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This morning,

the Queen begins her Australia last night. of Australia after arriving in of Australia after arriving

Also today, US police Also today, US police shoot dozens of animals including

tigers and lions that tigers and lions that escape ed

from a private zoo. There are

48 animals we had to put 48 animals we had to put down.

Mike Rann's last day on the

job after almost 10 years as

SA's Premier. And young gun

Pat Cummins fires again to lead

Australia to a 94-run win South Africa. Live.

Good morning. Welcome to this

regal morning on ABC News 24.

I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at the weather first:

Members expected to turn out in force this morning to watch Majesty take a cruise on this morning to watch her

Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin

Governor-General Quentin Bryce after her meeting with the

at Government

will be the first public

engagement for the Queen and the Duke of Philip, and the first the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince


opportunity for many members of

the public to see the Royal

couple. There was a warm

last night in Canberra. On hand welcome for Queen Elizabeth

Governor-General and around 200 were the Prime Minister and

school children. The Queen will

spend most of her visit in

heading to Perth for the Brisbane correspondent Melissa Clarke Government Meeting. Political

joins us now from the shores of great to see you out and about. Lake Burley Griffin.

When is the Queen due to arrive

there where you are now? Well,

it is only about an hour and a half away. She is currently

atturur at the

where she will have a Governor-General's residence where

introduction with the where she will have a formal

Governor-General Quentin Bryce,

even though she spent night there, it will be their She first formal moment together.

She will get on a barge steered

by the navy and come along length of Lake Burley Griffin

where she will arrive at the

jetty behind me here, where she

will enter Floriade which has

been held over for a week just

for the Queen. It will be a

busy day for the Queen and

Canberra is doing its best to put on the best possible

show. It looks like a beautiful

day. You are at the Floriade

public site, that's not open to the

encouraged people to turn up on parts

parts of the shore of Lake

Burley Griffin. I think we can

see some of the people behind

you there. A few people are

turning up already? That's

right. There have been a few

people who turned up very early this morning to bag some of the

best viewing spots. Because the

Queen will travel along several

arms and lengths of Lake Burley

Griffin, there are a couple Griffin, there are a couple of

nominated viewing points. The

Black mountain Peninsula Western Park for anyone in Black mountain Peninsula and

Canberra who wants to head out, because there is still because there is still time.

But the boat will dock

jetty behind me on the shore where Commonwealth Park is. These are the main gardens

where the Floriade festival is

set up. Floriade week but the gardens and

grounds have been kept up by

volunteers for an extra week

just for the Queen's visit.

There is tight security so the

Queen can visit what's left Queen can visit what's left of

we Floriade. Just a short time ago

we had security staff, Australian Federal Police, come

and do a bomb sweep of the jetty y behind me, they had

divers in the ert what - water

in the behind me, all they

found was a shopping trolley

and a park bench. Are

serious? They pulled out a shopping trolley and a park

bench. The Australian Federal

Police are getting bang for

their buck. They are not only

making sure the Queen is safe

but cleaning up the lake at the

same time. As a resident of

Canberra, does it feel like

there is a buzz there? Without

a doubt.

a bit maligned when Sydney

siders and Melburnians pay out

Canberra as being the home of a

politicians, or a

stuck in the middle of the Hume

highway but Canberrans are stuck in the middle of the Hume

proud of their city. The Queen

hasn't made it to before on some trips. hasn't made it to Canberra

Canberrans are excited she is

returning. That's why we have

the people finding their spots in

the sun around the Lake early this morning and there will this morning and there will be plenty of

plenty of crowds for the Queen

when she visits the War

Memorial and the Royal military

college of Duntroon later this week. Looking forward to talking to you again through the morning. Thanks. Let's

a look at what's in the morning. Thanks. Let's take

diary this morning. a look at what's in the Royal

The Queen and the Duke of

Edinburgh will travel to visit the Floriade. The

event isn't open to the public. Officials suggest event isn't open to the public.

