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Live. This morning - heat

waves, drought and infectious disease. Scientist Tim Flannery

outlines a grim climate

prediction for Australia. It is important that we do say there

are problems here and we go on

and deal with them.

Also today - Britain warns of serious consequences after its serious

embassy in Iran was

ransacked. We have made clear to the Iranian to the Iranian government that they must take they must take immediate steps

to ensure the safety of UK compound with immediate effect. personnel and to secure the personnel

Michael Jackson's Conrad Murray found guilty Conrad Murray found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. You're with ABC News You're with ABC News 24. I'm

Jeremy Fernandez. Let's begin

with a check of today's weather


The local share market trading lower despite gains on The local share market is

offshore markets. trading lower despite gains on

The latest report from trading

climate commission has warned

of the dire health consequences of failing to address global

warming. The critical decade

report says climate change is

one of the most serious one of the most serious threats

to the health of Australians in

the future. The chief of the climate commission, Tim

Flannery, and several report's authors spoke in detail about their findings at a news conference earlier this morning. The report we think morning. The report we think is a particularly important one.

This is it here. It outlines a

number of potential future

impacts on human health in

Australia as a result of

climate change. Among the key findings are an increased vulnerability to heat stress, particularly among those from low socioeconomic groups, very

young people, very old people

and those who work outside. We

spread of infectious diseases,

such as dengue fever, and a wide variety of impacts, including those on mental

health as well. Australians'

health, which is on the whole

very good, nonetheless rests on

us having clean air, clean

water, access to good food and

a tolerable range of climate to

as the climate warms up and live in and what we're seeing

there are other climatic changes happening that many, impacts will flow from those. In recent decades,

temperature has risen, heat

waves in Australia have become

more severe, causing hospitalizations, suffering more severe, causing more

deaths, worldwide evidence hospitalizations, suffering and

actually suggests that weather

disasters are beginning to

increase in severity around the

world and in this country

means particularly fires and

floods. These are likely to

become increasing sources of injury, death, grief and depression in Australia. Rising temperature also effects quality of our air. This

presents a risk to our lungs,

to our heart, to our blood vessels

vessels and many diseases, as Tim vessels and many infectious

already mentioned, diseases, as Tim Flannery as

sensitive to temperature already mentioned, are

sensitive to temperature and

humidity and we anticipate for example that food borne diarrhoeal diseases,

gastroenteritis will increase as

as temperatures warm, we also anticipate that infections, months anticipate that mosquito-borne

being sensitive to climate humidity, that the diseases being sensitive to climate and

such as dengue fever, currently largely confined within QLD will tend to spread further south. That

health ending that press the Professor of population

conference from the climate commission. The Treasurer Wayne

Swan is promoting the return to

surplus forecast for the next financial year. The Coalition

maintains it won't happen while

Labor is in Government. For more details we cross live to Melissa Clarke in Canberra. The Treasurer's been defending the

surplus and the commentators Government's plan to return

critics and cartoonists are

having a field day with this one. They certainly are. There's been plenty of

criticism of Wayne Swan's

latest Budget effort. They're

dividend and by bringing saying by having an efficiency

forward some payments forward some payments and

deferring others, it is shuffling around money shuffling around money rather

than a serious tackling of the

budget to ensure a surplus can

be brought about. The figures

are there, the Government forecasting it can get a are there, the Government is forecasting

surplus, albeit a slim one, in

self imposed deadline of the next financial 12

2012/13. The Federal Treasurer

Wayne Swan has been out defending that this morning. spoke defending that this morning. We Breakfast's Fran Kelly this morning and justifying the

deferrals in spending in order deferrals in spending in

to change the shape of the

budget in future years, saying

it is a legitimate process in

terms of shaping the finances for

for the years ahead. Been some forwards and that is entirely deferrals and some bring

normal in any budget process. When it

infrastructure of $1.4 billion, acceleration of investment and

I am proud of that because that

is important. Things are still

relatively weak in what is called the called the non- residential con

fruks sector. We did have the

capacity to accelerate some projects so we brought them forward. That is important.

What we also brought forward as

well was a prepayment in terms of flood money to QLD, entirely of

legitimate. The Treasurer Wayne

Swan speaking on ABC radio

national this morning. The

Opposition is unconvinced by

the Government.

morning Tony Abbott a moment

ago saying he'd be falling over

with surprise with Wayne Swan

would return the budget to

surplus next financial

there is some scept tichl of

their budget approach as their budget approach as well? calling Indeed. The Coalition are

calling for a return to

surplus. They suggested they

could have gotten to surplus quicker than

quicker than the Government quicker than the Government but criticised the means by way criticised the means by way in

which the Labor has outlined which the Labor has outlined to

get there. They have nominated

themselves in terms of budget

savings and measures they

track to get to surplus but

there has been more there has been more lost

revenue since then. They won't release

release their economic policies to closer to election time because they don't want them

stolen by the Government but it doesn't help them doesn't help them prosecute

their case that they continue believe

believe the Government is going about achieving a surplus in the right way. That is the message the Opposition is

continuing to push today. Tony

Abbott is saying that the budget surplus that has budget surplus that has been

forecast is microscopic and you

could bearly see it. Tony he was speaking to the media in Brisbane a little earlier today. There are relatively

modest savings in modest savings in government and relatively big savings that

are going to come out of the

pockets of a forgotten families

of Australia. Two-thirds of

next year's forecast surplus is

going to come out of the

pockets of forgotten families

through baby bonus cuts and

private health insurance

Tony Abbott speaking in Brisbane a little earlier this

morning. The proof is always in

the pudding. This time next year we will know whether or

not they are going to reach not they are going to reach the surplus. Thanks Melissa Clarke

in Canberra. Let's go back

overseas. Iranian protesters

have stormed the British

embassy in Tehran burning the mission's flag and ransacking

the offices. It started during a student protest against British sanctions. Phillip

