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Bangkok braces for rising

waters that have killed

thousands hundreds and displaced

Asia. thousands across South-East

Acting globally, the Occupy

Wall Street movement targets

the Reserve Bank in Sydney. the Reserve Bank in Sydney. Aid

operations suspended in the

world's biggest refugee camp

after the kidnapping of 2 workers. And the Wallabies

hamstring ahead of tomorrow's sweat over Kurtley Beale's

semifinal showdown with the All Blacks.

Good morning, you're watching ABC News 24, Geoghegan, thanks for joining

us. Let's take a quick look at

the weather around the capital

s: Thailand's Government has reassured residents of the city will be safe from reassured residents of Bangkok

flooding despite high tides the city will be safe from

this weekend. The Minister Yingluck Shinawatra

says flood walls will

the capital from the capt country's worst floods country's worst floods in

decades. Thailand is racing to protect its provinces from

flooding. The country's worst

in 5 decades.

TRANSLATION: If the water comes

I'll have to let it happen.

There's no way I can block it. There's no way I can block

For me I'll move to an upper

floor. I feel sorry for the

people in lower lying

areas. There are fears the

water could reach Bangkok.

the city will weather storms as

high tides this weekend without

a major emergency. Nevertheless the military has been called to the military has been called in TRANSLATION: We are building a

1-metre high wall and we're also monitoring the water level

hoping it won't rise above the

wall. People living in wall. People living in the

city's outskirts have already

been forced to leave their inundated homes and inundated homes and thousands

evacuation centres. are now sheltering in


evacuation I was so scared and

protect me and my family. prayed to the Lord please I didn't know what

TRANSLATION: We are concerned about the people's stress

levels. We have a certain process of checks on them. If levels. We have a certain

there are some psychological problems we will hand them over

to the medical team. In

Cambodia massive flooding and

landslides have killed nearly

250 people in 2 months. Waters

have begun to recede but huge

tracks of land are still

still submerged and villagers are

still using boats to move around. Authorities say floods

have destroyed or damaged more

than a third of the than a third of the nation's

rice crop. In Vietnam there are

more troubles still. Flood waters there have disrupted the

lives of at least 230,000

people. Hundreds of military personnel are helping with evacuations and aid workers have begun to transport food to the isolated.

the isolated. The Occupy Wall

down under with demonstrators Street movement has arrived

to set up camp outsod Reserve Bank in Sydney today.

Organisers say they will spread their anti-corporate greed

message by staying in Martin protests Place indefinitely. Similar

protests are expected to take

Australia from place in capital cities across

movement started in New movement started in New York a

month ago when Americans

disillusion ed by corporate

greed in the post global financial crisis climate

established a sit in Street. Overnight the Wall

Street collective was given a reprieve with New York

officials postponing a clean up

of their sprawling camp site.

The UN and aid group doctors -

and the aid group Doctors back aid operations near the Kenya Somali border following

the kidnapping of 2 Spanish

workers. The women were seized

in broad day light

in broad day light from Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp. Kenyan

security forces have found

their abandoned vehicle and say

their and their captor s are believed to be heading towards

Somalia on foot. It's the world's largest refugee camp.

Hundreds of thousands of

Somalis rely on international aid for their survival. runs several hospitals in the runs several hospitals in the camp

camp has evacuated part of camp has evacuated part of its

team of foreign staff. Crucial medical work will now stop.

been able to get in contact TRANSLATION: So far MSF has not

with the kidnapped workers. The

organisation has established a crisis committee to investigate

the incident. The 2 Spanish

women working for the aid group were abducted by armed Somalis on on Thursday. The concern is on Thursday. The concern is the

women are already

Somalia. Kenyan authorities say

the Dadaab kidnapping looks

like the work of Al Shabaab but

a spokesman for the Isla mist

Somali group Al-Jazeera its fighters involved. This is the third Al-Jazeera its fighters weren't

time foreigners have been

kidnapped from Kenya in kidnapped from Kenya in the

last 2 months. A disabled last 2 months. A disabled

Somali gunmen at a holiday home French woman was snatched by

near Lamu on Kenya's coast 2

British man shot dead and his weeks ago. And last month

British wife Abduked again by Somalis

from the Kenyan re sort close

to a Somali border. Both women

are being held in Security experts believe the

attacks on tourists could be a

attacks new tactic being used

pirates to raise money. The United Nations has told Al-Jazeera that essential

life-saving work will continue

in Dadaab so food, water and

medicine will still be given medicine will still be given to refugees. But security is a

