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(generated from captions) This morning, who will be

the winners and losers in the Prime Minister's Cabinet

It is not my assessment that we have reached an agreement we have reached an agreement on the four elements of the

package. Also today, a deal struck

in Durban but no real until 2015. in Durban but no real action

Brisbane police detain a man

over an alleged $16 million

embezzlement. An Australian man

pleads guilty to working

Hamas as a spy. The Aussie bats

mn begin a chase for victory on Day 4

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I'm Joe O'Brien. Assistant Treasurer Bill

Shorten could be in line for a

promotion in a Cabinet

says it's happy with the reshuffle today. The opposition

make-up of the shadow The reshuffle comes on a day make-up of the shadow Cabinet.

when the latest Nielsen poll shows Julia Gillard is losing

more ground to Tony Abbott. more ground to Tony Abbott. The

Opposition Leader has gain ed a 4% lead preferred Prime Minister. The 4% lead over Ms Gillard as

poll also shows the poll also shows the coalition has lifted its two party lead

over Labor by 2 points to 57

while Ms Gillard's approval

latest on the government's rating fell 4 to 35. For the

moves we cross live now to political correspondent Melissa

Clarke in Canberra. Why is reshuffle happening

today? There are a couple of reasons that timing. One it's the end of the

parliamentary year, so we an opportunity over the summer parliamentary year, so we have

break for any ministers to have

a bit of time to get over new a bit of time to get over

portfolios. It is a significant

turning point for the Federal Government having got some

crucial legislation passed

Gillard said this would be the through Parliament. Julia

year of year of delivery and decision

and is looking atticing off

things like the carbon things like the carbon pricing

legislation and the mining tax

and health reform deals. So

this will mark a new stage

going into 2012. But it's also

announce minute from the Small partly been

Business Minister Nick Business Minister Nick Sherry

from the frontbench and sitting that he will be stepping down

on the backbench until next election which he won't reckon

test that provides an

opportunity and a need for

Julia Gillard to make at least a small shuffle, a small shuffle, so we expect

today she will actually

small shuffle. But announce a bit more than a

small shuffle. But partly

result ing from that. Nick

Sherry said there are a number

of reasons why he decided now

was the time to step down. There are three

interrelated reasons for my

decision. Firstly I've been on

time, some 14 years of my the frontbench for a

almost 22 years in the Parliament so far. I served in

a range of positions in

opposition as a shadow minister

for seven years and I served the last four minister. I've been around for

a long time. I've just turned

56. You do think about these

issues a little more when you

get a touch older. And thirdly,

I have three young children.

The 56-year-old Tasmanian

senator Nick Sherry there. So

this is a reshuffle, or is the

expectation that will be a

reshuffle based objectively on

bit of loyalty people's performance or there a

bit of loyalty mixed into this as well? I think there is definitely an element of renewal that we are expecting if

if we do indeed see Bill

take the industrial relations Shorten step into Cabinet and

in a strong performer for the portfolio, that would be

government into a portfolio

that is going to have that is going to have a lot

more attention on it next more attention on it next year.

expecting from Robert And if the demotions we're

McClelland to potentially be

booted out as Attorney-General

for Chris Evans to lose that

industrial relations portfolio and potentially Kim Carr to lose his portfolios as that does indeed turn out out

announces today then that would to be what Julia Gillard

be something of a cheering out

have been of some of the older faces that

time and some of the under have been around for a long

performing faces that have been

in the frontbench. So there

could be an element of renewal

there. However, this will

inevitably be painted as rewards for the factions, Bill inevitably be painted as some

Shorten being a critical player

in getting Julia Gillard to when that leadership change

took over there is also

well speculation that Mark Arbib may

well be promoteed in any

reshuffle announced today who

is also a player in is also a player in those

moves. Certainly that's how the

coalition will paint any change

and Tony Abbott was getting in

early when he spoke to the media earlier this morning. On

understand is imminent, the reshuffle, which we

basically the Prime Minister is

trying to buy the loyalty of

people who put her in there. A year or so back. They're

obviously thinking of shifting

buy some insurance with this to Mr Rudd. She

reshuffle. Tony Abbott

speaking in Canberra early this morning. Tony Abbott's not

reshuffle himself? No. going down the path of the

Reshuffling is also a difficult

one because you risk making

enemies. It seems Tony Abbott

is going to avoid doing that. He says that he's He says that he's happy with

his party's policy and person

them. He says barring may well need to the need to do retirements, which of them. He says barring any

