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Commonwealth Games, Queensland Live. Today - a golden

to host I'm so proud of this team,

I'm so proud of the Gold I'm so proud of being a I'm so proud of the Gold Coast,

Also today - the Prime

Minister urged to deliver

economic reform for the Pacific

at the APEC forum in

at the APEC forum in Hawaii. Greece's new Prime Hawaii. Greece's new Prime

Minister sworn in as Italy

moved to shore up crucial Eurozone

the world, Africa's rare black

rhino officially declared extinct. Hello, you're

quick look at the weather: ABC News, Ike Nim Dole. First a

There have been jubilant

scenes on the Gold Coast as the

city won the bid to hold the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The Gold Coast received 43 votes to

Sri Lanka's listen to the announcement and

reaxe - reaction. Ladies and

gentlemen, it's my pleasure to

announce that the host for the

the Gold 2018 Commonwealth Games will be

the Gold Coast. (Cheering) (Cheering)

Queensland's Premier Anna

Bligh is in St Kitts where she spoke of her delight spoke of her delight at the decision. Well, I think when we

arrived here the international

scale of it really hit us and done it was very daunting and we've

done a lot of hard work and it

was very clear early in the

week that there's a lot of

delegates wanting to support

Hambantota and it's been a very

close vote. So there was a good

chance we weren't going to make

it and we've had 7 rehearsals, we've had

we've had 15 meetings, we've

been much sleep, people have lobbied everybody, there

had jet lag all week and at the

end of all that the hard work has

has paid off so I'm so proud of

this team, I'm so proud of the

Gold Coast, I'm so proud being a Queenslander tonight.

And the Gold Coast is still

celebrating. Our reporter Tom Forbes is there. The Gold Forbes is there. The Gold Coast

is in party mode today is in party mode today having

won the host the 2018 won the host the

Commonwealth Games. It's a

culmination of years of work by

the State Government, the Gold

Coast City Council and everyone wakes up business Coast City Council and the

possibly with a hangover everyone wakes up tomorrow

possibly with a hangover they

know the hard work is about to

begin. The city has just over 6 years to prepare everything needed to host an international

multisport event. The State

Government has committed more

than $800 million for the Commonwealth Games than $800 million for the course it involves volunteers, Commonwealth Games but of

the business community,

councils and regular councils and regular citizens to help make it an event. To other news now Minister Julia Gillard has laid

a wreath at the Honolulu

military cemetery for military cemetery for fallen American soldiers. Asia Pacific

leaders are gathering in

APEC Hawaii's capital for the annual

APEC summit. Julia Gillard's

first official event here at APEC wasn't about closer

economic cooperation, it was

about closer military koption.

The Prime Minister laid a looet

wreath at the Honolulu cemetery

and paid tribute to the

American soldiers who died

helping to protect Australia World War II. This of course comes amid expectations that

Barack Obama will announce

closer military ties between Australia and the United States and in particular a and in particular a greater

American military presence in American military presence

Australia. In this year of

anniversaries it's a great

privilege for me representing

every Australian to be with you today here as you remember the

veterans of America's wars in

this beautiful and hallowed

American place where so many of America's own lie which they found too soon. which they found too soon. You

would be well entitled to say in this place they died for us. This

This is a day and place r ourselves alone. But we

Australians know that that is

not your way because we know

that so many of the buried that so many of the buried here

though the Prime Minister died for us too. From here

though the Prime Minister gets

down to business and down to business and business

is the focus today. The Prime

Minister will meet with CEOs

and business

be pushing for a free trade

zone here in the Asia Ma Civic

or specifically a Transpacific partnership. Those trade talks

overnight with did get a real kick along

overnight with news that Japan

is willing to get on board and is willing to get on board

that's significant because

Japan is famous for its very

high tariff walls and the fact

that Japan is interested in the Transpacific partnership also

gives hope to those who are

trying to sign and seal an

Australia/Japan free trade

deal. Word leaders continue to

arrive in Hawaii for the APEC

summit. We are expecting a speech from the speech from the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, that's live shot there from Hawaii and we'll bring that we'll bring that speech to you

as soon as we do get

it. There's been some relief

after the two countries that for financial markets in Europe

took the Eurozone to the brink

moved to shore up their

economies. In Italy the Senate approved austerity measures

while Greece swore in a new

Prime Minister. But despite

these changes, new signs are the continent are impacting on

Rome today British jobs and growth. From

Rome today a glimmer of hope. Italy's Senate of emergency economic measures. Italy's Senate passed a series

