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(generated from captions) with the Greens to get the mining tax through Parliament.

The lower passed the 11 mining tax bills early this tax bills early this morning with the support of the Greens MP Adam Bandt. MP Adam Bandt. Government

won't say how it will fund the $20 million deal and the signed a confidentiality $20 million deal and the deal


for those killed in the Quakers Hill nursing home fire

Hill nursing home fire last

Friday has been held in Sydney. Hundreds of people attended the

service at the Anglican Church

at Quakers Hill. One of speakers at the service said

many of the staff had acted

heroically on the day putting

their lives at risk to residents. A male nurse will their lives at risk to save

appear in court tomorrow

charged with several counts of

murder. Tens of thousands murder. Tens of thousands of

Egyptians are still camping out

in Tahrir Square as they

continue to put pressure on the

military rulers. The military council presidential elections in July

but says this will transfer power immediately if Dozens of people have been

killed during the protests over

recent days. And a former

adviser to Elle Macpherson has

told a British Media Inquiry of

Mary-Ellen Field says she the impact of phone hacking.

Mary-Ellen Field says she has

suffered serious health

problems because the supermodel

had accused her of leaking

stories to the present. The

information had in fact been obtained the 'News of the World' tabloid told McPherson's phone. Taking a

quick look at the weather in the capital cities around the

nation today. The local market has opened lower after more falls on

overseas markets. The All

Ordinaries has dropped a

quarter of a percent. The

miner are down too despite a

rise in rise in commodity prices. The

Federal Government has

dismissed accusations that it made secretive too gets its mining tax through

the Lower House. The mining

tax passed the House of Representatives early this

morning after Government struck

with the a $20 million with the deal

not giving away the details of with the Greens.

plan just yet and the signed a confidentiality plan just yet and the Greens

clause. The Federal Opposition

slammed what it calls back-room

dealing with the dwrooens. It

is a claim reject bid the

government. The Greens leader

Bob Brown says he'd released

the information on the deal if

he could. The details will be

statement due before in the mid

Christmas. Bob Brown says the passage of the mining tax passage of

through the Lower House is a

win for the public, but he's

yet to disclose the yet to disclose the finer

details of his party's deal with with the Government. Very pleased that Adam Bandt was

able to support the Government

in getting through the mineral

resources rent tax in the early

hours of this morning. It came

after we had discussions with the Government

about the $20 million shortfall which came from the Government lifting the base Government lifting the base for

the tax on mining companies of

profits from $50 million up to $75 million. That meant that

the mining industry effectively

got a windfall. What Adam Bandt was able to do was arrange with the Government an offset which ensures that that

$20 million windfall to the mining industry won't be taken out of schools and hospitals,

childcare centres, transport,

public transport and housing.

It is a win for the public

it is one the Greens are very

pleased to have been able to work out with the government.

As you know, the Government has

not wanted us to say exactly

what the nature of that

windfall is, but it is an

offset to what's happening with

this tax and it course - it is one we've made

sure is not taking out of the

course - it wider public good to put back

into the wider public good, it

is a real offset to the that's been lost through the is a real offset to the money


Wilkie arrangement which gave the mining companies that $30

million a year extra. The

this independent's came out earlier

this week and announced the

deal that they had struck with

deal the Prime Minister before

Prime Minister announced it.

Why won't do you the same?

Well, we've got an honourable agreement here with the

Government and it was Government and it was very clear that the Government wasn't prepared to allow this arrangement to be detailed in

public. We would - we would be

we've made an arrangement with wasn't quite happy to do that, but

the government which will see those details released in

coming week or so and that's an agreement we'll stick with. apologise to people in the agreement we'll stick with. I

media and the public who want

to know about this, but that's

we have with the government. the nature of the arrangement

It will be the details will be forthcoming and the Government's got good reasons

for not wanting to reveal

the average Australian. You can is progressive. It is good for

explain those good explain those good reasons for

not revealing the details? You

have to ask the Treasurer about

that. They're not our reasons. that. They're not our reasons.

As I say, I would be quite

happy to give you the detail,

but I'm honour bound with the

Government not to do that.

What I can say it is a

and that's the task we had in

front of us and that's the

achievement that we have

made. The Parliament won't have

a chance to scrutinise the

details during the current

sitting - now mostlily the details won't come out until

after Parliament rises for the

year, so there will be no

government opportunity to question the

government during Question

Time? You have to ask the

government about that. If you

we ask me would it be better that

we not have this arrangement,

and the $20 million flowing to

the wider public, the answer is no, it is

no, it is a good thing, but I'm

a - I find it awkward that we

can't tell but that

arrangement, but we have made

that agreement Government in

order to secure this win for order to secure this win for the people of Australia and we're happy with that. Is it

your understanding it will come

out? My understanding it will come out by the time it come out by the time it is announced. Not necessarily but

by that time. That's Bob

Brown's take on the passage of

the mining bill through the

Lower House. Despite

concessions won by Mr Wilkie, the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies says

smaller miners will still bear

the brunt of the the brunt of the tax. Needless to say a Mek is to say a Mek is extremely disappointed with the outcome.

We think that the Greens have

lost an opportunity in

particular to rescind this tax and unfortunately have not backed up what was said

recently in the press that they were seriously concerned about the revenue take that reflected in the amendment.