Officials suggest onlookers

head to the foreshore arounds

in about - areas in about half

an hour's time. We have an hour's time. We have been told earlier that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were

arriving on a barge. It doesn't

sound very regal. I am not sound very regal. I am not sure

if we have a shot in the system

of this barge right now but it

is a beautiful boat that was

base is HMAS 'Waterhen' in built in Brisbane and its usual

Sydney. We will show you a shot later. It is a beautiful barge

on which her Majesty is going to on which

to travel. Moving on, there reports the Commonwealth to travel. Moving on, there are

Ombudsman Allan Asher could be

set to announce his resignation today. He has been under pressure since admitting he

wrote questions for Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young to

ask him in May. Fairfax Newspapers are reporting the

Federal Government has made it

clear it has lost confidence in

him. Mr Asher apologised on Monday. At a news conference Minister said the Ombudsman had this morning, the Prime

questions to answer and made

her concerns known. I have indicated publicly I have been

concerned about the conduct of the Ombudsman. I think it remains for the Ombudsman remains for the Ombudsman to explain how this conduct meets his obligations of his obligations of independence

and impartiality. That's a

question for the Ombudsman

resigns? I have made my

concerns clear. The Secretary

of my department has spoken to

the Ombudsman about those concerns. That's what Julia

Gillard has had to say about that this morning. The

Opposition Senator Eric Abetz

says it is regrettable if the

Government is pressuring Mr

Asher to quit. The Ombudsman made a clear error of made a clear error of judgment. He has acknowledged that. The

Greens should also acknowledge

their involvement in this and acknowledge their error of judgment. However, for Labor now

messenger is not the

appropriate way to go. The

messenger, the Ombudsman, did

make a mistake but why was he

put in this invidious Because of the Government's failed border policy. failed border protection

policy. So what Labor are now trying to do is distract

attention, have an avoidance mechanism whereby the pressure is put on the Ombudsman whereas

the pressure should in fact be on the Government's failed border border protection policy. Eric Abetz to be coming to a head today with speculation that Allan

Asher could in fact step down

over this issue. We are asking on Twitter should with on Twitter should the Ombudsman Allan Asher resign after feeding feeding these feeding these parliamentary

questions to the Greens. Let us

know what you are thinking on this issue. You can Tweet us at

the address at the

News 24. We will read News

through the morning. We will

keep a close eye - because we

have been expecting from Allan Asher, that's been

reported in the media at least this morning, that we are

expecting a statement from Allan Asher some time today. We

will bring that to you as will bring that to you as soon

as it does come through. Today is Mike Rann's last day as

South Australian Premier after

almost 10 years in the top job.

He will be succeeded by his

Education Minister Jay

Weatherill. Mr Rann announced

his plans to step down in

August after losing the support

of most of his MPs. ABC

political reporter Nick Harmsen

says Mr Rann is ready says Mr Rann is ready to go after announcing Dam mine expansion. We have

seen a quite strange chain of

events and the slowest ever

political coup in SA. The

Premier was visited in office about eight weeks office about eight weeks ago

and told that the Party had

decided it wanted Jay

Weatherill as the new Premier

to replace him and take them to

the 2014 election. That was a surprise to surprise to everyone, including

Mike Rann, who thought Mike Rann, who thought his

current Deputy John Rau was the

anoint ed one. He reacted angry

li when told it was time to go.

He departed on a trip to India,

said "I want said "I want to stick around to

October 20, there are things I

want to do". He has ticked want to do". He has ticked off that list that list including announcing

expansion into the Olympic Dam

in the State's far north. With

those things ticked off, he is ready to ride into the sunset,

or to the backbench for a

little while at least. Qantas boss Alan Joyce

could be lost if workers continue their industrial action. Mr Joyce told News Limited even staff not involved

in the current war are at risk

of being sacked. The airline

has had to ground seven planes

and cancel 500 flights over the

next month. Ground staff are

planning more strikes in

Brisbane and Melbourne next

Tuesday. US police have shot

and killed dozens of exotic

animals which escaped from animals which escaped from a private zoo in Ohio. The zoo coop keeper released the dozens of animals

including tigers, lions and

bears before apparently

shooting himself. Lisa Millar says police had says police had no choice but

to shoot 48 of the animals. It

was a man and his wife who had

a collection of 56 exotic

animals that they kept on their

property hidden away from any

view. The neighbours said

heard noises they knew weren't

domestic animals didn't know what was going on behind there. For whatever reason, it is believed he committed suicide yesterday

but, before killing himself, he

opened all the cages, cut the wires and let all of these

animals go. This was as night

was falling in Ohio. The police

have now given us a run down of

the animals that were set free.

