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(generated from captions) This morning - hopes fade that talks between Eurozone leaders will solve the region's crippling debt crisis. This Program is Captioned

Live. Delays expected for international passengers. Customs officers have Customs officers have walked

off the job for a day.

flooding and torrential rain

hit parts of Italy. Death by

British misadventure. A coroner found

died from alcohol poisoning. British singer Amy Winehouse

Good morning. You are

watching ABC News 24. I'm Joe

O'Brien. Taking a quick look at

the weather first in the

capital cities around the nation

A peculiar situation with the markets this morning. All trade on the Australian securities exchange has been halted due to

a technical issue. The ASX says

it is working to resume trade as soon as possible. It is 2 o'clock in the

It is 2 o'clock in the

morning now in Brussels and

European union leaders are

still locked in talks trying to

thrash out a deal to solve the

some indication of the critical Eurozone debt crisis.

importance of this meeting . There has been agreement in

some areas including plans to

shore up banks but hopes are fading fading a comprehensive deal can

be reached in the next few hours. 14

be hours. 14 time in the past

months Europe's leaders have

drien this way pledging to drien this way pledging to fix

the Eurozone crisis but never

has the pressure been bigger

than today. We are to take

decisions to end the

turn the page and make sure we

make a big step forward for the better future and prosperity better

and security of our peoples Europe. Much of the focus

Europe. Much of the focus was on whether the French and German leaders would settle their differences. The mood on

arrival was that difficult

talks lay ahead. TRANSLATION:

We are going to have to work

very hard but there is a lot of

goodwill. After an initial leaders, some progress was

announced. Europe's banks would

be strengthened with fresh

capital but without saying by

how much. We made some good progress tonight. It is very progress tonight. It

much in Britain's interest we

sort out these problems and

solve this crisis. We made good progress on the bank recapitalisation, that hasn't been

been watered down, it has been

agreed. After David Cameron left, the leaders of the countries inside the Eurozone,

turned their attention to the

trickier issues like how to to increase the fire power of

the zone's main bail-out fund.

An issue that has proved particularly controversial in Germany. Before today's summit,

the German Parliament met. The Chancellor, Angela Merkel, told

MPs that the world was watching Germany and Europe. TRANSLATION: It is

watching whether we are and able in Europe's most watching whether we are ready

serious crisis since the end of

World War II to take

responsibility. The Parliament

voted to boost the Eurozone's bail-out fund, a key factor for the negotiations in Brussels.

These are the remaining challenges - to slash challenges - to slash Greek

debt by encouraging banks to take

take big losses by around 50%.

President Sarkozy and

Chancellor Merkel say they are

ready to negotiate in person

with world bankers. Secondly,

to increase the firepower of

the EU's main bail-out fund, perhaps by over a trillion

Euros. Also the centre of

had been told to come with had been told to come with a

letter setting out radical

economic reforms. He brought a

document. The big question is

whether his plans convincing. Back in Rome, there

was a scuffle in the Parliament

over his plans to raise the

retirement age. The Eurozone crisis is exacerbating Italy's

political turmoil. What the

financial markets will be

watching for overnight is not

just political statements but detail, hard numbers, that indicate that this is more than sticking plaster.

Customs officers at Sydney,

Perth and Melbourne

walked off the job at midnight last night. Two and four-hour

stoppages are scheduled at other international air and sea

ports around Australia over a

pay claim. International

passengers are being warned expect delays. ABC reporter passengers are being warned to

Nick Dole is at Sydney Airport. Passengers were warned to expect potentially told to arrive at the airport significant delays. They

early, to check in as soon as

possible and then go straight through Customs. Passengers arriving in Australia were told on many of the public on many of the public address

systems in the

would be a Customs strike and

it could be a long time getting

through the Customs area. When

people did arrive, they found

it was pretty easy going. it was pretty easy going. They

said the lines were flowing

quite well. Whatever contingencies contingencies Customs

Border Protection have put in place, they seem to place, they seem to be working

well. Five past six and we are

out, screened and heard that, that's what they

said on the plane but I didn't know anything else. There

weren't major delays? No, no delays. It

to be pretty quick, yeah. It

was alright. It is flowing very

smoothly in there, no

disruption at all that I can

see. There is a 12-hour

stoppage at Sydney, Melbourne

and Perth airports and many

Airports across the country will endure It is not just the staff at

airports, it is the people who

check the shipping containers

and the post, and the marine

unit, the people who board unauthorised boats will be involved in the strike. involved in the strike. The

CPSU, the union demanding workers, are demanding they workers, are demanding they be

offered at least 11% over three

years in pay. The government is

offering 3%. The unions say offering 3%. The unions say

these actions could continue

unless they are treated more dignity. Nick Dole

reporting from Sydney. The

Prime Minister will meet her

Commonwealth Heads of morning in the lead-up to the

Government Meeting in

Government Meeting in Perth. Julia Gillard is expected to

raise the failed asylum seeker

swap deal. For more we are

joined by George Roberts in

Canberra. George, Julia Gillard

is going to meet several different

different leaders and the

Malaysian leader is first cab

off the rank? Yes, that's

right. In about three hours time, Julia Gillard's meetings

with other world leaders will begin, or Commonwealth nations I should

say. She has a meeting with the

head of Canada, the President of

of Mozambique and the also the

Vice-President of the European

Commission. First up she will

be meeting with Prime Minister

Najib from Malaysia. We can

expect that in that expect that in that meeting

they will be talking about they will be talking about the failed asylum seeker failed asylum seeker deal that was done with Malaysia. Prime

