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(generated from captions) Today - going nowhere. The

asylum seeker deal stalled by West Australian. This now sends

a clear message to Opposition,

to Government, to get down and

get this right.

Live. Starting to bite - Qantas grounds planes and cuts flights as union industrial action

continues. Six people dead in a

shooting at a hair salon ever going to salvage this? The Los Angeles. And how are they

container ship slowly cracking

open on a reef off New Zealand.

Hello. You're watching ABC News 24. I'm Joe O'Brien.

Taking a quick look at the

weather first in the capital

cities around the nation: half a percent higher led by gains in the resource stocks:

The Government's hopes of restoring offshore processing

of asylum seekers have been

dealt another blow. It's lost

the numbers to pass a bill in the House of Representatives

and is showing no intention of

having a vote on it today. The

Coalition says that's cowardice

and is demanding the Prime

Minister act on her earlier

the vote as a matter of

urgency. Here's urgency. Here's political reporter Andrew Greene. After days of top-level days of top-level negotiations

Tony Crook reveals his hand. I Tony Crook reveals his

will be supporting the Opposition amendments today. The crossbencher's

decision to vote against the Government's migration

Government's migration law changes spells Labor's push to get

get offshore processing and its Malaysia deal through House I'm not killing anything

off. It's to the Opposition and Government to both support offshore processing. The Government and

the - the chances of the Opposition and the Government

sorting it out are slim. Tony Abbott... A government which can't protect our borders is a

government which has for fitted its right

its right to be considered effective national government. its right to be considered an

Tony Abbott will be on Tony Abbott will be on record

if he follows through on this as being a rank hypocrite, against something which he has been arguing for, for a

decade. With the numbers lined up against her, the Prime

Minister called a snap Cabinet

meeting to discuss her options.

As that dragged on, more bills

were pumped in the House to

more were pumped in the House to buy

more time. I move that order of

the day No. 6 relating to a national standard for

fertiliser products... Stalling

is an opgts but the Coalition say it is would be a

humiliating retreat. It would

be absurdly, cowardly for the

Government to pull this piece

of legislation. They are so

frightened of the judgment of the Parliament and so terrified

that if they lose that

that if they lose that vote,

they would need to call an

election. The Prime Minister has repeatedly urgency of bringing the urgency of bringing the bill to a vote, but there has been no

rush to deal with it today. The

Government main Tais it has alternatives, but whatever they

may be, they remain under wraps. It all makes for a

interesting Question Time this wraps. It all makes for a very

afternoon and we'll be afternoon and we'll be bringing 24 in about an hour's time. 2pm you that live here on ABC News

eastern daylight time. eastern daylight time. This is

one of the issues we've got

open for comment on our website today.

today. if you

want to let us know

thinking about. You can go there and leave a comment as Lewis of the Hills has. He

says, "What a waste says, "What a waste of

a bill parliamentary time to introduce

a bill that is sure to fail a bill that is sure to fail in

the Senate anyway. I am relieved that this bill will

fail to pass. Why can't we just

deal with our problems ourselves

deals with our regional neighbours?" Robbie says,

"There is an argument to be

made when a government loses a

matter in the Lower

it is of high importance to the Government. So it is a it is of high importance to the

Government. So it is a vote of Government. So it is a vote of

no-confidence op the

Government.... this is by no

means a settled constitutional

principle." Steve says, "Good

on Tony Crook, a politician

showing some conscience. You would have would have thunk it." Staying with politics and Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has

Budget Estimates defended her actions during a

Budget Estimates hearing where

she used questions scripted by she used questions scripted

the Commonwealth Ombudsman. The

Ombudsman Alan Asher wanted to

raise concerns about funding

for his office, but when he wasn't called to speak at the

hearing, he provided questions

to the Greens. Senator

Hanson-Young says she acted in

the public interest to raise the Ombudsman's concerns centres. Two attempted immigration detention

in the Darwin Detention

in the Darwin Detention Centre yesterday. Anyone know about

to talk about that. On a that? The minister doesn't want

to talk about that. On a daily

basis, dozens and people on suicide watch being watched by officer whose have no more training than a nightclub nightclub bouncer. These are the concerns that the Ombudsman

has. In the public when the Minister's office is has. In the public interest

refusing to accept that this is

to cost serious stuff, when it is going

to cost - it's already costing

Australian taxpayers billions

of dollars for the provision of the cost when those compensation cases for wrongful

detention, harm in detention

start rolling through the door.

responsibility for Who is going to take

responsibility for that? This Minister today will be long

gone and it is the Ombudsman

who is saying very, very clearly,

clearly, wanting to put that on the public

the public record, we have a

problem with the detention

system as it is currently being

run and it's got to be That's what he was trying to run and it's got to be fixed.

