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(generated from captions) saw positive data in the US. We saw private jobs We

We saw private jobs created

more than expected in the month of October and we also saw a of

fairly bright outlook from fairly Federal Reserve's Beige Book

which paints a picture of the

economy. We know that the

central bank issue shores up confident, but the finance

ministers in Europe are about

to meet. Any idea what they're

going to be discussing and how

sort far way they may be from some

sort of deal? It is one those things that the market sort of deal? It is one of

really has hopes that European

leaders will come up with a concrete solution. We've seen

necessarily a lot of talk but we haven't

action just yet. They've been

photograph opportunities a lot action photograph opportunities a lot

of the time haven't they? You

could say that. How is the

market expected to respond here

today? Of course it necessarily altogether follow

the trend overseas. the trend overseas. Tmplts

doesn't, but markets are so

seeing the Australian market, linked at the moment. We're

the futures market point it the futures market point it a gain of around 3.2%. That's

futures markets that the biggest monthly gain on

futures markets that we've

seen. We are just a couple of

minute as way from trade

actually starting to unwind, but expected to do very well given

we saw big jumps in we saw big jumps in US financial stocks and those financial stocks in Europe as

well. We also expect

miners to do quite well today given they'll respond to those moves coming out of the China.

We're expecting broad based

gains. As we watch for the

market to unwind, I will let

market you know how we're going. It

is a staged opening as well.

It is. The stocks unkind from

A to Z as we go along. At the seeing the likes of the ANZ moment,

Bank trading, but as the Bank

numbers pop up on the screen now, I am seeing that we're up

around or close to 1%, but as

trade continues to unwind, it is likely that figure will go

up. It is left to the well whether that can be up. It is left to the seen as

sustained through the day. Are

there any domestic factors

likely to play out during the day to influence what we're going

going to see on the market

today? The market is focus on

these broad macro issues at the

moment. Any domestic issues are overshadowed by what's going on globally going on globally because, of

course, that's what people

course, that's what people are most worried about. Yes. What

are the numbers telling you

now? We're still up around

point 9% at the moment

ASX 200 index. That's about 38

points. At the moment, as I say, more stocks unwind

throughout the next 10

or so -. The big ones are yet

to come. BHP is off next to come. BHP is off next and

Rio further down. Yes, and

Telstra is right at the bottom.

It might take a while before we

get a clear picture what the market does. We'll check with

you later on. Proponents of gay marriage within the ALP are looking forward to this weekend's national conference

confident they have in Sydney. Not only are they

confident they have the numbers to change the party's gay

marriage platform, they've been

given a boost by the Queensland recognising same-sex civil

partnerships last night. The Deputy Premier's private members bill passed 47 votes to

40. The state Opposition voted against it. Queensland Labor

MPs were allowed a conscience vote. gallery was packed throughout legislation. The public

the debate and gay the debate and gay rights advocates cheered when the bill

was passed. Mr Speaker, this

bill is fundamentally about the

human rights of Queensland

citizens. But it is much more

than that. It is about the joyful business of love and that is why it has touched the hearts of so many Australians.

Why so many people believe that

the Parliaments of Australia should be dealing with this

issue, because more and more

people are prepared to talk about an issue that was swept under the carpet and as about an issue that was once

they do so, more and Australians realise that their

uncle, grandmother, the man who works in the shops, their

this circumstance. butcher, may well be someone in

Speaker, I Speaker, I believe marriage is

between a man and a woman.

(Laughter). What about those

children, those very real

children, who live in our electorates and who would now

be better off if they capacity, if their parents had the capacity to enter into a

civil union. In some respects

I believe this has become ipso facto referendum on Christian is some bigoted and uncaring religion religion. It

was interesting to see not one

piece of correspondence was

from the snram Mick point of received from the committee

view, the Buddhist point of

view, the Seek point of view,

the Hindu point of view and

they are all society that hold even stronger views in some cases than some aspects of the Christian church. Mr Christian

as a matter of conscience I cannot support the legislation,

but I do so with a struggle in my heart. To love and my heart. To love and be loved

is surely one of the most

precious of experiences.