Minister Najib has written an

opinion piece in a newspaper today defending the Malaysia

solution. He says that solution. He says that the Malaysia is not country, there are no routine corporal punishment dished corporal punishment dished out against asylum seekers and he

says the country is working with the United Nations to try to allow asylum seekers

refugees to be allowed to work

in the country. He has also said he wants to press ahead. He is effectively expressing

his determination to keep going

with some sort of deal now that

that deal is over. Maybe they that will be talking in this will be talking in this meeting about potentially striking

another agreement or another regional solution smuggling. This meeting with the Sri Lankan leader last

night has attracted a bit of attention too? That's right. We know Julia Gillard spoke to Mahinda Rajapaksa about the allegations of human rights

abuses that have been levelled

at him and also

in the wake of the civil war in

the country which ended in

2009. Obviously this flows 2009. Obviously this flows on

from the 63-year-old Tamil

living in Australia who filed President Rajapaksa. The


Federal Government has blocked

any chance of those going ahead with the Attorney-General

extending diplomatic immunity to Mahinda Rajapaksa. We have had a response to the allegations from his had

Bandula Jeyasekara. He has

this is effectively propaganda

from the Tamil tigers. He says

it amounts to nothing more than

hearsay and allegations. Here

is a little bit of what he had to say. Told your Prime Minister that these are

hearsay, these are mere allegations but we 30 years of terror and we also

want to ask - nobody spoke of

the suffering the Sri Lankans went through for 30 years. My

President and the Sri Lankans

are aware of it. We also want to ask the question what's the

sudden interest because, take CHOGM, there was a clear

campaign by LTG, which also the President

President told your Prime

Minister about it in Australia and campaign with their

funds. Bandula Jeyasekara

there. George Roberts, the

issue of human rights is going

to come up at the CHOGM

meeting? Yes, meeting? Yes, that's one of

the issues on the agenda here.

There has been a major recommendation to the Commonwealth heads of government that they consider

taking a stronger stance on supporting democracy and human rights. rights. One of those

recommendations is the creation

of a human rights Commissioner. Any

Any major change at CHOGM

need the agreement of all member

member states and Bandula Jeyasekara from Sri Lanka, the

President's spokesman, has

effectively said that Sri Lanka

isn't keen to support that

idea. So that's potentially one

vote already that's lost that

would see the idea of would see the idea of a human

rights commissioner quashed and

that not go ahead but

remains to be seen how the negotiations

negotiations go and how that is considered.

considered. But that's certainly one of the certainly one of the things to

be considered at the

meeting. We will have coverage of that over the next

few days. Thank you. Thanks. Indonesian

prosecutors have prosecutors have officially filed three drug charges

against an Australian teenager.

The 14-year-old from NSW The 14-year-old from NSW was arrested earlier this month after allegedly buying an

amount of cannabis. A source

close to the boy's family has confirmed a judge confirmed a judge will

determine which of the three

charges will be pursued. He

says one charge is very minor

and could see the boy released

for rehabilitation but the most

serious carries a six-year jail

term. The trial is expected to

start next week. Radical Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has had

his jail sentence cut from 15 years to nine by an Indonesian

court. Bashir was jailed in

June after being convicted of funding a terrorist group.

Chief Judge had the Jakarta High Court has confirmed the reduction but without reasons for

reduction but without giving reasons for the decision.

Bashir previously spent time in

prison for his involvement prison for his involvement in

the 2002 Bali bombings. At

least nine people are dead after flash after flash flooding and torrential rain hit Italy.

Liguria and Tuscany were the

worst-hit regions. Bridges were

swept away. 500mm of rain fell in

in a few hours. There was an

alert in Rome but the capital suffered little damage. Thailand's Thailand's government is

struggling to cope with the country's worst floods in a

generation. Thousands moved to safety

safety at Bangkok's second

airport and are being airport and are being evacuated

for a second time as the waters continue

continue to rise. Now a new

warning has been issued to the capital's 9 million residents

that all should prepare for the worst. South East worst. South East Asia

correspondent Zoe Daniel

reports. The Government had vowed to protect Bangkok's second airport from flooding

but the water is not easily controlled. Don Mueang is closed after a dyke broke

flooding communities to its

north. Flights have been

cancelled or moved to the major

unaffected. But the airport was a government sanctioned

sheller. Thousands of people

were living here. Some were living here. Some have

come from the north already

surrounded by floodwater. Today

they were preparing to move

again, furious with the

Government's decision to put them in the wrong place. TRANSLATION: Nobody wants to live like this but we

are not able to go back to our house. I don't understand why

we have to move again. This we have to move again. This is Don Mueang, it is the city

centre. Only three days ago,

the Prime Minister appeared here to tell evacuees this was

a safe haven from flooding that's forced them from that's forced them from their

homes. Today they were lost and confused

confused as they contemplated

moving again after being flooded out of the refuge too.

