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Live. Today, the Australian teenager

teenager on drugs chargeness

Bali has arrived at his first court hearing.

Back in business, Qantas

passengers return to the skies.

The airline schedule is

Reserve Bank's decision on returning to normal. The

interest rates to be interest rates to be handed

down in an hour and a half.

And final bets, racegoers

flock to Flemington ahead of

the big race this afternoon.

You're watching ABC News You're watching ABC News 24,

I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick

look at the weather first... Tarin Kot

A 14-year-old Australian boy

has arrived at the Denpasar

District Court in Bali to face drug charges. The teenager was

arrested last month for allegedly buying marijuana on

Bali's Kuta Beach. He could be sentence today jail time although a result in the case

is not expected for weeks. is not expected for

Joining me is reporter George Roberts at the court in Denpasar. Exactly how long ago

did the boy arrive at the court

20 there? He only arrived about

20 minutes ago. He turned up in

a green prosecutor's van. He

came in a driveway and went around the back of the de-Kyoto have security guards

here that at the lawyers'

office and waiting outside and

guys that looked like bikies wearing Harley Davidson T-shirts. They were trying T-shirts. They were trying to

throw off the media. That

didn't work. Once it became apparent the boy was apparent the boy was going

around the back, the media flocked around and he flocked around and he was

trudgeded out of the back of a

covered and he was Paddy wagon. He had his face

covered and he was clutching

his hands over his chest as the police and the security guards

pushed their way through a

large media scrum and wrestled

him back towards the specially

converted courtroom. He's gone

windows blocked out with into that courtroom. It

curtains and so that is now curtains and so that is now a

closed court for his first day

of hearing. Today, what

identified by the judge. They happen is he will be formally

will go through the

prosecution's case ch, is

effectively like a statement

effectively like a statement of

facts that you would have in

Australian court. Once things

progress from there, we will

date is when the witnesses will find out when

be summonsed. We have heard in be summonsed. We have heard

the last 24 hours or so, the

boy's lawyers were saying he

was traumatised mostly

process where there is a rough

and tumble media scrum around

him as he goes from the car to

the courtroom. Did it appear at

all this time that there was

any change to that or was it as any change to that or was it

kind of rough as it has kind of rough as it has been

previously? It was probably

as rough, if not more rough

than it was previously. The way

alley, there were scooters that it went down

lined up. The scrum got caught

in a bottleneck and at one point

point I heard him say "What's

happening? ". He had

clutched and bowed down and he

couldn't see where he was

going. Thanks very much for

that. Unfortunately I have to leave that there because the

minister Anthony Albanese has

stepped up for a press

conference. At 5 p.m. by grounding the airline. government has grounding the airline. The

transparent about what we were

told and when. I have told and when. I have also

said on a number of

pointed out that at no time

prior to this decision communicated to the prior to this decision being

communicated to the government

did Qantas or the trade unions call for government intervention. It is also case, as people observed, intervention. It is also the

while this dispute was

simmering, the leader of the

Opposition was also not calling for government intervention. Indeed, that would be Indeed, that would be

consistent with what has been a

view of industrial relations

put by the other side of politics over a period of politics over a period of time

a view that continues to be put

by Peter Reith, Jamie Briggs,

What we saw on Friday was a front page story in and Daily Telegraph', with letters that were clearly given by

Premier O'Farrell prior to them

being sent by the PM or at

least at the same time. Given

that the PM's office only received them late on Thursday

night, I will leave people night, I will leave people to

make their own judgement about that. On Friday morning, Tony Abbott changed his position and

called for the Government to intervene. This was different from the position called

had held in preceding weeks.

This morning, this morning we

see an indication of perhaps

why that is the case. In a

parliament house, Tony doorstop conducted here at

parliament house, Tony Abbott

was asked two very simple questions that he couldn't

answer. The first of those answer. The first of those was a journalist asked "Mr Abbott,

did anyone from Qantas speak to

you or your office prior to

Saturday about the possibility

of a grounding? ". He refused

to answer that question. He

went on a few sentences of

waffle. The second question

that he was asked was "Mr

Abbott, the question whether your office was Abbott, the question was

forewarned of the dispute. Can

you answer that? ". His answer

was this "After, look, my

office was in regular contact

with Qantas. Qantas, as anyone

in Parliament his would know, have basically been patrolling

the corridors of parliament

house for weeks now alerting people

people to the seriousness of

the dispute". Thanks very much.

He then ended the press

conference.. the question is why did Tony Abbott

position on Friday morning, one

day before Qantas say they made

the decision to terminate - to

lock out the work force and to

shut down the airline, domestically and

internationally at 5 p.m. on

Saturday and the day of the

Qantas AGM? Tony Abbott's got

a few questions to answer, not

just the ones that have been

asked already by the

journalists before he fled the

press conference. They are

these - I am sure able to think of some of your

own. Was Mr Abbott, his office,

or any colleagues in his party

involved in an orchestrated

campaign in the lead-up to this

announcement with Qantas's

decision they say was made on

Saturday to lock out its work

force and to ground its fleet?