That's what he was trying to

Eric Abetz say. But the Liberal senator

Greens of double standards. He

says the Greens have been quick to criticise Coalition senators in the past. The Australian

Greens were highly condemn Nate

tri-of a particular Coalition

senator who spoke with senator who spoke with a witness prior to a Senate

Estimates hearing. That was

Estimates hearing. That was two

years ago and Senator Brown set

out all the standards that

should apply. Clearly all the

standards that Senator Brown

and the Greens said should

apply to Coalition senators do

not apply to the Australian

Greens senators. Well, Qantas day of disruption with

day of disruption with baggage

handlers and Customs staff striking

striking and from next week,

the airline will start the airline will start cutting

flights because of action by engineers. This Sydney Airport, members of the Transport Workers Transport Workers Union stopped work for two hours and planned to strike again this to strike again this afternoon. Across Australia, around Across Australia, around 7,000 passengers will be hit by

cancelled flights and delays throughout the day. Airports in

throughout the day. Airports in all capital

all capital cities, as well as

Townsville and Cairns are affected. We met with Qantas yesterday once be about the 35th time in the last

last six months, and once last six months, and once again

we've been stone walled. we've been stone walled. Once again they came back with

absolutely nothing. (CROWD BOO)

We are doing our best to

minimise the impact on our

customers by notifying them of


readvised schedules, putting on

bigger aircraft where possible

and mobilising our contingency

work for us to keep Qantas flying. Unions have

Joyce, this time in a newspaper ad calling on ad calling on Qantas shareholders to reject what unionists say is 71% pay rise,

but Qantas says shareholders have also

have also expressed confidence

in the airline and its board. The industrial dispute

with the airline escalates. The Australian and international Pilots Association has today

launched a website urging

shareholders to vote against the motions at the Qantas at the end of this month. The motions include CEO Alan Joyce's annual package. The association's Vice

association's Vice President

Captain Richard Woodward says their main concern is the future of the airline and future of the airline and its focus on a sha. Today we

announced the launch of www We did

that in response to many

customers, frequent flyers and

shareholder s. They've written

to us about

the direction of management and

Qantas to offshore existence.

We've put a ad in the paper today recommending where remuneration of the package of

the management team gets voted

down and the four executive

directors be voted no. As

said, that's in response to our

request. We've got more than

24,000 people on our database

24,000 people on our database

to do this so we're

facilitating that action. Our industrial action which Alan consistent of no more than

making PAs and wearing red ties

to say Qantas flight, Qantas

pilot. There has not been a delayed flight as a result delayed flight as a result of Qantas pilots' industrial

action. We have been looking at

every option. We don't want every option. We don't want to delay customers. We don't

intend do so. We

intend do so. We would rather

negotiate with the management team but negotiation means the

art of compromise and we've yet

to see any form of compromise

from the company. We think it

might cause the board and management to rethink their strategy. strategy. Make no bones about

this that this strategy of the management team is to offshore the company into I challenge Alan Joyce to stop this by saying

this by saying clearly this by saying clearly and saying categorically there is

no such intention. Not no such intention. Not proxies

for Qantas in the future. I

suspect he won't be able to say

that because I guarantee that's

part of the plan. We can put pressure on the company behind

the scenes that will the scenes that will actually

achieve our aims, we believe. Now, we can do could cause the company

internal grief in terms of management capability and scheduling

scheduling and rostering. We

have yet to do that. We have

been very quiet during this

dispute and tried to get the

flights away on time. We would rather negotiate. Negotiation

is the art of compromise. We've

seen zero compromise from the

company. Our chief negotiator

informs me

the company. You can't call it negotiation

negotiation and compromise if one side won't compromise. Six

people have been killed in people have been killed in a

shooting at a hair salon of Los Angeles. Police say three other people were

injured. The attack happened in

Seal Beach in the area around

the salon was cordoned off. Police say it's not clear

whether the victims were

employees or patrons. US media

is reporting a suspect is is reporting a suspect is in custody

custody and police are trying

to work out the motive in the shooting. Beaches along New been closed due to health

concerns from oil washing up on

shore. About 350 tonnes of fuel has leaked out of the stricken

cargo ship 'Rena' which is

stranded on the Astrolabe Reef.

Nearly 100 containers have also fallen from the ship, including one containing dangerous

one containing dangerous chemicals. Some of the ship's

cargo is starting to wash up cargo is starting to wash up on shore. Paul Stenhouse reports. This is one of the

Tauranga's area's summer spots, the beach littered with

rotting burger patties. Some

containers have washed up on a

nearby island. Most of the drifting containers should be south of south of the main shipping

lanes, in and out of the major port

port of Tauranga We've got to

soldier on and keep the port

open. There is other tourism.

It's critical for the economy

to do that. Semi submerged

containers might present a

hazard for ship ago long the

major routes. We ourselves have

a very We're towing in the water

behind one of our work boats

what is called a

what is called a magnatometer what

which will show up any foreign

objects in the water. A small

salvage team managed to get

back on board the 'Rena' this

morning as the weather eased

somewhat. They're checking the ship's structure and ship's structure and pumping systems to determine if systems to determine if it's safe for the rest of the salvage team to resume the

salvage team to resume the difficult task of getting of the fuel ow of the tanks.

