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(generated from captions) all out for 150. Bowls him

first nut. Straight through,

the biggest gate you have

ever seen that's another. Out

came the Australian openers

and unfortunately for Phillip

Hughes he was gone for four.

There we go and that's it.

That's exactly what he had

to do. And that is the end of

forecast: at tomorrow's weather Hughes. Let's take a look

This is News Day, and

that is the latest from the

Contrarians is next. Sky News centre for now the

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Hello welcome to the Contrarians I am Peter van

Onselen this is the only show

on Sky or anywhere elsewhere

we truly involve you the viewers by allowing you into the program by reading out your Tweets.

Great start to the show I

have Rhys Muldoon acting like

a child next to me, what a

ridiculous. Here is the shock. This is

issue, we are in a situation

where set speeches are all

important to politicians when

they deliver those big

moments, we know it from

Barack Obama plenty of examples throughout the US.

The occasional good public

speaker here in Australia,

but when it comes to the

Labor national conference

that's come and gone I am not

sure Julia Gillard's spet

speech was quite up there. We

are us, well I tell you you

are not a word Smith. That

was a pretty pathetic speech

line drafted for her by none

other than Michael Cooney, I

haven't met him but he should

be in the policy advice

rather than the speech

delivering business. It it

was appalling and not

inspirational and right at a

time when the Prime Minister

is doing two thing, one needs

to work on the quality of her

include Kevin Rudd for delivery, really needs to

example when he she was

talking about people nicely

and he was nowhere to be seen but she has just got the

media arm of her office

right. She has put herself in

a position where she has

grabbed that fellow from Tony

Blair's office she seems to

be getting the media strategy

good and going well. But what

we need from this Prime

Minister is a better speech

delivery and by giving better

speeches what we need is a

better speech writer. We will

talk to the panel and see

what they think. We have

Julian Leeser from the

Menzies research centre,

welcome to the program. Troy

Bramson form er speech writer to Kevin Rudd thanks for your

company. Hi. And closest

noted lefty Rhys Muldoon.

Let's get straight into it.

Rhys I will ask you, were you

inspired by "We are us". Of

course not it is one of the

most appalling three words in

the history of the world but

I do have to defend the

speech writer because I know

he wrote or certainly help ed out obviously on

Julia's... That's a hell of a

defence, let me move... No,

the speech to Congress which

I think if you actually read it, is a masterful

speech. What was the part of

it you liked most? What was

the part of it that you liked

most? What spaeblt of the

speech to Congress were you

most inspired why. It was

self contained. There was a

section that stuck in your

mind. What was it? There are

so many sections that stuck

in in my mind. I a am not

saying that Julia nailed it

but the man landing on the

moon and the best of America

and why America does inspire

us. And... Why they are not us. Julian Leeser what did

you think of the speech at

Labor conference? This is the

party that gave us

problematic specificity, it

is un surprising they give us

something as oblique as "We

are us". I can't even

pronounce it, was that your

work or Rudd himself Troy Bramson? I don't think I would claim that. Kevin Rudd said it in response to a question, it was somewhere

abroad but it wasn't a formal

Julia Gillard's speech? Not speech. What did you think of

much. I wrote about it in the

'The Australian', I know

speech writing is difficult.

Michael Coone, y if you are

watching I know it is tough

and difficult. But eventually

you will get it right. These

things... Savage

indictment. These things are

very difficult. Kevin Rudd

good deliverer of speeches. was a great speech writer, a

Name the one that sticks out in your mind other

than... No, it is like going

what stands out other than

the Gettesberg address, please. It is often remembered as the great

address, the second inaugural

of Lincolns is remembered as

a great address. With malice

towards none and goodwill

towards all. Charity for all.

Thank you. Aof What we don't

know is all the ones he

completely blew. Black, white, tock, ebb any,

everiry, we don't know those

speeches To provide some

serious political analysis on this panel. For Julia Gillard

on that speech was to outline

a new agenda for the Labor

Party to end the year on a

high. To pay homage to party

history, to reflect on her

achievements and to outline a

new agenda. Why not mention

Rudd in the speech. That was

a huge mistake, he was

other Labor Prime Minister sitting right there. Every

since the 40 s except FrankFord was mentioned

except Kevin Rudd. This is

not a partisan issue, is it the... Of the speech writer

elements to the speech or at if there is some stodgy

the end of the day is it the politician who delivers

it? It is the politician who

delivers it tend of the day.

