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Live. This morning - speaking

for the first time, the father

of the Australian boy released

from a Bali jail breaks the

family silence. Our son family silence. Our son did

the wrong thing, there's no denying that and we want denying that and we want people to know that he's genuinely

sorry and remorseful for his

decisions and actions in . Also today - the big four

under pressure as the public waits

waits for the banks to pass on

the interest rate cut. More than 50 people killed and 150

injured in twin attacks in Afghanistan. Police name the

mother and two daughters killed

in a suspected triple murder in

WA. The wife of an WA. The wife of an Australian

businessman jailed in China for

13 years pleads for his release. . Good you're watching ABC News 24,

I'm Nick Grimm. Taking a look at today's weather:

. . The local sharemarket is

making modest gains on hopes of

a solution to Europe's debt

woes. The All Ordinaries is up three quarters of a

three quarters of a percent. We will cheque the figures shortly. Australian teenager convicted of drugs offences in Bali has

spoken to the media for spoken to the media for the

first time. The family

returned home on Monday after

the 14-year-old was released.

He was tea tainted for more than two months than two months on the Indonesian island after police arrested him for marijuana

possession. The father, who

asked not to be identified,

spoke to reporters this morning

from the family home on the from Central Coast. Firstly, I want

to say we're delighted and

relieved to be home from our

ordeal in Bali. From the time

of the arrest of our son

Bali has been on his safe

return and welfare throughout

this ordeal. In that regard we

would like to thank and acknowledge the support acknowledge the support and assistance from the Consul-General in Bali Brett

Farmer as well as his savand

all other Australian officials who have as aed is us from the

beginning to the end. Their

assistance was wonderful and I

genuinely thank them for that.

Difficult as our ordeal was we

wish to acknowledge the

Indonesian official treated our We appreciate the consideration

given to the fact our son was only 14. Again, with the Indonesians once they realised

that our boy was 14, that our boy was 14, their position soften ed a amazingly

and they looked after us very

well. We also wish to thank

pour friends and family pour friends and family who have given us support through

this time, particularly Greg

piper, our local mayor piper, our local mayor and

state member. His state member. His contribution

to myself and our family throughout this throughout this ordeal was huge

and we do appreciate that. and we do appreciate that. Our son did the wrong thing,

there's no denying that, and we

want people to know he's

genuinely sorry and remorseful

for his decisions and actions

in Bali over the past two

months. He's aware of the

trouble and the effect that his

actions have had on us as a

family, friends, and the

Australian Government and created work with all. This we will be

looking forward to working a family to address his family to address his issues and worked for for the future with our boy. There are with our boy. There are many

thousands of Australians who go

to Bali and as a family we hope our ordeal and the media

coverage this has generated

will serve as a warning to

others who may be tempted to

risk breaking the law there.

Bali is a wonderful place Bali is

it is extremely dangerous for people that don't

respect their laws.

been a harrowing and expensive

lesson for us on that point.

We wish to be placed on record despite the continued media

speculation regarding a deal

struck, there has been no deal

and will be no deal with any media organisation regarding

this story. Our son is keen

and very motivated to resume

his schooling and we are keen

to have our lives return to

normal as possible. It will be

absolutely impossible to do

this under the intense gaze of

the media and we are for your understanding and compassion understanding and compassion in

allowing us to comeback to allowing us to comeback to our

normal life. At the end of the

day, we are just a day, we are just a normal

family from Lake Macquarie and

we need to get back to our normal

normal existence. Thank you.

Steve, you can tell us why you

went to Bali in the first place? The intention was an

eight day holiday by the eight day holiday by the pool sing on pineapple juice. Did

you think there was any risk you think there was any

that something might go wrong? You acknowledged that your son You acknowledged that

anything could go wrong in a had issues. Did you think that

dangerous place that Bali is? Absolutely not. If we were aware that there was any

possibility of any breaking of the

the law by our son, we the law by our son, we would

never have taken him there. At the time, we decided never have taken him over

to travel to Bali, we aware that pour son was a user

of marijuana. There have been

- we believed at that time we had dealt with that had dealt with that and

resolved those issues. That

was a complete shock to us when was a complete shock to us

this happened. And he opened

up to you and told you that

they been using it? Yes, he

did, yes. How difficult have

these two months been for your

boy? Oh, very difficult. For

a 14-year-old he coped with

this experience better than I expected. With support of his mum and myself,

we have managed to get this

child back home to Australia reasonably unscathed. Very

proud of him for his conduct

throughout this ordeal. Given

his time in detention and

missing an entire school term,

how long ahead is the road to

recovery? Well, we're recovery? Well, we're hoping that that road ahead is very

short, to be honest. He

expressed the desire to return

possible and we met with the back to school as soon as

school yesterday to discuss the

return and the school expressed their concerns with continued media pressure, their concerns with this

continued media pressure, that

it is affecting not only us as

a family but also the entire

again ask for consideration school population. I would

there from the media to be aware of the effect you're having

having on the entire community

here, people. How would you

describe your son's time in

prison? A time of prison? A time of intense

reflection and discussion with

myself and his mum myself

going forward. You can what issues we need to address

describe the a little about how

you found out and how this

unfolded while you were's in

Bali. I would prefer not to.

