live with this nice dog and a small shell that talks. I guess what I wear is a hat. One time I nibbled on a piece of cheese and my cholesterol went up to 900. The story of Marcel begins one night two years ago. She was a new cast member in her first season on 'Saturday Night Live'. It was her dream. Jenny Slate, Ivy League educated, 27 years old was already a well-known figure in the New York improv and sketch comedy world. The sketch she wrote that night was about two women bikers enduring rapid fire dialogue that called for a substitute word. She dropped the F-bomb. You just threw an ashtray full of butts at my head. You know what, you stood up for yourself and I (BLEEP) love you for that. You could see it on her face. She realised her mistake immediately, so did those watching in disbelief. She apologised but her first season on 'Saturday Night Live' was her last. and the soul searching began. I wanted to be creative but I didn't know if I was going to go back to 'SNL' and I feel like I should just sit still and be quiet until someone tells me what the verdict is on me. And I think that that began to make me feel feelings that were negative about myself and it began to sort of taint this experience that I love. Guess what I use as a pen? I use a pen, but it takes the whole family. In the comedy business, when the going gets tough the tough make the best of what they can find around the house and luckily for Jenny and her fiance film maker, Dean, they already had a shell collection, one eye, plastic shoes and Jenny's newly-discovered comedic little boy voice. Would you like to hear some? And a star was born. And while Marcel is the shekky of the shell community, as funny as it sounds, it can also be poignant. My one regret in life is that I'll never have a dog. But sometimes I tie a hair to a piece of lint and drag it round. The close-up photography and painstaking stop-action animation forced the couple to look more closely at their apartment as a sound stage including sneakers, a slipper and the dog who scares Marcel half to death. Oh, God, I can smell his face. But look closely at something else. Look at the number of times Marcel has been seen on YouTube.