major concern safety of aid workers can be guaranteed, then agencies start pulling guaranteed, then agencies might

start pulling out of the camp. Protestors have taken to the streets across Europe anger rises at the way

governments are dealing with the Eurozone's financial crisis. In Greece taxi drivers

gathered for a noisy demonstration outside the finance ministry the Athens finance ministry the Athens to

protest against the

Government's increasing

austerity measures. In Italy, students protestors through eggs eggs and vegetables at eggs and vegetables at police sand riot vehicles

the country's banking sector. While in Paris a band protestors paraded to urge the

introduction of a so-called

Robin Hood tax on international

financial transactions. G20

finance ministers are meeting

for 2 days of talks in Paris

largely focused on the debt

crisis. Greece is still in the

spotlight there but there are growing fears

growing fears the crisis will

spread to other indebted

countries like Spain and Italy.

They'll be discussing how the International Monetary Fund can be more money to struggling nations. Australia nations. Australia is represented at the meeting by

Treasurer Wayne Swan. What we

need to see from Europe is a comprehensive approach and I

believe we have seen

constructively some further approaches approaches in recent weeks. These need to be bought

together in a comprehensive plan by European

plan by European leaders. Earlier I spoke with

James White, senior

with Colonial First State Asset

Management. I asked whether the

G20 finance leaders can

engineer a plan to solve the

crisis of confidence in Europe. Certainly leadership has European issue but I think it's

difficult particularify for the

G20 to do something. We've got

a real political stalemate in Europe between those who

Europe between those who want a multiplat - multilateral solution where the G20, IMF solution where the G20, IMF and the European Union play the European Union play a lead role and others who say we need to be creating national

solutions. You look at the

Germans in particular. The

Germans are very keen on not funding bank recapitalisations

across Europe. They understand if their banks need to be

recapitalised then they're

prepared to provide capital for

that but not for the French and

that but not for the French and Italian banks. Similarly you've

got a situation in Greece where

the Greeks are saying well,

we've been told what to do

the IMF, the EU and to an

extent the G20, we'd like a bit of our own sovereignty back and

as your video clip showed there's some very angry people

in Europe about this. To some

financial pain at home. House

prices in Melbourne have

dropped about 3% in the past

dropped about 3% in the past 3

months. Quarterly figures from

Victoria show the median house price in Melbourne fell by 2.8%

to $551,000. In regional

Victoria median prices dropped

by 3.1%. The institute by 3.1%. The institute says homes in Melbourne's homes in Melbourne's outer

suburbs held or increased their

value while more expensive suburbs recorded negative

growth. Qantas says 100 flights will

will remain cancelled next week despite its despite its engineers' decision

to call off industrial action. The Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association told be postponed until the end of

the month. The union and the month. The union and the airline will meet on Thursday

in a bid to reach an agreement

on pay and job security.

says it's too late to reinstate the cancelled flights because

of a backlog of maintenance but

the engineers association says

Qantas should have enough time to clear the backlog. The

Federal Government has warned it could intervene if the dispute

dispute between the airline and

the transport unions the transport unions escalates. Airlines PNG is Airlines PNG is investigating the cause of a plane crash near Madang Madang that killed 28 people.

The 4 survivors include the 2 pilots, an Australian and New

Zealander. Madang's hospital a

make shift morgue has been built to house the remains. People have remains. People have gathered

there for news of their there for news of their loved

ones but it's unclear on how

long they will have to wait on

the identification process

which is expected to take some

time. Liam Fox has the time. Liam Fox has the latest

from Madang. Clear weather

allowed investigators to reach

the crash site. The airlines

PNG Dash 8 came down the wet

weather 20 kilometres from its

destination of Madang. This

woman saw it descend as she worked in her garden.

TRANSLATION: A few moments later it crashed and

exploded. 28 didn't survive the

explosion when it hit the

ground. Officials painstakingly

collected the badly burnt

remains. The plane's flight

data recorders were also recovered. Amazingly 4 people

survived the crash. One of them is in man , believed to be is in man , believed to be a

Chinese national who's

burns to his arms and back. The 3 other survivors weren't hospitalised including the

Australian pilot. He was medically evacuated to Port

Moresby with an injured leg.

