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(generated from captions) parties extract for their

support and will the support and will the main

opposition party be involved opposition party be involved in

this, for example, because they

have been extremely critical of

the Prime Minister himself,

called for his head and called

for early election. So it definition they would be would seem that almost by

excluded, but we're just not excluded, but we're just

sure of the details at this

stage. That will evolve over

the next few hours. Phil, sure of

as far as the meeting of the as far as the

G20 forum in Cannes is

concerned, it having just

recently finished, of course,

what do you feel as though the

end result was? Some people were disappointed, saying it

really was just a talkfest, nothing concrete has been

delivered. Of course there was

an undertaking to support the IMF in greater fashion, but not necessarily any money from

outside of the Eurozone to support the ongoing financial

was a fairly explicit crisis there. No. Look, there

invitation it appeared to invitation it appeared to me from Angela Merkel for non-Eurozone members to from Angela Merkel for the

contribute, however many

billions they felt they could

part with. Nobody it appears

perhaps not took up that invitation,

was one disappointment of was one disappointment

course for those within the

Eurozone. Secondly, of course,

the IMF will be expanded and quite possibly some of funds from the eventually end up in the funds from the IMF may

Eurozone. But there is no

specifics at all and decision on how much extra

money each country might money each country might pay

won't be made until February of

next year. We just haven't got

time. As we can see the events

in Greece in the last weeks

moved very rapidly from crisis

to crisis and of course the very big worry about Italy and

might the contagion effect that that

might have. might have. Incidentally,

Italy today agreed perhaps not exactly willingly to some more

IMF supervision of its

austerity measures, austerity measures, basically

to check that they are doing

what they say they're doing.

At the moment rejecting

additional IMF funds, but they

have agreed to this oversight,

which is pretty humiliating for a country that's developed sophisticated as Italy, but

it's a measure of the depth of

the crisis there too. So in all directions there all directions there is

pressure not just on the actual economy, but on the political systems with both George Papandreou just scraping through, Silvio Berlusconi support of a couple of deputies under pressure, he's


in just the last day or so. It's really creating ripples far wider than just Athens. We're speaking to our Williams, who is in Cannes, Europe correspondent Philip Athens. We're

having attended the G20

meeting. Just to bring you up

to date, the Greek Parliament

has just voted in favour of that confidence vote in the Greek Prime Minister and his

Government. The Greek Prime

Minister, George Papandreou,

has survived that vote of

confidence. The final has only just confidence. The final result

line, it was 153 votes in

favour of Mr Papandreou. He

the needed a majority of 151 out of

the 300 members in Parliament. Earlier he abandoned the controversial plan to hold a controversial

referendum on the latest

pressure bailout package, but under

pressure from other European

leaders and from within his own

party, he abandoned that idea

to put a referendum to the people and now we're seeing

parliament is now clearing in

Athens, that vote having been undertaken. lives to fight another day, but

he has already indicated that

he will seek a government of

national unity. The weather satellite picture shows

shows thick cloud spreading

across WA and into SA along a

broad trough. It's creating

rain and thunderstorms. Cloud

is stretching across Queensland and NSW along another trough,

bringing thundery showers. Skies are mostly

elsewhere. Looking around the


G20 leaders have ended G20 leaders have ended their

summit in Cannes with a plan to

rebalance the global economy.

summit focused on the financial Much of the discussion at the

and political crises in Italy and Greece. Leaders of and Greece. Leaders of the

world's richest nations have agreed to increase the money

they give to the IMF to ease the European debt they give to the IMF to help

crisis. The G20 summit in

Cannes has wrapped up, with

Italy allowing the IMF to

monitor its economic monitor its economic reform program. TRANSLATION: We and publicly certify every

three months the progress of

our reforms so that we can show

the markets using the authority

of the IMF that the Italian

in the implementation of the Government is making progress

reforms. EU leaders have

insisted Italy adopt budget deficit reduction insisted Italy adopt tough

targets, but the head of the European Commission says the

country sought the oversight under its own initiative.