That's been well documented. Did Australian authorities get

your son out as quickly as

Australian authorities? possible. You've thanked

Australian authorities? The

talking about that? Well, Australian Australian government you're

overall. Okay. The

from the Australians on a

personal local and pro slefls

with the Indonesian judicial

people and they were present

from the very beginning to from the very beginning to the very end and it was enormously

con comforting for myself as a father and his mother father and his mother to

receive that support. I must

mention that Kevin Rudd's wife support on a female basis which

was hugely beneficial to her.

How distressing has this been? It's been enormously distressing. This has been hardest two months of our

lives. Enormously distressing.

Hence the plea for allowing us to comeback to our beautiful country and to resume how

previous existence. Your son

has had to do a lot of growing

up. How has this changed him?

considerate of his decisions Well, he's

and a lot more respectful and

more aware of the need for

following the laws. Bali is

quite a lawless area at times

and this has demonstrated to

him the need to accept the laws

and to follow those laws. Will

you be going back? Has he

been receiving counselling or anything like been receiving professional

that? We're not commenting on.

This is to end media scrutiny. I would prefer not to

not to answer that question either. How is he? Is he

okay? The boy is very fine.

He's very pleased to be home and looking forward to

back to his previous existence,

yes. Can while we've got you,

can your identity, are you

happy for us to show your face

or use your name? As per our

conversation yesterday with all you gentlemen, this you gentlemen, this interview is

is being conduct onld

Bays you won't reveal my

Denpasar I density. You certainly won't be revealing certainly won't

the identity of my child. This

has all been has all been about protecting

my child. Thank you very

much. Thank you. The father much. Thank you. The

of the Australian teenager

convicted of drug offences in

Bali speaking there to the

media for the first time this

morning from the family home on

the NSW Central Coast. the NSW Central Coast. He thanked Indonesian authorities

for treating his son very well

months ago for possessing Warne after he was arrested two

marijuana the boy's father has

sout sought to dismiss media

speculation the family signed a $300,000 deal with a has organisation. He says there

has been no deal and there will

be no deal with any media

organisation and went on to say

the family wants their lives to

return to normal as soon as

possible. He's called the last two months the hardest two months the hardest two

months of their lives as a

family and that the experience has been extremely has been extremely distressing.

He said his son is now more respectful and more aware of respectful

the need

the need for following the

law. Ch. The big four banks

have been slow to move

following the official rate cut

by the Reserve Bank. RBA

yesterday cut the official rate

by 25 basis points to 4.25%.

Some smaller institutions have Some smaller institutions

been quick to move. ME bank, the Bank of Queensland, and New South Wales Police credit the Bank of Queensland, and the

union have passed on the full 25 basis point cut to their

customers. But the big four

banks are yet to decide banks are yet to decide with ANB, ANZ they're they're under review. Earlier

I spoke to the head I spoke to the head of Australian Bankers

Australian Bankers Association

Steven Munchenberg and began by

asking him why the big four banks

banks have pass on that rate

cut. What banks will do will

cut. What banks will do will be an individual decision for

them. On the one hand, because of the expectation if they

don't pass it on customers are

going to be very angry and

that's not something they want.

On the other hand, the true

costs of money, the money weigh

have to raise oversees, the

amount of money we're paying on deposits here in Australia, Bank's cash rate, so Bank's cash rate, so the cost

of money has gone up and we will have at some will have at some stage probably have to pass some of

that on to customers. Any idea when that's likely to be? I

don't know when the banks are

going to - I'm not privy to

what their processes are at the

moment. I would expect in the

next day or so we'll see results of their deliberations. What are they

likely to do? Announce they

will makes some - a full cut, a

partial cut or no cut at all? Will they there be a wall of silence from

the banks and they decide to do nothing At some point they'll announce what their intention are. What they're going to do the I don't know. All I know the will be will

is very unpopular to hold is very unpopular to hold back

these rate cuts even though it

doesn't reflect the true cost of money with the fact that they're worried about the situation in Europe, they've seen

seen the true cost of the money

go up significantly, these things things have to be weighed in things the balance. What about the interest on personal loans, credit cards, that

thing? What happens there? It

all flows through, once they make a decision, a whole make a decision, a whole range

of other areas. Rate cuts are

not completely good news. We

know that only one in three

house hoiltds in Australia have a mortgage. There are a lot of

people who have savings. people who have savings. The banks have increased the

deposit rates they're paying on

those savings by much more than the Reserve Bank in the last

few years and rate you cuts

will reduce the income a lot of

people get from their savings.

The perception out there, rightly or wrongly, rightly or wrongly, whenever rates go up the banks move immediately full increases but when they go full in the other direction, it the

in the other direction, it the

banks are a lot slower to act. That's the perception. It act. That's

is not actually backed up by

the fact, it is certainly the per session out there. We've had situations in the had situations in the past

where the banks have taken where the banks have taken time to make a decision before

they've passed on interest rate rises rises or before rises

increased rates by more than the Reserve Bank because of

funding costs. How do you

counter the charge that the

banks are profiteering? The

reality is that we have to raise money from oversees

investors. At the moment,

because of the situation in

Europe, those in investors are incredibly

incredibly jittery. Some of

the markets in which we raise

money are effectively closed, so we can't raise money there

at the moment, and when it gets difficult to raise money

overseas bangs are hungry for

deposit, so we pay more here.