After weeks of relative calm, fighting has erupted in the

Lybian capital Tripoli. There

have been violent clashes

between forces loyal to the ousted ousted leader Colonel Moammar Gaddafi and supporters of the

new regime. It had appeared as

if the last major area to be

taken from pro-Gaddafi forces

was the Sirte. This fresh fighting in

the capital underlines how

precarious the situation fwh

the country still is. 2 months since they took Tripoli

fighters from the NTC were back in battle today. Hunting down armed men still loyal to armed men still loyal to

Moammar Gaddafi. This area is a

stronghold of support for the

former leader, one of the last

districts to fall to rebel

forces. NTC fighters say this man

man was found with a rocket-propelled grenade. rocket-propelled grenade. It was one of several arrests made.

across the city as the fighting

raged. Sparked by dozens of

pro-Gaddafi men trying to raise

his green flag on the streets. This is the first significant

fighting there's been in the

capital since the rebels took

Tripoli and it come s as the capital had been returning to normal. It's a worrying sign

for the new authorities here.

They do have the upper Colonel Gaddafi's supporters

are vastly outnumbered and outgunned. But as we left the

area there was more shooting.

Clashes spreading to parts of the city. Go, go, go. By nightfall new

checkpoints had sprung up and

this computer engineer was back in his military fatigues. It

may happen again but anyway, it

give us good idea about

give us good idea about how

Gaddafi supporters are very

weak now. The fugitive weak now. The fugitive leader has hiding for his supporters to

rise up. The hope is that this

is their last gasp, not the

start of something new. For

more details on the stories we're following today and to send us your comments and

pictures you can log on to our

website. The address is website. The address is a

In the United States a new

face is taking Republican

politics by storm. Herman Cain, a little known former pizza

company boss has shot to the

front of the race to become the party's presidential in 2012. His spectacular rise has come at the expense of

Texas governor Rick Perry who's

seen his support halved. This

is the man who according to an NBC 'Wall Street Journal' poll

is the new Republican front

runner. Herman Cain says he's

no flash in the pan. There's a

difference between the flavour

of the week and Haugedort black of the week and Haugedort black walnut because it tastes good all the time. He says all the time. He says mees popular because he isn't a career politician. The former

pizza chain CEO and liver cancer cancer survivor hasn't held

office before. Most Americans

are getting to know you now

after a successful career

business but you have business but you have no foreign policy experience, why shouldn't that matter shouldn't that matter to voters? It shouldn't matter to

voters because having a foreign

policy philosophy is more important than having foreign policy experience. The straight-talking 65-year-old has attracted plenty controversy for declaring that

he wouldn't hire a Muslim in his administration. That Barack Obama has never been part of

the black experience in America and more recently for his condemnation of Occupy Wall Street protestors. Don't blame Wall Street, don't blame the Wall Street, don't blame the

big banks. If you don't have a

job and you're not rich blame

yourself. But it's his startling simp 999 tax plan

which has brought him most

attention. 9% corporate business flat

income tax, and a 9% national

sales tax. 9, 9, 9. 999 plan. I

thought it was the price of a

pizza when I first heard about it. He's a very polished man,

he's very, you know, he's an

accomplished guy as accomplished guy as a

professional in terms of the

things he's a-accomplished things he's a-accomplished and

so he's very bright so he's very bright and he's

also done a radio talk

show. Jim Innocenzi is a Republican media strategist and

ad man and he says with time money is the big problem for

candidates like Herman Cain who

want to be top tier

challengers. The haves would be Romney, Perry, and perhaps I

would say Huntsman because he has money but he doesn't have a message and

message and perhaps Cain. Now

I'm a conservative

businessman. Money is about the

only thing that isn't

for Texas governor Rick Perry

who has come out swinging

against the man most see as the one to beat, Mitt Romney. After a string of faultering debate performances. Mitt's had 6

years to be working on a plan,

I've been in this frt about 8

weeks. Ferry has seen his early

support fall away. We have support fall away. We have the

lowest number of kids as a

percentage uninsured of any

State in America. You have the State in America. You have the

highest. I'm still speaking. We

have less than 1% of our kids

that are inunsured. You have a Texas. A million kids. Romney is gradually winning more support from the party establishment including the

prized endorsement of prized endorsement of popular

New Jersey governor Cristina -

Chris Christie. Many wanted him to ruchblt We cannot survive another 4 years of Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney is Obama, and Mitt Romney is the

