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(generated from captions) This Program is

Captioned Live. A win for ANZ

customers and Australia's

largest class action. This was one small step in the

litigation, but I want to tell

you it's one great leap for

Australian consumers. Out of

Bali, now on home soil, but the Australian teenage drug

offender. And with smoking

rates of 70%, finally the PNG Government acts. It is an rates of 70%, finally the PNG

escalating cost. Every year

it's increasing, so we need to

mitigate this. Hello and

welcome to ABC News across

Australia. I'm Ros Childs. The

week local share market had a big

week last week, up 7%, and it's

adding to that today:

More finance later in the More finance later in

bulletin. It's the beginning of

a long legal process, but

lawyers for 34,000 ANZ

customers say it's a huge step

in the right direction. A Federal Court judge has given

the go-ahead to Australia's

largest class action, ruling

that ANZ could be gouging its

customers with the size of some of its fees. of its fees. The move could

potentially cost the bank

millions and it opens the door

for customers of other banks pursue their own institutions.

Reporter Jeff Waters joins me

now from Melbourne. Jeff, what did the judge say? Well,

effectively, Ros, this

allows this big court action to

go ahead, but only on four of

the 17 points that the

customers were originally

complaining about, and those

four points all relate to

charges on late payments for

credit cards. Of course, the

customers were also wanting to

take on the bank s with over draft

draft fees and things like

that, but with the bank very

likely to challenge this

decision and with the customers

themselves to challenge it, to

have all the other points

wrapped in, then this court

case is far from over.

There will be almost

certainly appeals on the fees

that we've won on. There will

whether or not they're be proceedings to determine

extravagant. On the fees that

we've lost on, we have other

arguments. So this was one

but small step in the litigation,

great leap for Australian

been the ANZ's been consumers. And, Jeff, what has

been the ANZ's defence? Well, throughout this case, which is

now a year old or about a year

old, the ANZ has been arguing

that its fees that it charges

to its customers for late

payments, et cetera, are

reasonable and are not

exorbitant or un con shone able

as is being argued by the will soon hear from opposing legal team, but we

will soon hear from ANZ what

their next step is. And, Jeff,

are there other banks now in the firing line for similar

action? Well, the answer to that is almost certainly yes. I that is

know for a fact that the

Perth-based firm which started

this action, has a list of

scores of banks that it would

like to take on and the lawyers

here today at Maurice Blackburn said they're preparing to make

an announcement some time soon,

but they wouldn't give us any

names of which bank or bank

that they would be taking on next. Jeff, thank back in Australia, but his

ordeal isn't over yet. The 14-year-old New South Wales

schoolboy who has become known

as Bali buoy flew into Sydney

this morning. The teenager

convicted of buying marijuana

months in detention, firstly at at Kuta Beach has spent two

Denpasar Police Station and then at an immigration

detention centre. His family

have been criticised for

reportedly signing media deals

worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to tell their story.

Reporter Nick Dole joins me

from Sydney Airport. Nick, it

was a low-key welcome

home? Yes, Ros, surprisingly low-key. There was a huge

amount of media here, probably

12 television crews and

certainly more radio and newspaper photographers as

well, but it does seem that the

boy has managed to escape the

media. You would recall those

seens that we've seen in Bali.

Every time he steps out, there

has been a huge throng of media

surrounding him. Nothing like

that today. There were plenty

of people to see him arrive,

but it does appear he has been

whisked away, ierlgt through a

suppose some back or side entrance. I

asking why he has given that

served time sort of treatment, given he has

served time for drugs. You would only assume

would only assume a public

safety and convenience argument

mounted and it was better to

have him whisked away rather

than confront the media. What

about reports of a media deal. Have you any news oen that Yes,

there was reports that the boy

had signed a deal with the

out and story. Nine immediately came nooip Network to sell

out and said it wasn't true.

The boy's family said it wasn't

true and an agent working with

the family said there was no

deal. Obviously, Ros, it had

come at a terrible time,

speculation that he had signed

a massive deal with a

appearing before television network when he was

appearing before a judge would

not have been a good look. They were swiftly denied. At this

stage there is no concrete

confirmation that he has signed

a deal. You've seen the interest. You can only assume that someone will be circling

where the family is heading with a

now? Obviously the boy's

priority will be to reunite

with those family and friends.

