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Tonight - a full house for

the Pacific President Let there

be no doubt, in the Asia-Pacific in the America is all in. The new

defence pact triggers a sharp reaction from China. This kind

of development is generating

debate in China as to what the

US is up to, what Australia is

up to. Outside the politics, it

is a day that Campbell High journalism students will never

forget. It was a money can't buy experience.

Good evening and welcome ABC News, I'm Virginia

ABC News, Good evening and welcome to

Australia and its superpower Haussegger. The ties that bind

ally, the United States just

got stronger. President Barack

visit-with an address to Obama has capped off his Obama has capped off

Parliament declaring the bond unbreakable and saying America

is here to stay as a Pacific

power. Chief political correspondent Mark Simkin on

the second and final day of the

presidential visit. He spoke

for 27 minutes to more than 220 MPs and senators. Barack

Obama's address was crafted to

tell the world the United

States is an enduring force to

be reckoned with in the Pacific

Australia is the bed look for and its friendship with

projecting it. Honourable

members, honourable senators,

the President of the United

States of America. Parliament's

only heard those words three

times before. Both sides of

both houses welcomed their

guest with guest with silent

solidarity. The bonds between

us run deep. In each other's

story we see so much of

ourselves. Ancestors who

crossed vast oceans, some by

choice, some in chains. Barack choice, some in

Obama wants those bonds to be

even closer. He declared the alliance indispensable and

unbreakable. So let there be no

doubt in the Asia-Pacific in

the 21st century the United

States of America is all in. The United States is a Pacific

power and we are here to

stay. It is not the only America's Pacific pivot is an Pacific power. In part

attempt to balance the rise of

a new superpower. All of our nations have a interest in the rise of a

peaceful and prosperous China and we will seek more

opportunities for cooperation

with Beijing, to promote

understanding and avoid

miscalculation. We will do this

even as we continue to speak

candidly to Beijing about the

importance of upholding

respecting international norms and

rights of the Chinese people. ('LAST POST' PLAYS) ('LAST POST' PLAYS)

The militaries scaation is new but Australians and Americans

have been fighting together for

years. The Commander-in-Chief

paid tribute to Australian

fallen at the War Memorial. In

the visitors book he the visitors book he wrote ,

"We will always remember

our freedom." From the trenches sacrifices made on behalf of

of World War I to the mountains

of Afghanistan, Aussies and

Americans have stood together,

we have fought have given lives together in

every single major conflict of

the past 100 years. The

decision to pursue tighter ties

is supported by both major parties. Mr President, we

welcome here as you come, as an

ally, a partner and a friend.

Mr President, welcome to our

Parliament. Hear, hear!. The

United States is the most

interested benign, the least self

has ever seen. The finalwards

were the President's. So God

bless Australia. God bless America. God bless the

friendship between our two peoples. Thank you very

much. Hear, hear! The American felt the love as politicians

from all sides and all factions

jostled to touch him. The ANZUS

alliance is 60 years old. This

relationship is personal trans-Pacific

than that but it seems to be

equally close. To avoid any

contraries about the defence contraries shocks Australia told four

deal before announcing it.

China was one of them but that

didn't stop Beijing publicly expressing its doubt. China

stont Stephen McDonnell reports

from Beijing. China's military

build is up seen as a key

reason for stationing American

troops in Australia's north.

Australia have tried to Both the United States and

reassure Beijing that this

agreement poses in threat to

Government China but the Chinese

Government is viewing the US

troop deployment with suspicion. TRANSLATION: not be appropriate to

strengthen and extend this

military alliance. Whether it

suits the common interests of

countries and the whole international community remains

under question. The Chinese Government says it hopes the

United States will stick to its

previous word that American is

prosperous China and called on not afraid of a strong and

Australia to emulate China in promoting peaceful development

in the region. China knows that

the US troop numbers are

relatively small and will

based along way from its shores

but there is concern over the

symbolism of the move. From Australia's interests probably

it is better to act as a bridge

rather than as a base against China. A bridge between China

and the United States, in other words, try to facilitate

dialogue. The bleak weather in

backdrop for a cold response

but China's negative comments

should be put in perspective.

After all, Australia and the

United States wouldn't have

expected it to welcome the US troop presence. Some will argue

that the reaction here hasn't

been all that over the top

after all. Yet closer to

Australia there is also

nervousness amongst ASEAN

nations. What I would head to -

hate to see is if such

developments were to provoke reaction and counter reaction

precisely to create precisely to create that

reverse - vicious circle of

tensions and mistrust. With Australia's economic future

locked into Asia and China in

particular, it must be careful

how it manages this situation.