man we need. You have to start

showing governor Romney some

respect, how do you think he

feels watching you Leica Falcon

everybody more than him. But his religion as a Mormon is rising as an issue with conservative. Dallas

conservative. Dallas pastor Robert Jeffries has described Mormonism as Mormonism as a cult. Why does

it matter? Here's the it matter? Here's the same pastor introducing Rick Perry. He is a genuine follower

of Jesus Christ, would you join

me in welcoming the governor of the great State of Texas, Rick

Perry. I would call upon Perry. I would call upon a

governor Perry to repudiate the

sentiment and the rarks made by that pastor. The first voting in

in the prime dy primary election process is 90 days

away. As Perry has fallen Herman Cain

doesn't have the war chest of

Mitt Romney or anywhere near

the political organisation. The

poll still has Romney as the

most competitive in a match up

with Barack Obama. But it also

has the President leading all

has the President leading all

Republican contenders. That was

Craig McMurtrie our North

America correspondent in

Washington. Time for sport with

Tulsen Tollett and it's about the rugby World Cup this weekend, isn't it? There's

plenty of other things happening. There's Moto GP. For

most Aussies I would have

thought. Because the All Blacks that's the reason that's the reason why everyone's talking aibt. Wallabies coach Robbie Deans is

taking a gamble on Kurtley taking a gamble on Kurtley

Beale's fitness for tomorrow's semifinal against the All

Blacks. Today the first semi

heads out as Wales and heads out as Wales and France look to make next look to make next weekend' decider. The full-back trained

for the first time since he

hobbled off against South

Africa. He did some light

running but still hampered by that hamstring

strain. He will have to go again tomorrow morning, show

that he's first of all had no that he's first of all had no

ill-effects off the back of the

work he did today and then be able to go again and convince himself firstly and us secondly that he's good to go. Let's

hope so. Meanwhile the All

Blacks injured skipper Richie McCaw trained and is expected

to be fit for the game. Coach Graham Henry said his side's

focused on the job pat hand.

This evening Wales take on France in the France in the first semifinal

in Auckland has been looking

ahead to that. Wales have been

exemplary in their matches so

far. They lost to South Africa,

a match they should have won

but since then they've been

almost faultly and the team's been turned around. They have

been at times a bit of a laughing stock in European and

UK rugby in the Six Nations at

time. They're looking so strong

at the moment. Gatland has done a a great job. He's a ndser and

there's been talk in the papers after Graham Henry Gatland comes

Blacks, not Robbie Dean.

There's some barracking There's some barracking here

for Wales. The French have a

lot of respect. They're real pros in semifinals and they've been through to some finals of course. They're no strangers course. They're no strangers to

being in this pressure cooker

situation. Wales have never

been in a final before but having said all that I think having said all that I think Wales have Wales have just looked so

strong. We know the French are unpredictable and they can do

anything. No-one will be

surprised if they come out surprised if they come out and blow Wales apart. But Wales'

form looks strong. And I have to say in the through to this morning I have noticed a lot more people speaking French in Auckland.

There has been a great number

of French supporters flood into

this city and going to be the going to be the favourites

within the crowd because

there's a lot of French people

come to watch this match. come to watch this match. Maybe the locals might be swaying towards Wales. That's going to

be a great match up. I'm really

looking forward to looking forward to watching

that one as well. So are we.

Now moving to Now moving to football,

Adelaide United have taken all

3 points for their 1-0 win over

the Melbourne Victory. The means the Victory have just means the Victory have just 1

point from their first matches after securing the services of Harry Kewell. This

evening it's the battle of the Cote coasts and Central Coast play Gold Coast and Brisbane Roar will look to make it 30

wins in a row. Sergio Van Dyke scored the only goal for United

after pa - a defensive howler

by Fabio. Shortly after by Fabio. Shortly after Victory skipper was sent off for this second bookable offence.

second bookable offence. While

Kewell found his name in the referee's book as Reds took the spoils and their first points of first points of the season. After last week's performance

there was a lot to do for this week against Melbourne

a really good team and in front

of our home supporters for the

first time this season. So I

think we done well and lucky we

deserved to win. Moving to

Europe and there's a full card

of English Premier League

action this weekend but

Liverpool at home to Manchester

United is without doubt the

highlight later this evening. United

avenge a 3-1 defeat at Anfield

in March but a Liverpool win would move them within 3 points

of the leaders of the leaders United. Any

Manchester United team

got to be good to beat them.

