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Live. Tonight - Australians

targets again by a reg Afghan soldier. These incidents do

corrode trust, I think that's obvious. Demock ra

advertisation of Afghanistan in

the model of Australia is

simply a pipe dream. The great survivor finally undone by

Europe's debt crisis. The

latest high-tech weapon in the

fight against dementia. And why Australia's

Australia's medal hopes in

London may be dashed. London may be dashed. Good

evening, welcome to ABC News

I'm Virginia Haussegger. For

the second time in 10

rogue Afghan army soldier has

opened fire on his Australian

trainers wounding 3 of them and raising new doubts about the mission there. The 3 diggers are in a serious condition and

a major operation is under way

in Oruzgan province to catch

the fugitive gunman. The Prime

Minister and military chiefs

say Australia must see its

training mission through but

admit the attacks will corrode trust between Australian and Afghan troops. Here's

Afghanistan correspondent Sally Sara. In the small patrol base

of Basir to the north-east of Tarin Kowt 10 Australian

soldiers were at rest. From a

watch tower above them an

Afghan National Army officer

opened fire. 3 Australians from

the mentoring task force were

wounded so were 2 from the

ANA. We have no indication that

there's a systemic effort being

applied against us here. The

wounded were flown to Tarin

Kowt and later to Kandahar.

Afghan soldiers pursued the

attacker but he fled in a

vehicle as Australian from nearby bases. We've

technical means continued with our more

technical means to try to track

him down. They're keen to catch

him alive to answer the

question why. It could be personal grievance, it could be

religious ideology, don't know. Intelligence is being

checked and the 30 ANA soldiers

have been disarmed as a

precaution. 3 dead and 10

wounded in 10 days has Defence and the Government

acknowledging that a core part

of the mission to train the

Afghan army is at think that's obvious. Even so incidents do corrode trust, I

stick with the timetable. As Julia Gillard is determined to

dreadful as these incidents

our mission in Afghanistan does

need to continue. The rogue

shootings haven't corroded bipartisanship but have convinced critics of the war

that the dangers aren't worth

it. I say to both the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition name a date. Despite

vetting procedures building the Afghan Army analysts say Australia must now security risks and some

live with them as long as the

troops remain. I don't think we

should assume that every ANA

soldier is a pon ksh potential killer but we have to soldier is a pon ksh dsh

be realistic with the best will

in the world this is going to

be a flawed force. Commanders

have ordered their troops to

take extra security precautions

because of concerns of possible

Australian officials will carry further attacks. Afghan and

out a full investigation into

the latest incident. Soldiers

continue their from both countries will

southern Afghanistan. The

United Nations nuclear watchdog

says there's strong evidence Iran has been working

designs for a nuclear bomb. A

new report from the International Atomic Energy

Agency said it's possible

Iranian research on such a

weapon is still continuing

today. This report I think is

devastate ing in that it

establishes beyond a shadow of

a doubt that Iran was engaged in R and D its in R and

its nuclear program was for

peaceful purposes and

peaceful purposes and dismisses

the UN report as politically

motivated. Have the agency

found any smoke gun. Therefore

it seems we are seeing the same

scenario of Bush Administration

once again but performed by the

Director-General of IAEA. The

United States says it needs

time to study the report but

many in Washington are already

pushing for a new round of

sanctions. Italy's em Prime Minister has agreed to

resign becoming the biggest

casualty yet of the debt

crisis. Silvio Berlusconi

concedes he no longer has the

support to govern and has

pledged to stand down after a

new budget law is approved.

With more political lives than

prime minister might have a kettle of cats, the mecurial

thought this was just another

crisis he'd overcome but with

the leader of a key coalition

party telling him to go a

difficult day was about to become impossible. his own party echoed the call

for him to quit. As did protestors outside the

would be the last as their parliament hoping this

leader. The supporters hoped

they were wrong. This pressure

is really hard. In my opinion

it's not justified, it's just

too much. Of course he feels it

and he's trying to do his best. I

I mean this I can tell you.

knows there's not much He's trying to do his best. He

time. Even though he survived a

key budget vote there was one

thing the embattled leader

could not regain and that was confidence.

