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The Reserve Bank gets extra

reason to cut rates as the CPI

slinks - shrinks. Rescued from

the rubble a two week old baby

gives Turkey new hope.

Missing in action and in

death - an ignominious end to

Libya's former leader. Rush

hour becomes an adventure ride

in Dublin. I have never seen

anything like this in the last

48 years.

Welcome to ABC News across

Australia. I'm Nicole Chettle.

The local share market's in

retreat. Investors are waiting

for Europeans to come up to an

answer to their debt problems.

The All Ords is off 9 points.

More finance later in the

bulletin. First to federal

politics and Tony Abbott haze

raised the stakes with

parliament's key crossbench independents predicting he will

try to reverse any laws that

improse compulsory limits on

poker machine debts. Under

Andrew Wilkie's deal to support

the minority Government

legislation must be passed by

the end of may to make

electronic bet limit cards

mandatory on pokie machines. At

a club's rally in Sydney Tony

Abbott hinted he is likely to

rescind the laws in

Government. When this

legislation comes B the

parliament I predict that we

will op poise it. If this

legislation is passed by the

Parliament and if we then

subsequently form a Government,

I predict we will rescind it.

That is what I predict. The

Government, Andrew Wilkie and independent Senator Nick

Xenophon have condemned Mr

Abbott's policy position.

Foreign ministers from around

the Commonwealth have started

meetings in Perth in the lead

up to Friday's CHOGM summit.

Kevin Rudd is playing host to

his counterparts with sefrle

gathering at the CHOGM centre.

The Australian Government

sidestepped one prickly issue,

the attorney-general thwarted

an attempt for a Melbourne man

of Tamil origin who want's

Mahinda Rajapaksa investigated

for war crimes. The Australian

national position when it comes

to highman rights problems in

Sri Lanka is well documented.

We simply say to our friends in

Sri Lanka that it is fundamentally important that

the upcoming reconciliation

report deal with the various

questions that have now been

raised in the UN report on

allegations of human rights

abuses in Sri Lanka. The The

Prime Minister will meet

President Rajapaksa today. It

is a case of history repeating

in Melbourne where the Queen is

making a whirl wented visit to

open the new Royal Children's

Hospital. The Queen opened the

original building back in 1963.

Today she is being welcomed in

a quintessential Melbourne

refurbished tram through the style riding a newly

city centre. Let's go now to

our reporter Jeff Waters who is

in federation scare. The Queen

still drawing plenty of

attention after touching down

in well. That's right. There is

a lot of anticipation here at

the moment. The Queen has

touched down. She arrived at

Tullamarine a short time ago

and was greeted by the governor

and his wife as well as the

Premier, Ted Baillieu and his

wife. It was a fairly low key

welcome and they were put into

their royal vehicle and have

been whisked across down town

to the new Royal Children's

Hospital at Parkville. It is n exciting day for people in

Melbourne because this is a new

$1 billion hospital. That's

right. It is a very, very large

and very beautiful fwas illty.

It has got lots of special

things in there to keep

children happy. As you said,

the Queen opened the original

one in 1963 so a bit of deja vu

for her. As people are waiting

here in Federation Square at for her to arrive, just like

the moment, they were all very

excited indeed. I couldn't

sleep last night. I was so

excited. We are here to see our

Queen and we are very proud of

our Queen. Such a beautiful

moment to be tonight to see

this stylish gorgeous woman.

She is amazing. What is next on

the agenda for this royal

tour. She is due here in

Melbourne's main civic square,

Federation Square, in about 15

minutes where she will visit

the Ian potter exhibition or

gallery at the National Gallery

of Victoria here and the indigenous exhibition there and

then a very brief visit. She

will make her way for about 20

minutes in a public meet and

greet on the red carpet in Federation Square before

getting in the special royal

tram which has been done up for

her and painted in special

royal livery. It will be cruising around Melbourne for the next year so people can

have a ride on it. She will be

getting off at Government House

and moving into an official

reception where she will meat

some of the victims of last

year's floods before ending her

very short visit - her

four-hour visit, by leaving

Tullamarine around 3 o'clock.