Away from the weighty masses

of state the President also

found time to drop in on an Australian classroom. This was

an Australian rerun of Gillard made to a school in

Virginia in March. Today they

went to Campbell High in central Canberra where the President chatted to students

about American schools about American schools and celebrities. Have you ever

thought about teaming up with a

high profile celebrity such as

Justin beeber to appeal to more

people? - Justin beeber to

appeal to more people? That is

an interesting question. I interact a lot with

celebrities. He told students

training teachers and improving maths and maths and science are his priorities for fixing the US

education system. The bond between President and Prime

Minister has been a feature of

this visit. Barack Obama leaves with a

with a bag of goodies with a bag of goodies from his

host including ugg boots and

Tim Tams for his children. In

addition he scored a West Coast

footy jersey from Tony Abbott.

Now the leaders are in Darwin,

the President has seen for

himself the place more than

2,000 marines will call home.

Then it is off to Indonesia.

There he and Julia Gillard will tell nothing to fear from an

expanded US military presence

in Australia. The message of

this trip is the US is all in

as a Pacific power and

Australia's going all out to


We will have more on the

President's day in Canberra

later in the bulletin. First to

other news of the day. Outgoing

News Limited chief John

Hartigan let fly at the

independent media inquiry in

Sydney today. He said the

company does not company does not hack phones or

pay bribes. He said claims of a

News Limited hate campaign

against the Government are an

insult to ordinary Australians. Just

Just a few weeks from

retirement John Hartigan was in

no mood to mince words. The

veteran newspaper executive

told the independent media

inquiry it is widely accepted

that the hearings are squarely

aimed at his company. He said

it is demon stably false to

link the phone hacking scandal

in the UK to News Limited in Australia.

To claims that News Limited

has orchestrated a hate campaign against the Federal Government he said: The inquiry chair, Ray

Finkelstein QC asked Mr

Hartigan about the power of the press.

Mr Finkelstein said if they

overstepped the mark the public

would stop buying their papers.

Greater scrutiny of the media

remains on the agenda of the inquiry. One option council extra funding and allow

it to investigate complaints

made against the electronic

media and internet bloggers as

well as newspapers. A report will will be prepared for the Federal Government by the end

of February. The upheaval in

Syria is looking more like a civil war than an uprising.

Defect forces from the army

have attacked Assad

Damascus. The Arab League and

Turkey are calling for peace

monitors to be sent into Syria. This unverified to show fresh defectors from

the Syrian army. They claim

more soldiers are joining their

ranks to defend civilians from

ongoing attacks like this.


accept that people could be killed the way in Syria without intervening to

stop the bloodshed and to avoid more violence. President Karzai urged

delegates at the loya jirga to

support a security pact with

the US but he warned the deal

would come with conditions.

From Kabul Sally Sara reports.

This is consensus building

Afghan style. More than 2,000

deg gates have gathered for a

traditional meeting known as a

loya jirga. President Hamid

Karzai took the lead seeking

endorsement for a security pact

with the United States but he

warned an agreement would onto

come with conditions to protect Afghan interests. TRANSLATION:

We are ready to have

America. They want military

bases and we will give them to

them. Afghanistan's vision

should be clear so the US does

not interfere in our internal matters. Representatives from

across Afghanistan are meeting

for four days to discuss the

peace process and future ties

with the US. Just turning up

with a dangerous business. The

Taliban are threatening to

stage attacks to disrupt the event. Earlier this week a

suspected suicide bomber was

shot dead near the meeting

site. The seener leaders of the in the talks. There won't be

any serious negotiations until

foreign troops leave the

country they say. Parts of the

capital have a been placed on

lockdown and thousands of police have been deployed. The

enemies of peace and stability

in Afghanistan are trying their

best to create security

problems to carry out attacks

and derail the

process. Security confirms and sexual discrimination have kept

many female delegates away.

Women make up only

crowd. We were promised to our

people, to the Government of

Afghanistan to make up 25% of

the jurga representation from the women but we could not

cover that. The recommendations

of the loya jirga are non binding. President Karzai binding. President Karzai is

hoping to win some much-needed

The chief minister's been

cleared of interfering in the appointment of the ACT

came under fire of pre-empting the official appointment with a

press release earlier this

year. Although the privileges

committee has cleared her of

wrong doing it says the appointments system could appointments system could be

improved. When Maxine Cooper

put her canned up to be Auditor-General, the chief minister Katy Gallagher made

her support clear in a media

release. The appointing

committee had not made a final decision prompting claims of

improper interference. Today a

privileges committee dismissed

those claims. There is no

evidence before it that attempt to improperly influence

the standing committee on

public accounts. It also

cleared her discussions with

the committee but found her

media release was unprecedented and and unhelpful. One member of the investigating committee

insists there was interference. I have found that

Ms Gallagher indeed was in

contempt. There simply is no

contempt and the chief minister

has no case to answer. The

report calls for a clearer

process of handling appointments. It says formal process is not

developed, it will lead to

further problems with future

appointments. It just supports

the position I have always had

that this has been very much a political exercise. There is

never any intent to interfere with the work of the

committee. The greens accept

this was a thorough and proper

process and are happy with the outcomes and findings. Not

everyone is on the same

page. One of my major concerns

is there have been no public

hearings and this whole issue

now is left hanging. Today the

Liberal Party tried to

turn Dr Cooper's appointment

but its motion failed.

