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at the weather in the capital I'm Joe O'Brien. A quick look

cities today.

Thousands of people have

lined the shores of Canberra's

Lake Burley Griffin to see Her

Majesty Queen Elizabeth on Majesty Queen Elizabeth on the

first day of official duties on

started the day by meeting her Australian tour. The Queen

Governor-General Quentin Bryce at Yarralumla, after the

meeting Her Majesty meeting Her Majesty and Prince Philip boarded a navy vessel and cruised

Griffin to the delight of those

who'd lined the shores. They'd

gathered along the banks of the

lake to get a glimpse as the

barge went past. The Queen then

toured the Floriade festival

inspecting displace and meeting volunteers and gardeners.

Political correspondent Melissa

Clarke joins us now from the Floriade flower show. Is the

Queen still there? No, the

Queen has departed of the

everything has been packed up. The big moment that

The big moment that the

Canberrans and particularly

those involved in Floriade been waiting for has come and those involved in Floriade had

gone. She has toured through all reports was quite impressed

with what she had seen and

asked many questions about the

flowers and the mulch and how flowers and the mulch and

it's come to be this amazing display at Floriade.

Governor-General's on her way back to the

Governor-General's residence in

Yarralumla. Did she go back on

the barge or via a

motorcade? By barge. A one way the barge or via a

trip that saw the naval vessel

brought down from Sydney from

the one special trip. I saw the one special trip. I saw the

barge making a few extra trips

across the lake while they had

to it out. That barge went close

Floriade in places so that the to the shoreline on its way to to the shoreline on its way

public could get a good look

public could get a good look at

the Queen? From there, the Queen? From there, the Queen boarded the boat, it went a couple of kilometres along

the length of the lake, the length of the lake, there

were various designated points

along the way where the

along the way where the public

shores if they wanted had been encouraged to line the

glimpse of the Queen. shores if they wanted to see a

central basin of the lake.

There were a couple of other There were a couple of other

viewing points as well. So the

boat could go past and the

Queen and the Duke also waved

to crowds that were lined along both sides both sides of Lake Burley

Griffin before she alighted at

Commonwealth Park and regatta to point at

Commonwealth Park and then came

here to Floriade. She was

greeted by the ACT Chief

Minister Katy Gallagher there

at Floriade and shown around

the gardens by the head gardener

gardener there? That's

able to right. The head gardener was

gardens and talk with her about able to take Queen through the

the flowers panel the soil and

the other aspects not only of

the displays behind me but the displays behind me but also

some native Australian some native Australian garden

displays. She will be seeing

some very beautiful sights on

her first full day here in tomorrow afternoon that the Australia. Is it not till Australia. Is

public gets another chance if they want to have a look at the

they want to have a look at the Queen? Tomorrow meeting will both Julia Gillard and

Tony Abbott in the afternoon they'll get the her moving around the country a

bit more. She will be visiting

the War Memorial while here in the War Memorial while she is

here in Canberra and a ceremony

at Duntroon called presenting

the colours. She will have trips the colours. She will have day

and a trip to Perth for the

Government meeting. Melissa Commonwealth Heads of

Clarke with the Clarke with the gorgeous

backdrop of Floriade thanks

very much for that. Later we'll

hear from the head gardener of

Floriade Andrew Forster. To other news. The Commonwealth Ombudsman Allan Asher is today

expected to announce his

resignation following a week of political

apologised for secretly political pressure. He has

scripting questions with Sarah

The government Hanson-Young for a committee.

The government says the

ombudsman has failed ombudsman has failed to uphold the standards expected of the standards expected of his office. I might just check the

Ombudsman's web site once again now to see if that has come through. We were now to see if that announcement

has come through. We were

couple of minutes to come expecting that within the

through. The head of the Foreign Affairs Department says

he doesn't believe the actions

of theing if have prejudiced the case involving a the case involving a teenage boy arrested in Bali. There

there has been some criticism there has been some criticism

of him. Dennis Richardson been questioned of him. Dennis Richardson has

been questioned about the government's handling of the case. Do you agree with

comments made by the comments made by the former minister Alexander Downer on MTR radio that it Indonesians' noses for the

Australian Government to have

gone so very public on this issue. For the Australian Government to have gone Government to have gone so

public on this issue is a major

public on this issue is a major mistake? That can be the case

in certain situations. I would

note that in this particular

case, a spokesman for President

Yudhoyono has stated publicly that the President fully understood

understood the concern and

interest in interest in Australia in relation to the that he, Presidented Yudhoyono, had himself on occasion spoken

to Indonesians in similar

positions abroad. I would

simply repeat that I don't

believe anything that has been done by the Australian Government or any action taken

has prejudiced the case in this instance.

Today is Mike Rann's last as South Australian premier. After

almost 10 years in the top job,

he will be succeeded by he will be succeeded by his Education Education Minister Jay Wetherill. Mr Rann announced

his plans to step down as premier back in August after

losing the support of most

his MPs. For more I'm joined by his MPs. For more I'm joined by ABC political reporter Nick

Harmsen. Has Mike Rann held his

last media conference as premier? He

for some time. I think the last

media conference he did was about 7 or 8 weeks ago when he

said he was standing down. I

think he's decided he's going and he will do things the way

he wants to do them and one way

he doesn't like doing things of

late is to hold press

conferences. He tends to prefer

the one-on-one interview. There

has been a number of those this

morning. He has done a morning. He has done a number

of commercial FM radio spots

this morning, a couple of other

radio interviews this morning.