That drives the cost of funding not

not what the Reserve Bank says,

but that's an influence. but

Reserve Bank cut rates to keep the

the Australian economy

stimulated. Are the banks

foiling those plans but not

passing on the cut? I don't is well aware of the funding

situation for banks, they're well aware what's well aware what's happenings internationallily. I would be surprised if the Reserve Bank didn't

didn't take into account in

making its decision yesterday

the possibility that some banks may not pass on the full cut. Finally, you're expecting

there to be some sort after a a announcement from the four major banks some time today or

tomorrow? Based on past behaviour, we would expect behaviour, we would expect a decision would be made if not today today then tomorrow. That's a matter for individual matter for individual banks. At least 58 people have been killed and more than 150 injured in twin Afghanistan. The biggest attack was at a Shia Muslim

shrine in the capital. Afghanistan correspondent Sally

Sara reports from Kabul. The suicide bomber struck as hundreds of worshippers

gathered at a Shia Muslim

shrine in Kabul. It was the

deadliest attack in the capital

for three years. The triggered panic, shock and

grief. This woman was left

clutching the shoe of her only

Sun son who was killed in the attack. Most of

marking the holy day of Ashura. The bomber managed to blend

European leaders blend into the

crowd before detonating his

explosives. TRANSLATION:

The ceremony was about to

finish. A new group arrived explosives.

and the suicide bombers placed

explosives. themselves among the new group.

As a result of the suicide bombing unfortunately some bombing unfortunately some of

four Muslim mourners have been

killed. Shias were targeted in

the northern city of

Mazar-i-Sharif, a bicycle bomb killed four people and killed four people and injured several others. President condemned the

violence. It is the first

time that on such an important religious day in Afghanistan terrorism of terrorism of that horrible

nature is taking place. We all

wish the best for those who are injured and quick recovery and

patients to the families of

those who have loved their dear

ones. The bombings raised

fears. Increasing sectarian knees and Shites in Afghanistan. This latest

incident has happened only a day day after ieptd National

Conference in the German city

of Bonn to discuss the future

of Afghanistan. It is

yet again insurgent are able to

get into the heart of the

capital and carry out a

devastate ago tack. It's left many people here very angry and

frustrated with the security

forces and the government. A holy

holy day on the Shia Muslim

calendar has been disrupted by

bloodshed. Sally Sara, ABC News,

ships have departed for their

annual hunt in the Southern

Ocean. This time there's also

anger in Japan about why the

fleet received millions of

dollars from the dollars from the country's earthquake recovery fund. Australian Government

meanwhiles is maintaining its tough anti-whaling stance but

says it will not send a navy

vessel. The controversial

whaling mission will be met by the 'Sea Shepherd' which is

determined to put a stop to the killing of the whales. Pull

Watson from the 'Sea Shepherd'

joins me now via skype. Thank us. The you very much for us. The Australian Opposition

says your fleet should be accompanied by a naval accompanied

to the Southern Ocean. Do you support that call? There

should be an Australian

Government vessel sent down

there just to keep the peace.

Japan is threatening quite a bit

bit of violence and we have a lot of Australian citizens on

board. It is the responsibility of the

Government to see that their citizens

citizens are protected from any

violence from the Japanese

whalers. Are you concerned at

all by reports that Japanese fleet will witness

accompanied by Japanese authorities from their

Coastguard? They will have a

Coastguard official but also

private security people. We're

more concerned about them. The

coastguard people tend to be

more responsible. You can buy

a lot of muscle with million. Is the Australian

government doing a sensible

thing not thing not sending a naval

advice sell here? Could

sending a vessel be perceived

as ramping up the tensions in

the Southern Ocean at this time

of year? This is the Australian Antarctica

territorial waters. It is an economic exclusion zone. It seems to us the it would be the responsible thing to do to monitor

monitor what's going non-that

exclusion zone. It is heating

up. There's a lot of tensions

going on here. I can't see how

the peace. In fact, if an

Australian naval vessel Australian naval vessel went

down and ordered them out they

would leave. When we were

heading towards Chilean waters the Chilean waters told us if

they entered their waters they they would be arrested. It is

interesting that Chile is

willing to could that but

Australia is not. Why do you

think that is? . Politics, economics. If it is Uruguay

down there fishing illegally, Australia would be down there,

but Japan gets what it want. Paul Watson, we're having

difficulty with our connection to you. We might leave it there. Thank you very much for

talking to us. . To Japan, and

the ABC has obtained documents

revealing the lengths being

tierng keep work at the crippled Fukushima nuclear

plant a secret. Despite plant a secret. Despite this one former worker at the plant has told the ABC they were given substandard given substandard protective gear after the Mel downs, a

acknowledge lemging they were

ripped off subcontractors. They've subcontractors. They've been lionised as nuclear Samurai lionised as nuclear Samurai for

their bravery in the face of an unseen enemy. But many of unseen enemy. But many of the workers struggling to bring the Fukushima nuclear plant under