Italy has decided on its Italy has decided on its own,

on its own initiative, to ask on its own initiative, to

the IMF implementation of Italy's commitments. G20 leaders have

also agreed to boost the

resources of the IMF to help

support economic growth. All support economic

of us have an enormous interest

in Europe's success and all of

us will be affected if Europe

is not growing, and that certainly

certainly includes the United

our largest trading States, which counts Europe as

partner. They haven't yet

decided how to do it. That

will be worked out at a meeting will be worked out at a

in February. As for Greece,

it's been told to decide own future as it struggles own future as it struggles to

deal with its massive sovereign

debt. We want Greece to remain in Europe. At the same in Europe. At the same time, Greece must decide whether Greece must decide whether it's

ready to take the commitments

that come with Euro membership. Speaking at the end

of the summit, the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, said

she was pleased her push for

increased funds for the IMF had

been carried through. The

outcome is consistent with outcome is consistent with my strongly held views that Europe

needs to get its own house in order, of the world has a role to play

in shoring up the global

financial system. She also

revealed that Australia will

host the next G20 summit in

2014 in a city yet to 2014 in a city yet to be

decided. The decided. The Greek Prime Minister, George Minister, George Papandreou,

has survived a no confidence

motion against him in the

country's parliament.

has just concluded in Athens, with Mr Papandreou securing 153 Prime Minister's leadership Prime Minister's leadership has been under heavy pressure this week

week over his handling of week over his handling of a response to a Eurozone rescue package.

package. He was forced to abandon a plan to put abandon a plan to put the

bailout to a referendum. Papandreou defended dumping the referendum proposal. He referendum proposal. He says the Greek people would probably

have chosen to accept the

bailout. Here's some of his

speech. TRANSLATION: One

party is not enough, and one

majority. We need honest and

wider support. It can be done

in two ways: in two ways: first, the

referendum, the will of referendum, the will of the

Greek people. They should have the

the right to reject this

program, this route, with all

the known consequences, but it

would be a genuine democratic people's choice, either yes or no.

no. Personally, I think it definitely would be yes,

because I deeply believe that

it's in the interests of it's in the interests of the Greek people this package decisions. I deeply believe

the Greek people know how to

judge what is better for them. Global stocks them. Global stocks closed

lower overnight, thanks fresh doubts about Europe's

bailout package. In the US the

S&P 500 was lower, as it was in

markets in Europe. Earlier I

spoke to market analyst Chris

Weston. I asked him whether

the uncertainty in Europe was still affecting the markets. Last night we saw the private

payrolls coming out of the To payrolls coming out of the US. To me the headline number was a

bit of a

not too bad. But the actual

revisions from the previous

months were much higher than

expected. The unemployment

rate was down a little bit. I

think if you're looking at those support, that's supportive of

equity markets. It's clear the

US is recovering, albeit very

slowly at the moment. The

comments that we got through

the G20 were, I suppose, marginally negative, the fact

it doesn't seem there's a huge

amount of countries looking to contribute

contribute to this bailout

fund, the ESFS. All eyes

really this week will be on group meeting, a meeting on the

7 and 8. The devil is in the

detail. We have the shell of the plan in terms of

recapitalisation of banks, the

level of hair cuts, et cetera, but it will be the details but it will be the details that

the market wants to look at. The tone of next week will be

dictated by the confidence vote

and then we have more European

headlines to come, culminating

in that meeting on the 7th and

8th. You really can't see any end

end to the volatility on the markets we're seeing, particularly as we have ongoing uncertainty in Europe? Well,

it's not just Greece. We're

also looking very closely at

what's going on in Italy.

Italian yields last night Italian yields last night were

up 18 basis points, again people looking to sell out

there. The 10-year Italian

debt last week was up about 5

or 6%. That's not a good

situation. No-one is feeling

Berlusconi is putting things in

place to help the economy. If

we go past 7%, that has been the level before where Portugal and

and Greece have got bailouts. That's and Greece have got bailouts.

That's a worry. Whilst That's a worry. Whilst those yields are no-one believes what is going

on in Italy, we're looking at people selling any strength in

the currency market. Obviously the confidence vote could be

huge. If that comes out huge. If that comes out no, risk assets could come off staggeringly on Monday.