Water filthy with rubbish,

chemicals and human waste may

not subside for many weeks and

it is still moving closer to

the city. These buses are going to Chonburi which is about

100km from Bangkok, but the

reality is that most of these

people don't want to go because

it is so far away from their

homes and they just don't know to come back. But the

Government wants to get them

out of the city because the

reality is, with predicted high

tides this weekend, many more

people may need to be evacuated. TRANSLATION: We will

will control the runoff will control the runoff to

allow the least possible amount

of water into Bangkok so it

floods for the shortest

possible time. Then we will do

everything we can to drain the

water away as soon as possible. The Government's

declared the next five days

public holidays to give people

time to prepare or

of even higher tides which are

expected to exceed the height

of the river's flood walls this


The top stories today - EU

leaders are locked in lengthy talks to try to thrash out solution talks to try to thrash out a solution to the debt crisis. Some agreement has been reached

but hopes of a comprehensive

deal are fading. There are more warnings

warnings of delays at warnings of delays at airports today with Customs officers taking part in an taking part in an industrial

action. They walked off the job Melbourne and Perth. Nine people have been killed in

flash floods in Italy after

torrential rain lashed parts of

the country. Another six the country. Another six people

are missing. Taking a look at the weather now in the capital


An inquest into the death of

the singer Amy Winehouse has

heard she died after drinking a very large quantity of alcohol,

well above the level that cab

fatal. The coroner was told

fatal. The coroner was told the 27-year-old star, who was 27-year-old star, who was found

dead at her flat in July, had only just started drinking again again having not touched

alcohol for three weeks. Her

family arrived at the coroner's

court, father Mitch followed by

mother Janis, knowing how painful it was likely to be to

hear the details of how their

daughter came to die. She was a star whose well-publicised away from her talent. Over away from her talent. Over the last three months, there had been speculation the singer's

death was linked to her problems with drugs, court heard it was drink, not

drugs, that killed her. When

her body was discovered here at

her home, there were two large and one small empty vodka

bottles close by. The coroner

said a blood alcohol level of 350

350 mg can kill you. Amy

Winehouse's house 416. Winehouse's house 416. Her

distingive appearance, supreme song writing abilities and

vocal style turned her into a global star. Her album backto

Black winning her five Grammies

but it was always apparent her

addictions had the power to

overcome her musical abilities. After working After working with Amy

Winehouse at the Grammy awards, Sarah Graham understands better

than most the

singer face. It is very common

when people put down one

assistance, be it alcohol or

drugs, to cross-addict to

another substance. After so many weeks of speculation,

today's result will be a welcome step towards closure

for her fans but especially for her fans but especially her

family. That report from the

BBC. Local government elections

are under way in China. are under way in China. They

are held once every five are held once every five years but this time the candidates than usual, especially those running as independents. Huey

Fern Fern Tay reports. Local government elections in China are easy to miss because

is little publicity is little publicity beyond banners and leaflets. banners and leaflets. Voting is not compulsory but not compulsory but the electoral battle is being

fought on the Twitter-like

service called Weibo. It has an estimated

estimated 200 million

users. TRANSLATION: There

isn't freedom to spread news China. That's why sites similar to Twitter have this function.

It spreads like a virus and is not easy to control. It can escape escape filters. Across the country, around 140 people country, around 140 people are standing as independents, escape

more than have reportedly more than have reportedly gone

silent on the online silent on the online campaign trail ever since declaring their intentions. Those still

in the race face all sorts of

pressures, including pressure

by the company not to speak to

the media and, in some

instances, pressure to drop out

all together. A few already have. This is the sort of sdrut ny that one - of sdrut ny that one - scrutiny one candidate faced when she

was due to speak at her local neighbourhood. The small room

is nearbily empty and the is nearbily empty and the few

individuals who turned up have left. TRANSLATION: No-one

usually cares. In some

compounds there may be a

security guard. But in ours

there isn't anyone. Anyone could could come in and no-one would

care. Voting has taken place in

various parts of the country and will continue on until next

year. No-one knows what the

voters turn-out will be voters turn-out will be like but the candidates but the candidates say they will continue to pursue their

cause. India's rising Pop

lation is on target to overtake

China's in the next 20 China's in the next 20 years

but unchecked growth runs the

risk of leaving urban areas in

chaos with infrastructure

unable to keep up. There is unable to keep up. There is one born every second, putting be the largest in the world