It's believe there is more than

1400 tonnes of oil on the process. They need to make sure the ves et is safe to operate, secondly

secondly that it can be

operated and once they've done

that, the other salvage crew is

also on standby and ready to be

able to go back on board the

vessel to start operations. Health and safety

is a major concern with the

ship on a massive list. ship on a massive list. More containers could tumble. We already had a

to start with. It's even harder now that we've sustained damage

on board this vessel. So what

is tough will be tougher, but

we have the best salvage crew we can ever to get on board and to start these things going. Maritime

New Zealand is still planning

on a scenario which involves the back half

the back half of the 47,000

tonne ship breaking off. That's

hanging over deeper water, so the middle of the ship is being

stressed repeatedly by wave

action moving the stern up and down. If the back half does break off, tugs will try to toe

is to shallower - try to tow it to shallow wer water. Let's look at business news

look at business news with

Elysse Morgan The local share market has run out of steam in

afternoon trade in the east. afternoon trade in the east. Right now the All Ordinaries

and the ASX200 are trading

around a third of a percent

higher, well off higher, well off session highs.

Looking at some stocks, Bank of Queensland stocks are down

0.75% after reporting a 0.75% after reporting a 10%

full if full-year cash profit. In the

sector, all the big banks are down except for

down except for Commonwealth,

half a percent up. Qantas

shares are down two-thirds of shares are down two-thirds of a percent this afternoon percent this afternoon after grounding aircraft and cutting

flights over the next month as

a result of industrial action.

Rival Virgin is take did making the mof of the opportunity. Asian markets:

Australia ace unemployment

rate fell from a 10-month high to

to 5.2% in September as employers hired more staff than expected. 20,400 jobs were created last month, half of

that full-time roles. The

Australian dollar jumped half a cent on the release of figures on hopes that it may mean interest rates mean interest rates may rise. BHP Billiton has promised

rise. BHP Billiton has promised

to spend more than a billion

dollars on preparations for its

Olympic Dam mine expansion in South Australia. The company

and the State Government signed an agreement yesterday. Kevin

Foley is the minister assisting

the Premier on the ploim damn expansion project. He says the project is a great opportunity not only for South Australia

but the whole nation. We have in excess in this deposit

in excess in this deposit 3530-35% of the world's

uranium. It will be the fourth largest copper mine in the

world, the fourth world, the fourth largest

goldmine in the world and throw

in a bit of nickel and in a bit of nickel and few

other bits and pieces, this is

an extraordinary multimineral

source and no other company

globally other than BHP would make this project work. For the

nation and for my State, this

is tens and tens and tens billions of dollars. It is tens of

of thousands of jobs, but it centres Australia particularly South Australia as the producer of one of the future resources that will ebb

sure that we have an acceptable level or level or environmental standards in terms standards in terms of dealing

in a carbon-constrained world

environment, that we will have

access to 35-40%

known uranium deposit. I did

flippantly say but perhaps it's not that flippant not that flippant that Olympic

Dam will be to South Australia

what the oilfields of ah Rabia to the Saudi Arabian Government. The former boss of Qantas is now heading up

Tourism Australia to launch a

Tourism Australia to launch a

new campaign to attract people

from India to our shores T

could provide a much could provide a much needed boost to Australian boost to Australian tourism operators. Chairman Geoff Dixon

says it's not just another ad

campaign Much of it is online

and with the social media as well. It is sense. We announced today that

we will take the whole image of

we will take the whole image of

Australia to more of a 5-star destination, wie we always

thought it is at any rate and thought it is at any rate and I think that will resonate with

the Indian population as well. Look, the thing about it is we

have a lot of shared interest with Indians. It is an

English-speaking country. English-speaking country. We

believe they will show a lot interest in Australia and we

believe we can attract the same

number of tourists in a way

that we're getting from China

that we're getting from China

now. Overseas now and the President of the European Commission has outlined a new

plan to shore up Europe's banks in the latest efforts in the latest efforts to bring

an end to the Eurozone crisis.

In announcing the In announcing the initiative, Jose Manuel Barroso has Jose Manuel Barroso has called

for more decisive action on

Greece and stringent reviews of

banks to avert a second global recession. The

latest plan as a comprehensive

response to the Eurozone debt

crisis. The changes are the

most ambitious yet and most ambitious yet and outlines a five-area action plan to crash the vicious cycle between the sustainability of sovereign

debt , the stability of the banking system and the European Union's growth prospects. So

far a truly cohesive response

has been lacking but hopefully

that's about to change. The

problem with Europe is not too a lack of European a lack of European approach. Banks are again firmly in

sight, and the European

Commission President says they

need to set aside more assets to help guard against

to help guard against future losses. The current lending

uncertainty between banks and

the broader economy threatens to throw the Eurozone into a to raise new capital to improve

confidence in guarantees confidence in guarantees on

future loans and if they can't raise fuds privately,

need to look to governments or

the European the European bailout facility. Banks should facility. Banks should use private

private sources of capital

first. If necessary the nal government should provide

support as the next step. And

that allows the resource of

drawing on the loan granted

from the EFSS. So pitching in We pitching in We must therefore

Uhr jeptly strengthen the banks because in fact those two issues,s sovereign con

issues,s sovereign con tank

onand the banks are now whether

we like it or not, linked. This

must be coordinated through the

member states, European banking Authority, Commission. And there has been

progress on the deadlock over the stability

fund. Politicians in Slovakia have agreed to support a crucial bill ratifying changes

to the European Union bailout fund

fund in exchange for

it on Tuesday. I commend those in Slovakia who have voted in Slovakia who have voted in

favour of what is important all, Slovak citizens, for euro area and for European Union as

a whole. A second vote is expected by

expected by the end of this week. Back to Australia week. Back to Australia now and for more on those jobs figures

today I'm joined by

today I'm joined by Brian Redican from Macquarie Bank.