The chemical company Orica

has called into question New South Wales environment

minister's version of the

events which followed a chemical spill in August.

Orica's chief executive says he

tried three times to ring the

minister but was told she was

too busy to talk. Last week

Robyn Parker said she had never

heard from the Orica boss.

Graeme Liebelt is paid $7

million a year to run Under pressure to explain his

handling of a toxic leak in August August the chemical company CEO

tipped a bucket on environment minister Robyn minister Robyn Parker. I called

the chief of staff on, I think,

the 15th, 16th and 17th of

August. I called the chief of

staff because I was, at that

time, seeking to speak to the minister. By the time Mr

Liebelt contacted my office it was 7 days after the

event. Just a week ago the environment minister said she

had never heard from Orica's chief. Barry O'Farrell needs to

pick up the phone from

and sack Robyn Parker today for

her negligence in the way she is dealing with this

portfolio. The Orica boss

apologised again for the

incident but couldn't explain

or fail to answer why the

company had taken so long to

notify locals of a leak of

hexavalent chromium, a chemical which can which can cause anything from

itchy skin to cancer. I have no

doubt that the community's

trust has been eroded, no doubt at all about that. In the past

three months there have been

three spills, an ammonia leak

as recently as last week. Since

2001 the company has breached

its licence 115 times. It has

only been fined once. Orica estimates the Government-ordered shutdown of its Kooragang Island plant is

costing the company up to $4

does it want to reopen its

plant, it wants to expand it so

it can keep making explosives

for the booming mining

industry.There are growing

calls for it to be shut down for good. To finance now. The

price of oil has again passed

$100US a barrel. Despite that

and a big fall on Wall Street

overnight the local share

market managed to edge higher

today.Despite sluggish economic

growth in the United States and Europe on the oil price is back of $100 a

barrel in New York for the

first time since May. OPEC has

been throttling supply at a

faster rate than demand has

been slowing. Yesterday a big

pipeline changed hands in the

US which will apparently have US which will apparently have

an impact on American supplies.

Here is a chart of the oil

price since 1940. When there is

a big rise in the oil price

recession follows. 1973, 1980 and 2008. Will that happen

again? Yes, but we will blame it on something last time. The US share market was crunched last night by a

statement from a ratings agency

that the American banks will be hurt p the European debt crisis

worsens. One analyst said the

market has ADD at the moment.

The local market struggled two

tenths of 1% higher mainly due

to a rise by BHP. James Hardie

returned to profits. The

Australian dollar rose a bit

and now stands at

but is down as the euro which

is rising because European

countries are repatriating

money as fast as they can.

Female wages are now 82.1% of

male wages, the lowest ratio in 25

25 years because of the huge

money paid in the male-dominated mining industry.

Tonight's final graph look at Greek, Spanish and Italian

labour costs in manufacturing

relative to those in Germany. That,

That, at a glance, is the root

of the problem. That is

finance. The United States the early advantage after day

one of the Presidents Cup at

Royal Melbourne leading four

points to 2 after today's

foursome . The internationals

won bragging rigs after Adam Scott and KJ Choi thrashed

Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker

by the equal largest margin in 'The Cup''s history. 'The Cup''s history. Perfect conditions and healthy

galleries greeted day one as

the turn taking game that is

foursome's golf took centre stage. It was Ernie delivering the most eye

catching golf early. But the

feats of Els and his rookie partner Rio Ishikawa were

matched by Bubba Watson and Simpson. The opening match was

secured by the Americans, 4-2.

It was far from the today's

biggest thrashing, that

contest as things started

pleasantly but got decidedly

ugly in the battle of Tiger Woods, Adam Scott and is a great shot by Adam Scott

at the 8th. Woods and Stricker were undefeated in the last

cup. Today they were humbled as

Scott and Choi played white hot golf in a

golf in a 7 and 6 pasting. That

is sensational. KJ hit a lot of

good shots, I hit a lot of good

shots and the other guys didn't play their

glamour American pair of Phil

Mickelson and Jim Furyk duly

delivered on their billing and easily accounted for Retief Goosen

Goosen and Goosen and Allenby.