One thing that marks Tony

Abbott out as an interesting

politician in the modern era is he still writes pretty

much all of his own speeches

and that makes him a very

rare commodity. At the end of

the day the politician can

always take a draft from a

speech writer and polish up

the words and they can also

trash the words of a speech

writer. I think Peter in your introduction, one point I

would kwinl with you on

the... Quibble with you. My

poorly worded introduction,

my most badly wored

introduction this year of the

Contrarians. I butchered

it I am not sure Gillard has

control of the media cycle because basically as soon as the conference was over and I'm not really sure what the message was supposed to be

getting out of the conference was because of the all the division of the Labor Party

on a range of different

issues but you got the

leaking against Rudd and then

you got the issue about the Australia TV. So I actually think she hasn't got on top

of the media management but

that's because fundamentally

people still don't know what

they is really on about and

that was the problem with "We

are us". It doesn't define

who she is. She was known as

a great speech maker, she

gave plenty of great speeches

and she was a great debater

in parliament. Great

speeches? Aren't we over

egging this a little? No, I

saw Julia Gillard as deputy

Prime Minister and as a

shadow minister give many

good speeches and she was a

great debater in parliament

and the problem is we haven't seen that great strength come

through. And that's been one

of the great problems is communication is still one of the government's great

challenges, and it doesn't help when the Prime Minister

is not at her best. I would

argue just to go back to Michael's speech with the

Congress speech that Gillard gave... The one you couldn't

remember a single part of.

Eventually the man on the

moon part came out. No I am

saying it was an incredibly

written speech. It wasset

best one she has given. What

was the second favourite

part? My second favourite

part? It was in full dot

form right, each sentence was

complete, it was Zen-like and

sincere. I thought it was a

magnificent speech. Really

truly. Do I have to recount the whole thing and have it

off the top of my head to

remember it was good You

look it up on my

iPad. Nonsense, can I show

how smashed the thing is?

Like, come on. A few Tweets

come in one says I couldn't

care less about her speech

I'm more concerned about her

bad policy and useful leadership. I think that's a

little harsh. We will get to

that. One by scruff bucket

saying we are us, I think

that's something similar to a

three word slogan. I was I

was going to steel that as my

own, Moving forward didn't

work so they thought they would add an extra word.

So, reshuffle has been talked about, Julian Leeser

do you think it's time for a

reshuffle. Do you think

Senator should get into the

front bench position? Arthur

has been... Assistant to the

travelling secretary? No,

it's a very important role looking at the small business

and heading up an enquiry. If

it is so important why is it

taking so long for them to

establish this new

role? Arthur has just been in

the Senate what two weeks and

they give him a role. That's

not long. It's a new role, it

is not a roll that's been

handed over, so if it is so important why didn't they

have it for the last year,

two years or three years in

Opposition? It is a new role

because we are preparing to

come to government in an

environment where you have

all new regulation on businesses from the federal

government we want to hear

about and get under control

and ash thur with really his

fingers -- Arthur with

fingers at the forefront of

government will be best able

to understand what you can do

to make the lives of small

businesses easier. Clearly

the thing with Synodenis is

you have a serious inter

intellect there and performer

in parliament. If I was

looking at that thin thread

bear front bench you want

talent there. Small business is the core constituency of the Liberal Party and if the

party... zl What about

shopkeepers? Very much so. If

we don't lock away the small

business vote and don't

provide something concrete

for small businesses to make

lives easier then people will

stop going. You do have

something concrete when you roll back the carbon tax you

will have to get rid of all

various compensation for

small business. Which will be

fun. There will be more compensation for not having

to pay the tax in the first

place and it should be

remembered that a lot of the

spending that is occurring as

a result of the carbon tax is

over and above what's going

to be collected from it.

