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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Protestors converge on

Cairo's Tahrir Square once

again demanding an end to

Egypt's military rule.

The east coast of Australia

hit by flooding while in hit by flooding while in the

west fire fighters remain on alert

alert following devastating

bushfires. New Zealanders

tipped to return Prime Minister John Key with an increased

majority when they go to the

polls today. And Australian

he won't be intimidated by the

big names chasing his

Good morning, you're watching big names chasing his lead.

ABC News 24, I'm Andrew

Geoghegan. Thanks for your company. A quick look at the


police and A truce between Egyptian

police and up to protestor s in Cairo's Tahrir

Square is holding for the Square is holding for the time

being. 36 people have died in

clashes in the capital over the

past week along with 5 fatalities else some live pictures from fatalities else wrr. Just take

where it's now 1:00 in the some live pictures from Cairo

morning, tens of thousands of people enter the Square

overnight for a protest called Friday of Last were angry Friday of Last Chance. They

were angry but peaceful

demanding the military relinquish power to a civilian government ahead of elections

due Monday. Earlier the taker prime minister who military appointed a new

formerly served under President Hosni Mubarak. The move was ridiculed by the protestors in

Tahrir Square who say

choice of the 78-year-old Kamal

al-Ganzuri represents a continuation of the old

continuation of the old guard.

In Cairo people also rallied

peacefully showing their

support for the support for the military government. A deadline for

Syria to accept an observer

mission from the Arab League or faced sanction has passed without a response from

Syria to stop its crackdown on

activists which the urn - says has left more than 3,500 activists which the urn - UN

people dead over the last

people dead over the last 8 months. BBC got into the country. This report comes from

Homs the scene of the worst

violence of the

uprising. Syria's border with

Lebanon. These men are taking

in guns to support a in guns to support a growing

insurgency. The area is mined

and full of Syrian

patrols. Hours earlier a and full of Syrian smuggler was captured here.

Each man carries two or three kalashnikovs

kalashnikovs for the fighters inside.

inside. Our guides are not paid

smugglers but supporters of the revolution. "The regime's had

he says. "We've been starving us under siege for 40 years,"

for 40 years." Into Homs. The

Syrian army is all around. They

will probably shoot if spot us. will probably shoot if they

(Gunfire) (Gunfire) The suburb of Baba Amra. The people are hemmed in by the security forces. Fear is suffocating. But the

suffocating. But the fire power suffocating. But the fire

is no longer all on one side.

These are the men of the Free

Syria Army. They don't exactly

hold this area, they just hope to slow to slow up the security forces.

was Syrian Government Almost from the beginning it

propaganda that armed groups or

armed gangs, as they were called, were supporting

protestors being shot opposition. Now after months of

protestors being shot down in the streets that myth of an

armed insurgency has become


More joy - join in More joy - join in every

running into Baba Amro another defection. Soldiers are day. A gun battle signals

running into Baba Amro and

fired on by their fired on by their former

comrades. 5 made it out, a

sixth did not. "We heard him

screaming," he says. "We couldn't go back. There were too many troops chasing us."

too many troops chasing us." shoot unarmed protestors. fled after being ordered to Another explains that

shoot unarmed protestors. "We

are all one people, one blood,

we can't just kill them." The

rebels believe they can win if

there's help from outside.They

want a no-fly zone over Syria. Back home the

Back home the NSW State Emergency Service is closely

Rivers watching the Gwydir and Namoi

worst of off several properties. The

worst of the rain is expected

to begin clearing this

afternoon but the flooding

won't ease for some time. Acting Commissioner Acting Commissioner Steve

Pearce joins us on the phone. Steven Pearce how many communities have been affect fwid flood

north-western NSW? We fwid flood waters in

north-western NSW? We have

Ashford and major flooding up around the

communities which SES crews Ashford and Palamalawal

have been deployed in and is

monitoring closely. We've got some major are in major flood,

particularly the gi dar - Gwydir river. deployed there and air

support. What warnings are you deployed there and air

giving Torres dents in the area

there? Obviously the major

warning is please, under no

circumstances enter flooded

drive through flooded roadways. cause weas, waterways or try to

At the moment we've had 11

separate flood rescues around the State with the State with two currently active,