However, I do wish to extend

our thanks to those who have

put enormous amount of effort

in recently to get amendments through and that's mainly in Tony crook, his efforts have been much

appreciate bid the industry. appreciate bid the industry. I

must admit, though, I have

never seen so much secrecy

surrounding a tax in my life. appreciate I think the deal that's now

been done between the Greens and the Government should be on

the table. We should have the table. We should have all

access to where these numbers

are actually coming from. AMEC itself is seriously questioning the original $20 million the original $20 million that

has been indicated by Treasury. We don't even have any indication indication as to those companies that will be companies that will be picked

up the amendment that went

through last night, let alone

the dollars that meant to be

supporting T we're seriously

kirped not only with the original assumptions that still

haven't been put on by Treasury, but now by the sequence of deals that seem to

be a habit of this Government that surround the MRRT. that surround the MRRT. I

really don't have much really don't have much more to add to that. I'm quite to take questions. Did AMEC ever work with ever work with the Labor

Government again? Look, we

always will work with a

government. Geerns the government. Geerns the design

of this tax and the tax in its

principle. We will work with

whichever government as well government. whichever Opposition is needed

to actually put good policy

into practice and proper tax

reform. This piece of policy. It is a bad

tax. It is going to cost tax. It is going to cost the

juniors in particular a lot to administer and a lot in compliance and taxes shouldn't

be designed that way. In what circumstances do you think the

cost of compliance will be

greater that the revenue it generates from generates from certain

companies? Junior companies in particular

particular have got to put

systems in place, accounting

systems in place, that track

all the allowances. We'll break

out of that there. Tony has begun a media conference in

Canberra. What the public need

to know is that the carbon tax

will add at least $5,000 to the cost of a household. That means your mortgage goes up, it

is not only the higher cost of

housing, but everything housing, but everything about

the house is going to go up. Your heating costs go up, your cooling costs go up, cooling costs go up, your

transport costs go up, this

carbon tax is going to be a big

hit on the the Australian family, struggling Australian families,

and that's the last thing they

need at a time of economic uncertainty. The other interesting thing about

carbon tax is that we've had a report

report from UBS today into the

European carbon tax, what that

report makes crystal clear is

that the European carbon tax

has cost an absolute fortune.

Emissions have not gone

Emissions have not gone down

but what has gone up and up but what has gone up and up and up are

Europe. This is just a toxic

tax and the longer people have

to look at this tax, the less they'll they'll like it. they'll like it. Shane, would

you like to say a few words? you like to say a few words? The acquisition of a home is

the single biggest purchase

that most people make in that most people make in their lifetime and we're talking

around $5,000 and $6,000. That

means $35 a month on your mortgage or $10,000 over mortgage or $10,000 over the

life after 25 year mortgage. all the inputs in the building

materials of 16,000 houses materials of 16,000 houses now

won't be built over the next

four years because people will

not be able to get not be able to get the finance

or bridge the gap to get those

houses. This is really about

the impact on consumers, it is

really about the impact on our manufacturing sector as well. I

might just say a few words about some other issues


I take questions. Look, the

mining tax passed through

last night. What we saw late last night was yet another

secret deal with the Greens and

the Australian people and the Parliament are

know. Just with the carbon

tax, there's been a secret tax, with the Greens and the

Australian people and the

Parliament have been kept in

the dark. Now, not only have the Australian people and the parliament been kept in the

dark, but in particular, the independent members of

Parliament who the

Parliament who the Government

relies on have been dud

this deal. Why was it that not

only the Caucus were only the Caucus were kept in the dark, but Mr Windsor, Mr

Oakeshott, Mr Wilkie were kept in the dark. The only person

that the Prime Minister appears

to consult with on key issues

is Bob Brown. It is not is Bob Brown. It is not good

enough. It is no way to run enough. It is no way to run a

government. It is no way government. It is no way to

run a country. On the subject

run of the mining tax, it of the mining tax, it is

clearer and clearer that this is yet another dud is yet another dud deal for the Australian people. Only the

Labor Party could pass two big

new taxes and be $10 billion

worse off. There is a worse off. There is a $6 billion black hole in the

mining tax even on Government's

own figures. They're going to

spend $14 billion. They say

they are going to get $11

billion, but then they'll have

to give $3 billion back to the

States. There's a $6 billion

black hole in the mining tax

and the government really has to to explain where the money is

going to come going to come from. That's why

there will be a crisis mini

budget because this is a government

government which is rapidly

running outs of money. Mr Abbott, it is not really that

secret A apparently government

is going to announce in the

next hour also where this $20 million deal with the Greens is

going to come from. It is

going to be deferring by one

year a measure from last year a measure from last year's

budge which faces down the budge which faces down the rate

of interest withholding tax for foreign banks. It is hardly foreign banks. It is hardly a King's ransom and it is hardly

secret. The fact is that government ramped this thing

through the Parliament in the dead of night without allowing

members of Parliament to have

the full facts. The the Greens was bought by the Greens was bought by a secret deal that was not in the possession of the other members

of Parliament. The Caucus

didn't know what it was. The

Independents didn't know what Independents didn't

it was. The only person that this Prime Minister was

prepared to trust with all the

details of a mining tax was Bob

Brown. Mr Abbott, what business is is it of the average MP about where the Prime Minister where the Prime Minister gets the money from? Surely you

have legislation in front you,

you vote on it for it on its merits But this was a key

condition of the passage of the

legislation. The legislation

would not have passed, it would

not have got the Greens support

but for this deal. I think it

is important in the interests

of honest and open government that the Parliament

called on to pass in the dead

of night critical of night critical legislation without all the facts being

before it. This is clearly a case of the Prime Minister trusting Bob

she trusts her own Caucus. Mr Abbott, you've said that Abbott, you've said that in government the coalition would