Julian and Peter can I ask

the question once again, I

asked it a couple of weeks

ago on this show, will I am asking will Tony Abbott roll

back that carbon tax? Do you still sincerely believe that

will happen many Of course he will. Absolutely. Of course

he will. Le You can ask that

every time we are on together

Rhys and I can ask you is Big

Ted going to get his fur

shortened. No, because Big

Ted is consistent. Tony

Abbott is consistent. Oh,

please. He is very clear. He will roll back the carbon

tax. We will try to come

back with better topics for

you, you are watching the

Contrarians back in a moment.

Hello welcome back, this

is the Condamine we will go

to the news headlines in a

moment but if you want to watch David Cameron speaking

about the Euro crisis out of

Brussels turn to channel 602,

the business channel. Four

now if you stick with us

let's take a look at the news headlines.

The government has

confirmed overseas on-line

purchase s under $1,000 will

not be slugged with GST

despite protest s from the

retail industry.s is stanlt Treasurer Bill Shorten says

the move will cost more money

than it would bring in but he stopped short of ruling out

making the change in the

future. However there is some

good news for the struggling

retail sector with hopes the late est interest rate cut

will see a boost in Chris mal

sales. Eurozone meeting at a

crisis summit in Belgium have

failed to secure an agreement from member countries to

change the EU treaty. Britain

vetoed the treaty after demanding concessions Germany and France rejected. Nicolas

Sarkozy says the union has

established a framework for a

new treaty expected to be written by March next year.

It including an agreement on

ceiling for the eurozone's

bermanent bail-out fund of

500 billion euros. NSW police

have more than doubled the

reward for information

leading to the capture of accused murderer Malcolm

Naden, investigators have

announced a $250,000 reward.

The state's most wanted man

slipped away from police,

after an officer was shot on Wednesday, as they came close to his camp site in the

state's north-west. Tributes

are pouring in for former Governor-General Sir Zelman

Cowan who pass add way last

night. Sir Zelman died in his

Melbourne home at the age of

92, after suffering from from Parkinson's disease. Prime Minister Julia Gillard credited him with restoring

prestige to the office, after

his predecessor Sir John Kerr

sparked outrage with the

sacking of Gough Whitlam. Former Prime Minister Malcolm

Fraser said nobody took the

office more seriously. In

sport Australian opener

Phillip Hughes has been dismissed for just four runs

on day one of the second cyst

test against New Zealand. The

Kiwis were all out for just

150 with James Pattinson

finishing with five wickets.

Let's look at tomorrow's weather forecast:

You have been watching

cricket today Phillip Hughes

out for four runs, what a

shook I was thinking he was

going to go for a century. Rhys Muldoon the Australia

network contract. You work

for ABC and appear on Sky was

it a disgrace the way it was

handled by the government?

Pick a side and let

everybody know where you stand. Look as far as pick a

side goes I have to say firstly it was handled pretty

badly. I think that's just a

given. I think it was, what

I'm still not sure about is

whether the thing of put it

up to tender, was a political

decision like purely

political, and was it about

say ABC lift your game. Were

Sky treated badly. You needed

ABC to lift its game that was

your view? I think so.

Whether it was tack tall or

whether it was sincere, the main question I would ask.

The thing of going... I

expect it wasn't

sincere. Once it went to

tender surely you have to see

the process through or at

least wait to the various investigations were complete

before declaring it to the

ABC didn't you? You would

have thought. Did anyone

disagree with that? If so

you are off the panel. Just kidding. I probably should

declare I work for News Ltd

and a Sky News contributor as

well but I think on this,

this is an example of poor policy implementation,

something that was badly

managed. From start to

finish. There were two

independent reviews that said

that it should go to Sky

News, and then on the basis that this was successled

because of leaks, the leaks

came from the cabinet. It didn't come from anywhere else so there were leaks from

the government and the government decided to

scuttle, it, it was a mess,

the other day on Sky News I

described it as bungling

followed by inend tud. Can I

jump in for one second on

that very point. It is your term. Of course it is, but you would say the 'Australian' network, the natural fit of course is the

