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the US alliance but the PM

insists three's company. It is

possible for us to have an ally in a Beijing. Queensland strikes in a friend in

Commonwealth Games gold. I'm so

proud of this team. I'm so

proud of the Gold Coast, I'm so

proud of being a

Queenslander. The end of the line for frequent's western

black rhino. And return to Senden, the former Senden, the former champion

takes the lead at the

Open. Good evening, Craig Allen

with ABC News. It hasn't been officially announced yet but

already plans for a stronger US military presence are proving controversial. military presence in Australia

Barack Obama and Julia Gillard

are expected to announce next

week that there will be more

American troops ships and

planes operating out of Darwin

in the future. The Greens want

the matter to be decided by

parliament, but the PM has told

Bob Brown to butt added to the warm welcome the

PM got at the APEC summit in

Hawaii. From Honolulu here's

chief political correspondent

Mark Simkin. The PM arrived

with all guns blazing. Hawaii's

welcome combined the state-of-the-art and the much

more traditional. It's the first time a non-military

leader's been invited to speak

at the memorial. When we were

under attack in the Pacific so

among those who came to our

aid. They fought with us

together, side by side, step by

bloody step. 60 years of

signing the ANZUS treaty the United States wants to increase

its military presence in

Australia. Part of a broader

realignment. The 21st century

will be America's Pacific

century. A period of

unprecedented outreach and

partnership in complex and consequential region. America's commom di

shows have a different

perspective. I am so excited, I

had no idea invading Australia was even on the table. An

official announcement isn't

expected until next week but

the fun's already

starts Australia has all the make of another quagmire, over

200 years and the British still

haven't gotten out. For China a greater American military presence is no laughing

matter. It is possible for us

to have an ally in and a friend in Beijing. A

different Government ally isn't

so sure. The Greens want

parliament to consider the plans. There's no plans. There's no doubt there

needs to be a big debate about

what this impact on China and

India and other nations in the

region will be of an increased

US military presence in Australia. National security

policy is the province of

Government, the Government will

make the necessary decisions to

keep our nation safe and

secure, that's what I will

do. It's a big deal in the

United States as well. Senior other countries here America's

approaching a pivot point, an

opportunity to send some of its

forces and resources from Iraq and Afghanistan to

of the world. Like Australia. Another Australian

soldier has been badly wounded

in Afghanistan. This time in a

fierce firefight with

insurgents. 48 Australians have

been wounded in Afghanistan

this year, 10 have been killed. It was a stark reminder of the

dangers facing the troops there

as they paused to mark Rememberance Day. Few understand the danger of

and the sacrifice it demands

more than these men and women.

At Tarin Kowt, soldiers from

Australia, America, Singapore

and so slacka stopped and stood together. No matter where we

are in the mission and we are

given we can take time to pause and reflect on the great

sacrifices of past and present Rememberance

in day in Oruzgan Province this wear yaz particularly poignant

for the Australian, there the

toll is mounting and there's no

end in sight. There can be no doubt that the modern

Australianed soier is move than

living up to the legacy left to

us by our forebears in World

War I. Just hours before the

service, and just 12 kilometres

away another Australian soldier

was badly wounded, shot was badly wounded, shot during

a four hour gun battle with insurgents. The defence force says to the search for the Afghan soldier who shot three

Australian troops earlier in Australian troops earlier in

week. Those men are now being

treated in Germany. Back home,

the next deployment of diggers is shipping out. The force

communications unit communications unit will operate across the Middle East. Events of the past two

weeks have again highlighted

the danger environment there.

But you're mission is vital.