Fortunate are all who

experience T love has nothing

morality. to do with core values and with

morality. It just is. If we

don't pass this bill tonight,

the love we're saying that the value of

partners is somehow of a lesser value than of a heterosexual

couple. Queensland voters

added to pressure on Labor to change its policy on gay marriage.

debated at marriage. The issue will be debated at the ALP National

Conference this weekend. For

more we're joined now by political correspondent Melissa

Clarke in Canberra. How is the

up over battle within the ALP shaping

up over gar March ring ahead of

this conference? It is looking

increasingly opponents of gay

marriage will be successful changing the ALP's party platform when it comes to this

issue. They've pushing to issue. They've pushing to a

change in the party platform to recognise equality when it comes to marriage heterosexual couples and

homosexual couples. They're seeking

seeking for this change to be

named this Saturday when the

ALP National Party conference

starts discussing these issues. They're trying to bring

together the numbers they together the numbers they need

to make this change. It would

involve those members of the

left of the ALP, plus around 20

votes from elsewhere in the

right. Andrew Barr, the ACT Deputy Chief openly gay MP and the person

who is going to be moving the

motion for this change at the national conference on

Saturday, is confidence he's

got the numbers. He's

confident that the left pan

enough people from the right are going to vote in support of changing the party's They changing the party's platform. They seem to be feeling that a

lot of the lobbying that has

been done over the weeks and months leading into months leading into this national conference are going

to bear fruit. If the ALP

policy is changed does that

necessarily the Greens legislation to allow gay

marriage will pass through the

Parliament? No. This is where it gets a lot more complicated.

Even if the policy of the ALP

changes, it doesn't necessarily dictate

dictate how people are going to

vote. There's a question of

whether or not there will be a conscience conscience vote granted for MPs by the party. That's something

that will be debated. that will be debated. That's something that the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has thrown her support behind. She

doesn't support changing the

ALPP's party's platform but happy with the idea of giving

MPs a conscience vote. Those

in support of gay marriage

don't want a conscience vote because effectively that because effectively that would split the votes and there's not enough for it to get through Parliament. If

we're to have a policy change

but allow a conscience vote, it

is unlikely there would be the

numbers in the numbers in the Parliament to

have a policy change, there's

still potential for the party

and the party parliamentary leadership to order a vote

against the party platform. There's certainly been questions raised whether or not the parliamentary paerment

position on things like refugee policy much with the party

platform as well. There's

quite a few variables there and

feel the proponents of gar

ridge they have the vote

stitched up for a party meet

form change, they're working form change, they're working on ensuring that ALP ministers and MPs will have to vote in

accordance with that line, but

then you also at risk at that

point the possibility that MPs

will vote by crossing the floor

to ensure this doesn't happen and some Labor backbenchers who

are against gay marriage have

indicated they are prepared to are take that step if they're

compelled to vote on this edge allegelation. Refugee policy one

allegelation. Refugee policy is one of those

jostling for space as this

weekend's conference along with

uranium. There are plenty of

stoushes to have on the floor.

Julia Gillard said she want aid

free flowing debate and debate of issues at national conference and she's going to

get it. Refugee policy has

take another step take Immigration Minister Chris Bowen proposing something of a bargaining arrangement where bargaining arrangement where he thinks that the Australia's

humanitarian intake of refugees

could be lifted from the

current level of 13,750 a year

to as much as 20,000 a which would please those on the left, but only if Australia

resumes offshore processing

under a regional under a regional arrangement

which is what the right would

like to see. We've already had

members of the left say

not enough satisfy them. They want to stick with want to stick with onshore

processing which is what the de

facto position of the oo. LP

has become since that impasse

following the High Court ruling

and a lack of passage of any

changes through Parliament.