Brian Redican,

welcome G'day. Were you one of

those expecting that that figure that came figure that came out at 11.30

this morning would remain

steady at 5.3 We actually thought the unemployment rate

might rise further. It was

absolutelily - actually quite

encouraging that firms didn't

lay off more workers. How do

you explain it? If you look

through the numbers there is

quite a bit quite a bit of volatility between the different between the different states. For example, in New South Wales

the unemployment rose to 5.5%.

That's its highest level for more

more than a year. If you look

at male full-time

is also lower. So it is patchy

from sector to sector and State

to State, but nevertheless it

is good news. And also the fact

that total number of hours worked fell, too. How does that

worked fell, too. How does that work? This has been a really

strange thing over the last six

months or so. When we've had

periods of falling employment, the number of hours has

increased and this month we saw

those hours declined, even

though more people in jobs. I

think that's just funny and you can't explain that. It could turn out that the rate

was stully steady

was stully steady at a-5.3? Yes, that certainly

could be. More retail

could be. More retail workers tend to work more shorter

hours, say 20 hours rather than 40

40 hours a week. So all sorts

of thing 'cause be going on

behind the numbers. So has that

changed your outlook further

down the track today. If you

expected today to remain steady

or possibly go

outlook that rates were heading up over the next six months

ago? We actually think there is

a case building for a rate cut in Australia over the next couple of couple of months. Employment is

still weaker. Job ads are dill

declining and we think there is

a case to trim interest rates

rather than raise rather than raise rates. What

about the up employment rate

itself? Were you expecting that was going to go

was going to go up over the

next six months? We still think

it could rise to 5.75% or

this time next year. We don't

think we're out of the woods

just yet, but today's numbers

are better than we thought. You are thinking it

north but it actually headed

south? These numbers from month

to month can be quite volatile.

Two months ago, two

Two months ago, two steps back, and one step forward today.

Still at a net loss over the last three months. Construction, Construction, retail, manufacturing, still headwinds going so that's why we're so that's why we're cautious about the labour moment. And in that story, Jose

Manuel Barroso over in Europe

trying to work things out. There he was

cracking down on the banks a

bit or making sure they had

bit or making sure they had

assets to cover themselves when they got into trouble Yes. Does

that give you any encouragement

that thing also be dealt with adequately in Europe? Well,

certainly the lack of

confidence in European

policy-makers has been a huge strain on financial markets over the last couple of over the last couple of months, so they steps in that direction. I

still think we have to go

through the process of a Greek

default and see what comes out

of that and I think of that and I think that's likely before the end of the

year, but definitely a positive

step that they are shoring step that they are shoring up the banks so they can cope with

the Greek default when it happens. And all expectations are that it will Yes. Brian Redican, thanks very

much. Thank you. Wallabies fullback Kurtley Beale won't

have to complete a have to complete a full

training session in order to be

given the nod for

against the All Blacks. Beale

is being rested from the

Australian training sessions in

order to recover from a

hamstring strain. The Wallabies

assistant coach says the team

will know more in will know more in the next 24 hours or so. We will

hours or so. We will see how

far he has progressed tomorrow. Tatafu tomorrow. Tatafu Polota-Nau

says he won't resort to cheap

tactics to contain Richie

McCaw REPORTER: You are a big

bloke (inaudible) Surely I've got some standards. On behalf

of Australia, I would like you

to lower them Oh, I guess

to lower them Oh, I guess it's up to the starting XV, probably

just to do that job, but, no,

I'm pretty sure I've got better

things to focus on. Good to see them pretty relaxed. In netball, Australia has taken an unbeatable 2-0 lead in the three-match series against England. Australia notched an

easy 67-36 win in Canberra last

easy 67-36 win in Canberra. easy 67-36 win in Canberra. The

Diamonds were rarely troubled

by a disappointing England side

who never came close to

matching them on the

matching them on the court or on the scoreboard. Kim Green

was named player of the was named player of the match for Australia All really worked hard as a team and the hard as a team and the benefits

came out the end. The one-on-one

final match in the series will final match in the series will be played in Sydney on

be played in Sydney on Sunday.

At the Shanghai Masters Rafael

Nadal is into the last 16 but

the big upset of the the big upset of the night was Jo Wilfried Tsonga's loss.