rescind the mining tax as well

as the carbon tax. If the Senate decided it wasn't going to

to support legislation to

rescind the mining tax, would it serve as a double dissolution trigger? Look, certainly dissolution trigger? Look, I'm

certainly not going to get ahead of myself. I'm not going

to get ahead of myself. We

have an election to win, but

should we win should we win an election, we

will have won with a mandate, a

clear mandate to, abolish Labor

toxic taxes. If we win toxic taxes. If we win the election it is my judgment the

Labor paept won't want to

commit suicide twice by

maintaining its support for these these toxic taxes. You're proposing to abolish proposing to abolish these

taxes, the carbon tax mining tax. I know that you've guaranteed you'll give us information information about where you're going

going to get the money from

closer to the election, but if

you're going to forego all of

these levels of income, surely

it is time for you to be

telling the public giving us

some inkling where you're going

to get money to deliver on your

promises? Matt, let's look at

the mining tax. There's $14 billion of revenue, of billion of revenue, of spending

associated with it and after the States have royalty payments reimbursed, there's $8 billion of revenue. $14

billion of spending, $8 billion of revenue, even with the

superannuation guarantee levee we're more than $5 billion

better off for the budget bottomline by not going ahead with this mining tax. But the Government says that this is

going to fund cuts for small business, tax cuts for small

business. As I recall, you are

also in the last election you

were offering cuts for small

business. Where are you going

to get the let's look at the Government is

doing. Yes, Government is

funding a depreciation

allowance, but it is also poll abolishing an important tax concession, the concession, the entrepreneur's

tax onset put in place by the

former government. The small

businessman even on the best possible interpretation possible interpretation of

this, is not going to be better off. With the mining tax,

there's a massive pipeline of investment planned

sector, by the big mining

companies are happy to pay.

What's your principal objection companies

with the big miners paying a

bit more? I think it makes no

sense to hit our most important sector,

sector, the sector which has

kept Australia going through kept Australia going through an

international recession. It

makes no sense to hit this recession saving sector with a

success tax. It makes no sense

to penalise our most industry in this way and if you

don't believe me, listen don't believe me, listen to

what the head of X strata said

yesterday, that this tax is going to be very bad for

investment and jobs. This is one of the people who the Prime

Minister quite misleading think

claims supports the mining tax. No-one in the sector supports

the mining tax Some of your

colleagues do. Some want colleagues do. Some want to

keep it No-one in the sector

supports the mining tax. They

were only, as it were, bludgeoned into with a gun at their heads from

this government which they this government which they know plays favourites and they no

engages in payback. Are your

Caucus troops starting to get restless? We heard information

took you to task over a took you to task over a couple

of issues. Do you think that

the Labor campaign to call you

Dr No, you say no to

everything, starting to have an

effect and that's what's causing

causing concern among your colleagues. All of us are

looking forward to a Christmas break, even you guys are looking break. On the coalition party

room we have very robust

discussions in the coalition

party room. A lot of people

say a lot of things, sometimes they they disagree with the leadership group, that's their

right, but the spirit is always good. It is always

constructive. It is always

cooperative and it was again yesterday. Mr Abbott, the

coalition and yourself have

been criticised for failing to

flesh out details of the promises and the measures that

you said that you will keep from the mining tax, for

example, and also your failure to have agenda on things like

industrial relations. When are we

we going to see some of this

detail from the coalition?

Look, I think that, if I may

say so, it is time for a lot of

people to stop believing the

Labor spin and I would strongly suggest that people actually

looked at what I was saying rather than just listen to what

the Prime Minister is saying, but whatever you do, the Australian public Australian public certainly

seem to be listening because it

is pretty clear the Australian public see of

this Government, the less they

like them. You said the Prime

Minister stalked world leaders

for photo opportunities. Should she not have attended those summits those summits that she attend.

Should she not have hosted

President Obama? Look, I'm all in favour of Australian in favour of Australian leaders

playing their part on the

international stage. I'm all

in favour of that. I in favour of that. I also

think it is very important that

we should stand up for

ourselves that, we should ourselves that, we should show

a great deal of safe respect and the Prime Minister I think I

would have a healthy, a

constructive, and an appropriately respectful relationship with the other

major powers in this world. As

I said, I think this is a Prime

Minister who has almost out Kevined Kevin Rudd over last

four weeks and the important thing - Should she have not attended these gatherings?

The important thing when Australian leaders go overseas

is to bring something back. Certainly, on last Prime Minister had a meeting

with President Yudhoyono of

Indonesia but notwithstanding her meeting with President

Yudhoyono, our borders are in

just as much chaos today as they were before the trip. Can we clarify what you said before. Are you saying we journalists have been spun by Labor, sir? Journalists questions in there at the end.

It was the Opposition leader Tony Abbott live from Canberra.