control say they're being

exposed and exploited. This

man who asked that we keep man who asked that we keep his

identity secret worked at the

facility for years and was

there helping to stabilise the

plant in the dangerous days after after the meltdowns. TRANSLATION: I meltdowns. TRANSLATION: I was not told how much radiation I

would be exposed to or how high

the radiation was. They just

gave me an anarak to wear and

sent me to work. Just sent me to work. Just 40 kilometres from here, kilometres from here, some 3000 workers are Laboring to bring

the Fukushima nuclear plant to

a state of cold shut down. It

is dirty and it is dangerous

work and there are claims that

some of these workers are not

being paid what they deserve to

be. TRANSLATION: Many workers are ripped off by

subcontractors. Some are paid

as little as $80 a day. Iwaki

City Council Hiroyuki Watanabe

has collected dozen of files on safety at Fukushima and safety at Fukushima and the exploitation of exploitation of plant

workers. Right after the

meltdown, some workers were not given facemasks with filters in

them. Others were given old

rubbers boats that let in radioactive water. In an interview with the ABC, the

operator of Fukushima admitted there wasn't enough safety gear

to go around in the early days

of the disaster. As worker at the nuclear plant. TRANSLATION: We do not

know what kind of wages they're

paid or the particular

conditions they're working

under. It is not under. It is not only

radioactive leaks TEPCO fears

but also media leaks. The ABC has obtained this company

contract which not only gags

Fukushima workers from talking

to the media, but also from discussing their work with

anyone. It is a document anyone. It is a document TEPCO spokesman says he knows nothing

about. Inside the boundaries of the nuclear

plant, it seems outside

scrutiny is about as welcome as

the radioactive fall-out. Mark Willacy, ABC News, Fukushima.

In Moscow, police say they've

arrested 250 people during a

second day of protests

following the recent

parliamentary elections.

Demonstrators who Demonstrators who defied the

order to stay off the streets

claim the vote was rigged in favour of Prime Minister parliamentary

Vladimir Putin. A parliamentary member of the Opposition was one of

one of those

through the crowd on Moscow's

main shopping streets the

city's intimidating riot police. They were there to break up an unauthorised

demonstration. More than 1000 people were protesting once more against what they say was a fixed election and against the Prime the Prime Minister, Vladimir

Putin. Russia without Putin

has become their slogan. (Chanting). It is the second

night anyway row the anti-Putin

protesters have come out on the

streets. Last night it was streets. Last night it was a legal demonstration, but sanctioned and they all risk

arrest. On Twitter and FaceBook they're already calling it the Slavic spring even though Moscow's bitter

winter is around the corner.

Two nights of protest do not

make a revolution but the

movement has some momentum and

it's personal. Putin is a

thief, they shouted. With this government, this these

leaders, with these with these thieves, Russia has no future. But just yards away, there were chants in

favour of Vladimir Putin. One of the Kremlin founded youth

movements have also turned up. None of them was arrested.

Several Opposition leaders were rounded up. None of

Prime Minister was detained and

later released. A court gave

this man, the inks influential

anti-corruption campaigner a anti-corruption campaigner a 15 day prison sentence disobeying police at last night's demonstration. S

TRANSLATION: Vladimir Putin's official spokesman said anyone who protests Illawarra

illegally should be stopped and he's continued and he's continued to defend the election results despite the growing international

criticism. The authorities are

bracing themselves for bracing themselves for further

unrest in the days ahead. This

is a critical moment is a critical moment for Vladimir Putin. Will the

protests peter out or will the momentum build? Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary

Tasmania for a family holiday

with their four children. with their four children. It's

the first time the Danish royal

twins, Vincent and Josephine,

have visited their mother's home State. The royal couple's

official tour ended late last

month. No public appearances

have been announced for their stay

stay in Tasmania. . Paul Kennedy is here with the major

sports stories. Day. David

Beckham's LA Galaxy won its Melbourne Victory in a penalty

shoot-out after a two two draw

at Docklands. To finish their end of season tour with a win,

LA game from two goals down after the hosts started the

brighter of the two sides. Melbourne carted a host of

chances early in the

first-half. Beckenham despite

his failure to score in the

match was subbed off late to

rapturous applause to the crowd

and possibly his last game in a

Galaxy shirt. Topped's match post opponented because he was

veer weather conditions veer weather

prevented them leaving WA. It

was something of a homecoming for Brett brought up in the Western

Suburbs. Football Federation Australia issued a statement

last night confirming the match

was postponed and you a new

date for that fixture has not

been decided .z Chelsea is

through to the last 16 with a

win over Valencia three-nil.

Let's look at the goals. He recovered his footing. Chelsea

on the right track inside three

minutes. Not giving up on had. Ramirez

Ramirez gets his reward.

Ramirez shows his Ramirez shows his strength.

This is the chance. He's

settled it. Australian cricket

team will hit the nets today to

prepare for test number two

against New Zealand and some of the younger players are looking

to cement their spots. James

Pattinson did it at the Gabba and Mitchell Starc who and Mitchell Starc who was playing his first nest that

match as well is hoping to take

some wickets in Tasmania to

nail down that spot and be the point point of difference as a left arm bowler in the cricket team. arm bowler in the Australian cricket team. Mitchell Johnson

is on leave and may nail that

spot when Johnson is fit.