Ultimately this is the about

the bailout. We need to feel

convinced the bailout convinced the bailout will

work. Volatility will continue

in the short period, I don't see that dissipating at all really for the rest of the year. That's Chris Weston from

IG Markets. To other news now

- the leader of Taliban has told his fighters

to avoid civilian casualties, warning anyone who kills

civilians will be punished

under law. He says the Taliban

must take every step to protect

the lives of the ordinary

people. The United assistance people. The United Nations assistance mission in Afghanistan says insurgents

were responsible for 80% of

civilian casualties in first civilian casualties in the

first half of this year. first half of this year. The UN says almost 1500 civilians

were killed, a 15% increase on last year. are still trying to find nine survivors of this week's asylum

seeker boat accident who have escaped from immigration

detention. A boat carrying about 60 asylum seekers sank off the coast of west Java on

Tuesday, killing at least eight

people. Uninjured survivors

were being detained by immigration officials at immigration officials at a

hotel. Nine of the detainees

scaled the wall of the scaled the wall of the back of the hotel and fled. It's suspected they may have had help from local Indonesians. Thousands of people have

streets and cities across Syria

in protest against in protest against a violent government crackdown against

anti-government demonstrators.

Video posted online appears to

show a tank firing on residential building in the

city of Homs. Medical

officials in Syria say the city's hospital has received

more than 100 bodies in the

past 48 hours. At least past 48 hours. At least 20 people were reported to people were reported to have

died in clashes there this

week. Earlier the Arab League

said Syria had agreed to plan

to bring an end to the

political violence. In Russia,

a crew has returned from a

leaving a building. The six members were on a simulated

journey to the Red Planet and

back. They lived in isolation for

for more than 500 days in

conditions that replicated a flight into deep space. Now

the readjustment to life on

earth can begin for the crew. Moscow

Moscow correspondent Norman Hermant reports. They're back,

even though they never left.

For the last 520 days these six

crew members were on a

simulated mission to Mars. For

They were inside a module in

building in a Moscow suburb

completely completely isolated. Communications, work rue teens,

food, everything was dined to replicate conditions on a

journey into deep space. We are proud today are proud today to prove that

humans can go to Mars. The crew

came from Russia, Europe and

China. They lived as they would on a flight to Mars. Communications to mission

control were delayed to

simulate the distance from

earth. There was even a mock exploration of the martian

surface, all to better study how humans will isolation required to some day travel to other travel to other planets. (In Russian) The crew members who have

have been isolated in here for

nearly a year and a half won't

face a full media briefing

until next week, and those who have been through similar,

though shorter, experiments say

that's a good thing. Cosmonaut

sergay was part of a flight simulation about one-fifth that period of isolation, 105 days, adjusting back to

everyday life took time. It's really influencing our emotion

al behaviour and in an

interesting way. These crew

members say despite 520 days of

being forced to live and being forced to live and work

together, they all got along,

and that may be the key

achievement, because in space

there is no escape to blow off steam. newspaper in Britain has been

arrested as part of Scotland

Yard's investigation into the

bribing of police officers.

Jamie Piet is the district

editor of the 'Sun'. He's been working

working for the newspaper for

more than 30 years. He's the

sixth person to be arrested by detectives working for the

operation set up in July following allegations operation

police officers had received up

to 200,000 dollars from the 'News of the World' for information, including contact details for members of the

royal family. It's the first

arrest of a reporter outside

the 'News of the World' since

the phone hacking

verton is one of three ScotlandArt investigations relating to alleged illegal activities by newspaper staff. Heavy storms at least six people in north-western Italy after

causing flooding in the city of

Genoa. Authorities have warned residents not to leave their

homes, as streets across the

city remain submerged. city remain submerged. It's

just a week since storms last

hit the region, killing at

least 10 people and causing mud

has begun deliberations in the case against the doctor charged with the death of with the death of Michael Jackson. The seven men and

five women must reach a verdict

on a charge of Murray. manslaughter against Dr Conrad Murray. The cardiologist

denies giving Jackson an overdose of the powerful sedative Propofol to help him sedative Propofol to help him

sleep. For six weeks, America has followed every step of has followed every step of this

trial. Each day the Jackson family

family were in court to see

man accused of killing Michael. Conrad Murray presented as unethical, the man who broke

the trust between doctor and

patient out of greed. Jackson was shown rehearsing

for a demanding run of for a demanding run of concerts

in London. Hours later he was

dead. He'd become dependent on

the drug Propofol to sleep, a powerful anaesthetic normally

used in hospitals. Experts

explained how it should never be given at home without monitoring equipment. Dr Murray provided it and was paid ?100,000 a month. He was out ?100,000 of the room when Michael Jackson stopped breathing and didn't call for 20 minutes. Michael

Jackson trusted Conrad Murray,

but Conrad Murray corrupted

that relationship and for that

Michael Jackson paid with his

life. The defence claimed Michael Jackson had injected

himself with the drug that killed him. What killed him. What they're

really asking you to do is to convict Dr Murray for the

actions of Michael Jackson. If

you're going to hold Dr Murray

responsible, don't do it

because it's Michael Jackson.

