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Live. EU members agree to a treaty on Live. EU members agree to a new

treaty on government finances

but Britain refuses to take part. Without those safeguards

it is better not to have a treaty within a treaty but to

have those countries make their

arrangements separately. Also

today - almost 90 dead in a

hospital blaze in the Indian

city of Kolkata. And wide manhunt for a Queensland city of Kolkata. And a nation

Health executive over the

alleged theft of more than $16 million. And the rain clears

between Australia and New for day 2 of the second Test

Zealand in Hobart.

Good morning, you're Good morning, you're watching ABC news 24, ABC news 24, I'm Andrew

company. Let's take Geoghegan, thanks for your

look at the weather: company. Let's take a quick

It was the summit that put

Britain at odds with the all

negotiations through the night, the other 26 members of the

Cameron British Prime Minister David

Cameron became the only member

of the EU to veto a new deal of the EU to veto a new

designed to stabilise the euro. Now Britain appears to Now Britain appears to be more

isolated within Europe than at

any other time since it

the common market nearly 40 any other time since it joined

years ago. The body language

spoke volumes. Look at French President Nicolas Sarkozy near and the snub as and the snub as British Prime

Minister David Cameron passes

by. After rejecting the deal by. After rejecting the deal in

total David Cameron found himself TRANSLATION: David Cameron himself very much a target.

asked for something thought thought was unacceptable, asked for something that we

exempt the UK from some thought was unacceptable, to

regulations on financial

of the problem comes from the services. We think a

deregulation of financial services. TRANSLATION: David Cameron was at the negotiating table with

us and we made this decision.

What we couldn't do is make a

lousy compromise for the euro.

We have to set up hard rules. But the British leader was un apologetic citing

unacceptable restrictions on

sometimes you may not be the UK financial sector. I'm

included in something. Are we

You better off outside the euro?

You bet we are. With all the EU

nations except the UK

committed to or leaning towards

the Franco-German plan that leaves Britain very much

outside the tent. Brits divided

and they are outside the

decision making. While David Cameron deny he's Cameron deny he's been outmanoeuvred or isolated he's

been accused of pushing the

country even further from

Europe. But while a new club rules will tightly control

future budgets and borrowings

there is little aimed at

dealing with the existing debts

that have not imaginically

disappeared. This is a

calculated gamble by David calculated gamble by

Cameron and in the long

may just pay off but there are

big decisions ahead and he's

not a member of this new club.

Markets around the world have reacted with cautious optimism to news that the EU will introduce tough new rules to

save the euro. While stocks save the euro. While stocks in

London, Europe and the US closed higher, from IG Markets in Melbourne

says it will take more work to restore market confidence. The

way they're going about this

people doesn't really infuse too many

going for austerity people in the fact that they're

growth. I think that's going to going for austerity rather than

be one of the major headwinds. One of the important One of the important points we

saw last night was the Germans

stopped their stance on any

further involvement in the ESM or further write down for

bondholders if they need to participate that's part of the

reason we saw buying coming through. reason we saw buying

through. This week will be through. This week will be a

as well. We do have pivotal week in the bond market

well so we need to see the

participation in that. We need

to see yields creep low because

Italian yields are still elevated levels. Does it Italian yields are still at

address the long-term issues?

Perhaps not. I still think

we've got a lot of work to do

in the risk assets at the

moment. In other news police in

the Indian city of Kolkata have

made 6 arrests over the made 6 arrests over the deaths

of 89 people in a hospital

fire. They include some senior

executives from the two

companies that coown the

hospital. Many of those who

trapped on upper floors. Those died are thought to be

inside the hospital that could

flee did as smoke and fire

engulfed the building. The

victims were mostly patients

left unable to escape on their

own. The narrow surrounding

streets made it difficult for rescue services

rescue services to access the

building arriving at the scene officers scrambled to save those still alive by smashing windows and pulling trapped

patients free. TRANSLATION: It's all dark inside the hospital and it's

full of smoke. There is no visibility. closed. We had to break the

glass of the doors and panes to

get inside in order to the patients. Relatives of get inside in order to rescue

patients and hospital staff gathered at

for their loved ones as rescue operations continued. Fire fighters fought the blaze fighters fought the blaze for

five hours before bringing it under control. Witnesses say hospital staff were slow to

respond to the fire and smoke

alarms weren't working. Police

have now filed a case against

the hospital for violating

government officials safety procedures and top

accountable for the tragedy. to hold the hospital

Its licence has now Its licence has now been

cancelled. At the time of the

blaze there were 160 patients inside the building. Eye

witnesses say the fire started

in the basement car park of hospital before in the basement car park of the

hospital before quickly

spreading to the upper floors.