The other issue uranium is also

one that the numbers one that the numbers certainly

haven't finished being counted

as to whether or not the ALP

would change its policy This is something that would change its policy to

This is something that even the

cabinet is divided on. It cabinet is divided on. It also going to be caught up in quite a furious debate this weekend. Speaking of contentious issues, politicians payback on the

radar again. This is one we're going to hear a lot more about politicians payback going to hear a lot more about

in the coming weeks. Before

the end of the year, the

remuneration tribunal will hand

down a review it has been doing

into the pay that politicians

get. And looking in particular at the allowances and at the allowances and some of

the extra funding that MPs get

for things like overseas study

perks they get post office. What we're expecting there will

be exchange politicians be exchange politicians giving

up some of the perk or having

them reduce forward a return for an increase in their Basal

Reece. There's a lot of

concerns that the allowances

are reported, or aren't are reported, or aren't clear they're getting value for money

and just how much MPs are

getting paid depending on what

sort of perks they get.

Secondly, also the rules are quite complicated. Ed guidelines aren't necessarily clear what politicians are entitled to and MPs on both

sides of the fence have been

they're not entitled to and forced payback. We can expect

in the next few weeks to in from the remuneration precise will you how much our MPs and political leaders are

going to get paid in the future. . Melissa Clark in

Canberra, many thanks. Let's

go back to the day's to top story again. The issue of story again. The issue of gay

marriage and its passage through Parliament in Queensland overnight. Joining

me to discuss the civil union legislation that passed in

Parliament in Queensland

Shelley ah gent. Thank Shelley ah gent. Thank you so

much for joining us on the

program. Good morning, Jeremy.

My pleasure. You were in the

chamber last night as that legislation was passed. What was going through was going through your head?

Yes. Look, it was just the

most amazing feeling. most amazing feeling. At times

I was justover welled and there were

were mother times I was in

tears. To me it was just the

culmination and success of so

many years of working many years of working advocacy

and rights for my son and it is truly

truly just an amazing thing. I'm so Queensland Labor Government for

initiating this and I would

also like to say to the LNP and

different ones who were against

this piece of legislation, you may have lost this, but it

doesn't really matter because you personally will not you personally will not be affected in any way. Christian

rights will not affected.

Nobody will be negatively

affected, but my son and those

in the gay community can only

benefit from this and I'm truly thankful. You've mentioned

your son there. Tell us how

you became involved in this cause? When my son 1995, the only right he had

Queensland was to be gay and as

a parent I just could not stand

back and let that happen to my much-loved son. I think as a

parents it is our right to

stand up and Speak Out for our children and that's children and that's just what

I've been doing since that

time. I really do believe it

is so important, it is important

important to our son to know

that he's fully supported and

it is important to the gay

community to know that there

are parents behind them and wanting the equality for As I always say, I'm the As I always say, I'm the mother

of two sons, one straight one

gay, and they're both equally

loved. They've been brought up

in exactly the same household, and lesbians and gays don't

lose their family values and

morals just because they come

out. As a parent, it doesn't

matter how much you provide for your children. It doesn't

matter what education, love,

security, finances, nothing.

We cannot buy or give our

children rights and they cannot

earn them. With it is only

their rights and I'm so thankful to the Queensland Government

Government who gave my son

extra rights last night. You

make the distinction between marriage

marriage and a civil sex partnership, a legal document. Yes. Why is document. Yes. Why is it

important for you to make that separate? Because there's a big difference. With marriage

there's the symbolism, there's the celebration of family, there's the there's the respect, there's so much. It it is how society

values a relationship is by

marriage. This is more making a de facto relationship

official. All it's doing is

giving them a piece of paper that in times of emergency that in times of emergency says

yes are you an official

It certainly doesn't say

they're married and they're not married. Did you have any

doubts the bill would doubts the bill would pass? When you do these things and

you've worked so hard for so

long, you do have your doubts

because you just never know

what the unknown can bring. I

would say roughly about 70%

sure it would pass, but I was so excited last night. I'm

happy to say I haven't slept

very much since the very much since the passing of

this legislation. The vote was not as close as expected, but

it was still fairly close. 40 voteses against. What does

that tell you about the temperature

temperature of the

temperature of the debate in the community and what the MPs

are thinking? Oh, it doesn't

tell me very much at all in

that sense. All it tells me it

is that the LNP are very is that the LNP are very closed

minded. We do know there were

quite a few that party that

would have voted in favour. The Labor

free conscience vote and as we

know four of them crossed the

floor, which was fine, but the LNP weren't given that

opportunity. I don't think it

gives a gives a true picture of the

climate at all. It just gives

you a picture of a bit of

bigotry and mean spiritedness by the Opposition. you a

now lives in Sydney. Called him him last night. Yes. What did

he have to say? I did. phoned him. It was about phoned o'clock Sydney time didn't care, and I just phoned to tell him that he now had

more rights in his home more

and I was very excited for him.