active, one in Bathurst and

active, one in Bathurst and gun

dar. If they do require SES assistance assistance the number to ring

is 132 500. If sit a life-threatening emergency they

must ring 000. We did

that the rain is expected to

clear this afternoon, in terms

of the flooding itself any idea

of how long that will go on

for? Well particularly up

around the north-west of the


flood waters do tend to lie

around for some time. We're

expecting this to last for a

few days around currently we

have 570-odd requests for

assistance that we've attended with still more surging in

today as daylight breaks and

people get a full understanding

of what the impact has been on their properties. SES crews

will be busy for the next will be busy for the next few

days and in that neck of the

woods they have major

woods they have major road

closures with the Gwydir and

the Newell Highways both closed

from Moree to is some significant impact up

there in communities and traffic. Thanks very much. Residents asked by the Margaret Margaret River bushfires in WA are waiting anxiously are waiting anxiously to find

out when they will be allowed

back into their homes. More than 100 fire fighters than 100 fire fighters battled the blaze

the blaze overnight. Strengthening containment Strengthening containment lines by burning pockets by burning pockets of

surrounding bushland. About 40 properties have been properties have been destroyed.

This was a bus trip no-one

wanted to be on. These residents were taken to fire zone to see the blackened

shells that were once their

homes. I don't know, it's just a shell really, that's it.

Shell. Napalm, Vietnam, there's

just no vegetation in

just no vegetation in certain areas. You look out areas. You look out it's just

sand and dead trees. Hundreds

of residents gathered at a

community meeting to come to

terms with 48 hours that claimed more than 35 claimed more than 35 homes. But we all know to the bottom and we need to

find out what happened in

regard to this event that's certainly shook the community to

to its knees. While the Department of

remains under pressure over the controlled burn that sparked

the blaze, it was reminding

locals how much worse it could

have been. But what they did do

was save 370 and that was the message. (Applause)

message. (Applause) Police are expected to remove some evacuation

evacuation notices and allow residents back into homes. But for others still homes. But for others still in

the line of the fire it's going

to be a longer wait. to be a longer wait. Conditions

have improved with winds easing

and while the fire's now

largely contained it's still

not under control. The not under control. The fire zone won't

zone won't be safe for some

time but authorities are hoping

to gradually move residents

back in to the homes standing. The Environment Minister is struggling Minister is struggling to

explain how his department got a controlled burn so wrong conceded he was ultimate ly responsible. The buck does with me unfortunately. So it's

my responsibility and it will

be my responsibility that we do

a proper review and if we can improve

improve the process we

will. The State Government has

already started investigating

whether it's liable for damages if the Department is found to

have been responsible for the blaze. An Australian convicted of drug charges in

Bali is likely to be on a plane

back home in just over a week.

The 14-year-old from NSW has

been sentenced to two months in

jail and fined an amount equivalent to just

With time already spent in

custody taken into account it's

expected he will be released

early and then deported. The

prosecution had asked for prosecution had asked for a

much longer sentence but the

judge said he was im pressed by

the boy's remorse. New Zealand

voters go to the poll today.

Prime Minister John Key appears

on track for victory with polls set to increase its vote and if the turn out is good in the turn out is good in a country

country where voting is not compulsory

may win enough seats to govern within its own right. I earlier to Antony Green is

Auckland and asked him what the key issues have been during the campaign. To some extent it's

all been about John Key. He

seemed to have governed well

for 3 years, he's dealt well with a number of crises, with a number of crises, such as the earthquake, the Pike

River disaster, the global

financial crisis. He's a very personalable man. He seems to be extremely popular be extremely popular as prime minister. The issues that come

up are asset sales, the

Government's proposing Government's proposing to sell off a off a number of State-owned assets like the assets like the electricity corporations. The Labor Party

is flatly opposed to that,

that's been the big issue that's been the big issue Labor

has been hammering. There's the

has been hammering. There's the

issue with the brain drain to Australia. There's difference

in the income levels from New

Zealand and Australia and New

Zealand seems to have suffer from people who occupation and well trained can

go to Australia and get a

higher salary and this causes a

constant problem and is one of the

the reasons why New Zealand

always worries about its top level of tax. But at the other

end of the income scale will

there are ongoing problems with poverty

poverty particularly in the

Maori prop laitions and dealing with the two ends of the scale

are a constant are a constant battle. Those

are the issues that have dominated the campaign plus the overall popularity of the government. Lurking in government. Lurking in the background is figure Winston Peters of figure Winston Peters of the New Zealand First party. Is he likely to

likely to feature in this at

all as far as a all as far as a potential player? Well at the last

election his party New Zealand

First fell short of the 5% threshold you need to get into

parliament and for the first time since the 1970s Winston Peters

Peters wasn't in politics. He's a highly controversial figure. He's served in governments of both Labor and National governments and been sacked.