It's the second fire at the

building in 3 years. Delegates

are scrambling to save the only

treaty on global warning as the UN climate convention dan draws to a close. After 2

weeks of negotiations talks have gone through the night have gone through the night to

agree on a road map for a binding pack to cut binding pack to cut greenhouse

gases. But Europe's top negotiator has warned that

climate talks could still collapse unless the three major

polluters, China, India and the US, came on board. Listen to

the people. Listen to the people! Outside the hall where the talks were taking

dozens of activists led a noisy

not to sign what they call a

death sentence on the last day of the talks. Congo 's

incumbent president Joseph

Kabila has claimed victory in the country's days of tense counting. Congolese took to the streets

to celebrate his victory. to celebrate his victory. His main rival has refused main rival has refused to accept the result declaring

himself Congo's new leader. The Electoral Commission had delayed making an announcement after

after the count was marred by a

lack of computers and frequent

power outages. There's a heavy

security presence in the capital Kinshasa because violence. Tens of thousands of

people are people expected to

Gat ner Moscow today demanding fresh parliamentary fresh parliamentary elections. Authorities are bracing for Authorities are bracing for a

massive turn out in response to claims of large-scale claims of large-scale fraud

during the December 4 vote.

Opposition to the result and

the prospect of Prime the prospect of Prime Minister

Vladimir Putin winning another term as president has been growing in recent weeks. His United Russia ruling party took

a hit in last week's poll a hit in last week's poll but

is still expected to win the

presidential vote which is scheduled

scheduled for March next year. Back home the navy has

intercepted a boat carrying 72

suspected asylum seekers off

the coast of the coast of Western Australia. HMAS 'Broome' stopped the boat

south-east of Ashmore Island

last night. The passengers and crew have been transferred to Christmas Island for health, identity and security checks. It's the 5th boat It's the 5th boat of asylum

seekers to be intercepted in

Australian waters this week. The NSW and The NSW and Victorian governments say they're

unfairly shouldering the burden

of increased asylum seeker

arrivals. The two States community detention could lead

to vulnerable asylum seekers

becoming victims of crime. For

more let's cross to our lit - political reporter Latika Burke

in Canberra. What has prompted these criticisms? Good morning,

Andrew. Well a couple of things

have prompted them. One is the seeming never ending arrival of

boats, as you just outlined there. Now we're getting to a

point where we have several

boats a week, sometimes two in

a day as was the case yesterday. Now, the of course, said because the

Opposition and the cross

benchers combined to block the

Government from introducing legislation which would

legislation which would have

allowed it to allowed it to produce offshore processing again and in particular the Malaysia

solution. Now, that, of course, led the Government to relax

entirely if detention

infringements that it imposes

on asylum seekers who arrive

here by boat and here by boat and offered

bridging visas to let slooeck -

asylum seekers live in the community while they're processed or while their claims for asylum are being processed.

The NSW and Victorian

governments say the bulk of

those asylum seekers will be living in Melbourne or particularly in the suburban -

suburban communities and the

NSW Police Minister Mike

Gallagher is this morning claiming those asylum seekers

will be vulnerable to becoming

victims of crime but he's also

said that they could become more likely to come to more likely to come to the

attention of police and

threaten social

have we had any response from the Federal Government? Yes,

now the Federal Government has been quick to point out that

the two States complaining

about this, Victoria and NSW, are run by Liberal governments and

and the Federal Labor Government has said in response

that this is another scare campaign from the Coalition,

just their colleagues in NSW and Victoria. Now, the Federal

Immigration Minister Chris

Bowen has said that and the Bowen has said that and the NSW Government

that it's more complaining

about the services that it has to provide as a to provide as a result from

Federal Labor's changed policy

and it's also fact that they weren't

consulted about the change in

policy and particular letting asylum seekers live in the

community. They say that they

weren't consulted and they're

now unfairly shouldering that

blame. OK, Latika, thanks very

much. Thanks, Andrew. A nation

wide manhunt is under way over the alleged theft of more

than $16 million. The scandal

has been described as probably

the biggest single fraud in h

the history of the Queensland public sector. The alleged

fraud has been going on for years but was only uncovered 24

hours ago. I have to say I'm

furious about this issue. I

think every Queenslander has a right to be angry. 36-year-old executive Joel Morehu-Barlow