Of course, he was excited too.

Of course, it lifts the more

and gay communities's

self-esteem when they

self-esteem when they know that the Government is behind them and working to give them their

rights. Thank you for joining us on the program. My pleasure, thank you. Up to thank you. Up to 200-0000

suburb public sector are suburb public sector workers

are gone on strike in the UK to protest against changed are age bring they're being asked to contribute more to

their retirement and work

longer before they're eligible

for pensions. Philip Williams

reports. It was the biggest

walkout for a generation. Over two million teachers, health workers, workers, border protection staff, all angry with the

Government's demand that public

service pensions be cut, the

retirement age lifted. People

are saying everyone has to take

a hit. We haven't seen them mention anything about the MPs,

anything about the bankers, the ones who got us trouble. Let's all take a hit

together. I think that's what

it is. The person who aren't responsible for the crisis are

the people who are paying for.

That's not care. Most schools were closed, parents forced to make alternative arrangements.

The predicted chaos at ports

and airports at Heathrow was largely avoided as every possible worker was drafted in to take the place of the straighters. Police straighters. Police officers

taking over did a great job.

We waited virtually no time We waited virtually no time at all. No delay. It is

significantly quicker than any other time we've been. healthcare workers were out.

The Government says all of this

was avoidable. I don't want to

see any strikes. I don't want

to see schools closed. I don't

want to see problems at borders. But this Government has to make responsible

decisions. Unlike him I'm not

going to demonise, the dinner

lady, the cleaner, the nurse. People who earn in a week what the Chancellor pays for his

annual skiing holiday.

Outside, a gloomy sky to match

a grey economy, the line not tested here. But a breakaway group breakaway group of occupy London

London campaigners were evicted

from a mining company building

that they invaded in the

of town. For the bulk of the protesters, theirs was protesters, theirs was a

message pay freezes, job losses and pension cuts have and pension cuts have simply

gone too far. This level of

frustration is being repeated

throughout Europe as countries

grapple with debt and workers

pay the price. Philip Williams, ABC News,

the BBC has been forced to apologise after its Top Gear

presenter Jeremy Clarkson said he wanted

he wanted to see striking

public sector workers shot in

front of their

Clarkson made the comments on air as the two million workers

walked off the job

walked off the job after the BBC was flooded with

complaints, the broadcaster

apologised for any offence sand

says Clarkson was only trying

to make a joke. Tony Blair's former director of the communications, Alastair Campbell, has told Campbell, has told the inquiry into press standards that a

small small number of reporters had created what he created what he called a frankly putrid press. Mr

Campbell said some journalists treated victims of crime like treated victims of crime like the parents of Madeleine McCann as news commodities. Poacher

turned gamekeeper turned scourge. Alastair

the tabloid adjourn whois who

became Tony Blair's became Tony Blair's press

secretary at Downing Street.

He was friends with some

tabloid editors. He's with

Rebekah Brookes of the Sun Rebekah Brookes of the Sun and Piers Morgan of the mirror.

Now he believes some put it, in a bad place. . At

the moment we have a press I think that's become frankly

putrid. Mr Campbell criticised the obsession with celebrities,

the emphasis on impact over

accuracy, and the bullying

culture. The public he said was increasingly appalled.