As you say, some As you say, some extraordinary

lists that any zoo, any real

public zoo, would be very happy

to have these animals. bears, nine lions, eight

lionesses, 18 tigers and three

mountain lions were among the

56 animals. Lisa Millar there. The French woman who was

kidnapped from Kenya at the

beginning of the month has died. It is believed she was taken hostage in a cross-border operation by al-Shabaab fighters from Somalia. The

Kenyan army supported by the Somali Government troops

stormed the border in an attempt to capture attempt to capture areas controlled by controlled by al-Shabaab. It is believed Marie Dedieu died because her captors withheld the cancer medication she depended on. The depended on. The disabled 66-year-old was 66-year-old was kidnapped

earlier this month by earlier this month by armed

men. Believed to be al-Shabaab

fighters. She was taken from her beachfront home at her beachfront home at the Kenyan resort on Manda Island.

She was moved by sea to

Somalia. The French Somalia. The French Foreign

Minister has called her death

an act of bar barrism. TRANSLATION: We trying to obtain her freedom.

We tried to get medical

supplies across by four

different means. It is probable

the hostage takers did not pass

on the supplies which is a

proof of further barbaric

acts. As the debt was announced - death was announced, - death was announced, Kenyan forces were in action inside Somalia.

Somalia. Kenyan aircraft and

ground troops entered Somalia

this week in an this week in an operation sanctioned by the government in

Mogadishu after two Spanish Mogadishu after two Spanish aid workers we abducted near the

Somali border. A kidnappings have kidnappings have damaged Kenya's tourist trade and

threatened the safety of one threatened the safety of one of

the largest humanitarian aid communities. The UK's largest illegal travellers site, or

illegal travellers site, or where squatters are, have been

cleared by taser wielding police in riot gear. Dale Farm in Essex has been

of a 10-year eviction battle between local government and

the travellers. Violence erupted with erupted with protesters

throwing bricks and emptying

buckets of urine over them.

buckets of urine over them. 400 people were evicted. There erupted

to be no dawn reprieve. After 10 years of legal battle, the

hour of clearance had arrived.

As police advanced, they faced determined resistance. They used tasers to drive back

protesters. Minutes later, inside the camp, they were pelted with

pelted with bricks and bottles. pelted with bricks and

Here they encounterthe anger of

traveller families who traveller families who have

spent the last month hoping the

courts would save Dale Farm. Go away. Protesters who tried to block

the way were arrested. Police

say they entered ahead of bailiffs because

such violence. Get back.

Nearby, other protesters moved

to block the path of the riot police. It is now 8 o'clock and

barricades are burning on the

site. The police have already advanced a considerable

distance into the camp. But it

is clear this will be a is clear this will be a very

long day. There were

who offered peaceful resistance to police. Travellers leaders

confronted those trying confronted those trying to

evict them. Shame on ye. You

cheet cheated us. You said you

were coming in peaceful. You

sent riot police into women and

children. Shame on ye. Once

the courts had ruled de sies

yil in favour -

favour of eviction, this moment

was inevitable. You are making

the choice to resist, that has

led to trouble, you have to

accept some responsibility,

don't you? My friend, we had no choice. Your backs were

against the wall. The six acre

site has been occupied by

travellers for the last 10

travellers for the last 10 years. Part of the area, 34

pitches, is legally occupied but there are 51 pitches

without the planning permission. The stand offbetween their supporters could cost as much as ?18 million. I am absolutely clear that after absolutely clear that after 10

years of negotiation to try and

find a peaceful solution to

this, that what we are doing is

the right thing. As the day went on, tensions appeared to

subside. Police moved

cautiously to clear protesters

from scaffolding. But the work

of moving families of moving families from what

were their homes is only just beginning. That

BBC. Greece has come to a stand still

still in the biggest day of

strikes and protest action in

years. There was violence too as

as the Greek Government

prepares to impose

austerity measures. But as

Europe correspondent Europe correspondent Rachel Brown reports, demonstrators say there is just so say there is just so much the

nation can take. Fury has erupt

ed in central Athens as the tug

of war continues between popular anger and international

financial demands. Crowds

outside Parliament set fire to a centry box and their volley of marble chunk and Molotov

cocktails was met by tear gas.