was at work just yesterday, now

he's no where to be found. Can

I appeal to him to police at the fraud squad and

come in for an interview or

alternatively anybody who may

know his whereabouts to contact police. Authorities allege

Barlow was able to embezzle

millions of dollars by forging

signatures. $11 million in the

last two weeks was able to be transferred out of the Department. These monies belong

to every Queenslander and a

fraud of this nature may well be the most serious breach of

public administration in the living memory of our State. Police several aliases and has

financial interests in a

fragrance company based in

Fortitude Valley. They've

sought a court order to seize

his assets. A number of bank accounts, accounts, a luxury unit at

Newfarm, several prestige motor vehicles and a number of items

of high quality art work. 12 months ago Joel Barlow was the

subject of an internal

investigation after a complaint

was made about the way he was

accessing funds. But the complaint complaint was unsubstantiated. An independent audit will be carried try to find out why the try to find out why the alleged theft went undetected for so

long. The scandal's been made

public on the same day Queensland Health announced it will will start recouping millions of dollars in salary

overpayments to staff in the new year. Another $16 million

of Queensland Health money has

gone missing. It follows on from a whole series of

incidents where millions and millions of dollars have

wasted. No matter how many checks and balances the Premier

says no organisation is says no organisation is immune

to serious crime.

to serious crime. Police will

continue their search in

northern NSW today for murder

suspect Malcolm Naden. Police

have been looking for the

38-year-old for the past 3 days near near the small town of Nowendoc. Police - heavily armed police

armed police in camouflage gear

and helicopters and helicopters have been

searching rugged bushland for

Naden who has been on the run

since 2005. He's wanted over

the murder of one woman and the disappearance of another and is suspected to have shot a police

officer two days ago. Weather

has so far hampered the search increase the reward for increase the reward for Naden's

capture to $250,000. The Dutch

Government could have to pay more compensation for human rights violations rights violations after it formally apologised for a

massacre in Indonesia in massacre in Indonesia in 1947.

Indonesia says 430 people Indonesia says 430 people were murdered by Dutch troops murdered by Dutch troops in the

rural village of Rageda but the

Netherlands apology came after

a Dutch court ruled they were

liable for the murder of #1i68ians #1i68ians and had to pay compensation. The compensation. The country's also accused of also accused of other atrocities during the Dutch

rule. George Roberts went rule. George Roberts went to

east of Jakarta. This creek

east of Jakarta is one of nine

sites around the village where the massacre happened. Locals

say that the Dutch say that the Dutch trooped lined the men up along this

railway bridge and shot them.

They say the bodies They say the bodies were

floating downstream and some of them were never found.

92-year-old Ibu 92-year-old Ibu Wanti hid under

her bed but her husband and two

brothers were among those shot

by Dutch troops out in the


TRANSLATION: It happened early in the morning, first

they gathered the people and

then they shot them on the

farm. They lined them up in two rows on rows on the field. Indonesia says 430 people were

slaughtered here. The death

Netherlands said it was more

like 150. But regardless of the number, a dismissed laws that would have placed a time limit on

compensation claims and found

the Government guilty. The result is a ground-breaking admission of guilt and compensation payments for the 9 remaining widows. On behalf of the Dutch Government I

apologise for the tragedy that

took place in Rawagede on 9 December

December 1947. That could have opened the

opened the door for more compensation Government are also accused of

killing tens of thousands of

people on the island of

Sulawesi and that's where the

human rights lawyers are heading next. For more details

on the stories we're following

today and to send us your

comments and pictures you can

log on to our website. The

address is

You're watching ABC News 24.