When the Lower House does same Prime Minister Silvio When the Lower House does the

Berlusconi has said he will

resign making way, it's

assumed, for this man, Mario Monti, a former European

Commissioner who will head a technocrat government. Monti will be tasked technocrat government. Mario

Monti will be tasked with 2014 to help contain Europe's balancing Italy's budget by

debt crisis. Italian VAT will

go up to 20 #2 - 21%. sector salaries will be frozen go up to 20 #2 - 21%. Public

for 3 years, there will be for 3 years, there will be a

crackdown on tax evasion. Europe's leaders today welcomed

the news. I'm very hopeful that

Italy will sort out this

situation quite soon. The situation quite soon. The

recent news we have been

receiving from Italy go in that direction but you know I direction but you know I cannot respond for Italy. In Europe's other problem capital Athens, there were more anti-austerity

protests on the streets today. "I'm today. "I'm expecting further barbaric measures against the people" this people" this woman said. Here

too a new government is being imposed imposed on the country. Another technocrat, Lucas Papademos was sworn in today. His job - to force through more force through more painful

austerity measures demanded austerity measures demanded by Brussels. Here at Commission there's a real sense

that Greece and Italy are doing

part of what is needed to contain the debt crisis. contain the debt crisis. One problematic prime minister has

gone, another is on the way out. But is out. But is it democratic?

Brussels gets what it wants, do

the voters? For now though it's money to bail out money to bail out Europe that

matters most. Many say the

European Central Bank should do

more to support countries under

threat. In Berlin they don't the consequences of the ECB

printing more money. Today its printing more money. Today its economics minister said a

bailout would remove the pressure on debt-ridden countries to reform. He also

had some advice for Britain.

TRANSLATION: I find it a bit

odd that the British don't have

the euro and yet they're constantly giving us advice as

to what we should do. And they

don't want to help in any

way. A sign of tension perhaps

though the chancellor George

Osborne was today concentrating on what on what all this means back home. Well

home. Well it's a very, very difficult and dangerous

situation in the Eurozone.

Britain is impacted by what is happen happen ing, there's no doubt

growth in Britain, jobs growth in Britain, jobs in Britain has been hit by Britain has been hit by what's going on in the Eurozone. Back in Italy Silvio Berlusconi this evening headed off for what

might be his last official engagement

engagement as prime minister.

The market stabilised when he

announced he would resign. Today's news also calmed them

but they know the euro is still in a critical condition. Mexico's interior minister, the second most senior official

after the President, has been

killed in a helicopter crash. Jose Francisco Blake Mora was travelling from Mexico City travelling from Mexico City to Cuernavaca when his helicopter

went down killing all 8 people

on board. Television on board. Television pictures

show the scattered wreckage on a hillside south of the

capital. The cause of the

accident isn't yet known. He's

the second interior minister of President Felipe Calderon President Felipe Calderon to die in an air accident after a previous interior in a small plane crash near Mexico City in to - 2008. The Calderon Government Calderon Government has been

waging a war against drug

cartels since 2006. A group of Kurdish militants has hijacked Kurdish militants has hijacked

a passenger ferry carrying 24

people in north-western Turkey. At least 4 men, claiming to be member of the militant

Kurdistan workers party,

boarder ed the high-speed sea

bus as it set out. The ship's

captain has reportedly told

local television that the group are armed and carrying are monitoring the ferry

anchored several kilometres off

the Turk yir coast. The Kurdistan workers party has

been fighting for autonomy in

the south-east. They've

a series of attacks against Government security forces in

recent months. Returning home

now and 3 people have died and

4 people have been seriously

injured in a car crash at Ali Curung in central Australia.

Police say a car with 9 people

inside rolled around 10:00 last night 350 night 350 kilometres north of Alice Springs. A woman, a 19-year-old man and a 28 -year-old man were 28 -year-old man were killed

and police say 4 other

passengers were injured, some of them critically. of them critically. Police say

they're looking for a woman who they believe was in the car they believe was in the car at the time of the accident but ran off afterwards. And ran off afterwards. And 7 people are in hospital two with

critical injuries after a

serious crash south of Brisbane this morning. Two cars were involved in involved in the involved in the accident at Beenleigh, 7 people were Beenleigh, 7 people were taken to hospital. A 40-year-old man

and 13-year-old boy were rushed life-threatening injuries. A

14-year-old boy and 16-year-old

girl are among the injured.

