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Interview Senator Penny Wong and Scott Morris -

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(generated from captions) by a common backyard slug which has

taken the life of one baby and left

another critically ill. Let's go

head to head now with our political

heavyweights, Finance Minister

Penny Wong in our Adelaide Newsroom

and Shadow Immigration Minister,

Scott Morrison in the Sydney

newsroom. Thank you for your time.

Good to see you. Good to be here.

Senator Wong the leak of secret cabinet debate on asylum seeker

policy, many would say it

highlights deep disunity and

division within the Labor senior

ranks. I believe cabinet

discussions should be confidential,

I certainly won't comment on them.

From time to time you see things in

the papers, you see things out of

the Shadow Cabinet. You may recall

that's how we became aware of the

70 billion black hole that Tony

Abbott has that he won't tell

Australians what he will cut to

fill the $70 billion black hole.

What we do know is yet again we What we do know is yet again we

have seen Tony Abbott prepared to

vote with Bob Brown, be prepared to

destroy something he believes in,

offshore processing to damage the

Government. This man is a wrecker.

The cabinet leaks somehow how bad

the Government has got. It's

disintegrating before our eyes, on

a national security measure, the

leaks are a disgrace. Faceless men

and women are behind closed doors

working out what will happen to the

Labor Party and how the thing will play

play out. This instability, this

division I think is a terrible

state for the Government to be in.

It's time - there's no choice, we

must end the farce and it's time

for an election. The other issue,

carbon tax, and Mr Scott Morrison,

if I may direct this at yourself.

Tony Abbott offered a pledge in

blood to repeal the laws if he

becomes Prime Minister. That would,

of course, require a double

dissolution election and may not be

until 2015. The estimate from 2015 until 2015. The estimate from 2015

is it may come at a cost of around

$1 billion, is this a law worth

bleeding for. Absolutely.

Absolutely, our pledge on this is

unconditional. We'll repeal the

toxic tax. There's over 4 billion

in excess of costs over money

raised under the carbon tax. We

remain confident and we will have

this tax repealed in Government,

and if we are fortunate to form

Government, and the Labor Party is Government, and the Labor Party is

in Opposition, if they want to

oppose that we'll go to a double

dislugs, as if it's necessary. At -

- dissolution as - if it's

necessary. If you vote for the

Coalition, you'll vote to abolish Labor's

Labor's toxic carbon tax. Senator

Wong? This is a bit more over the

top language from Tony Abbott

talking about blood, pledges. He's

talked about death of the coal

industry, and all of those things

are not true. What I would say is

this: what is actually barracking

for is an investment strike. It's

economic vandalism is what this

political leader is barracking

forum That's what the carbon tax is.

The uncertainty that will lead to

higher prices, leading to an

investment strike is bad for the

economy and the country. I don't

know what you think the carbon tax

will do. If you pledge to dismantle

it, you better tell the viewers

that you'll put up their taxes.

You're putting up the tax. Taking

away the pension rise. The world

said biggest carbon tax and you congratulated yourself Wednesday.

Lower age pension, our policy is

higher pension. You don't need

compensation if you don't have a

tax. Well, you know, you have to

tell people lower pensions

understand Tony Abbott. That's what

you same. You stand for a carbon

tax, the world's biggest, we'll

repeal it. Senator Wong and Scott