Williams reports from

London. This was supposed to be

a simple protest against a

British Government blamed for increasing tensions between the

two countries but it soon got

out of hand as some climbed the wall and got inside the compound. As embassy staff escaped out the back, escaped out the back, out the

front windows were being smashed, documents destroyed. Protesters attacked with whatever they could lay their

hands on, even a satellite dish

was ripped out. TRANSLATION:

The British should go where the

Americans went, pack up their

things from the spy den and

go. Fires were also lit,

trying to regain control but it

took several hours. All of this comes after tensions were ratcheted up with the UK's ban

on dealing with Iranian banks over Tehran's over Tehran's suspected nuclear weapons program. And in retaliation, Iran's parliament

voted to expel the British

ambassador. The UK Government

has expressed outrage and

warned its citizens in Iran to

stay indoors and keep a low

profile. We have made clear to

the Iranian government that they must take immediate steps to ensure the safety of UK

personnel. To ensure that property taken from the embassy compounds

compounds is returned and to

secure the compound secure the compound with immediate effect. The Iranian authorities have expressed

regret for the attacks, a regret for the attacks, a new

low in a fractured relationship

with the west that shows no signs of improvement. In eastern Afghanistan a NATO

outpost has been attacked by

insurgents, some of whom from across the border in Pakistan. The incident

Pakistan. The incident has atded to the tension between NATO in killing of 24 Pakistani

soldiers last week in a NATO-led air strike. In NATO-led air strike. In the skies above Afghanistan's most

eastern edge, a delivery to a remote American base. The air drop lands right on

drop lands right on target,

outside combat outpost Marga,

5km from the Pakistan border.

But as Afghan and US soldiers go out to retrieve the supplies, insurgents in the

hills nearby are

watching. Suddenly the base is under attack. We have heard

the siren that there is more indirect fire. You have indirect fire. You have just heard another explosion near

the base. That is the third we

have heard this day. That strike landed just outside strike landed just outside the

perimeter walls, some of the shelling was coming from insurgents across the border

inside Pakistan. 1108. Charlie company 228

were quick to respond. Fire! explained the origin of the attacks. It seems like they're coming

coming from east. They coming from east. They are, that is exactly which way we

expect them to fire from

because it is the quickest way

out of the area once they have

fired their rounds and then

they leave. With each

shelling, the insurgents were

narrowing their aim and getting closer

closer to their target. closer to their As the fall, F16 fighters were called

in. Heavy artillery was fired hitting positions a few hitting positions a few hundred metres inside Pakistan,

bringing the attack to bringing the attack to an end.

No-one on the base was injured. This is a border under

strain like never before No-one

for the insurgents who move

freely across it, it hardly

seems to exist. 40 independent observers have declared there was no fraud

declared there was no fraud in Egypt's first vote since the fall

fall of Hosni Mubarak. Day two

for a democratically elected assembly has wrapped up. After

all the questions and doubts, Egyptians have voted in their

millions. Queues even on day

two of the first post two of the first post Mubarak

elections and for many real

optimism. TRANSLATION: This is a first fair election, nobody is pressuring anyone else. is pressuring anyone else. They give you the list of candidates and you We're and you choose. TRANSLATION:

We're in a period of change in

Egypt. We're able to give Egypt. We're able to give our

opinion now. This is the first time I time I have voted. While international observers say

there have been no major human rights violations. At many

polling stations you can see huge banners right outside the polling polling station. That and the fact there are dozens of activists leafletting mean

there have been complaints that

the rules have been broken but, in

in general, the feeling is that

the violations have been minor and there's certainly been and there's certainly been none of the unrest many predicted. In the run up to the elections more than 40 elections more than 40 people

were killed by the security forces. That led to protest in Tahrir Square, the

symbolic heart of the

revolution. Some of revolution. Some of the

activists camping out here did

not vote, they say the elections should have been delayed. First of all, I have

to put the killers in code to put the killers in code to fulfil justice and then I

elect. Others are angry that

even after the vote, the Supreme Council of the Armed

Forces, or SCAF will hold ultimate power. I will not be

expressing the revolution full

of old regime members and we will be controlled will be controlled by SCAF, no decision and we will be taken

against SCAF. Some people against SCAF. Some people are predicting a power struggle

between the politicians and the

generals but for now millions

of Egyptians are just feeling a renewed sense of national

pride. Back home, two pride. Back home, two bodies have been found in Melbourne's bayside. Police are investigating whether they're

the bodies of two night. James Bennett has more.