He was a a building company

site talking about the impact of the carbon price scheme. of the carbon price scheme. He says the deal with the Greens be the

mining tax overnight means

Australian people and the

Parliament have been kept in

the dark but we heard in one of the questions the government the questions the government is apparently going to reveal the

details of this deal in the

next hour or so. You can be assured that will bring you

that live here on ABC News 24

if in fact that's the case. Mr whole is a dud deal for the

Australian people. He's saying

there is a $6 billion hole in

the plan. Let's the plan. Let's take a look at what's happening in the world of

of sport. Here is Paul

Kennedy. Mickey, he's take on the job of Australian cricket

coach and he's given no

indication which way he's

thinking about selection, but

in his defence, he has only

been on the job a day

to meet with his selection

panel. It is a whole new ball-game, dare we say, in ball-game, dare we say, in the

Australian cricket team.

Arthur has been a successful coach of the South Africa team

and WA cricket and this is what

he had to say yesterday. I

think bring an unblinkered

view, a view of having coached

and analysed against a lot of

Australian players during my

time. Also, having worked in

the Australian system for the

last year and a half, I last year and a half, I think

I've got a pretty much good with the team and what we need

to do to have sustainable

success over the next feared of

time. I think Australian

correct cricket is in a very exercisings phase. exercisings phase. There are a

lot of really good players

coupled with a a lot of very good legends in senior good legends in senior players.

Any team I've ever been

involved with as coach I've involved with as coach I've had

a view on selection. I think

that gives you a lot of

credibility in the dressing room.

room. Right message gets to the playerment a good consistent message

to the players all the time. Mickey about the things that some re

tired players were complaining

about with the former regime.

We'll wait to see how We'll wait to see how the players are out and who is going to be representing Australia against New Zealand in the first test. players

Tsonga has beaten Mardy Fish at

the ATP world tour finals to

keep his hopes alive to the

knockout stage. Tsonga beat

him 7-6 6-1 after suffering a

break in the second set. He's

got to play Rafael Nadal in the

last group match. Andy Murray a groin strain has pulled out

of that tournament. Let's take

a look at the European

Champions League football. Two

smaches this morning or several

matches this morning. We'll

show you the goal show you the goal from two of the matches including the

Manchester teams. On to Manchester teams. On to the

return pass. And it's gone in.

Own-goal. Off Phil Jones.

Across bushtov. The long, drought is over. Nicely

angled. Carrick. angled. Carrick. 2-1

Manchester United. be costly. The equaliser

immediately. Would you believe

it? Turning on left-hand side.

At the near post - it's a goal! It is given a tap in. the back here. Melbourne Victory's opening A-League

season woes continue with a key

off field role vacated. The team's stars Harry Kewell the back

Archie Thompson were promoting their club but it was the club performers people wanted to talk about. To listen to many

pundit at the tart of the A

League seen the Victory was the

team to beat. Pb acquisition of mega star Harry

Kewell. What fans have seen on

the pitch is I people struggle

ing infront of goal and with

one win to its name 7 rounds

in. I feel players are going

out there but not playing for

the club and not showing they

want to be here. They want to

play. We have high

expectations at this club and

at the moment I don't think

they're being fulfilled. The players insist the management

of the team isn't to blame for

the poor start. Players are

behind the coaching staff. first thing I told when I come

out here the first couple of

training sessions it was like a European training session. European training session. For me it is perfect. The first heads has

heads has rolled at the club

with the football director

stepping down after just four

months in the role. No, this is

is not team performance

related. In the end Francis

decided it wasn't for him. I

can't help the timing. It wouldn't have made any

difference had we been 7 sip or

07. The club faces Gold Coast on Sunday in what's on Sunday in what's already looming as a crunch match. On based soccer fans the Socceroos final third-round World Cup qualifying game against Saudi Arabia will be played at AAMI

Park next February. Australia

is already through to the second stage of qualifying, but the Saudis must win the game the Saudis must win the game to

move on to the next

round. Let's check out the

weather now. Here is Vanessa

O'Hanlon. Straight to today's satellite image, and much clearer clearer around Central

Australia of after a couple of heavy days of rain. The cloud

was swept into the ease and trough generating widespread

rain and thunder across the northern tropics Queensland and

NSW. A high is clearing most of the south of the south but directing those hot and gusty north-easterly winds into the western parts of WA.

Our top stories this morning, the Opposition says the Federal

Government must reveal the details of a deal with the

Greens to get the mining Greens to get the mining tax

through Parliament. The Lower

House passed the 11 mining the support the Greens MP Adam Bandt. The government is

keeping mum on how it will fund

the $20 million deal and the Greens sign aid scofrtioniality agreement. There is suggestion the government suggestion the government may

hold a media conference within the

the next hour or so. Northern

yours have gathered to yours have gathered to remember the nine residents killed in

Friday's nursing home fire.

Reverend Geoff Bates accepted a charred cross, a wheelchair

charred cross, a wheelchair and blankets from the family's of residents during the

hat Quakers Hill Anglican Church. The nursing residents during described his staff as heroic. described his staff as heroic.

Tens of thousands of Egyptians

are still camping out in Tahrir Square as they continue to put pressure on the military

rulers. rulers. The military council has pledged to hold presidential elections in presidential elections in July,

but says it will transfer power

immediately if requested.

