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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. This morning - Live. This morning - Bangkok

braces for rising waters that have killed hundreds and displaced thousands displaced thousands across

South-East Asia. Also today -

acting globally, the Occupy

Wall Street movement targets

the Reserve Bank in Sydney. New Zealand is running out of

patience. More dead wildlife

washing ashore as the clean up continues. Aid operations

suspended in the world's biggest refugee

workers are kidnapped. And the

Wallabies sweat over Kurtley

Beale's hamstring ahead of

tomorrow's semifinal clash with the All Blacks. Good morning, you're watching ABC News 24, I'm Andrew Geoghegan. Thanks

for your company. A quick look at the weather around the

nation: Thailand's Government has reassured residents of Bangkok

the city will be safe from this weekend. The Thai Prime

Minister Yingluck Shinawatra

says flood walls will protect

the capital from the country's worst floods in decades. Hundreds of people have died and thousands have been

displaced by the floods across

Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Thailand is racing to Thailand is racing to protect its provinces from flooding.

The country's worst in 5 decades.

TRANSLATION: If the water comes

I'll have to let it happen.

There's no way I can block it.

For me I'll move to an upper

floor. I feel sorry for the

people in lower lying areas. There are fears the

water could reach Bangkok but

authorities there are confident

the city will weather storms

and high tides this weekend without a major emergency. Nevertheless the military has been called in to help.

TRANSLATION: We are building a

1-metre high wall and we are

also monitoring the water level

hoping it won't rise above the

wall. People living in the

city's outskirt s have city's outskirt s have already

been forced to leave their

inundated homes and thousands

are now sheltering in

evacuation I was so scared and

I didn't know what to do. I prayed to the Lord please protect me and my family. TRANSLATION: We are concerned

about the people's about the people's stress levels. We have a levels. We have a certain

process of checks on them. If there are some psychological problems we will hand them over to the medical team. to the medical team. In Cambodia massive flooding and landslides have killed nearly

250 people in 2 months. Waters

have begun to recede but huge submerged and villagers are

still using boats to move

around. Authorities say floods have destroyed or damaged more than a third of

rice crop. In Vietnam, there are more troubles still. Flood

waters there have disrupted the

lives of at least 230,000 people. Hundreds of people. Hundreds of military

personnel are helping with evacuations and aid workers

have begun to transport food to

the isolated. the isolated. The occupy Wall

Street movement has arrived

down under with demonstrators

to set up camp outside the

Reserve Bank in Sydney today.

Organisers say they will spread their anti-corporate their anti-corporate greed

message by staying in Place indefinitely. Similar protests are expected to take place in capital cities across

Australia from today. Australia from today. The movement started in New movement started in New York a month ago when month ago when Americans disillusioned by corporate

greed in the post global financial crisis climate

established a sit in on Wall

Street. Overnight the Wall

Street collective was given a reprieve with New York officials postponing a clean up

of their sprawling camp site.

Qantas says 100 flights will remain cancelled next week despite its engineers' decision to call off industrial The Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association told its members yesterday that all action will

be postponed until the end of

the month. The union and the

airline will meet on Thursday

in a bid to reach an agreement

on pay and job security. Qantas

says it's too late to reinstate

the cancelled flights because

of a backlog of maintenance but

the engineers association says Qantas should have Federal Government has Federal Government has warned

it could intervene if the

dispute between the airline and the transport

the transport unions escalates. Federal Cabinet

reportedly considered proposing

asylum seekers be sent to Nauru

in a bid to win in a bid to win Opposition

support for their people swap

deal with Malaysia. Prime Minister Julia

Minister Julia Gillard is said

to have rejected the Nauru idea

because she had so because she had so vigorously criticised it as criticised it as ineffectual.

The idea was put forward by the

Immigration Minister Chris

Bowen. The Opposition says he's

been stranded on the asylum

seeker policy issue by the

Prime Minister and she

sack him. An elderly man has

accidentially crashed his vehicle in Sydney aet south-west. It's believed have crossed two reins and

crashing through a front wall before hitting the fibro house.