Was Mr Abbott, his office or his front bench advise that had

Qantas intended to lock out its

work force or

ground its fleet before last

Saturday? If so, when Saturday? If so, when was Mr

Abbott advised? What contact did Mr Abbott or his office or

his front bench have with Mr

Joyce or Mr Clifford, the Joyce or Mr Clifford, the chair

of Qantas, prior to Qantas's

announcement on Saturday? I

have been pretty transparent including precise times about

what contact I had with what contact I had with Qantas

and about the and about the details of those discussions. Can Mr Abbott

categorically deny that he called for government

intervention on Friday morning without

without any prior knowledge

that Qantas intended to that Qantas intended to lock

out its work force, lock out

its customers and ground the airline? Did Mr Abbott, his

office, or his front bench have

any prior knowledge of the letter from Mr Bailleu sent to the PM on

Thursday of last week seeking, calling upon them, the Australian government to

intervene in this dispute?

Noting of course that Noting of course that the

Victorian government or the NSW government could have also themselves, if they were

serious about that, intervened

in the dispute under the same section, section 424 of the

fair work Act that government intervened. These are is a considerable debate going

on in this country about these

issues. Mr Abbott is almost

alone in refusing to be critical at all of Qantas's

decision to lock out its workers, lock out its workers, lock out its customers with the inconvenience to

68,000 travellers at least in

He has refused to be - utter

one word of criticism. Imagine

the case if the pilots after 2

p.m. on Saturday had p.m. on Saturday had given

notice that from 5 p.m. they

would be refusing to fly any

Qantas plane in Australia or

internationally. Mr Abbott

should be judged by his

actions. We know that

former government, when he was part of the former government,

we know that they were prepared to collude with employers on lock-outs. We had training of

people in Dubai for the water

front. We had all of that form is there. We are entitled, is there. We are entitled, I think, the Australian people

are entitled to have answers to

why Mr Abbott thinks that it is OK to have contempt for the travelling public in

that he has and what did he

know and when did he know it, about these events. REPORTER: Is it Is it your belief that Tony Abbott did collude Abbott did collude with Qantas executives and do you have evidence to support that if

that is your accusation other

than the unanswered questions of today? My accusation is as

simple as I have read out, is that Tony Abbott was asked really

really simple questions, really

simple, clear questions, I am

not sure who asked them congratulations to you. They were clear questions, shouldn't have

have been hard, should have seen them coming and he

couldn't answer them. REPORTER:

you view a decision by Qantas

to inform the Opposition about

its decision to take a lock-out

and not you? I have made

very clear, very clear and I had the discussion had the discussion with Mr

Joyce yesterday and he agreed

with me on the phone, with me on the phone, that

there was no occasion public, in private where Mr

Joyce or anyone else from

Qantas has raised with me the

prospect of a lock-out of its work

work force and a grounding of the airline. Mr Joyce himself described this action on

Saturday night as unbelievable

and I think most people, when

they heard about this action,

didn't say "Oh, I thought that

might happen". I think most

people had the same reaction

that I had as the

minister. REPORTER: I am going

to have to fire up my iPhone. I

have a new statement that has

come from Alan Joyce to us in response to questions from response to questions from us

in which he says "We made it very clear at this time -" he's

talking about before Saturday

afternoon in conversations over

months, I have clarified that

with them "We made it very

clear that we could ground the

entire airline and it was a

real possibility and it could

happen at short notice with immediate immediate effect due to the nature of the airline and requirements to requirements to minimise

risks". He's standing by risks". He's standing by a claim in a conversation with ministers over months. He made

it clear that the grounding of the airline is a possibility.

Is he a liar? He's Is he a liar? He's being

careful about what he says.

What he is saying is what he said publicly which we said publicly which we know

that Qantas had grounded seven

aircraft in total. He had said

if the engineers take action,

then planes would be

grounded. That is not what occurred on Saturday. On

Saturday, according to Qantas,

the board met and unanimously

determined to take a decision,

not because of industrial

action or safety concerns to

take a decision to lock out

their work force on Monday.

They gave hours of evidence to

Fair Work Australia in which they indicated that the

decision they made to ground

the aircraft at 5 p.m. Saturday was made because of

concerns that they had about once the work force was

notified about the lock-out on

Monday. REPORTER: This is

about the clear statement that

they warned you, that you were

warned. It is completely not

the case that there was any suggestion that there was an

imminent grounding of

Qantas. Qantas had issued press releases speaking about - and I

spoke about them in spoke about them in the

parliament yesterday - speaking about the grounding of aircraft because of a lack because of a lack of maintenance in terms of

engineering. What they said publicly is what they said privately, is that over a period of

period of time, if the aircraft continued to be grounded continued to be grounded due to engineers taking action, that

would put the airline in a difficult position. It is the

case that the engineers, at the

time in which the Qantas board

made this decision, and bear in

mind that the advice and notification put before notification put before Fair Work Australia Work Australia indicates that