This is not a reality

This is not a reality show,

it's reality. The jury started

their deliberations just a few

hours ago. They'll have to

decide not just whether Conrad

Murray was negligent or

unethical in the way he treated his patient, but actions directly led to the death of Michael Jackson. NASA

scientists have captured the

formation of a giant crack in an an Antarctic glacier they

believe will soon break off into an iceberg the size into an iceberg the size of New

York City. The NASA team York City. The NASA team first

noticed the crack last month while mapping Antarctica's Pine

Island glacier from an

observation plane. The track

is 29km long and an average is 29km long and an average of

80 metres wide. The scientists

say this type of cracking happens naturally every decade and is not related to global

warming. These things happen on a semi regular basis in on a semi regular basis in both

the arctic and Antarctic, but it's still a fairly large

event. We wanted to the

much as of the process we

could. Today is the first trip

back in the area, we modified the existing flight plane to

add about an extra half hour to

the flight in order to catch a

flight along the direction of

the rift in order to get mainly a photographic map of the exact shape, depth shape, depth and width of the rift. Sport now. Daniellea,

Thorpie didn't quite live up to

expectations last night A bit

of an oonty climax expectations of an oonty climax there, Andrew. Despite that,

five-time Olympic champion has

improved on his qualifying time

in the final of the 100 metres

individual medley, despite

finishing 7th. The ABC's Ben

Worsley was there. By Ian Thorpe's standards and public expectations, second-last isn't

great, but in the context of

this comeback and his own

expectations, well, it's very

Thorpe himself seems

comfortable with the result.

This is great. It gives me a

perspective of where I'm at,

what I need to do. Being able

to race, having people in front of me, having all of that wash

there, this is good for there, this is good for me,

it's good for what I'll do in

training next. Thorpe says the

first 50 metres of this 100

metres individual medley was

strong, but his breast stroke

leg let him down. Well, he's a freestyler, as we all know. It's going to be some time before

before we see him competing in

his favourite the guessing game will for the guessing game will continue for some time. Overall, though, Ian Thorpe insists his

comeback is on track. comeback is on track. I've got

to take stock of where I months to take stock of where I was 12

months ago to where I am now. I'm in a final, I'm competing

reasonably well, I'm happy and

I've made an improvement. I've

received a tremendous amount of support from people, not only from home but from around the

world. Hopefully with a little

bit more time we can have some good comeback swimmer in this event,

Libby Trickett, swam in two finals last night. She also

didn't perform as well as she

once would have. She in the 50 metres freestyle and

last in the 100 metres

butterfly. But like Ian

Thorpe, she too seems quite

happy. I want to swim faster,

I know that for sure, I know that for sure, but I

feel like I'm relearning to race as a whole. The champagne

appears to have been popped a

little too early for surfing world champion

Due to a miscalculation, he

needs to win one more heat to

claim his 11th World title. World surfing's World surfing's governing body

has admitted he was prematurely crowned earlier this week and

have apologised to Slater for

the mix-up. He now has to win

one more heat at either the

current event or the final

contest of the year at Pipeline

in Hawaii to clinch the world

title for a record 11th time. He's

He's currently tied with

Australian Owen Wright. against Australia, taking out the

the second Test on the Gold

Coast. After losing the

opening game, Australia needed

a 45-point victory to claim the series trophy. early before the visitors

nabbed a four-point lead at

quarter time. Ireland extended

the buffer to 11 at the long

break, before the match took break, before the match took an ugly turn. Six players

received yellow cards on the

way to the sin bin, including

five in a spiteful third term

alone, the incident leaving the future of the competition in comfortable 21-point win,

