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(generated from captions) anti-gambling, I'm pro-harm dissenting view. I think it is minimisation. This is

to the disadvantage of

Australian firms, Australian firms because Australian firms, there are

some better than others, but as a general rule, a general rule, they conduct

themselves much, much better than many overseas firms which are run very recklessly and

trap people and cheat people,

and I think, you know, if

that one way or they're going to gamble like

that one way or the other let's encourage them to gamble

on a place that is safer, where be protected, for example,

where the odds will be fair dinkum odds, where they dinkum odds, where they will get paid when they should get

paid, and I do see a business

opportunity there for

Australian firms, but my view and it's not the view my view Australian firms, but that is

of the other members of the

committee. REPORTER: What are your concerns

your concerns of... Findings of

the Jint Select Committee on gambling reform. He is the

chairman of that committee. The report looked at two particular areas, online gambling and that media conference as to exactly clear there through sports betting.

what was his findings, or whas

was the findings of the was the findings of

committee in general, but we will bring you details that have as it comes the afternoon. have as it comes through during

the afternoon. Today's top

story - police are still

combing bushland in northern

New South Wales for the State's most wanted man. Malcolm Nadi initials is

initials is still on the run

after the disappearance of his

cousin la tish shah Nolan and the murder

2005. An officer was shot

yesterday when police came within metres of within metres of the fugitive

at Nowadoc: Police have told

ABC Radio the search is being

hampered by low visibility.

Bence Worsley joins me Conditions there not so good at Bence Worsley joins me now.

the moment? Yes, the moment? Yes, appalling

weather you would have to say.

Really heavy drizzle. As you

mentioned very heavy fog. It's very cold. mentioned very heavy fog. It's

keeping the police chopper on the problem. That's what's

the ground and the problem with

that is this terrain is really remote and really rugged. We just went for a 5 minute up the road to do some filming,

and it's amazing how you feel like you're in the middle of

nowhere. It's incredibly steep,

crevices and drops at every

turn, so that makes the police job very difficult, and it assists obviously Malcolm Nadin job very difficult, and it

who has used these it seems to his who has used these conditions

half years. The police very close yesterday. They half years. The police came

very close yesterday. They are

convinced it was him who fired

that shot and they're also

convinced that they are closing

area and that the search will the net, is

bear some fruit some time in

the not-too-distant future. How

far from where you are now the police come across this far from where you are now did the

camp site yesterday? Are they displosing that kind of information? They're information? They're not.

They're just saying it's in

This is a typeny township, Joe, about hour and a half east about hour and a half east of

Tamworth. Five houses on the

hillside and the memorial

the police which is behind me, serving as

the police command centre. A

dozen or so police vehicles dozen or so police vehicles -

obviously a large media

contingent. You can take a walk

around with the cameraman to

show us the scene, Ben. Funnily enough, Joe, this is the hall where the

Three four-wheel drives just

left very quickly about 5

minutes ago, Joe. Amazing scene, straight

scene, straight out of

Hollywood. I know it is cliche, but these Hollywood. I know it is a

completely camouflaged with

very heavy weaponry came out,

face paints, netting, the whole kit and ka Abbottabad Dell

. Wow!, OK They all filed into some Land Cruisers and some Land Cruisers and very

quickly tore off up the road,

so that's the scene here. The so that's the scene here. The

choppers aren't in the air, as I mentioned, but they won't tell us precisely how many officers are involved in officers are involved in the

search or how much divisions of New South Wales police have come together in this

operation, but just that operation, but just

snapshot alone from that scene showed just how seriously they're taking this and how many resources they are putting

towards this manhunt. Have you

come across any locals there?

What are they saying it? Look, they're reasonably What are they saying about

relaxed, as relaxed as you can

be, considering the police have

told them to keep their strangers. That might sound locked and don't talk to any

strapg, but they seem quite

confident that the police are

closing in on this fella.

They've obviously seen the same

heavy presence that we have, so

they do say they're somewhat they do say they're

tense just because of the

situation obviously, and they

are a little spooked that this guy allegedly guy allegedly has been living

quite nearby. There are some

very interesting anecdotes. We

talked to one fellow who didn't

want to be namented or have his

identity revealed but he actually Nadin in the last year or so,

but through the sights of his

rifle, can you believe that,

that he was working on that he was working on a

the bush. He is convinced it property, spotted someone in

was him. was him. There was this looking was him. There was this fellow

sights and he did the looking at him through rifle

thing. Just imagine what's sights and he did the same

going through his mind. Unfortunately he didn't want to be interviewed, but everyone

seems to have a story. Lots little cabins in this area, seems to have a story. Lots of

Joe, and that seems to be Joe, and that seems to be how Malcolm Nadin has Malcolm Nadin has been surviving, not just using his

bush skills but breaking these homes. They're often

unoccupied for long lengths of time - weekenders, time - weekenders, holiday

homes. Has been breaking in, taking food, taking food, clothing, weapons and ammunition and in some

cases police allege he has been

leaving his fingerprints and that's what's led police that's what's led police to this particular area in the last couple of last couple of weeks. Ben

Worsley in the tiny community of

of Nowendoc, thanks for

that Thank you. The man murdered Carl Williams has been

sentenced to life in jail. He was cob viketeded murder in September. In

sentencing him today, Justice

Lex Lasry says it Lex Lasry says it was clear Johnson murdered Williams because Williams was helping

police. Sarah Farnsworth joins

me now. What was it like in

court this morning. Was Matthew was in the dock, he strutted

into the court. He poses a quite a significant quite a significant figure,

very tall, 6 foot 2, 100 kilos and in and in extremely good shape. He

strutted into court and sat strutted into court and sat in the the dock to hear his fate and

that fate, as you just said, is a minimum sentence of 32 years

in jail. Now, given that

Johnson is 38 now, is he likely

to be in his 70s before he is

even eligible for parole. And

what - give us a Roff idea of what his defence was? Well, Matthew

claimed that he acted in

self-defence when he walked self-defence when he walked up behind Carl Williams as behind Carl Williams as Williams read a newspaper and bludgeoned him to death with the stem of an exercise bike.