Some of them have had a chance

to come it Bali and meet up

with him. His father has been

major source of support for him

during those court appearances,

but Le be meeting up with

family and friends and there is

already a large media presence

at his house near Morris set on

the New South Wales Central

Coast. We've seen some hessian

has been erected around the

are already preparing for media house, so family

interest. You would have to

think he would be avoiding that

area, given the huge amount of

presence there, but it appears

if we can he may indeed be returning home

if we can relie on those sorts of images. Thank you. At that

stage, Ros. The way passengers catch domestic and

international flights at Sydney

Airport is about to undergo a

radical shake-up. Sydney

Airport is planning to divide

its terminals depending on what airlines

flying. By 2019, Qantas,

Jetstar and partner airlines

will run domestic, and

international flights out of the current domestic airline.

Virgin will take over the

current international term nal. The plan will need froofl

approval. Federal Government

approve al. The Labor Party has

cleared the waa I for the Australian Government to

explore the sale of uranium to India. Opponents claim Australia guarantee India uses its

uranium for purely peaceful

purposes. But Stephen Smith says their concerns are misplaced. There are some

people in the party now who made it clear yesterday that

they didn't support the

decision in 1984 and that was essentially their starting

point, but we've been through

this before. I frankly thought

yesterday that the debate was

respectful and dignified. Yes,

there was a bit of the usual

conference repartee. We come to

expect that at a Labor Party

conference, but we have managed this decision well over a 20,

30, 40-year period in terms of

the different views within our

party. Mr Smith says supplying

uranium to India is a major strategic decision for future of the region. Iran

claims it has shot down a US military drone in the eastern part of part of the country which

borders Afghanistan. Announcing

the news on state television,

Tehrancies it was an RQ-170,

one of America's supposedly super-secret drones, although

it has aperiod Internet. The Americans it has aperiod on the Internet. The Americans have

admitted to losing control of

one over Afghanistan There are

important secrets that can be

lost either by looking at the kind of the material that it

used on the skip of a steal

think aeroplane or looking at

the kinds of shapes. It comes

at a tense time with Iran, with

reports it continues to work on

nuclear weapons. Two unexploded

World War II bombs have been

found in the River Rhine in

Germany. Half the population of

the city of Koblenz, nearly 50,000 people were evacuated as

bomb disposal experts worked to

make the area safe. Europe correspondent Emma Alberici reports. An eerie quiet

descended on Koblenz descended on Koblenz as 50,000 people fled and this normally

buzzing metropolis became a ghost town. TRANSLATION: Everything is

closed. You can't go everywhere, the cafes and

everything, but it will be

over, soon, hopefully in a good

way. What drove everyone away

can be seen just above the

water line of the River Rhine. Surrounded Surrounded by sandbags, as bomb

disposal units work to make it

safe. People went to temporary

shelters as half the city closed

closed down.

TRANSLATION: Yes, it feels a

bit strange. I left home,

closed all the windows and let

down the roller shutters. I'm hoping that everything will go

well and we can return this afternoon. A prison, seven nursing

nursing homes and two hospitals

were evacuated of the sick and

the frail taken away by ambulance. TRANSLATION:

evacuate private residences of

senior citizens unable to leave

by themselves and retirement

home this morning. One in 10

bombs dropped on Germany in

World War II failed to explode.

The latest two found in the

Rhine riverbed are the biggest

ones to be discovered since 1945

TRANSLATION: We have a British detonator which was surrounded

by water for a long time which causes a

causes a high risk when the detonator is being

removed. Last year, three bomb disposal

while defusing a device in

lower Saxony. Three other

people died during the o

construction of a stadium after a bomb was unnethed and exploded. Russia's ruling party

appears set to win

parliamentary elections but

early returns point to a significant drop in support.

Final results won't be

Final results won't be known

for several hours, but

opposition parties already say

the vote was badly tainted by

fraud, and some of Russia's

leading independent media

websites were knocked off line

on Election Day, the targets hacker attacks. Moscow correspondent Norman Hermant correspondent Norman Hermant

reports. Election Day in Moscow and the Kremlin wasn't taking any chances. Thousand ltion

soldiers were on hand to

prevent any unauthorised

opposition protest, like this

one. In Russia's big cities,

voters came and cast their ballots, even though few

believe any of this is fair. TRANSLATION: If the elections

are held unfairly and everything remains the same,

what hope is there? There were

similar sentments from the head

of the country's independent election monitor, Golos. A day before the vote,

she was detained for 12 hours

by Customs agents as she

returned to Russia. Her

organisation's Internet map,

meant to record reports of

voter fraud, was knocked off

line on Election Day, targeted along with other sites by hackers.