The public out there are

horrified by what they've heard

in the last two weeks. Mr

Campbell talked of his time at

number 10. He said there was

evidence that the phone of

Carol Caplin, Sherry Blair's life tile adviser life tile adviser was hacked T

he derided the press he derided the press complaints commission. It had utterly failed he said. He questioned

the tax arrangements of some newspaper owners. Lord Rothermere, owner of the mail

newspapers who he claimed

resident outside the UK. Similarly, the Barclay

brothers, owners of the

Telegraph titles, and Rupert Telegraph Murdoch of News International

an American citizen. It was not unreasonable, Mr Campbell

suggested for the owners of British newspapers to be

British newspapers to be full, Then another explosive allegation against news international. Mark international. Mark Lewis is the solicitor who represents

many phone hacking victims. News international sent private investigators investigators to investigators to carry out surveillance on him, his ex-wife and his children. ex-wife

News International sought to

destroy my life and very nearly succeeded. Counsel


International offered Mr Lewis

a public apology. Let's check

the markets again now with Alicia Barry. We saw earlier a bit higher. We did,

Jeremy. It is heading much

higher than that. The Jeremy. market was pointing to a gain

of 3.2% today. That's after the action by

the action by the US Federal Reserve and five other central

banks to make it easier for

European banks to borrow US dollars and after moves by

China to cut the level of cash

that its banks have to set aside in reserve. aside trade the All Ordinaries index


is up by 2.8%, as is ASX 200 index. made across the board with the bank and the miners the

strongest performers. On Wall Street, positive US private jobs jobs data for November and bright outlook from jobs Federal Reserve's Beige jobs add to the positive global sent men. men. The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 4.2% and the

technology focused Nasdaq index

was up by the same amount. Across the and lick, Across the and lick, London's

FTSI rose by the most in almost

eight weeks, up by over 3% by the close. Germany's tax was

the strongest performer up 5%. To

price of spot gold has shot up a little and West Texas crude oil gained on hopes the central

bank action will help global growth. The Australian dollar

dollar rallied in line with

equity markets ares key equity markets ares key assets

came back in favour. It added

around 3 US cents overnights and a short time ago it was

buying 102.6 US cents, just a

little loitder this morning.

As you've heard, some of the

world's biggest central banks

have announced a program of

coordinated action designed to system. Meanwhile, Eurozone finance ministers have been

meeting in Brussels for more

talks on the debt crisis.

They've been warned time is

running out to come up with a plan to deal with plan to deal with the crisis.

We are entering the critical

period of 10 days to complete and conclude the crisis response of the European Union

and we have to continue to work on especially an on especially an two fronts,

both in order to ensure that we have the sufficiently

financial fire walls to contain

market turbulence and at the

same time, we need to further

governance. Back home now, the reinforce our

New Zealander who took on one

of Australia's highest profile

jobs has stepped down jobs has stepped down after 6

years at the head of the

Commonwealth Bank. During Commonwealth Bank. During that time, Ralph Norris has been

lauded by investors, abused by the public and attacked by

politicians. On his last day time, Ralph

at the job at the bank he

shared some of his about the economic turmoil in

Europe. If you look at the

European politicians, they just

don't seem have even able to get ahead of the curve as far as what the market respects in

regard to resolution of the European problem. If European problem. If things got really bad and you got really situation where there were

defaults and the Eurozone broke

up, I think you could see

issues that would cause

defaults which would cause credit issues internationally and and Australia would be caught in the backwash of that. I

don't think it is a far-fetched

scenario, but I think the fact

is you're starting to hear slight changes in slight changes in rhetoric coming out of Europe which may

be the first signs that the reality is that some decisiveness is going to be

brought to bear. Retail sales

data for October is due out

this morning. Market expecting

a rise of point 4%. a rise of point 4%. Jeremy, it

willing interesting to see whether the number comes whether the number comes in line with

touch bait with you later.

Thanks Alicia. To news just

in, Australian authorities have intercepted two intercepted two overcrowded

boats near Christmas Island.

The Navy stopped the first boat north-east of Christmas north-east of Christmas Island overnight. It was carrying 110 suspected asylum seekers and

four crew members. A second

boat was intercepted earlier

this morning north of Christmas

Island. Authorities say there

are 103 passengers and two crew

on board there. They're all being transferred to Christmas Island for health and checks. For a day's major sports stories Paul Kennedy. The first

Trans-Tasman test gets underway

in half an hour. It does. Looking forward Hopefully the rain is kind to

us today and just stays along

enough to get a full day's play

in. The Australian team will go in with threeden assistant

threeden assistants. The warm

up to the match will be one of those ceremonies where they those ceremonies where they get

one of the past players to hand

out baggy green caps. Usually

it is just one and a couple it is just one and a couple of

years ago it would be rare to

of them will go to James Pattinson and also Pattinson and also David Warner, the dynamo at the top

of the order, and of the order, and also Mitchell

Starc. The Australians Starc. The Australians are

really punt ing intheir youth

because injuries have been a

problem in the last few weeks.