He hit him 8 times and the

court heard it was likely Carl

Williams was dead before the

final blow struck his head. Johnson said he did that in a

state of kill or be killed. His

defence was that he had learnt

the day before that Carl Williams Williams had planned to kill

him so he got there first. Obviously that was a line of defence that the jury never accepted as they found him

guilty of murder and also a

claim that Justice Lex Lasry described described today as fanciful. The expectation was

that he would get close to the

maximum sentence? We did hear

in a pre-sentence hearing that

his defence team didn't want him to receive him to receive the maximum

sentence which was life because

they deem it to be essentially

if he is given any parole

period he will never be released. Matthew Johnson is a

career criminal with an

extensive history of violence

both in and out of prison, so

the idea that a Parole Board

will ever grant him release from prison is slim already,

but the prosecution said this

was the worst murder, very high

in its category of murder and in its category of murder and

something the judge said the

same. He said it was an

appalling murder and Johnson

had acted out of this kind of self-ryiousness, that he decided that he had the right

to kill if people went against

what was described by the judge as a meaningless prison code. Now, this is faking reference to a group inside of to a group inside of prison

called the Prisoners of War. They rule on the basis They rule on the basis that you don't ever give

don't ever give help to police and you don't assist authorities, and that's

something Carl Williams was

doing. And this is not the end

of the story of the underworld

killings and associated

crime? Well, we seem to say

every time we cover something

that it's the end of for the underworld wars, and we

seem to be increasingly incorrect when we say

incorrect when we say that. We still have the matter of Tony Mokbel, the drug boss who was

associated with Carl

who is trying to change who is trying to change his plea of guilty to drug trafficking charges before the Supreme Court, and there are also several cases also linked

to Carl Williams still before

the courts. So we don't know

when we will be able to draw a

line in the sand when it comes to Melbourne gangland wars, to Melbourne gangland wars, which have been over for about a decade now. Sarah Farnsworth

in Melbourne, thanks very much. Former crime investigator mark

Standen has been Milibanded a maximum sentence of 22 years jail for conspireing to import

$120 million worth of $120 million worth of drugs. During a five-month trial, the court heard Standen helped

import pseudo he have freen import pseudo he have freen

from Pakistan. Used his

knowledge as one of the country's most senior

investigators to pervert investigators to pervert the

course of justice. He will eligible for parole in 16 years. An Australian tourist

has been gored to death by a

pygmy elephant on the Island Borneo. 25-year-old Jenna

Donley was trekking with a

frand in the Malaysian state of Sabah when an Sabah when an elephant charged

at them. It's understood a tusk

pierced Miss Donley and she

died instantly. Officials from the Department of Foreign

Affairs are providing assistance to her family. Donley had studied vet sciences

at the University of Sydney. A

body has been found on a Beach

where a teenager where a teenager was reported missing last Sunday. discovery was made this morning.

morning. It's believed the body

is that of Kenyan-born Samual

Macharia. The talented Sunshine

Coast Kerr player's belongings were found on Cabarita Beach. Teachers and students held a

memorial. The school has been

in a sense of shock rs a sense of of loss and then the grim

finality today made worse by

this weather has really brought this weather has really brought is home to everyone that the loss is real. The principal

says Samual Macharia was a popular student at a Tweed

Heads private school. And just

in the finance news that in the finance news that we've

had just in the last hour or

so, I just mentioned ANZ has

cut its interest rates - we

brought a strap up on this but

haven't had an opportunity to

mention it more extensively up to now, but

to now, but ANZ has put media release saying, "In the

face of the economic and

banking crisis in Europe, our decision on the size of the

interest rate change has been

one of the most difficult we

have made in recent Retail banking margins have

been contracting as the cost of funds has progressively risen

over the last six months." The

ANZ is the first of the big

four out of the blocks after

the Reserve Bank cut rates on Tuesday, so it will be

interesting to see what interesting to see what happens through the afternoon through the afternoon as to whether the other banks will follow

follow suit, but ANZ has follow suit, but ANZ has said there, they difficult decision for them, so

it wouldn't be surprising if we

don't see the full cut from the

other three banks over the next 24, 48 hours, and Alicia Barry,

our business reporter will have

more on this over the next more on this over the next hour or so. Syria President Bashar

al-Assad has denied ordering al-Assad has denied ordering his troops to kill peaceful

protesters. The President is

under growing international

pressure over a crackdown on nationwide anti-government pro

sefts. The United Nations says more than 4,000 people have

been killed in the violence, but Mr Al-Assad

television only a crazy leader

would kill his own people. No

government in the world would

kill its people until it's led

by a crazy person. For me as President, President, I became President

because of the public support.