2030. But demographers are warning the country isn't

equipped to cope. India needs

to prepare itself for

to prepare itself for its future. Urbanisation will be the rise, migration will be the rise, migration will be on

the rise because livings will

be less in rural areas so they

come to the come to the cities. India's

cities are already packed with migrants seeking work and farmers fleeing environmental

disaster. When they arrive they

could find themselves living in

places like this, one of New Delhi's many These unplanned suburbs are

forced to do without many

amenitities. TRANSLATION: We

face every kind of face every kind of problem here, from lack of toilets to

stagnant water outside our

huts. There is so much filth here. Population growth could

add a further strain to the

country's slums if the Government isn't better

prepared. The country's rising

inflation has also put the price of essentials out of

reach of the People who here. We know health facilities

in the slum areas are not yet very good so government needs

to really think through what it means. The poorer population

will grow. A census this year

put India's population put India's population at 1.21

billion but growth in the last

decade has been the slowest

since independence. It is a

trend welcomed by some who trend welcomed by some who see the slowdown leading to potentially better living standards. Alicia Barry joins

us with as much of an up date

on the markets as can be

expected on a day like

had a chance to react to the

progress being made by EU

leader to address the debt

crisis. Trade on the

crisis. Trade on the Australian Stock Exchange has been suspended because of a

technical glitch. A deal to recapitalise

recapitalise EU banks have been

made but talks for a

comprehensive plan continue

into the night. The All Ords Index and ASX 200 haven't moved

from yesterday's close. The ASX

says it hopes to fix the

problem as soon as possible.

The slow progress in Europe was

enough to satisfy Wall Street

investors. On commodities: The National Australia Bank

has posted a record full-year

profit of $5.2 billion. That's

up nearly a quarter of a per

cent on the previous year's

result. The bank's cash

nearly $5.5 billion. Investors

will get a final dividend of 88 cents per share. Woolworths has posted a 4.9% rise in first

quarter sales to $14.6 billion. That's despite what the company called challenging called challenging retail conditions. Sales at the supermarkets increased nearly

6%. Billionaire James Packer has 6%. Billionaire James Packer has attacked the Federal

Government's plans to introduce laws to combat

laws to combat problem gambling. Mr company Crown owns two of

company Crown owns two of the biggest kas casinos. He biggest kas casinos. He is

expected to tell the AGM any

pre-commitment will damage the

industry. Here is Paul Ken di

with the major sports stories

of the day

of the day including of the day including Sam Stosur's loss overnight. I

personally was thinking she had

overcome the hoodoo. Victoria Azarenka, Stosur had a bad run

against her, she lost the last five.

five. She couldn't get over

the Belorussian there 6-2, 6-2.

It was convincing. Just watching parts of the match

this morning, she was terrible

in - Sam Stosur was terrible in

the first set, couldn't get

going, lost her serve a couple

of times, lost her frustration

as well, releasing that in the

sixth game. Couldn't get into

it. Some of the best tennis

Stosur played was in the final game of the Azarenka was serving for the match, Stosur started hitting

some big shots. Couldn't get

back into the match. Felt like if she was playing like that earlier she may have been to

beat Azarenka. She said as much

when we had a chat, she wasn't

taking the initiative. She is

learning how to continue

playing against the best in the

world. She is ranked 7 in world, if she wants to go

higher she has to learn to

overcome those players. Li Na

might be her next might be her next opponent. She is a good chance to beat Li Na

even though she beat shar shar shr shar. - Maria Sharapova.

Caroline Wozniacki will end the

year as world No.1. It year as world No.1. It doesn't

matter what happens at this

tournament as far as rankings go, Wozniacki will finish year as the world number 1

tennis player. That's not

insignificant although some

people will say she hasn't won

a grand slam. But world No.1 is world No.1. The Australian's

supremacy in the supremacy

continues . They lost the first

match of the series against the Silver Ferns. Of Silver Ferns. Of course, there is no world championship or

Commonwealth gold on the line

but the two world's best teams

are going head to head. Cath

Cox is the interesting Cox is the interesting story here because the new coach

suffered that first

one of the older plays. But Lisa Alexander backed her in.

That's a big vote of confidence

for the NSW shooter who has

changed teams. Cath Cox stuck

at the task and was the player

of the match last night. She

didn't miss one of her first 13 I think were the stats. In I end she saw Australia home. end she saw Australia home. As

you can see, the scores were

close all the way until the Diamonds snucks away at the

finish. That's the mark of a

true champ when you can around

true champ when you can turn around like that from game game. Yep. What's it like in

Melbourne in this amazing week

of racing? Well, it is good.

Sometimes you see these great

picture s - well every year you

do, but we saw nice pictures from Mornington this from Touching on the stories with

the jockeys, the jockeys

the jockeys, the jockeys have given governments around

Australia until the end of the

day to say they will kick in

money for a trust fund for

jockey s who jockey s who get injured. We

saw pictures of Jake Noonan. He

was the leading metropolitan

jockgy for apprentices. He had

a bad fall in May that caused

him to be in hospital for a month. He

month. He is back riding. We

wanted to touch base with him,

he is an inspirational story,

he is back on the horse. His

dad is a trainer in Mornington.

He did say the jockeys aren't

supported financially when they fall off and there is not

enough money in the fund.