Family of a US citizen who

disappeared in Iran more than directly to his kidnappers for

the first time. Robert

Leveson's family has released a

video it says proves he's being held as a hostage and held as a hostage and might still be still be alive and they're asking the US Government to

help secure his freedom. This was Robert was Robert Leveson just days

before he vanished and this is how the much thinner Leveson

looked in a video just released

by his family more than a year

after they received it. His

plea for freedom. I am not in

very good health, I am very good health, I am running very quickly out of di -

diabetes medicine. I have treated well but I need the

help of the United States Government. Levison's wife and

son say they're releasing the

video now because they've heard nothing

nothing from their cap fors. We

tried to cab contact you but

you never responded. I you never responded. I am

sending this message because we

need to know what you want our

family to do so my father can come home safely. Levson

disappeared soon after arriving

on an Iranian island. retired FBI agent had been

working as a private

investigator reportedly in

pursuit of a cigarette

smuggling operation. US officials say that attached to

the video was a list of

prisoners the kidnappers

released but they deny holding anyone by those names. Some US

officials suspected that the

Iranian Government was involved

in his disappearance. That

theory faded after the video arrived. We continue to arrived. We continue to welcome

any help that the Iranian

government can provide government can provide in determining Mr Levison's

welfare and whereabouts so that

he can be reunited family as soon along family as soon as possible. All along President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and other officials

have said they know nothing about Levson's whereabouts about Levson's whereabouts or

who's holding him and who's holding him and the

worsening relations between the US and Iran make it less likely they will cooperate to find a way to win Levison his freedom. Australian researchers

have made some progress in the global race to develop a vaccine for Alzheimer's

disease. It's still early days and as yet it's only been tested on mice but scientists

are impressed with the results

so far that results seem to

show it can stom the disease

getting worse. Professor Ittner

St Allergic to mice but it's

his work with the animals that

could help lead to a treatment

for the disease. We are quite thrilled when we saw finally

after 10 months of waiting we

saw that we could completely

stop the progression which was

quite a finding. Professor

Ittner and his team have

developed a vaccine that

mice. When damaged these

proteins build up inside nerve

cells of the brain and cause Alzheimer's disease. The

vaccine not only stop the

disease in its tracks, the regain lost body weight, became

more active and lived longer.

But it didn't actually But it didn't actually reverse the damage already done. I

think that the brain once it doesn't have to deal doesn't have to deal anymore with too much of the with too much of the toxic

protein it can try to adapt, try to compensate loss but

certainly a neurone that's gone

is gone. There's no cure for medications reduce the medications reduce the symptoms

but nothing stops its progress

. I think we should always have

hope but it's important that

viewers don't expect results tomorrow. We're really looking

at results over the next 10 years. So far the vaccine has

only been tested on mice and

only targets one of two

proteins that impact on Alzheimer's disease. Professor

Ittner and his team may not Ittner and his team may not be the first with an Alzheimer's vaccine. Other scientists

around the world are trying to

beat him to it and human away. There's quite some

pressure on but we are are at a

good place I think. In a race

he hopes to win. Time for a

check of sport with Tulsen Tollett. And that Bellerive wicket has some demons in it. The cricket's under way but

in the past couple of minutes there hasn't been great news

for the Australian team.

They're playing New Zealand of

course, the second day of the

second Test in Hobart. After

starting the day at 1/12, a

short time ago they were 2/24.

David for 15 to the bowling of Chris Martin.

Martin. Now the pitch is

continuing to provide the bowlers with plenty of

assistance. That was Usman

Khawaja there who got one from Martin in the first over.

Warner then was just not out.

He also survived an He also survived an appeal for LBW and then this here. He

went, only making 15 runs. In

domestic cricket Tasmania has comfortably claimed first

innings points in a drawn

contest with NSW in Canberra.