they did a risk assessment on 20 October at least, that was

the date that was on it

would have been requested

before then, about the

of a lock-out of their work

force. That is why they

grounded the airline, because

of the lock-out of the work

force and at no stage, at no

stage did Qantas indicate that that was a possible course of

action. Mr Joyce confirmed that

in a discussion with me

yesterday. If anyone,

anyone can find me one bit of

commentary, one piece from an

opinion writer in today's 24-hour media cycle, one grab on ABC 24 and Sky, to give

balance in terms of the 24 hour

news cycle where one person said said "I think what Qantas will

do is lock-out its work force

and shut the airline". If you

can find that, then that person

has a perception that I didn't have. I have. I don't think anyone else

here had either. It is here had either. It is a reasonable point for me to

make, that given that I had three

three face to face meetings,

which included Mr Joyce, in the

preceding eight days prior to our phone calls on Saturday

afternoon. Given the numerous

phone calls I'd had and the numerous text messages and contact I'd had contact I'd had with Qantas,

the fact is if Mr Joyce can say

that he ever raised the

possibility with me or any other minister other minister that they would

lock out their work force and

ground the airline, then that

is simply not true. REPORTER:

Are you two talking about

different things or - I'm

talking about why the airline

was grounded. I think that was grounded. I think that it

is important that Qantas spend more time looking after those

customers of Qantas who have

been stranded at ports around Australia and around the and Australia and around the world and less time trying to spin

their way out of a decision

that they and they alone made, that they indicated very

clearly to the government was a

fait accompli made by their

board on Saturday morning

ministers informed as a

courtesy and at that time, courtesy and at that time, at that time, Mr Joyce cannot say, because I have because I have spoken to people

he spoke to and I know he spoke to and I know the conversation I had with him, Mr

Joyce cannot say that at Joyce cannot say that at that time he asked for any government intervention. He

told us it was done, it was a

decision that had been made. REPORTER: Do you believe

yesterday that in the interview that you responded to with the phone call, in that interview,

do you believe that Mr Joyce

was saying he'd given the

government notice of government notice of a lock-out? Was that his intention at the time, regardless of what was said

later? It is not up to me.

What I am trying to do in all

of this is to be honest, to open, of this is to be honest, to be open, to be transparent. It is

not up to me to allocate

motives but it is clear that after Mr after Mr Joyce gave that interview, there was some misunderstanding and there has

been an attempt, including by the Opposition yesterday, the Opposition yesterday, to

paint a picture whereby - and

they alleged in parliament that

somehow the government knew that this was going to occur

REPORTER: Was that Mr Joyce's

intention though? It is up to

me to allocate motives. I have

a good relationship with Mr Joyce. I have had a

relationship with Transport Minister over a

period of time. That is why I

picked up the phone to him

yesterday and informed him

I would be making public I would be making public two things that I things that I wouldn't

normally. One; that the fact

that his statement had been

interpreted that way was wrong

and that I would be indicating,

and I said to him very clearly

during that conversation, I

will indicate to the will indicate to the media that

you agree with me, now this morning,

morning, that at no stage did

you ever raise with me the

possibility of a lock-out of

the work force and a shutting

down of the airline consequentially. The second issue

issue which I wouldn't normally

do, but given that the 'The

Daily Telegraph' appeared on

p.3, a meeting that was held on

October 21, the day after October 21, the day after by the the way Qantas received this advice with regard to a

lock-out of its work force,

that a meeting occurred that a meeting occurred at the Maryatville office that I would indicate the three meetings

that I had had with Mr Joyce.

Normally if I have private meetings with people, including CEOs of companies or CEOs of companies or anyone

else, then it is appropriate those meetings stay those meetings stay private. I didn't give it to the 'The Daily Telegraph'. have a look at the p.3 article

in the 'The Daily Telegraph'

yesterday. Mr Joyce said Qantas

didn't give it to them either.

I question that frankly. REPORTER: We

understand you're going to understand you're going to rush through legislation through legislation probably today calling the deterring people smugglers bill. Can you

tell us the background to tell us the background to it?

Can I stick to this issue.

REPORTER: Can we ask that ats

the end. There is no

the end. There is no suggestion about rushing through

legislation today. I will deal with that at another time made. REPORTER: What about the

mining tax, is that going into

parliament tomorrow? That will

go in this week. The normal

process for legislation is it is introduced on a Wednesday or

Thursday morning. I did - to be

frank, a did a Caucus briefing as leader of the house for

everyone, a little while ago. I

need to prepare need to prepare for Question

Time that commences in five minutes. REPORTER: Can minutes. REPORTER: Can you tell me the government's

position at the moment position at the moment on Nick Xenophon and Bob brown's

proposed changes to the Qantas Act? I haven't seen Act? I haven't seen Nick Xenophon and Bob Brown's changes to the Qantas

I have been a bit busy over - I

don't always pay attention to

what goes on in the Senate and

neither Senator Brown or Nick

Xenophon have approached me, as

the minister, about that bill.