Let's hear from Mitchell Starc.

Once I got over the first day,

a little bit more relacksed and having Peter Siddle there to

talk Jimmy and I through great talk Jimmy and I through was and Melissa Clarke. It is a

bits of a learning process for us young blokes to come through

to test ticket. Great experience and hopefully push

on for a few more times. I'm

prepared to play every game.

If I don't get picked I don't

get picked. Film's picked get picked. Film's picked I'm

ready to play, yeah. That left

arm option is obviously there.

We've got plenty of talented right

right arm bowlers there as

well. I have to do the best I right can and put the performances can and put the performances on board to stay out there. Today's satellite image a cloudy day again for South-East

Queensland and north-east NSW

as a trough extends from the

north into NSW. Still very

stormy amongst those cloud. An isolated showers over the

tropics as well. A trough from

the Northern Territory is

embedded with lows as it gets further down towards the

south-west. The low is moving

towards the eastern goldfields

and the mid-level disturbance

is inlied from the west coast.

It will be a much cooler day in

Queensland. Rain and isolated

about the south-east. . We'll say goodbye to

viewers of the Australia

Network and stay with

continuing live coverage of continuing live coverage of the news on ABC News 24. interest rate stand-off is

continuing today as borrowers wait

wait to see which, if any, of

the big banks will pass the big banks will pass on

yesterday's official rate cut.

The Reserve Bank board lowered

the official cash rate by the official cash rate by 25

basis points down to 4.25%.

That's the lowest level since April

April last year. If passed on, the decision would save borrowers about $50 an average $300,000 mortgage. an

I spoke to banking analyst

Brett Le Mesurier from

stockbroking firm BBY a little

earlier. He earlier. He says it is not an

easy decision for the banks to

pass top interest rate cut. We

don't appear to have don't appear to have that item

. The issue for them will be

who is going to move and by how much. You could say much. You could say their wholesale funding costs, total funding has gone up 50

basis point over the last few

months. At the moment, it months. At the moment, it is very difficult to raise at any

reasonable rate offshore, so if

we simply take the formula we simply take the formula that

20% of their funding comes from wholesale markets and the price has gone up 50 basis point, would you think that it is

basically cost them 10 points

more recently to fund their

positions on average. 20% and

50. You would expect

would pass on not 25 but my

best guess is 15. About 15, so that's 30.15 of a percent. Yes. That would leave them typically whole compared to the average funding

funding costs over the last few

months. The national accounts

have just been released showing

the Australian economy grew in the first quarter. The Bureau

of Statistics figures show GDP growth

growth of 1% in the three

growth of 1% in the three months to the end of September.

Economists had been expecting a

rise of.9% rise of.9% for the quarter. Joining me now to talk about

the figures is our business

editor Peter Ryan. Peter,

those early results that have come through is that

with expectations? It is much

better than expectations. 1%

in the quarter and 2.5% over

the year, that's a pretty good

result, when you compare that

to the rest of the world. Although not so long ago there

was expected to be a bit of a

stellar result. Today's result

is not so great, but it is

ahead of expectations and it shows that the Australian economy is still very strong,

albeit in a two-speed mode.

What exactly does it tell us

It tells us that the It tells us that the economy is travelling well, despite a few adjustments during the

year. Of course, remember that

the impact of the floods in

Queensland still being felt.

There's still coal mines in Queensland that haven't got back to full capacity, back to full capacity, still

partly or fully capped up with water. We have seen that government spending has been cut in the quarter by around

about 2%. That's had a bit of

an impact on growth. We've

seen that public seen that public consumption has been down around about 1.2% and that's in line with the

cautious consumer. Consumers

saving rather than spending.

Also, public investment has

been down quite noticeably.

When you take all those things into

into consideration, it is a

very strong result and it is very strong result and it is a result that other developed would give their right arm

for. Of course, we got an interest rate cut in this

country yesterday. What are

analysts likely to take from

this today in terms of where

interest rates are likely interest rates are likely to

head next year? What analysts

think is one thing, but certainly

certainly for the Reserve certainly for the Reserve Bank

they would be looking at this

and saying the economy is still

moving along very strongly,

perhaps not as strongly as they

might have thought at the

beginning of the year. What

happens here in Australia is an

isolated situation. what's going on in Europe is

the bigger concern for the

Reserve Bank which is why they

cut interest rates by 25 basis points yesterday, the

points yesterday, along with the view that inflation the view that inflation is something that they're more comfortable about. While

we're talking about interest rates, has there been any word from the four major banks? Nothing but silence this

morning from the big morning from the big four

banks. What they've been doing

is doing what they normally do in these situations, they have

the Australian Bankers

Association, which is funded Association, which is funded by

the banking industry, which at times like this becomes a public spokesperson or spokesman for the Munchenberg, who you have Munchenberg, who you have had on ABC News 24 earlier today, has been out managing expectations about whether

banks will pass on yesterday's

rate cut in full. rate cut in full. Reading

between the lines of what he's

saying, consumers, borrowers,

should not necessarily expect

that full 25 basis point cut to

be moved on, but we might have

to wait a little bit longer to

see what the big four banks really have to say. no word this morning. Is that

likely to be the strategy that

the banks might be following

right now by holding off right now by holding off they basically want to get everyone likely to be

used to the idea that the full rate rate cut is just ain't going to happen? There are other

factors as well. There's a

very big meeting happening in Brussels tomorrow our time,

Eurozone leaders, pretty much a

make or break meeting about whether they'll leave that meeting with a solution or a proposed solution to the