The man was taken to hospital with facial with facial fractures and internal injuries. internal injuries. The

occupants of the home were not injured. The injured. The interim

authorities in Libya say they

now have a full - have regained full control of the capital Tripoli after clashes broke

out. The gun battles marked the

first fighting in Tripoli since the National Transitional

Council took control of the city in August. Fighting

reported to have broken out in

at least 3 neighbouring

suburbs. Gaddafi had released

several recorded messages

urging his supporters to fight

back. The UN and aid group

doctors without borders have

scaled back aid operations near the Kenya Somali border

following Friday's kidnapping

of 2 Spanish aid workers. The women were seized

light from Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp. Kenyan security

forces have found their

abandoned vehicle and say they

and their captors appear to be

heading for Somalia on foot.

The captors are believed to be

members of Al Shabaab. It's the

world's largest refugee world's largest refugee camp, hundreds of shows of Somalis

rely on international aid for

their survival. Doctors Without Borders which runs Borders which runs several hospitals in the camp has

evacuated part of its team of foreign staff. Crucial work will now have to stop. T

TRANSLATION: So far MSF has not

been able to get in contact

with the Kidd naped workers. The organisation has established a crisis committee to investigate the incident. The 2 Spanish women

working for the aid group were abducted by armed Somalis on

Thursday. The concern is the

women are already somewhere

Somalia. Kenyan authorities Somalia. Kenyan authorities say the Dadaab kidnapping the Dadaab kidnapping looks

like the work of Al Shabaab but a spokesman

Somali group has told

Al-Jazeera its fighters weren't

involved. This is the third time foreigners have time foreigners have been kidnapped from Kenya in kidnapped from Kenya in the

last 2 months. A disabled

French woman was snatched by

Somali gunmen at a holiday home

near Lamu on Kenya's coast 2

weeks ago and last month weeks ago and last month a

British man was shot dead and

his wife abducted again by

Somalis from a Kenyan resort close to the Somali border. Both women are being

held in Somalia. Security

experts believe the attacks on

tourists could be a new tactic being used being used by pirates to raise

money. The United Nations has told Al-Jazeera that essential lifesaving work will continue

in Dadaab so food, water and medicine will still be given medicine will still be given to

refugees. But security is a major

major concern and unless the safety of aid workers can be guaranteed then agencies might start pulling start pulling out of the camp. More than 3,000 people in New

Zealand have now volunteered to

help clean up the oil-soaked beaches of Tauranga. The ship

'Rena' has been stuck on a reef near Tauranga since last week spilling spilling tonnes of oil and

containers into the sea. About 1,000 birds and other wildlife

Sao have been killed in what

officials say is the country's

worst maritime worst maritime disaster. Volunteers have been Volunteers have been working day and night to help clean up

the beaches but the Government

has warned residents to prepare for

pollution. Tully Farrell pollution. Tully Farrell owner of Discovery Surf School in

Tauranga joins me now on the

phone. Thanks for joining

Can you tell us what you've

been doing as part of the clean

up effort in the past few

days? Like many locals vn be

keen to get involved and get

busy with the clean up.

Obviously there's a number of

Obviously there's a number of considerations, first being the

quite toxic and the heavy

machinery used to move about has washed up on the shore. I've the containers and

I've been working as a volunteer life guard obviously

for a number of summers and for a number of summers and we

got called in to come and help

A, deal with people and also

just to help the wildlife response teams facilitate and

pick up birds and seals and bits and pieces like that. Just

talk us through what sort of

impact there has been from the

spill on the local community

there? Yeah, obviously we're a

beach-based community. We're a small city on a major small city on a major harbour but also, you know, with a coastline and everyone coastline and everyone that lives in this local area pretty