Marcel's parents are proud and amazed and have already written a book and there are talks to turn it into a TV show which is the next logical step. It's fun. I agree. It's nice for us to do together because it's well intentioned because we're not pushing anything. And then towards the end of our interview, Marcel joined the conversation. He came ready to play. Has having one eye affected you in any way? Yes. Has having one nose affected you in any way, Brian? Fair point, Marcel. Yeah I like to keep it fair. I'm a straight shooter. (ALL LAUGH) That is so cute. What a great career move, dropping the F bomb. Maybe we should try it - no, don't try it. Speaking of a great career move. How great to you look. Who's idea was it Mine. We have been looking for a new look for our'Deal or No Deal' models for 2012, Christmas hats. Girls, are you available Definitely. Charlene will be there with bells on. That may be the to top on. That may be the to top off the look. You can't talk No, I am knee shock. The lay days have been camp out to stake out their spot at carols in the domain so you are right up the front Have you got somebody there holding the forth. Just our tent. Your staff. Our stuff. I thought you had staff. You are the ring leaders. You are the ring leaders.. You're going to spread our cheer. We'll Save awe spot. Awesome. Thank you. You girls are a delight. I'll whip up some eggnog in a they are nothing and we might see you tonight. Lovy having you here. Coming up - the latest from Alfred Hospital on Molly Meldrum. Also this morning, do kids bring happiness? The surprising answer from new research. And the always happy James Tobin. He's on top of the world. He has a oncy with a Cockatoo hair do. He has a oncy with a Cockatoo hair do.! CROWD: Ooh! CROWD: Wow! VOICEOVER: For a truly impressive display, try Bam Active Foam Soap Scum & Shower. 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Ahead this morning - our defiant Prime Minister - Julia Gillard vows to stay in the top job. Will it be her choice? 12 months on, the bottom line from Oprah's down under visit. You may be surprised by the result. And we'll also head to Sydney's Domain where Natalie Barr is preparing to co-host tonight's Carols. She has a smashing dress ready to go. Hopefully not a tree on her head. But right now, here's Monique Wright with the latest news. Good morning. Police in Bali are searching for a man who allegedly stabbed two Australians during a fight at a bar. The men were drinking at the Bounty Bar in the popular tourist area of Kuta when the brawl broke out early yesterday morning. It's believed the fight started after the alleged attacker knocked over a drink. Police say he was asked to replace the drink when he got angry. Both the men are in hospital. Molly Meldrum's likely to remain in a coma until early next week. Molly fell while hanging Christmas decorations at his Melbourne home on Thursday. The music guru is in a critical but stable condition following brain surgery yesterday. His family have thanked everyone for their support. It's been extraordinary and that gives us tremendous heart, all of us who are with him, it gives us tremendous heart. We know there's so many people out there pulling for him, well, he's a fair chance. The 65-year-old is in the intensive care unit at Melbourne's Alfred Hospital. A defiant Prime Minister Julia Gillard maintains she isn't going anywhere. This comes after rumours six ministers had thrown their support behind Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd. In an end of year interview with Fairfax, Ms Gillard says she has no doubt the Government will last its full term. She also says she will be the one to lead the party into the next election. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has called on the Government to re-introduce temporary protection visas in a bid to curb boat arrivals. Mr Abbott made the comments during a trip to Darwin. It was part of a strong plan which worked before and it can be part of a strong plan that will work again. A new detention centre has opened in the city. The Riot Squad had to be called in last night Overseas now and at least two people have been killed in clashes between troops and protesters on the streets of the Egyptian capital. More than 100 people were injured as military police attempted to break up a protest by pro-democracy activists. Angry demonstrators hurled petrol bombs and stones at officers. Activists are demanding an end to military rule in Egypt which has been in place since former president Hosni Mubarak was ousted in February. In finance news - the Dow Jones is three points lower on the close. And oops, she's done it again - Britney Spears is reportedly engaged. It's believed her boyfriend, Jason Trawick, popped the question to the singer at a private dinner for his 40th birthday. The ring is rumoured to be a three-carat round diamond and the engagement party will likely take place in Las Vegas. Three times lucky maybe. I was beginning to think that Britney had disappeared from weekend end Sunrise. Yes. Do we know her fiance, does he ring a bell with her. He has just had his 40th birthday We do know it's a 3 carat ring. It was a private dinner when he popped the question. Zbli am just hearing that he is her former manager. Breaking news. Former manager. Zblu can't be married to your manager. A manager with benefits. Didn't she get married the other times in Vegas. All I remember is the matching tracksuit, remember. She was married in a tracksuit. She was married in a tracksuit.? No No, they had hit and hearse

Was that Kevin fellow. He is in Australia at the moment, spotted at neutral bay Woolies. We have gone from Britney's engagement to K-Fed's shopping trip to Woolies. We can tick our Britney quota the tree woman are over there taking notes on how silly we are. They are the ones with Christmas trees on their heads. That's not saying much at all. Revo, please. The Sydney Sixers started the Twenty20 Big Bash series with an emphatic 7-wicket win over the Brisbane Heat at the SCG last night. Sixers captain Brad Haddin was a standout with the bat, slogging 76 from 59 balls. And Steve Smith showed quick thinking to pull off this incredible catch, which sent Peter Forrest on his way. COMMENTATOR: That is brilliant. That's how you do it. How easy has he made that look?! Tonight, spin king Shane Warne will make his Aussie comeback, when they take on the Sydney Thunder at the MCG. And England's Ian Poulter will start the third day of the Australian Masters at 9 under par, two shots in front of Aussie Matthew Giles. Luke Donald is in the hunt along with Aussie Greg Chalmers is at 3 under, which keeps his triple crown dream alive. Now to JT and today's weather. His entire life has been like a bridge over troubled waters. He is on the bridge and the troubled waters are far below him We have made it to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Isn't this spectacular? Have a look at the We have made it to the top of the

