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Live. This morning - Egypt on

the brink once again. Furious protestor s defy protestor s defy military crackdowns. Of course Mubarak

is just the tip of the

is just the tip of the iceberg.

Also today - it's up to the

umpire now, Fair Work Australia

to work out the final deal in the bitter Qantas

the bitter Qantas industrial

dispute. Famous faces attack

Britain's tabloids on the first

day of the UK media inquiry. An

18-year-old Pat Cummins 18-year-old Pat Cummins steers Australia to

Australia to victory with a man

of the match performance South Africa. Speechless, I think. Good morning, think. Good morning, you're watching ABC News 24, b I'm Joe

O'Brien. Taking a quick look at

the weather in the capital


global share Debt crisis fears have hit

The Arab spring is not

playing out the way playing out the way Egyptian

they're fighting back. Violent protestors had intended it and

clashes with the military are

clashes with the military are continuing, the death toll is

of political instability. More of climbing and there are science

and 1,800 than 30 people have been killed

since Friday. Now the country's

entire cabinet has tended its

resignation to the ruling

military council. Outside the

hated interior ministry, a long rule in Egypt, protestors time symbol of authoritarian

clashed for a fourth consecutive day with

consecutive day with riot police. Shocking images police. Shocking images beamed almost instantly around the

globe on Facebook, Twitter globe on Facebook, Twitter and

YouTube. None more disturbing

than pictures apparently showing protestors being

viciously beaten in front of a

sign proclaiming freedom.

Completely overcome by tear

gas, dozens, even hundreds, rushed at

rushed at pavement clinics in

Tahrir Square this afternoon.

weren't enough scooters At times there certainly

weren't enough scooters and

mopeds to ferry bodies back for treatment. treatment. It's thought many of

those who died in these clashes

had suffocated under the

effects of tear gas. One man

wanted to tell us what happened words to him, struggling to get his to him, struggling

words out. Moments later he

collapsed into the arms of his

friends. It's almost as though the revolution and all that was achieved here in Tahir Square

never happened. None of those protestors can quite believe

they're back out on the street

of Cairo calling for those political reforms they thought political reforms and freedoms months ago when the they thought they'd secured 9

regime fell months ago when the Mubarak

fighting in regime fell but here they are

them being killed, many of them being wounded and demanding being wounded and demanding the

military get out of politics

all together. It was perhaps

naive to assume that having

forced Mubarak to resign the entire system would

collapse. It was a big

mistake.. It was at that time

people were euphoric about it, people were euphoric about it,

they couldn't believe the they couldn't believe the fact

they could topple Mubarak but

of course Mubarak is just one -

is just the tip of the

iceberg. The protestors say

they won't give ground again

until the all together. No easy task in a

the absolute country where the Generals are

Roadside the absolute authority. steady stream of casualties thousands more protestors steady stream of casualties but

arrived in the square. than arrived in the square. In less

than a week this country is due

to hold its first truly

democratic elections. So that report from the BBC. We report from the BBC. We can bring you a live shot now from Tahrir Square in Cairo. It's 1:00 in the morning there and 1:00

as you can see still thousands of people there despite that

death toll rising at least 20, as we mentioned

as we mentioned before, people

killed just since Friday and 1,800 wounded. As that report mentioned there, the election process is starting next week

but the issue is there's no

dates set for transfer of power to an elected dates set for the final

protestors are demanding the civilian government and the

elections for president take

place before April but the military has suggested

not take place till 2013. So as

you can see

you can see from that shot

there's still a lot of anger in

Cairo and those - they're going

to be - we'll keep a close eye to be - we'll keep

on that through the evening. The Gillard Government says

it's disappointing Qantas and

negotiated agreement. Unions unions have failed to reach a

and the airline were given 3 and the airline were given

weeks to resolve their industrial dispute after grounded its industrial dispute after Qantas

grounded its entire fleet last month. Fair Work Australia will

now decide the outcome of a new wage agreement for pilots, engineers and baggage

handlers. CEO Alan Joyce says

he's happy to accept the

decision and while the unions

had been calling for more time to

to negotiate they say it's a good outcome. We're not scared of arbitration. I think what

we've put on the table is a

fair outcome for the workers

a lot and for the company. We've put

a lot of scenarios to a lot of scenarios to Qantas,

including a wage freeze to thel

them through what they believe they may need. They're not

interested. They want to change

EBA is set up and I think that the way the whole process

will come out through

arbitration and that will be good for our members. And the

head of the

head of the strategy for Qantas

says the headline of industrial dispute will increase assurance

within the company. I think the

Our people needed certainty. reality is we needed certainty.