much has some kind of

afillation with the sea. They

use it as their backyard or,

you know, part of recreation or

part of their livelihood. So

yeah, you know, obviously not

being able to go in the sea is having a major effect on those

people. And affect on you, I would have thought, you're

running a surf school there,

how has it impacted your

business? Yeah, well it's put a

stop on things for a little while. Obviously we've had some

- it's been school holidays

we've had some bookings cancelled and starting to notice an influx in

numbers with rugby World Cup

and yeah, obviously we're on

hold at the moment until we can

go back into the ocean. How far

reaching is this? How far along

the coastline has the oil reached? Well, the

reached? Well, the weather's actually changed. There's still

a little bit of swell running

but if you imagine sort of wind

coming more from the east to

the west, if you like, the oil's starting to the coast so the ship's approximately sort of 1.5, 2 ks

off the beach right in front off the beach right in front of

my house but now, yeah, the oil's starting to spread quite

a considerable distance down along

along the coast and affecting other beaches. And we did other beaches. And we did hear from the Government that from the Government that they say it could be months that

this plays out, from what you've seen there does that

look right, that this disaster could last that long? Yeah,

well it's a little bit of an

unknown quantity at the moment. starting to work again on

pumping the rest of the

from the tanks of the ship which is a considerable which is a considerable amount

that's sort of more than what's

already in the ocean. So that

ends up gettings loose and

into the sea and then up on into the sea and then up on to the shore again obviously we'll

have a situation where it will

take a lot longer to clean it

all up. Tully Farrell thanks

for joining us. That was Tully

Farrell a local where the oil

spill has occurred in New

Zealand. The British more than a week of damaging revelations about his

relationship with a friend who

passed himself off as a

government adviser. Dr Liam Fox

who has overseen the UK

campaigns campaigns in Libya and Afghanistan was forced to go

after it emerged that Adam

Werritty had travelled overseas with him 18 times and was

handing out business cards claiming to be working with the Secretary of Defence. Europe correspondent Emma correspondent Emma Alberici

reports. Liam Fox has been in

the heart of number 10 since

the Conservatives took office

last year. Adam Werritty was the best man the best man at his wedding but held no position in government,

not officially, anyway. Earlier in the week the Defence Secretary admitted that

Secretary admitted that his friend had been present friend had been present at 40

meetings, 18 of them meetings, 18 of them held

overseas. I accept that

mistakes were made and I should

not have allowed the impression

of wrong doing to arise and I'm

very sorry for that. 4 days later the man who last week visited Libya to celebrate Britain's leading role ousting Colonel Gaddafi resigned telling the Prime

Minister that he'd allowed his personal and government

interests to become blurred. I

think it's quite right to take

the time to establish the facts in a case rather than rushing

to judgment. I quite understand

why Liam Fox has decided to resign, though obviously I'm

sorry to see him go because he

did a good job at the Ministry

of Defence clearing up the mess

left by the last government and

giving good leadership to giving good leadership to that department, particularly department, particularly while

we've been in action in Libya

and also of course in and also of course in Afghanistan as well. Adam

Werritty was handing out business cards presenting himself as a Defence Ministry adviser. You can't have a

minister who ignores the rules

that were put in place not just

to protect him but also the

civil service and

government. The now former defence secretary has been the

champion of the right wing of

the Tory party, a good friend

of former prime minister

Margaret Thatcher who just 3

weeks ago left her sick bed to

attend Dr Fox's 50th birthday

party. After 9 days of

revelations Dr Fox was finally forced to go after that his friend, the

self-styled government adviser, was

was being funded by a group of wealthy businessmen. Among

them, those who worked in them, those who worked in the Defence industry. G20 finance

ministers are meeting for 2

days of talks in Paris largely focused on

focused on the debt crisis. Greece is still in Greece is still in the spotlight but there are growing

fears the crisis will spread to

other indebted countries such

as Spain and Italy. They will be discussing how the

International Monetary Fund can

be beefed up so it can lend

more money to nations. Australia is represented at the meeting by Treasurer Wayne Swan. Earlier I spoke with James White, senior

analyst with Colonial First

State Global Asset Management.