Police say a 16-year-old was

driving one of the cars. driving one of the cars. The

intersection on Logan River

Road remains closed. As NSW

students celebrate the end of

their HSC exams education experts are experts are warning the

pressure to get into top

universities is driving a culture of unethical behaviour.

We will break into that story

and we'll bring you that later

because Hillary Clinton has

stepped up in Hawaii. All the ministers have been doing and

to have a chance to report to

you briefly about the extraordinary extraordinary efforts under way here. As here. As you know President

Obama will be arriving back

home shortly and we will then embark on an extensive embark on an extensive engage ment with our partners in the

Asia Pacific. I gave a speech

about this yesterday at the

East-West Centre. believe that the believe that the world's strategic and of gravity will be the Asia

Pacific for the 21st century

and it will be up to American

state craft over the next

decade to lock in a

substantially increased investment, diplomatic, economic, strategic and

otherwise. Here at APEC, as hosts of the 2011 leaders'

meeting, we will continue meeting, we will continue to drive a positive rules based economic and then when the President and

I travel to Indonesia to

participate in the East Asia

summit we will continue with these efforts to advance a

comprehensive regional agenda to promote security, economic

growth and universal values. US trade representative, trade representative,

ambassador Ron Kirk and I have

welcomed foreign and trade and economic ministers from across

the region. Today I chaired two

high-level policy dialogues on critical issues, disaster

resilience and open governance

as well as holding bilateral meetings with senior officials from several countries

including China, Japan,

Australia, Indonesia and

Vietnam. We discussed a full

range of issues from our

economic partnerships to our

security challenges to our

shared humanitarian concerns.

In particular, I expressed

solidarity with our friend Thailand as it contends

with the worst flooding in the nation's history. We also

consulted on a range of other pressing issues regarding Iran

we discussed the recent we discussed the recent report raising serious concerns about

the weapons related work the Iranian

Iranian Government has

undertaken. Iran has a long history of deception and denial regarding its nuclear program and

and in the coming days we

expect Iran to answer the serious questions raised this report and the United

States will continue to consult closely closely with partners and

allies on the next steps we can take to increase take to increase pressure on

Iran. Regarding Syria, we discussed the ongoing discussed the ongoing and escalating violence perpetrated

by the Assad Government against

its own people. Our position is

clear, we are supporting

peaceful transition, peaceful transition, Assad peaceful transition, Assad has

lost his legitimatecy to rule and he should step down. Regarding Korea, the exploratory talks America had

with South Korea two weeks ago,

we made clear what we expect

North Korea to do to get back

to talks including concrete

steps towards denuclearisation.

North Korea must comply with

its commitments under the 2005

joint statement of the 6-party

talks, relevant UN Security Council resolutions and the

armistice agreement. And we armistice agreement. And we are

waiting North Korea's supplies.

So it has already been a

productive few days in Hawaii

and we know there will be a lot

more work President arrives to begin President arrives to begin his meeting

meeting with the leaders and then that will continue as then that will continue as I've

said, as both the President and

I leave Hawaii, he to go to

Australia and then Indonesia, I

to go to the Philippines, Thailand

Thailand and then Indonesia. So

with that I'd be happy to with that I'd be happy to take your questions. The first one goes to AFP

goes to AFP shaen Sean

REPORTER: You REPORTER: You mentioned

yesterday in your speech that

in Burma you've seen the first

stirrings of change in decades.

From your talks here and else where how serious are where how serious are these

stirrings. Do you feel the current government is committed

on such thing as releasing of prisoners prisoners and easing the violence in minority areas and

what is the United States

prepared to do to prepared to do to encourage those changes. Sean, as you those changes. Sean, as you know, special representative Derek Mitchell and assistant

secretary of democracy, labour and human rights Mike pose and human rights Mike pose ner. Visited AP Dow and Rangoon last

week with a wide range of senior government senior government officials, opposition leader, representatives of civil

society and they reported back

from our own interactions but

based on reports from other

officials from other countries

that there is a substantive dialogue under way with Aung San Suu Kyi, important legislative initiatives including a new labour law including a new labour law and changes to political changes to political party

registration law. It appears that

that there are real that there are real changes

taking place on the ground and

we support these early efforts

at reform. We want people of Burma able to

participate fully in the

political life of Thaine own

country. But we know there must be much more be much more done. We are concerned about concerned about the human rights situation, the rights situation, the political prisoners who are still in long-term detention, we continue to call for the

unconditional release of unconditional release of all

political prisoners, and an end

to the violence in ethnic

minority areas. We urge the transparent in its relationship

and dealings with North Korea. So we

So we are encourage ing them to take reform, to bring more openness and transparency, we believe

that the Burmese people share

the same universal values all

- that all people are entitled

to and therefore we want to see the encouraging signs

the encouraging signs Contepomi transition to a broader political dialogue political dialogue and

eventually the kind of

democratic and open

that we think would benefit that we think would benefit the people of Burma.