confidence. Silvio Berlusconi

corruption, bribery and now sex had survived allegations of

charges but it appeared he

could not escape a massive national debt load, a

spiralling bond market and a

chronic lack of confidence that

he was the man to get Italy out

of trouble. Silvio Berlusconi says he will stay long enough

to pass a revised austerity

budget and sthen resign but he

elections. It's not clear if

he'd run again. He has said it

and he should keep his own word but the

happen, well it could take from

two weeks to one month depending both from the

political mood of the

technicalities of the law. Many parliament and the

have written off the former

cruise ship crooner before and

no-one is certain if this

song. Silvio Berlusconi has really is his swan swonge. -

been a larger than life figure

for nearly 2 decades. The

75-year-old who's notorious for

his gaffes and sex scandals

leaves a legacy of in crisis. Adrian Raschella leaves a legacy of an economy


looks back at his political career. Silvio Berlusconi was

one of the most powerful men in Italy. Despite controlling most

of the country's mainstream

television and newspapers, having

having a significant stake in

supermarkets and the AC Milan soccer team,

more. In 1994 he became Prime Minister promising to end decades of corruption and

stabilise Italy's infamous

leader's functional political system but it

within months. The government

collapsed and Berlusconi went

on trial for bribing tax

inspectors. He was found guilty

and sentenced to jail but later

acquitted. It was a taste of things to come. In 2001

Berlusconi was back running the

country. His tenure marked by

more than 400 corruption

investigations and 8 67 he had a face lift and hair

transplant insisting a youthful

appearance made him a better

ambassador for Italy but it did

little for his health. He fainted on stage because of

Aine irregular heart beat and

had surgery in the US. He was

hospitalised again after a man

threw a souvenir of Milan

cathedral at him breaking his

nose and teeth. Berlusconi's

third term in saufs was mark

bade series of sex scandals and political foot

moments. He liken ed the tent

city for the earthquake as a

weekend of camping. And there

was this about President.

TRANSLATION: What was his name?

Just a minute. It was someone

with a tan, Barack Obama. He

was also a flirt to say the

least. You are so good, I'm

almost forced to invite you for

some Bunga Bunga. And it seemed

he did that a lot. Berlusconi faced with teenage models, call girls

paid to go to parties at his

home, a trial for alleged sex

with an underaged prostitute

and a divorce from and a divorce from his second wife. Still Berlusconi would

shrug it off with his trade mark provocative style.

TRANSLATION: It's better to

like beautiful girls than to be

gay. He never seemed afraid of

offending, even playing up

behind the Queen. She was not

amused. And right to the very

end those wondering eyes were

always on the lookout. The United

United States report says more

than 3,500 people have been

killed in Syria since the uprising began in March.

Amateur footage which cannot be

verified apparently shows tanks

firing into neighbourhoods into

the ancient city of Homs. The

UN also condemned the killing

of 60 people since the Arab

League signed a with the Syrian President. We

call upon the Arab League to

increase the pressure on the

Assad regime. We believe the

Assad regime should agencies have described the

situation in Homs as appalling.

They say residents have no

access to food, water or

medical supplies. The French

President has been left red

faced after he was overheard disparaging the Israel Prime Minister. Nicolas Sarkozy called Benjamin Netanyahu a liar

US President Barack Obama at

last week's G20 summit in

Cannes. It was inadvertently

broadcast when the pair left a news conference

microphones still turned on. Mr

Obama replied by saying "You may be sick of him but I have

to deal with him every day."

There methylhexaneamine has -

Mr Netanyahu has not responded

to the demands. There are major

changes at the top of Rupert

Murdoch's media empire in

Australia. News News Limited's

chairman and chief executive John Hartigan has resigned after more than 40 years with

the group. He will be replaced

with Foxtel chief's Kim Williams. Yet another

tumultuous event for News

Corporation. The chief of News

Limited John Hartigan is ending

a career spanning 4 decades

with the group. The CEO of the group, ie Rupert Murdoch, would

have been less impressed with

the fact that circulation has

been declining on a number of

these papers and the

advertising of late

little softer. In a statement

Rupert Murdoch, who made the announcement on a visit to Australia, thanked Mr Hartigan saying: # January Hartigan's roles will

be split as Kim Williams from

Foxtel becomes chief executive

and Rupert Murdoch assumes the

chairman's job increasing his

role in the business. I certainly counsel from him in relation to the directions of the