have a job. Our customers They needed to understand they

needed certainty that they knew

we'd be there for them to get them where they needed to go them where and shareholders needed a certainty. It's our job to ensure there isn't brand damage

and we've got a company we can

and we've got a company we can be proud of. Still with industrial relations, the Australian Nursing Federation

said any legal action taken by the Victorian Government to

stop bed closures would be few tile. The Government yesterday announced it would pursue all

legal avenues to end the

nurse's unprotected industrial

action. Members have voted to

continue bed

they will go to the Federal

they will go to the Federal

Court to try to get a stay on

the rulings. The union is

seeking wage rise s and the retention of nurse to patient

ratios. If Federal parliament

is debating the minesing tax

but its passage through

parliament isn't assured just yet. The Government needs to

win over the Greens after

losing their support by making

concessions to the cross-benchers. We'll cross live now to political correspondent Melissa Clarke

correspondent Melissa Clarke in Canberra.

Canberra. So what will it take

for the Government to get numbers? Well, it now needs to

get the Greens on board because

of course in getting the numbers from numbers from other cross-benchers in getting Tony Windsor, Windsor, Rob Oakeshott and

Andrew Wilkie on board the Government made a number of

concessions which ultimately

has meant in one circumstance in particular some miners now

won't have to pay the

won't have to pay the tax.

Instead of thresh hold kicking

in at $50 million it will kick

in at $75 million profit Levitt level. That means the

Government is forego ing $100 And in agreeing to that the

Government's now lost the

support of the Greens because they're saying this watered

down mineral resources down mineral resources rent tax

if fr what used to be the mineral resoursss super profits tax said they're already making a concession by allowing

a concession by allowing a

watered down version. They say this is now a step too this is now a step too far,

that the Government needs to make sure that it's not letting miners get away with miners get away with paying

less tax. So the Greens are less tax. So the Greens are now saying the saying the Government is going

to have to make up that $100 mm

in revenue from the miners in some other Greens will support it and of course their support is necessary if it's going to get

through the Upper House. And

the Greens' member in the Lower

House, Adam House, Adam Bandt, made it very clear that the Greens felt

they've been taken for granted. This is meant to be a

once in a lifetime tax that

would set Australia up for

generations to come and instead

it's been watered down under

pressure from sectional

interests. So we will be having

meetings with the Prime

Minister's office during the

course of the day and I will be

meeting with the Prime Minister later this evening and we now

later this evening and we now -

the ball now is in the Government's court. They've got to explain to us how this to explain to us how this is

going to be revenue neutral

because if the effect of their

deal is there's $100 million that's now going to come

money for schools and hospitals

and that cast asvery different

light on the proposal that's

been put forward. So it's not

a done deal just yet. And

Melissa, the Federal Government's also facing resistance from

resistance from the

States? It's find fighting on all fronts

all fronts at the moment. One of the other parts Windsor and Rob Oakeshott on

board was to agree spending

money to set up an independent

board that will assess the

environmental impact of coal-seam gas project and other project and what effect they

will have on water resources and ground water. What the

Federal Government wants is for

the States to sign up to the States to sign up to heed the advice of this independent

the advice of this independent

body that will be set up and if they don't look at they don't look at perhaps

penalising them through the GST

distribution. Now the States are frustrated because are frustrated because they don't want to be penalised if

they say raise their royalties because the Government's

picking up the tab for any

royalties in exchange for introducing the minerals resource tax and they're

worried about extra environmental provisions delaying the

delaying the implementation of

new mining projects and what

benefits that might bring to their States. Now the Resources

Minister Martin Ferguson has

urged his colleagues not to get

worked up about the concessions

that have been made. He says

he's confident he can get the

States to agree. That's what he was telling was telling ABC Radio National's National's breakfast program