TRANSLATION: What has now been

done to Golos, this is a total

violation of our organisation's

right to do its

leaders also cried foul, butt

the complaints won't stop the ruling United Russia Parties

claim ing advantage. United

Russia's support slid steadily throughout the campaign. Some

say even leaders Vladimir Putin

and Dmitry Medvedev realise

that people simply won't accept another vote like this. I do

this these elections are the last elections of this kind

with the same politicians, with

the same political parties and under the same rules. The result so far, with United

Russia well in front are hardly

a surprise, but with the

Kremlin nervously watching the

economic turmoil in Europe and with

with dissatisfaction here seeming to grow by the day, for seeming to grow by the day, for

the ruling party, making sure

it won this election may have

been the easy part. In bank

bank, there have been violent

clashes between police and

striking workers. At least 8

people were injured in the

protests. Police used tear gas

on the demonstrators who angry over plans to divide the

country's capital into two administrative zones. They

claim the move is designed to

oust the city's mayor who is

backed by the opposition.

claim they had to use force to

control the crowd which began

throwing stones at a passing

bus. Well, will they or won't they? The Reserve Bank board

meets tomorrow to consider a

Christmas interest rate cut,

but economists caution the

decision is close and could go

either way. One either way. One of the factors is inflation. Is it under control or not? New

figures out today show prices

are actually going backwards.

According to a survey by TD

Securities, inflation last

month fell by o 0.1%, well

within the RBA's range of

2-3%. Fuel was off by 3.5%. The Australian retailers

Association is pleading with

the Reserve Bank to cut

interest rates to save the Christmas

association says many smaller

retailers in particular are finding sluggish spending a

threat, but some of those small businesses are fighting back,

by getting together to take on

the big shopping centres and

the Internet. It's the time of

year we take to the shops, and

for people who prefer the

suburban main drag to a

shopping centre mall, 'tis not

the season for a shopping trolley We much prefer trolley We much prefer the shopping strips to the malls.

They're a little bit

impersonal. There is a lot of restaurants, coffee shops,

to stop and have a coffee and

recuperate. But it's the health

of the shopping strips themselves that concerns Mainstreet Australia's Nicole Maslin. She is plotting a way forward,

forward, with detailed research

and lobbying. They've really

got great connections to the

local community, so it's

important you have active, vibrant main streets. Mainstreet Australia

has already taken a hard look

at Victoria's retail landscape.

Its research shows 41% of the

State's shopping revenue comes

from strips like this which, it's said, employ 13% of the total total workforce. You give up

breathing in a size 29. Tony

Christakakis runs a long-established menswear shop in Melbourne's fashionable

Chapel Street. He says any

shopkeeper with too much debt

is struggling. Discounters have

discounted each other out of

business and made themselves

more vulnerable to global

players. Then there is the

global threat of Internet shopping. Chapel Street retailers are

trying to overcome with this fancy collective website. But... They haven't gone to

that next step of being able to

purchase from that website, but

it's got to come. And if it

does come, Australian main

streets will become virtually

available to international shoppers as well. The

Australian economy is one of the best the best performing in the

world at the moment, but many

people are still finding it

hard to make ends meet, especially those with a

mortgage. Now the big banks

have launched a

touch with their banks if

they're suffering financial hardship. The 'Doing It Tough'

website is aimed at customers

who are getting behind on their home loan or other financial

products like credit cards and

personal loans. Paul cligt row

is the chairman of the

Australian Australian Government's

Financial Literacy Board and he

is a supporter of the website.

In fact, is he on it. He joins

me now in the studio. Paul cligt row, thanks for coming

in Pleasure. At what point

should people get in touch with

Tough' What we tend to find is

that money is a frightening subject and the reality is if

things get behind, we actually

tend to put our heads tend to put our heads in the sand, whether it's your sand, whether it's your

insurance, credit card or a

bank, we're encouraging people

to get in touch with their

lenders earlier than they are

at the moment. What we're

finding is that people are

leaving it too late and it make

it is ra Ellie difficult. What

point should people get in

touch? If you think you are not

going to make your next

repayment, I would encourage people

whatever lender it may be. You

don't want your lending chasing

you. Then you're really on the

back foot. I think Australia

would be quite surprised, it

in no-one's interests, - I'm

not here to depend the banks -

the bank loses, the customers

loses. Don't leave it too

late. Will people always get a

good reception from their

banks? How can the banks help

them out? That's a really fair

question. The reality is we are still way banks are handling these

issues but they are actually

getting better. One of the

problems it you may be dealing

with a daul centre and we all

know it's very difficult to get to the person you to the person you speak to. Banks, bidding societies,