Bernard Tomic plays his

third-round match against Dobo gl, lobov this gl, lobov this afternoon. Chong

has taken over the lead from Ian poulter after Day

Ian poulter after Day 3 of the

China golf challenge. China's No. 1 equalled the first four played at two different courses in Beijing. Poult ter finished

the day at one under. Lee Westwood was one over and Rory

McIlroy continues to struggle

at 6 over Only playing two or

three holes every day so you

never get into the momentum or

the rhythm of the round so it

the rhythm of the round so it

is a little tough. I haven't played my best golf. I've shown

glimpses of it but not for long enough periods. Hopefully I can

days and give the Chinese fans something to smile about. The men's team has men's team has taken gold at the World gymnastics Championships in Tokyo. They

finished 2 points clear of finished 2 points clear of host nation Japan who

their first gold medal since

1978. Mistakes cost the Japanese after they led the tournament after qualifying.

The Americans finished in third

place, just one hundredth of place, just one hundredth of a point behind the point behind the Japanese. In what would be a dream what would be a dream scenario, Casey Stoner could secure his

second world crown with a victory at Phillip

victory at Phillip Island this weekend. weekend. Should Stoner win the

race and lore already race and lore already lore

finish off the podium rs the 25-year-old will be crowned

world cham champ for the second time adding to his 2007

title. You never know what can

happen and it's fantastic to

think about it, think about it, but at the same

time, you know, I've got a race

to win and try to take we think about that. Victory

for Stoner would see him

securing a record-equalling

fifth Australian Grand Prix title in

Taking a look at the weather

now and the satellite image

shows thick cloud over the Top

End forming in a trough, End forming in a trough, also

scattered cloud across

Queensland and northern New

South Wales. Cloud forms over south-west WA ahead of a cold front.

front. A deep lee pressure trough should generate widespread rain and Queensland and New South Queensland and New South Wales. Some storms could be Some storms could be heavy, especially in southern Queensland. Showers

Queensland. Showers could develop in Victoria and South Australia as the trough brings a cooler change. A high will clear most of the west except

the far south-west. Around the far south-west. Around the

capitals for tomorrow and the

next day:

The top stories today: The Government's attempts to revive

the Malaysia asylum seeker swap deal is in trouble after

crossbench MP Tony crossbench MP Tony Crook revealed he would not vote

it. A bill to allow offshore process

process something due to be

voted on in the Lower House

today, about tu would have failed without Mr Crook's

support. Mr Crook says he has

concerns about asylum seekers, particularly children, will be

treated in Malaysia and up

until now it looks like that

legislation is not going to get

into Parliament. Qantas has

announced it will ground close

to 100 flights a week

deals with ongoing industrial action. Baggage

action. Baggage handlers,

caterers and ramp workers stopped work stopped work earlier this morning for two hours. More

strike action is planned for

tomorrow which will affect thousands of passengers hoping

to travel overseas. Six people

were killed when a were killed when a gunman

opened fire at a hair salon

south of Los Angeles. Police

say three other people were

injured. The shooting took place at Seal Beach and

place at Seal Beach and the

area around the salon cordoned off. US media are

reporting police are trying to work out what the motive was. And was. And maritime authorities in New Zealand say a container that has fallen from that has fallen from a crippled cargo ship off the east coast was carrying dangerous

chemicals. Nearly 90 containers

have now fallen from the 'Rena'

since the ship ran aground in

the Bay of Plenty. Some of the

the Bay of Plenty. Some of the

ship's cargo has been washing

up on the

Well, it's looking more and

more likely that the Government

will avoid a

today on the Malaysia asylum

seeker deal. The seeker deal. The Federal Opposition is accusing the

Government of cowardice, saying

Labor is putting the vote off

because it knows it doesn't have the numbers. WA Nationals

MP Tony Crook announced earlier

today he would side with the

Coalition, tipping the numbers

Coalition, tipping the numbers

against the Government. He says

he supports offshore processing

but not in Malaysia. Clearly

the humanitarian factor was a

the day, it would be down to

the Government and the

Opposition to work through on this. There is a position on

this and obviously Chris Bowen

and Scott Morrison, the Prime

Minister and Tony Abbott are going to

going to have to work going to have to work through

this. 148 people in this Parliament, including me,

support offshore processing, it

would appear, and two don't. Offshore processing is a strong

position of this Parliament. It

just needs to be sorted out

between the two major

parties. The Opposition says the

Coalition's amendments. The Coalition wants offshore processing limited to countries

that have signed the United that have signed the United Nations Refugee Convention. Our political editor Lyndal Curtis spoke to the spoke to the Opposition's

immigration spokesman a short

time ago. Scott Morrison, the

majority of the Parliament

supports offshore processing in

both houses of Parliament,

about you will we be left

about you will we be left with the situation where

onshore processing is possible

because neither side will

support the other's legislation? Well, it is for

the Government to govern

Government to have, I think,

the position of adopting the

Coalition's amendment if they

wish to proceed. We put forward

a very reasonable amendment here. There was one change

we've sought and that is a country

country should be a signatory

to the Refugee Convention. That is something that Tony is something that Tony Crook has said it's important. I

think it's something the entire country is saying is important. You need to

You need to have protections

and you need to have the processing. The Act always had both of those features. Our

amendment provides both of those is rejecting that out of

nothing more than stubborn

pride. Tony Crook says pride. Tony Crook says the Opposition Opposition and Government should work together. Are you

willing to negotiate at all on this I'm not quite sure what more we can do with the Government. We've said

Government. We've said you can have offshore processing in 148 countries including Papua New