view. It is great up here. I'll tell you what, it is quite a romantic little spot. Some of my friends actually met as bridge climb guides. They were both guides, now they are marry with a baby. Very romantic little story. How do you have a baby in one of those How do you have a baby in one of those onseys chl There have been about 3,000 proposals up here, I've got one story about a wedding that didn't go too well. I'll tell you about that after the wedding - weather. after the wedding - weather.! On the regional fly-around - Showers and the chance of a storm for Cairns. Showers for Townsville. Mostly fine in Maroochydore. And fine for Brisbane. Partly cloudy in Tamworth. Partly cloudy and 22 for Sydney. And possible showers in Canberra. In Victoria - late rain for Mildura. and 30 for Melbourne. Partly cloudy in Launceston. for Hobart. Possible storms at Mt Gambier. There's also the chance of a storm in Adelaide. Showers for Alice Springs. Afternoon storms for Darwin. And in WA - partly cloudy in Albany. Mostly sunny in Perth. Partly cloudy in Kalgoorlie. And sunny at Exmouth. Oh, oh. Just on Robyn and Jim. I was going to tell awe quick story before we met them. This is Robyn and Jim. This is Anna, their doubt hour is hiding. This is quite nice, isn't it, this could be a nice family photo. Jim, did you specifically choose the back of the pack because you're getting a bit handsy being barks there? Well, know I thought I would take my

time so I could absorb the view. It's just amazing. It is very nice. Is this the first time you've done this It's the second time. We did it about 10 or 12 years ago for our 30th wedding anniversary. What is that, almost 40 years. Almost. You guys are having a family Christmas barbecue somewhere? No, family Christmas - Anna is going to a barbeque today. You're ditching them? Yeah How do you ditch them at the of the show. You go over there. It will just be us. I'll tell ut story How do you ditch them at the start

about the wedding proposal that went terribly wrong in half an hour. Oh, JT. Waiting with baited breath. Kind of like that. Was that it, right there? Thank you matey. See you soon. Our Natalie Barr sure is flexible. Last weekend, she was in here pretending to be Sam. Then, during the week, she was busy reading news for her day job. And now tonight, something completely left field. She will team up with Grant Denyer to host Sydney's 'Carols in the Domain.' In fact, she's already there. Nat, good morning. How are you feeling? I am so excited. I was so excited to get this call. My mum now thinks I've now made something of my life. I am Hosting the Caroles in the dedoe main lost. We had a dress rehearsal. So many great singers. So many Australians artists who are going to be on that stage tonight. It's fantastic. We have Charlene and Susan in the studio here. You've not met them but they've already steaked out their spot, Nat. How many people are already down at the domain. Well, a few hundred have camped. There are tents all over the place. Just to give you an idea of the dedication, here is Pearl, came 29 years ago for the very dedication, here is Pearl, Pearl Carols in the Domain. She was pregnant with Katie. Katie is now came 29 years ago for the very first