This match was halved with Jay Haas and Nick Watney. Aaron

Baddeley and Jason Day

delivered on their promise to

get the crowd into the action. Another unbelievable up and

down there for Aaron Baddeley and Jason and Jason Day. After dominating

an entertaining battle with

Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar

they bogeyed the last two goals

of the match to of the match to only halve it handing a two-point advantage to the US. Australian fast

bowler Ryan Harris has been ruled ruled out of the second test

against South Africa. He failed

a late fitness test opening the

door for Patrick Cummins to make his test debut. South

Africa won the toss and will

bat. Six days ago Australia suffered one of humiliating defeats in the history of test cricket.

Redemption can start when the

second test gets under way

shortly in Johannesburg. There have

have been have been selection

dilemmas. You say as a captain

and player you want to win

every game you play. We have no

choice out there. We have to

pick a deem that will try to

take 20 wickets. Maybe the

argument of pressure they have

been under this week can come

out. The Proteas are aiming for

their first home series win over over Australia since

1970. Returning now to our top

story. He game, he saw and

almost before you could say

President of the United States

of America he was gone again.

While Barack Obama's time in Canberra may have been brief it

was jam packed. Aside from the historic address to parliament

he visited one of the city's most iconic institutions and

got to meet local school

students. The day began on a sombre note with a visit to the

War Memorial where the

President walked the cloisers paying his respects at World

War II roll of honour. You

could see he was very engaged and

and affected by it. I have seen

a lot of heads of state and this one was a very moving

moment. His next engagement

couldn't have been more different. Hello everybody. The

visit to Campbell High took

everyone by surprise. The White

House publicity machine had led the media to believe the media to believe the

President would visit a primary

school. What directions will

the American education system

be taking for the

a great question. Aspiring

journalists got the opportunity

of a lifetime. It was really

exciting but when we met him he

was very easy going man who

liked to joke and so straight

away if we were nervous it just

went away. He is so down to

earth you would not expect it

because he is the leader of the

free world. He is like someone

you can meet on the street and

say g'day. Present day White

House correspondents have been

working from a temporary bureau

at the National Press Club

and the Prime Minister here in

Australia making this

announcement about essentially

a major shift in US foreign

policy and from the perspective

of a journalist incredibly

exciting to cover. Too often Australia makes headlines overseas for all the wrong

reasons but this time there has

been no cultural cringe. Unlike

his predecessors this President

did not get within cooee of a

Koala and that was probably no accident. I think there is

certainly a deliberate effort

to make sure that the optics

coming out of this trip are commitment to the Asia-Pacific

region. A authoritily modern

visit by a authoritily modern President. Here is a authoritily modern man, Mark Carmody with the weather. Thank

you very much. A 60% chance is not enough to bring some

much-needed rain and although

cloudy this morning it did not

rain. This afternoon it was

mostly fine and sunny where we

reached a very pleasant top of

25. The overnight temperature

was 10 which is a degree above

the minimum monthly

Back to the rain, the earliest

it looks like coming at that

stage is Sunday afternoon. Then

on and off for the rest of that week.

No wonder Darwin got a bath

today with intense cloud cover

over the city. Cloud also stretches down through

Queensland into northern New

South Wales. The high in South Wales. The high in the Tasman will direct hot north-westerly winds over our Saturday. On Sunday a trough

along with a cold front

currently in the Bight will

bring a cool change with showers.

Virginia, unfortunately our

two recent international two recent international guests

didn't get a chance to visit

our botanic gardens. They are a horticultural landmark. It was

sad because they could have

seen fabulous native plants like this West Australian

melaleuca megacephala. I was

joking about you being a

thoroughly modern man. You are

an old fashioned fell yo but

very loveable. A brief recap of

our top story tonight. Barack

Obama has declared the bond between the

unbreakable and that America is here to stay as a Pacific

power. He was given a rousing

welcome by troops in Darwin

before he left Australia a

short time ago. That is the

news for now. Stay with us for

7:30. From me for now, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI.

Welcome to 7.30 I'm Leigh

Sales. Tonight - Kevin Rudd reveals he was kept in the dark

over the decision to reverse

the ban on selling uranium the ban on selling uranium to

India. In terms of when the

Prime Minister communicated the

Indian government the trugd

full answer to your question is

no, I was not consulted. And

coming out in a elite sport. One athlete breaks the code of

silence to help others. People

send me messages telling me

that I've see section essentially made their lives better, better, changed their lives. First tonight - the

United States is a Pacific

power and it's here to stay.

That was the blunt message from

Barack Obama in his speech to the Australian Parliament

today. It was intended to resonate across Asia resonate across Asia and

indicate that the US is

prepared to back its economic

interests with its military