people of Burma. I wab wanted

to ask a kind of strategic question and the theory is your situation in terms of the

negotiations here at APEC is somewhat

somewhat constrained by the

fact that in the next year

so there's going to be a lot of

political transitions of power,

a lot of elections, the United

States of course, and that is a

constraining factor and that's

why we can't go towards the

sort of ambitious targets that

maybe were envisaged say 6 to 12

12 months ago. Could you speak

to that? Well, I think I would

characterisation. You know, our

discussions focused on 3 key issues - growth and issues - growth and jobs, regulatory reform and competitiveness, efficiency and energy security along with disaster resilience,

open accountable government. We

think these are ever green

issues. They are not issues

that are here today and gone

tomorrow. They are issues that

require consistent, persistent,

patient work. So we exploring new ways exploring new ways to enhance trade, the Transpacific

partnership which we've been

working on very diligently is,

we think, moving quite well in

the right direction. We are

looking to encourage the

lowering and elimination of barriers to trade and

investment both at the borders investment both at the borders

and behind borders and we are continuing to make progress there. We're improving

regulatory quality and

transparency and we think that if you look at the if you look at the stead quli progress that has been made on these issues there's a great

story to tell. At the same time we're trying we're trying to promote environmentally sustainable

growth, green industries, new opportunities to secure energy efficiency and energy security and that too is and that too is an ongoing

commitment. So I think that - I

made a comparison yesterday

which I really believe is apt

and that is if you look and that is if you look at how much time and effort was

required to first create and

then institutionalise the transatlantic the institutions that really

make up the strong bonds

between North America

Europe we are promoting the

same kind of long-term project

here. That's what I mean here. That's what I mean about a pivot to the Asia Pacific. And And when you look back and think about the countless meetings, the endless

discussion, the never ending

kinds of negotiations that took place over many years to establish the transatlantic architecture, we same on the Transpacific

architecture. So I think we're

making progress and it is a

long-term commitment that will certainly last far beyond any

of our times in office. Thank you. And that's the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressing delegates there at the APEC conference in

Hawaii. She talked about the

importance of the Asia

importance of the Asia Pacific region and addressed region and addressed weapons development in North Korea

among a number of other topics situation in Burma. No doubt

we'll hear more from her over

the coming days in Hawaii.

We'll go to Russia, Vladimir

Putin has defended his Putin has defended his decision to stand in next year's

presidential election saying he

wants to continue the reform

program he began when he program he began when he first

took office 12 years ago. took office 12 years ago. He's the overwhelming favourite to

return to the top job but critics question his motives

saying his political influence

is an increasingly destructive

force. Vladimir Putin, for 12

years the face of Russia. Now come back as president next

year and could be around year and could be around No. 2024. But if he can stay in power

power for so long unchallenged power for so long unchallenged

what has happened to Russian

democracy? Tonight the there

was chance to quiz him face to

face, meeting with foreign analysts of Russia over dinner

he denied he was driven by personal ambition or a desire to stifle reform. He just needed longer to fulfil needed longer to fulfil his

plans to raise living standards and make the stronger. It doesn't mean that

the political system should stagnate, he told us, and of course we're course we're thinking of ways

for people to have more influence on those

Vladimir Putin may not have it

all his own way. Yes, here in

Russia he's still the Russia he's still the most popular politician but popular politician but this

place has changed a lot since

he came to power. People live he came to power. People live better but they're also more

dissatisfied and some of dissatisfied and some of those who once praised him for

restoring order now say he could

a dangerous direction. For all the appearance of prosperity

there's a growing gap between

rich and poor. Stability has

become stag nation and could

lead to a social

explosion. Even Putin's former

prime minister says it could be

on the cards. You really think

there could be the equivalent of the

of the Arab spring here in Russia? Absolutely and

everything Putin is doing that

has encouraged this mood. It

would not mature soon but

definitely. The question is what Russians, often seen as

apathetic, out on to the streets? Outside Moscow streets? Outside Moscow police headquarters we found this small picket, hardly the stirrings stirrings of stirrings of revolution. But Russiania's top political blogger says the Internet has