Last night police were asked

to begin searching for to begin searching for two kayakers who left Sandringham yacht club at

around 8.30 last night - sorry,

that is when the search commenced. Yesterday, on Port Phillip

Phillip Bay conditions Phillip Bay conditions were

blustery, there was a strong northerly wind and where we northerly wind and where we are now, down at Carrum, is quite now, down at Carrum, is quite a way south, probably some 40km

south of the yacht club. Police have located

two bodies. There is one two bodies. There is one just

to the north of the Patterson

River mouth behind me and another one also at Seaford. They haven't, at Seaford. They haven't, at this stage, identified those two

bodies as being those of the two kayakers and there is no

word on whether or not any

kayaks or any other kayaks or any other personal effects have been located that

would confirm the identities of

those two kayakers but at this

stage it is certainly not looking looking good. Police now say they're confident the two

bodies found on the Mornington

Peninsula are indeed those of

the two kayakers. Two people have boon killed in a crash west of Maryborough in southern QLD this morning. Police say the single engine aircraft crashed into a field

opposite the Mundubbera airport and burst into flames about

7.30 am local time. Several fire

fire crews are responding to a grass fire that started as grass fire that started as a result of the explosion. An

83-year-old woman has become

the 11th victim of Hill nursing home fire in

Sydney's north-west. Police say

the woman died yesterday in the burns unit of a burns unit of a Sydney

hospital. She was one of dozens

of residents who were being

treated after a fire

through the nursing home 12

days ago. Three elderly

residents died in the blaze,

eight more have died since. A

35-year-old man who was working

at the home is currently at the home is currently before the courts on eight murder

charges and police say more

charges may be laid. Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad

Murray's been handed the

maximum four-year sentence maximum four-year sentence for the singer. Murray the singer. Murray sat emotionless throughout much of

his sentencing. We were trying

to look at his face and think about what might have

going through his mind. There

have been tears before from the

doctor during the trial but none visible today. Certainly

the defence portrayed him as a

broken man, as they tried to argue against this jail time.

One of the things I should add,

the judge was amazed about and

audiotape that we played on the

program, those awful sounds of Michael Jackson, a drugged

Michael Jackson. He said he couldn't believe that the

doctor had recorded doctor had recorded that on his

phone. He said he kept thinking

"Why on earth would a doctor do

that to a patient when he was

at his most vulnerable" and all

he could think was perhaps to

sell it later if the two went

their separate ways or if

Michael Jackson hadn't died

there was a way to use money

from the audiotape. The judge

was absolutely - there was no

doubt about what way was going to go with this

decision. For more than a decision. For more than a week the Leveson inquiry into

standards in the British media has been hearing evidence from

a host of celebrities about their treatment at the

the tabloids. The the tabloids. The inquiry's

entered a new phase with members of the press facing questions. Paul McMullen who worked at the 'News of the questions. Paul World' for seven years told the hearing that peoples' voice

males were routinely hacked and

the paper's editors knew the paper's editors knew all

about it. He worked for the about 'News of the World' for seven

features editor. He's Paul

McMullen and at the Leveson

inquiry he became the person inquiry he became the first person with direct knowledge,

to say under oath that the paper's editors knew that

hacking was taking place. He

was asked first what he knew

about phone hacking. How common

was voice mail interception by

journalists at the 'News of the

World'? Not uncommon. These

journalists swapped numbers

with each other. You might

swap, I think I Silvester stall loan's mother for David Beckham, for example. At this point, lord justice Leveson told him he need not incriminate himself. The cross-examination turned to what editors knew. Did your what editors knew. Did your

editors know that voice males were being intercepted? Yes.

We did all these things for our

editors, for Rebecca Brooks editors, for Rebecca Brooks and Andy

the World'. Both have the World'. Both have denied knowing about phone hacking. Mr

McMullen was furious that the

official police inquiry had ignored ignored their alleged part

all this. Rebecca Brooks and

Andy Coulson are the scum of journalism to try and drop me

and all these people in there

and how dare they throw us to the wolves and run off scot-free. One other disclosure

he said a body guard to

princess Diana had once asked for about her movements. The tab loits

loits were more interested in getting away with it than

telling the truth and a

'Guardian' journalist said he

no longer trusted the press to

regulate itself. Taiwan's fisheries authority has moved

to put an end to the

controversial practice of shark

Finning. Come 2012, catching sharks

sharks purely for their finance

will be outlawed, wut

conservation groups argue the push needs to go push needs to go further. Soon

illegal in Taiwan. It is the

first Asian nation to ban shark

Finning, where sharks are

caught and their finance cut off before they're thrown back into the water to die. The

market price for the shark finance makes the

finance makes the practice attractive. They fetch up to $700 US a kilo. Regulation is

set to come into force in the new year won't stop people watching sharks but will

watching sharks but will stop the mutilated animals being

thrown back to save space on the the boats. TRANSLATION: If we make use of sharks in a man

that are is effective and beneficial, it can be

beneficial for the humans and environment. Several environment. Several reports

have trialled the new finance a

attached policy and fishermen say it is working

well. TRANSLATION: Every part

is used here. In the end it

will all end up on the table of the consumer. It is reasonable

to catch fewer sharks to

protect the species but we

don't catch them only for their finance. Conservationist groups

say fishermen did just that to between 40-70

globally. These groups want to

ban fishing for endangered

sharks species altogether. What Taiwan really needs to do, it needs to stop catching sharks

and you're threatened with

extinction and any other species it needs a precautionary limit on the

numbers that can be caught that ensure the survival of those species. They have Taiwan's species. They have applauded