this morning. I say to my ministerial colleagues I

ministerial colleagues I

appreciate your cooperation to

date. Just closely examine what we announced yesterday we announced yesterday and I've

got a ministerial council in

early December. I'm hopeful to

try to resolve these issues by discussion because to date

there's been a very, very good cooperative range of discussions with State

officials aimed at getting best

practice in place. And what are

the latest poll

fluctuations? Well, it gives a little bit of a boost

little bit of a boost to the kicking off this final sitting

week of parliament for week of parliament for the

year. If we take a look firstly

at the Newspoll's latest at the Newspoll's latest figure on a 2-party preferred basis.

So the result would come out

an election, we see for the ALP

they're actually down and the

Coalition is up so it's a 4-point swing around in favour

of the Coalition. But the boost

for the Labor Party comes from Julia Gillard personally. Although they're

Although they're not doing so well in the 2-party preferred

figure, if we have a look at

some of the other figures, a

Julia Gillard is up a small 1%

and Tony Abbott is down 5% as

preferred prime minister and

we're seeing similar figures

when the people who are polled

are asked about Julia Gillard There's been an increase in approval for Julia Gillard approval for Julia Gillard and a subsequent decrease in approval for Tony

approval for Tony Abbott. So

Julia Gillard making some

headway as they head into the

final parliamentary year but of course those all important

2-party preferred figure and

primary virg still have a long

way to go. OK, thank you. parents of murdered British

schoolgirl Milly Dowler have

spoken about the anguish of

learning that their daughter's

telephone messages had been hacked by the 'News of the

World'. They were at the

Leveson World'. They were at the Leveson inquiry into

ethics in London where actor

Hugh Grant also gave Hugh Grant also gave damning testimony about his testimony about his treatment

at the hands of the British

tabloids. Here's our Europe correspondent Emma

Alberici. Bob and Sally Dowler became targets of the tabloids

after their 13-year-old daughter went missing. The

evidence I shall give shall be

told the judicial inquiry into press ethics

press ethics about the day she

was led to believe that her

little girl might still be OK. Messages on her Messages on her voice mail had been deleted. Rang her phone

and it clicked through on to

her voice mail, so I heard her

voice and I was - it was just

like I jumped "She's picked up

her voice mails, Bob, she's

alive." And it was then really.

alive." And it was then really.

Wlen we were told about the

hacking that is the

I thought. It wasn't Milly

Dowler accessing her voice

mail, it was mail, it was the 'News of the

World'. They'd also secretly photographed the couple as

retraced their daughter's steps, something they'd

organised by leaving messages for each other on their mobile phones. One would phones. One would sincerely hope that News

hope that News International

and other media organisation s would sincerely look carefully

at how they procure, obtain

because obviously the ramifications are far greater

than just an obvious story in

the press. And I think as our

daughter Gemma said to Mr Murdoch when we met him, use

this as an opportunity to put

things right in future and

things right in future and to

have some decent standards have some decent standards and adhere to them. Actor Hugh

Grant brought a little of his

Hollywood humour to the

court. Mr Grant your full name, please. Hugh John please. Hugh John Mungo Grant. His grievances went well

beyond phone hacking. This flat

had been broken into, the front door had been

shoved off its hinges and as I say, nothing was stolen say, nothing was stolen which

was weird, and the police

nevertheless came around the next at the end of the

next at the end of the day to

day about it and the day after

that a detailed account of what

the interior of my flat looked like appeared in one of like appeared in one of the British tabloid papers. Hugh Grant

Grant told the court that Grant told the court that the biggest myth

the tabloid press was that the

viewing public cared just as much

much about a celebrity's reputation as they did about reputation as they did about their acting skills. He reminded Lord Justice Leveson that he was arrested and

photographed with a photographed with a prostitute and yet his subsequent film was

still a smash hit. We'll cross

live now to Canberra's RAAF

base at Fairbairn where

Denmark's royal

Denmark's royal couple Crown

Prince Fed rick and mayor - Mary are to be officially welcomed to the

capital. Fairbairn has been

pretty busy over the last

couple of weeks. We Queen first off and Queen first off and then Barack

Obama last week, so Obama last week, so yeah,

Canberra's basically had them

all. It's got the trifecta now

with Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik

Prince Frederik arriving.