There are claims a Tamil

refugee who died in a detention centre at Villawood last night poisoned himself. The immigration department says the

man was found in a distressed

state at a secured housing

facility next to the detention

centre. Ambulance crews

performed CPR but were unable

to revive him. A spokesman for the Refugee Action Coalition

claims the man swallowed

something poisonous. Refugee

advocates said he had been in

detention for two years and was

granted asylum seven months ago

but was waiting for a security

clearance. They claim the man

was recently denied a release

in Villawood to attend a Hindu

festival. In eastern Turkey

rescue efforts have been

electrified by a story of hope.

A two week old baby has been

pulled from the rubble after

being trapped for nearly 48

hours. Nearly 400 people have

died and thousands of survivors

are enduring freezing weather.

After days of tragedy and

despair came a moment of pure

joy. A tiny baby was pulled

alive from a crushed apartment.

The rescuer had to crawl in on

his stomach to reach her. Two

weeks old, Azra had been

trapped with her mother and

grandmother for nearly 48

hours. She was wrapped in a

blanket and handed to medical

workers. TRANSLATION: The baby

is in very good condition at

the moment. She is in much

better condition than we were expecting. The little girl's

mother was brought out on a

stretcher but had no life

threatening injuries. All she

need was food and water. Her

grandmother too was pulled out

alive. The baby's father and

grandfather are yet to be found

although both had been in the

building. Earlier in the day

another mother and two children

were also pulled out alive

giving rescuers a big boost.

The death toll is rising even

faster and the survivors are

facing worsening conditions. At

Ercis, the city worst hit,

thousands of people were facing

a third night in tents or

huddled around fires to sheeter

from the freezing cold. Many

victims have accused

authorities of being too slow

to deliver aid to a region that

is home to the minority Kurd

population.Turkey's Red

Crescent said it is now feeding

10,000 people and providing

shelter for 40,000. Continuing

aftershocks even prompted a

riot among prisoners at Van.

Inmates there set fire to the

jail after guards refused to

let them out of their cells.

The prisoners retaliated by

attacking the guards with

knives and scissors. Two

days'er er -- earliers

thousands of prisoners escaped

when a perimeter wall was

toppled. They may be free but

they face an uncertain future

like other quake victims. The latest truce between Government

and dissident forces in Yemen

has collapsed into a wave 06

deadly violence. Fresh amateur

footage yet to be verified

shows protesters being targeted

by water cannon and shot at.

At least 15 people were

killed in the latest unrest in

the Gulf state's two largest

cities. The activists have been

calling for the removal of the President, Ali Abdullah Saleh,

whose reportedly reaffirmed his

commitment to a regional deal

to stand down in exchange for

immunity from prosecution. Six

days' after his death Moammar

Gaddafi has finally been laid

to rest. The ousted Libyan

leader was buried with his son

Mutassin at a secret location

in the desert after a simple

Islamic service involving

family members. It ended a

period when his body was on

public display in a meat

storage facility. These

pictures broadcast by the

Dubai-based Allal TV channel

purr Puerto show the bodies of Colonel Gaddafi and his son

Mutassin being prepared for

burial. It is the only footage

that has so far emerged

claiming to show elements of

the former dictator's secret

funeral. A convoy of cars

arrived at night at the market

complex on the outskirts of

Misrata where the Col #234e8's

corpse heads been on grizzly

display. Then they left for an

unknown destination in the

desert. After days of disagreement over when and

where to burry the body the

spectacle in the refrigerated

meat container was now finally

over. As the victors argue over

the spoils defeated loyalists

are getting used to a new

reality. This man was a trusted

cleric under the deposed

regime, now a prisoner, he was

amongst those who helped

prepare the body for burial.

Colonel Gaddafi's followers

have only one option now he says. TRANSLATION: If they want

to live good it has to change.

Everything is clear. The end of

Gaddafi, it means a new

life. But it is not going to be

easy. In Misrata very slowly

life is beginning to get back

to normal as people change from

their military fatigues back

into civilian

clothes. TRANSLATION: The real

revolution starts here, after

the death of Colonel Gaddafi.

This is the peaceful revolution

that we started back in

February. But the scale of the

task is daunting. Reconstruction, reconciliation

and the rebuilding of a plural political system from scratch,

the rode ahead will be a long

one. The latest inflation

figures are just out and they

are being closely watched to see whether an interest rate

cut is likely next week. They

will be a big factor in the Reserve Bank Board's meeting

when it gathers for its rates

decision on Melbourne Cup Day.

Now to the numbers.