company. A direction which

includes development of multimedia and subscription

services. Mr Williams is also heading a heading a group under scrutiny

from a parliamentary media

inquiry and subject to

government attacks. I don't

think there's any point trying

to guild the lily about the

fact that there are some within

the Government that are solidly

opposed to our work. And was that reflected in the

Government's decision to scrap the the Australia Network tender

process in which News Corp's

part-owned Sky News was a

bidder against the ABC. To

accuse the Government of taking

action against News over the

Sky News tender I think is

drawing a pretty long bow. Is

it drawing a long bow to

suggest that John Hartigan's

December departure is linked to

concerns about the group's

phone hacking scandal in the

UK? John Hartigan had flagged

some time ago that he would be

looking to move on about now. Investors will respond

tomorrow. It's emerged that

Rupert Murdoch's now defunct tabloid

tabloid the 'News of the World'

hired a private detective to spy spy on Prince William and

scores of British celebrities

. Former police officer Derek

Webb has revealed he worked for

the newspaper until it closed

in July. They paid him to carry

out surveillance on more than

100 public figures. I would

write down what they were

wearing at the time, what car

they were in, who they met, the

location they met, the

times. Prince William was one

of his targets but he also tailed Prince Harry's

ex-girlfriend Chelsea Davy as well as well as David Beckham and even

the parents of Harry Potter

star Daniel Radcliffe. He said

what he did wasn't illegal and

he's not ashamed of it. The rev

lailingss come as Neuer News

International chairman James

Murdoch faces the British

parliament about his knowledge

about illegal activity by about illegal activity by his employees. Forestry Tasmania

has admitted it is still logging high conservation

forests due to be protected under under the Tasmanian forest

peace deal. Environmental groups say timber from these

areas has turned up on a London

Olympics building site. But the

company who provided the timber

said the wood was manufactured

prior to the agreement. This is

one of the southern Tasmanian

logging coups that green groups

say is cut down for Malaysian

timber company a Ta Ann. Now

the products have been found in

this Olympic hall in London

which is being prepared for US

athletes. We managed to track

timber sourced by Ta Ann within

the hectares marked for moratorium to Olympic training

facilities. Ta Ann disputes

that. He says the ply wood was

sent years before this year's peace

peace deal and that it only

uses regrowth timber. The

company sees the news as cause for celebration. We're

says the company and says the company and industry are thrilled Tasmanian timber

is being used at the London

Olympics. I think it's

absolutely fantastic. We're

really rapt and really rapt and I think it

recognises that it's a great

prurt product. Ta Ann is still

receiving timber from high

conservation forest slated for protection under the Prime

Minister's forest peace deal

and the company blames Forestry Tasmania. The State-owned body

that supplies all logging

companies. We are not a logging

company, we're a manufacturing company and Forestry may supply to us. From our

company's perspective I can

clearly say that we use

regrowth material. The forest

deal was supposed to be the end of

of a generation of conflicts

but the continued logging goads

old warriors. The Prime Minister and Premier Lara

Giddings should carry through

their signed word on the intergovernmental agreement that this would stop. Forestry

Tasmania admits it is logging

high conservation value forests

but says the amount is

trifling. It than half of 1% of the area to

be protected. The latest weapon

against Alzheimer's isn't a new

drug, it's an application for

your smart phone. The app is

designled to help prevent the

onset of the debilitating

disease by helping people

better understand the risk

factors. It's the brain child

of a group of Australian new

row scientists. It's the new computer game that's good for

your health. Brain app is about

trying to address one of the

holy grails in preventive

medicine which is about getting

people to change their

behaviour. The app is the

latest tool in the fight

against dementia. You take a

survey, it gives you the

actions you can take to improve

your heart health and your

brain health. It gives people brain health. It gives people a

chance to get reliable, scientifically based

information. It has games to

keep the mind sharp and draws

strong links between mind and

body. We now know that all of

those risk factors that - lead

to heart disease and heart

attacks and heart also risk factors for dementia and brain disease. Despite

decades of research there's

still no cure for dementia but

what scientists do know is should be thinking about

dementia while we're still

healthy. Those changes that

lead to dementia they start 20

to 30 years before the onset of

the disorder, so we're talking

about doing the right things in one's 30s and 40s to protect

our brain in our 60s and

70s. To give ourselves the best

chance of fending off dementia

the app suggests taking up a

new hobby, exercising minutes a day and eating

well. The brain app isn't a

silver bullet for dementia.