given the Opposition a powerful

new tool. I think that all

these talks about social these talks about social and

apathy, it's true, but

everything can change in everything can change in a very short time. Vid Mir

return to the presidency isn't return to the presidency isn't in doubt, what's much more

certain is whether his

strongman style is still what

most Russians want. Time for sport now with Tulsen tollet and Tiger and coare about to

head out in the if golf. The

Australian Open leader Tiger

Woods is due to tee off in his

third round at The Lakes in Sydney shortly. Now the American hasn't won a tournament since securing the

Australian Masters title 2

years ago and will look to build on yesterday's strong

round and playing with


carded a 5-under round of carded a 5-under round of 67

which leaves him in a strong position and Australian

professional Lucas Parsons thinks he's going to thinks he's going to enjoy playing in this

country. Centuries to Graeme Smith and Hashim Amla have helped South Africa win the first Test against Australia in

Cape Town. After 23 wickets Cape Town. After 23 wickets

fell on day 2 it was a

different story on day 3. Smith

and Amla shared a massive stand

to easily reach the victory

target of

chance for an early scalp but

Shane Watson gave Amla a

reprieve. The Australians were

made to pay for the mistake.

Smith and Amla smashing the

ball everywhere. Found their

rhythm and put on 195 runs for

the second wicket.

Amla's luck ended as Amla's luck ended as Mitchell

Johnson removed him for 112. By

another 14 runs for victory as

Smith brought up his ton then

the winning run. A short time

ago I spoke with Andy Bichel

who doesn't believe huge

changes are required. The last

thing we want is a batting

order going into the next Test

looking over their shoulder. We

don't want to create that environment where that can be an ugly environment where guys

are looking over their out there and expressing out there and expressing their skills that they've got skills that they've got and

they've been selected for this

tour because they've got those

skills and they've shown for skills and they've shown that for a long period now. The Socceroos have gone down 1-0 to Oman overnight in their World

Cup qualifier. They move their

campaign to Thailand now for

their second last qualifying

match in Bangkok on match in Bangkok on Tuesday

needing a point to qualify for

the next phase while Saudi Arabia scored a 3-0 win over

Schwarzer was powerless to stop

this shot nestling in the

corner. The loss corner. The loss is just

manager Holger Osieck's third

in 20 matches with the

Australians. Meanwhile Adelaide

United has move aid way from

the Bott bottom of the the Bott bottom of the ladder.

It came thanks to a win over

the Gold Coast. The game

the Gold Coast. The game lit up

in the second as zernon car

. Ian Ramsey reinstated the Reds advantage. The win lifts Adelaide The win lifts Adelaide from second last to sixth on the ladder.

ladder. Boxing now and man i

packier and Marquez weighled in a short time ago. The is on the line and Pacquiao stiped the scales at 133

pounds. Marquez was just a pound lighter. One pound can pound lighter. One pound can make a difference. You will be

watching no doubt early tomorrow. I will be. Alright

the western black rhino is -

the western black rhino the western black rhino of Africa is no more. The international union for conservation of nature

officially declared the animal extinction. It's believed that

poachers have killed at least

341 black rhinos this year

alone. Less than a month ago announced the demise of announced the demise of the Javan rhino in Vietnam where

the lation - last one in the wild had been killed by hunters and its horn hacked off. Horns

are prized by tra mishl

medicine hearls. Jave medicine hearls. Jave Javan

rhinos still roam the wilds rhinos still roam the wilds but hab tabted hab tabted destruction is

pushing them to the there. The satellite image shows cloud over WA, the Top

End, Queensland and northern

NSW along a broad trough generating generating showers and storms. High cloud over the High cloud over the south of

the country is also bringing

instability. Taking a look at

today's weather around the

States - a fine day for much of Queensland, apart from Queensland, apart from isolated showers about the east coast. NSW will see coast. NSW will see isolated

showers and thunderstorms showers and thunderstorms in the north east. Fine and the north east. Fine and mostly sunny elsewhere. Victoria will be mostly fine except for some isolated showers near and the eastern ranges. Tasmania will ranges. Tasmania will see light

showers clearing leading to a

mostly sunny day. Isolated