Taiwan's move as a step in the

right direction, to stop the

ocean's hunters being themselves themselves hunted to extinction. An abattoir extinction. An abattoir in

Victoria has been shut down

after inspectors reported what they describe they describe as appalling incidence of animal incidence of animal crueltiy. The abattoirs owners and the

customers say the decision was

made too quickly and some local

farmers say they are the ones

who will suffer. A warning this story contains story contains disturbing pictures. Farmers have been

sending their stock to the LE

Giles abattoir in Gippsland for 60 years. That bankrupt halt after this video

surfaced. If it is happening in

this abattoir then we can't be

sure it is not happening

elsewhere. It shows animals

being stunned in the eye and

ear and being beaten to death

with a sledgehammer while one

pig took more than four minutes

to stop moving after having its

throat cut. After seeing the

footage the meat producing regulator regulator PrimeSafe immediately

shut the facility down and

launched an investigation. It has formally cancelled the owner's operating licence. We

ever always tried to do the right

right thing. We don't

seen the footage, it is pretty horrific. You couldn't deny

that. The owners say they wished

wished they had been given a

chance to change the way their facility was facility was operating. They're

a third generation abattoirs and

and one strike against them and one strike against them and they have just closed it

off. The abattoir employs around 30 people but many in Gippsland

Gippsland say its closure will

have a great effect on the wider community. Michael and

Bronwyn Cowan are one of the

abattoir's 100 clients. They

fund their rare pig breeding number of animals for

slaughter. It only worked

because we had an abattoir so close by. They believe close by. They believe the

regulator's decision was too

rash. What is now happening to the humans involved from the

outflow from this closure of

the abattoirs to me is just as cruel. PrimeSafe says it would

ever been unacceptable to allow

the facility to keep operating. Alicia Barry joins us now

with an update from the

markets. P sh The local share market is trading lower despite positive

offshore leads. The All Ordinaries index is down two

tenths of a percent.

Shares in American Airlines parent company slumped 85%

after the firm filed for bankruptcy protection. American

Airlines says fuel costs and a labour dispute, as well as a

fragile US economy forced it to file The airline is a Qantas partner

in the one world alliance. It

says tickets will be honoured

but it may reduce its schedule slightly. James Murdoch been reelected as chairman of

British broadcaster BSkyB at

the company's annual general

meeting in London. Protesters had been calling for him to

resign over the phone hacking

scandal. Mr Murdoch has denied

he knew the extent of the phone hacking at the the World' newspaper. Back home and the grocery whole sailer met cash met cash has recorded a fall in

its first half result. They

made $94.4 million to the end

of October. That is down on the same time a year ago.

Shareholders will receive an

int Tim dividend of 11.5 int Tim dividend of 11.5 cents

fully franked. With a look at

the major sports stories of the

day here's Paul Kennedy. The

sport headlines and the young

pace Mentha are in the

Australian squad are vying for those last couple of spots in yesterday. Putting their best

yesterday. foot forward in the nets in

front of the selectors, that is

all they can do and one of them

will be made 12th man but Australia looks fired up. Injury-depleted but with the youngsters ready to go. Wayne

Bennett has taken control of

the Newcastle Knights. He was shaking hands at training

yesterday and went through the media conference as he feels media conference as he feels he

must do of course as the new

face of that team. face of that team. He's taken over at Nathan invitation. He will ever all

the resources but he's warned a premiership is not a foregone conclusion just because he did it

it at the Broncos and the Dragons. Alberto Contador has indicated he might ride at indicated he might ride at the London Olympics next year. He's

hoping to get through this

appeal firstly where London appeal firstly where the Court

of Arbitration is probably not

going to hand down a going to hand down a ruling

until 2012. He's preparing with his team there and next year he hopes to ride the Tour de

France and then kick on to the

London Olympics where he feels he'll

see whether he rides at all

after that finding is handed down. Let's go to rugby. Overnight we know that the British lions tour was

announced a couple of days ago.

There will be Test matches in

2013 in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and they will also

play matches, the touring team, play matches, the touring team, which will be very indeed, which will be very strong indeed, against all of the

super rugby teams, and Robbie

Deans is already looking forward to it and he's

preparing his team to play

Wales on the weekend but with

year for rugby with the touring

Lions team. Here's Lions team. Here's Robbie

Deans. It is a rare experience. The distinction, we have just come off

people love about a World Cup

is the fact it only happens

once every four years, the fact

there is an awful lot of

uncertainty and you get both of

those elements with the Lions

tour but the other element you get

get is the cumulative effect of

anticipation. Three Test series

and the opportunity to see how your local players get against an international side. Those are elements that Those are elements that have

been lost to the game in been lost to the game in some

ways as Andy alluded to ways as Andy alluded to with professionalism. The Australian

public, they will be public, excited about what is coming,

as are the playing group. REPORTER: You have talked

talked about the exciting

players you have and the brand

of rugby. Will your team of rugby. Will your team be

fully matured by then? We have

to be. The Wallabies will take on Wales on Sunday morning Sunday time. Steve Williams,

the star Welshman will play his final Test ever. Let's final Test ever. Let's check the the latest weather with Vanessa O'Hanlon. Today's satellite

image has a massive cloud over the south-east, associated the south-east, associated with

a frontal system. A cloudy day

over NSW and southern QLD along

a trough and both a trough and both are generating rain and potentially

severe storms. Ahead of the

trough hot girl winds in NSW

and sequence land ahead of a

cold front in the south-east

pushing in colder winds. A high

pressure system bringing warmer

weather to WA and clear skies

to SA. Showers in and along the coast in and along the coast in QLD.