And of course is going into And of course is going into the Parliament this afternoon. We expect he

will address the Parliament at 2 o'clock this 2 o'clock this afternoon with

some of his final thoughts and

some of his final thoughts and reflections. Tomorrow reflections. Tomorrow morning he will visit the governor he will visit the governor and hand in miss commission before

the new premier and Jay Wetherill is sworn in. Mike

Rann has been premier for

nearly 10 years and Labor Leader for some 17. So it's a

pretty hard gig to give up. pretty hard gig to give up. He

is going to the back bench here for a couple of like before resigning at some point there in the new year.

We'll probably have a

by-election in about February

next year. He insists he won't

be a spoiler for the new

premier on the back bench. I

have most of all loyal have most of all loyal to my State and my government and my

party. That's the way I have always been. Mike Rann

speaking there earlier today.

So you broke that story earlier

this year of the

have you sensed is the

relationship between Mike Rann and Jay Wetherill now? Labor's

giving a very good impression

that everything's smoothed over and everything's running well. But there are obviously But there are obviously some

deep differences about the way

this whole past weeks have been run. Mike Rann has

how he felt betrayed by being

visited in that particular circumstance and having news of

by a couple of key powerbrokers

that his time was up. Having

that leaked to the ABC, that he felt betrayed by elements of

the party for doing that . So

he definitely feels some en he definitely feels some en

nitty and bitterness as he

leaves. But he has taken very much in favour of the new premier. Thinks he will do a

good job. It's worth noting that Jay Wetherill waejt the

party's preferred candidate for premier up until

the understanding that John the understanding that John Rau the current Deputy Premier

would get the job. would get the job. Mike Rann

says the one who's been hurt most by all of this is John Rau

who thought he was a sure thing

for the job of premier and now

looks he will remain in the

deputy's position. Does it look

like Mike Rann would like to

see economic development in

South Australia as his biggest legacy? There's a number of

areas where he likes to see his

legacy, but that is one of the key ones. He managed key ones. He managed to stay on

until this date because there

were a couple of key things he

wanted to do. The biggest of

those was to introduce

legislation to allow Olympic Dam mine expansion in

the State's far north. This is

a pretty big project for South

Australia in terms of what it

delivers in economic development. And there's no

doubt that Mike Rann wanted to

see that through so his name see that through so his name is

atamped to what he sees is a key part of South Australia's

economic future. Nick for that. Thanks

Joe. Authorities in the US were

forced to shoot dead dozens of

animals, including 17 lions and 18 rare

their owner set them free. The killings have been described as

a tragedy, but necessary to protect an Ohio community which

was locked was locked down in fear. The details from North America correspondent Lisa Millar and a warning, her report contains some disturbing

nights fell, nights fell, police in rural Zanesville faced an

extraordinary task, hunting

down more than 50 animals, many exotic and dangerous. This is not just a nightmare. It's like Noah's Ark fills and lions and leopards and it

crash here and suddenly they're

out there. I don't know how to

describe it any worse than

that. Residents were told to

stay indoors. Scary. Don't know stay indoors. Scary. Don't know where they're at. And if the

cops can't catch 'em they're gonna

gonna be running wild, crazy.

The darkness and the sheer

number meant it was dangerous to use tranquilisers.

Police were ordered to shoot to kill. These kill. These are wild animals. Wild animals that you would see

on TV. In Africa. The 62-year-old private zoo owner

is believed to have committed suicide after letths the

animals loose. By morning, most

were dead, including 18 endangered Bengal endangered Bengal tigers, a tragedy according to wildlife

experts. Sorry this had to be done, sheriff. done, sheriff. If you had 18 Bengal tigers running around these neighbourhoods wouldn't want to have seen what

happened. Schools remained closed as the closed as the hunt went on. There are two missing animals at this time. One being

a grey wolf, monkey. It's unclear how the animals' owner managed animals' owner managed to collect them, but Ohio's laws

have been criticised in the past for being too lax .

Greece has come to a

standstill in the biggest day

of strikes and protest action in years. The violence erupted prepared to impose more

austerity measures but as Europe

Europe correspondent Rachel

Brown reports, demonstrators

say there's only so much the

nation can take. Fury has

erupted in erupted in central Athens as the tug-of-war continues

between popular anger and international international financial demands. Crowds outside

Parliament set fire to a sentry

box and their volley of marble

chunks and Molotov cocktails

was met by fear gas and stun

grenades. Around 100,000 people

are joining in the two day strike, crippling fight and public transport and closing schools and tourist attraction

s T comes as the government

prepares to vote on yet prepares to vote on yet more austerity measures, the for conditioning support from other Eurozone other Eurozone countries and the IMF. The vast majority of the Greek people who are not

happy and some of happy and some of whom are in the streets today understand that these measures as terribly

difficult as they are necessary

and will guarantee a better future for themselves and their

families. But the Greeks say if change economy will die and suicide economy will die and suicide rates will continue to skyrocket. Greece has skyrocket. Greece has entered

into a coma which is The more medicine is The more medicine is being

applied on the patient the

deeper the coma becoming. This protest is the

union's last stand before the

weekend's EU summit on rescuing

the single currency from the worsening sovereign debt crisis. We

crisis. We don't creating confidence in investors that it can some back

to a path of success, to a path of success, without

confidence there will be no

investment and no jobs. It's been 18 months since Greece received its

received its first bail-out but

its mountain of debt remains at the top of Europe's agenda.

gathered in Canberra for gathered in Canberra for the

chance to see Queen chance to see Queen Elizabeth.

She has met the

Lake Burley Griffin, and visited the Floriade visited the Floriade flower show. The Commonwealth Ombudsman Allan Asher is

expected to announce his resignation today after days of political pressure. The independent watchdog

independent watchdog has apologised for drafting questions with a senator to questions with a senator to ask during a parliamentary

committee hearing. And in

convict, Australia has beaten afk in the opening one-day international, winning by 93

runs at sun tour-on. Patrick

Cummins stard with the ball taking

A look at business news taking

with Elise Morgan. The local

share market has fallen into a familiar pattern of familiar pattern of rising one

day and falling the next as investors await

on the state of Europe's debt.