ABC. Like that is the natural

fit and the fact they went

let's try and sort of see if

Sky? Why? Because of course

it is, because it is our national broadcaster and when

you broadcast, it is like the

BBC and like any national broadcaster. We will come to

Julian in a moment but your

point is if we engage in soft

diplomacy in the region it is natural the government

broadcast do it. Absolutely

What about the fact in their

charter it says they have to be independent of

government? Of course. The

that is the soft part of the

diplomacy, it is not about

selling the government t is

selling the nation and I

would suggest, that the natural fit of course,

because is the ABC. But they

originally gave away the Australia international challenge for the very

reason, it conflicted their

charter I believe. That may

be true. It's a broader

question. Channel 7 which is

one-third owner of Sky. Do

you believe in contracting

out do you believe in the

public sector, do you believe

in competitive tendering and

I think it is a good policy

to tender out a contract that

is as valuable as this. The

sad part about this is that the politics, the internal

politics of the Labor Party seems to have intervened in

all of this. And you have had

essentially the Foreign

Minister again being shafted,

in relation to something that he had responsible city for

in the same weigh he was

sharted over the -- same way he was shafted in the decision of the Prime

Minister in relation to uranium sales to India and

wasn't informed about T this

goes to the dysfunctionality

of the government. I think

it goes to something else, I

would have thought my

instincts suggest to me that

I am not sure the government

would have been so bold in

handing it over to the ABC in

infinitum if the Murdoch

empire in the UK wasn't in a

bit of trouble. If the, if

Murdoch's empire was still

running smooth sailing and

full power without any

questions going I am not sure

they would have been so quick

to just sort of... The

Murdoch owns one ninth of Sky

News. No, but people still, um... Incorrectly think it

opens more. Probably a loi

the members of the cabinet

that think that and a lot of

members of the cabinet are looking to exact revenge on the Murdoch organisation for

a range of their coverage of

the government. That is

partly what the media enquiry

that Ray Finklestein is

handling. And I don't work

for either organisation, is

really about revenge politics

there and it is also about

shafting Kevin Rudd. Change

of topic, Julian Leeser would

you like to see the Liberal Party use different

accountants for their election costings next

time? Oh, yes, good

question. It's a I have yes

or no. Simple question. The fif fifth best? I don't

know what the party will do

with relation to costs next

time. Hopefully the parliamentary budget office

will be up and running by the

next election. And that will

give independent costings

analysis to all parties

including us, including the

Greens including the Labor

Party. Because that way, the

Liberal Party wouldn't have

to engage accountants the

same ones if they went with

the same ones rep rim and the

by the peak body and fined. It is very difficult

for the Opposition party to

put the figures in to Treasury, and it's very

difficult for any private

firm to be able to do the

modelling that the Treasury

and finance can do. And, you

know, there were real issues about putting documents into Treasury last time because of the leaks that were coming

out of Treasury in the middle of the last election.

Julian. Have you got to be

able to trust treasury, they

are the nation's bookkeeper

s. Julian's quibbling.

You can trust an accountant

from who knows where in WA.