It's impossible for anyone in

this state to give orders to

kill. Dow feel guilty? I did

my best to protect the people

so I cannot feel guilty when

you do your best. You feel

sorry for the lives that have

been lost, but you guilty when you don't kill people. An extraordinary interview

interview there. Anthony

billing sli has serve offed as a diplomat to Damascus and a diplomat to Damascus and he has just returned. Welcome Hi, Joe. What do you make of that interview? Like everybody else,

it's amazing. It's very hard to

understand what's going on. You

don't, as a leader of a

difficult country say, "Well, I don't have control over my armed forces." armed forces." That's a

nonsense thing to say, and you

are isolated cases of cowboys. I mean, we see tanks being sent into places. Well, that's not a random random thing. The difficulty

is, though, isn't it, that the

media has not got full and open

access to Syria, so when he

says, "Show me the evidence," what evidence does the world have? It's very have? It's very tenuous, but

it's also quite a lot of circumstantial evidence, and

it's very interesting - the situation is very complex. He

does have support in Syria and country as well. If you look country as well. If you look at

just the minority groups like

the Christians and Drews, but

still the, some are still the, some are holding firm for the firm for the moment. The story

isn't as black and white as we

are being led to believe. If,s

as you say, it is a none as

soon as for him to say what he

has said, why would he go ahead

and say it? I guess there is a

number of things. One is that sanctions are increasing and there is a risk of more

sanctions from Europe and Even from Arab nations? And

possibly from Arab nations as

well, so maybe he is trying to soften that, just to soften that, just to confuse

the water a little bit, so it

may delay or soften sanctions directed

the suggestion that he is

trying to deflect the blame for

what's going on to his brother

Maha or to other elements in

the armed forces. So is there

anything in terms of, "I don't

control them. I'm not the country," - can anyone suggest that that there is someone control of the Syrian military? Look, if you go back

to 1982 when there was a very nasty civil war involving the Muslim Brotherhood that almost overthrew his father's regime,

the brother of the then

President Rifat, ran the

Revolutionary Guard and the man

was almost out of control, and

he was so powerful that it was

very difficult for very difficult for Hafas to

control him, so it's not

inconceivable that Maha does

have an element of power Syria that Bashar is trying to

control - sorry, using control - sorry, using all

these different names here, but

the current President is struggling to control his

brother - it's possible. Now,

the people of Syria who have,

from what we have seen from the

media that we've been able to get out -

get out - the images that we've

been able to get out of Syria, for them to see their President

talking like this about the the deaths of so many people, maybe

they won't get to see that

people because it probably

I guess, but it just must be sickening for relatives of

people who died to see their President talking like President talking like that? It must be. It would must be. It would be interesting

interesting to see where interesting to see where the deaths - we don't have the statistics, I think, where the

deaths are concentrated. Are they concentrated in Homs, they concentrated in Homs, Hama and Daraa, for example, and those are three, if you like, different cities in Syria.

People in Damascus look at

those cities, for considerable concern, because this is the heartland of this is the heartland of the more conservative more conservative Islamic groups. There may groups. There may be anlement to which much of the population

will say, "Well,

it's necessary," but of course

for the people in those cities

it would be appalling. Is he

preparing a defence for himself

if he ends up if he ends up before the International Criminal

Court? Well, I guess so. That

seems to me to be a very long

prospect, but I suppose he

could say that there could say that there is an attempt there

himself a little bit away from direct responsibility. Do you

sense that there is any feeling

that maybe he is under so much pressure that he pressure that he can see that

maybe there will be a point

where he has to relinquish the

reins, or he is still very,

very much in control?? I think with that proviso with that proviso about his brother, I think brother, I think he must still

be in control. I think he has

spent a lot of the 2000-2010

bringing himself into a

position where he was running off very shaky, but

consolidated his power. I can't

see that there is any other

centre of power in the country.

Now, - and he remains Now, - and he remains the

President, he remains the person with official responsibility for everything that is that is going on. Anthony Billingsley, thanks very much. You're welcome. Ex-Soviet leader Mikhail

leader Mikhail Gorbachev is

calling on Russian authorities to

to annul the disputed

hold a new poll. Thousands hold a new poll. Thousands of

protesters have taken to the

streets protesting against

alleged fraud and vote rigging after President Vladimir after President Vladimir Putin's United Russia Party retained power. Back on the streets of the Russian capital,

Opposition protesters defy a

ban on demonstrations, but

police were quick to disperse the crowds. The entire the crowds. The entire city

centre is on lockdown. But the heavy police presence has only strengthened the protesters'

was rigged and they want a re-run. TRANSLATION:

TRANSLATION: We will go to all TRANSLATION: We will go to all

the courts from top to bottom.

We will open criminal cases. We understand it will involve tens

of thousands of people , but

nonetheless we will do it and

we will fight for the cancellation of these results. Organising results. Organising themselves

on social media websites, they're spreading the word for

a mass rally on Saturday,

drawing comparisons to events

earlier this year in Tunisia and

and Egypt. On Twitter,

Republican senator John McCain sent this warning to Putin.

Middle East, the Kremlin is

responding with force. They've

warned that they will arrest

anyone demonstrating without

permission. Hundreds are already being detained. Their appeals for release rejected appeals for release rejected by

a Moscow court on Wednesday.

TRANSLATION: In this trial,

they don't question the witnesses, they don't accept

evidence, they haven't

accepting video recordings, audio recordings, on I's hard to even call this a trial. Others, though, are

allowed to gather freely. These

are United Russia's own supporters celebrating their party's party's own victory I'm for

United Russia. I love Putin. Dmitry Medvedev not so much, Dmitry Medvedev not so much,

but Putin I love. But that

involve isn't shared by every

Russian and they're becoming

less afraid to say it. TRANSLATION: Putin is an ignorant dictator and he has

brought the country to the

economic crisis which we are in at the moment. Those

Putin can't afford to ignore.

Let's take a look at business

nows now. Here is Alicia Barry.

nows now. Here is Alicia Barry.