Will that be enough to prompt

a rate cut. Rob Henderson is

the chief economist at NAB

Capital, what are the numbers

telling you? The underlying

rate is the most important

thing for the Reserve Bank and

that actually came in at only

0.3%, well below expectation s

that were for a rise of 0.6%.

That provided the Reserve Bank

with plenty of room to support

the economy with a cut in

interest rates. We think there

will be a 25 basis points cut

in November. Where are we

seeing price ranges and on the flip side, what is coming

Dunn? It is pretty interesting.

There was widespread drops or

low or small increases, low

price rises for the services

sector, for example, the

education sector had a rise of

just 0.1% in the quarter.

Communications was flat and

health services costs actually

fell by 1%, so that is a pretty

big fall. And importantly, food

and non alcoholic beverages

fell by 0.2%. That is a pretty

core item in a consumer's

basket. That has a fairly high

weight and that was a 0.2% fall

there. You mentioned you are

tipping a rate cut next week.

What is the outlook for the

rest of the year in your

view? We think the economy is

still running along at about a

trend rate of growth of around

3% but the fact of the matter

is that a number of sectors - I

guess the three key ones are retailing, manufacturing and

housing construction, they have

all been pretty week and would

be - weak and would be

supported by a cut in interest

rates at the moment. Given the international uncertainty, the

lack of confidence globally, we

think the Reserve Bank, given

that now the inflation outlook

is pretty good for at least the

next 12 months, has got some

room to support the economy.

That is why we think they will

cut interest rates in November.

It is possible they will follow

through again with another one

in December or maybe that will

be delayed for a while and I

guess, you know, the whole

thing is dependent on the

outlook down the track. It

looks like we will get one in

November anyway. Thanks for

joining us. There isn't

mounting concern that European

leaders will fail to reach an

agreement on a comprehensive

solution for the region's debt

crisis at a summit tomorrow.

The talks in Brussels are now

likely to agree only on broad principles. Attention is

turning to Italy which is under

pressure to cut its massive deficit. Natalie von Bertouch

may be all smiles but he is in

- Silvio Berlusconi berle may

be all smiles but he is in

trouble. That it want a

detailed plan on how he intends

to slash spending and to

deliver it no later than

tomorrow's summit. This is the

Italian problem it it has debt

esof 1.8 million.

It's debt is over 118% of GDP

and growth is flat. The papers

in Italy are full of the bad

blood between the Italian leader and his French and

German counterparts. It stems

from this moment at the weekend

when the two leaders were asked

whether they felt reassured by

having met Mr Berlusconi. The

glances and smirks insulted

many it tall yans and even the

Italian President has complained. When Silvio Berlusconi suggested raising

the requirement age to 67 as

part of the reforms his

Coalition partner said it was

impossible. For a while it threatened to bring down the

Government and it is still

uncertain whether Italy will

commit to sufficient reforms to

satisfy France and Germany. Tomorrow the German parliament

will vote on increasing the

firepower of the EU's main

bailout fund but even here

there are outstanding fears

that any deal could lead to

pressure on the European

Central Bank. TRANSLATION: We

mustn't allow a

misunderstanding to develop

where politics come to expect

something interest the

ECB. Even if the EU gets over

all these hurdles by tomorrow,

the question is whether any

deal with work in the long

term. Is aim of the measures to

be introduced over the next few

days to create a year or

possibly two years' breathing

space but the underlying

problems still have to be

resolved. Two new gas-fired

power stations will be built in

Queensland in the next three

years. The plants in Gladstone

and Ipswich are expect boost Queensland's electricity

generation by 20%. Critics say

the state should be looking at

renewable energy options.

Earlier this year there were

fears Queensland could be running out of steam. The

booming south-east of the state

and central Queensland have

been given a power boost. Without these power

stations we will started to see

shortages in our electricity

supply across Queensland so

these are very important in

terms of maintaining their

reliable power supply across

this growing state. The Hong

Kong based business consortium

will spend $3.5 billion to give

the state an extra 3,000

megawatts of power in three

years. The clean green energy

tag does not wash with

everyone. It is disappointing

to see such large scale

investment in non renewable electricity generation in Queensland particularly when we