Guinea where they want to have offshore processing, so if the Government wants to Government wants to proceed,

they can. The Coalition is not

opposing a second reading of

this bill. We're seeking to an amendment to their bill and

so I think we've laid that out

very clearly. It's consistent with the

with the position we've had for

a decade together with temporary temporary protection visas and

turning boats back where the

circumstances permit. The

Government has locked itself in

a room here. It is the Government that is actually

showing no confidence in itself

today by refusing to have this

matter brought on. Your

confidence in Nauru work something based on previous

experience, but how do you

account for all the advice the

Government is getting and advice gone to you from its gone to you from its officials

that say Nauru no longer works

because it's

because it's effectively seen

as a transit stop to Australia? What the refuses to do is look at refuses to do is look at the package of messages the

Coalition has stood for, for

over a decade. Three clear

stages. A boat is coming to

Australia. We will seek to turn it back where it back where circumstances permit. But that happens very

very rarely. The second stage

if it comes into our jurisdiction jurisdiction and our obligations are triggered,

believe that should be in

Nauru, a country Nauru, a country that has

signed the con third is a person who has been found, temporary pro visas. found, temporary pro section

visas. Both Mr Crook and the

Coalition have said Coalition have said very clearly we won't give the Government a blank cheque but what we will

what we will do is make available offshore processing in 148 countries. And there is

no way you're willing to move on that at all? Well, to that would be to abolish the

protections in the Act. They are the protections we put in the

the Act in 2001. What the Act in 2001. What the Government is asking for is

complete carte blanche much.

They want to be able to send

anyone anywhere without

protections in place. I think what Australians support is a fair policy, effective policy and

and a proven policy. But you do

ex- - but you do accept, the

last time you spoke to me - that there needs to form of legislation goes

through? We believe we can do

Nauru based on the tests the

High Court has established. It

can be done, but if the Government wants to work with

the Coalition to strengthen the

Migration Act and to

Migration Act and to strengthen

that position, well, good. That's That's why we put forward That's why we put forward the amendment. It wasn't our view

to out-Righto pose this bill.

It was our view to actually

support the abill with an

amendment. It is the Government

that has Blankley refused and

stubbornly refused to aseed to that amend mend. Malaysia was

already a failed policy. It failed before it came into the

Parliament and the Prime Minister just needs to accept

the reality that Malaysia has

the reality that Malaysia has

gone the same way as East

Timor, the asylum freeze and policies they've had in this

area. That's why the Australian

people don't trust them. How

can you say Malaysia has failed

because it was never actually

fully put into operation?

Well, the Minister was claiming

it had worked so I will let him explain why it has now failed. The Department of Officials said it was designed for 8-10 boats. We've

it was signed. This is it was signed. This is an arrangement that smugglers can

frustrate, that smugglers can

overwhelm. They've demonstrated

that. The Government said they

will hit the reset button if

they can get it through they can get it through the Parliament is ridiculous. The

smugglers know they just have

to get 10 boats to to get 10 boats to Australia

and it all goes back

and it all goes back to normal.

They haven't planned for boat No. 11. The Coalition's

takes into account everything.

What a peel for What a peel for the Government to do is bring on the vote, support the

amendment and get on with it. If that vote

and the Government loses it,

would you move to bring a

motion of no confidence in the

Government? They are matters

Government? They are matters

for people in positions other

than my own, but what I'm

focused on is a Migration Act

amendment which Minister Bowen

has brought into the House

which clearly the House has no

confidence in, they know that

full well. Bowen in an untenable

situation. He should adopt situation. He should adopt our

amendment, recommend it to the

Cabinet and get on with the job

he has been entrusted with. His measures have failed repeatedly.

repeatedly. He should take our advice and get on with the

job. What would you do if it

didn't work? Well, we believe

it would work. The question, I

think, is hypothetical, about

you they need to embrace you they need to embrace and

implement all of our policies is our view. How many of those

they want to implement is a

matter for them and they that flow from that. They can that flow from that. They can open processing in Nauru open processing in Nauru once it's established, if they just

bring on the boat and off we

go. They can have it in Manus

Island as well. I had dinner last night with the ministers

from PNG and Minister Bowen

happened to be there as well.

It was a pleasant exchange of

views and it was views and it was an important relationship-building event on

a bipartisan basis, but if the

Prime Minister and Minister Prime Minister and Minister Bowen want offshore processing,

bring the bill into House, support what I think all Australians

want and just get on with want and just get on with the job. Scott Morrison, thanks for your time Thanks, Lyndal. Human rights lawyer Julian Burnside

QC spoke to ABC News Breakfast

earlier and he says both sides

have it wrong. Both major parties are talking about

offshore processing but what

they're doing is talking about

offshore processing and to be returned. They're being

pushed away from Australia full

stop. The processing, such as it is, it is, is that those people will hang around in Malaysia or

wherever they've sent to for

years and decades until some country puts up their hand and

says, "We will offer you

protection." We are sending

them to a place that will not

offer them pro tech. What it is

is the two major parties showing how tough they can be.

I think most of the community would like to see boat people treated a bit more decently

than they are and I'm sure all

of us would like to see of us would like to see a billion dollars spent

diligently than throwing it diligently than throwing it at

these people to cause them more

harm. Qantas say it is cannot

keep up its maintenance program as a result of as a result of engineers banning overtime and holding

stop-work meetings. Qantas CEO

Alan Joyce says 90 flights Alan Joyce says 90 flights a

week will be cut, but he says

scaling down help the airline help the airline maintain

reliability during future strike action. From Monday, we

are taking the step of reducing

five lines of flying, to reduce the workload on engineering and making the remaining operation

more reliable. That means that

we are grounding four

narrow-body 737s out of a fleet of 54. And one wide-body of 54. And one wide-body 767

out of a domestic fleet of 25.