The ANZ is the first of the

big four banks to pass on the

Reserve Bank's interest rate

cut in full. The cuts to ANZ's mortgage and small business

lending rates will take effect next Friday. 10 credit next Friday. 10 credit unions and mutual banks have already

passed on the reduction. There the National Australia Bank, the Commonwealth or Westpac.

The RBA cut the official cash The RBA cut the official cash

rate by 25 basis points in rate by 25 basis points in what

economists say was economists say was a fairly close call on Tuesday. The unemployment rate has unexpectedly risen in the month of November. Figures from the

Australian Bureau of Statistics show 6,300 jobs were lost from the economy, in the the economy, in the month seasonally adjusted. That pushed the pushed the unemployment rate to

5.3%, from 5.2% the month before. A positions was offset by a

bigger fall in full-time jobs.

The unemployment rate is steady The Australian dollar

slumped against the greenback

after the release of that after the release of that data.

It's given back around a third

of a percent to 1 o o 02.4 US

cents. The share market cents. The share market barely

reacted. Europe's key leaders

summit is really the focus for

the summit at the moment and I

will have more on

will have more on that in just a second. Global markets have been been ee racketing and local

investors appear to be on edge

today: The banks are being

closely watched to see which

one will be next to follow the ANZ and pass on the RBA's rate cut to borrowers. They're

trading mixed in line with

offshore counterparts. ANZ is

down around half a percent as

is the CBA and Westpac, so not

too much reaction to its rate

cut. NAB, though s making

slight gains. Across the region, it is a negative session. The focus

Europe's debt woes as well. Japan's Nikkei and Japan's Nikkei and the Hang Seng Seng are both down Seng are both down 1%. Spot

gold prices are trading lower

in Asian trade. West Texas

Crude oil edged lower in the US overnight. European leaders are

preparing for a testing summit

tomorrow on their economic problems, but already the

cracks are showing. France and

Germany are pushing for new

rules to restrict debt and

raise money to guard against

future crises, but in Britain,

the Prime Minister is resistance from his own party

with prominent Conservatives

asking, "What's in it for asking, "What's in it for the UK?" Philip Williams

reports. So, once more with

feeling as EU leaders try to find common ground on solutions

to a crisis that threatens

everyone. With the French and German leaders taking the the so-called

the so-called Merkozy pro poles include tightening on bank

hit the city hard and they're

wary of the whole wary of the whole process. The

more that countries in the

Eurozone ask for, the more we

will ask for in return, about you we will judge that you we will judge that on the basis of what matters most to Britain. But David Cameron is

caught between the need to help save the euro, but at the same time placate time placate those within time placate those within his

own party who was repatriation of powers from Brussels, not

giving the EU more? Will the Prime Minister do Britain proud

on Friday and show some Bulldog spirit in spirit in Brussels? And whatever including London's mayor including London's mayor Boris Johnson, are demanding that

ultimately the British publish decide If there is a new EU treaty that creates a kind of

fiscal union within the 27 countries, or within the Eurozone, then we would have absolutely no choice, either to

veto it but certainly to put it

to a referendum. The problem is

David Cameron doesn't want a referendum, one that could be

lost, and having talked tough

on regaining lost powers, he is European solidarity and the

demands of any of his demands of any of his own

political tribe who see the

crisis as a chance to crisis as a chance to move

away, not closer to troubled neighbours. That's just example of political pressure in

in one country. There are 26

others involved, each with

their own domestic their own domestic demands. Getting agreement by the end of

this week will be a gar Gant

want task. Sport now joined by the ABC's sports

editor, Peter Wilkins.

Welcome G'day, Joe. The Aussies

looking pretty good for the Second Test in Tasmania? We hope so. They're hope so. They're still, I guess, smarting over the injury

to Pat Cummins, but Michael Clarke announced just Clarke announced just a short

time ago they are go toing go

with the same team. No

surprises there. They will go

with a winning formula. He did

say a couple of things about

the pitch. He has never seen the pitch. He has never seen it

as green in Hobart and he

expects the first couple of

sessions to be pretty sessions to be pretty lively, so a lot depending on the attacks and if they win the

toss, they might bowl. Back to

the Pat Cummins issue, he was asked at the press conference

whether he would be advising him against playing in something like the IPL to

protect himself a little protect himself a little bit more from injury when he comes

back into the fold. It's up to the individual player. If Patty

wants to come and speak to me

about t I would be more about t I would be more than happy give him my views on t

that's for sure. Every player

who plays for Australia, that

is first and foremost and is first and foremost and Test cricket being the pinnacle for,

that and then handle you playing IPL or Champions League, then that's up to the individual. I think

that's great. I think those competitions have been

wonderful for the game, for the development of cricket, but like I say n the Australian

team, I would love to see the guys prioritise representing your country first, and if your

body can handle it, go for it,

not the other way not the other way around If your body can handle your body can handle it. Kind

of mirroring Steve Waugh's

comments oen, that not to the

same extent? Not to the same

extent. Steve Waugh isn't

alone. He has a few companions

in that view that perhaps Pat

Cummins should be bowling more

in the net and that these injuries have because you're underbowling

leading up to Test cricket and

then you're vaulted into Test

cricket and you're not used to

the pressure to be put over.