pregnant. They didn't camp last night. They haven't been camped there for the last the last 29 years. They go home in between. Look at these guys who have just turn up. They come at 6 or seven o'clock, this morning. There were some who arrived at yesterday morning. To show you how organised they are, look at this. People who have been here for years, bring their own rocks. OK. This is to put down on their sheets to make sure nothing blows away. This is dedication. This is organisation. What is your name? My name is Karen. You know what you're doing I do know what I'm doing. We put rocks down, we put the plastic tarp over the sheet so it doesn't ruin the grass. They are organised, they are here. We are hearing you. We have got the tree ladies with us so we know it's a serious business. To get the stake They haven't brought their rocks out. with them. Good on you, Nat, look forward to seeing it all tonight. Broadcast around the country on Seven Network from 8. Seven Network from 8.30. I was a bit Broadcast around the country on the concerned when they had their rocks there. When Troy cast Dale Yea, there. When Troy cast Dale there. When Troy cast there. When Troy there. When there. Cast daily, " there. Cast daily, "I hate country music." there. Cast daily, "I hate country music.". Make sure you do some crowd control. It's crowd disarray. Did you recognise your spot down there. No, we are on the other side. As long as no one is in it. Ahead this morning, we'll take you live to Melbourne's Alfred Hospital for the latest on Molly Meldrum. But next, the Oprah effect - 12 months on, did her visit pay off for Australia? And shock horror, New research says having kids does not bring happiness. VOICEOVER: When out with friends, you can rely on silky-smooth legs. Veet Delightful Gel Wax - so easy to use, for up to four weeks of touchable smoothness. Veet - what beauty feels like. Read all about it! Julia Gillard has already made her New Year's resolution. In an interview with today's Fairfax newspapers, she vows to stay on as Prime Minister until the next election. But will it be her choice? Let's go through the papers now with journalist John Mangos and the 'Sun Herald's Shelly Horton. Good morning to you both. Shelly is on holidays already. John, she says she's used to people writing her off. But should she end the year feeling confident? Well, see, I think every day that she is in office at the moment, given the state of her government, is Christmas. I mean, every day that she is Prime Minister is Christmas. She is - she She is - she - now that shooef she's got the buffer with Mr Slipper in the chair as Speaker. She is in the position with crude who has been nothing but annoying to her, bring it on. Knowing that he can't. So she is trying to flush him out. I think that's what this is all about. She knows he is an irritant. She knows he is going around try and develop support. She is saying " support. She is saying "Come and get it support. She is saying "Come and get it" Just leaving Mr Rudd aside having ram add few bits of legislation through, Obama came, then to have her cabinet reshuffle at the end of the year that will cause nothing but heartache and make your party the story It is a bit of a bad taste in your mouth for the rest of the year. I think see she should have left it in, have a happy time in the polls without being backstabed left, and centre and then start the new year. This without being backstabed left, right

year. This is what she wants. The polls are a litmus test. At the moment, she wouldn't win. Soe her saying it's a resolution to stay Prime Minister, psychologists say, saying it's a resolution to stay as resolutions are broken within three to five days. Be careful of what you say. You have to give her some credit for the reshuffle t does strengthen her position. Bill Shorten, clearly with industrial relations is on a mission to get Abbott. He has an attack dog. You would hope a reshuffle pre Christmas may mean they hit the ground running. ground running.. Paul Keating says she can't win. Do you think he is right? Secondly, is it the roll of a former Prime Minister to provide this type of observation? Is it helpful to his own party. He is just so utterly quotable. You know any time he speaks, there will be a story. There will be a headline. Is he doing her any favours, absolutely not? Is he helping the party? I don't think so. But he is just being himself. That's what he has always been. Is he right? Yes, I don't think they can win. Is he entitled as a form are Prime Minister to xomt? Yes, absolutely. Hawksy does it all the time. Fraser still does to time. John Howard was commenting this time. Fraser still does it from time

week. Probably not as much but still does. I think we value the opinions of former Prime Ministers. We pay people who aren't Prime Ministers to give us their opinions. Why wouldn't we take them We pay people who aren't former