And we will manetary our resolve. For those left the nervous wait begins. We

will like all the other mothers

and fathers and sisters and

brothers will stay on our

shores and we will walk forward and we'll wait for our boys to

come home Six come home Six months and

counting. It's been a horror

day on the nation's roads with

massive accidents in three

States. Three people were

killed and four others are

still fighting for their lyes

remote after a car overturned in

remote central Australia. In country Victoria, five people

died in a crash between a car and a

were able to save a 20-year-old

woman who was trapped in the

burning wreckage. She's been

flown to a Melbourne hospital

in a critical condition . And

seven people were seriously at Beenleigh south of Brisbane

injured five critically when

two cars collided near an intersection. One of the

vehicles then crashed into a

tree. Police say it's too early

to say whether the 16-year-old

driver of one of the cars

should have been behind the wheel. Queensland's tourist

strip has won the race to host

the Commonwealth Games in 2018. the Sri Lankan city of The Gold Coast was up against

Hambantota, but when the votes were tallied it wasn't much of a contest with Australia getting 43 nods to Sri getting 43 nods to Sri Lanka's

27. The city is in part mode

tonight but organisers say

preparations will begin from

tomorrow. There were nerves in

both camps as bid teams waited

for the delegates to cast their

votes on the small Caribbean

Island of St Kitts. My pleasure

to announce that the the 2018 Commonwealth Games

will be the Gold Coast. For if Gold Coast bid team it was the

culmination of three

work. I'm so proud of this

team. I'm so proud of the Gold Coast. I'm so proud of being a Queenslander. This is a

fantastic achievement, all Australians will be looking

forward to hosting the Commonwealth Games. In the end

it was a comfortable win, 43 to

27. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. On the Gold people turned out to watch the

live announcement. Will be the

Gold Coast. There was relief

excitement, and possibly some divine divine intervention. I've been praying three weeks. Fantastic.

It's going to put us on the

world map for sure. I think it

was really cool that we won the

bid. It will be the fifth time

Australia has hosted the

Commonwealth Games. The second

time in Queensland and a first

for a regional city. I think

it's about spirit of community. It brings everybody

together Queensland's Treasurer says

says it creates economic benefit in the order of around $2 billion and 30,000

jobs. Once the celebrations are

over the hard work will truly

begin. The Gold Coast has just

over six years to prepare the city for what will be the

biggest event in its

history. And this is a whole

new dawn for the Gold Coast.

This is the biggest thing

that's ever happened and the benefits will start to flow

from today onwards. 80% of the

have been yous and facilities

are ready. The rest will cost more

more than half a billion

dollars. We already have put our money where our mouth is have a cost to our Budget. The

exact cost will be calculated

when the partying ends. Markets

have been boyed by some positive moves in debt-ridden

countries. The Italian Senate

has passed a series of

austerity measures including a

freeze on public sector wages

and an increase in the

consumption tax. PM Silvio

Berlusconi has promised to

resign once the Lower House

passes the bill. He's can'ted

to be replaced by Mario Monti.

In Greece, a similar transition

has already taken place, the

new PM Lucas Papademos has sworn in. He says his first

priority is to ratify the

bailout package agreed by Eurozone leaders last month.

Northern Afghanistan is in the

grip of a devastating drought

affecting more than 1 million

people. The big dry has slashed crop production and food

supplies are running low as

winter approaches. The plains of northern Afghanistan should

be carpeted with crops, but

this year there's almost nothing. More nothing. More than 1.2 million

people are affected by the

drought in the part of the

country. And winter is on its

way. Winter will be very

critical because of the failure

of the harvest, they have

almost exhausted whatever the

population they had, they've

started selling their catles

and selling the small - the

items of the houses This woman only has

to feed her family of six.

She's already begging. For the

neighbours have little to give

and the children are hungry.

TRANSLATION: The children ask

for rice, we don't have any and

they're crying. When I go to

the neighbours they only give

me a small bowl for the

kids. Villageleders have seen

seasons come and go, but this

drought has hit almost all of

the families here. The first

international food aid is not

expected to arrive for

know if they have a future here anymore.

TRANSLATION: If the drought

continues like this maybe

people will start migrating to other provinces or to countries like Pakistan and

Iran. This is a relatively

peaceful part of Afghanistan,

but it show just how deep the

poverty is even in places where

there's little fighting. Local

women earn 20 cents a day

spinning by hand. This is the

only income for some

families. This dry and dusty as

this land is now, the locals

are hoping that the winter will bring snow in the next few

months. Even though it will make their life more difficult

in the short-term it will

deliver some much needed

moisture. Until then it's a

case of haging on as the long

dry continues in northern Afghanistan. In Thailand

there's growing criticism of

the new PM's handling of flood

relief efforts. The

Government's pledged more than

$4 billion to help the nation

recover from its worst floods

in half a century. But on the streets of Bangkok few

end to the slow moving disaster

that began in July. Each

that began in July. Each November, the people of

Thailand float their troubles

away at the festival of Loy

Krathong. A tribute to the

spirits of the water. But spirits of the water. But this

year, the water's created more

problems than it's resolved.