The fifth smallest one. I'm

sure Rhys, is this is the fifth biggest accounting

firm. But you won't trust

Treasury, where is the logic

there? Lehman brothers is

one of the biggest. The

reason there was a lack of confidence in Treasury was

because of the leaks that had

come out of Treasury. Can I

ask this, would you at least

concede it is not ideal. The

Labor Party in opposition

also went to an accounting

firms to get their costings

ticked off as well. Come on,

they had more lawyers. Would

you at least concede it is far from ideal that the

people that did the Coalition's costings at the

last election have now been

fined by their peak industry

body, over that particular

issue, not over some other issue but over that particular issue. That is a

matter for the peak industry

body and what I would be very

sad to hear would be if there

was some sort of... Rhys I

had Tweets and e-mails

telling you to shut up. Some sort of political influence

brought to bear on that

industry body by the Labor Party in various places

around the country. To attack

a particular private firm for

doing what is... I would like

to know what the peak

accountancy body would think

of the MYEFO as well

intenltly but that's another

matter. This is not that

difficult. If you want to

govern the country and want

to put forward a suite of

policy options they have got

to be properly funded, and

properly costed. Now, it is

not that difficult. You

engage, a major firm, where

you go to treasurer or you

use the parliamentary budget office. You use someone that

doesn't get fined by the peak body for doing the wrong thing. It's got to be

credible and the Liberal

Party had a $7 billion black

hole, no doubt Julian will

quibble with that but whatever the case, what

happened next is important

because in the 17 days or

whatever it was when Julia

Gillard around Tony Abbott

tried to form government with the independents, the Liberal

Party's costings was a major

issue. Of course they blew

it. Tony Windsor and Rob

Oakeshott and Andrew wulky

and Adam Bandt says their

costings is a problem and

this is the one of key issues

that stopped them winning

government so you have got to

get the costings right and

it's not that hard and not a big ask you have the policies

fund. It's very difficult for Oppositions taking the

immediate, it is difficult

for them to win the battle of

costing, a draw from an

Opposition is good and that's

why the parliamentary budget

office which has bipartisan

support, is a very important mechanism. The Coalition are pulling out of it

Julian. It's a very important

mechanism in giving people

confidence in the costings of

all parties. Why would you

go to the fifth largest

auditor? Fifth largest accountant financial? Why would you go to let's find

one in a shopping maul? Why

would you go to that rather

than the number one. If you

were the Coalition and

Opposition. Can we put a gag

order on Rhys Muldoon? This

is shameful. I'm over this.

We will slap a second one on

straight after if we can.

Let's move on. Julian Leeser

7 boats in 7 days is this an

arm adda? It is not a particularly good result for

the government Is it an

Armada of boats, is it an

invasion? I know you love those words, invasion and so

on Tony Abbott went further

today and said the government

has virtually built a bridge between Australia and

Indonesia, do you agree with

all of that? Well, there are

a lot of boats that are

coming. Let's just be honest about that. And the government's policy hasn't

worked and people are waiting

to see how long it will take

the government to actually re

implement the koelts's policy

which did work with Nauru,

with TPVs, with offshore proper offshore processing, at the moment you essentially

get a bridging visa, if you

gent to land in Australia you

know it really is a pathway

to citizenship. Hang on a minute the Opposition have

had a chance to vote for

their policy to become law in

return for the government

being able to put in place

what they want to be law

which is the Malaysian

Solution and yet the

Opposition have not... Can

wet have a gag order on Rhys Muldoon please? Thank you. The Malaysian Solution

had a array of different

problems and the government

didn't come to the table on

Nauru. I don't understand the

government's blind spot on Nauru which had a higher

level of human rights

complains if you like than

Malaysia did and I don't

think the government can be sign to be weeder on

this. The Opposition have three tennants to their

policy, the naive I have have -- navy have said it is dangerous to turn back boats, the Department of Immigration

said Nauru will no longer be

a det ernlt. The third one is

temporary protection vitas

and we know what they were implem enned refugee numbers

went up. So none of home will

-- those will work. Even if

you don't agree with me on that the Opposition should

still be able to vote for

their policy they want and if

they want the policy up and

running the government will

put legislation in the parliament, the Opposition

can vote for it and in return

the government can implement their Malaysian Solution

which I'm not a big fan of

but there is actually a case

for both sides to come total

accept they should be able to

put both policies forward and

be able to vote for it. One

more gag order on Rhys

Muldoon please? I am happy to

be gabbed on this one because

I think both parties are

appalling on this issue. The Opposition are deeply opposed

to the Malaysian Solution and

we say when we get what we

want, Troy, we really want Nauru reopened and it's the combination of the three and