Whether or not action comes about action comes about remains to be seen. People like Jake Noonan are interesting because

they go into the career knowing

the dangers, he has great support from his father, Tony

Noonan is a successful trainer and have plenty of resources.

What about the What about the jockies who aren't the

aren't the leading hoops and

lose money while out injuries?

It is a debate best had everyone It is a debate best had while update on the weather with Vanessa O'Hanlon. Today's

satellite image and cloud is

going from WA into SA and cloud associated with the associated with the trough causing showers and storms in

south-east Queensland and north-east NSW. Warm north-westerly winds developing

in the south-east, that's ahead

of a developing trough in the

Bight. This will make its way toward the south-east toward the south-east tomorrow. Queensland today:

The top stories today - EU

leaders are continuing a late

night crisis meeting to try crisis. The leaders have

reached an in-principle deal to beef up the rescue fund beef up the rescue fund but details are yet to be finalised. Hopes on a finalised. Hopes on a more comprehensive deal are fading. The Prime Minister Julia

Gillard has urged Sri Gillard has urged Sri Lankaa's President to address

allegations of human allegations of human rights abuses committed during the

civil war. She met President

Mahinda Rajapaksa in Perth ahead of ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Today

Minister Najib she is meeting Malaysia's Prime

Minister Najib Razak. He has

re-affirmed his commitment to

the Malaysia asylum seeker swap

deal which was quashed by the

High Court in August. Indonesian prosecutors Indonesian prosecutors have

officially filed three drug

charges against the 14-year-old Australian boy being held

there. He was arrested earlier

this month after

this month after allegedly

buying cannabis in Bali. The

most serious charge caries a

six-year jail term. His trial

is expected to start next week. A British coroner has found Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning. The 27-year-old was

found dead in her London flat in July. The five-time Grammy winner was as well known for

her distinctive voice as she was for her struggle with

alcohol and drug addiction. Eurozone leaders are in crucial talks aimed at solving the

cripple ing debt crisis. Leaders have reached an

in-principle deal to beef up

the rescue funds and

recapitalise Europe's banks. After 14 previous After 14 previous meetings,

this was billed as the summit

to end all summits, where the tough decisions to stop

Euro rot were finally Euro rot were finally made. We

are to take decisions to end the uncertainty, end the

crisis, turn the page and make sure

sure we make a big step forward

for the better future and prosperity

prosperity and security of our

peoples in Europe. It is not as

though there was a shortage of

pressure. Much of it focus ed

on the Germans. though there Angela Merkel succeeded approve an extension of approve an extension of the

already announced 440 billion Euro financial stability fund. TRANSLATION: Our

economic and monetary union

must pass the severe test and emerge stronger in emerge stronger in the long-term. We all know this is

the greatest test the economic

and monetary union has faced. Italian Prime Minister and

faced. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is also

feeling the heat. Both and feeling the heat. Both Germany and France are demanding a letter

letter from the beleaguered leader, spelling out Italy's plan to cut its pension age to 67, a move that

threatened his Coalition

government. What everyone wants

is effective action to end these

crises. Everybody recognises

that the present situation

that the present situation is

not sustainable, that you have

either got to go forward or you

are going to go backward

are going to go backward but

you can't stay here. European

leaders created the expectation

of a huge bail-out fund,

recapitalisation of the banks

of Greek debt. That at least appears to have been agreed on

but the talk is not of a shock

and awe deal to end the crisis.

The problem is anything less is an open invitation to markets to take matters markets to take matters into their own hands. International passengers have

been warned to expect delays

today after Australian Customs

officers walked off the job officers walked off the job at

midnight. Sydney, Melbourne and Perth airports will be disrupted for 24 hours. Other international airports around the country will four-hour work stoppages. Talks

on an enterprise agreement

resumed today. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

has two official engagements in

Perth today as part of her

four-day visit to four-day visit to WA. This

morning the Queen will visit

Clontarf Aboriginal College

where she will sit on reading, sport and cooking classes.

Students are expected to whip

up scones and kangaroo stew in

her honour. This Queen will attend a State reception at Government House

in Perth. It is time for in Perth. It is time for a Republic debate. We have

brought you hours and hours of

the Queen's visit. As it draws

to an end, we think it to an end, we think it is

appropriate we look at the

Republic issue which has Republic issue which has faded to the background a little to the background a little over the last couple of years.

Joining me for the Joining me for the discussion,

in the Royal corner is

political sharp shooter in Nick

Minchin. In the city of

churches, welcome. Hi Joe. In

the Republican corner is the Fitzsimmons bandana-wearing Peter Fitzsimmons in the

it clear at the start I want it clear at the start I want a clean bout. Peter Fitzsimmons,

if you step over the if you step over the halfway mark as Nick Minchin is doing the the haka, you will be fined

tens of thousands of dollars and the money will go to and the money will go to me. I

grew up with Nick

Minchin. Peter is a lot bigger

than me, I will not take him on. Peter, do you concede this

has been a successful visit,

people who like the Queen, affirmed and the sense affirmed and the sense of connection to the monarchy will