I asked him whether the G20

leaders can engineer a plan to solve the crisis in Europe? I

think it's very difficult

particularly for the G20 to do something. We've got a real political stalemate in Europe

between those who want a

multilateral solution, with the

G20, the IMF and obviously the European versus those who are saying

well actually we need to be

taking national solutions here and creating national

solutions. You look at the

Germans in particular, the

Germans are very keen on not

funding bank recapitalisations

across Europe. They understand

that if their banks need to be recapitalised then they're

prepared to provide capital

for that but not for the for that but not for the French

or Italian banks. Similarly you've got a situation in

Greece where the Greeks are saying well, we've been saying well, we've been told

what to do by the IMF, the EU

and to an extent like a bit of our own

sovereignty back and as your

video clip showed, video clip showed, there's some very angry people in Europe about this. Each about this. Each year the Northern

the older and wiser among us in

an art award. Local artists of

any age paint their favourite

Territorians who are 60 or older. This older. This year's portraits have been unveiled at Parliament

Parliament House and the winners were announced

yesterday. This exhibition's

about celebrating not artist but also their subjects

which are the senior

Territorians and people who are

over 60 who live in the Northern Territory. It

provides a platform for a

number of artists to commemorate family, friends,

neighbours. These are some of the Northern Territory's living

treasures. They're the subjects

of this year's portrait of a

senior Territorian art

award. It's a major prize, it's

$7,000 so I find it artistic and talented what they're doing and what they're putting forward. 25 artists have entered portraits. Their

work has pride of place in the main hall of Parliament House for the next 2 weeks. When audiences do go to audiences do go to see the

exhibition they will see high realism, like photographic realism right through to very expressive depictions which could be quite loose

abstract. You see a whole range of styles. 3 local scrutinised the art. This is

the winner. Darwin artist Peter

Riley's portrait of Ziko Ilic,

the owner of the Darwin the owner of the Darwin Fish Markets. Peta's family

Markets. Peta's family is involved in the fish industry and she thought it was a great

way to celebrate Zeke o way to celebrate Zeke o on canvas and celebrate his work

in the fishing industry. We

really loved the colours, the

lines actually draw you're eye

in the subject and I think the

position, the subject is

looking directly at the viewer

so it makes it quite a strong engagement. Second prize went to David

to David Gardner's portrait of Reverend

Reverend Paul Webb. Dr Paul Webb's lot in life

moment is to support people who

are in mandatory detention in the Northern the Northern Territory. And Karen Robert's painting of her eart

eart student Anne Broeckel came

third. Every painting has a

story. Dr Jim Scattini painted

by Jan Milner Cole moved to

Katharine in the 60s. Catherine

at that stage didn't have a vet

or a dentist found that he was delivering

babies but he was also

delivering baby horses and

pulling teeth. I always have a good time judging it because

you do - part of it is the

stories about the people and

some of them are so

inspirational about what

they've been through, you know,

from the war years or the

things they've done. It's a

lovely way to honour people who

have lived here for a long time

and to honour ageing and and to honour ageing and to honour the work that a lot of these people have done to make the Territory what it is today.

Time for sport with Tulsen

Tollett and the World Cup semifinals

semifinals kick off evening but everyone's talking

about tomorrow's match. They

are. 4 teams left, only 2 left after tomorrow night. It's after tomorrow night. It's the Wallabies playing tomorrow when

the rugby semifinals get under

way today. This evening it's

Wales and France in Auckland while tomorrow the Wallabies

meat the all-lacks at the same

venue. Ben Darwin joined me

from Darwin a short time ago

and I started by getting his

view on the line outs the Wallabies perceived

weaknesses. No, it wasn't but

I'd say the South African

strength is their line out and they certainly bank on that. You look at the way they won

the final in 2007 was basically through taking I think 6 line

outs off the English. The fact

that we got through that, I

think we lost 5 to them was good but

good but I certainly think that will be an area that the All Blacks are going to target, particularly obviously particularly obviously without Sharpe in the side. I think