They've also got their two of

their children with them this

time, the two twins, the time, the two twins, the older

children haven't made

this time. The older children are Prince Christian, he's 6

and Princess Isabella 4 aren't with them today but with them today but we'll see the couple's 10-month-old the couple's 10-month-old twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.

Josephine. They arrived in Australia back in Sydney on

Saturday morning. Prince

Frederik arrived on a separate

flight later that day. They

were in Sydney on the weekend. There were some great shots of

them wandering around Sculptures by the Sea exhibit

there. An exhibit between Bondi

and Tam - Tamarama beaches in

Sydney. That's where

Donaldson, as she was then,

lived back in 2000. She lived

in Bondi and that's where she

met Crown Prince Frederik. She

met him at the Slip Inn during the 2000 Olympics and their

romance started there. So

they're returning to Australia today with two of their children, as I before, and they've got a

before, and they've got a pretty hectic

pretty hectic schedule in

Canberra today. As I mentioned before, before, they've just down there at RAAF

base. They're going to be walking through an honour guard

on arrival here. They're going

to be meeting Julia Gillard

later today around 11:30 so that's in

that's in about an hour's time. And then there will be a

luncheon at Parliament House at Canberra

Canberra and that will be

hosted by the Prime going to be meeting the

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

around 1:30 today and then

they're going to a green growth

seminar in Canberra at 2pm.

They also - when they were in

Sydney they actually visited a

green event as well. They were

on some exercise bikes which was powering

was powering something that was

making them a slurp slurpee or

something like that. And

they're going to Gallery of Australia at 2:30, then just after 3:00 they're going to be visiting the

National Portrait Gallery. And at 3:30 they're going to the

National Ash

National Ash Arboriteum in

Canberra. And at 4:25 many afternoon there will be afternoon there will be a

wreath laying at the war memorial. That's also where memorial. That's also where the Queen

the war memorial over the past

couple of weeks. So yeah, we're just waiting there on Princess Mary

Mary and Crown Prince

to exit the plane there at the

RAAF Fairbairn base. As RAAF Fairbairn base. As I

mentioned they're going to be

walking through an honour guard

there and they've got their 2

twins with them, their

twins this time. We also hear

that later this week - the that later this week - the trip

actually lasts about 10 days. I think

think it's actually a 6-day visit to Australia. So it

visit to Australia. So it includes stops at Canberra,

Melbourne in western Victoria

and Broken Hill in NSW and

she's also going to be she's also going to be visiting

Tasmania and show off the

twins. So we could wait all day

for them to commit the plane

there in Canberra. We'll come

back to that as soon as they get off

get off the plane there in Canberra. In the meantime the

death toll from nursing home in Sydney's north

has risen to 8. 96-year-old Doris Beck was in intensive care in a critical condition

since since the Quakers Hill home

went up in flames 4 days ago.

She passed away overnight.

Another 3 residents were killed

in the blaze and 4 others have

since died of their

since died of their injuries. A 35-year-old staff member has

been charged with murder over the fatal blaze. Now we might

just go back to Canberra now

because Princess Mary and because Princess Mary and Crown Prince Fed rick have just

emerged from that plane. You can see them there coming down,

being greeted by the dg Quentin

Bryce and other dignitaries

there. It doesn't appear at this stage that we can see a shot of shot of the young children but as I mentioned before, as I mentioned before, they've got

got a pretty busy day in Canberra. They will be Canberra. They will be heading straight where straight to Parliament House

where they're going to be meeting the Prime Minister

Julia Gillard and then as is often

often the case with dignitaries

they will also be they will also be spending time with the Opposition with the Opposition Leader.