Storms over the channel country and southern interior. They

will be heavy at times. Strong northerly

northerly winds in NSW ahead of

a cool girl change. Showers and

storms across most of the State, especially

State, especially in the north-east. Rain across Victoria, showers following

over the southern and mountain districts. A change with possible late know falls about the southern falls about the southern peaks. Snow in Tasmania. Snow in Tasmania. Thundery showers in the and a cool day ahead. Isolated

showers and storms showers and storms in

north-eastern SA. A warm day

for WA but it will be windy for WA but it will be windy for

parts of the

parts of the south-west. Our top stories this morning

- Australians are being warned

their health will be seriously affected unless rapid action is taken

taken to mitigate climate change. A climate their

report out today says injury,

disease and death will increase with climate change. It

predicts some infectious

diseases like dengue fever and malaria will spread further

south. The report's authors say their findings should not be ignored. The fire that tore

through a nursing home through a nursing home in Sydney's north-west earlier

this month has claimed its 11th

Vic. An 83-year-old woman who was rescued from the Quakers

Hill nursing home nearly a fortnight ago died in hospital yesterday. 35-year-old Roger

Dean who was a nurse at the

facility is in custody charged

with eight counts of murder. Police haven't ruled out laying further charges. The US President Barack

President Barack Obama has

added to the international

condemnation of attacks on

British embassy buildings

the Iranian capital Tehran. Hundreds of angry students

threw petrol bombs at windows

and ransacked offices burning

the British flag. the British flag. Iran's foreign ministry described the incident incident as regrettable while Britain has talked of Britain has talked of serious

consequences. Mr Obama says

Iran must take action. The

doctor convicted of the involuntary

involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson has been given

a 4-year prison sentence.

Conrad Murray has found Conrad Murray has found guilty

earlier in the month after a

six-week trial. In sentencing

had practised horrible medicine which resulted in the musician's death. The latest

report from the climate commission has warned of dire health consequences to address global warming. The

report titled the critical

decade has noted some key

findings. It said Australia is getting hotter leading to increased heat-related deaths and disease, including heat

stroke, kid knee failure and heart attack. It says extreme weather events such as heat

waves, heavy hail storms, bushfires injury

and kill people. The rrp and kill people. The rrp says as north-eastern Australia the

months kit yo that months kit yo that spreads diseases like dengue fever projected to move south putting

more people at risk. There are

implications for mental health.

The report says extreme The report says extreme weather

can cause social can cause social dislocation

and problems including post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety. Meanwhile the United Nations

report says climate change and poor farming practices are security. The findings suggest

that vital food producing

systems may be unable to meet human needs beyond 2050. With the world's population set to

reach 20 billion in 2050 the UN

is concerned there won't be

enough food no feed ever one.

They estimate farmers will need

to boost production by 70% to

stave off world hunger. A new

report suggests there may not

be enough land or resources to make

report tells us that the land

and water resources needed and water resources needed to you support you support agricultural production... The scarcity of land and water is also

significant in production in many regions of the world. Overfarming, soil erosion, water degradation and

loss of biodiversity have

contributed to the scarcity of food supplies

climate change is exacerbating the problem. Despite the

evidence food security has been a neglected topic in change a neglected topic in climate agriculture is not high enough

on the agenda of the climate change negotiations. So in future it is absolutely necessary to bring food

security higher on the agenda of the climate change negotiations. The UN says

farmers could also be the key to turning the food crisis around. Farmers can around. Farmers can contribute

to a solution, provided we have

the right we have enough investment in sustainable ation culture then

the farmers can produce more

and generate income and they

can mitigate climate change

adapt to climate change. The

UN says the world's water needs

will also be threatened unless

more efficient irrigation

systems are introduced soon.

The PM's sharing the first

meeting of the Government's

manufacturing round table this

morning at Parliament The group was convened after

last month's jobs forum to

consider the challenges facing

the manufacturing sector. Our

job here today is to focus on the jobs of Australians so we have got

have got work to do focusing on

Australian jobs. We know Australian jobs. We know our

manufacturing sector is a

diverse sector and there are some days of pressure on manufacturing as a result manufacturing as a result of our high Australian dollar our high Australian dollar but