Eurozone debt crisis. Eurozone debt crisis. The

banks may well be looking at

that and thinking we're not until we see the outcome of

that. Because if that. Because if that meeting in Brussels ends without any outcome at outcome at all, Standard & Poors, the international ratings agency, which has

threatened to downgrade 15

Eurozone members might do that and that would put an entirely

different complexion on world affairs. Central and

commercial banks around the

world would have to be looking

very closely at their strategy

given the potential for pretty

nasty fall-out from Europe. Pressures like that on the

banks but some of the smaller

banks have passed rate cut. Is that likely rate cut. Is that likely to

put any pressure on the big

four to match them? A bit of

psychological pressure and also

banks making the most opportunity to use the PR

limelight. limelight. The Bank of

Queensland, a second tier bank,

was first out yesterday,

staying they would pass on the

rate cut in full. ME rate cut in full. ME bank was

out as well. Bank of

Queensland this morning said through their Chief through their Chief Executive Stewart Grimshaw, that they

wanted to do the right thing.

They weren't necessarily have higher funding costs, that

they weren't able to do

something this time. Each bank has to make their own individual decision. individual decision. Once again, outfits like the Bank of

Queensland making the Queensland making the most of a good PR for banks which doesn'tdom along all doesn'tdom along all that often. Thanks very much for

coming along and talking us

through that, Peter. It's been an unprecedented day of

violence in Afghanistan. For

the first time civilian worshippers there were the

targets leaving at least 58 people dead attacks, a massive explosion in

the capital Kabul and another

in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif. The Pakinstani based Sunni extremist group Lashkar e-Jhangvi al-Alami says

it launched the attacks. It is

the group's first such attacks in

in Afghanistan. A warning this story contains images that some viewers might find

disturbing. Afghan Shias in Kabul beat themselves in a traditional mourning ritual.

Then this. (Explosion). (Screaming). A massive

explosion from a suicide bomber

tears through the crowd. It is chaos. Hundreds are hurt,

dozens dead. The dying and

injured are piled up in trucks.

At a city hospital, struggle to cope with wave

after wave of victims. On after wave of victims. On the pavement outside, a

mourns for her lost son. My

heart is broken, she cries.

Desperate and in despair, more

gathered for news of missing

family and friends. This is a

day of mourning, said this man. It is an attack against humanity and attack against Islam. It was part of a

coordinate add assault against Shias. A bomb also exploded Shias. A bomb also exploded in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, but the attack was much bigger, in the

heart of the city, outside the shrine near Presidential

Palace. The people here Palace. The people here are

extremely angry. There's long been tensions Afghanistan's Sunnis and Shias but this kind of sectarian

violence on this scale is

unprecedented. In President Karzai had just

finished attending a summit on

his country's future. This is

the first time on such an important religious day in Afghanistan Afghanistan terrorism of that horrible nature is horrible nature is taking

place. We all wish the best

for those who are injured and

quick recovery and patience to

the families of those who have

lost their dear ones. Other

news now, police investigating

the deaths of a mother pan two of Perth say it may of Perth say it may take several days to determine several days to determine if all three were murdered or if

their deaths were the result of

a murder-suicide. The a murder-suicide. The bodies of of 46-year-old Heather Glendinning and Glendinning and her two daughters, 12-year-old Jayne

and 10-year-old Jessica were

found in their home by police

on Monday evening. Police have

described the scene as one of

the worst they have area

encountered with the senior officers who attended being

offered counselling.

Pathologists will start

conducting preliminary tests

this morning before the bodies are transferred

postmortem examinations. A sufrg sufrg sur viefg daughter grace

who lives in Perth with her

grand paernt s has posted a moving tribute to moving tribute to her younger

sisters on a FaceBook page.

Police are urging local Police are urging local to step

up commurt. The wife of an

Australian businessman jailed

in China says she has cancer

and fears she'll die before her

husband is released from

prison. Matthew Ng was found guilty of four charges of

bribery pan falsifying company

records. He has been given a 14.5 year sentence of which

he'll serve 13 years. The charges relate to a dispute between Mr between Mr Ng's successful online travel agency online travel agency and a

corporation owned by the Guangzhou municipal government.

He was sacrificed in a larger

game. John Lee is a research fellow from the centre for independent suss tease. The Chinese legal system controlled by the Communist Party who by the Communist Party who had a commercial

Chinese laws, there's a lot of

discretion given to prosecutors

and a judge as to what the

sentence should be. The problem really for me

the length of the sentence. The problem is that the structure of the Chinese legal system of the Chinese legal system is pretty much controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and

they obviously had they obviously had a commercial interest in the outcome of interest in the outcome of this

case. If you look at the

spinal knees legal system,

bros prosecutors are a

appointed by a panel. Judge

are appointed by The decision to actually go to

court is multily taken by a

member of the party.

Effectively when you get to court, it is not necessarily a legal issue, it is

CCP wants a guilty verdict.