have such good renewable resources available to us. Ipswich authorities are

welcoming the investment in an

energy source that emits 50%

less carbon than coal-fired

plants. That is all based on

sustainable, the new kind of

power station that is gas generated and the pipeline is

in place. Both in Queensland

and elsewhere in the market we

see gas as being the fuel of

the future. Opponents say the

future of the sunshine state

should not be powered by

gas. That is not the direction

we need to be heading in if we

are serious about acting on

climate change. The Premier

says the new project shows

there is still confidence after

the Federal Government's introduction of the Carbon Tax

and expects the projects to generate around 1,000

jobs. Let's take a check now of

the markets. The market has

been keeping an eye on Europe

and the inflation figures just

out. It certainly has. Early

this morning the market was

down around 1% with a lot of

trepidation ahead of the key

European Union summit tonight. Investors around the globe wanting clear and decisive

action to come through from the

EU member nation When we had

the inflation figures come

through we saw the market start

to pair back losses and some

particularly good strength

coming through from retail

stocks. We are flat on the All

Ords at the moment. David Jones

is up 4% and Myer is up 2.5%

and the Aussie dollar has had a

drop. Money markets now factor

in a higher chance of interest

rate cuts on Melbourne Cup day. There is company news

about today with a number of

AGMs is 30 companies holding

their AGMs today. We have heard

from the parent company of the

NRMA. It reaffirmed its full

year profit guidance sending

the per cents up. Toll holdings

says conditions remain

challenging for its business

and it's share price has fallen

about 1%. The coal is back in

the headlines today. Macarthur

Coal looks set to go to foreign

hands. Overnight we heard that

a Belgian steelmaker pulled out

of the deal at the 11 hour. It

now looks like US company pea

body will take full control.

Macarthur Coal is trading

around $16.20 today. Now to a

tumble on Wall Street. Doubts

an whether a solution to that

European debt crisis is

imminent. Company earnings

reports also disappointed. 3M

announced proof in its glow

expectations saying fears about

Europe are Samming consumer

question man. The Dow, S&P and

fashion dak fell.

In Queensland, opposition MPs

will vote as a block against proposed laws to allow same sex

civil unions. The Deputy Premier, Andrew Fraser last

night introduced his private member's bill into parliament

to legally recognise gay

partnerships. Government MPs

will be allowed a conscience vote but the Liberal-National

Party leader says opposition

MPs will reject it. We believe

this is a political stunt. It

is a shiny bauble that Anna

Bligh and Andrew Fraser are

waving around out there while

the real issues of the state's

debt are the huge cost of

living increases, are then

being ignored. Mr Newman personally supports gay

marriage but says he has never

advocated for the laws to be

changed. They authorities are

getting more - tie authorities

are getting more desperate with

the floodwaters. Bangkok's

second airport has been shout

down and there is a five-day

closure of schools an offices

to help prepare for the

deluge. We drove along this

road yesterday without any

problems but the road has

filled up overnight . I am

standing on an offramp here but

it is deeper in that direction

as the water continues to flow

from the north of the city

towards the city centre. Rescue

workers are working around this

area picking up stranded people

and delivering food and water.

They are also starting to find

all sorts of things in this

party. There have been extensive warnings about crocodiles and we just saw a

group of rescue workers with a

large snake. You can see behind

me how quickly this water is

moving. It has not yet

stabilised and is moving very

fast towards Bangkok city. We

are just opposite Bangkok's

second airport at don't don't

here. This is something we have

been expecting for a doum of

days. Airlines have started to

reroute flights to the main

international air port. This

will be a key psychological

barrier for the people of

Bangkok who have been closely

watching this flooding coming

in from the north and wondering

if it will hit the inner city.

We have already been seeing

#357bic buying of food, bottled

water, now there is concern

about contamination of the tap

water supply and people are

stocking up by filling up

bathtubs. There really are

major shortages of major items

as people stock up ahead of

what they think could be a long

period of flooding. You can see

in shops like this there are

already empty shelves with

particularly water sold out.