Phillip Hughes and his Phillip Hughes and his batting

- he has been under enormous

pressure recently. He is

getting out the same way. Is he

considered to have this major

technical difficulty, getting

caught in the slips a lot, but supported by Michael Clarke who

thinks the work he is doing in the net problem. Look, he Hughesy

been working hard the last couple of couple of years, to be honest,

on his technique and on the

areas of his game that need to improve. Like all of us - I've

made it very clear to him that I

I think I've been caught in

slips as many times as any

player, so it is an area of, player, so it is an area of, I

guess, a lot of people's game

that you need to continue to

work on, especially when the

ball is moving. He is working hard. hard. I've always loved his work ethic. You guys work ethic. You guys to continue to see him in the

nets. He trains as hard as anyone,

anyone, and he wants to get better. As I said better. As I said before, I'm confident if he continues with

that attitude, he will play a

lot more Test matches for Australia Bit of an

endorsement. Should he be

there, though? A lot of people

say that technical problem is a

little bit soo severe at the

moment and he needs to address

that in an arena that doesn't

involve Test cricket. has to make a score in this

particular match to, you would

think, get a start with India. Let's hope he India. Let's hope he does because he is a great

character Yes, great character

and fantastic batsman, and fantastic batsman, too, but dropped from the Australian

team after making big runs against South Africa because he

had a technical deficiency. He

has made fewer runs now and

still in the side with still in the side with another technical deficiency. Just

another aspect to that match

over the next couple of days,

Ricky Ponting in Hobart

probably for the last time for the crowds will be pouring out

there. Willing him to score

100. It will be testing,

though. If Australia bats though. If Australia bats first

on what looks to be a fairly green wicket, Le be under pressure against the moving

ball falling across the line. But you would back Ponting. Is

he a champion competitor . he a champion competitor . He has come back with some of the

form that we know he can play.

I would back him to make a score. Just finally score. Just finally on the

pitch, on a green pitch it kind

of skids off it and moves

around a bit more. Is it the dry pitch that the ball kicks up a bit more? I would need to look at it. Stick your key in

it? So many factors involved.

The green top generally it can bounce, it will move, bounce, it depends on the overcat conditions. Humidity The sky,

humidity. But green means humidity. But green means bounce, it means

trouble. Difficulty for the

batsmen Yes. Moving onto soccer

now, European Champions League, both manchesters are out? Yes a amazing. Manchester City they had only had had to draw to

scaur their place in the

knockout round of the Champions

League. But they went behind

early on. This was a goal in

the first half. They were down

by one goal to 0 and really the pressure was on there, and then

Alexander Fry came in with Alexander Fry came in with the

head tore put the knockout blow

against them and you can see

the Manchester City fans

stunned. Sir Alex Ferguson up

out of the dugout. They did get

a consolation goal, but they're

down and they're out and

they're shattered. It's the first time to the day since they lost in

the group stage and failed to

make the next knockout round,

so a real surprise, a real shock for United to bow out shock for United to bow out at

this particular point, and it's only the third time in 16 years

that they have failed to that they have failed to reach the knockout stage of the Champions League, too, so Champions League, too, so a massive surprise. For Australian whose don't follow

it as religiously and closely

as the Europeans do, give us an

idea of how intensely this is felt by the crowds Europe? Oh, it's the premier competition. In fact, people, observers, soccer fans,

football fans say this is the top standard of top standard of football

played. It's even better than

the World Cup because the World Cup because you're

getting the premier club teams

in Europe playing against each other in top competitions. other in top competitions. All

the world's best players in

that small zone of football

which has been on display and which has been on display and

the big games at the end of the Champions League they say are even better than World Cup

matches, and they are - I will say it, too. They are. If you say t it's gospel? A brilliant

standard. The gospel according

to Pete In the other match,

Manchester City, they're out,

too, but they needed another

result to go their way. They

managed a 2-0 victory over

Bayern Munich but this wouldn't

be enough for them. They had to

relie op a match between relie op a match between Napoli

and Villarreal. Bayern Munich

finished first, Napoli second and Manchester City failed by a point, despite this

win and despite beating the

team that finished at the top

of the group, this they're out as well. A terrible as well. A terrible day in City, Premier League leaders and Manchester United out of

the Champions League. Back the Champions League. Back on Aussie soil now. What's happening with Steph

Rice? Well, Steph Rice Rice? Well, Steph Rice has come out with the thought that she

will be swimming in the London

Olympics, but that will be just

about it for Steph Rice, about it for Steph Rice, so

perhaps no Brazil , no Rio. She

jumped in the pool a times in the last couple of years pretty un

impressively? Yes, she has had

her moments, one would say, her moments, one would say, and

so this is going to be - not an entirely surprising call, maybe the timing is surprising, but

if London is to be her last

Olympics, she would be Olympics, she would be 24 years

of age, I think, in London, so

28 by Brazil, not entirely

surprising. A bit of diving on

at the moment so naturally we will talk about that over the

remainder of this week Absolutely. Cheers, thanks

a lot. Good on you, Joe. We'll

take a look at the weather in tomorrow:

Top stories today - police

searching for the most wanted man in New South Wales concede

he may have slipped through the net. Malcolm Naden. The man who murdered gangland boss Carl Williams has life in jail in a life in jail in a Victorian court. Johnson pleaded not

guilty on the grounds guilty on the grounds of self-defence but was convicted by a Supreme Court jury back in

September. Today Justice Lex Lasry sentenced him to life in

jail with a jail with a non-parole period of 32 years. He described Johnson's Johnson's crime as appalling. A investigator Mark Standen has

been jailed for it 2 years over a multimillion-dollar drug conspiracy. trial, the jourt heard Standen

helped import pseudo he have

freen from Pakistan. He will be

eligible for parole in 16

years. And a 25-year-old Sydney

woman has been gored to death

by an elephant in Malaysia.

Jenna Donley was attacked by

the pygmy elephant while trekking trekking with a friend in

Sabah. Ms Donley had studied vet science at the University

of Sydney. The police

helicopter has been grounded by

traech rouse weatheren s in New

South Wales for as police hunt

for the State's most wanted

man. Police concede Malcolm

Naden may have got ahey. A

policeman is recovering after being shot through the shoulder

yesterday as officers close in

on the fugitive's camp site.