The Tigers led by 100 runs

after the first innings and their second innings put the match to bed. In the first Sheffield Shield clash Sheffield Shield clash at

Manuka oval for several years

NSW weren't really in this NSW weren't really in this contest with Tasmania stamping their authority on the match

since day one. Doolan scored a

half-century as the Tigered

notched 392 in the first

innings. A century from the

Blues Peter Neville salvaged a

respectable total for NSW after

a top order collapse but the

Tasmanians led by over 100

Tigers came into bat again on a flattening Manuka pitch flattening Manuka pitch and

they really cruised. Ed Cowan and Steve Cazzulino got a ton

and the Tigers declared with a

lead of 401 runs. NSW came in

today playing for the draw. A

half-century from Simon Katich

and a stroonge effort from the

Blues' tail end helped them

avoid outright defeat with just two wickets in hand. two wickets in hand. In tend though it was the Tigers who

earned vital first innings

points and were un lucky not to

get outright victory. That puts position on the Sheffield

Shield table. So an exciting

finish there. Melbourne Heart

handed Brisbane Roar its first

home loss in nearly two years. They scored a 2-1 victory at Lang Park. Brisbane's 36-game undefeated streak was snapped

last week and the Roar was

again behind early

He celebrates Santa style in front of the Brisbane front of the Brisbane fans. They're not happy about it. Why

not? Amano received a yellow

card but the Heart continued to

deliver. The visitors had handy 2-0 advantage at the

break. The home crowd finally

had something to celebrate when

Mitch Nichols pounced late but

the champions couldn't find the equaliser. In the English

Premier League Manchester United

United has been dealt with

another blow with news Nemanja

Vidic has been ruled out with injury. He sustained knee

ligament damage mid week. Meanwhile Chelsea take on

league leaders Manchester City

on Tuesday morning Australian

time and the

a win will keep them in touch with the front runners. For us

it's either we continue to

challenge for the challenge for the Premier

League if we win or if we draw,

or the premiership

or the premiership becomes extremely difficult if lose. If they do lose would see them slip 13 would see them slip 13 points behind Roberto behind Roberto Mancini's side. If fourth round of the

Hawaiian Pipeline surfing is

under way. Earlier this third round winners third round winners included Australian Joel Parkinson, the

defending triple crown champion and world champion Kelly Slater. Another Australian,

Kieran Perrot who was a Kieran Perrot who was a beaten

finalist at this event year he finalist at this event last year he went through but needed running repairs afterards. It

was a tough call. I thought

that wave was going to be amazing

amazing and I was thinking he

could swing here and get a 10

and I've been hunting a back door

door the whole heat so I just

swung a bit late and fell out

of the sky. I think the of the sky. I think the thing

but I was having a great time

out there and, you know, it was

cool. It was fun. It looks like

it. Spain's Alvaro Quiros

scored a course equalling scored a course equalling 64 in

the second round of the due buy world championship. A world championship. A round of

8 under sees him one stroke

clear of Sweden's Peter Hanson who led after the first This eagle putt on the 18th has

handed him a strong handed him a strong advantage heading into today's third

round. Northern Ireland's Rory

McIlroy is tied for third

7-under par and could have been

even closer had he not bogeyed

the last two holes with tee

shots like this heading into

the waut ir - water. He the waut ir - water. He needs to win the championship and

hopes Luke Donald finishes hopes Luke Donald finishes no

higher than tied 9th. Donald is currently tied currently tied for 12th on 4

under. Let's take a look at the

weather satellite image and a an area of low pressure is

bringing rain storms to southern southern Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Another low over Northern Territory is

triggering showers and storms.

For a look around the For a look around the States let's start with Queensland. Thunderstorms in the western

and southern parts of the State and isolated showers in the eastern drickteds - eastern drickteds - districts. Zblt for For NSW there will be isolated showers on the slopes and ranges. It will be a wet day ahead for Victoria with

scattered showers and thunderstorms covering thunderstorms covering most of

the State. In Tasmania, there

will be showers in the north

and east this morning with the chance of the south-east. Isolated

showers for the southern and western coasts western coasts of South Australia, Australia, afternoon thunderstorms for the eastern and northern parts of the agricultural area. Western Australia can expect Australia can expect isolated

showers over the south of the

State and late thunderstorms

over the far over the far north-east Kimberley region. And there

will be isolated showers storms covering most of the Top

End. And a look at End. And a look at the weather

for the capital cities


Standby now for 7:30 ACT. I'm

Andrew Geoghegan, thanks for watching ABC News 24. Closed

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