These aircraft are domestic flying. We will be

doing this grounding for at

least one month. There will be

no impact to Qantas' international operation,

Qantaslink, Jet Connect and

Jetstar. This will result in a

reduction of 97 flights per

week, most of this affecting

the ports of Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne

is that he failed. Fighters loyal to Fighters loyal to Gaddafi

and taken to Benghazi for. The

fighters say Mutassim Gaddafi

was captured trying to was captured trying to es sap

Sirte in a car. Mutassim Gaddafi has been leading Gaddafi has been leading the

defence of the city of Sirte

and was considered a powerful figure in the Gaddafi regime.

The capture follows another day

of heavy fighting in Sirte

which saw Gaddafi loyalists

retreat into a last pocket retreat into a last pocket of the city. Indonesia has the city. Indonesia has passed

its first law on the nation's intelligence-gathering

operations. The bill gives the intelligence authority the

power to wire-tap phones and

track the flow of funds. It is

seen as a key to boosting Indonesia's fight against

terrorism, but critics terrorism, but critics say there are not enough

limitations on the new powers

and a lack of accountability

could work against efforts to crush radicalism. I'm afraid it

will not be happening, but the other way around will be

happen, which is those

terrorists felt being abuse by

the state, by the religion and

they will create a new revenge,

so I think

so I think if we conduct so I think if we conduct un democratically

democratically and professionally it will create hostilities. It's taken 8 years

of debate for the legislation

to be enacted. Civil rights groups say they plan to

challenge the law in the Constitutional Court. An

Israeli deal to free hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in

exchange for the freedom exchange for the freedom of

just one Israeli soldier could

face a legal challenge. Gilad

Shalit has been held captive in

Gaza since 2006. Shalit is

expected to be home within

expected to be home within days

but some Israelis are asking

whether the price paid for whether the price paid for his

freedom is too high.

It's not hard to see how this

family feels about the news

that their daughter is timely

coming home after more than six

years in jail. She was years in jail. She was convict ed of being sent on a ed of being sent on a suicide bombing mission in 2005 near

the border crossing between the

Gaza Strip and Israel. She was sent by the military wing of

Fatah. The attack failed and

she was sentenced to more than

12 years in an Israeli prison.

TRANSLATION: For 7 years I

haven't felt happy like today.

We couldn't imagine the

happiness. I hope there will be

more exchanges to allow all the

prisoners to be released. The

girl's mother shows us the room

she has prepared for she has prepared for her

daughter. It has new furniture,

frshly made bed and clean

clothes in the cupboard. She

says she disapproved of her

daughter's attempted suicide mission. TRANSLATION:

TRANSLATION: I want to - I

won't allow her to do this

again, but the decision is

still up to her. I'm a mother

and a mother always shows mercy

to her children and no-one will

give up on their children. Elsewhere in Gaza,

rallies continue with lawyers

and students joining families

of prisoners. While hundreds of

people in Gaz z za have

gathered to celebrate the news,

Hamas say it is has a delegation on its way delegation on its way to Cairo

to put the final touches on the

deal T also says that it

expects to release the full

list of the names by

Thursday. For the mother and

father of this woman, it

appears the long wait will soon

be over with a family reunion

they did not expect to come they did not expect to come so

suddenly. Two chemists and a

physicist have taken out the major prizes at the nation's

top science Awards. Professors

David roll mon and Ezio

Rizzardo received at wards for

their research in plastics technology and Professor Stuart

Wyithe won for his work on the

formation of the universe.

Professor Weight weight says

there is still a lot we do not know

know about the universe. We

know a lot already about the

universe and we're trying to make make predictions about the

first galaxies. We have very little information currently

about the first galaxies but

over the next decade with the

introduction of the new

telescopes we are going to finally

finally get some good

information on this first 10% of the universe's age when

galaxy as peered. I'm

interested in how the first

galaxies formed in the

universe. Over the last decade

we've come to really understand how structure formed in the

universe, how old the universe

is and how fast it's expanding

in its overall history. I'm

interested in our place in the

universe and our place begins

with how galaxies first formed

and how stars formed and how stars formed within

them. In rugby union, the

Wallabies are refusing to be distracted by reports that All Blacks skipper Richie McCaw is

in doubt for Sunday's World Cup semifinal in Auckland. New

Zealand called in Matt Todd with McCaw still battling a

foot injury. David fuse foot injury. David fuse fora says they can't concern

themselves with speculation It

all seems fairly great about McCaw and his state of fitness.

To be honest, we haven't

worried about it too much

because nothing seems to be

clear. We can't worry about

that. That would only become that. That would only become a

distraction for ourselves if we concerned ourselves whether

they would play or not. So I

suppose we will just have it

wait and see. Well, Casey

Stoner is hopeful of Stoner is hopeful of confirming

his No. 1 borld status with a win at Phillip Island in

Victoria this weekend.