They might have approached my

staff. I did have a staff. I did have a meeting scheduled with Senator Brown

about that. I, for obvious

reasons, cleared my diary

yesterday. So I will respond at a

a later time. REPORTER: Are

ministers split over the how

the PM's handled the PM's handled this Qantas

decision? Not at all. Those

reports are completely untrue? As the 'The Daily Telegraph''s

been told prior to it being

printed. If the Coalition did

have prior knowledge, surely that the government, would it? That would be extraordinary if that

was the case. I don't want to

leap to conclusions about actions. I think it is very

clear that the Coalition have

some real answers to make over

this. If you look at the time

line of what occurred and when it occurred, about the changes

in position immediately prior

to this announcement by the leader of there are real questions to be

answered. They were to be

answered, I think, in a

answered, I think, in a pretty

clear way. Mr Abbott had a chance to answer these questions earlier on. questions earlier on. He choose

not to do so. I am sorry but have not to do so. I am sorry but I have to get to Question have to get to Question Time. That was the Transport

Minister Anthony Albanese live from

from parliament house in Canberra with that continuing discussion about who knew what

and when about the Qantas grounding on Saturday. Mr

Albanese is saying that the

government has been completely

transparent about what it was

told and when. He referred to

that media conference we carried earlier today with the Opposition leader Tony Opposition leader Tony Abbott,

where Tony Abbott was asked if

his office had been his office had been advised

prior to Saturday that Qantas was planning to ground the

fleet. We will fleet. We will no doubt hear from Mr Abbott in Question

Time. That gets under way half

an hour earlier than today because of the Melbourne Cup

and we will bring that live to you. That starts in five

minutes time. Qantas says all its services will return to

normal by this afternoon. The

airline says domestic services are

are back on track and the

international operations should be be back in full swing by 5 p.m. That is eastern daylight time.

Thousands of passengers are still facing delays. These

passengers that you will see in the following item arrived in

Sydney this morning after

getting one of the first Qantas

flights out of LA. I am angry

with the management of Qantas.

I have got to say the staff

were excellent. We drove from I were excellent. We drove from

San Francisco to LA to catch

the flight and up until we got

at the counter in Los Angeles we didn't know what was going on. We had to drive to find

out. First they told us they'd

lost the plane. Then they told

us that they think they have found the crew but they have to

round them up and eventually

they did. We were in Hawaii, so

it wasn't too bad being stuck

there. We have come from

Canada. We planned this trip a

year and a half ago. They were

good to us, they put us up in a

nice hotel and fed us but nice hotel and fed us but it interferes with our holiday. I

can't hack Qantas. Would fly with them again? Not if I can avoid it. Some of the

differing opinions of the

passengers getting back to Australia this morning. The other Australia this morning. The

other big snus story this

afternoon is the interest rate announcement

announcement in an hour's time. Some economists believe the

Reserve Bank will keep Reserve Bank will keep interest

rates on hold today. Recent

weakness in the global economy

and better than expected

inflation figures have raised

the possibility of a cut to the

cash rate. Paul Bloxham says the

the threat of underlying

inflation will stay the RBA's

hand. I have in mind that the

combination of the out and that is a really

massive boom that is going to

happen over the next couple of years and the fact we are already starting with the

unemployment rate around full employment and inflation,

around the middle, maybe perhaps a little below the

middle of the target band, we

think the RBA will forecast

that inflation will rise that inflation will rise from here. You haven't mentioned the international factors and the

clouds that we have heard in

relation to what is happening

in the Eurozone. What we have

seen so far tells us that the

outlook for the world is that

a central case. You're

absolutely right, there are

risks in the world, there is a

risk that Europe isn't able to

work its way through this and

we see yet a downward terms of global growth but terms of global growth but if

you have a look across the

indicators for the world

economy over the past month or so, they have surprised on the

upside. The Melbourne Cup

been reduced to 23 with the

Lloyd Williams owned stair Mourayan scratched from race with a sore leg. It is

just a few hours until the big race and Americain remaintains outright favourite with many

predicting big things from Dunaden. Dunaden. Americain's trainer says the horse is in better form

form than when it won the Cup

last year. Success in today's

feature race comes with more

than $6 million in prize money. Big money is also flowing for

the Irish stair Jukebox Jury

while those hoping for a local

winner seem to be backing Niwot or Older Than Time. Flemington this morning Glass Harmonium and the Gai

Waterhouse Tullamore had light

work-outs before the big race.

New Zealand jockey

will be aiming to be the first female jockey to win the

Melbourne Cup when she rides

Glass Harmonium. The 6-year-old bounced back from a poor run in

the Cox Plate to win Saturday's Group One Mackinnon Group One Mackinnon Stakes. Gai

Waterhouse has two runners Waterhouse has two runners in

the cup, tul tl and Older Than

Time. Waterhouse says they both stand

stand a good chance. I hope he

goes well and wins the Cup. I

have two in the Cup. It would be wrong if I gave one and not

the other both have the same

chance. You have Tullamore

ridden by Chris monies.

form line has been consistent.

He was third in the Caulfield

Cup. It is a very big prize

money race. He ran second

behind Americain who won this race last year. The race last year. The difference of today compared to last

Saturday is Americain is carrying

carrying 58 and we're carrying 52. Gai Waterhouse there at Flemington this morning. Checking the weather

before we head to Canberra

before we Question Time. Mostly fine in Brisbane...