Around 100,000 people Around 100,000 people are

joining in the 2-day strikes. It comes as the Government

prepares to vote on yet more prepares austerity measures. The price

for continuing support from other Eurozone countries and

the IMF. The vast majority of

the Greek people who are not

happy and some of the streets today, understand

these measures, as terribly

difficult as they are,

difficult as they are, are

necessary and will guarantee a

beter future for thaims

themselves and their

families. But the Greeks say if

change is rushed, the economy

will die and suicide rate will continue to sky rocket. Greece has entered into a coma which

is deepening, the more medicine

being applied on the patient, the deeper the coma. This

protest is the union's land stand before the EU summit on

rescuing Greece from the

sovereign debt crisis. We doubt Greece creating confidence in

investors that it can come back

to a path of sustainability it will have necessary confidence

and without confidence there investors

will be no investment and no

jobs. It has been nearly 18

months since Greece received

its first bail-out but its

mountain of debt re mains at

the top of Europe's the top of Europe's agend wra

a. Continuing with finance,

let's check with the let's check with the markets with Elysse share market has gone into

reverse in earl trade extending the falls seen on Wall Street.

The All Ords has retreated 1%.

The ASX is matching that fall. Overnight US stocks dropped

sharply in late trade after the

Federal Reserve revealed Federal Reserve revealed the

economy is weak. The Dow lost two-thirds of a per cent. Sharp

drops by Apple and Amazon

pulled the NASDAQ down 2%. Markets advanced across the

Atlantic amid conflicting reports France and Germany had

reached a deal. Leaders of France, Germany and the Atlantic Central Bank

Central Bank met over night to

nut out what they will take to

the meeting on the weekend. The FTSE

per cent with smaller gains on

the continent. Crude features dropped dropped sharply. Right now it is flat at $86 US is flat at $86 US a. The Australian dollar lost strength, it is trading slightly higher. The slightly higher. The world's biggest miner BHP-Billiton has joined arch rival Rio Tinto in

aannouncing record first

quarter iron ore production but whether that continues to drive record

profits could be determined by a new and aggressive approach

from China on what it pays for iron

iron ore. The big miners

get enough iron ore out of the

ground fast enough. Last iron

it was Rio now it is BHP's it was Rio now it is BHP's turn to reveal the extent it is

working overtime. BHP is at the

top of its game in terms of

maximising production and

shipment at a time for its products are strong and

at a time when prices are

robust. Iron ore production in

the quarter was just under 40 million tonnes, a 24% increase

on the September quarter last

year. Shipments from the Pilbara operations were up 28%. In In the current climate, Gavin

Wendt believes BHP can sell as

much iron ore as it can get out

of the ground and then some. Despite negativity that's around in the

around in the international

economy at the present time,

chiern's demand is robust and the iron ore prices are too. However, after a number of years of being on the years of being on the receiving

end when it comes to price,

China is becoming more aggressive in its negotiations with suppliers like and Steel Association is

largely a political body and it is under enormous pressure to

reassert absolute control

way it can do that is to

convince domestic steel convince domestic steel mills

it can strong arm external suppliers. While it suppliers. While it has worked

to a certain extent with spot

prices falling in the past few

weeks, Dr Lee points out

China's bargaining power is

limited. Because of declining

exports market fixed investment

is more dom napt as a driver of GDP. Demand in China will

continue to remain steady if

not rise . Which means BHP and

Rio Tinto and bra sail's Vale

will continue to have will continue to have the upper hand in price negotiations. Two

Australian banks have made the

top five on the list of the world's greenest economyest

companies. The list places NAB

in third spot with ANZ in

fifth. Making the list of the top 500 companies top 500 companies was west Westpac. Four of the top Westpac. Four of the top five companies were financial

institutions. I will be back

next hour. For a look at the major sports stories of major sports stories of the day, Steve Pearce join us. A great great game for the Aussies in

the cricket and Pat Cummins is

firing. He is, isn't he? He

can't do anything wrong. Waltzes into the Test squad at Waltzes into the Test squad at