It's not too often that It's not too often that you're

going to have that much good fortune in a game to beat

Manchester United so you have

to be good. You have to be

better than them on the day and

hopefully a bit more fortunate as

as well. A full round up of as well. A full round up of all the results tomorrow mornling. In motor mornling. In motor sport Australia's set the fastest time in both

practice sessions ahead of

tomorrow's Moto GP at Philip

Island Stoner has the chance to win a win a record equalling win a record equalling 5th straight Australian grand

He can also wrap up this year's

world championship if he wins

the race and Jorge Lorenzo finishes off finishes off the

podium. Conditions were a bit warmer this afternoon than they were this morning and that just

with a bit more wind and a

little bit more to sort of deal

with on the track, yeah, it was

just more difficult to get to the times. Meanwhile time in the second time in the second practice session of the session of the South Korean grand prix. Australian Mark

Webber was 5th Webber was 5th fastest.

Qualified for both those Qualified for both those races takes place today. In Caulfield Cup it's anyone's race as punters have turned

away from hot favourite

December Draw over the past 24

hours or so. The Mark Kavanagh

trained gelding still retains

favouritism thanks to his win

in the Turnbull Stakes. But

Mighty High and Southern Speed

have been heavily backed have been heavily backed with Manigar also firming. result for Australian tennis

players in action players in action overmight.

Malt uEbden failed to overcome

second seed Andy Murray. It was

too much to overcome the

Scotsman Murray as he Scotsman Murray as he blasted

his way past Ebden on his way to chasing a third straight

title after having won in title after having won in Japan

and Thailand this month. While at the Japan women's open Sam

Stosur was due to play South

African Chanelle Scheepers but

weather had all matches postponed until later today. In

the NBL the Perth the NBL the Perth had sa victory over Melbourne.

The second reptile The second reptile rumble in the past week after the Taipans

won the opening round match up but it was imports Eddie Gill and Alvin Mimms time around with 21 and 12 points respectively helping set

up the win. While in the WNBL

Sydney Uni accounted for Adelaide

Adelaide and Townsville were too strong for Turning to cricket and

Queensland has beaten Victoria

by 66 runs on the final day by 66 runs on the final day of its Sheffield Shield match

against Victoria at the Gabba.

Set 301 for victory the Bushrangers

Bushrangers were dismissed for

2 34. Western Australia has

beaten Tasmania by 25 second innings wickets beaten Tasmania by 25 runs, second innings wickets from

Mitchell Johnson put the

warriors in front and the

Tigers never caught up. And England have lost by 126 England have lost by 126 runs

to India in the to India in the first of five one-day internationals on the subcontinent. Thanks very

much. Standby now for 7:30 ACT.

You are watching ABC News 24.

In fact, no, we're going to

have a look at the weather

before we go. Let's go to before we go. Let's go to the weather. the satellite image. And thick

cloud is spreading across much

of eastern Australia. It's in a trough and its trough and its triggering

showers and potentially severe

storms. The storms particularly affecting northern NSW and south-east Queensland. Cloud about the top end is

causing scattered storms,

mostly clear elsewhere. And

taking a look at the States -

in Queensland, early patchy thundery rain across the southern tropics and the Central

Central Coast. Thundery rain is

expected over the southern interior. Showers and

thunderstorms will develop about and Burnett districts. In NSW, partly cloudy in the west of

the State, scattered showers

the State, scattered showers gradually clearing on the central parts of the

Isolated showers and

thunderstorms elsewhere.

There's a chance of

thunderstorms for Victoria's eastern districts this

afternoon. Fine over the far

north-west. Isolated showers elsewhere. In Tasmania, it will

be cloudy with areas of rain

and isolated thunderstorms

about the north and west.

Highland snow falls to 1,100

metres developing later in the

day. Isolated showers about South area becoming scattered about

the southern coasts and ranges

during the morning and early afternoon. Gradually

contracting south wards. WA can expect isolated showers and

areas of drizzle on the coast between Albany and Israelite Bay. This will clear by Bay. This will clear by the afternoon. In the Northern Territory it will be sunny Territory it will be sunny and

cooler in Alice Springs, north of the Alice isolated showers

and storms can be expected in the afternoon and evening.

And now I get to say goodbye.

But stay with us for 7:30 ACT.

sphoo This Program is Captioned Live. Hello, welcome to

program, I'm Chris Kimball.

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