Floods have been wreaking havoc

in Ireland. In Dublin more than

a month's rain fell in a single

day triggering some desperate

scenes and causing the drowning

of two people. So how do we get

home? There was no escape from

the water. Even at one of

Dublin's busiest shopping

centres. Once the flooding

started no one knew when it

would stop.Panic set in as

people tried to get out. This

centre is normally full of

shoppers, instead it was filled

by cold, dirty water. Two days

of non-stop rain caused chaos

in Ireland's capital city. Even

a bus went underwater during

last night's rush hour.The

longer the night went on the

more deigning trous conditions became. I have never seen

anything like this in the last

48 years. Two people were

killed. The body of an Irish

policeman was found this

morning, three miles from where

he was swept into a river in

county wick low. 25-year-old

Kieran Jones had been helping

others when the river broke its

banks. In Dublin's city centre

a woman was found dead in a

flooded basement. The city

council had to put in place a

full emergency operation. But

it is all too late for Monday

Yea families. I had to climb

over the back houses to get

out. Our next door neighbour at

the lack back. Above the

waist. I was terry feed. There

was flooding in northern

Ireland. County Tyrone was

badly affected. On both sides

of the Irish border 48 hours of

constant rain took its

toll. The build up to this

year's Melbourne Cup continues

and the 1867 cup and Queen's

Plate trophies were sold at

action in Melbourne last night

for $720,000. The cups were won

by 'Tim Whiffler', which in an

interesting quirk was one of

two horses with that name running in that year's

Melbourne Cup. It was the first

time the trophies were publicly

available. They had always been

in the possession of the

original owner's desend dints. Samantha Stosur has won

her opening match at the WTA's

end of season event in Turkey.

The US Open champion beat Maria

Sharapova in straight sets.

Sharapova was back in action

after a month off with a good

injury but Stosur didn't let

her into the match taking the

first set 6-1. She closed it

out 7-5 for her fist win over

the Russian after 9 previous

attempts. Obviously it is a big

feat to me. I tried to come out

here and do a few things a

little bit different and

thankfully it paid off. The

annual WTA championships determine who ends the season

as world number 1. Scotland's

first commercial gold mine for

500 years has been given the go

ahead. Critics say the mine

will spoil the natural beauty

of the Loch Lomond National

Park. There's gold in these

hills and there are plans to

dig it out. Developers are

hoping to extract 20,000 ounces

of the precious metal every

year. This particular area here

runs about 30-odd grams a

tonne. That is an ounce of gold

in a tonne of rock. That is

quite a lot, isn't it? It is

indeed. There was an earlier

attempt to mine here back in

the 1990s. You can still see

the old railway lines and the

wagons which would have been

used to transport the other in

and out of the mine but that

project was mothballed after

the price of gold slumped. That

has all changed. This deposit

could be worth up to $200

million - ?200 million. Many

locals believe the economic

benefits could lie closer to

home with the 50 jobs the mine

could bring. We have to survive

here. We have to run

businesses. People have to have

jobs. This will, in effect,

provide work for - of a more

skilled nature and more highly paid. Scottish gold is valuable

and prized by jewellers. In the

past small amounts have been

panned by prospectors. It is

rare and this new deposit is

likely to attract a premium. We

get interest from both people

who live here, who have never

heard there is Scottish gold

and there is something

wonderful and a piece of our to

heritage to have. A bit of

Scottish gold is something to

take away as something quite

special. There are many

conditions attach ed to this

mining operation that is in a sensitive area of a national

park. The developers promised

the landscape la be restored

once the precious minerals have

been extracted in the first commercial gold mine in

Scotland in more than 500

years. Let's look at other

stories making news around the

world. Russia's President and

Prime Minister have been trying

their hand at harvesting in the

southern Stavropol area. Dmitry

Medvedev and Vladimir Putin

collected six tonnes of corn,

the latest in a series of joint

appearances. China may add

fingerprint data to its second

generation ID cards. According

to draft legislation citizens

will be required to register

their fingerprints when

applying for the card which is

needed for employment and

getting a pass port. To the

weather. The satellite shows

thick cloud along the central

east along a trough. Lower

cloud elsewhere over the east

with moist onshore winds and bright looking cloud over the

west due to a low. The low

pressure trough in the east

should trigger patchy rain and

thunderstorms over north-east

New South Wales and south-east

Queensland. Wormer north-west

erlies should develop in South

Australia, Victoria, and as the

mania. Another trough in the

west will bring rain and storms

to WA, the west of South

Australia and the Northern


Let's go back to the stock

exchange for a final check of

the markets.

That's the news for now.

There is continuous news on ABC

News 24. There is also news

online. Our next full bulletin

on ABC 1 is at 7 o'clock this

evening. I'm Nicole Chettle. Have a good afternoon. Closed

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