Dozens of people have been

killed during protests over

recent days. And a but adviser to Elle Macpherson has

told a British media inquiry of

the impact of phone hacking. Mary-Ellen Field says she problems because the supermodel

had accused her of leaking

stories to the press. The

information had been obtained

by the now defence 'News of the World' Elle Macpherson's phone. World' Federal Government has

dismissed accusations it made

secretive back-room deals to

get its mining tax through the

hoer house. The mining tax passed the House of

Representatives tives aerller

this morning. The Government's

not giving away the details of

the plan just yet and the Greens have signed confidential clause. The

Federal Opposition has slammed

what it calls back-room dealing

with the Greens. It is a claim

that's been rejected by the

Government. The Greens that's Bob Brown says information on the deal if he

could. The detail will be in

the mid year economic statement due out before Christmas. The Opposition's resources spokesman Ian Macfarlane said

MPs shouldn't have been forced

to vote when they didn't have

all the details. He spoke to four political

Melissa Clarke a short time

ago. Thank for joining us.

government and the Greens have reached

reached a deal. The bill has

gone through the Lower House T

looks likely to go through the

Senate. Have you lost this

fight? I fight? I guess we may have

lost this battle but not the

war. We'll rescind this tax

when get into the government. We'll descended into a situation where we have

government by secret deals

between the Labor Party and the

Greens. Done behind closed

doors, no-one knows what the

money is being collected for,

no-one knows where the money is coming from. This is no money is coming from. This is no way to run a democracy. We've now seen I seen I think the pits of the Gillard Government and its

inability to govern properly

without the Greens. Penny Wong

the finance Minister says a deal over

small matter in the scheme I've

$11 billion tax. It's

therefore not wait therefore not reasonable to

wait a couple of days to get

the details for something

that's a minor part of a much

larger picture? Where I come larger

from $1 million is a lot

from $1 million is a lot of

money and $20 million is earn

is certainly a lot of money and

$100 million is a great deal of

money. The reality is that the Labor Party is deals and to hide this deal away from the Parliament to, have this shrewdly ridiculous seen ario where Anthony Albanese held us in the Albanese held us in the house last last night for no other reason

to just be a bully and then not tell

tell us what we were actually

voting on because they're not

prepared to release t I think

it is becoming a completely unsavoury, unsatisfactory prepared situation. But the Government

has a prerogative to have

Parliament sit late into the night. It is certainly not

first government to do it. I'm sure it won't be the last.

Late sit sittings are what Late sit sittings are what MPs

have to deal with. I dealt

with it. I had a couple with it. I had a couple of hours sleep before the division have

started so I could manage today. The reality is it is not not what happened last night

but the way it happened. First

of all, Anthony Albanese tried

to bully us out of having backbenchers have their of

say their 15-minutes on the say their 15-minutes on the

mining tax and try to bully us

out of having divisions. He

kept us there as retribution.

The Gillard Government can run it

it however they like, we're seeing a golf that runs we're seeing

to the tune of Greens at that

does secret deals behind does secret deals behind closed doors and then inflicts an that does doors and then inflicts an that on the Parliament. You say the

government is

running to the tune of the Greens, but this was a government policy from the

start. It was a government

Profits Tax. That morphed into

the mineral resources rent tax

which is further away from the what the Greens want that the original Super Profits Tax. Their going further away Their going further away from what the Greens like. It is not fair to say they're dancing to the tune of the Greens, is it? That may be so but in the

last act of the play the

ex perked their power and the

government fell into line.

That's the reality. This would not have gone through not have gone through unless Bob Brown got his secret Every time now we Every time now we see

legislation come into the house

the Greens just pull something

out of the hat and demand that the Gillard the Gillard Government... As

the Democrats did with the

Howard Government when they had the tune That's not quite true.

I don't recall the Parliament asking to vote on a deal where

they wouldn't disclose contents of the deal. This is

democracy gone mad under the

Gillard Government being

controlled by Bob Brown. I just

want to move on to want to move on to another

matter. Related to decisions being made without being made without necessarily

letting everyone know. There's

been reports there's been some concern in the party concern in the party room meeting yesterday about Tony Abbott decision that the party wouldn't rescind any super

guarantee raises if and when

the coalition comes into power. Is Tony

is not the first time that

others in the party have raised

concerns about Tony concerns about Tony Abbott making decisions without

consulting? The party room is there concerns. That's what

happened. The people who do

that have every right to do

that. O'Reilly Tony listened

and responded. Knows of us who

have been in government and in

opposition a bit longer

appreciate the fact that in modern politics decisions have

to be made quickly. It is

simply not feasible to take

every decision to the party

room. There is a leadership group, there's an

the executive of the party met,

made a decisions, and that's

the decision that the party has adopted in superannuation. You cannot

have the party meeting, superannuation.

party room convene every time a decision needs to be made and I

think that whilst people were

unhappy with that process, Tony gave them the assurance wherever possible there will be

consultation and I guess no matter how hard you try, there

are times when you can't do

you have to do some things expediently. Are there some young and perhaps inexperienced

MPs who haven't grasped the

process yet? I think enthusiasm is a great enthusiasm is a great thing. I think, as I say, everybody the think, as I say, everybody has

the right to raise the issue in

the party room. I this the

practicalities are that not

every decision can be taken in the party room. There's always the opportunity for the opportunity for the

decision to be overturned in

the party room. That didn't

happen. I think that we would all like to be involved in

every decision and that's just

not feasible. Is Andrew Robb, as the Opposition finance

spokesman, getting enough of a

stay in those decisions? He

is. The oversight of Andrew's decision in that was simply that, an yoth oversight. If

you have to choose between a

conspiracy and a stuff up, I

choose a stuff up every

time. It is a pretty big stuff

you have if you're leaving the finance out the mix. There are

a lot of issues coming through

people are at the end of what

has been a year of almost

constant am campaigning. It typed atmosphere and mistakes

do happen. The issue has been

resolved. Andrew had his say

to Tony on that. The reality

is that what we're doing is trying

trying to keep the Government

to account 24-7 and in doing

that, people get stretched and

oversight are made. The bottomline is we have held the

Gillard Government to account.