Horwill's a very good caller but there isn't probably as

like. Could that be a weakness not having Nathan Sharpe in the

22 for the match tomorrow

evening? I mean I'm bias ed because I played with him but, you know, he's a great guy to be able to come on late. I

think Simmons is on the bench

instead and he adds a lot more

in probably ball carry in probably ball carry and aggressiveness but I thought

what was impressive about

Sharpy last week was the way he defended particularly inside

their own 22 and I think that

did have a change in impact in

the game but, you know, it's

not my decision to make.

They've obviously got their own reasons but Simmons capable guy. There's been a few injury injury situations, of course, with Ritchie McCaw for New

Zealand but also Kurtley Beale

who is coming to the Rebels

next year who you

working with. How important sit that Kurtley Beale does play in this match if the Wallabies are

to win? You can never tell with

these things. We'll only be

able to pick it apart restro

specktively but the thing that

Beale brings to the table is he's a much better defender than he's probably been than he's probably been in the last couple of years,

particularly when he's at

full-back. He's quick and he

adds a lot in counterattack. So

if you've got a guy like Quade

Cooper and Cooper is not on

song Beale can come in and song Beale can come in and play

a first receiver or second or third receiver and shift the ball. He brings a lot to ball. He brings a lot to the table and he will be missed.

Adam Ashley Cooper if he plays full-back

full-back he's good under the

high ball and contact but he probably doesn't have that

counterattacking ability. But

his experience he probably scored one of the best scored one of the best ever

tries against the All Blacks

before. So it's not like we're

lacking something. Beale brings something different to the table and I think table and I think the All Blacks would be a bit more

concerned if he was in the starting line

David Pocock at the Western Force, sometimes people Force, sometimes people have

said he verges on being

illegal, a bit like Richie McCaw who he's obviously

modelled his game on. He's been

fantastic for us through this

tournament and without him we probably wouldn't have got through last weekend's

match? He's a flanker so you're probably going to say everything they're doing is illegal because they're first

on the ball and flankers should be killed at birth. Like

props. Yeah, exactly. First and guy. When he was at the Western

Force he was contracted at 17

and couldn't play in his first

year because he was so young

and yet he's the size of a tree

trunk and he's an amazing guy,

he's got an aai amazing

background, very mature and background, very mature and I

think he made captain of the

Western Force in his early Western Force in his early 20s.

He's someone who has matured

into Test football so much

quicker than anyone else you

might imagine. You can see at

the moment because Australia's

only picked one open side

flanker for this tournament

they didn't take Robertson,

they didn't take Hodgeon. Is

when we play without him we lack the second phase rucks that he's

always at and always being

effective and we haven't been able to get the turnovers in

the same way. He is absolutely

crucial. If McCaw's out Blacks won't suffer as much

because they've got more guys

in depth in terms of playing

the open side planker position

but if Pocock performs for Australia he gives us every

single Chas. I think he's as important for auz Australia as Dan Carter was for New

Zealand. That's one area where

we could possibly win we could possibly win the game.

You were there in 2003 in that win over the All Blacks in that semifinal , where do we win this one? I think it's

important that we nullify where

they're going to try to attack

us. The All Blacks play pretty us. The All Blacks play a

pretty simple game and they will pick one really go to town on you really go to town on you and with Australia it's been the

scrum and it's been kick off receipt, particularly last

year. So if we can nullify

where they're going to try to shut us down and then be able

to play the type of game we

want to play which is that

quick ruck recycle, you know,

constant attack, good counterattack, hopefully

through Beale if he's available and led Quade Cooper sing, but

if we don't, if we don't stop

them at the break down, if we

don't stop them nullifying us

we're going to find ourselves

in difficult. It shuts down Cooper and our ack taing

weapons out wide. And your tip between Wales and France? I

really like Wales. I think the

way they attack is normally

pretty impressive and what

tends to happen with France at

these tournaments is they will

have a superb performance in a

quarter final or semifinal and then

then not turn up the next day.