credit unions are now required

to have a hardship area, so I

would be saying, "You're not

hearing me. I am suffering hearing me. I am suffering real

hardship here and l," and you

shouldn't be able trying to

resolve this with centre. If in doubt, ask for a

supervisor, talk to the banking

Ombudsman because you actually

need to get out of the call

centre and you need to be

talking to the part of the bank that will that will actually listen to your problems and help you

solve them. Let's talk details

here. What's the best a

customer can hope for? Say they can't make the next can't make the next mortgage

repayment, can they expect a

break of three months, six

months maybe? I would firstly

encourage people to - it is a

taxpayer website. I would

encourage people go to encourage people go to the

website Money Smart and do

their budget. I think you need to

to say, "I've prepared my

budget, I've thought this

through. I won't be able through. I won't be able to

make all of my next repayment."

What the banks may do in the hardship areas is maybe reduce

your interest repalts, freeze

your repayments for a while,

but it is in the banks'

interest to let consumers stay

on top of their debts. What we

need to do security get our own money

under control and when we talk

to the hardship part of the

lender, we need to be able to

accurately say, "We quantity

make this repayment because make this repayment because of

these reasons," you if you do

your budget, you will have success with the banks but you've got to be

organised. Paul cligt row,

thank you Pleasure. To some of

the other stories making news

in business - Italy has

unveiled tough new measures to

avoid bankruptcy and to weather a recession a recession forecast for next year. TRANSLATION: Italy feeling proud to be

Italy, that I it willans do not

feel laughed at, as they have

sometimes in the past. Prime Minister Mario Monti has

announced an increase in the

pension age, a hike in Val

Liu-added tax, while business hour also be extended. The

services sector, one of the

biggest parts of the Australian

economy, has contracted for the second month in a

second month in a row. The

Australian Industry Group

survey says retail, trade and the hospitality the hospitality subsectors

reported the sharpest in sales, while finance and transport recorded growth. And

another economic indicator is

flat - the number of job ads in

newspapers and on the Internet

was unchanged last month, with the trend suggesting only

modest employment growth in the

coming months. Lelt's take a check of the markets with

Nicole Chettle. How are the

banks looking after that court

decision? Banks are firming. Investors don't seem phased

about I that news in the

Federal Court that has given

the green light to a class

action against ANZ. ANZ shares

are gaining. They are aup

home lender, the Commonwealth

Bank, is ticking higher, so,

too, is Westpac and rounding

out the big four, NAB is

putting on 11 cents. How are

the airlines look the airlines look at their announcement at Sydney Airport

today? The MAp group that runs

Sydney Airport is planning to merge its international and

domestic terminals by 2019. Its

shares are up slightly and that

plan for the nation's busiest

airport is supported by the

major Airlines. Qantas stocks

are making modest gains today,

but Virgin Blue is headed the

other way, off around 1.5%. How is the broader market faring, Nicole? The miners are leeing

the market higher. Whieft haven

coal has confirmed merger talks with Aston Resources, which has

a majority stake in the malls

krk project. The news sent

Aston shares shoring soaring

and while a deal is yet to be

done, Whitehaven stocks are up

2%. The market is up for a 6th

straight session after Italy passed the austerity measures

and figures from the US found that unemployment there is index is up 23 points to 4369 and the benchmark ASX200 is

making similar gains. Let's

take a check now of the domestic market's other

movers in the ASX top 100:

European leaders are meeting

at the end on top of their debt crisis of the at

the at the close of trade last


The ABC understand a

teenager stab to death this

morning was the son of a Sydney bikie. The 16-year-old

apprentice was attacked at AMEC

annics shop at Minchin bring in

the west just before 9 o'clock.