be affirmed? No doubt, people

feel warm and fuzzy about the

queen, particularly the media feels warm and fuzzy. Have you got a problem with that? Of course

course I have. The Queen is a

fine woman. The problem is - I

do this in my column, I say

call me crazy, but 21st

century, must be time to move

on, people say "How dare you attack the

attack the Queen?". It is not about attacking the Queen. about attacking the Queen. We are a

our own affairs. Can we find our own affairs. Can we find a head of State that is one of us. Nick Minchin, what do you

think of the media coverage think of the media coverage of the Queen's visit so far? I

think it has been terrific. I am amazed even as am amazed even as a Constitutional monarchist by

the enormous warmth and affection towards the Queen and the amazing

the amazing interest in her

visit. To see the scenes in

Melbourne yet, tens of

thousands of people came out and waited for hours to see it.

I think it is fantastic and

shows the Australian people have a strong bond with the royal family and see the crown

as a fullal part of the Australian way of life. I think

that will endear to come. Centuries to come!

Sorry mate. At what point, at

what point, if I may ask ... Go for it. We will be mature

enough as a nation to say

can do it on our own". Why

should your children, should your children, my

children, stand in a queue behind

behind the first born prot e,s

gy to decide the head of gy to decide the head of state.

It is ludicrous. This is It is ludicrous. This is the

furphy of the Republic

and why it goes nowhere. It has

no compelling argument. There is no compelling problem they

are presenting to us that the Republican cause will

solve. The problem I guess is a

matter of symbolism. Here is

the problem. Just wait, just wait. Let Nick Minchin

finish. For 100 years, we have

had Republicans mainly of descent in the Australian

community, and they have this

problem with the English but

they have never really been a

able to agree even an able to agree even an on alternative constitutional

structure. The crown is a

fullal part of the constitution

- fundamental part of the

Constitution adopted by the

Australian people at the Australian people at the turn

of the last century. It

performs a fantastic function.

Australia was one of the best constitutional arrangements

ever devised by human kind and

the Republicans have never been able

problem is they are trying to

fix. Peter Fitzsimmons. What is the problem with oft's Constitutional arrangements?

The problem with the

we have an elderly English woman as our head of State. We

don't. She is the don't. She is the sovereign. The Governor-General is the

head of the State. We are head of the State. We are being in the realm of the don't. She in the realm of the serious.

She is the head of state. She

is not the head of state. Call

her the sovereign if you will. I 10,000 people turn up at Melbourne, we are for the

queen, you are in a city of queen, you are in a city of 4 million in Melbourne, there are 10,000 people that turn

turn up. I bet there were 3

million who look at it like

and we like the Queen, and we like the Queen, love her

like a sister, like a like a sister, like a mother, like a mother of the nation,

but we also say there is 40% or

50% or 60% of us who look at it

and say this is the 21st century. When you century.

have been Republicans around

for 100 years I am writing a

book on the eureka stockade at the moment, there Republicans there . The essence

of the idea is we are no longer

part of England and the south

seas, we are our own seas, we are our own sovereign

nation and it is time to have a

head of state, one of ours. It

is not a revolutionary idea,

Nick. It is a simple thing of - even John Howard, even John Howard, conceded there will

come a time in this century,

some time in the near future,

when we will be a Republic. He

simply said 1999. You say

hundreds of years from now. Again I say - why are we not

mature enough as a nation to

have one of our own for our own

head of state. Let's get rid of the Union Jack off the flag. Another embarrassment. I think that's

that's a poor reflection on the

Australian people. I think we

have one of the most mature have one of the most mature and effective set of constitutional

arrangements. It involves the

Australian crown, it involves having the Governor-General appointed by the Queen on the

who is the head of statement,

the test of who is the head the test of who is the head of

state is who decides who is the

Prime Minister and who can


That is the Governor-General,

as was proved in the 1975

crisis. We have this fantastic

set of arrangements that I don't think the Australian people will change.

Republicanism is a Republicanism is a minority cause. It is only important to

people in the wealthy suburbs

of Sydney and Melbourne. of Sydney and Melbourne. The fashionable elite have Mao moved on now want to save the planet

from global warming. I am

trying to regain some control

of the argument here. Just of the argument here. Just let me ... Just going back to what

you say ripping the wretched

union jack off the flag. You

respect the diggers, what do

you say to the old guys who

come up to you "I fought under

the flag". My parents fought

under the flag. What do you

say. I have talked to people who say

say the Republican movements separates itself from the flag.