18 and picks up three wickets. He is the

There he is celebrating. It was

a wonderful performance from him. It would be a sweet

feeling at 18 years old to be

doing that? Especially to get Jacques Kallis out. He got JP

Duminy as well. You can see

Xavier Doherty chipping in with wickets wickets and Mitchell Johnson but Pat Cummins took the plaudits. Mitchell Marsh got a wicket in

wicket in his first over on debut, a 19-year-old continuing

the Marsh dynasty. This is the worst way to get out in cricket. Watch that back cricket.

it is pushing, taking the

wickets out. That's the way you

and I get out in cricket. They should know better. They

should, shouldn't they? It was

a 93-run win for Australia under the Duck worth/Lewis

method. It was ruined by the rain really but once you ... Duckworth/Lewis makes it more difficult for the betting second? It does tend

to. South Africa batted poorly

and the young guns fired for

Australia. Things looking Australia. Things looking good

in South Africa. Are things

looking good for the Wallabies

in the run-up against Wales?

They have made a lot of

changes to the side which got beaten beaten by the All Blacks. Some

injury and some not. There is a

whole new front row which Tatafu Polota-Nau, James

Slipper and Salesi Ma'afu. Interestingly, Quade Cooper has

hung on to his place. He hasn't

played well and if Deans wanted

to make a statement, he could

have pinged him. You can see

Jonah Lomu there. He was ill Jonah Lomu there. He was ill in

the last couple of weeks so he

has come good. He does seem to

be better but he might not need terrible thing he has been cut down with. Kurtley Beale comes back.

back. At inside centre we will

have Berrick Barnes. It is an centring amount of centring amount of changes. The

interesting one is the 100 interesting one is the 100 Test for Nathan Sharpe who has been

a mainstay of the side for nine

years now. It is great to see

he will get a chance for his

100th Test. They can say

whatever they like about this

game but it is a match no-one particularly wants to Whether you come third or fourth at the World Cup is not

a big thing. They have to play

in Eden Park and generally as a rule Australia don't win there. Take us through what's

happened in the Europe an

League. We can look at the high

liergt - highlights. Arsenal

and Chelsea were in action. We

can see what unfolded this

morning. How about that? The Champions League goal drought

is over. Movement causing so

much problem. much problem. Torres! Came off the shoulder off the shoulder with the

header. Chelsea 3, Genk nil.

Nearly No.5. There you Nearly No.5. There you go.

Kolou gets the goal. It is a

strike. He is beaten! The goal keeper caught out and

goal keeper caught out and

Porto into the league thanks to the hulk. An equaliser! Isn't the goal keeper a relieved man? Not a bad ball.

It has fallen to Aaron Ramsey

and Arsenal will take all three and Arsenal will take all three points back to London! Aaron

Ramsey produces a fine finish. That is what you call leaving it late. Arsenal takes the points, Aaron Ramsey

popping up at the end and Chelsea thrashing Genk and

Olympiakos getting the better

of Borussia Dortmund. It is a

big and busy night of

big and busy night of action when the Champions League is when the Champions League is on in in Europe. Talk us through exactly what happened with this amazing incident in Asian

soccer. This was a highly unusual

swon against Saad in the swon against Saad in the Asian Champions League semi-final.

What happened is one of the

swon swon players got injured

and they kicked the ball out so their could get some attention.

Rather than pass it back to the team

team that passed it out, Saad

thought we will bang it up the

other end and score a goal. It

was the second goal in a

two-nil win. That is etiquette

gone out of the window soccer. High tension was

bubbling over at that point.

Just about every player on the bench, off the pitch, people from the crowd got involved, the it is an ugly scene. It is one thing you don't do in

football. When you kick the

ball out because someone is injured, there is the

etiquette, the done thing is to

pass it straight back for them.

For Saad to do that, you can't overturn the result it is overturn the result it is not

in the rules, but it in the rules, but it didn't play out well. It is not pretty look. Maybe the rules

might change after that. Thanks

for that. Thanks Joe. Let's get

an update on the weather. Here is Paul Higgins.

The heat will be on again

over the nation's over the nation's south-east

while the rain continues to

tumble down over Far North

Queensland as the moist winds

continue to blow. A pressure

trough now over SA is going to

bring unsettled weather and

also a cool change as it heads

eastwards today. eastwards today. This high will keep hot northerly winds

blowing ahead of it.