The polls yesterday showed their

their position has detear rateded significantly in the

last 12 months and well it

should, by us taking up the

we've ex exposed their flaws and the Australian population

has reacteded to that accordingly. Thanks for joining us. Pleasure. Melissa Clarke

interviewinge man Macfarlane. A tribute service today in

memory of those who lost their

lives in the nursing home fire

in Sydney's west. Hundreds of

mourners turned out to pay

their he respects including

Barry O'Farrell. Nine

residents died from the effects

of blaze. A local church hosted

also used as a respite centre during the tragedy. Burnt

timber from the fire was shaped

into a cross for service. And we brought you the entirety of that service earlier this morning. Let's

listen back into some of it now. We want to give tribute to

those who have died and knows who have been injured and knows

who have been traumatised. We

want to acknowledge have done an incredible job have done an incredible job in

reaching out to those in reaching out to those in need.

We want to pause and reflect on

the fact that God is the one

whom we can find real up for

the and strength and hope and

direction and has an ultimate

plan to eradicate suffering and

evil and deaths. Friends,

we're going to reflect on that

God is the one who can help us

from the broken events that we've faced in

Out of dark times we can find hope

hope and the light of the

world. Home should be safe.

Home should be a place where

you feel secure and loved.

That's been stolen from us. Our staff just want the

residents home. Our residents

want to come home. I want to come home. I can't bring you home

sorry. For now we'll build a

virtual home. We'll come together and make a home.

We'll stay in touch. We will

visit you. We'll care for your

needs. We koent won't forget

you. I can't bring you. I can't bring everyone

home, I know that, bhu one way

we'll bring those who we can.

some of that moving service

that was held in Sydney just in

the last hour or so. We'll

return to Canberra now where the Aboriginal corporation

holding a news conference. Elt

ders have been in the capital

this morning put the case this morning put the case for an emergency declaration to

stop Fortescue Metals working

on heritage and religious sites in the Pilbara. Let's listen

in to that media conference now. We put about 16 boys through particular area that relates to

the ceremony we practice back home. We took time out to be here and here and talk to the Minister. We got ceremonies that have

been conducted at home. These

are the stories and song lines

that these 16 boys now would

have to learn. If we don't

protect these sites and no-one

in this house cares to help us,

then we can see our heritage

wiped from the face of this earth forever. Did you get a

sympathetic hearing from the

Minister or have you met the

Minister? Like stated earlier,

he gave us his ear. He told us

woe look into this matter. He told us that there's a process

that needs to be run. Part of

the process is giving the other

side a chance to respond as

well. We're grateful of the

time he has given us and it

gives us the opportunity to put

forward to him some of the matters that are very

concerning to us and

and our members back home and

we are hoping he would look into this matter very

seriously. He did express surprise at the fact that report had may have been

altered? Did he know, had he heard that before? We haven't

touched on those matters with

him. We've touched on the overall situation that there were concerns from archaeologists

reports that some of them lacked, you know, the proper

details for department indigenous affairs to make a proper decision about the sites. You didn't raise that

issue that the report had been

altered? I did raise the issue

with him that there were concerns from the archaeologists and

anthropologists that related to

the report being altered. Was

he aware of that? This is an

issue that's been in the media for some

for some time now. that he was aware of the issues, yes. Are you trying to

capitalise - there's a bit of

bad blood, if you like, between

the Government and Fortescue

Metals Group because of the

mining tax. Are you trying to

capitalise on that a capitalise on that a little

bit? We had problems with

Fortescue Metals before the mining tax issues. It is an

ongoing issue. Capitalise with

the Government's poor relations with

with with Andrew Forrest, perhaps? No, they're separate issues entirely. Ours issues entirely. Ours have been ongoing for the last four

years. They don't relate the

issue at all. Forest as come out and said Fortescue Metals Group is big on supporting kultd iers and gives a out

to the community and he's launching a PR campaign right

now that says the company is

doing good for the community.

How do you feel when you see ads

ads like that. Do you think it

is a bit of a PR blitz and the

reality is quite different from

what the public face they're

showing it? It is propaganda.

That's what it is. What he

says in public is totally what he does behind doors. What he's doing now is just a perfect perfect example of what he's doing to not preserve our culture. He's campaigned in terms of spent millions of

dollars to protect heritage.

We'll continue to protect heritage. In the heritage. In the meantime

they're destroying heritage.

They're out there also telling

the consultants to alter their

reports so that heritage can be

hand that he's out there on a

public campaign saying he'll

protect heritage while he sits

behind his office and giving the okay to destroy our sites. You the Minister said to

you that there was a process

for this and that he would have

to hear the other side. Do you think

think that there's a problem

with the amount of irreversible

damage that will be done. Do

you think the Minister is aware

of the urgency to you? We raised that concern with him. We

have a timeline in terms of

when woe get back to us on his

decision to a ses the

application. He didn't give us

a time that he was going to get

back to us, so we back to us, so we did raise that issue to him and said it that issue to was very concerning to us that

while you sit on it and go

through this process, that

might take anywhere from four

to five weeks, the heritage is

being destroyed as we

speak. You mentioned before

about legal action in a civil

sense. Is there any criminal

action that can be taken here

if you believe a company is using falsified reports to get permits to do work on a

night Again, we are still

seeking advice from our legal team

team about that. I'm not going

to make any comment about to... Due have enough to give

to authorities to urge them to authorities to urge them to investigate this situation?