Two of Australia's travel

industry heavyweights are calling for the Federal

Government to step in and help

resolve the fight between Qantas Qantas and the unions. Qantas and the Engineers and the Engineers Union are back in negotiations today. They're thrashing out They're thrashing out their increasingly bitter dispute before Fair Work Australia. On-line ticket seller On-line ticket seller Webjet

wants the dispute could be

cataclysmic for the travel

industry if the Prime Minister fails to act and Flight fails to act and Flight Centre boss Graham Turner has weighed in saying the government needs to do something. I don't

the details of the legislation.

But I think this But I think this is sufficiently serious, particularly the

here for the local tourist market which sl already on

knees, could actually devastate what

what is an industry that's

really struggling, particularly

in Queensland, and particularly since

since the floods here.

Obviously there will be both

sides to this argument, but I think the problem that think the problem that I see is

the unions actually want to run

airline and obviously that's

unable to any business. So I feel some sympathy for feel some sympathy for Qantas

here. Qantas management has to

run the company not the unions.

If the unions - for sure I

think they're negotiating fair

rates of pay. That's fair enough. But not running the company. Wesfarmers says company. Wesfarmers says weak consumer confidence

affected sales at some of its retail businesses. Food and

liquor sales at Coles

supermarkets rose more than 5%

in the first quarter of the financial year. Sales financial year. Sales at hardware chain Bunnings more than 8%. The customers

spent less at department store

Target. Wesfarmers says generally Target. Wesfarmers says it's generally pleased with the

figures given the reluctance of people to people to spend. Competition watchdog is continuing watchdog is continuing to monitor Coles and Woolworths over their price war. The Australian competition and consumer commission consumer commission has told

the supermarkets to keep price

records of records of all products involved in their discounting

campaign. ACCC Chairman Rod

Sims has told a Senate hearing

he wants extra powers to deal

with the supermarket giants.

Thank you, see from that message on the screen there, the Ombudsman has resigned. This is straight off

the Ombudsman's web site. the Ombudsman's web site. I

will read from it.

will read from it. "Quaem Ombudsman Allan Asher today

submitted his resignation to the Governor-General. It will

take effect at close of

business on Friday, 28 October.

Although he will be on leave

from the office from Monday 24

October. This is a quote from

Allan Asher. It is with sadness

that I made the decision to

tendy my resignation. But I

have done so because I

recognise that the office of

the Commonwealth the Commonwealth Ombudsman's enduring strength lies in community confidence and in its

integrity. I have always acted

in the interests of those - I

have always acted in the interests of those I have

served, and to bring served, and to bring about meaningful, broad-ranging and

long-term reforms to public administration. However,

accept that my actions prior to

the May 2011 Budget the May 2011 Budget Estimates hearing caused many hearing caused many in the community and the Parliament to call into question the

regret deeply that my office's reputation may have been damaged by my actions and damaged by my actions and apologise isn'to sincerely to

my staff and to our clients. However, I do hope that some goodwill come of this incident

by way of public and debate about future funding and about future funding and an appropriate accountability mechanism for the Commonwealth Ombudsman. During his - then it's back to the press release

of the during his tenure, Mr Asher placed particular

emphasis on the importance government agencies becoming

more socially inclusive and customer focused, improving governance and governance and integrity in the

public sector and using plain language members of the public. Finally,

he says "I have he says "I have felt honoured

to perform the often difficult

but rewarding role of ombudsman

during the past 14 months. And

I am proud of my office's

achievements." Some dramatic

news there. The Commonwealth Ombudsman Allan Asher has about feeding questions to the Greens Senator Sarah

Hanson-Young to ask during Hanson-Young to ask during a

Senate inquiry. No doubt the

press release goes on to about more of his legacy in his

role at the office and we'll role at the office and we'll go into more detail on that later through the following hours

this afternoon here on ABC News

24. But just repeating the news, the Commonwealth Ombudsman Allan Asher Ombudsman Allan Asher has tendered his resignation.

Now to talk sport and the

ABC's sport editor Peter

Wilkins joins us from Perth. Wilko I'm supposed to ask this

question at the end question at the end but I have

to ask it now. What are to ask it now. What are you doing in Perth? I'm glad you

asked. We're here for the superseries hockey which is

going to be featuring on ABC

Television. It's an Television. It's an innovative

approach to hockey. Nine a

side. And 15-minute halves.

Will you see highlights on ABC then live on Saturday and

Sunday afternoon. Australia in

the men, are playing India,

Pakistan and New Zealand. And in the women, in the women, the Hockeyroos are going to be up are going to be up against

India and also Malaysia. So it

should be fast, exciting and it's a build-up

it's a build-up to CHOGM, which

is going to be headlining here

next week. Are you calling

CHOGM as well? Not unless I'm

asked belatedly, Joe. But I'm

ready! What about

heap of different sports over

the years. What's calling hockey like? Hockey is fast. Particularly in the last 10 years, the sport has advanced so much advanced so much with the

techniques of the players, the

surface, the fitness and also

the quality of the sticks

they're using. So it's they're using. So it's a ferociously fast contest.

Probably about three times as

fast as soccer. But it's great

TV. So you will be working

hard. Now let's go to the

cricket. There 's a cricket. There 's a great victory by the good form by the young

guns? That's right. 95 runs under the Duckworth

system in this rain-affected

match. It was a terrific

performance from Australians. The match reduced to a 29-over contest but this

was a conclusive victory. David Warner started out well, gave

them a hurricane start with 20.

Ricky Ponting made a half

century. Hit 63 or 77 balls.