a reshuffle but he says he is happy with the team he has. Barring retirements it's the Barring retirements it's

team he will take to election. Before you go, have

we got - the expectation is

there will be a pretty

announceing this significant media conference

announceing this reshuffle S

that the case? We are expecting

that the announcement will come from the Prime Minister

herself. We don't have any

indication yet as to any

precise timing but we do expect

that at some point later on today. Melissa Clarke in

Canberra, thank you. Police in 36-year-old man wanted over the embezzlement of $16 million

from Queensland Health. Joel

Barlow was found overnight at

an address in the inner

Brisbane suburb is being questioned by police

right now. The Queensland Police Minister Neil Roberts says Barlow is expected to

appear in court as soon as

possible. Police obviously had

surveillance of a number of

properties. In the early hours

of this morning a little after 3.30, I understand, the alleged offender presented himself to try to they were able to apprehend him

this has been excellent police

work. The individual has been

taken into custody and

obviously will be undergoing questioning and police will

release further details as they

can throughout the day. Just further to that Police further to that story the

Police Minister has actually

announced separately to that

issue that he is stepping

issue that he is stepping down, won't be contesting the next

election in Queensland, but

will stay on in Cabinet until

then. A last-minute deal aimed

at tackling climate change has

been agreed at the Delegates in Durban pledged Delegates in Durban pledged to

work towards a new accord that would commit all countries not

just the richer ones to

binding limits on carbon emissions by 2020. A huddle in

the conference hall. The key

powers very tense. America,

resisting joining a climate

treaty unless China does too.

China itself, wary. And India,

unwilling to be thid into a legally binding commitment. In

the end, they got there. In seeing no objection, it's so decided. 36 hours late, relief among many, with a new

agreement. And this is how the deal looks. A new global by 2020, limiting greenhouse

gases. It will include China, America and India, the three biggest polluters, and it will

have legal force though that

isn't defined. What we've done

today is actually a great

success for European diplomacy. We've managed to put this on

the map. And we've managed bring the major emitters like

the United States and India and

China into a road map which will secure an overarching global

global deal. The pressure had

come from the most vulnerable

nations but the treaty won't

come as fast as they'd like . India with hundreds of millions

still below the poverty line,

worries about restraining its

development. The United States

is in no rush either. is in no rush either. Climate change is a change is a toxic issue there. But getting a new treaty

difficult challenges. For the first time it is recognised

that there is a gap between pledges to reduce emissions pledges to reduce emissions and

the cuts that scientists

are needed. But the scale of

cuts who should make them and

by when still has to be

decided. And previous promises

of road maps leading to new agreements have been delayed or

broken. So they have agreed a

pathway for cutting global

emissions. But there's not much urgency about it.

Obviously the government and

the opposition have very

different positions on the

outcome of those talks. The

government is saying the outcome gives them outcome gives them a mandate to

achieve big cuts. The opposition is opposition is saying it's

basically a big failure basically a big failure for Australia because of the

deferral of action until 2020.

If you have a significant view

one way or the other on that,

give me a yell on my Twitter

account. Joe O'Brien 24. I will

read a few of them An Australian has pleaded

guilty to working as a spy for

Hamas. The militants organisation runs the Gaza

Strip and is considered a

terrorist group by the Israeli government. The man was

arrested at Tel-Aviv airport in

March. The Palestinian-born Australian citizen, he'd been living in Saudi Arabia. While

working there, he met some

people and then he learned or

understood that one or two of

them were members of Hamas.