Water that's already devastated

rural communities to the north,

is now just a few kilometres

from central Bangkok. Praida is

returning to her house sixkms

from the CBD, for the first

time since she evacuated it's

not a pretty sight. TRANSLATION:

TRANSLATION: I check the level

every day and it's receding so

I feel

I feel relieved but I cannot

also tee is water's got in and

I feel sad about what's to my

house With 2.8 million people

affected the Government's been strongly criticised for its

handling of the crisis and none

more so than PM Yingluck

Shinawatra, who came to power

in July riding a wave of

popularity driven by the poor. A backlash A backlash over confusing and often conflicting warnings and

haphazard aid delivery has

forced her to rule out standing

down and to reassure public.

TRANSLATION: People trusted me

and every vote I got means I

must take care of them so today

I want to do that duty and do

my best for the people. Former

PM and now Opposition Leader

Abhisit Vejjajiva bore the

brunt of publicinger during

anti-Government protests last

year. Now the new doing the damage control while

he's di ploig party volunteers

to help flood victims. The

Government's offer people about

$150 per household to compensate for flood damage.

But before this crisis is even

over, it's now being threatened

with a class action which would

incorpate both those who have

lost their homes and others who

have lost income due to the

floods. A leading conservation

group says Africa's western black rhino is the wild. The international

union for conservation of

nature says the population has

been wiped out by illegal

hunting. Poachers sell the animal's horn which is used in

some traditional cures even

though it has no medical value

and its use has been banned.

The Western Plains Zoo in NSW

has ban been part of a captive

breeding program aimed at increasing

increasing rhino numbers and

returning them to the wild. But

there's been a sharp increase

in illegal hunting meansling the

black rhinos are now in zoos. New figures show Canberra's

bulk-billing rate dropped by 0.5% during the September quarter. ACT doctors already

have the lowest rate of

bulk-billing in the country of

just over 47%. The Health

Minister says the fall is disappointing but a doctor

short able is not to blame. I

think it does come down to

capacity to pay and if there's

a view tone that you have the

ability to pay $80 the GPs are happy to ask you to

do that She says focussing on

prying more free primary health

care is the best option. The

national bulk-billing rate is

about 80%. New research

suggests that magnets can help

people who have suffered a

stroke. The technique is

generally used to treat depression, but researchers

have found that magnetic pulses

can also help stroke patients learn to speak again. Can you tell me tell me what this is Wendy Corp

had a stroke eight years ago.

Like many stroke patients her speech was affected. I couldn't

talk for two years or maybe three years. She's taking part

in a trial using transcranial

magnetic stimulation or TMS to help improve her speech. We're

using ittor people with speech impairments, we're actually

applying a low frequency form

of brain stimulation to try and reorganise

in the brain. The non-invasive technique using weak electrical

currents to flow to brain

tissue. It's been used successfully to treat mild depression. In this trial, they

use MRI images to pinpoint the part of the brain Ma government erps speech. Scientists from

the university of Queensland found significant improvement in the language skills of