He's the constant source of political rabble rouser, highly

rabble rouser, highly

charismatic and has a big appeal to older New appeal to older New Zealanders

who like the old certainties of

the Muldoon era and there's a strong chance he will get in.

And if he gets in one of the

problems with John Key is he's

vowed not to deal with Winston

Peters. If Winston Peters is in

the parliament John Key will

have a problem if have a problem if Nationals fall short of majority.

fall short of majority. Well Federal Parliament has risen

for 2011 bringing to an for 2011 bringing to an end a year of heated political times personal debate. The Gillard Government has finished

the year with one more vote on

the floor of the house thanks to

to the decision by to the decision by former

speaker Harry Jenkins to vacate

his post. And while it can tick

off some legislative wins off some legislative wins other

issues remain unresolved. I'm

joined by our joined by our political

reporter Julie Doyle in Canberra to look back over

Canberra to look back over the past parliamentary year. So,

Julie, it has been a rather

tumultuous year in federal

politics, but I guess you can

say one issue in particular has

tone for 2011 saying that she

wanted this year to be the year

of delivery and decision. Now

talking about delivery she was

talking about major projects such as the national such as the national broadband

network but as far as decision went there was one thing she

went there was one thing she

was talking about and that was putting a price son carbon. Now in February the Prime Minister

held a press conference flanked

by the Greens and the Independents to announce a plan

to start with a fixed price

to start with a fixed price on carbon and then to move to an

emissions trading scheme and

that kicked off one divisive debate. If you put a

price on something then people

will use less of it. At the moment it is free

moment it is free to emit

carbon pollution. If

carbon pollution. If we price carbon pollution then carbon pollution then people

will find ways of emitting less

of it because they won't of it because they won't want

to pay the price. Utter betrayal of the Australian people. If the Australian people could not trust the

Prime Minister on this they

can't trust her on She made

She made a the Australian people before

the election. Now Tony Abbott ran a constant campaign throughout the year throughout the year against the carbon tax travelling around

the country, visiting sites, attending community rallies and

protests and as we heard there

a big focus of his campaign was the Prime Minister's integrity

and looking back on that

promise she made before the

election that there would be no

carbon tax under a Gillard Government. But Tony Abbott

Government. But Tony Abbott did

get in to a little bit of trouble at one of trouble at one of those rallies

he attended and that was one

outside Parliament back in March March where he stood up and addressed the crowd in front addressed the crowd in front of

some banners and placards that

said some unsavoury things about the Prime Minister. Despite that long and hard-fought campaign by the

Opposition and the fact that a

lot of the polls said that Tony

Abbott does have the community on side on this one, the carbon tax legislation

tax legislation did go through the House of the House of Representatives back in October, much to

delight of the Government MPs

that were in the chamber at the

time, and then it went through the Senate earlier this the Senate earlier this month. So it has gone

Parliament and we will have a carbon tax and the carbon tax and the associated

compensation starting in July

next year but we haven't heard

the end of it from the

Opposition. Tony Abbott is still vowing to repeal the tax

if the Coalition wins office at the

the next election. The

Government obviously has a

fairly broad agenda, does it

feel as though it's achieved

many of its goals this

year? Well when Julia Gillard

replaced Kevin Rudd she talked about 3 issues that she wanted

to resolve and that was the

carbon tax that we've talked about,

about, the mining tax

asylum seeker policy. Now, the

mining tax has also now gone through

Representatives just this week

and that went through after the deal

deal was renegotiated with the

big miners and also some last-minute deals

cross bench to get it through.