In a moment we're going to cross to Question Time cross to Question Time at

parliament house in Canberra.

It has been brought half Hahn hour. It usually

starts at 2 o'clock. It has

been brought forward half Hahn

hour because of Cup day. It probably doesn't happen in any other country in other country in the world that

parliament gets a break for a

horse race. As we have just heard from Anthony Albanese, heard from Anthony Albanese, no doubt is a big topic of

discussion is going to be the ongoing debate over the Qantas

dispute. Let's cross live to Question Time. I acknowledge I acknowledge the the

traditional custodians of the

Canberra area and pay Canberra area and pay respect to the elders past and present of all Australia's indigenous

peoples. Al mighty god we

humbly beseech thee to vouch safe upon this parliament

the advancement ofthy glory and the trueful of Australia. Our father which

art in heaven, hallowed be Thy

name. Give us this day our

daily bread and forgive us our

press passes as we forgive them that press pass against us that press pass against us and

lead us not into temptation but

deliver us from evil for thooin is

is the kingdom and the power

and the glory forever and ever

amen. The leader of the

House? I ask leave of the house order of business to order of business to allow

Question Time to commence

immediately. Is there any objection to leave objection to leave being

granted? No objection, leave St granted. I move that otherwise ordered so much of

the standing and sessional orders be suspended as would

prevent Question Time

commencing immediately and being followed by being followed by one presentation of documents, two,

the discussion of the matter the discussion of the matter of public importance, three, ministerial statements, and four, Government business until

9:30pm. I indicate in 9:30pm. I indicate in speaking to that briefly that I

that there may well be a

suspense of parliament for a

short period of time at an appropriate time. The question is that the

is that the motion moved by the leader of the House be agreed

to. All those of that to. All those of that opinion

say aye, contray Noe, I think

the eyes have it. Questions

without notice. Are there any

questions? The Leader of the

Opposition? My question is to

the PM. I refer the PM to her immediate ban on live cattle

exports in response to Bob

Brown and the Greens in June

and I contrast that with and I contrast that with the 48

hours of airport chaos that

resulted from her dithering on

Saturday. I ask - why is Saturday. I ask - why is this

PM more concerned to pander to

the Greens than she is to protect the Australian

travelling public? Order! The House will come to order. I thank the Leader of the Opposition for his Opposition for his question and

I must admit I did commence to

laugh at the start of it

because I thought the Leader of the Opposition the Opposition was moving off Qantas and I would have known

why if he was moving off Qantas

today, because having spent all of

of that time yesterday yelling

and screaming for answers and screaming for answers about who knew what, when, what happens today - the Leader of the Opposition twice refuses to

answer a question about when he

knew when Qantas

lock its workers out and ground

the planes. When did the the planes. When did the Leader of the Opposition know? of the Opposition know? When

did he know that tens of

going to be stranded? When did

he know that workers were going

to be locked out. The PM will

resume her seat

(Members interject)

Order! The House will settle down. The PM has the call. She

will be heard in silence. The

PM? I'm very happy to answer the Leader of the the Leader of the Opposition's question because I think all the facts, every fact, every fact about this dispute should

be before the Australian

people. Every fact about

contact with Qantas, every contact with Qantas, every fact

about who knew what, when and maybe maybe the Leader of the

Opposition might like to apply

the same standard to himself,

he's always so eager to apply

to others in here yesterday

voice for answers and today a man stunned into a humbling

silence. To the Leader of the

Opposition I say this - what the Government did on Saturday was the was the appropriate

conduct... The member for cook will leave the chamber for one hour under 94 (A). ... Was the appropriate conduct for a Government that Government that understands that the workplace that the workplace relations

system is about balance, it's about treating the interests employers and employees in

balance, it's about making sure

that there's fairness to all,

it's about making sure that there is an industrial disruption disruption that threatens the national interest. That's national interest. That's the approach of the Government and

that's the approach we took and

consequently we moved on Saturday afternoon to Saturday afternoon to bring

this dispute to an end and it

was at an end by yesterday

afternoon, with planes back in

the sky. A balanced approach to the interests of

employees, always guided by

what is in the interests of the

national economy and the

travelling public. But what has

amazed me during the course of the last few days is the last few days is with

Qantas having decided on Saturday to dramatically

escalate this dispute, to

engage in a lockout of its workforce, to ground workforce, to ground planes with no appropriate notice to

the travelling public, so the travelling public, so that

tens of thousands of people

were stranded away from home,

unable to get to work, unable

to get back to ones, that in ones, that in those circumstances the Leader of the

Opposition has not uttered one word of criticism of Qantas,

not one word. Not one word of

criticism of Qantas after they

stranded tens of thousands of

passengers. We know why that

is. Perhaps actually we only

know part of why that is. We know part of it is because the Opposition Leader's attitude towards industrial relations is give

they want every time and smash

into the workers, that's into the workers, that's what

WorkChoices was about. What we

don't quite know is all of the details about the Leader of the Opposition's interactions Opposition's interactions with Qantas because he's now engaged

in a coverup of that. I'd say to the Leader of the

Opposition, it's time he

Opposition, it's time he came clean with the Australian

public. Tens of thousands of

members of the Australian

public who were stranded would

be interested to know what

happens Leader of the

Opposition knew and when knew it.