The Hamas members asked the as an IT specialist to look for technology to improve missile

targets. They also wanted commitment that may determine

if the phone is being tapped. He agreed to buy a camera to

carry out surveillance on

travelling to Israel with his wife. He told one of those guys, one of his guys, one of his friends that

he intends to visit in Israel

and they told him alright,

great, tell us what you great, tell us what you have

seen there. Accusations he did

weapons training in Hamas with Syria

says the man was simply naive. They didn't really

understand what it was all

about. It was a friendly attitude. He couldn't even dream that he will find on the bench. The man has agreed

agreed to a plea bargain with a

sentence of 30 months. If the

judge accepts that and with good behaviour, he will be

released by the end of next

year. And is then expected to be deported to Australia. Republican presidential

hopefuls in hopefuls in the US have held a fiery televised debate. The new frontrunner grut anything rich stood by his earlier comments that Palestinians are that Palestinians are an invented invented people while Mitt

Romney issued a $10,000 bet Romney issued a $10,000 bet to Rick Perry over health care. The stakes couldn't be higher

for Mitt Romney as he shared

the prize for the first the prize for the first prize

of the marathon Republican

race, Iowa, where in less than

a month voters make their pick

of a candidate who will set the pace for the

pace for the party's presidential nomination. Despite a money and organisation, Romney

has both his lead to gring rich in both the national and Iowa

polls. Beginning polls. Beginning rich had promiseded not to attack his

rivals but when Romney touted

his success as a businessman,

the former Speaker of the US

house struck back. Lets be

candid. The only reason you

didn't come a career politician

is you lost to Teddy Kennedy 1994. Now wait a second ... CROWD BOO

This debate was one of

Romney's last chances to

recover in a state where 60% of Republican voters call themselves themselves evangelical Christians. The candidates

joufted over gring rich's

appeal to those voters this week when he described

Palestinians as an invented

people. Though none of the

candidates challenge the

accuracy of that comment, some

called it unwise. That I think was a mistake on

probably suggest that as well.

I don't think we ... Maybe not.

I think we're very wise to stand with friends, Israel hand

not get out ahead of them. I

feel quite confident an amazing number of Israelis found it

nice to have an American tell

the truth about the war they're

in the middle of the and the casualties

casualties they're casualties they're taking and the who surround them who say

you don't have the right to

exist. Next week the candidate

also debate one more time

before an Iowa audience A before an Iowa audience A last chance for Romney to slow beginning rich's steady momentum toward the first score

in the drive to the Republican nomination. The nomination. The Republican race continues. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says he's

ordered an investigation into allegations of electoral fraud during the parliamentary elections earlier this month. Tens of thousands rallied

across Russia over the weekend in

in the largest anti-government

demonstration since the fall of

the Soviet Union. Protesting

against the alleged fraud, they also called for the departure of Prime Minister Vladimir to return to the presidency

next year. Mr Medvedev next year. Mr Medvedev posted a

comment on his Facebook comment on his Facebook page

saying the allegations would be

investigated, but he received a

mostly negative response. The Prime Minister Julia

Gillard is set to announce

changes to her frontbench. It's expected that Robert expected that Robert McClelland

will be moved from his position

as Attorney-General, but Kevin Rudd will remain Foreign

Minister. The opposition and

the Greens have criticised the UN

deferred binding action on

climate change. All UN member

countries have now agreed to

negotiate a legally binding

agreement on reducing will only take effect from

2020. An Australian man faces jail in Israel after jail in Israel after pleading

guilty to collaborateing with

the militant organisation

Hamas. The man has been in

custody since his arrest in

March. Checking today's


100 years ago, the British declared Delhi the national

capital of India. The

anniversary has triggered debate within the country about how to reconcile its colonial past with the present. The

Australia Network's India correspondent Richard correspondent Richard Lyndell

reports. I'm standing here at

the seat of power in the heart of New Delhi. Behind me is the magnificent presidential palace

and the yellow and red

sandstone secretariat sandstone secretariat buildings which as can you see with the large grand columns and the

domed roofs are a unique blend of of British colonial and local influences. Behind me is the circular Parliament building

and of course the seat of power

of modern India. We're standing

here at the top in the long sweeping boulevard fashioned sweeping boulevard fashioned on the great

the great boulevards of Europe. That take us all the way down

to Delhi's most recognisable landmark, India Gate. landmark, India Gate. Britain finished building this planned

New Delhi in 1931 after declaring this the capital in 1911. They thought they'd be

here forever. In fact the here forever. In fact the chief architect designed and

built all the bells in these

buildings out of stone

he didn't want the bell to toll

for the fall of the British

Empire. They may not have heard

it it coming but just 16 years

later they were gone. This is a

prophecy that whoever builds a

new city in Delhi will lose it.