patients who had the TMS

treatment. But Wendy Corp it's

made a huge difference. It was remarkable. I couldn't name

things but now I can. I can

talk much better. Roughly about

80% of patients that receive

the brain stimulation reported

and showed improvements over time in their

speech. Researchers say it could be combined with

traditional speech therapy in a

safe and useful way to help

stroke patients. The nation's

verge of being wiped out by the

wave of cheap imports flooding

the market. Some of Australia's

best craftsmen say they're

struggling to stay afloat. And

if demand continues to dwindle

they'll have to shut up

shop. Stewart D'Arcy shaped the

boards that carried lane beachy

to seven world titles but next

month he'll close the doors on

his Gold Coast factory for good

unable to compete with the

influx of cheap imported

boards. They were surfers to start with and guys who respected the beach

and they could actually like a

doctor preBSkyB you something to make your surfing go

better A new board from Asia

costs about $200, Australian

based shapers charge more than three types that amountment

boards made in China and

Thailand now account for 40 to

50% of sales. There's so many

surf ers and everyone's buying

boards in China, then we're

just killing our own industry. And tough competition

isn't the only thing blowing

manufacturers out of the water. The The high dollar and cost of raw

materials are wiping out profit margins A lot of guys are just

selling boards forewhatever

they can get just to get a cash flow and maybe get some food on

the table. The importers argue

they're selling quality surfboards designed by

Australian shapers. But a task Australian shapers. But a task force established by the

industry isn't convinced. It

wants import boardses on the stamped with

stamped with their country of

origin, higher tariffs and a Government

Government subsidised

apprenticeship scheme. At its peak D'Arcy's business 10 people. While he's continue

to make boards it will be in a

much smaller shed rather than a

factory. There are rile to be

changes to the Australian team after its 8 wicket loss to

South Africa in the first Test

in Cape Town. The Proteas

cruised to victory inside three

days and the tourists have only

four days to regroup before the

second and final Test in Johannesburg. The Australians

were looking to put the horrors

of day two behind them. But the nightmare nightmare stretch into day three. Out... Put down.Le

ohher. It was the second time the tourists had failed to

grass an chance in Hamish Amla

and he made them pay. Got to

applaud that shot. While

Australia had struggled to make 47, South Africa reached 236

for the loss of only two

wickets. We played disgraceful

shots, our shot selection was

horrendous, our execution again

with the ball today wasn't

great The ease withy Amla and Smith picked off the bowls on their way to sparkling

centuries will provide

headaches for Clarke and the

other selectors. With the she

could Test starting on Thursday. South Africa take

honours in what has been quite

an extraordinary Test match. We

have to have a good chat today

and find a way to get over it

as soon as possible. It's

cricket. After trailing by 188

runs on the first innings,

South Africa had produced one of the great think it's probably a win I

need to give to the bowlers.

The way they fought back and

got us back in the game and we

were able to close it off. With

just two Tests on the schedule, only

only one country can take the

series. But Australia can win

back some pride before leaving South

South Africa. John Senden is

eyeing his second Australian

Open golf title after a

dramatic third round at the

Lakes in Sydney. Senden

rocketed up the leaderboard

picking up nine shots to get to 12 under. But fellow Queenslander Jason Day is

lurking dangerously close and

heads a chasing pack dominated

by Australians. Tiger Woods's

drought looks set to extend

into a third year after the

American stumbled badly on day

American stumbled badly on day

three. Saturday is known as

moving day but Tiger Woods was

heading in the wrong direction and

and fast. The overnight leader

was wayward off the tee. And he

paid a heavy price. shots at the opening three

holes saw Woods tum frbl the

lead. Australian John Senden

was charging in the right

direction, putting in an early

nomination for shot of the

day. Get in there. Yes! John Senden. How about that? Senden's eagle was

matched by yet another holout from fellow Queenslander Adam

Scott. Some action off the

slope. Oh. He's holed another

one But while Scott failed to

build any momentum Senden

surged his nine under par round of

the back nine. He's now in the

box seat to add a second Open

title to the won he won at Royal Sydney five years ago. 63

for John for John Senden. Charges to the

lead in the Australian Open Got

to focus on what I've got to do

best and that's play my game

and if that's good enough all

very good Senden's closest and

most obvious challenger is the world number seven Jason

Day. Beautiful. Tit-for-tat in

that group. On his gifted the lead on the 8th

hole. His round was far from

flawst but his stellar short

game kept him in touch and

within sight of a maiden Australian Open victory. Greg

Chalmers has already won his

National open and could claim another

another after picking up five

shot Das to move to 10

under. That was a long way by if if it missed too Left-hander

Nick O'Hern is also close enough to challenge at nine

under but questions continue to

linger over the former world

number one. A frustrated Woods

will start the shots off the lead. The

Socceroos have suffered a

surprise 1-nil loss to Oman in their their Asian World Cup qualifier

in Muscat last night. Australia had won its three previous

games in group D of Asian

qualifying, Oman was yets to

win a game but shocked the

Socceroos in the 18 mt'nt Hoz

hoz on-side and score for so man. Amad Al man. Amad Al Hozni. The sharp save from Mark Schwarzer prevented the home team from