Some old footage to remind us New Zealand has won at New Zealand has won at the

Gabba although it was back in

the 80s when Richard Hadley was

taking 15 out of the 20

wickets. We'll wait to see how the Australians shape up

against New Zealand. It is start of Michael Clarke has been in the

job as captain for a couple of

tours, South Africa and Sri

Lanka before that, it is the

first time we see him captain ing intests in Australia.

looking forward to it. So am

I. Danny Green, another disappointing

disappointing night for him.

He's 38. Has he got any more

left to give? I don't left to give? I don't think so, unless he would be so, unless he would be fighting on for

on for another payday, depends

whether he needs the money. That's usually

That's usually what it comes

down to. In the very tough

sport of booking, he's fought well up to this point and he

was quite good last night using

all his experience and guile

and his nice long jab that he

has, but eventually his opponent was able to knock him

out in the 11th round. That

was an undignified end to

perhaps his career, but is

there any other end in boxing.

A very few fighters go through

undefeated and it is just a

reminder of what a tough sport it

it is. Let's hear from the two combatants. fight. Danny is very, very

tough guy, very fast, too fast

for me but Translation. My punches most prompt. That's the game

imin. I took on the best cruiserweight in the world and cruiserweight in the I was one and half rounds from

the fairytale I had to get my arse kicked last night. I know

one thing when I'm retired I've

gone out on my shield. I've

given all I've got. I did given all I've got. I did that

tonight. I would have liked to have gone on no matter what about the referee has to do his

job. We were talking about that

term going out on my shield. It mentioned by It mentioned by Joe Frazer in the thriller in Manila the thriller in Manila where of course one of the most brutal

fights of all time when

Mohammed Ali was able to beat

Joe Frazer in one of their matches and he said Danny Green echoing the champion there Mohammed

of course it remains to be seen

whether he'll punch on. Let's

hope he goes out on that

note. Paul many thanks for update with sport. Thank

you. Let's get a check up of

the day's weather forecast.

It is officially the first day of summer. How is it looking?

It is Jeremy. In Melbourne

this morning you can say it was

a quite a cold start F we have

a look at what's happening,

there's a big traf still over the the

the the eastern said of the

country. It is making its way

off the coast, but still causing severe weather throughout Queensland throughout Queensland and

north-east NSW. Also a frontal system moving through the south-east, that's what's brought the to the south-east. It is

sending warm winds into Perth

and that south-western region.

We also have this trough. Over the next few days it will create

create quite a create quite a few storms especially about the torn

tropics. What's the outlook for the next day and the day

ahead? We can expect this

trough to continue to

strengthen. This will be our

main feature. We can expect

pretty heavy rain across the

northern parts of the country and throughout eastern Queensland while we wait for

this to move off the coast.

Good news is much clearer conditions throughout NSW. Hunter region has also had

record spring falls as well

particularly with the rain

we've seen over the past week

or so. That's what we're look at at the moment this at at the moment this region

will be isn't o concentrating

over the next few days. Around the

Marvellous. Thanks, Vanessa.

Thank you. You're watching

News 24 this morning. The Queensland Parliament has passed laws recognising same-sex civil partnerships.

Labor MPs were allowed a conscience vote, and most,

including the Premier Anna Bligh, supported the conscience

legislation. The final vote

wasn't as narrow as you expected,

expected, with a margin of 47

to 40. The days before a debate on gay marriage at the Labor Party's marriage at the Labor Party's national

Australian stock market has

opened more than 2.5% higher

after six central

launched a program aimed to

prevent a global credit crunch.

The European central bank, US

federal re serve and their counterparts in Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Switzerland, Canada, Britain,

will make it cheaper to borrow US dollars. The Australian dollar

dollar is also stronger, buying

more than 102 US

is expelling all Iranian

diplomats in retaliation for yesterday's attack on its