If they follow if hymn sheet as

they've been doing pretty much since '87 I will turn up the same way. I

think Wales will be too strong

and it will be a

Wales/Australia final, we hope. Ben Darwin in Melbourne, thanks for your time. An absolute pleasure. Let's to football, shall we, Adelaide

United have taken all 3 points

with a 1-0 win over the Melbourne Victory. It means Melbourne Victory. It means the Victory have just 1 point from

their first 2 matches after securing the services of Harry Kewell. This evening it's the

battle of the coasts as Central

Coast play Gold Coast and

Brisbane Roar will look to make

it 30 wins in a row when they travel to Sydney FC. Sergio

Van-Dyke scored the only goal for United. Shortly

skipper was sent off for a

second bookable offence while

Kewell found his name in the

referee's book as well as the

Reds took the spoils and their

first points of the season. Australia's Casey Stoner has set

set the fastest time in

practice sessions at the

Australian Moto G P at Philip

Island. He has a chance to win Australian grand prix. He can

wrap up this year's world

championship if he wins the

race and Jorge race and Jorge Lorenzo finishes

off the podium. Conditions are

a bit warmer this afternoon

than they were this morning and

that just with a bit more wind

and a little bit more to deal

with on the track. Yeah, it was

just more difficult to get to

the times. Meanwhile Lewis

Hamilton has set the fastest

time in the second practice

session of the South Korean

grand prix. Australian Mark

Webber was 5th fastest. Let's take a quick look at

the satellite image. And thick

cloud is spreading across much

of eastern Australia. It's in a trough and it's triggering

showers and showers and potentially severe storms. The storms are particularly affecting northern

NSW and south-east Queensland.

Cloud about the Top End is

causing scattered storms.

Mostly clear elsewhere. And

taking a look at the States -

in Queensland, early patchy thundery rain across the southern tropics and the

Central Coast. Thundery rain is expected over the southern

interior. Showers and thunderstorms Darling Downs south-east coast and Wide Bay and Burnett districts. In NSW, partly

cloudy in the west of the State, scattered showers

gradually clearing on the central parts of the coast. Isolated showers Isolated showers and

thunderstorms elsewhere.

There's also the chance of thunderstorms for thunderstorms for Victoria's eastern districts this

afternoon. Fine over the far north-west. Isolated showers elsewhere. In Tasmania, it will

be cloudy with areas of rain

and isolated thunderstorms

about the north and west. Highland snow falls to 1,100

metres developing later in the

day. Isolated showers about South area becoming scattered about

the southern Co.s and ranges

during the morning and early afternoon. Gradually

contracting south wards. WA can expect isolated showers

areas of drizzle on the coast between Albany and Israelite

Bay. It will clear by the

afternoon. In the nort

Northern Territory it will be

sunny and cooler in swainction.

North of the Alice isolated

storms can be expected in the evening.

Standby now for Standby now for 7:30 Victoria. This is ABC News 24.

I'm Andrew Geoghegan, thanks

for watching. Closed Captions

This Program is Captioned

Live. Tonight on 7:30

Victoria, as bushfire season approaches, where are the

promised refuges inside promised refuges inside our danger zones? People are

frightened and these nothing we

can really touch, three years

after all those people died.

The Hayes racing dynasty moves to north-east Victoria for its

next generation. Back next generation. Back winning the big races and have a really strong training business strong training business to

pass over to my boys. Hello, I'm Josie Taylor.

With predictions of a With predictions of a dry summer following lots of spring

growth, the threat of a bad

push fire season in Victoria is

very real. Yet more than a very real. Yet more than a year

after the Bushfires Royal Commission recommended that