This has been true for about

2,000 years now. So where does

100 years of history fit into the long hand

proud history of a city such as

Delhi which dates back as a

major centre to 11 90 and has been inhabited for thousands of years before around today, judging by the

reaction of the locals, not

very much. There are no major celebrations planned, nothing

really to mark this as a

special day, 100 years since

Delhi once again became the capital of India. Perhaps for

the locals perhaps for India

they're now looking they're now looking forward

with a renewed confidence that

here at the seat of here at the seat of power, that the British built for them,

this is the centre of power this is the centre of power for not only a strong and independent India but also now the centre of power for an

emerging global power in its

own right. Let's check the

markets now with Alicia Barry a

big deal in the mineth sector New Delhi? There has been a lot of consolidation in of consolidation in the resources sector recently. The mining companies Whitehaven

Coal and Aston Resources have

hey greed on ad 5.1 billion

merger. It will create

coal miner in order to take advantage of growing Asian coal demand. Ashton shareholders

will receive 1.89 Whitehaven

shares for each Aston shares

after a distribution of a

special dividend of 50 c per

share to existing Whitehaven

shareholders T comes just a

month after Peabody Energy bought out Macarthur Coal for around $5 billion. The local

share market has jumped at the open as investors take their first chance to react to the EU's plan to EU's plan to tougher the region's budget rules. Still on Europe - and

experiments from the Eurozone,

the European Central Bank and

the IMF will resume talks with

the Greek Government the Greek Government today. The

meeting follows three meeting follows three days of make or break talks in the

Eurozone in Brussels. The Greek

Finance Minister says

discussions will focus on

procedures to put a new loan

decided on in Brussels.

Negotiations will also be held

with creditors to wipe off 50%

of Greek debt. China is celebrating its anniversary of its accession to the WTO. The country's

President says China's ultimate

aim is to have total imports of

8 trillion over the next five

years, bringing enormous

opportunities to businesses around the world. The WTO Director-General says Director-General says the

global economy needs China to

become more involved in issues

like trade regulation. I will

have more from the markets for you Alicia. Now for a look at the major sports stories of the

day, Paul Kennedy joins us.

What's happening in the What's happening in the

cricket? He has gone out early this morning, so Australia's

1/75. He hit a reasonable

knock, though? He made about

20. Oh right! OK. He was out yesterday, but had a bit of

luck. And hung around. I think really enjoying it, to be honest

honest with you. He hung in. He

was - he is a tough batsman. He hung in for his hung in for his country yesterday with Warner. We're seeing highlights from yesterday here. But yesterday here. But Hughes, that was the lucky one there. I

just think maybe he needs to go

back to Shield cricket and

start enjoying his cricket

again. Away from the spotlight,

fix whatever technical fix whatever difficulties he may

Matthew Hayden did a few years ago. Australia needs to make

241 today. With the lot of the

wicket of Phil Hughes t keeps New Zealand in the for sure. Dave Warner is going

well. He just brought up his

half century with a flashy shot through the gap between slip

and gully. He is doing OK to

hack around there. He is at the

pitch with Usman Khawaja who needs to

needs to get some runs too. His stats aren't great in the last 10 Test innings as well It's

really interesting today to see

who shines and who cements

their place in the batting

line-up. It's no certainty that Australia will hit those runs? Absolutely no certainty.

Going on Australia's batting performances in recent times,

there's nothing certain. Maybe if we're claiming that as form, we

innings form is OK. We'll wait to see. There's a great little character merging in Australian tennis? Ashleigh

know if you saw the story we were playing this were playing this morning, but we featured her on Contact Sport on Friday night that was

after she'd won a couple of

wildcard matches against dl dl

dl and a couple of other --

Casey Dellacqua and a couple of other players. She has done

that now. She beat her good friend friend yesterday, Olivia Rogowska. There's commentary around Ashleigh Barty. It's always whispered commentary at

these young stars, these young stars, because we

know that the know that the strike rate isn't

good. If you're a champion at 15,

15, there's still a lot of

obstacles to overcome to be a great professional player. But

the commentary is there is no

better 15-year-old to come

through Australian ranks in the

last 20 years. Ashleigh last 20 years. Ashleigh Barty

has heavy expectations but she

seems to be able to cope with T yesterday, she is going to play

in the Australian Open, maybe

play some horrendous tennis, feel nervous in the feel nervous in the corner of the locker room. She's

putting too many expectations on herself but she looks like a

tennis player for the

future. That sounds like a good attitude going into it. She

knows she's really young, just

give it her best and see how

she goes. She has nothing to

lose. Turning to golf - it's

kind of amazing, so many people

have heard of Tiger Woods the world over. But then you have

Luke Donald, now the top in Europe and the States. And

not half as well known as

Woods, probably? And he hasn't

won those Grand Slams to won those Grand Slams to claim

that top form across everything

but he certainly has the top billing in the Europe and the

United States money earning

list. And he's - good thing for

us f you don't know too us f you don't know too much

about Luke Donald, you can find

out just how well he goes in Melbourne at the Masters.