Michael Clarke the captain 44

off 48. That was a off 48. That was a decisive

partnership of 100. And that

set the way They were just terrific.

Patrick Cummins, he goes from

strength to strength. He took a couple of wickets. Mitchell

Marsh, he chime ed in with a

wicket too. He is underlying

his all-rounder position. And

late on, Mitchell Johnson took

a couple of wickets, too. So all round, it was a all round, it was a very comprehensive performance from

the Australians to dismiss

South Africa for 129 off just 22 overs. So it more than a Twenty20 contest,

but psychologically, heeding up to the

to the next two matchness and also to the three Tests, this is

is a big blow for and afterwards Xavier Doherty and also Michael Clarke were and also Michael Clarke were in good spirits. good spirits. Xavier Doherty also made a telling

contribution with two wickets. It's great to see

Mitch Marsh and Patty couple

cup, everything he touches

turns to gold at the moment. Good times for Australian cricket I think. We played

pretty well in the conditions.

Two there was a bit of movement

early with the new ball. maximised that when we came out and bowled and we and bowled and we fielded pretty well. pretty well. Certainly room for improvement but very happy with the start. the start. Wilko, Mundine had a big win in

Newcastle last night. I always

look forward to a big Anthony Mundine win to hear pronouncements afterwards? Why

don't we have a look at a bit

of the action? He won in points

decision quite comprehensively over Mexican Alvarez. The who was three years his junior. He won on points. He He won on points. He is trying

to set up a battle for the WBA light middleweight Championship against Austin Trout. This might be one step further for

him. But it was a good performance. Characterised by

the old Mundine traits of speed

and agility. The left jab was

working quite effectively. And

Mundine, yes, after the

Mundine, yes, after the confidence-boosting win to say

"yes, I'm still here", he had this to say. I'm experienced.

And that's what showed tonight,

my experience and I produced something that a lot of people

didn't think I could. You know what I mean? So what I mean? So I'm back, baby.

I never went, but I've always

been here, but when I tell you

I'm gonna do something I do it. When people try to When people try to write me

off, I keep coming up off, I keep coming up baby,

that's T You had never written

him off, are you Wilko? Um ...

just a little. But he is still good? I was going is a interesting it was in

Newcastle last night.

Newcastle last night. I was

just going to ask you, does

that have anything to do with the Nathan Tinkler factor? It seems Newcastle is attracting

so many events at the

moment? It could well be, moment? It could well be, but also, a strong rugby league

fraternity there, he has a lot

of support up there. Rugby

league stars, they league stars, they were prolific in the audience last

night. So he still has a great

backing there, Mundine. He can still talk. He's still there.

He has been criticised for the He has been criticised for the

quality of his opponents over

the years I guess you could say but the next fight could perhaps be a

perhaps be a crucial one for perhaps be a crucial one for

him if he's to still make a statement well into his 30s. Now to rugby A big match

for Nathan Sharpe tomorrow

night against Wales? Many people thought that he

should've been selected for

last weekend's disappointing

semifinal against New Zealand,

but Nathan saerp the veteran is

going to be one of five or five caps for the Wallabies. It's going to be a going to be a terrific

performance. Hopefully the

Wallabies will be a little more

on song in this third-placed play-off against Wales. Quade

Cooper's been selected side. There are a few changes

in the forwards, too. And the Wallabies hoping to end their

disappointing campaign on a big

note. Let's hear note. Let's hear from Robbie

Deans, first of all, on the selection of Quade Cooper,

maintaining him in the side,

despite a couple of

disappointing outings, and then from the centurion. When you look at our don't have a huge don't have a huge amount of

choice. And it's good for Quade

to be frank for the same

reasons that James spoke about

the other day, it's good for Quade Cooper saddle up again as well. I

don't know how it feels just

yet. It hasn't sunk in yet. The opportunity to play this weekend against Wales is

something I'm very excited

about. Unfortunately we've got to leave it there, but enjoy that call with the hockey. Cox Plate hockey. Cox Plate tomorrow, Descerado Cheers.

The top stories today - the

Commonwealth Ombudsman has resigned. Mr Asher had been

under pressure for drafting

questions for Greens senator

Sarah Hanson-Young to ask in a hearing. Senior government ministers and the Prime Minister have been highly

critical of his actions. Julia Gillard says he needed - had

said he needed to explain how

his conduct had met his

obligations to act independently and Mr Asher has apologised saying

it was an error of judgment. Queen Elizabeth on her 16th tour of Australia. Today the

Queen has met the

Governor-General, cruised on Lake Burley Griffin and Lake Burley Griffin and visited

the glor Yad Flower Show. Trips

to Brisbane and Melbourne before heading to Perth. There

are mass protests across

Greece. Protesters showered

police with stones and Parliament building. It

co-insides with a 48-hour nationwide union strike. The protesters are furious at protesters are furious at the latest proposals which latest proposals which have

passed an initial vote in Parliament. And in

we just mentioned, Australia has beaten South Africa in the opening opening one-day international, winning by 93 runs at

Centurion. Australian debutant

Pat Cummins starred with Pat Cummins starred with the ball, taking three wickets. ball, taking three wickets.