for free from a formerpm. Any ideas of what the Prime Minister may give Kevin Rudd for Christmas? I think a Christmas card full of Anthrax, I don't think it will be a merry Christmas. She is giving him a kick in the butt. She is saying, you want my job, come and get it. Here is your opportunity, knowing he can't take it. The Christmas present for Kevin Rudd is a headache. Mm. OK, moving on. Guys, it's now exactly one year since Oprah Winfrey made her high-profile trip to Australia. But stats reveal that visitors from the United States to Australia have fallen by 4%. So does that mean the trip failed? 100% no, it's not a failed trip. I mean, please. Look at the state of the economy in America. Look at the strength of our dollar. There are a lot of factors here. It was such a positive ad for Australia. I'm wearing my Oprah necklace. I went to the show. It was life changing. Really. Do you know the secret now? The secret? That she follows no, the secret is you wear the pearl neck lax it gives you power I think. No, the thing is, I don't think it was every going to be a direct effect that it was going to be an instant, intake of Americans coming to Australia. I think it will be aspirationaland when you look at Americans only get two weeks leave a year, it might take a couple of years for them to actually save up and do that big trip because it is a long way. Planted the seed. The moment you think to go to a place, it often takes a while. I have been thinking of going to Bhutan for about 15 years now. It is a consolidation that we are a quality brand. We all knew which cars we wanted to own. But we didn't go all out tomorrow and buy one. I think that's what she has done for Australia. She has reaffirmed what a quality destination quality destination we are Given this there has been zero economic growth in the United States, only losing 4% of that market is not so bad. It used to be cheaper for them to come there and expensive for us to go there. Now it's the other way around. Researchers say contrary to popular belief, children don't necessarily bring happiness. In fact, often the opposite is the case. The key to happiness is the spirit of generosity towards your partner. So who's happiest here? As a father of, two I reckon that's a load of crap. I've climbed a lot of nice mountains that of nice mountains that I've wanted to climb in my life. None of them have given me the joy that my two kids bring me. I think watt headline is trying to say is that having children isn't a fix for a troubled relationship. And if they are saying that, I fully agree. The research is suggesting for many couples, having children takes your focus off each other and that's the problem when you lose the focus on each other. I have been vow vocal of the fact that I don't want to have children. Obviously, I'm reading this, going see, I was right. But, then again, you know, I'm also the one going home to have a nap in the afternoon. You've got your pearl necklace. I am all set. I don't think this is about children at all. I think this is about people in a relationship being very respectful to each other and I think that kids can suck of the attention and all of the focus. and I think that kids can suck all