I am very determined as PM that

we work with our manufacturing sector to ensure that we come

through these days of pressure, that we have a diverse

manufacturing sector, that we take with us into the future of this nation. The work we're

going to do around this table focusing on manufacturing,

focusing on Australian jobs is very important to the nation's

future. We come together at a time where the Government has

been strongly focused on

manufacturing and engaged manufacturing and engaged in

working with each of you in

of bringing everybody together

is to make sure we understand

your up to the minute insights

as to what is happening in

manufacturing and to make sure

that we are, throughout all of

the instrumenttalities and

agencies of Government working

as hard as we can together on

manufacturing. This is a manufacturing. This is a moment

to roll the sleeves up of Government, business, unions

working together for the future

of Australian jobs of Australian jobs in manufacturing. there

the moment, we need to the moment, we need to remind

ourselves that these are days

of opportunity and the future

has great opportunities for Australian manufacturing. We, Australian manufacturing. We,

as a government are working

hard on Australia's role in

this, the Asian century, where

our nation will get our nation will get new opportunities as we see the

growth in Asia and particularly

the growth of the middle class

in Asia. More than a billion

people who will want the kind of things that we want

will include he laboratorily-transformed will fractured goods. It will include

include the best of Australian

fashion, it will include a lot of things that people of things that people around this table make today and many things that we will innovate

and make tomorrow. These are days of opportunity too. The PM

speaking at the start of that manufacturing round table at

Parliament House this morning. Police say they're

confident two bodies found

south-west of Melbourne are

those of missing two men left a nearby yacht

club in kayaks around 8.30

yesterday morning. They are yet

to be identified. Police scaled

back the search after the second discovery earlier today.

We had a number of assets out

during the night and

intensified that early this

morning until around about quarter to 8 this morning and

when we recovered both of the

missing men. One in the

Bonbeach area and one a short

distance off fairly confident they're the

people we're looking for people we're looking for and

have scaled down the search.

The conditions yesterday The conditions yesterday were quite rough conditions for Port Phillip Bay, the Phillip Bay, the winds swung

around to the south-west during

the course of the night and this morning. The conditions

are rough at the moment. Tim Hansen from Victoria

Police. Two people have Police. Two people have been killed in a plane crash west of

Maryborough in southern Maryborough in southern QLD

this morning. Police say the single-engine aircraft crashed into a field opposite the

Mundubbera aircraft and burst into flames around 7.30 am.

Several fire crews were called

to put out a grass fire caused

by the explosion. Ron Medich has told a Sydney inquiry he didn't know the former NSW minister Ian

MacDonald was going to ever sex

with a prostitute in a hotel.

It is The inquiry has already

heard in 2009 Mr MacDonald was

rewarded with sexual favours

for arranging meetings between Mr Mr Medich and energy company executives. Yesterday, Mr Medich's business associate Mr

Lucky Gattellari gave evidence.

He told the inquiry Ron Medich

asked him to organise a

selection of prostitutes to

meet at a Leichhardt restaurant

in Sydney so the in Sydney so the former

minister could pick one. He

also said Mr MacDonald also said Mr MacDonald chose one of the prostitutes called

Tiffany. Ron Medich and Lucky

Gattellari are both charged

over the killing of businessman

Michael McGurk. The UK has warned of serious for Iran after students stormed

the British embassy in Tehran.

The angry group burned British

flags and pelted the building with petrol bombs and with petrol bombs and stones.

It follows the breakdown in

ties between Iran and the

UK. Anger at the British Government that these Government that

university students could no

longer control. They climbed

the embassy walls, broke doors and destroyed pictures of

British royalty. disperse the crowd Theoklitos

remained defiant. TRANSLATION:

We're here to say anyone who is

not honest with Iran, this is their fate. What the UK's done

to Iran is the fault of those

who let the Brits into Iran and

this should be a lesson to

them. They should be aware this

is the will of the Iranian

youth and students and we yield to any pressure.

TRANSLATION: We want to show

to the entire world to the entire world our hatred

for the British and American governments like we did 30

years ago when we closed the US embassy. Today

embassy. Today this embassy must be closed too. TRANSLATION: We're here to close the British embassy

forever as this place is like

the US embassy, a centre for

spying and should be shut down.

Holding a sign that says

"Israel and Britain are

guarding the UK" the protesters

refuse to lever. And they

eventually place the replace

the British flag with an Iranian

Iranian one. While students

fought with police, the embassy

inside was he havingated.

While Iran continues to While Iran continues to have

ties with Britain, it is not

clear for how much longer that

will continue after will continue after today's events. On Sunday parliament

voted to downgrade ties with

Britain after a new round of

sanctions was passed in the UK targeting Iran's chemical and banking sector.

Despite the hostile tone towards Britain the foreign minister has called the demonstrators' regrettable. Pakistan will boycott major talks and

wrapping up its protest against

a NATO led air strike that killed 24 soldiers. The relationship between Pakistan

and the US are under and the US are under strain

even after apologies from NATO

in the US. The decision not to attend - Pakistan weekend air striem on the Afghan border violated its sovereignty

sovereignty and a mandate of

international forces in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan. Court-appointed Afghanistan. Court-appointed psychiatrists have psychiatrists have concluded nor way's self-confessed mass

killer is insane. The killer is insane. The two psychiatrists who interviewed Anders Behring Breivik say he's suffering from suffering from paranoid

schizophrenia and was in a

psychotic state during and

after the attacks. He killed 77

people in a bomb attack in Oslo

people in a bomb attack in Oslo

and in a shooting spree in and in a shooting spree in a

youth camp. He will be sent to

a psychiatric ward rather than prison if the court accepts the report. A ludge in Los Angeles

has sentenced Michael Jackson's

doctor to the maximum sentence

of four years. Conrad Murray

had been found guilty of

involuntary manslaughter for

giving the singer a lethal giving the singer a lethal dose of the anaesthetic propofol.