Well, as we just told you in

the last 10 minutes or so, the last 10 minutes or so, the Commonwealth Ombudsman Allan Asher has

has admitted and apologised for

drafting the questions which

the Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young asked him during a

hearing. For more on this, I'm joined by Julie Doyle. The

statement has only just come

through. Take us through it. That's right, it certainly

has. The statement has come

through saying that the

Ombudsman will resign from

effect on Friday, 28th October,

though he is going to be on

leave from Monday. Now, he goes

through in that statement

saying that it's with sadness that he resignation, but he has done so because he has because he has recognised that the strength of the

Commonwealth Ombudsman office lies in the community confidence in its integrity. He said

said he has always acted in the interests of those people he

has served and to bring has served and to bring about meaningful, broad-ranging and long-term reforms to long-term reforms to public administration, administration, but he has

conceded that his actions are back before that estimate

hearing back in May, where he

scripted questions for the Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young, he said in Hanson-Young, he said in the statement that that has statement that that has caused many in the community and

his office. He has gone on to

say that he deeply regrets any damage to the reputation of his office and apologises to his staff and to his

clients. That statement has

just come out in the last few

minutes. It became clear over the last 24 hours from the last 24 hours from the

statements of senior ministers

that it appeared that they

didn't hold much confidence in

him continuing in him continuing in that position? Yes, and particularly

the statement we heard from the Prime

was quite clear from what she

was saying that there wasn't

much hope that he could - that

Allan Asher could continue in

his role. We heard the Prime

Minister saying she concerns about what had happened, that there were some questions he needed to answer,

that she had made those

concerns public and the

secretary of her department had

raised those concerns, so once you hear the Prime Minister

making comments like that, it was pretty clear that this resignation had to come today. Why was feeding a today. Why was feeding a few questions to a senator in an

inquiry such a huge issue like this? Well, the questions

were fed to her in scripted for

the Greens senator Sarah

Hanson-Young. Now, it's not unusual for the unusual for the senators during Estimates hearings to take

questions from their own staff

or from bureaucrats and have things written for them. This

one is different because the

Ombudsman met Ombudsman met with Sarah

Hanson-Young and there was this

perception that he colluded

with the Greens over this one

and had and had scripted questions for her. Some people would argue, the Greens argued the Greens particularly have

argued that he did so in the needed these questions asked

about his budget and about what

was happening inside immigration detention centres, so the Greens have certainly argued that he shouldn't had to resign, that it was a political vendetta against him.

Others have argued that this wasn't appropriate and he had showed to be

partisan by dealing with the

Greens senator alone. Perhaps

if he had dealt with all the

senators from other parties as well, and involved them in the discussions t may have been different, but the fact that he

has been involved with just the

has led to this has led to this criticism and

what he refers to in his

statements, some concern

the impartiality of his

office. So would it be safe to assume that assume that there are public interest groups that do

approach senators from time to

time to say, "Hey, look, this

issue is going to come up at

the inquiry. We think this is

something that needs to be probed a little further. Can

you ask a question along those

lines?" - do you think that

kind of thing will continue, if

it is already happening, will continue, aren't the Ombudsman kind of

thing? It's the - the issue is

that he comes from this

particular office which is

supposed to have these

particular qualities? That is

the issue, Joe, because as

mentioned, we see this happen

in Estimates all the time that various lobby groups come

forward with their forward with their particular ideas and things they think

perhaps the senators should

hone in on. We see them during the hearings looking at the hearings looking at their laptops with information being sent to them, so sent to them, so the real problem with this one is that

it was the office of the being so independent and

separate to politics, so separate to politics, so I

think we'll still see senators working to working to and getting some

questions and line

questions and line of questioning put to them, questioning put to them, but this one has certainly

highlighted the dangers of the

Ombudsman getting involved in

this kind of thing. So a sudden

end to Allan Asher's reign as

Ombudsman, but he has been Ombudsman, but he has been keen to point out in this statement,

Julie, some of the areas that

he thinks he has been able he thinks he has been able to achieve things in, which he is

proud of? Yes, he has, Joe. He does say felt honoured to perform this often difficult but rewarding

role over the past 14 role over the past 14 months. So he hasn't been in the So he hasn't been in the job very long. He is very proud of

his achievements. He has talked

about identifying a wide range

of operational and service delivery systems and he has

helped government agencies to

establish and improve their own complaint-handling mechanisms,

so he does talk about some of

his achievements in there, but his achievements in there, but certainly the way his tenure

has come to an end after only

14 months would have to be pretty disappointing for him.

I've just got a statement as

well from the Special Minister

of State of State, Gary Gray,

and he is saying that the

deputy Ombudsman Alison Larkins will act will act in the position while

it's advertised. Gary Gray has

said in his statement that has

just come out as well, "It is a

critical part of our system critical part of our system of

accountability and it needs to

maintain the highest standards,

impartiality and integrity in carrying carrying out this responsibility." The Special

Minister of State of State honing in on the and integrity aspect of

this. Julie, just finally, I

know we've received a couple of

tweets this morning calling

into question Sarah

Hanson-Young's involvement in

this. How do the Greens emerge from

from this? Well, I think that -

it's interesting how the role the Greens have played in this and I know the other parties

have been quick to criticise

their involvement and say that

they've been hypocritical. The

Opposition came out straight after when it was first

revealed that these questions were written and said that people to high standards, and

that of this' been hypocritical

and shown here to have a double standard, standard, but Bob Brown standard, but Bob Brown is

speaking to the media in

Brisbane today, Brisbane today, so we can

expect to hear from him a

little bit later and we will

see what spin he is putting on

it, but he did say yesterday

that the Ombudsman has been

trying to act always in the

public interest by doing this,

and he talked about a vendetta

by the Government and the

Opposition to try to shoot Opposition to try to shoot the messenger here. That's the way

they've been talking about it.

We will see what comments they make later today. Julie Doyle in Canberra, thanks for that Thanks, Joe. Just

repeating that news once again

that the Commonwealth Ombudsman

Alan Asher has stepped down over that controversy of feeding questions to the feeding questions to the Greens

in Senate inquiries. Thousands

of people have lined the shores of Lake Burley Griffin to see

the Queen Elizabeth on the

first day of her official duty.

The Queen started the day by meeting the Governor-General Quentin Bryce at Quentin Bryce at Yarra Lumb la. Afterwards, she Philip joined a cruise down the shores of Lake Burley shores of Lake Burley Griffin.