taking a 2-nil lead, the

Socceroos went close to an

equaliser in the second half

and will have another chance to qualify from their group when

they play Thailand on Tuesday. In the W-league

Canberra United have secured

their further straight win over

the Melbourne Victory in

Canberra today. Canberra took

the took lead in the first half

with Sally Shipard setting up

the goal for Ashleigh Sykes.

The home side extended the

margin through Taryn

leading 2-nil by half-time. Are

the visitors hit back in the

second half scoring in the 76th

minute but fail told level the score by full-time. Canberra is currently on top of the ladder

and will take on Newcastle next

week. The Canberra capitals

have entered unfamiliar territory slip toing to second

last on the ladder after losing

to Bendigo last night. The

Spirit raced ahead early in the

game to lead the cap ACTs by 14 points made a comeback in the fourth

term to take the lead for the

first time, but Bendigo answered

answered defeating last

season's runners-up 64-59.

Seven Seven time champions the Capitals remain three wins

outside the top five and are at

risk of missing the play-offs

for the first time in seven

years. They take on West Coast

at home tomorrow. Holden driver

Jamie Whincup is closing in on

the V8 Supercars championship

after winning today's race Tasmania. Wlin when started from pole position but soon

last the lead to Ford's Oprah

Winfrey. Whincup regained the

advantage on lap and was in control for the control for the rest of the race. Unlike Greg Murphy who

found himself one wheel short

on lap 24. Whincup went on to

take the win ahead of Craig

Lowndes and Garth Tander. This

is Jamie Whincup's 50th career

race victory, one step closer to getting the title

155 points in the championship.

There'll be another race

tomorrow. The new Aussie rule

team from Australia's largest

remote Aboriginal community is

fighting to get a leg up into

the Territory's Premier League.

But it could be a tall order

because it seems there's no-one

over six foot too in Wadeye.

The team coach says The team coach says that means

they'll have to look further afield if they're to be

competitive in the big

league. Not short on talent, Wadeye Magic, The

Wadeye Magic players aren't

quite reaching their potential. Clearly we're

probably a fairly short side. Australia's largest remote Aboriginal community has

fielded a team in the Northern

Territory AFL competition for

the first time this year.

They've been placed in division

one but want to make the Premier League Premier League next season.

They'll need a boost to get

there. Got a guy that's five

foot ten rucking into a guy

that's about six foot five

today so we hardly won a

tap. Height hasn't been the from a community that's been

divided by violence in the

past. I think the reason the

fighting stopped is because we

got this footy got this footy team happening and it's really exciting that I

see all the boys going in, have

vak good time The freshly

printed team merchandise is now

on the shelves in Wadeye's

stores and player Murphy Longman says the team is

inspiring people. We changing

this community, Wadeye. It's a long way to go for a footy game

but every week more Wadeye

locals are making the

pilgrimage to the sidelines in

Darwin. I don't know much in

Darwin but we are watching it

and... As Wadeye Magic keeps

notching up first grade wins,

the tall player recruitment

drive has started. Only those

above six foot the need

apply. Go Wadeye. To the

weather now and what a lovely sunny region.

You can see an approaching

cold front currently sweeping across south-east South Australia and into Victoria. A

high pressure ridge over the

ACT will ease tomorrow as that

trough moves through.

Generating a few isolated

showers tomorrow afternoon.

We'll see more rain later in

the week with a second front.

Before we go a brief look

back at our top story and Europe's deepening debt

problems are likely to dominate

debate at the APEC summit in

Hawaii. Julia Gillard began her

visit to Honolulu by paying her respects to fallen soldiers at a US veterans day service. And

that's the news for now. You

can keep up to date 24 hours a

day on ABC News online and ABC

News 24 and after a glorious

day in the capital thanks for

your company and good night ch Captions by CSI.