Order! To the many people

that are talking, I'm going to interrupt you. We're interrupt you. We're running the Question Time the Question Time and the

member for Banks has been sitting - standing there

patiently asking for the call.

No, no, in comparison between the member for Banks and the member for North Sydney, I know who has been the much luckier

and the member for North Sydney

if he westerns to remain if Question Time should sit there

quietly. The member has the call. Will the PM inform the House of

inform the House of our Fair

Work is resolving the

industrial action involving

Qantas and how is Government taken decisive action in this matter? I thank the member for Banks for his

question and I know that he has

always been interested to make

sure that there are appropriate industrial rules so that both

employers and employees work together in balanced

harmonious and productive

workplaces, that has always been the attitude of the Labor

Party, to make sure that

employers and employees and

in the interests of

productivity and the economy. I'm productivity and the national

economy. I'm asked by the member for scratch banks about

the Qantas dispute and to the Qantas dispute and to the member for Banks I would say in the

the early hours of Monday

morning, the Fair Work Australia, the Australia, the industrial

umpire, which we empowered under the Fair the appropriate order to

the damaging disputation in

Qantas and particularly the grounding of its fleet grounding of its fleet caused

by the decision of Qantas

Saturday, an extreme decision Saturday, an extreme decision

to lock their workers out and

to ground their fleet stranding

tens of thousands tens of thousands of Australians in places away the

from home and around the world

without sufficient notice to make alternate arrangements.

Fair Work Australia did what Fair Work Australia did what it should should do under the Fair Work

Act to end to end that

disputation. We are in nation

which in the past has which in the past has seen lockouts of employees persist for months for months but Fair Work

Australia seized of the matter

during the course of Saturday as a result of the Government's application to Fair Work Australia immediately commenced to work and planes were back in

the sky Monday the sky Monday afternoon as a

result of this Government's application and the decision of

Fair Work Australia. Now, I am a ware that during the of the last few days there has been criticism of the Fair Work

Act and commentary about its

provisions. To those who raise

that criticism, I say, if

people want to have a debate on workplace relations in this parliament, bring it on. Because we do

Opposition wants to change the

Fair Work Act and go back to

WorkChoices, so that is the

debate of the day, then bring it on. Because clear, where we will stand in

that debate and what principles will guide us because you've

seen it on display during the

Qantas dispute. We will always

act in the interests of the

Australian public as we acted in the interests of the travelling public during the

Qantas dispute. We will always

act in the interests of the

national economy because

there's nothing more important to this country than the

prosperity and opportunity that a strong national economy can

with balance and fairness to

the rights of working people to make sure that they can be appropriately represented at work. That's why we

the safety net back after the

Liberal Party took it away, that's why we have an industrial umpire with powers

to act and that is why we have

a fair bargaining system. I do

note that there are others in

this debate who are bringing a

different set of values and most particularly the Leader of

the Opposition who has

uttered one word of criticism

of Qantas for taking this

industrial action, not one

word. Can you imagine what the Leader of the Opposition would

have said if working people had

marched away from work and had caused the grounding caused the grounding of flights

around the nation, in it has been employees who had done that, imagine what that, imagine what the Leader of the Opposition would have

said, but not one word of

criticism of Qantas, not one word, because the Liberal Party

are bringing to the this their traditional working people, it's been on display over the last 48 hours,

just like it was on display during the days of WorkChoices. This question is

to the PM. I refer the PM to her Government's her Government's embarrassing record, its failure to put bink

baths in roofs without stair

starting fires, it's failure to

build school fairs without rip

off after rip off, the biggest

budget deficits in our its failure to protect Australia's Australia's borders, the introduction of the world's only economy-wide carbon tax,

that it promised would

happen and I ask - given happen and I ask - given the

PM's failure to act on Saturday to prevent 48 hours to prevent 48 hours of

avoidable chaos, how can she

expect the Australian people to

have any faith whatsoever in

this divided and directionless Government? To the Leader of

the Opposition I say, the Opposition I say, gee, it's

getting a bit embarrassing for

you now, isn't it? There you now, isn't it? There he is

with his chants of negativity,

comes in here every day and

he's clippeding to his little

negative slogans and he's done

that with a sense of desperation today desperation today because he's

in coverup mode. He does not want to be asked when he knew,

what he knew about

he know an hour before the planes were grounded? Did he

know 24 hours before the planes

were grounded? Did he know 48

hours before the planes grounded? Did he ring up Qantas

and suggest the planes should be grounded? Who knows what role the Leader of the Opposition played in this

dispute, because he is in coverup

coverup mode. Having screamed

for the truth yesterday, having screamed for the truth, screamed for the truth, he

wanted to know every word,

piece of legal advice, what was said to every Minister in every meeting, scream for the truth.