I am not the Republican

movement, I'm my own, that's

another issue. The same theme

is are we England and is are we England and the south seas or our own sovereign nation? You have had a go,

Nick. I would have called Nick. I would have called you Senator, but we are friends and

you are no longer a

Senator. I'm not a Senator

anymore. I know. When Nick says

this is about the ee people of Australia, we are the

elite, we are attacking the elite, we are attacking the Queen. Is there a more privileged position in the world than the Queen. There are between 40 and 60% of

between 40 and 60% of Australians, we are not revolutionaries, we are not

shard anyway sipping people, we

are like the gays, we

everywhere. Nick Minchin, why is it important to

connection to the UK? I think

you should take to Constitutional arrangements

that work. If it ain't broke,

don't fix it. It's broke. To

take the institution of the crown, the only non-political

part of the constitution out of

the constitution is a radical move for no many compelling

reasons. When you have a

Constitution that works well

for over 100 years, why would

a Governor-General who is our head of State. She is

Australian. She does a great

job. We have a very stable Westminster system of government build around the is non-political. If it ain't broke, don't fix broke, don't fix it. Nick

Minchin, do you concede the 99

referendum wasn't really a vote on whether Australia should be a Republic or not but it was

basically a very divide and conquer strategy divide and conquer strategy by

the monarchists? I disagree with Prime Minister John Howard acted I think extraordinarily

fairly in setting up a constitutional convention. We put to the put to the people the model that was aagreed at that

convention which was the

Republican movement's model for an incorrectly appointed President. The people

overwhelmingly reject ed that model. It was one of the

fairest referendums you could

ever have. The rear guard criticism criticism of the

movement's model we put to the

people. The Republicans have this dilemma. They know the

only model Australians might

ever vote for is a directly elected President but I think

most Republicans - I don't know

about Peter's position, but

most thinking Republicans know a directly-elected President

would be a disaster and a

radical upheaval of Australia's

arrivingments. I don't want a directly-elected President. directly-elected President. I

want to go control H. Find the Queen, replaced with the President. I want an absolutely

minimalist change. If you look

Nick at the best of our recent Governor-Generals, one that,

apart from Quentin Bryce, Sir

William Dean, he was a

fantastic Governor-General. If

you put him to the election,

99% of the population would

never have heard of him. I am

all for the people of that

calibre to be a President. You

want an absolutely Howard did not frame that whole

debate, you can't be serious debate, you can't be serious so say that John Howard didn't

steer the debate. When you change. When it was overwhelmingly rejected

45% of us said absolutely yes. In 1999. With another In 1999. With another 6 sensible people out of 100, we

would have got it up and

moving. There are beautiful

Australian school children

looking now, I am talking to a

man that doesn't think any of

you are good enough ever, ever, ever to

ever to be our head ever to be our head of

state. Peter Fitzsimmons ... Any one of them can be the head of State when they are

appointed Governor-General. You might one day be Governor-General and you will be the head of state. After the

revolution, Nick, we've got your name. The revolution by you with that bandana. What

has happened, though, to the

Republican movement and the

argument and getting it to argument and getting it to the

forefront over the last 10

years? It has virtually disappeared. Of course it hasn't disappeared. It hasn't disappeared. It has

faded to the background big

time. It hasn't but it is faded

on the boil. A big go was had

in 1999. I am putting forward

my views in my column and overwhelmed with the response.

The amount of times I have

emails from monarchists who say

"While that lady lives I

"While that lady lives I am a

monarchist, but the day she

dies and it hands to King Charles, they will be there

with me". Is that where it is

going to end? This is the trouble with the Republicans at

the moment, they are like a

pack of ghouls waiting Elizabeth to abd kat or die.

That's awful. They do live in That's awful. They do live in

hope that when she either abd

kats or dies there will kats or dies there will be a public outpouring of grief. I think Charles will be a better

king than people will be credit

for. William and Kate will be a heart beat away from the throne, they have throne, they have completely rejuvenated interest in the monarchy

monarchy and the crown. I think Australians will look forward

with great excitement to

William assuming the throne. think the cause will be in a

worst position. It is

interesting you say that about

Prince Charles because he told

climate sceptics were playing a

game of ruelet with their

children. How can you be comfortable with that man being

head of State? I disagree with

him on that issue. Guards!

Take him away! The only role

Charles will play in the

governance of Australia is to

accept the recommendation of

the Prime Minister as should be the Governor-General

in the Australian Constitution. That

That is the only role That is the only role Charles will play. I think Charles,

because he has some soft left

the Republicans because they

will agree with the views he

has. For example, his concerns about climate change. So the fashionable elites in Australia will have a difficulty arguing

against that. Can I have a go here? When you started

speaking, there were about 100 school children watching

"What's uncle nick saying". One

by one, they have dis appear ed. They can't bear to hear this kind of talk this kind of talk for the Australian future. They

Australian future. They want an Australian

Australian future that is Australian. Maybe it is what you were saying that scared

them off, or the thought of you

becoming Governor-General perhaps. We might try to wrap

this up. Final comments. You started off by started off by saying, Nick

Minchin, you are confident

these will remain the

centuries to come? I am. It is extremely difficult to change the Australian Constitution,

which is a good thing. B, we

have a fantastically successful

set of arrangements with the apolitical crown and the Australian Governor-General as

the Australian head of state.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I don't think the Republican cause will succeed

in my grandchildren's

time. Obviously think it is

broke. I am amazed to hear such a sensible man

a sensible man as you to do away

and my grandchildren. I have a system, you have a system.

Under my system, if one of your sons, or you was good enough,

you could be the head of state.