Because if he that's not on a plane already, then he soon the tournament in Dubai

overnight. Rory McIlroy was the

only guy who could top him on

the money earning list and he

didn't, finished behind him. So Luke Donald is the man that's

going to be the headline act at

the Australian Masters, which

is coming up, starts Thursday.

So Donald will have to get here

quick smart. They're doing some media preview stuff with the

guys that are here, mostly the Australians, this morning.

We'll be talking golf as the

week goes on and Luke Donald is

a man to watch. Not as flashy as some of the other players but certainly effective. He's

an Englishman of course and

part of that wave of English and Irish Mentha are at the

world's best at the moment. Woods isn't making it

to the to the masters. Was it at the

masters two years ago that he

had that last big one before his win in the last week or

so? That's right, yeah. That

was at Huntingdale, but this

one's not at Huntingdale. It's

across town and across the where where they played the

putts's Cup a couple of weeks

ago, one of those ago, one of those sandbelt courses. I'll do some courses. I'll do some more

homework on Luke con nald and

tell you more about him later

in the week. Great achievement by the Kookaburras. That Charlesworth is still

there? Two guys are leading this team. Both remarkable. Ric

Charlesworth we know so much

about through his achievements

with the women's hockey team and his correct credentials. One time remember of

Parliament. He's one of my

favourite coaches. But Jamie

Dwyer the man next to him there

as just as exceptional in sport

of hockey. He was voted the final, before Australia beat Spain 1-0 in this final

yesterday. How beautiful is

that goal? It's like a soccer kick up to him. What about the vision to just cross it over

there. Spain appealed that one.

They had to go back to the

remay to see whether it was a

dangerous pass or not. But it wasn't. There's Dwyer wasn't. There's Dwyer lifting

the Cup up. So just getting

back to that award, Dwyer has

now been named the world's best

player in five different years. It's pretty special. Paul

Kennedy, thanks very much for that to take a look at the weather.

And the rain has been coming

down in parts down in parts of New South

Wales, it seems for weeks

now? It certainly has. Another 121 mm in 24 hours for Gosford.

And 65 mm of that fell in just

one hour this morning. Let's

take a look at the

take a look at the synoptic

chart. We do have a trough that has been causing all the rain

over Queensland and New South

Wales over the weekend. As you can see a low-pressure system. This is moving off the coast and developing into an coast low which means very high

winds and also very winds and also very heavy rainfalls which we are seeing around the Mid North Coast around the Mid North Coast at

the moment. And some storms on the way for WA? That's the way for WA? That's right.

We have this other low pressure

trough that's developing over there at the moment. We will

see some storm activity see some storm activity today but mainly tomorrow as it

really starts to bh around the southern coastal areas up

towards the Gascoyne. Then will

slowly make its way into an

easterly direction over the

next few days. More storms

across the tropics tomorrow but

that means that things will start to ease over south-east Queensland and north east New South

South Wales. Tomorrow much less

Rachel. The next severe storm

activity should be around Thursday andfully when we'll see see storms start to develop over south-east bureau should come up with a name

name for that formation that

we've seen so frequently over

the past ... We'll just call it

a big horseshoe. The horseshoe

trough of 2011. I think the bureau will adopt that eventually. Very common feature. In feature. In Queensland today, how is it

throughout the northern tropics and also right throughout the eastern districts eastern districts of

Queensland. However that Queensland. However that will start to ease up. Tasmania. There's a cold front

that's approaching. That will

drop temperatures down as well.

Just 15 in Hobart. That's

crazy. That's right. That big

cold front coming through. We

should get a food day with the

cricket today. Luckily it is finishing finishing up. Thanks a lot Vanessa. Thanks, Joe. Top