But it's mutual attention. Even if you are not getting on all that well. You are both loving these same kids that you have together. You have to remember to love each other. I think that's the key point. A lot of couples when they are both really tired, they are working their butts off and get snippy with each other. It suddenly becomes a competition, who is doing more, who is getting less sleep. It's the generosity towards each other. You know why Greek men always die before their wives, because they want to. Stop it. All men die before their reeufs. It's the only break we get. John, shelly. Thank you, John. Thank you, shelly. Happy Christmas. Happy Christmas.. . Straight ahead - Aussie actress Kathy Lette. She answers your questions in a way only she can. Also this morning, our masters of spin on how men target women. But next, the weekend vigil. We're live to the hospital for an update on Molly Meldrum. Bunnings is the place to come for Christmas, definitely. Great Christmas ideas everywhere. Trojan 19-piece screwdriver set - $19.98. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # (CLASSICAL PIANO MUSIC) VOICEOVER: New Odour Detect from Air Wick. (DANCE MUSIC BUILDS) A new automatic air freshener so smart it detects and helps overcome odours... (MUSIC STOPS) ..even before you notice them. Odour Detect works on all common household odours to keep your world at its brightest. New Odour Detect - something in the Air Wick. Australian author Kathy Lette is this week's Your Guest. She's made it big in London, but she's still proud to be an Aussie. Now to our viewer questions. Jackie from Victoria asks: Well, I used to be a surfing chick but now I surf my brain waves in London. I'm having my own weather. It's so unfair what women go through, unfair what women go through. Do you know what happens to a woman - period cramps, pregnancy, child birth, menopause and then you grow a beard. Some writers do have a condescension chromosome but I just call them 'Conan the Grammarian' and say they've been at Oxford for too long. They have ivy growing up the backs on their legs. After 12 books, I have developed a bulletproof bra But I do get upset when female critics are cruel to me. I think we should be human wonderbras - uplifting, supportive and making us look bigger and better. Thank you, darling. You need glasses. I pretend the only thing I run up is bills but actually I swim, jog, cycle and chasing toy boys is highly aerobic. I recommend it. Julian James from Victoria asks: I do have a novel coming out called 'The Boy who Fell to Earth'. And then, as I have cannibilised my entire life - surfing days, pregnancy, motherhood, living in England - I've told my husband I need to have an affair to get some more material. It's in the interests of literature, isn't it? isn't it?. But he's told me he has to have an affair to give me more angst. We're currently negotiatin. But boys, feel free - do write in. More questions next week by the look of it. There would never be a dull moment around the dinner table with Geoffrey Robertson and Kathy. The intellectual power would be fantastic I was in The Hague the other day. Is that right. My latest toy boy told me. It's fantastic. Thank you for those questions as well. We will have more of your guests coming up. Particularly the Particularly the question, you're in break Nick. Coming from Jane as well. You're in great Nucifora she will why gentleman I always say that to Sam. I always say that to Sam.? We are each other's Wonderbras. Sometimes they are talk ago code that we don't understand. We just hear them in the dressing room. What are they talking about? Is isn't that right? No, it's not. Great Nick. We are continuing to be flooded by emails here at Seven from people keen to pass on their best to Molly Meldrum. We're told this weekend will be crucial as he tries to overcome a serious head injury. Let's head back to Melbourne's Alfred Hospital. Entertainment reporter and good friend of Molly, Peter Ford, is there for us. Pete, very small steps being made in ICU? Very much so. Look, there really isn't any significant news. He had a stable night. We were told yesterday morning, don't expect a lot to happen. Certainly for 24 hours, probably for 48 hours. Even beyond that. Because this is how it's meant to play out. We in the news game of course, want everything to be instant. We would love to have good news to tell you but there simply isn't. In terms of the people in that hospital, they believe everything is happening exactly as it should. In a sense, that is good news. So, but it is a waiting game. Peter, we can only imagine that there are strictly no visitors at this point. Are the family able to sit by Molly's bedside or what is going on down there sthoo Well, going on down there sthoo Brian, Ian's - Molly's brother is able to be in there and go in there, another couple of very close people in his life. It's not a place for anybody else to even attempt to try and get to. It is still touch and go. There are no two ways about it. Certainly Brian is very aware, when the chance does arrive, elcertainly make Molly aware of the extraordinary out pouring of concern and well wishes that are going on for him at the moment through the social media, through the newspapers, calls to this program, flowers being left at his house in Richmond f that in fwhai means anything, and amounts to anything, and amounts to anything, then he has a good starting point. He is so amazingly popular and you see unfortunately it takes something like this to see that. What do you think about - it is about Molly, that has provoked such an overwhelming reaction around the country? I am not sure I can totally explain it myself. The key is, he is a very nice bloke, very approachable nice bloke, very approachable. Extraordinary depth of knowledge about his specialist subject, music but then a passion for so many other things, including sport. Actually a very well read man. Very knowledgable on a whole range of issues. I think when people saw him on the celebrity version who who wants to be a millionaire, people thought wow, you are no dill, even though he plays the buffoon on camera. Mostyn of us of a certain age bracket. He has been the man to introduced us to new styles of music, almost guided the way on what we should be listening to. A of the stars. I know he the we should be listening to. A friend occasions that I have been to his house, I would find reasons just to go to the house. The doorbell would ring, you never knew who would walk through the door. There was always a parade of people coming and going. Molly would enjoy a cape cod, his drink of choice which is vodka and cranberry juice. I never knew that was a Cape Cod. Let's hope he is back on soon soon and enjoy a few drinks before the summer is now. Peter Ford, thank you for talking to us. Thank you, both. Thank you, both.. For those of us who have met Molly and known him a bit. We don't to be his best friends, he is one of those personalities that you feel so and known him a bit. We don't claim

even deared towards. He is a really open even deared towards. He is a really open hearted guy. That's a good point. You have better friends than you have a right to feel. Self depricating and poking fun at himself. Almost as soon as you meet him, he will make you laugh at something against himself. It makes you feel like you know him. It will be interesting to know, if you haven't met Molly, what is it about Molly that prompted you to do that? There are few people in the world, you could say there is no one like him. There is no one like Molly. When he is in the studio here, he