Ben Ben Worsley filed this update from Nowendoc a short time

ago As you can see behind me,

the weather isn't that great and proving quite difficult for

the search by New South Wales

police. It's been a very heavy drizzle, very heavy fog and

very cold. It is a difficult enough search without enough search without those

companies, considering just how

rugged and remote this terrain

is. But saying all that, New South Wales Police. Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione

insists he is very confident

depth of making an arrest very

Malcolm Naden is somewhere nearby

nearby in this part of New

South Wales. We are South Wales. We are certain

that he is not that far from

where we last encountered him yesterday will remain there and continue

to search for him and go as

long as they need to long as they need to find him. Police acted on a tip-off

yesterday morning of where they

thought the camp site was and that's why that's why they moved

yesterday, but in the weeks

prior to that Malcolm Naden's

fingerprints were allegedly

found in homes that have been

Breck ento and that's how he has been surviving. Apart from

using his considerable bushman

skills, he has been breakg into

homes, and stealing food,

equipment, guns and equipment, guns and ammunition.

He was first sighted as far

back as November 2005 in the

dub be-Western plains Zoo and

then his frints were found in

the homes around the Barrow

Company tops area, and also in

Kempsey, but every time, like

this time, he has some Hu managed to get

Minister shortly to discuss his

proposal for betting changes to poker machines. Mr Wilkie says

he hasn't had a chance to

discuss the details of his proposals with Julia since the Government's numbers

changed on the floor of

Parliament. We heard from Andrew Wilkie earlier this hour

as he released the second

report of the parliamentary

committee that he chairs on

gambling reform, and earlier

this morning he spoke to our

political editor Lyndal Curtis about his meeting with Julia

Gillard. Andrew Wilkie, you're

meeting the Prime Minister reforms. What are you expecting that meeting to cover? This meeting is designed to talk in

detail about our agreement and

about the reforms. Since the numbers changed in the

Parliament on the last day of sitting this year, I've had in fact two telephone conversations with the Prime

Minister and a meeting with

her, but at - during none of

them have I had a really good

talk about the detail of the reforms, so I'm looking reforms, so I'm looking forward to doing that afternoon. And that detailed

reform, that detailed talk

would go to what would be in the legislation being put to

Parliament? Yes, we're now at

that stage. The Government has been working on legislation.

We're now down to the stage of

talking about the detail. talking about the detail. Now, it's well-known that the agreement covers introduction

of mandatory pre-commitment of mandatory pre-commitment by

2014, but I've said from the

start that there is a mountain

of detail that still needs to be discussed and negotiated and

agreed upon. That's the that's the purpose of this

meeting. The Greens and others

have put the idea up that instead of having mandatory pre-commitment, you have a

dollar limit on bets. Are dollar limit on bets. Are you

expecting the Government's

position on mandatory

pre-commitment will change at

all, or is that something that

may be legislated when may be legislated when it comes

before Parliament. Well, the

$1 bet is not the Greens idea,

it's their policy and an idea

bandied around by many people,

and when I sat year, that was in fact year, that was in fact my opening position. I thought

that would be the most Sim

Police and effective reform that the Government could

enact, but the Government was

not prepared to go to one

dollar maximum bets and I

understand better why. It is

the in fact the reform that the

industry is most industry is most concerned about, so as far as about, so as far as I'm

concerned, as far as I'm aware

with the Government, we with the Government, we all

remain committed to the reform

that was agreed upon, and that

is mandatory pre-commitment on

the current feed of

high-intensity machines. I the last year, the complement tri-initiative has bubbled up

that the Government is

supportive of, that we do have low-intensity $1 machines that would complement the fleet of high-intensity machines with

mandatory pre-commitment. Government pre-commitment. Government MPs

in their own seats are getting

a lot of pressure from the

clubs industry not to proceed

with these reforms N your conversations with the Prime Minister, have you seen any

sign that she might blink

because of the pressure the Government is under? I have

seen no sign whatsoever that the Government will the Government will renege on

the deal with me. In fact, over

the last 15 months, I think it's been very encourage ing

that the Government has worked

hard on this and the minister

Jenny Macklin has been working

hard on, this and that's

something that has been lost in

the discussion, the fact that

the Government is genuinely committed to these just because they have an agreement they see the value of reform

and I assume because they and I assume because they also

see that these are

that if they implement them

carefully, successfully, this

is a vote-winner, not a

vote-loser. Yes, the going hard. It is a very rich,

very vocal industry. It has

plenty of money, plenty of

members' money to burn, but members' money to burn, but I

think the Government - I'm sure

the Government knows that it is

a vocal minority and it's not a vocal minority and it's not representative of majority public opinion. You've

threatened that you may

withdraw your support from the

Government if it does not get this legislation through, but the passage of the legislation

is dependent on people is dependent on people not in

the Government's control, the

other Independents who haven't

necessarily yet made up their

minds on it. If the other Independents don't back you and

the Government, can you really the Government, can you really

hold the Government responsible

if it can't get the numbers if it can't get the numbers to

get the legislation through?

Well, as far as I'm concerned

nothing has changed and I've nothing has changed and I've always held the Government

responsible. There is much said

about Andrew Wilkie, but there should be more said about the

Government which agreed to do with

of Speaker, the Government is

now much closer. Whereas they

needed 4 crossbench votes, they

now only need three. It just got a whole

Government to get the legislation through the

Parliament, and it just got a

whole lot easier for others to

support it because whereas

before them supporting it before them supporting it might have stopped a change of

government, and that would be a

big consideration for the big consideration for the two

of them, but now it will be

easier for all of the crossbenchers crossbenchers to get behind

in principle. Andrew Wilkie,

thanks you very much for your time ( Thank time ( Thank you. Defence

Minister Stephen Smith is in

New Delhi since Labor approved

the sale of uranium to India.