She met volunteers and gardeners from gardeners from Floriade. I

spoke with the head gardener of

Floriade Andrew Forster just

after the Queen inpekted the

displays. He told me it is

something he will never

forget. She was interested in

the way the mass beds were

pranted and the mixes in them.

I was showing her how it designed. She was asking me

about a few of the plants and

what they were, the English

Daisies and what they were and

how it had lasted. And she seemed to be genuinely

interested in the work that you

had done? Yes, she was, yes.

She was interested in gardens.

She is an amazing lady. Very

relaxed and it was a really

nice chat and stroll through the flowers. Was it kind of

what you expected? I don't know

what I expected. I've never met

the Queen before, so , it's amazing, it's my

passion, so to be able passion, so to be able to present a flower show and all

the flowers to the Queen, the flowers to the Queen, it's something pretty special and something I will remember for the rest of my life. Had rehearsed what you were rehearsed what you were going to say at all or not really? A

little bit. I had some cards

just to make sure I didn't forget, but it was all

good. Did you kind of stick to

the script or did that kind of

all fly out the window once you

actually met her? No, I just

did the protocols and she was very relaxed, anyway. She was

asking questions and I was telling her flowers, and it was good. She

enjoyed it. When you're

passionate about something, I

guess, it's easy to talk about

it anyway? That's right, and

the Queen is passionate about gardens as well. She has been to gardens

to gardens all over the world. She is very educated and

interested in the

displays. What were you

particularly keen on showing

her there at Floriade? Where

did you take her that you thought was the best kind of

thing? Well, we walked through

from between the Watermelon Bed

and the Fruit watermelon is a wedge, on a

thrie-dimensional garden bed

with a mix of plants and it

looks really good. The fruit market has mass plantings of

pansies that were looking fantastic. Is that wart of the

Watermelon Bed behind you

there? Yes, that's right. And

the one further over is the

Fruit Markets. Did it take much effort to look as good as effort to look as good as it

does through the regular

Floriade, because you had to

extend it by a extend it by a week for the Queen? That's right, we had 17

staff in here from Monday for three days to go through and dehead. We probably dehead. We probably deheaded

about 100,000 bulbs, so it was

looking neat and tidy ready for

the Queen. Yes, the staff did a

fabulous job and I would really

like to thank them. You can't

do these things without all do these things without all the wonderful people behind it. And

there are plenty of volunteers

who get involved with Floriade

as well? There are 180

volunteers and they help out at the gates and help out in the

tents, telling people about

Floriade, doing jobs around the park. They don't do the

gardening work. I've got gardening team that does

especially all the works for us here. Is Floriade your sole

focus for the whole year or do you do other work as well? Avenue' got apprentices

that I look after,

horticultural apprentices,

involved in recruitment of

those guys and do a bit of work

with the flower beds in the

city. Are you proud of what Floriade has Floriade has become over the years because you've been years because you've been 14 years as head gardener? Yes, cull minutetation of works to

be able to present something like

like this to the Queen. It's

fantastic and I really love my

job and I look forward to next

year. Andrew Forster there, the

head gardener at Floriade who

has just spoke tone the Queen

this morning. This breaking

news we've had in the last 20

minutes or so, the Commonwealth

Ombudsman Allan Asher Ombudsman Allan Asher is tendering his resignation to

the Governor-General, in the

wake of the controversy wake of the controversy about him feeding questions to Greens ask in a Senate inquiry. ask in a Senate inquiry. Well,

the Greens are come out with a

statement now, just come out

from the Greens leader Bob

Brown and he is saying the Ombudsman, a decent man, working in the public interest, has been has been politically assassinated. Bob Brown assassinated. Bob Brown says,

"The Government went after this good man, egged on by good man, egged on by the Liberals. His crime was Liberals. His crime was to

supply non-political questions, rather than answer answers, to Greens senator Sarah

Hanson-Young as a means Hanson-Young as a means of getting

public record. " This unfair,

nasty outcome shows that nasty outcome shows that an

apology for a mistake, apology for a mistake, far from

being encouraged as part of political life in Canberra,

will seal your fate." "The message is out there for future

applicants of the job as

Ombudsman, forget the public

interest, keep your head down,

make no waves and listen

carefully for the dog whistle

of political obedience." "The

Greens will move to provide

that office with that office with a report-back structure to

protect it from future

suppression. When Parliament

resumes, the Greens will move

to give the Commonwealth Ombudsman the access as Auditor-General to ensure

future holders of that office

can overcome the roadblock on

reporting back to Parliament on

performance." So Bob Brown

obviously very unhappy about

what's happened with the Commonwealth Ombudsman. As I

said, he has announced said, he has announced his resignation. Rob Brown is

saying that he had been - that

Alan Asher has basically politically assassinated, and

no doubt we'll here more from

that through the afternoon from the various political players

in this saga. Now, we're waiting for a waiting for a live press

conference from Darwin. Defence Minister Stephen Smith and the Northern Territory Chief Minister Paul Henderson are going to going to be speaking there.

It's expected to be about the Territory's ongoing support of

the Australian Defence Force,

and we can also expect, no

doubt, that this issue of the Ombudsman

Ombudsman will probably come up since there is a government minister, Stephen Smith who is going to be there at this press

conference, so we're

conference, so we're just

waiting on that to start and we

will cross to that SBS it gets under under way. Immigration Minister

Chris Bowen says more boats Chris Bowen says more boats

will continue arrive on Australia's shores unless the

Opposition supports moves to

reinstate offshore processing.