Many healthy people will still

develop the diss

with disease rates expected to quadruple over the next 40

years researchers are aurgeing

Australians to act now. The app

is free and can be downloaded

from today. Consumers are

starting to feel more

optimistic just in time for

Christmas. The latest consumer

sentiment figures have risen to

a 6-month high after last

week's interest rate

to get too excited and global

economic woes continue. The

owner of this gift ware store

says it's always better to give than receive but than receive but she and many

others did appreciate the

Reserve Bank's gift of an interest rate cut last week. And I do feel at the

counter that people are in a

slightly better mood to open

their wallet. And that's been

reflected in new figures. The

Westpac Melbourne Institute

consumer sentiment index for

November has risen more than

6%. It means that more people

are positive than are and this is the first time

we've had that since May this

year. The lift in sentiment is

much needed as many Australian

retailers continue to struggle

and it comes at a crucial time in the lead up to Christmas. It

is simply an uptick in

sentiment but compared to this time last year it's significantly better than the level of confidence that we saw

then. And retailers are hoping

the uptick in consumer

sentiment will be kicked along

by another interest rate cut in

December. Some economists believe those rate cut hopes

could be realised but they're also warning also warning the lingering

uncertainty in the economies of

Europe continue to cast a dark

cloud over the rest of the world. So with ongoing

uncertainty there and with little likelihood that we will

see a sustainable solution to

this in the next few weeks consumers are

consumers are going to remain

on edge. Particularly if, as

expected tomorrow's

unemployment numbers show the jobless rate continuing to

rise. To finance now and the

imminent departure of Silvio

Berlusconi cheered financial

markets around the world today and as Alan Kohler reports the Australian market was also

helped by a fall in China's

inflation rate. So quite a send

off for Mr Berlusconi but the celebration was constrained by

the fact that a change of

drivers doesn't change the

direction of a train. Greece

and Italy are travelling on

railway lines of debt that lead

to the train crash of a bail out. Anyway the Greek share market had another big rise

last night. German investors

are getting nerveous about the

economy. The Australian market

went up with more went up with more than 1%. OneSteel had a big day despite

yesterday's passage of the

carbon tax. Westpac and BHP were among the best of the blue chips. chips. The gold price reached

$1,802 an ounce at one stage

before closing just below

$1,800. On the spot market this

afternoon it's down another $10

and the Australian dollar rose

about 0.5 cents against the US dollar but fell against the

euro which of course rose

because of the fall in

politicians. Apart from the so

lid consumer confidence

economic data were housing loan

figures, up 2.2% in number in

September. But the size of the

loans are shrinking. For a

while the loans here were

getting about 10% bigger a year

as the prices of houses were rising strongly but the latest

month has seen the biggest

decline in the size of loans in

a decade. Finally a revealing

bar chart from the 'New York

Times'. Between 1947 and 1973

average family incomes in the

US rose 2.5% a year while the top 1%

their incomes by 1% a year. In

the following 42 years that was

more than reversed. The richest

1% made an extra 4% a year.

While average family

rose less than 1% a year. So

that's why there's a camping

ground in Wall Street. The

boss of the Australian Olympic

committee has issued a dire

prediction about the nation's

prospects at the London

Olympics. Olympic insiders say

the country could finish as low

as 8th on the medal table

winning only 30 medals. The

committee urgent injection of funding to ensure Australia remains

competitive. Whether it's in

the water, on the water or at

the track, less than a year from the from the London Olympics

athletes have their hearts set

on gold. But at a conference in

Canberra today the Australian

Olympic committee warned that

the prospects of clinching

those sought after medals are looking increasingly

slim. Sydney we medals in 19 disciplines, sports and we're down to this year I

think will be 10. The 2008

Beijing Games saw Australia win

46 medals, almost a third of them gold. Fast forward three

years the latest data indicates

the nation will take out just

30 medals in London, finishing

as low as 8th on the table. Not

since 1992 has the country

finished outside the top 7 and

the committee is eager to see

August drastically improve by

needs to look at what is

required by our sports to

perform well in Rio, to finish

in the top 5, anything less will be will be another failure. As part of any reassessment after

any Olympic Games or Paralympic

Games we sit down and look at

the next o-Olympics. So we'll

be doing that with our partners

w the Olympic committee and

looking about how we invest our funds. Shooting and boxing are

also in the committee sights.