259-year-old Australian has

enjoyed a dominant season enjoyed a dominant season and

he leads the Championship by 40

points heading into the race.

Stoner has won the last four races at the island. He will

take the title if he wins and

nearest rival Jorge Lorenzo finishes no higher than

4th. This will be 4th. This will be no different than any other race for me. The

fact that it's home and my favourite track is the biggest

difference. If everything falls into place, into place, yes, we could take

the championship this weekend

and hopefully this year, but I

hi Jorge will be very difficult

to bump outside the top 4 and even the race . The Diamonds won

won over England, running won over England, running away

67-36, the Diamonds' third biggest score biggest score against England. Many marathon runners are of the opinion that the final 10km are the toughest,

but after a recent sub-3-hour

effort in which he made his way

to the line very strongly to finish third. The Sunderland

runner Rob Sloan seen runner Rob Sloan seen here being interviewed after the


race, was. 4th place Steve

Cairns thought he come third and couldn't recall Rob Sloan

passing him. Policeman Cairns

raised at larm and others had

seen Sloan jump on a passing

bus. The whole of the race who

actually run the second half of

the race quickler than the

first half of the race. Sloan

admitted to cheating and

claimed he was tired obviously! claimed he was tired obviously! His running credentials aren't

being questioned. He had won a

10km event the previous day but

fellow marathon runners will be

a little wary of him next

time. In soccer, Manchester

City has announced that Carlos

Tevez will face disciplinary proceedings for an alleged

breaches of contract. Tevez was suspended last month while suspended last month while the

club investigated him for his conduct in the European Champions League game at Bayern

Munich. Roberto Mancini Munich. Roberto Mancini says

Tevez refused to go on as a substitute during 29-0 defeat. Time now for what's

making news in the arts and

entertainment. Hi. I'm Richard

Davies. Amy Winehouse's father

will write a memoir about the

late British soul star. The

book is set to be released book is set to be released next year. All proceeds will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation

which helps young people

struggling with illness and

substance addiction. Mitch

Winehouse says he wanted to

write a book to tell the true story of

story of Amy and also to help

his personal recovery.

his personal recovery. The NT Government is hailing the Government is hailing the Oprah

effect, saying the former talk

show host's visit to Uluru show host's visit to Uluru last

year has prompted a surge in

visitors. Tourism NT figures

show nearly 20% show nearly 20% more Americans

visited NT this year than last.

A cardiologist in the Michael

Jackson trial says the King of Pop could have been saved Pop could have been saved had his doctor immediately his doctor immediately called

for help and taken steps to

revive him. Dr Conrad Murray is

pleading not guilty to giving

Jackson a lethal dose of the

anaesthetic appropriate follow,

saying Jackson gave himself saying Jackson gave himself the dose. Not appropriately

reacting to arrest. Not reacting to arrest. Not calling

911 in a timely fashion, all directly directly impacted his life

because if these deviations

were not have happened, Mr Jackson would have been

alive. And we're going to alive. And we're going to take

you straight to Bhutan now

which is in the brip grip of

wedding fever. These are wedding fever. These are live pictures that you will

pictures that you will be

seeing shortly. The royal

couple is about to tie the knot.

knot. While it will be a very traditional affair, Bhutan's

prince and princess are

anything but conventional. The 31-year-old king marries a

student 10 years his junior.

This is an isolated valley high in the Himalayas in the Himalayas where

thousands have gathered to celebrate. Isolated country,

about 700,000 people who decked out in their national dress

will mark the occasion with dancing, singing and drinking.

And that is the latest in the

arts and entertainment news,

Joe. Richard, you are a piker

because you didn't even try

saying their names. Here is the latest weather with Vanessa O'Hanlon.

Thanks, Joe. Today's

satellite image is picking satellite image is picking up

thundery clouds around the Gulf country and also country and also the Top End.

That cloud is making its way

into Queensland. Low level

cloud lingering over Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia's south-west. A

trough will deepen and as trough will deepen and as it

does we'll see showers and thunderstorms becoming more widespread over Queensland and

the Northern Territory. A high

that is moving into the Tasman

is keeping the south-east

mostly dry and a weak mostly dry and a weak front is making its way towards Western

Australia. A trough in the east

will doin to deepen spreading

showers across Queensland, New

South Wales and the Northern

Territory. At times the storm

also be very heavy also be very heavy especially

in Queensland and on Saturday

another trough will cause

lighter showers in Victoria and

South Australia while showers

and afternoon storms in

Brisbane tomorrow:

Stay with us on ABC News Stay with us on ABC News 24

as we bring you the very latest

on the day's top stories

throughout the afternoon. We'll

cross live now to Parliament

House in Canberra ahead of Question Time

Question Time due to get under

way at any moment now. The

Government's attempts to revive

the Malaysia asylum seeker swap

deal are likely to be a depoint

of debate today and likely to

be a Caucus meeting later this

afternoon to discuss asylum

seeker policies. Live to Federal Parliament House and

sheer is Speaker Harry Jenkins. Australia on 16 and 17 November. Last month

during his visit as well. I am

pleased to advise the house that President Obama has

accepted this invitation. His

address will take place on 17

November. The President's visit