I think people are now

quibbling about the, it there

is no doubt that those three

policies in combination work $because in the last in the

last couple of years of the

Howard Government the boats

basically stopped Instead we

have an invasion of an

Armada. There is a lot of

boats coming. With a bridge

being built between Indonesia

and Australia. I think it is

time for Sky News to issue a

warning to all Australians

they should be running for

the hills, we are about to be

swamped by hordes of refugees

and our lifestyle and our way

of life, is under

threat. Absolutely. Here

they come. You guys can

have a joke about this. We

policies is a joke can because the Coalition's

too. People are genuinely

concerned about this because

they see it as a breach of

the rule of law and they see

it we are no longer controlling our immigration program. It is an invasion,

there is an Armada coming in

and a bridge being built

between Australia and

Indonesia. A lot of boats and

people are very concerned and

rightly so. It someone of the

few things that you

should... You state rightly

so Julian. Political as

this.... I thought we were

salarily believe that? city gagging Rhys. Do you sin

Absolutely. That they should

be concerned you think the

Australian public should

actually be concerned? I

think Australia's laws are

being flaunted repeatedly by pulling smuggers based in

Indonesia. How many are being flaunted by Australian

citizens? You can list all

the laws. We will take a

commercial break, we talk

about laws being flouted

Australia has extradited -- excised parts of its own

territory from its own laws

because it doesn't like the

fa fact that our constitution perhaps... legally passed

remove parts of Australia through the parliament to

from its own laws. That to me

is absurd. You are watching

Contador. I know a lot of

view -- you are watching the

in a moment. Contrarians. We will be back

Welcome back I am joined by

Julian Leeser who just put on

the big est fake smile I have

ever seen, Troy Bramson former speech writer to Kevin

Rudd, doesn't think much of the current speech writer

from what I can gather and

closest to me Rhys Muldoon.

We have a few Tweets and

e-mails, we have seriously

Muldoon is dragging down the

standard of debating on your

program. Can you gag Rhys

Muldoon permanently he's

letting the show down. Can

you also shut Rhys up, even

e-Troy isn't speaking. Adrian says why do you have mull

mull on the show. We have a

Tweet that's come in and said

PBO you forgot the Christmas

drinks Rhys clearly got to

them before the show. Some of

what has come through and

Kieran Gilbert says the show

is going well. Let's take

some of that advice. Julian

and Troy I have got a

question for you. The Labor

Party report now Troy you

reported in detail on this,

some time ago, in the 'Sydney Morning Herald' had an

exclusive this week talking

about the things that were in

your report a fair while ago.

What's your take of it? Is

it new development this is week? No new developments

Peter at all. The 'Sydney

Morning Herald' have had a

lend of their readers and

have tried to conpeople they

have had an splusive story

when they don't, the

'Australian' over several

thousand words reported this

in February. In detail.

Quotes from the report,

quotes on recommendations on

both sides critical of Julia

Gillard and Kevin Rudd. The

'Sydney Morning Herald'

decided only to focus on part

s critical to Kevin Rudd

which makes you wonder who

gave this report in the first

place. I wrote those stories

and I reported them fairly in

an balanced way. The 'Sydney

Morning Herald' didn't. It

was clearly leak ed think by

somebody in the premier's

office because it was only a

few people who have the

report or seen it, it the is the Prime Minister's office,

the national sec tarrat and

the three wise men who wrote

it, Br, acks, Carr and

Falkner who means all roads

lead to the Prime Minister's

office which is was a silly

thing to do and very

damaging. As I explained

this was a report that was

numbered people were allowed

to look at it and they had to

give it back. No-one is

actually allowed to take away

a copy of it. You are saying

leak ed it? I have no the Prime Minister's office

doubt. Do you have any

evidence of that. Because the

only people who have it are

the three men, they have

called for it to be released.

The national secretary have

it and I don't think they are

in the business of leaking

against the government and I

know the Foreign Minister and

Prime Minister have a frostay

relationship. We know that so

I think that's obvious.