He has just held a news conference in Sydney. We conference in Sydney. We can

bring that to of Australia's Navy, who was personally involved in turning

back the boats under earlier sworn evidence before Senate

Estimates that this is a policy

which risks the lives of

Australia's naval and Defence

personnel. Mr Abbott and Mr

Morrison have again willfully

and recklessly ignored that

advice. Now, we see a pattern. Australia's national Australia's national security

experts have told Mr Abbott and

Mr Morrison to - the sorts of

policies that can be effective policies that can be effective

in deterring the Abbott says he knows better.

Australia's head of Navy Australia's head of Navy has said that this is said that this is a policy

which will risk the lives of

Australian naval personnel. Mr Abbott says he knows better.

Now the Liberal Party has a policy of an offshore

processing centre at Nauru

which is almost certainly

unlawful without the passage of legislation. They have a policy

of turning back the boats risks the lives of risks the lives of Australian

Navy personnel and they have a policy of temporary protection

visas which will see the

visas which will see the number

of people arriving to Australia by boat increase. So Mr Abbott

had an opportunity today, had an opportunity today to listen for a change, had an opportunity today to opportunity today to say, "Well, I accept the advice of the experts," whether it's legal advice, whether it's

climate change, whether it's

economists or border security advice, Mr Abbott advice, Mr Abbott just arrogantly ploughs on, arrogantly ploughs on, ignoring

that advice. Today Mr Abbott

had the opportunity to had the opportunity to say he

was changing his policy in the

light of that advice. He light of that advice. He has

rejected that opportunity. He

unrealistic policy, he is

ploughing on with his policy

which has been shown publicly

to be dangerous. This is

people's lives at stake. This is the lives of sailors at stake. Mr Abbott sailors at stake. Mr Abbott

needs to stop playing politics

and act in the national

interest for once to pick up

the phone to the Prime Minister

and to discuss the ways which

the Government's legislation

can be passed, and we can

implement an effective

deterrent for people getting on

the boat and making the dangerous boat journey questions.

REPORTER: When you say effective deterrent, are you referring to the Malaysia Solution? Yes, we

type s of of the

solution. The head of Navy,

has made it clear as we have

said in the past, but when boats are turned around, boats are turned around, you

see then people who are on those boats quite those boats quite regularly taking action to effect a

rescue at sea, which means they rescue at sea, which means they would then be transferred to Australia. That whether it's lighting a fire or trying to the sink the boat,

Australia's naval personnel, as well as the asylum well as the asylum seekers

themselves would be in danger T

would be reckless for an alternative Prime pursue such a policy in the

light of such strong advice

from Australia's experts in border security. Immigration

Minister Chris Bowen Minister Chris Bowen there. Turkey is vowing to avenge the

deaths of at least 26 of its

soldiers killed in a series of attacks in the country's south-east. The coordinated raids

the deadliest in years and the Turkish group PKK has blamed. For the first time

since 2008 Turkish forces have entered Northern Iraq in pursuit of the attackers.

Michael Vincent reports. Tushish forces are on a mission of search and destroy. They're bent on

avenging their comrades and

they're pursued the estimated

200 Kurd dish fighters across

the border into northern Iraq. TRANSLATION: Whoever supports terror, feeds it and is. Whoever tolerates it and

ignores its inhumane attacks

and tries to cover the bloody

face of terror, I want to let

them know at all times Turkey is breathing down necks. That warn something

aimed squarely at Iraq. Two

days ago, this was the scene days ago, this was the scene of

a roadside bomb which killed

eight, including civilians.

Just last week Turkey asked its

southern neighbour to move on

the Kurdish bases, saying its

patience was running out, and

now this latest attack, the

deadliest in almost TRANSLATION: We will retaliate in spades against those who

think they've managed to shake

the Turkish nation with the Turkish nation with these

attacks. They will see that attacking Turkey with guns will lead to nothing. We stand in

solidarity with the Turkish

people and condemn in people and condemn in the

strongest possible terms these

attacks. Despite its anger, for

now Turkey's incursion into

Iraq appears to be limited. In Mexico, a thousand police have

been sacked. It's the been sacked. It's the latest

attempt to get rid - to rid the

country of entrenched

corruption causing by the booming drug trade. At least

45,000 people have been killed there in the five years since

the government declared a war

on drugs. And the violence is spreading to areas in the south, previously south, previously considered safe. They recruits used to boat that it boat that it was - it used to boast it was Mexico's safest

city, but just look at it now,

dragged into a war that is becoming bloodie by the day. The people of Mexico are

caught in the middle of a

conflict no-one seems able to stop. One that's no longer

confined to the bad lands of

the border. In the last month,

more than 100 people have been

killed here. 35 bodies were

left on a main street left on a main street in broad

daylight. They had been

tortured and killed , and empty

homes have been boarded up,

after they were used to hide

corpses. Many of those killed are victims of a tit-for-tat

between drug gangs, but between drug gangs, but not all. Dirty tricks and political

cowardice means some innocent men are wrongly accused. Speaking out is a

rare and dangerous thing to do

in Mexico, but we met Janette

Figoria prepared to take the risk

name. He was AMEC annic, caught

in the crossfire of a gun battle. Janet says the state fabricated evidence a criminal. But in the grandeur

of the state capital, the blame falls strongly on the drug cartels. Georgina speaks for

the governor. She doesn't deny

many people have been killed

but she insists that the

strategy is not to blame. The

war on drugs has left a deep

scar across the region. Every time

real pressure, the problem

starts to move. But the one

constant in all this is constant in all this is the demand for drugs in America,

Britain and elsewhere, unless that changes, the deaths will almost certainly continue.