The decision removes a big stum

bling block within the relationship and creates the potential for more security

ties. Richard Lindell spoke to the Defence Minister in New

Delhi. Stephen Smith, this is

your fourth trip to India, first as Defence Minister. Have you level of discussions given

Labor's new position on uranium

sales to India? There is no

doubt that our decision on uranium has uranium has been warmly

welcomed by Indian ministers

and by Indian officials and by

India generally, and that's India generally, and that's a

good thing, but at my meeting

with Defence Minister Antony

and my subsequent meeting with

the service chiefs, what's essentially agreed is that all

of the reasons our of the reasons our two countries entered into a

strategic partnership in 2009,

awful the reasons that security declaration underneath that partnership, all of that partnership, all of those reasons remain, and that is the

whole world is moving to whole world is moving to the Asia-Pacific and the Indian

Ocean and India is very

Ocean and India is very much a

central part of that. So all of

those strategic reasons remain,

and what we've agreed is and what we've agreed is that

we can do more and we should do

more and we will do more in

terms of practical cooperation. So, to describe

the uranium decision as a shift

in the relationship remorphing

the stum bling block that was in the relation shch, is overstating the case

then? Well, in the past some

people have described our

policy in that area as being a significant difficulty. I think

some people have overstated it.

What you do know is that what

you could describe as you could describe as an

irritant or a grain of sand in

the relationship is now gone,

and that reflects two things -

it reflecting the fact that it reflecting the fact that the world arrangements changed in

this area when voluntarily agreed to go under

the effective authority of the international civil nuclear regulators, the nuclear suppliers groouvp and the International Atomic Energy Agency, but secondly, and this

was part of the Prime

Minister's and my rationale in

supporting the change is that

it reflects the fact that India

is the world's largest

democracy, there has never been any serious suggestion or

proliferation on India's part. The Government has

already said no to uranium

sales to Pakistan, door to other suppliers to sell

to countries like Pakistan that

are not signatories to the

Non-Proliferation Treaty? No, I

don't believe so. What

countries do in terms of their exporting of uranium is in the

end a matter for them, but the

significant uranium exporting countries, whether it's

Australia or Canada, do have a safeguards regime. The

circumstances for India, so far

as export of uranium is concerned, are in my unique. Pakistan does not have

the same record so far as proliferation is concerned. There have been serious expressions of concern about proliferation in proliferation in the past. Australia is signaling to

the world now that the non-.

Non-Proliferation Treaty is no

longer the key issue when making decisions around uranium

sales? That's not sales? That's not right. Signals to the world in respect

of the circumstances changed

with India in 2008, 2009 when the international community, through Atomic Energy Agency and the Nuclear Suppliers Group agreed

to the so-called India-United

States civil nuclear arrangement and the

undertakings that India gave in that respect, including separation of civilian separation of civilian from

military nuclear military nuclear technology and an undertaking not to engage in

nuclear tests. So that's the

public policy rationale for the

change that the Australian Labor Party and the Government

has made. Let's move onto has made. Let's move onto your discussions with the Defence

Minister today. What was his

reaction to the decision of having a joint understand that Australia has an alliance relationship with the United States. India also

understand that Australia has a

strong view that the engagement of of the United States in of the United States in the Asia-Pacific, indeed the enhanced engagement of the United States in the

Asia-Pacific is a good thing for for peace, prosperity and

stability. Was a notion of stability. Was a notion of a

trilateral pact as reportedly raised by the Foreign Minister last

your discussions today? No, it

wasn't raised and not simply

because that reporting was wrong. We've seen wrong. We've seen through a

number of think tanks a suggestion that suggestion that Australia, the

United States and India enter into tri-lateral strategic

dialogue, as, for example, dialogue, as, for example,

Australia and the United Australia and the United States and Japan do. That was and Japan do. That was a

suggestion made by a number of

think tanks, both in India and

Australia. It's not a

proposition that has been made

by the Australian by the Australian Government

and there was misreporting that respect. So that wasn't a subject matter that was raised

by me. One of the obvious areas of shared concern is

Afghanistan and Pakistan. Does

Australia have any concerns

about India's desire to have a

greater role in Afghanistan once US and Australian once US and Australian troops

withdraw or at least are

schedule to withdrawn in

2014? Well, we h as you would

expect, a conversation about Afghanistan. I made the

Afghanistan. I made the point

privately, as I have publicly,

that we believe we're that we believe we're on track to transition to Afghan-led

security by 2014, but I've pointed the need to continue

with transition after 2014. I

did welcome asdy at the time

that India and Gap have that India and Gap have signed up a long-term strategic

partnership, just as I welcomed

the fact that the United States

and Afghanistan will do

likewise, that NATO and

Afghanistan will do likewise,

because it sends a signal that after 2014, after 2014, the international community, will not leave

Afghanistan by itself or on Afghanistan by itself or on its

own and that's a very important

signal to send. Minister, thank you for taking thank you for taking the time to speak to ABC News you very much. The United