They will be meeting Tony Abbott doing several things around Canberra over the Canberra over the following

hours including going to

hours including going to the National Gallery of Australia,

the National Portrait Gallery,

the National Arboretum. And

then finishing the day laying a

wreath at the war memorial. As

I mentioned before they visited

Sydney on the weekend and are

going to end the trip with a

private visit to Tasmania and no doubt to see Princess

no doubt to see Princess Mary's parents down there in Hobart. And as I mentioned

before, the twin, the 10-month-old twins, that's

Prince Vincent and Princess

Josephine are travelling with the royals but we haven't seen

any vision of them yet coming

off the plane although it looks like Crown Prince Frederik's holding a few holding a few stuffed toys which are probably for the twins. So

twins. So yeah, we'll keep an

eye across that through the day

and we'll bring you some images

of the visit of the royals to Canberra through the day. Spain's new Prime Minister

won't be sworn in for another

month but he is under huge pressure to pressure to sort out the country's finances. His country's finances. His party

won 186 seats out of the 350 in

the Lower House in yesterday's

general elections. One of

biggest tasks will be tackling an unemployment rate of 21.5%. Down to business, Rajoy, a one-hour executive council meeting and a plan

afterwards to deal with the

financial crisis until the new

government's sworn in and that's a that's a month away. Such a delay

delay is risky. Despite the

landslide victory of his centre right party, the markets have

reacted shakely. So what of

this son of a judge seen as the

great man of Spanish politics.

In 2001 he was

minister. Two years later he

was chosen as a successor as

party leader. In

party leader. In 2004 he was

tipped to win the elections but

lost in the wake of the Madrid bombings. In the next elections

4 years later he was defeated

again by the socialists. Now

the 56-year-old no know more

of the caution, pragmatism and

taking advice rather than firm

leadership has to convince the

financial markets he can

deliver. But many observers

believe he may hurt the people who switched away from socialists more than they realise. Many observers would

say that he's held back from

saying what he intends to do to

try to get Spain out of try to get Spain out of the

mess that it's in economically because if he were to say so

virtually nobody would vote for

him because he's got to take such unpopular measures. With

such a convincing win, Rajoy will

will have the power to pass legislation in legislation in this parliament without hindrance. One of his

top priorities though right now

is to appoint a finance minister , a Hef say he might even be outside the party. But the pressure is

on with time because the markets are reacting

cautiously. And that's because

of the scale of public debt,

borrowing rates teetering on

the red line 7% interest

figure, the property boom that went bust

went bust leaving banks with

still unmanageable losses and the highest unemployment rate in the European Union. Even left wing commentators believe 56-year-old Rajoy has the

resolve those - though to make

big changes. He's going to have


the less ambitious, he's now

the one that is going to be the

person of the government. Rajoy

may be a survivor, the may be a survivor, the question the people of

the people of Spain are is can their economy

survive. That report from

Al-Jazeera. Now for a look at

the major sports stories of the major sports stories of the

day Paul Kennedy join us and

Paul, has there been a sweeter debut match for a cricketer

than Pat Cummins? Probably not,

not one that I can think off

of off the top of my head. His wicket

best for an 18-year-old but

then he came in and made

then he came in and made those winning runs last night. For

those who don't know let's walk

through what happened on day 5.

Clarke was bowled out, Clarke was bowled out, Ponting

caught at slip, Australia

reduced to 5/160, 5/215 when Hussey went and Haddin and

Johnson played a great partnership. They went

partnership. They went for it

and some clean hitting

started to get nervous but they

managed to break through with

the second new ball. That's

Haddin caught behind Siddle went, the Aussies looked

in trouble. These are the last

moments, Joe, some great moments, Joe, some great drama here. That was a definite

opportunity? Oh, yeah, yeah. He

should have got a hand to it at

should have got a hand to it at

least. This one was given not

out, reviewed and then gone

back to the umpire's call. If

that decision would have stood

but because he said not out

Australia was lucky. Australia was lucky. Nathan

Lyon, how nervous does the - he

look. That's a great shot. And

then Pat Cummins just went

whack and they celebrated one

of the

of the great Test vickt rshling

- victories for

Australia. We're talking about how Australian cricket is in the doldrums, they've just

beaten Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka

and tied with South Africa in South Africa. That's a great shot with one of well saying how did they do