The judge said Murray had

engaged in a pattern of deceit

and lies. A lawyer for the Jackson family said they

weren't seeking river yeng but

wanted a stiff sentence as a

warning to other doctors. This when he handed down when he handed down Murray's sentence. The court has

determined that the appropriate

term is the high term of four

years imprisonment. I do so because, once again, I because, once again, I find that Dr Murray abandoned his

patient who was trusting him,

his patient was vulnerable under those circumstances,

having been administered potentially potentially dangerous drugs by his medical provider. Dr

Murray's course of conduct

extended over a period of time.

Dr Murray repeatedly lied, Dr Murray repeatedly lied, engaged in disseatful

misconduct and endeavoured to cover uphis cover uphis transgressions. He

violated the trust of the

medical community of his

colleagues, and of his patient and he has absolutely no sense

of remorse, absolutely no sense

of fault and is and dangerous. A stone-faced

Conrad Murray listening to the sentencing from judge Michael Pastor. The sawn and Chinese

military have held joint

exercises in the central

Chinese province of Sichuan.

The disaster relief operation

was based on a post was based on a post earthquake rescue in a fictitious country.

The exercise comes just two

weeks after Australia greater military cooperation with the United States.

Australia network correspondent Huey Fern Tay reports from

Sichuan. This is what some of these these young Chinese soldiers

did three years ago in the aftermath of the devastating

Sichuan earthquake that killed

around 70,000 people. This is

not a re-enact ment. It is a disaster disaster relief exercise

between Australia and China in

a base very near the ep a base very near the ep I centre. The mock rescue

operation was set in a

fictitious third country and

had been planned since January. In an Asia Pacific

region where natural disasters

are an all too are an all too common occurrence, our two countries

are now better placed to

coordinate our responses should

we be called upon to work side-by-side to provide

humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in future. 15 members of the Australian Defence Defence Force emergency Defence Force emergency team

and around 20 from the peoples

liberation army took part. The

ADF says only some specialist medical equipment were brought from Australia. The from Australia. The exercise

actually do planning in an

actual natural disaster

event. China has always

mobilised its army in times of natural disaster. The Chinese deployed around 150,000 deployed around 150,000 troops

to Sichuan in 2008. They say

their response back then was a

success but there was success but be learned. TRANSLATION: During

this exercise we gained inspiration inspiration in terms inspiration

assessing the extent of the destruction, coordinating destruction, coordinating with the country in need, procedures and

process. The exercise comes just a fortnight after China expressed reservations about

the permanent stationing of US troops on Australian soil. Both countries have plans to countries have plans to hold more joint military activities

over the next 24 over the next 24 months, including one in Australia next year. Huey Fern Tay ABC year. Huey Fern Tay ABC news Sichuan.

Our top stories this morning

- Australians are being - Australians are being told their health will suffer unless

rapid action is taken to mitigate climate change. A new

report from the climate

commission predicts an increase

in injury, illness and disease

relating to climate change and extreme weather fire that tore through a nursing home in Sydney's

north-west earlier this month

has claimed its 11th Vic. has claimed its 11th Vic. An

83-year-old woman rescued from

the Quakers Hill nursing home fire fire died in yesterday. Iran's Government is

being urged by world leaders to

take action against the people who who attacked Britain's compound

in Iran. They vanitised

buildings and burnt the British flag. Showers and storms for Sydney and Canberra. and Adelaide a possible shower....

Thailand's flood waters still

lap around the streets of lap around the streets of

capital Bangkok but there is worse than mud and rubbish lurking in the waters. A lurking in the waters. A team

from the fisheries department

has been tasked rogue crocodiles as they start looking for food in locals' back

back yards. The hunt is on but

the pray is both elusive the pray is both elusive and

dangerous. The flood waters on

the outskirts of Bangkok

the outskirts of Bangkok have become home to crocodiles, escapees from many farms where they're bred for their meat they're bred for their meat and

skins. These men are the skins. These men are the ones

charged with keeping them in check, trekking and them. TRANSLATION: check, trekking and trapping them. TRANSLATION: We checked, there

there is a possibility of a

tree report about people seeing

a crocodile. Our team rushed to

this place. We have examined the backyard and found grove

and swamp. This kind of place

is difficult to lay a fishing

net and hunt the net and hunt the crocodile. TRANSLATION: When a crocodile

is looking for food it will

there is enough for it to

survive. Once I saw a footprint in

in this place and I knew it was

a crocodile that the witnesses

had seen. This year's record

monsoon rains allowed many

crocodiles to make a bid for freedom but probably not freedom but probably not quite

as many as locals claim to have seen. TRANSLATION: Last night

the dogs were barking and the dogs were barking and I realised it crocodile because I have seen

one over there. I was so

one over there. I was so scared and couldn't walk out to go to

the toilet. Since the floods

began in July, the fisheries

department has captured 10 the reptiles whichever the reptiles whichever found

their way into back yards and

public spaces in Bangkok's

northern suburbs. But with the fear of crocodiles now

widespread their job has become as much about putting people's minds

minds at rest as the thrill of the chase. The west season getting under has prompted authorities to