One of the problems of doing

business in China is that

bribery or whatever you want to

call it an every day

occurrence. It is what you

have to do to do business in

China. Because of the laws in China, they're written so

broadly that the decision to

actually prosecute ultimately becomes

legal one. Bribery is an every

day part of life in China

unfortunately. Whether you get caught caught for it ultimately

becomes a political decision. The problem for the Australian government is this is a

provincial and municipal cal court, it is not one of court, it is not one of the courts in Beijing or Shanghai

where the Australian government

has more influence. I don't

see a very good future for

Matthew Ng, Today's top stories, the

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan

says the big four banks can

expect an angry backlash from

customers if they don't pass on the Reserve Bank's latest interest rate cut. The

Australian Bankers Association

says all banks are facing

higher funding costs oversees

and some might not cut rates in

line with the RBA's cut. Three smaller institutions have already cut their already cut their mortgage

rates. The big four are

weighing up their options. The father of a Lake Indonesia for drug says Indonesia for drug possession

says he hopes the ordeal says he hopes the ordeal searches as a warning to others travelling to Bali. The man's

14 year old son flew into Sydney on moon day after

spending two months in custody

in Indonesia on drugs charges.

He says no deal has been done

with any media network. Pathologists will start

preliminary tests to term how a

woman and her two daughters

died. The bodies of Heather

Glendinning and her two daughters were found inside

their house on Police are treating the deaths

as suspicious. A Pakinstani

based Sunni extremist group has claimed responsible for a

deadly attack on Afghanistan's

minority Shia Muslims. More

than 50 people were killed in

twin suicide bombings targeting

festivals marking the hole yes day of

day of the Shia Muslim

calendar. It raised fears to sectarian violence. British scientist are studying the ocean floor. They have ocean floor. They have created

an uns precedented map of the

seabed. A joint project between Oxford and Durham universities aims to get a better understand of the risk to the re golf of earthquakes

and tsunamis. Volcanoes erupting in the Pacific Ocean.

This was Tonga two years ago one of one of the most volatile

regions on earth. Look at this.

Next one. This is the second wave. Nearby, a tsunami sweeps

ashore on Samoa, result of an

earthquake also two years ago.

The seabed beneath the Pacific

is often violent and we don't

know much about it. A British

know much about it. A British research team went to

investigate last summer using

the latest sonar technology they built up an they built up an unprecedented

picture of the seabed and the

huge forces at work. The

research was in part of the

so-called Pacific Ring of Fire,

the fault lines and volcanoes

circling the ocean. It focused to the north of New Zealand.

Here are those volcanoes near

Tongan here's Samoa where that

tsunami struck. All highly

active with the Pacific tectonic plate moving wef wards collide

collide wtion the

Indo-Australian plate. The

researchers wanted to know what

happens when this long line of

underwater volcanoes approaches

that fault line. Each of them

is several miles high and ahead

is one of the deepest chasms on

the planet. Now for the first

time they've captured how these they fall into the abyss. The

chasm is nearly 7 miles deep.

Mt Everest would easily fit inside. The researchers inside. The researchers from the universities of Oxford and Durham say the next volcano

doesn't stand a chance. Its

ultimate fate is to be carried

down into that trench, you down into that trench, you can

see here, and carried deep down down

into the earth. It can't void that It cannot avoid it. that It cannot avoid it. Once

that one has done, there's another one in the line.

will be next. A close up image

of the volcano that's right on

the edge about to be destroyed.

Remember, this is a mountain several miles high. This is

the next sea front, the one

right on the lip, going down

into the trench. You can see

the way it is getting sliced

up, these parallel up, these parallel fractures

going in, cutting up this

immense mountain as they it were a loaf of bread. This

matters anywhere that tsunamis

could strike. The great wave

that hit Japan last March earthquake. the result of an underwater

earthquake. The more they're

understood, the better the

chance of early warning for the

next one. It was a oasis in the dessert but it's

become like a valley of death.

The Alice Springs sewage ponds

were a sanctuary for bird life

but packs of wild dogs have overrun the facility killing wildlife and ter rising people.

It is a peaceful haven for

bird enthusiasts, but roaming

packs of dogs have moved in to the once surveillance Alice Springs sewerage ponds.

It's become a dangerous place

to visit. I was chased by

four of them out of ponds. I was very lucky that I spotted

them a fairway off. But of course course they spotted me, but

they couldn't go straight

through the water. I beat a

hasty retreat. Dogs are

chasing our work vehicles. chasing There are bird watchers at

risk. We have taken the precaution to lock the precaution to lock the facility

up. For the dogs, it is up. For the dogs, it is an

easy meal. The trail of heartbreaking for the bird

watchers who took these images. A lot of birds are ground nesting species here,

particularly during their

breeding cycle it is difficult

for them because dogs are going

to catch the odd duck that are

slow. Packs of up to 6 dogs

have been roaming the ponds.

It's taken action by either

setting traps or shooting the

dogs. We're taking

appropriate control measures to

look after the problem with the

dogs to make sure that the

safety of our staff and the

public is dogs have been a problem in

this area for several years.