What we've done is we've gone

into the process of making into the process of making

those reports and some of the

information, you know, available to the appropriate

departments. We would like

them to carry out the investigation on behalf of the

traditional owners that are

concerned about their heritage.

We're hoping that they will

take on this matter first, but We're

in the meantime we're still

looking at it looking at it from an internal point of view and psyching

legal advice. Due invite Tony

Burke to come out and see the

sacred sites and has he been

out to this mine site

before? No, I don't think he's

wear where this mine site is.

It did contemplate in hour

thoughts earlier before we

maybe it would be good to

invite him to the country and

show him the sites so he can

see for himself. It was one see for himself. It was one of

those short notice things. We gave him a call and

surprisingly he said that he's

available to meet us with short

notice, wifs which was fantastic. Does he need to come

and see it for himself to know

what's stake? Anyone who is concerned about any concerned about any particular

issue I think having a first eye view of

determine to them that they can

see and feel for see and feel for themselves how

serious this issue is. Has Mr Forrest Forrest seen the Forrest seen the sacred sites? I sites? I can't answer whether

he did or not. I do hear that

he makes frequent trips on to

the site. Whether he has any

idea of the sacred sites or

been shown them is something I

don't know. What's your message

to Andrew Forrest? Mr Andrew preaches. If he's going around

there and making public

statement it as that he

respects indigenous people and wants to assist indigenous

people to manage their affairs, then he needs to

practise what he preaches.

Dweem straighted to we demonstrated to him over four

years we're group of people

intelligent enough to run our

own affairs. What we're asking

him to do and the company and

government treat us with some

respect. There's the declaration of the rights been endorsed by this

government in 2007. We're

hoping people would use that as guiding principles of empowering indigenous people

right across this country. Given the vast re

sources of Fortescue Metals to

you think it is a David and

Goliath battle. The been on that level since we first


started. For us it is about

standing up for our rights F we

don't stand up for don't stand up for our rights

and voice our unfortunately protect what's ours, unfortunately in this unfortunately in this country and this day and age no-one

will. Before you go, can ask

you to state your name and how

you spell T Michael woodly. MICHAEL. We'll leave that

there. That was Michael

woodly, introducing himself

from the yim Aboriginal corporation. Representatives

of that corporation are in Canberra today to hold a meeting with the Environment Minister Tony Burke because they're concerned about work

Fortescue Metals are doing in

the Pilbara in northern WA.

The ridge knees say will destroy highly significant

heritage and religious sites.

Michael woodly was saying the

Minister is promising to Minister is promising to look

into it. He's held talks with

Tony Burke this morning the

Minister. Forrest from

Fortescue Metals prides himself

on initiatives helping on initiatives helping the Aboriginal community and this

is an ongoing dispute between

Fortescue and the Aboriginal Fortescue and the Aboriginal corporation. Previously

Fortescue has said it has

identified and avoided all

important heritage sites in the

area that it's now blasting and

of demonstrators are standing

their crowned r ground in Cairo's Tahrir Square. These

are live pictures from the

square. We've been showing you these images over the last couple of days over the these

protests in about up to protests in about up to 30 people died. It is in people died. It is in the

early hours of the early hours of the morning

there in Cairo right now.

Egypt's military rulers have now agreed to speed up

presidential elections, a key a

demand of the protesters. The head of the military. demand of head of the military. Mohamed Hussein Tantawi has Hussein Tantawi has promised

presidential e election

stand-off. Dozens of people have been killed this week

during the mass demonstrations.

ABC correspondent Michael

Vincent is in Tahrir Square square and square and filed this report. The ambulance are been

streaming in and our of Tahrir Square all night. We've seen dozens up of them. When dozens up of them. When we came in there were came in there were 50 waiting to deal with the people that

have been affected by the tear

gas. The fighting is well on

the other side of the square in

a side street on the way to the young men and the police. But the tear gas has wafted all

across the square and young

people have got this dust caked

on their face, they've ingested into their lungs and thief collapsed. We've seen people

young men being carried by

their mates, their heads localing

localing back as if completely

unconscious. I spoke to a

doctor just before he said that what's happened is part from their panic their lungs have

opened the gas, the gas has got

in therein shut them down. These interest clear out their lungs.

It is quite incredible these

young men who would be filth and healthy have been so

incapacitated. This is going into into its fourth night protests here in Tahrir Square

and even the ruler of Egypt at

the moment Mohamed Hussein

Tantawi has spoken to the

people here are not leaving.

Even though he said there's going to

going to be a presidential

election, a President in power

by July next year, these people

are not moving. Any of the

concessions he has made tonight

have not changed the opinion of these people who want military out and soon. There's

a lot of and derger here in

Tahrir Square and it doesn't

look likening any time in the near

near future. Michael Vincent reporting there from the very

heart of those heart of those demonstrations

and still on that situation in Cairo three American University students have been arrested in

Egypt for allegedly throwing

Molotov cocktail in demonstrations demonstrations in Tahrir Square. The 1-year-old and two 20-year-old from the universities in

yet been charged. The they

students have been stand on students have been stand on be university rooftop flowing petroleum bombs on troops

riot police below. A Ouyen

Australian many woman is 7 of 7

people killed in a train fire. people killed in a train fire.