raise concerns about gas hub protesters who were leave protesters who were refusing to leave their bush camps. The

protesters say the emergency

plans are ready with the first cyclone forecast for before

Christmas. It may not be the

best place to spend the wet

season but the protesters are

determined to stay. I'm getting

a warning, 24, 48 hour warning

that there is a cyclone

approaching Broome, off the

coast, this structure can be

removed very or three hours work with a

handful of people. For six months they have been camping

on the road to James on the road to James price

point to try and prevent Woodside Woodside and the State Government from building a $30

billion gas plant. Authorities fear

fear there could be danger fear there could be danger in the coming cyclone season. There were 42 people

there, including children. I

don't think that is a safe

thing to do and I am concerned

that that puts their lives at risk

risk if and when a cyclone crosses the coast because they

cannot get out. I am cannot get out. I am really

concerned about their It is not only the risk of themselves,

themselves, it is also the risk

of the volunteers or emergency

services who may have services who may have to attend. The protesters are

confident of their

plans. We have actually been

doing ongoing planning for the

cyclone season. It is happening

every week. We're doing clean-up and down sizing... The cyclone threat has raised questions about why the

champers have been allowed to stay for so long. The department of State development

has confirmed it is illegal to

live on vacant crown land. It

is being looked at across the they will examine their options in the event that the

protesters choose to remain out

there. The first cyclone of the

season is forecast to form

before Christmas. It before Christmas. It say

dream that could turn Tasmania

into a golfing mecca. into a golfing mecca. Following

the successes of courses in the

State's north, developers are

now looking south. The Seven Mile Beach golf preserve is the brain child of the professional

golfer Matthew Goggin. It is

profile support. It has been a pine plantation for more than

80 years and more recently it has been mind for sand. Now,

some very different plans are being put being put forward for this slice of crown land east slice of crown land east of Hobart. This could be the best

piece of property in the world to have a golf to have a golf course. Matthew

Goggin grew up playing golf

nearby and as long thought the area

area would be ideal for a golf

course. As the years have gone

by and I have got older and

more experienced I was waiting

for this to happen and I thought I'd have a thought I'd have a try. He's

teamed up with course designer

and Mike Clayton and Geoff Ogilvy. It feels like pine

valley in New Jersey which is the universally accepted best golf course in the world. It

really has that feel about it. Clayton's already had

success in Tasmania with his

involvement in the world renowned barn booing yell dunes. He his designing this course poses

course poses a bigger

challenge. Here it is challenge. Here it is bigger,

broader and wider and there is

more space and more land. It is

much more difficult to figure out where to put the golf government course. The Tasmanian

government has given the

developers a two-year window to

develop a master plan. They have need to convince groups

the process is worth pursuing

and then will need to buy the land from the land from the Government. The cost is yet to be determined

but the Government is keen to see the development see the development go

ahead. We know that the golf tourism is driving a whole

range of jobs in the north of

the State and we want to spread

that across the whole state. The project is expected

to cost up to $15 million and

could be ready by 2015. Sports news and Sports news and first to

cricket - the veteran batsman

Michael Hussey says Australia's senior senior players have a big senior players have a big role

to play in the first Test

against New Zealand starting in Brisbane tomorrow. Australia

could reveal its 12th man today with paceman

with paceman Ben Cutting, with paceman Ben Cutting, James Pattinson and Mitchell Starc

fighting for two spots. debutantes. I just think it is

an exciting opportunity an exciting opportunity for the younger guys. It younger guys. It is

disappointing to have quite a few injuries to key players but to

to see the new guys coming around the team. They are

excited and are chomping at excited and are chomping at the

bit to get an opportunity to

wear the baggy green. It lifts

the whole group. I think it is

very exciting. It will create

so much interest and a lot of

people will watch to see how

these new guys go and see how

the older guys go as well. It will be an rugby and the 2013 British and

Lions tour was named yesterday.

The Lions will play six games

and three Test matches against the Wallabies in Brisbane on

June 22, Melbourne on June 29

and Robbie Deans is preparing

to get his team to play Wales

on the weekend. Alberto

Contador Contador is planning to complete in the London Olympics and neeks year's Tour de

France. The Spanish cyclist

against a drugs suspension. His

hearing ended last week but no final decision is expected

until early next year. Contador

joined his team-mates for media presentation as part of

the Saxobank's 29-man squad for

next season. Time time for an

update of the weather forecast.

Today's satellite image has a

massive cloud over the

south-east. This is associated

with a frontal system. A cloudy

along a trough and both are generating rain and generating rain and potentially

severe storms. Ahead of the

trough, hot gusty northerly

winds ahead of a cooler

southerly change. The cold

front in the south-east pushing in colder winds and a high

pressure system bringing pressure system bringing warmer

weather to WA and clear skies to

to SA.

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disasters in a critical decade

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sources of injury, death, grief and depression. Dancing in and depression. Dancing in the street, as Michael street, as Michael Jackson's

doctor gets four years jail. He

engaged in this money for

medicine madness that is medicine madness that is simply not going to be tolerated by

me. Echoes of 1979 as students

storm the British embassy in

Tehran. Clearly, there will be other further other further and serious consequences. And, there was phone hacking and editors knew