That's where it has come

from. It world suggest that

John McTiernan's hand is in there somewhere. I don't know

about that, I will not cast aspersions on oindividuals but it looks obviously

obvious. Troy are you turning

into a conservative. Wow. A

tweet. A - I am not a

conservative. I call things

the way I see it. I have a

centre left background, I

don't hide from that but I

call it as a see it. I am

happy to give brick batts and

bouquets when I see it. Going into the Christmas period

where there is not a lot to

write about so it is the last

things that come out of the

year that people start think

being why would a prime

minister, why would she want

to make the focus of that

period, the continue ing

tensions between her and

Kevin Rudd? I don't think

she would, if it has come out

of the's office it would be

an unauthorised leak by her. The Prime Minister wouldn't

engage in that. You have some

senior people in a government of the most experienced and

working for the Prime

Minister and, you know, I

think it's, it actually shows

that the Labor Party are

still too internally focused and the conference was an

opportunity for them to

actually break out of that. Finish This was a report

written to analyse Labor's

performance in the election and the Rudd Government it was designed to be released. The three men who authored it

have called for it to be

released. We have had

ministers lining up saying it

should be released some saying it shouldn't. The

whole thing has become a

farce. It has been a distraction from the government all week, they

should release the damn

thing, lance the boil, and

move on. I agree and the

other thing about this

particular report is like

reading your report than

seeing the 'Sydney Morning

Herald' with courty and that,

there is nothing in that

report that is surprising we

didn't know. But it is all

just, it is the fact that, it

has been written by the Labor Party. You now that Kevin

Rudd or one of his supporters

leaked during the campaign?

I know nothing. You sud

there is nothing in that report that is new and the

report says. The report says

that Kevin Rudd... We have

read every single thing in

the report. The report doesn't say that Kevin Rudd

leaked during the campaign. Kevin Rudd or one of his

supporters. Or friends or

whatever. You I am saying

that is the written in the

report. The politics of this

is those through elders are presents the Labor Party agency official view of history to what happened and

that's what is really

significant about that. Three

Labor Party elders, presenting a particular view

of the man who used to be

Prime Minister and is now

Foreign Minister and that

material was deliberately

leaked by someone in the

office We will move on.

Reshuffle. I want to get

thoughts on the Labor

reshuffle. We haven't got

much time so we might only

get through two of you. Julian and Troy what do you

think? Well, I think it is

probably time the government

had a reshuffle and the time

to do is probably before

Christmas. So new ministers

can learn their briefs. Will

they do you it? It is one of

mistake that someone like the tricky questions. It is a

Bill Shorten isn't in the

cabinet. Whoa. He is, he is

a very good performer and

delivered on key policies and

he should be in the

cabinet. Troy is Richo's love child? No, that's not

true. Has he put on that much

weight? -- I think there is

a few people in the ministry

that should be shuffled out

and a few people shuffled in. Who do you think should

always difficult because you be out? These things are

don't want to be personal

about things I think someone like Chris Evans I haven't... Personal? You have asked

me to name someone so I

am. Absolutely. Chris Evans,

I will not be critical. Shorten in Evans

out. Can I have a word here?

I don't think Chris Evans has

done anything in a personal

sense wrong or a bad minister

but he is not the heavy

hitter that the Labor Party

has had in the roles in the

past. Thoughts for what to

expect between now and when

we are sitting here again

next week, contrary to

popular belief there is no

Christmas drinks at Sky they work us to the bone. We will

be here for a few weeks yet

before Christmas. I think you

will see more tensions about

the reshuffle. I think the

Prime Minister needs to come

out and clear the air. I don't think that a reshuffle

is a politically smart idea

for her given how tight the numbers are at the moment and

I think a lot of the field

marshals have to put the

batons back in the knapsacks. Troy Bramson snrngts I think there is big

trouble for the Opposition

because Tony Abbott's

popularity is at a record

low. And it is starting to

drag on their primary vote. I

think that's a bit of a worry for them and the Labor side this leadership question and

the instability will continue

until the government improves

its performance. And start s

to outline a new agenda and

they have got to focus on the

bred and butter issues like

health and education. We are

out of time. I would like to

add both things are true.

We are out of time. Julian Leeser, Troy Bramson,

and Rhys Muldoon. Noted left

we we appreciate you joining

us. Thank you for your

company. Be sure to tune in

to and you Agenda we have

Tony Abbott joining us live

followed by a panel

discussion which includes

Peter Reith, the panel is

Geoff Gallop and Kristina Keneally former Prime

Minister of NSW. That is on Sunday morning on Australian

Agenda. Thanks for your company. I am Peter van

Onselen see you then.

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