final score 50-29. To Rugby

League, heavy rain is predicted for Australia's Four Nations clash against England at London's Wembley Stadium. But coach

coach Tim Sheens doesn't think that will work against that will work against the Kangaroos. Despite the Kangaroos. Despite the hosts'

powerful forward pack. He

selected a 19-man squad with

Robbie Farah added for the

first time, Greg ink blis returns to action, returns to

Willlie Tonga in the centres. Scott is likely to come in for injured prop David The A-League's battle of the

cellar dwellers has ended in a

draw between Adelaide and Melbourne Heart. made it two wins in a row,

after beating Wellington in New

Zealand, while the Reds and Zealand, while the Reds and a 10-man Heart outfit points. After a scoreless first

half, the game ignited in the

second, as Brendan Hammil

ripped through the heart of the

Reds' defence. That's a way to make make a name for yourself The Hart's hopes of moving off the

bottom of the ladder bottom of the ladder were dashed when Colosimo received his second. And Adelaide

capitalised on the ensuing free

kick. In New Zealand, abeanie

was a constant nuisance for the

Phoenix defence and finally

broke free in the second half.

Matt Simon puts the ball across. There is Bernie

abeanie. If anyone was going to score, it was abeanie. Danielson chez set Greenacre away. But after

their break away, the Mariners

weren't going to let this slip,

and Matt Simon popped up for

the winner. Great work there.

Who's on the end of this one? It's Matty Simon. It's Wellington's

row. Champion mayor Black

Caviar will be chasing her 16th straight

straight win in the ?1 million

classic at Flemington today.

Trainer Peter Moody and jockey

Luke Nolan both believe she's

at her peak, daunting in at her peak, daunting in itself

given how easily she's dispatched her opposition at

Caulfield and Mooney Valley.

Nolan missed the first group 1 win

win last year because of

suspension much the jockey is desperate to break his drought. He's had no wince from 20

rides. champion Casey Stoner has

posted the fastest practice

time ahead of the time ahead of the Valencia

Grand Prix. It was a sombre

return for riders, the first event since the death event since the death of Italian Marco Simoncelli at the

Malaysian event two weeks ago.

Several made their way Several made their way around

the slipper y circuit, but it was Stoner who posted the

quickest time ahead of Pedrosa. Valentino Rossi recorded the

third quickest lap, while cheque rider Karel Abraham crashed heavily on the crashed heavily on the final

lap. Val ensza is the last event of the season. The weather satellite picture shows thick cloud spreading across thick cloud spreading across WA

and into SA along a broad

trough. It's creating rain and

thunderstorms. Cloud is thunderstorms. Cloud is

stretching across Queensland

and NSW along another trough,

bringing thundery showers.

Skies are mostly clear

elsewhere. Looking around the States:

Let's just recap our top

story this morning. The Greek

Prime Minister, George

Papandreou, has survived a no confidence

confidence motion against him

in the country's parliament.

It is, of course, late into the

night in Athens. Mr

secured 153 votes out of the

300 sitting members. The PM

needed that majority of 151 in

the confidence motion to The Prime Minister's leadership, though, has been

under heavy pressure this week

over his handling of a over his handling of a response to a Eurozone to

He was forced to abandon a plan

to put the bailout to referendum.

referendum. During his referendum. During his address to the Parliament, Mr George Papandreou said he will seek

the formation of a government

of national unity. I'll go to

the President tomorrow. Mr

George Papandreou also appealed George European Union's bailout

agreement for his country,

which he says must be a

national priority. Just

repeating that story, the Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, has survived a no confidence confidence motion against him

in the country's parliament. I'll be back at the

top of the hour with all the

day's news. Stand by now for

ACT '7.30'. I'm Andrew

Geoghegan. You're watching ABC

News 24. Closed Captions by CSI This Program Is Captioned Live.

Hello. Welcome to 7.30 local edition for the ACT and surrounding region. surrounding region. I'm crim crim crim. This week, crim crim. This week, the

Melbourne Cup comes Canberra, literally and a

prestigious art prize has

landed in Braidwood. First to

the nunsment by the National Trust that it can no longer

fund some historic landmarks

and homesteads. And is considering mothballing a third

of its regional tourist attractions Mr

Not go down well with regional

communities. A fact not lost on

either the National Trust or the