it. I like that guy, it's good

of him to have even stayed that

long really. It would have been

so nervous watching that

and if your team had lost you probably would have felt like

just stomple - storming

just stomple - storming out. The other notable thing about that game is about that game is 3 of the Aussie players who Aussie players who were

struggling, is it fwair to - fair to say had reasonable performances in terms of

Ponting, Haddin and Johnson. The press has been

going after Ricky Ponting and

no so much going after him but

bowing out and we knew about

him, we knew about Mitchell Johnson and if Ryan Harris was

fit to play

fit to play this game fit to play this game maybe Cummins would have come in at

the expense of the expense of Johnson. Those

two guys, Brad Haddin's the

one, he's looked really out of

sorts, as a keeper he's the

other side of 30 as well and he

made a 50, just a confusing

innings really because sometimes when the ball's

moving around a bit, when the

bowling's at its highest

quality, Haddin can be the one to

to play a flashy shot and go

out but last night he was

out but last night he was rock solid mature attacking innings and mature attacking innings and he

shored up his spot, there's no

doubt about that. You couldn't drop a guy after that. Zbli

just - I just wanted to let you hear what Pat Cummins had to

say and also the skippers after

that tense final few moments.

Just to get a Test match is

unbelievable and obviously a

great win like today, we came from behind and it just tops it off. We both

off. We both threw a lot of punches and ended up level

again. I must give credit to Australia today. To chase 310 a

few of their and performed and performed well. I thought we bowled well today. What an amazing series. I think from

all the supporters back home

and in South Africa I think

they've seen a great indication of where Test cricket is at. I

know both teams have had some

ups and downs throughout this series but it's been that exciting,

exciting, as you've seen, all

the boys sitting there counting every single run every single run today but I

couldn't be happier with the

result. We know we've got a result. We know we've got a lot of work to do to continue to

get better. As you've seen

there's plenty of ups and downs

but we're working our backsides

off, we're trying our best and

courage and I couldn't be any

more proud for the

boys. Michael Clarke there and

now the team will get ready to play New Zealand and the

schedule, it's a bit weird to just play the two Tests in


might work for the Aussies now

because they can come back, continue to work their

backsides off as Michael Clarke

said, and then prepare to play

India later in the summer in those extra

those extra few Tests. So

maybe, maybe the tide has

turned for Australian cricket

and Pat Cummins will be and Pat Cummins will be the star everyone will be watching, turning up to the to watch him bowl fast. And

just finally and briefly this Alberto

Alberto Contador hearing Alberto Contador hearing will

be very interesting? It will

be. Just raising this one briefly because he had his first appearance at the Court of Arbitration for Sport of Arbitration for Sport last

night. This one's been dragging

on for a while. He was tested

positive to a banned substance after the 2010 Tour de France.

Now it got put off and then the Spanish officials said Spanish officials said that

there was nothing to case there was nothing to answer, no

case to answer there. They let

him ride. He rode in the gear Giro d'Italia and he rode in the Tour de France. the Tour de France. If the decision is decision is overturned he could be banned for a few years and

have a couple of have a couple of titles

stripped from him. We'll keep

an eye on that in the coming days. OK, Paul Kennedy, thank you for that. Vanessa you for that. Vanessa O'Hanlon

is with us to take a look at the

the weather. You don't usually hear of these tropical storms

extending as far south as Uluru

but Uluru knot a bit of a dumping? They have. They've had

around 60 mm. It's been a

the Northern Territory and also

in the Gulf country of

Queensland. Down in South

Australia from the northern parts Moomba has recorded

around 40 mm as well. There's been some

been some records broken particularly for the November records through the Northern Territory. That's a combination of the wet season and the influence of la Nino. We've

heard a couple of reports from

Tasmania? We've had highland

snows. The wintsds - winds

have been high as Tasmania and southern Tasmania and southern parts of Victoria. Hobart just

Victoria. Hobart just hid -

heading for 16 degrees

tomorrow. Then we have a high

pressure system coming through.

This will be a dominant over the next few days. It will

start to clear some of the

showery activity from the south. It's directing hot air

into the western parts of WA.