Yelled for the truth. Wanted

the truth. Then confronted with

questions about his role today,

stunningly silent. So in stunningly silent. So in the

midst of that stuping silence

he's obviously gone to the, you

know, break glass in case of

emergency and he's gone and got

all of his old negative slogans out and he's knitted them

together as a question. together as a question. Truly pathetic. Let me say this to the Leader of the Opposition - this Government this Government will continue

to do the following things. We will continue will continue to have the Fair Work system, the Leader of the

Opposition believes in

WorkChoices. We will continue

to ensure that there's a strong national national economy that works in

the interests of all. The

Leader of the Opposition wants

the miners to pay less tax,

take money off other take money off other people,

make them pay less tax. We make them pay less tax. We will ensure that Australians have the benefit of new technology,

the national broadband the national broadband network, the Leader of the Opposition

wanted to rip it out of the

ground. We will en seer - ensure that Australians have a

clean energy future at lowest

possible price just like he wants to give money to pig

miners, he wants to take money

off Australian families and

give it to polluters. We will

continue to ensure that we

invest in our education system. The Leader of the Opposition is committed to ripping money out of schools and out of continue to ensure that we

invest in the future of Australian health, Australian health, the Leader of the Opposition is a of the Opposition is a man whose only achievement as Health Minister in was taking a billion was taking a billion dollars

out of hospitals. We will continue to ensure that working

people in this country can see

an economy that is being

managed in their interests and

that they are receiving the services that families need.

The Leader of the Opposition

in their interests. We can tell

that from his conduct over the

last few days, and certainly he

is dedicated to ripping away the services that they the services that they need. We will ensure that the budget comes

comes to surplus next year, the Leader of the Opposition sits

there with his $70 billion black

black hole, slashing the services to working families. services to working families. I thank the Leader of the Opposition for his Opposition for his question. It was but the question still remains - when did he first know Qantas

was grounding its fleet? And why didn't he answer the

questions about it at his press

conference? Why not? In point

yelling about it now. Go out and tell the and tell the truth. Order!.

Before calling the member for deacon, the Leader of the

Opposition will resume his seat. Order!

seat. The member for deck yien

will resume his seat. I inform

the House that we have present in the

member of a delegation from the Indonesian-Australia

interparliamentary group of the

Indonesian parliament. On

behalf of the House I extend a

very warm welcome to very warm welcome to our

visitors. The member for Deakin

will resume his seat. Given the

PM's statement I believe it

would assist the informed her that I first heard

about the grounding of the

fleet at 4:45pm on Saturday

afternoon... The Leader of the Opposition will resume his

Opposition will resume his seat! Those on my right! The

member for Deakin will resume his Opposition Business on a point

of order? On the basis of the Leader of the Leader of the Opposition's

explanation, the PM should

withdraw the imptation she made at the end of her answer. The leader of Opposition business

should resume his seat. The member for Deakin will member for Deakin will resume

his seat. All that today has

proved is that starting earlier at 1:30 doesn't at 1:30 doesn't improve Question Time, but if people

would just settle down. I find

it very hard to people's ability to rise to the

despatch box with points of

order if they just wish to make

this a debate. If you this a debate. If you don't want Question Time, change the

standing orders so you get rid

of Question Time. The member

for Deakin on a point of order - the Leader of the

Opposition? The PM has accused

me of not telling the Opposition will resume his

seat. The Leader of the Opposition as previously leader of the House should more than

others have an understanding of

the standing orders and the proceedings of this place. He

has other opportunities other than

than the way that he is trying

to make his point. The member

for Deakin has the call and that is it. My question that is it. My question is to the Minister for infrastructure and Minister update the house on the Government's decisive

action to minimise the impacts

on the travelling public of

Qantas's decision to lock out its staff and ground its fleet?

When was the Minister When was the Minister informed of this decision by Qantas? I

thank the Minister member for

his question and indeed it's a

very good question. I've been very transparent about what the

Government knew and precisely when. I have indicated clearly the process where by my

office was conducted by Mr

Joyce prior to 2pm whereby I

made three phone made three phone calls

attempting to get on to Mr Joyce, eventually Mr Joyce

returned my call after 2pm in

which point he informed me that

he intended to block out his

workforce from 8pm

evening and that as a

consequence he would shut down the airline domestically and internationally internationally at 5pm that day. I have indicated very clearly that that was the first

time that Mr Joyce or anyone else from Qantas had ever

raised with me the raised with me the prospect of

a lockout of the workforce and a consequential a consequential shutdown of the airline. There are some on the

opposite side who opposite side who have

suggested that somehow I should have known that would have known that would have occurred. Now, there wasn't occurred. Now, there wasn't a single person in Australia, in Qantas, and aviation Qantas, and aviation reporter, an opinion writer, a

politician, anyone at all in

Australia, who had Australia, who had predicted

that Qantas would take what in the words of Mr Joyce at 5pm

were an unbelievable decision,

not a single person in

Australia thought that Mr Joyce and the Qantas board would make

this decision to lock out this decision to lock out its

workforce and shut down the

airline. But it is the case

that I have also indicated that

in the lead-up to Saturday ,

never did Qantas or any trade union call for Government

intervention into the dispute.