States has marked 70 years since the Japanese attack on

Pearl Harbor which drew America

into World War II. Few remaining survivors have joined

military leaders at the naval

base in

base in Hawaii, observing a

moment's silence at the time

Japan launched its offensive 7:55 on December 7th 1941. I spoke to North America

correspondent Craig McMurtrie a

little earlier. He said the

ceremony this year has been particularly poignant. These men men have gathered just about

every year to remember their

fallen comrades from that fateful day. A dozen US

warships were sunk, nine warships were sunk, nine others

badly damaged. 2400 people died

in that surprise attack, and as you say, it led to the US

entering the war. The entering the war. The thing

that was particularly poignant

about this year is the

inevitable march of time. Whereas

veterans would arrive for this anniversary. This year there are 120 who have attended are 120 who have attended and their their survivors' association have announced that they will be disbanding, that this is the last year that they will

actually all gather to share their stories, so there their stories, so there were some fiery words. They urged the next generation to the next generation to protect

the memorial, to look after

Pearl Harbor. They also had words for political leaders in

the US, arguing that the US, arguing that they shouldn't turn away from shouldn't turn away from the Pacific, that it was important to Keech the naval presence in Hawaii, the naval presence in Hawaii,

and they also spoke about their

time, I suppose, on the Earth,

talking about when the time comes for them, how many of

them want their ashes to be interred in a USS Arizona, interred in a USS Arizona, in

the gun turret of USS Arizona,

one of the battle ships

destroyed on that day. destroyed on that day. Australian cricket captain

Michael Clarke says he won't

stand in the way of injured Cummins playing for the Indian

Premier League. The young

paceman could be sidelined for

most of the season with a foot injury. The 28-year-old's

manager is planning to nominate Cummins for the IPL auction

which could earn him a $1

million pay cheque, but captain Michael Clarke says a player

should Pryor ties playing should Pryor ties playing for

their country. It's up to the individual player. If Patty

wants to come and speak to me

about it, I would be more than

happy to give him my views on t that's

that's for sure. The

I love about IPL is that every

individual has the opportunity

to make their own choice,

that's really good, but I think

the individual player needs to

work out where his body is at and make

type of going into the IPL.

There is a lot of There is a lot of international

cricket. I just don't want to see players see players not prioritising

international cricket. That's

my goal that every player plays

for Australia, that is for Australia, that is first and foremost, and Test cricket

being the pinnacle of that, being the pinnacle of that, and

then if your body can handle

you playing IPL or Champions

League, then that's up to the

individual. I great, and I think those

competitions have been wonderful for the game, the

development of cricket, but like I say n like I say n the Australian

team, I would love to see the guys prioritise representing their country first and if your

body can handle it, go

body can handle it, go for it,

not the other way

around. Manchester United is

out of the Champions out of the Champions League

after a shock 2-1 loss to Swiss

side FV Basil. A goal in each

half was enough to send the

home side through to the last 16 joining Benfica progressing from Group C.

Manchester City is also out of

the competition despite beating

Bayern Munich 2-0 and German side and Napoli side and Napoli moving through from Group A. For Manchester

United, the equation as simple, the reality anything but. They

needed just a draw, against Basil, but within so minutes,

calamity. United was suddenly

facing the unthinkal. They had

to score but before the break

failed spectacularly to do

quite horrible miss in a grim first half which finished with

a worry injury. United swarmed forward. Basil forward. Basil so nearly gifted them an equaliser, but

didn't, and when Alex Fry didn't, and when Alex Fry put

them 2-0, United seemed as good

as finished. Not quite. as finished. Not quite. With time running out, Phil Jones

scrambled one back, but all to

no avail. For the first time in six years, United out before

the knockout stages. The shock will reverberate for some

time. As for Manchester City,

they faced a truly daunting

task. They had to beat by

Bayern Munich and hope Napoli couldn't beat Villarreal. An unlikely come bishop nation,

but City ooze ed relief. Toure

with the calmest of with the calmest of finishes and City were going through,

but two Napoli goals shattered

the celebrations. This was a

valiant effort from City, but

disappointment from deeply disappointing night for manchester. Australia's triple

Olympic champion Stephanie Rice

says she is likely to retire

after next year's London Games. The

The 23-year-old individual

medley champion at Beijing says she

she doesn't think she can

maintain her motivation for

another 4 years and go through

to Rio in 2016. Rice won bronze

in Shanghai earlier this

year. Time now for year. Time now for what's making news in the arts and entertainment. Hello, I'm

Richard Davies. Emmy Award-winning akor Award-winning akor Harry Morgan

has died. He was 96 years Harry Morgan appeared in more

than 100 films during his

60-year career, but he is best

known for playing Karl knell

Potter in MASH. His Potter in MASH. His performance

earned him an Emmy nomination

and a permanent spot on and a permanent spot on the

cast. His son Charles confirmed his death, saying had been treated for pneumonia

recently. The team from the TV

show Myth Busters has hit a

family home with a family home with a cannonball in an experiment gone wrong. The program's network, the

discovery Channel release ed a

statement saying the cannonball

took an unforeseen bounce.

Luckily no-one was injured. The

cannonball also damaged a parked car. Lady Gaga has taken her

anti-bullying campaign to the

White House. The had a private meeting in the

West Wing to discuss her West Wing to discuss her new

Born This Way Foundation, I

which is aimed at ending

bullying and enhancing student

safety. Barack Obama was away,

so Lady Gaga met with one of

his advisers. The adviser his advisers. The adviser later blogged he was deeply moved by

her and how she is confronting issues. That's all in arts issues. That's all in arts and entertainment. Let's take a

look at the weather with Vanessa O'Hanlon. Thanks, Joe.

Moist easterly winds still resulting in storms over

South-East Queensland and north-east New South Wales.

Also a low off the coast near

Fraser Island adding to that

and cloudy with showers over

the Top End. A trough of low

pressure extending from the north through Western Australia

with an associated low is shifting eastwards, moving

showers from the Eucla into South Australia South Australia around Ceduna . The trough will reach Kingscote

later in the evening before moving moving th