Four Australians were on board

the train. Three were the train. Three were among the injured and are being

treated in hospital for burns. Australian officials are yet to

confirm the woman's death. A

helicopter setting up a

Christmas tree has crashed Christmas tree has crashed in Auckland's Viaduct Harbour. The main rotor of the

helicopter hit a cable bringing

the chopper down. The helicopter had justed lift aid pylon slowly think descending slowly think descending when

the crash happened. The pilot

could be seen looking around

the he's descended in a closely

confined conditions. The pilot was was thrown around the chopper

as it hit the ground but as it hit the ground but was correctly helped from correctly helped from the

wreckage by other workers. The

tree which reaches 7 stories

high attracts over 150,000 visitors each year and up of nearly 400,000

lights. Britain's inquiry into

media ethics continues with Elle Macpherson's former aid

giving evidence yesterday.

Mary-Ellen Field told the

inquiry shed been fired after

being falsely accused of

leaking information about her

client. Speaking to Europe correspondent Emma, Mary-Ellen

Field said it was amazing to

finally tell her story. You finally had your day in

court. I did. How does it feel? Well, it was amazing. Mr Bar

was so well prepared and it was

amazing how they pulled all

those letters down so those letters down so everyone could see them. The letters from Elle Macpherson. Yes. What was the significant of those

letters do you think? We had

such a good relationship and

sudden limb's here to zero in a month. When was the very last

month you heard from her? In

the last week in March

2006. That was the note she'd

send to you? No, that send to you? No, that was when

she rang me up to find out what

the name of the the name of the security

company was that I'd used to

get the house checked for bugs back

back in September Macpherson

didn't she? She did. I send her a birthday card because her

birthday is 29 March and I sent her a birthday card and she

wrote back on bot 20789're shed

she'd been meaning to put she'd been meaning to put pen

to paper and she would do that

as as soon as possible but I

never heard another word. That was was in 2006. Yes, that was just after she found the after

her she had been hacked. I

would like to think she was considering apologising and

telling me she had been hack and and it wasn't me but

It is six years to the day

since Elle Macpherson's lawyer

told my husband and one of my

clients I had been leaking information about Elle

Macpherson to the media. There was

was some conversation in court

today about your

health. Yes. Tell us a little

about about your health and how it suffered as a result this Yes, my health is not good

now. I had to get a pacemaker. I've never been ill. There's

actually nothing wrong with my

heart because I'm so fit heart because I'm so fit but I have cardio condition that

developed very soon after I was

sent off to rehab and it really curtails my life. There are lots of things I can't do now,

plus I have to a pacemaker sent

which is not great. Is which is not great. Is it stress related? Yes. You do agree with Hugh successive governments in his words have been weak and have

allowed tabloids to carry on in

this kind of intimidatory blackmailing of celebrities? I

thought Hugh grant's testimony was very interesting yesterday

and I absolutely agree with him, that successive

governments in this country

have given in totally to the

fear of the tabloids to, the blackmail and what we now know

with the bribing of police and

with everyone being followed, from my former client, Elle

Macpherson to my local MP Macpherson to my local MP to,

my lawyer, what do they think they're doing and

they think they're doing? What

do you think about this

argument about what's in the

public's interest? Are the

private lives of celebrities ever in

you think? I think if you put

yourself up as a perfect person

and you expect everyone do as

you tell them to do, then

you've got to expect some media interest.

interest. You can't say one

thing and do something thing and do something else.

For everyone else who cares For everyone else who cares who people sleep with. What are you

hoping this Levenson inquiry will achieve? I'm hoping the

Levenson inquiry will not restrict the freedom of restrict the freedom of the

press and that it will not have

any sort of government oversight because that's the

have. I'm only in court

because of journalists who

helped me. If helped me. If journalists

hadn't helped me all of this

year I wouldn't be here now. I

don't want the press re sphriked. What I want is sphriked. What I want is journalists to behave properly. Relieved Mary-Ellen

Field talking to Emma in

London. We've just heard that

the Prime Minister Julia

Gillard has called

conference for midday, that's

Australian eastern daylight

time, in five minutes time, in five minutes time, presumably this is in relation

to the mining tax and we heard in a question to Tony earlier on there's a suggestion

that the Government will reveal now exactly what was now exactly what was involved in

in that deal with the Greens in that deal with the Greens to get the mining tax legislation through the Parliament at three o'clock

o'clock this morning. We'll

bring that to you live as soon

as that gets under way in five minutes seem. Kim Landers joins us with an update on the

markets. The US present grew

less than estimated in the

September quarter and Spain's

cost of borrowing cost of borrowing rose again overnight. In local trade overnight. In local trade the

big miners and the big banks

pulled the market lower. The All Ordinaries Index has dropped around point 6 of a

percent. Wall Street stocks

fell for the sixth session in a row. Over in Europe markets

ended down as Spain's ended down as Spain's borrowing costs rose

record. The DAX in Germany

fell more than 1%. Commodities

and oil is higher on the new

sanctions against Iran and gold

regained some lost ground. Australian dollar fell again

overnight. It is now buying

around 98.5 US cents. Those

gross figures from the US were

a big factor in the sharemarket

falls. The US Commerce Department says the US economy

grew at an annual rate of 2% in

the September quarter. That's

a downgrade of

estimate of 2.5%. Business

supplies dropped but exports rose strongly. Shares in

timber group Gunns have slumped

after the former chairman was

charged with insider trading.