It's called for an immediate

funding boost for the sports

securing more medals. They -

you have to have a broad base

of sports if you're going to

perform well on the medal tally

at the Olympic Games. With the

count down to the Olympic Games

well and truly under way the

focus on medals or lack of them will increase. A number of

players have had their first

look at The Lakes golf course

in Sydney ahead of the

Australian Open which starts tomorrow. A day after Tiger Woods

Steve Williams it was Williams'

current boss Adam Scott in the

spotlight. Almost a week after

teeing off at his old boss

Tiger Woods, it was back to the

fairways for Steve Williams and

his new employer Adam Scott.

The pair backing up after the world world golf championship in

Shanghai during which Williams made a racially sensitive

remark about Woods. It's a very unfortunate circumstance, we

don't need that in the game and

I want to put an end to it and

I feel like I have. Woods

sighted on the putting green.

His first 18 holes on the

layout since arriving in Sydney.

Sydney. It seems fairly

tranquil now but wind gusts up to

to 40km/h are predicted from

early tomorrow morning. That

could cause trouble for the

early groups. Players such as

Geoff Ogilvy and Greg Norman

are both off early while the

likes of Tiger Woods and Adam

Scott are later in the day. As for the course itself, The

Lakes, this is why they call it the the lakes, we're on the 11th hole right now but no less than

5 holes span this water hazard.

Should be a very challenging day at the office. Inform

Australian Jason Day has the

honour of playing honour of playing alongside Tiger tomorrow for the first time in his time in his career. Having

played with him a fair bit now

this year I think he's really

got it figured out early on how

to go about his business which

I've been really impressed

with. I like the way Jason goes

about it. Scott's threesome

includes Matt Kuchar and

Johnsen - John send en. It's

got the got the richest history of any

national championship out of

the States and possibly Japan. As well as the

prestigious Stonehaven Cup,

$1.5 million in prize money is

up for grabs. Rain is

threatening to cause delays

through day one of the first

cricket Test between Australia

and South Africa. The match is

still scheduled to start

shortly in Cape Town and

captain Michael Clarke is yet

to finalise his 11. The

visitors are eeg eagerly

awaiting the start

2-match series and believe they

are match hardened after

winning the Test series in Sri

Lanka. We are 100% ready. Our

preparation has been outstanding, the was really good for us. South

Africa hasn't played a Test match since match since January. Australia are better prepared than us, that's the reality. We've got

to find a way, what we said 2

or 3 days a ago, we've got to

make sure that we're ready to

compete come day one. The

Australians beat the Protea's

2-1 when they last toured South Africa in

look at today's weather here's

Mark. Good evening. Well it was

a funny old day

first thing which cleared to a

cloudy, sticky morning. The

cloud came out just before

lunch and then there was

lightening and thunder around

2:00 this afternoon with 2 mm

falling in Tuggeranong. The

winds were easterly turning

north-westerly at morning tea,

averaging at about 20km/h and

the maximum today was 29.

Cloud stretches from the

Northern Territory down to the

south-east and it will continue

to generate showers to generate showers and storms. The cloud is associated

with a trough which will move

towards the north-east tomorrow

but not before delivering more

showers and storms to our

region. A cold front will bring

some temperature relief to the

southern capitals tomorrow.

For Canberra tomorrow

concreting and brick laying

might be a bit iffy early and

there will be possible heavy

showers and storms first thing easing around lunch. easing around lunch. And the

falls could vary between 10 and

20 mm. After midday the sun

should come out. The winds will

be between 20 and 35km/h. 15 to


And this rose is from the Old

Parliament House rose garden

which looks terrific and its

colour is the same as our SES

volunteers uniforms and aptly

named Remember Me. Indeed it's

a beautiful orange and goes

with your beautiful orange tie.

Thanks, Mark. And that's the

news for now. But stay with us

for '7:30' with Leigh Sales and

Chris Uhlmann. For me for now goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned

Live Welcome to 7.30 I'm Leigh

Sales. Tonight - another

Afghan soldier turns his gun on

Australian troops. One of the

nation May most distinguished military leaders says it is

time to pull out. What the hell

are we doing there? We've been

there for 10 years. How long

are we going to stay there? It

is an unwinnable war. and on

show - the priceless works of

the man who turned modern art

on its head. It's like

Christmas. This is probably

the greatest Picasso show that

will ever be able to do in

Australia. for the second

time in a fortnight Australian

troops in Afghanistan have been

attacked by an Afghan soldier

they were training. This time