Under your system they must

stand at the end of a long

queue behind the first born of

an English family. I don't think you crossed the halfway

line. I barely

edge wise. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank

you. Moving on now, the United

Nations is expected to Nations is expected to announce within a week the world's population billion. It is estimated the

world's population could reach

as high as 10 billion by the end of the end of the century. Peter

Fitzsimmons has tried to get up

and walked away and he is still connected to the earpiece. He

is here. Fergus Walsh reports

now. We are living in an era of huge population growth. It took

until 1804 for there to be 1

billion people on the planet.

By 1927

By 1927 that figure had

doubled. In just over 30 years,

it hit 3 billion. Then look how

quickly it rose to four, five,

six, and now seven billion. The

world's population is growing

by 200,000 people a day. Lack

of space shouldn't be a problem

if everyone lived in one mega

city, the density of Paris, in

theory the entire population theory the entire population of

the planet could fit into

France with room

will our numbers keep rising? Almost certainly yes Almost certainly yes for

several decades. More people

are in their reproductive years

than ever before. More children survive thanks to better health care and sanitation. And people

care and sanitation. And people are living longer. The are living longer. The UN's

best estimate is there will

8 billion people by 2025, 9 billion by 2050 and 10 billion

by the end of the century. A

higher UN prediction higher UN prediction has the population at nearly 16 billion

by 2100. Much of the by

will be driven by poor countries

countries in sub-Saharan

Africa. Many already with Africa. Many already with

inadequate food and water. In

the next 40 could see its population rise

from 80 million to 145 million.

Contrast that with Germany. A

similar population to Ethiopia

now but this could fall to 75

million by 2050. Indeed there

is a scenario that sees the world's population falling. The

UN's lower estimate for 2100 is

just over 6 billion people, a

billion fewer than there are

now. Why? Global

already falling. In 1950, women

on average had five children

each. It is now down to 2.5. Small variations in fer filth

could have a big effect on

population size in the future. In much of the world, including Brazil, including Brazil, Europe, Russia, Japan, even

fertility has fallen so much

that populations are reliably

predicted to fall later this

century. long-term projections for the

coming decades, we can expect

more and more people on the

planet, way beyond the 7 billion milestone we are now

passing. Gotta to love the BBC

graphics. In an address to Crown shareholders James Packer

is speaking out against the

Federal Government's proposed

changes to poker machine laws.

Here is some of Mr Packer's statement.

Is A day after claiming the world No.2

Victoria Azarenka. The reigning

US Open champion went down in

straight sets. Azarenka stormed

through the opening set 6-2. Stosur never looked convincing with Azarenka forcing her on to the back foot.

foot. Her frustration clearly

visible. In the end an unforced

error handed the win to error handed the win to the Belorussian, the Australian's

fifth loss to Azarenka. I feel great. I wasn't expecting

playing so well my first match

but I'm glad I could but I'm glad I could stay focused. Stosur's fellow top

seed Caroline Wozniacki was

unsuccessful going

unsuccessful going to Vera Zvonareva 6-2, 4-6, 6-3. Great

match, we always have touch matches against each other matches against each other and this one was tough. South

Korea's are through to the

Asian Champions League final.

The Saudis got off to a The Saudis got off to a bad start when their striker was

sent off for a head

The Saudis

South Korea secured their two

goals in the first half. Al goals in the first half.

Etihad managed to put Etihad managed to put one back on the second, but it was too late. To cricket, Pakistan bowled out Sri Lanka for 239 on

the first day of their second test in Dubai.

test in Dubai. The

test in Dubai. The pacemen

proved the biggest threat. Sri Lanka looked like out for less than 200 but two

players came to the rescue. Sri

Lanka was not out for 42 at the

end of the day's play. In netball, Katherine Cox

netball, Katherine Cox

responded to a poor first test helping Australia level the

netball series with New Zealand. Catherine Lato was helping Australia

accurate with 27 goals from 31

attempts. The Diamonds

defeating New Zealand 51-44. To To racing, a careless riding suspension could cost Craig

Williams the ride in Tuesday's

Melbourne Cup unless he can win an appeal. Nash Rawiller is

also likely to miss the race

also likely to miss the race after a suspension.

In rugby league, Greg Inglis after

has been named on the bench for Australia's opening four nations

nations match against New

Zealand on Saturday morning Australian time. Inglis hasn't

played since injuring his ankle

in South Sydney's round 25 NRL loss to Brisbane. Tim Sheens has included the centre in an extend ed

extend ed seven-man bench but

he isn't expected to play a role. In soccer, Carlos Tevez is considering legal action

against the club manager. The Argentinaine international was fined four weeks wages fined four weeks wages four breaches. A club

breaches. A club investigation found Tevez guilty of

up during the game. It is

believed the comments post match could amount match could amount to

defamation. Taking a quick look around the country: Stand by now

Stand by now for the latest

from the markets and

coverage of the day's coverage of the day's top stories on ABC News have the Republic debate up on the web site at some stage

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ahead of CHOGM. And where will

it end? The world's population

zeros in on 7 billion. Hello, welcome to ABC News across

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