Indeed, up until Friday, one

day beforehand, the Leader of the Opposition was also

calling for Government intervention into the dispute.

What we saw was on Friday a

front page story in the 'Daily Telegraph', letters Telegraph', letters from Premier Ted Baillieu and

Premier Barry O'Farrell to the PM, given to the 'Daily

Telegraph' about the same time,

or before, the PM's or before, the PM's office received that letter and that morning, the Leader of the

Opposition calling for the Government to intervene into

the dispute. One day before,

Qantas announced their action

and on the day of the Qantas AGM in which none of the

shareholders of Qantas were

informed of this plan, even

though we know from the Fair Work Australia hearing that Qantas received a Qantas received a report on

October 20 about October 20 about the

consequences for safety of a decision to lock out decision to lock out the

workforce, but not a word did

we hear. But Mr Abbott was asked, the Leader of the

Opposition was asked, prior to

Question Time, did anyone from

Qantas speak to you or your office prior to Saturday about

the possibility of a grounding?

And he couldn't answer it. He

was then asked the question was

whether your office was

forewarned of the dispute, can you answer that? He couldn't do that either. He couldn't do

that either. We know that when

they were in office they were a party of serious... The Minister's time has Order! The Minister will Order! The Minister will resume his place. The member Sturt? My question is to the

PM. Can the PM explain how she

finds time to call Australian

sports stars to congratulate them on their

couldn't find five minutes on

Saturday to call Qantas Saturday to call Qantas to try

and avert 48 hours of chaos that stranded 70,000 passengers, hit our national

economy and damaged our international

international reputation? To the question from the

Opposition I say this continues

the pattern of yesterday and it

continues its pattern of

seeking to mislead the

Australian people over dispute for its base dispute for its base political interests, because it's

obviously softening up the

ground to try and sell to the Australian people a reintroduction of WorkChoices.

The fact that the member who

asked the question asked the question is misleading, in this pattern misleading, in this pattern of misleading, I'd actually misleading, I'd actually refer

him to something that happened

yesterday morning and that is when Alan Joyce went on radio

National, the member who asked the question should have known

about this interview indeed, I think he probably did think he probably did but there's this pattern of misleading misleading going on so there

was the article in the 'Daily

Telegraph' yesterday morning

that suggested that somehow

Alan Joyce was wit waiting for a call from me. The Deputy Leader of the Opposition! Alan

Joyce was asked about this on

Radio National yesterday,

question from the interviewer Fran Kelly was - Alan Joyce, it true Fran Kelly was - Alan Joyce, is it true that the fleet would

never have been grounded if the PM had taken your

member for Sturt on a point of

order? The question was very

short and specific. It wasn't

about whether she returned about whether she returned Alan

Joyce's call or took his call.

It was why she didn't pick up the phone to ring Qantas to the phone to ring Qantas to try

and avert this and avert this crisis. The member for

his seat. The PM is answering the question and I think that the people behind the member

for Sturt showed what value

they placed on the point of

order . It would assist the

House if people just sat there quietly, engaged and even to people that ask the question, can remember the

whole question. The PM will be

directly relevant to the question.

question. I would appreciate

less debate in responses but I say

questions they've been replete

in argument. The PM has

call. I'm going directly to the

question of telephone calls and

I know that the facts and the

truth are inconvenient for the

Opposition but these are the

facts. Alan Joyce asked - sit true that

true that you would not true that you would not have grounded the fleet if the PM

had taken your call during CHOGM meeting and promised the

intervene directly to end this

dispute? In response, Alan Joyce said, "No, there's misquotes misquotes on that, misinformation, we had talked with with three senior ministers, I had no expectation to talk to

the PM. I knew she was tied up with CHOGM and we had talked to

the appropriate ministers." And

then Fran Kelly comes back

again, "so you weren't waiting

on the PM's call?" "No, absolutely not. That is completely misaccurately

reported." So misrecentation number one from the Opposition. That somehow a discuss between

me and Alan Joyce on Saturday afternoon would have changed Qantas's decision. That is another true. And every member

of the Opposition who says is telling the Australian people

something that is not true.

Qantas determined to ground Qantas determined to ground its

fleet on Saturday morning. It

determined to engage in a

lockout and ground its fleet.

We have been critical of this,

that, decision, the Opposition has not uttered one word of

criticism about that. criticism about that. The

Qantas decision was the wrong

decision. It was the wrong

decision by member of the

travelling public, it was the wrong wrong decision by the Australian economy, the Leader

of the Opposition utters not

one word of criticism of Qantas

and seeks to mislead the

Australian people about the

circumstances of this dispute.

And then the Opposition

yesterday and today continued

to mislead the Australian

people about the provisions of

the Fair Work Act, pretending that section

the be instaneously turned on without the Minister engaging

in a proper process and

something that is not subject

to legal review. In doing that,

they seek to mislead the Australian people. Now, you

would ask yourself, why are

they seeking to list are

mislead the Australian people

about all this. Why don't they

utter a word of criticism about