Now it will go to the Senate

next year but it will get through there with the support

of the Greens. Now the other issue asylum seekers, now that's a different story. We saw back in July the Government

announced the asylum seeker

swap deal with Malaysia but then what followed that was a

High Court challenge and in

August the High Court handed down

down its that deal with Malaysia was

invalid and that it couldn't go

ahead and that was much to the

disappointment of the Immigration Minister Bowen. Let's make no about it. Today's decision by

the High Court is a profoundly disappointing disappointing one. Disappointing to the Disappointing to the Government, disappointing to me. So Julie, now that we've seen

seen Harry Jenkins

seen Harry Jenkins resign his post it's given the Government

an extra buffer in the Lower House, are we likely to see the issue issue of asylum seekers hit the agenda first thing early next

year? Is it going to try and

push through that Malaysia

solution once again? Well, I don't think

issue is going to carry on and as you mentioned the as you mentioned the Government

did try to bring in some

legislation to get around the

High Court ruling to ensure

that offshore process ing could

that offshore process ing could

go ahead but the Opposition

couldn't support it in the

lower house and the Greens wouldn't support it in the

Senate. So Senate. So nothing's changed

there. So it still wouldn't get

through the Senate even if through the Senate even if the

Government had another go at

trying to get it Lower house. So I kont think

they will go down that they will go down that path

again and we saw Chris Bowen announce yesterday what's going

to happen now is in effect onshore processing.

announced the start of bridging

visas to be issue

visas to be issue ed. The first group of 27 asylum seekers so

they can live in the community while their claims are processed and the Immigration

Minister expects around 100 of

those bridging visas to be

issued each month. That's where the focus is heading at the

moment. This issue of border protection and asylum seeker Labor Party conference Labor Party conference at the end of next week in

It's going to be a hotly debated this one, amongst the

party delegates and other

issues that will come up that

will carry on through that conference, gay marriage, Prime Minister has talked Prime Minister has talked about

allowing a conscience vote on

that issue but some within the

party from the left faction think that that's not good enough. They actually want a

change to the party platform change to the party platform so

that will come up. Also Labor Party reform itself and the

issue of uranium sales issue of uranium sales to

India. So, Andrew, as you've mentioned it's been a

tumultuous year in politics and

tumultuous year in politics and

very turbulent and we've seen

past few days as well. But I think we've got a few more

twists and turns, you'd have to

say, before we get to Christmas. I guess so. Julie

Doyle in Canberra, thanks very much. Thank you. Today is the

6th and final day of the Danish royal's official trip

downunder. Princess Mary and

Prince Frederik will end their tour in Melbourne after

yesterday's flying visit to the outback. A

outback. A flying royal visit

to the royal flying doctors

service. Princess Mary spent

just 2 hours at the mining town of Broken Hill in

far west NSW. But the local

children still found time to

perform their version of an

Aussie favourite. The Crown

Princess then sat down to lunch

prepared by TAFE students. On

prepared by TAFE students. On

the menu was kangaroo. It was the menu was kangaroo. It was a whistle stop visit while the

Prince spent time in western

Victoria checking out the local

wind farms. After yesterday's

flying visit to Broken Hill today's schedule

several charity events, a lunch to promote cyber bullying

awareness and a gala dinner.

Tomorrow the royals will begin

their private holiday family in

family in Hobart. Time for

sport with Tulsen Tollett and

he may be world number 1 but

Novak Djokovic not having much

luck at the final event of the

year? No, he hasn't had much

luck in the ATP tour finals.

The world number 1 Novak Djokovic

Djokovic has been knocked Djokovic has been knocked out

prior to the semifinal stage in London. The

by com patriot Janko Tipsarevic but could have still gone

through if Ferrer beat Berdych but that failed to materialise.

The match started according to

plan for Djokovic who has won plan for Djokovic who has won 3 majors and 5 mafters tietles

this year as well as claiming the number one title. Djokovic

lost his last tie to David

Ferrer and won the first set but Janko Tipsarevic struck back to

back to win the second and third over his compatriot in four attempts. While Berdych came

back from 2 sets down to win

against Ferrer and against Ferrer and send himself through to the last 4 while Ferrer for his part had already

qualified. The Australian

cricket team has been decimated ahead of

ahead of the 2-Test ahead of the 2-Test series against New Zealand starting

next week. No less than 5

players have been ruled out through injury. Shane Watson, Patrick Cummins,

Patrick Cummins, Ryan Harris, Mitchell Johnson and Shaun Marsh are all unavailable with

new coach Mickey Arthur set new coach Mickey Arthur set to name replacements today when

announces the squad. Australia

A will start at 4/187 on day 3

of the tour match with New Zealand in Brisbane. Zealand in Brisbane. The home

side trails by 236 runs opener Ed Cowan unbeaten on 60 and wicket-keeper Matthew Wade

not out 10. David Juan - Warner made 65 ahead of

made 65 ahead of a possible

Test call up. The West Indies

lead India by lead India by 189 runs heading

into the final day of the third

test in Mumbai. The visitors will resume their second

innings at 2/81 later today.