Seven months on from Japan's

nuclear meltdown, thousands of people are still unable to

return to their homes around

the Fukushima nuclear plant and

for many of them, the for many of them, the terrible realisation is sinking in that

they may never go back. travelled to one of the

Fukushima hot spots and talked

to some of those dealing with the ongoing legacy of this

disaster. This is the chief

monk monk of Fukushima's 400-year-old temple, and this

is a sutra for peace and

rebirth, a prayer for the resurrection of an entire

community, choked in radiation. TRANSLATION: This radiation TRANSLATION: This radiation is

like an invisible snow. It's

fallen and brought us a long winter, but eventually the snow will will melt and spring will come. To help his community rid

itself of this invisible itself of this invisible snow,

monk Abe is allowing people to dump their radioactive dump their radioactive topsoil on temple land. Armed with sis four

four Geiger counters, he shows

me just how contaminated this earth is. (Machine beeps) The Japanese Geiger counter quickly

blasts off the scale. The

others reveal radiation levels considered safe. Before the

nuclear meltdowns, Mr Hasagawa

was a dairy farmer. Now his

sheds are empty. His cattle

slaughtered or sold off, his

property is deserted property is deserted and

increasingly derelict. Ask him about the performance of his government during this crisis government during this crisis and Mr meltdown himself. TRANSLATION: I have absolutely

no trust in the government. no trust in the government. I

thought they could deal with a

nuclear accident, but it is a joke. So now all they

cover up and hide data. All the

while we are exposed to more and more and more radiation. The Fukushima meltdowns have

displaced 80,000 people. Many

of them, like this woman and

her daughter, Hannah, are her daughter, Hannah, are still living in shelters scattered throughout Japan. throughout Japan. She has been

allowed to return to her home

once to collect some belongings. Less than 3km from

the oozing remains of the

nuclear plant, the

of Fataba is now an overgrown, decaying ruin.

TRANSLATION: When we entered

the zone it hit me just what the zone it hit me just what a terrible mess terrible mess it had become.

Normally it is a beautiful place of rice fields and homes, but it

but it was choked with weeds. I

can't forget that scene. For 10-year-old Hannah, life 10-year-old Hannah, life now means separation from her

friends and her father who was forced to find work in another part of the country. Mark

Willacy with that report. Now,

I just mention once again that

we're waiting for the Defence Minister Stephen Smith and Northern Northern Territory Chief

Minister Paul Henderson to start a joint press conference

in Darwin. We will go live to

that just as soon as that gets

under way. Let's check under way. Let's check the weather now with Paul Higgins.

More heat today over the

nation's south-east before a

cool change and more cool change and more showers for Queensland's for Queensland's east tropical coast, especially in the north

where there is a flood warning

for coastal rivers and the

adjacent inland catchments adjacent inland catchments

between Cooktown and Cardwell. Cairns

Cairns has notched up 354mm of

rain over two days -

remarkable! A morning shower or

two for the southern coast, but mostly fine elsewhere and that

includes Brisbane. Sunny across most of New South cloud in the south-west this

afternoon, and there cob a late shower or shower or two there as well as

a clearing shower or two in the

north-east. Blew skies, though,

for Sydney and for Canberra. Thunderstorms are firing up over western Victoria

on what will be a hot day

across the State, but an

afternoon cool change in the south-west should reach the central districts central districts today. In Melbourne, a fresh north wind

ahead of an ahead of an evening cool change. Stormy sky this morning

in Tasmania's north-east in Tasmania's north-east and storms expected in the

south-east this afternoon. As

well, patchy rain and far southern parts of will

spread right across the State

this afternoon along with a

cool change. Cloudy in Hobart and afternoon rain for you. South-east of South Australia

has had thundery shower this morning. More rain morning. More rain will spread from the west from the west across South Australia today although should

stale fine in the south-east.

Fine over the South Fine over the South West Land

Division of WA, but an afternoon shower or two and thunderstorms

thunderstorms over the central

and southern interior, central

and eastern northern Goldfields. A sunny

day coming up in Perth. To day coming up in Perth. To the north, the Kimberley, northern

interior and eastern Pilbara are expecting are expecting afternoon showers. showers. Into the territory,

showers and storms across the

Top End, the

Top End, the gulf country and

south western Alice Springs

district N Darwin, showers district N Darwin, showers and

thunderstorming coming up thunderstorming coming up this

afternoon. Tomorrow:

The top stories this hour: The Commonwealth The Commonwealth Ombudsman

Allan Asher has resigned. Mr

Asher has admitted to drafting

questions for Greens senator

Sarah Hanson-Young to ask in a parliamentary committee hearing. Senior government ministers had been highly

critical of his actions and the

Prime Minister had said he

needed to explain how his

conduct met his obligations to

act independently and

impartialally. Mr Asher has error of judgment. Crowds of people have gathered in

Canberra today for a peek Canberra today for a peek of

the Queen on her 16th tour of

Australia. Today the Queen has met the cruised on Lake Burley Griffin, and visited the Floriade Flower Show. The Queen will spend most

of her 10-day visit in Canberra

with trips to Brisbane and Melbourne before heading to

Perth. There are mass protest

as cross Greens as cross Greens against government plans to impose government plans to impose even more drastic austerity measures. Protesters showered police with stones firebombs on the steps of the Parliament building. It

coincides with a 48-hour nationwide union strike.

Protesters are furious at the

latest proposals which have passed an initial vote Parliament. And in cricket, Australia has beaten South Africa in the opening one-day

international, winning by 93 runs at Centurion. Australian debutant Pat Cummins starred

with the ball, taking three

wickets. Thousands of people

have lined the shores of

Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin to see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on the first day of

official duties of her Australian tour. The Queen

started the day by meeting Governor-General Quentin Bryce

at Yarralumla. After the

meeting, Her Majesty and Prince Phillip boarded Phillip boarded a Navy ship and cruised down Lake Burley

Griffin to the delight of those

who had lined the shores. who had lined the shores. Th