Sources say he was a son of the

member of the Lone Wolf member of the Lone Wolf bikie

gang. Police are searching for

the attacker. Detectives are interviewing local residents

and workers as they investigate the crime scene. Soccer the crime scene. Soccer superstar David Beckham has

brightened the day for some sick kids at the Royal Children's Hospital in

Melbourne. LA Galaxy will take on Melbourne Victory tomorrow

night in a friendly. Beckham mingled with staff and

patients. He came over and

shook my hand and then he said

he liked my pyjamas and he

signed my book. Beckham's soccer skills will soccer skills will be on

display this afternoon at a

public training session Princes Park. There will be

plenty of onlookers at the

stadium. To other stories

making news around the world - 15 rare Dotterel birds rescued

from the rein nah oil spill in

New Zealand have been released

back into the wild. The birds

are an endangered species and

scientists are hoping their

release during breeding season

will boost their nms. A canister packed with explosives

has glon apart the front of a

minibus near the British

embassy in Bahrain. There has been widespread Bahrain since pro-democracy protests erupted in February. And star gazers in

Mexico have broken the record

for the greatest number of people simultaneously at the moon with telescopes.

Organisers hope the event will

generate more interest in

science and technology among

Mexican youth. The health risks of smoke having been largely ignored in Papua New Guinea but the government has been forced

to act by the overwhelming

impact of tobacco-related illnesses on the health system. It has

smoking and the selling of cigarettes, moves which are

likely to hurt the livelihoods

of thousands of people. PNG correspondent Liam Fox reports. Smoking is something

of a national pastime in PNG.

Surveys show more than 70% of

households contain at least one

smoker, and more than half the country's teenagers smoke. It

is an escalating cost. Every

year it's increasing, so we need to mitigate this. PNG's health system is already

overwhelmed by people with smoking-related illnesses. The

oncology ward at the Port

Moresby General Hospital is

largely largely empty, not because

there is no cancer patients,

but because it's run out of drugs to treat

drugs to treat them, and the

situation will only get

worse. This is not really fully

equipped to be able to cater

for the increase in

non-communicable illnesses. So

the government will soon ban

smoking in public places and

manufacturers won't be able to

make five-packs make five-packs of cigarettes. Most

controversially, it will be

illegal for street vendors to

sell individual cigarettes. But

the vendors aren't happy, selling loose smokes, as they

are known, is a major source of

income for thousands of people.

The bans will be gazetted in

the coming months. Whether the

government can enforce them

remains to be seen. Dan

Christian has been named in the Australian cricket squad to

play New Zealand in play New Zealand in the

secretary Test in Hobart this

week. He replaces fast bowler

Ben Cutting who has a side

strain. Krish fast bowler Pat

Cummins remains out of the squad after he continues his

rehabilitation after a heel injury. The Second Test starts

on Friday in Hobart. Tiger

Woods has won the

challenge in California by one shot. This putt on the last

seals the win. A W for Tiger

Woods for the first time in

more than two years.

It's great! It was a lot of

fun coming down the stretch

like that. Zak put it on me

there at 16, but the shot he

played on 14 was a joke, wasn't

it, though? I mean, he played a

hell of a shot and turned the

tide. Next thing I'm one down

playing the last couple of

holes and I hit two god putts. And Rafael Nadal has guided Spain to victory over Argentina in

Saville. The world No. 2 gave Saville. The world No. 2 gave

the hosts an unsaleable 3-1

lead in the tie with victory over Juan Martin Del Potro. It

is Spain's fifth Davis Cup

title. Before we go, more on

our top story - the ANZ has just responded to a Federal

Court decision allowing a class

action lawsuit over its fees

and charges. ANZ Chief Executive Philip Chronican

fronted the media a few minutes

fronted the media a few minutes ago. The judgment found in our favour favour that four out of the

five fee types or to put it

another way, 13 out of the 17

individual fees could not be characterised as penalties.

Only one fee type, the late

payment fees on credit cards,

were determined as capable of

being characterised as a

penalty and this now will be

examined in the main trial

which will be held next year.

We've consistently argued that while

while some of these fees may

have been unpopular, we believe

they were lawful and we're

vindicated in today's

ruling. To the weather now and

the satellite image shows the satellite image shows thick cloud along a trough over

Queensland, low cloud along New South Wales coast in cool southerly winds and cloud over

the west along another trough.

A trough in the east and humid earlies should bring showers

and storms to Queensland and storms in western New South

Wales as cool southerlies on

the New South Wales coast cause

a few showers. A high should keep Victoria and South

Australia dry. A low should

generate storms in the south of WA. Around the capitals:

Let's go back to the Stock

Exchange for a final check of the

the markets,:

And that's the news for now.

There is continuous news on ABC

News 24 and there is also news online. Our next full bulletin

on ABC1 is at 7 o'clock this

evening. I'm Ros Childs. Have a

great afternoon.

Closed Captions by CSI.