India was dismissed its first innings yesterday

with Sachin Tendulkar just

missing out on his 100th

international Test century. He

was caught for 94. Pakistan have

have defeat ed Sri Lanka by 5

wickets in their Twenty/20

match. The Pakistan bowling

attack restricted Sri Lanka to

141 within 20 overs and achieved the target with 3

balls to spare. The Pakistanis

timed their run chase just

right scoring the victory in the one-off match in Abu

aubt - - albeit with a slice

of luck for the winning runs.

of luck for the winning runs. It ended in stalemate at

Hindmarsh Stadium last night.

Adelaide United drew 0-0 with

the Jets and Ian Ramsey had a great chance to put the Reds

ased - ahead in the second half

but wasn't able to crack the

Jet's defence. Adelaide was

reduced to 10 men when

reduced to 10 men when Nigel Bogart received his second

yellow card. I reckon he's getting the off. A second yellow of course,

it's poor discipline from Nigel

Bogart. The Jets simply couldn't capitalise on their

advantage as both teams left with a point each.

Fraser holds the lead heading into day 3 of the Australian

PGA championship at Coolum. He

carded a 7-under second round

of 65 to be 11-under overall and

and 2 shots clear of the nearest challenger American

Bubba Watson after having

career saving neck surgy

earlier this year Fraser had a bogey-free round which 7 birdies but the shot of the

day was from John Senden who

aced the par 3 Adam Scott could have been

better off had he not visited

the water with Jason Day a further stroke

further stroke adrift. Looks

like my game every weekend.

Rugby uninon-now and Australia

will play their first fixture since the World Cup when since the World Cup when they take on the Barbarians tomorrow

morning. They will can cap

pained by David Pocock. The Barbarians

the past 2 years. We've got a good record against the

barbarians but over the last barbarians but over the last 2 years

years they've knocked off two

of the best teams in the world and I'm sure they're looking and I'm sure they're looking to continue that record against

us. I think it will make for an exciting game and one I'm excited by. Australia have excited by. Australia have been

forced into a late change into

their starting line up with

Dave Denis replacing Benn

McCalman. The Australians will

move to Cardiff to face Wales next

next weekend. In motor sport Lewis Hamilton has set the

fastest time in a fastest time in a second

practice ahead of the

season-ending bra - season-ending bra - Brazilion ian grand prix. He came ahead

of Sebastien Vettel and Mark

Webber who was fast nest the opening session. The Melbourne

Tigers have suffered defeet in their first

their first match post the

Paddy Mills. The Kings took

advantage to post a 9-point win

in Melbourne. A Kings player now turned

broadcaster thought it would be

a sensational idea to bust a

few moves before the match but

the game to life on the court.

Guard Ben Madgen leading the

way with 26 points. They

overturned a half time lead to

overturned a half time lead to score the win that lifts them

5th on the ladder. While in the WNBL there were wins for WNBL there were wins for the

AIS, Logan and Adelaide. Taking a look satellite image. Extensive cloud over Queensland

is forming along a trough, cloud

cloud from a low pressure system covers Victoria and

Tasmania. There's also thick cloud over the Top

cloud over the Top End. Around

the States now, and in

Queensland light rain and

isolated thunderstorms will

weaken over the south-east interior today. There will be

showers and storms over the

tropics and the east coast. NSW

will see rain and possible thunder over the east thunder over the east gradually

contracting through the far

north-east during the day. The southern inland will see

isolate ed showers and storms.

eastern and central districts with locally heavy falls in

with locally heavy falls in the east. Scattered showers,

isolated storms elsewhere. Rain

and storms will extend across

Tasmania during the day with the chance of local heavy falls

and possible flash flooding in the north-east. Scattered

showers over central and

eastern districts of South

Australia, there will be

isolated storms over the south-east districts and

isolated showers about the Eyre

Peninsula. In the west Peninsula. In the west isolated showers and

showers and storms covering

much of the State with the

exception of the Pilbara exception of the Pilbara region which will be for the Top End isolated afternoon showers and storms in

the north, sunny in the south. And tomorrow's weather:

And standby now for 7:30 ACT.

I'm Andrew Geoghegan. Thanks for watching ABC News

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