Power and water says the ponds

won't reopen until the dogs are under control. Alicia Barry

joins us with an update from

the markets. The pace of

economic growth has come in in

line with economists expectations in the third-quarter. Figures from the Australian Bureau of

by 1% in the three months to

September. That takes the

annual pace of growth annual pace of growth to 2.5%, which is a little ahead of analyst's predictions.

Australian dollar has reacted favourably to the growth figures. It's jumped figures. It's jumped to 102.6

US cents. There's been a

fairly muted response on the

local sharemarket. The All Ordinaries is up

Ordinaries is up three quarters of a percent sent as is the ASX

200 index. Global markets were

mixed as investors weighed up a possible downgrade

countries with hopes of a debt solution at this Friday's

summit. . The

gold is heading higher in Asian

trade. West Texas crude oil

held stead deovernight. The Australian Bankers Association

says banks are wary of customer

back lashes if they don't pass

on the Reserve Bank's interest

rate cut in full. The big four

say rates are currently

unreview but three smaller institutions have already cut their mortgage rates. The association's Chief unreview

Steven Munchenberg, says banks

are facing higher funding costs

oversees. We have to raise money from At the moment, because of the

situation in Europe, those

investors are incredibly

jittery. In fact, some of the markets in which we raise money

are effectively closed, so we

can't raise money there at the moment. When it gets difficult

to raise money overseas, banks

are Hungaryier for deposits are Hungaryier for deposits in

Australia. We pay more here.

That's what drives the true

cost of funding, Reserve Bank says, although that is an influence. that is an influence. . .

David Beckham's LA Galaxy defeated Melbourne Victory in a

penalty shoot-out in last night's friendly. The team's finished at two-all finished at two-all but an

inaccuracy gave the win to the

visitors. Victory visitors. Victory star Harry Kewell watched from the

sidelines. He was rested for

victory's crucial A-League Graham this weekend. Harry omission as the Victory walked

on to the pitch. A genuine superstar. The Galaxy's brightest star didn't have any

trouble shining on his own.

Beckenham doesn't bend Beckenham doesn't bend it like

he used to, but this one came pretty close. The Victory's Carlos Hernandez was the first

to find the back of the net.

Helped double the damage. The visitors Robbie Keane took advantage of a penalty to get

in the game before the break.

He did it again after halftime

to draw level. Both sides had

their chances but neither could

break the deadlock. It went

it looked like Melbourne would

win until this. He struck the

crossbar. Marco Rohas needs to

score. He doesn't. champions of America claimed

the Victory. It is likely to be David Beckham's last with

the Galaxy. The former England

Captain's contract is about to

expire and French side Paris St

Germain is beckoning. Still with soccer, in the European expire

Champions League Chelsea has

qualified for the knockout

phase after beating Valencia.

failed to get through despite an impressive win over Arsenal. It appeared Olympiacos would

finish second in the group but

Marseille kicked in two late goals in which the match to bump bump the Greek third. Let's take a look at

the highlights from the Chelsea

Chelsea match. Recovered his

footing. Chelsea on the right

track inside three minutes. He


Ramirez not giving up on it.

He gets his reward. Ramirez

shows his strength to get clear. In cricket, fast bowler

Mitchell Starc says healthy

competition between Australia's

quicks is a huge plus quicks is into the second test against

New Zealand starting in Hobart

on Friday. Australia is one up New

in the two test series after

its nine wicket victory in

Brisbane. Starc admits he'll

be under pressure if he's given

a chance to play in the

day or two, once I got over the

first day I was relaxed and having Peter Siddle there to

talk Jimmy and I through it was great and even Ricky and Michael Clarke. It is a

bit of a learning fro process

for young blokes to come into test cricket. A great

experience and hopefully can

push on for a few more games.

Obviously guys will comeback from injury at some point. I'm

going to be prepared to play

every game. If I don't get

picked I don't get picked. Film's picked I'm ready Film's picked I'm ready to

play. Yeah. That left arm option

have talented right arm

Powellers as well. I've got to

do the best I can and hopefully

put the performances on the

board to stay out there. . Today's

Today's sat lit image it is a cloudy day again for South-East Queensland and north-east Queensland and north-east NSW as a trooch extends from the

north into NSW. Still very

stormy amongst those clouds.

Isolated showers up over Isolated showers up over the

tropics as well. A trough from the Northern Territory the Northern Territory is

embedded with lows it gets further down towards the south-west. The low is moving to the eastern goldfields and

the mid-level distur dance is inla from the west coast.

. . Before we go, time for a

bit of Christmas cheer. Santas have been

have been gathering in London

for giving of a different sort.

The festive season started with

around 1,600 people dressed as

sand at that clause taking part

in a 6 kilometre run in a 6 kilometre run to London. Proceeds in the run go towards

funding people with

disabilities to take part in

snow sports. Stand by now the latest from the markets and more coverage of the day's top stories. Closed Captions by

This Program is Captioned Live.

Why are we waiting? The big

four's poker game on cutting bank rates. What's the

attraction? The father of the

so-called Bali Boy pleads for privacy. We

family from Lake Macquarie and

we need to get back to our

normal existence. Dozens dead,

many more injured on holy horror in Afghanistan. And news

from the deep - the titanic

struggle between huge mountains

and deep trenches in the


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