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(generated from captions) This morning - get him home. on Indonesian authorities Pressure builds arrested for drugs. to free an Aussie teen Deadly mystery. killed 17 horses in Queensland. Experts scrambling to find out what And debunking myths about Albinism. for some very unique Australians. A special gathering Also today, inside word. of his time behind bars. Chopper Read's raw account Then cracking the dolphin code. Can we talk to the animals? October 8, 2011. Welcome to Saturday Hello. Thanks for joining us. When we have cracked the code of talking to Godolphin's... Think of the list of things you want us to say to dolphins for you. for a husband. The new twist in the hunt is 'Mr Average', 'Mr Right'? Also today,

Plus... There were three Mr Rights right there. I was seven years of age of the television and had a seat in front and Bathurst tapes and a steering wheel in my hands of starting that race. and I had dreamed I think those videos were P G. take on the Bathurst 1000. New dad Grant Denyer, gearing up Sitting on that couch behind. Sitting next to home! And time running out 4-fingered family. to save everyone's favourite Is it curtains for the Simpsons? That's my relaxation when I've had a hard day. the latest news from Jessica Rowe. But let's begin with Good morning, Jess. Good morning. to Indonesia has arrived in Bali Australia's ambassador of a New South Wales teenager to help secure the release being held on drugs charges. his fourth night behind bars The 14-year-old has spent $25 worth of marijuana. after being arrested allegedly with Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd says everything they can consular officials are doing to assist the teenager. to spare no efforts The Government expects them in achieving our objective, as soon as we possibly can. which is to get this young lad home face up to 6 years in jail. If convicted, the 14-year-old could a little later on. We'll get the latest live from Bali facing more disruptions on Monday Thousands of Qantas passengers are nationwide strike action. as engineers prepare to take and Melbourne Workers in Brisbane, Sydney for four hours. are planning to walk off the job the longest single stoppage It will be with the airline in the current dispute over pay and job security. dozens of flights Qantas says it'll have to cancel to cope with the industrial action. it's known It could be several days before what caused the deaths of 17 horses south-west of Brisbane. on a property at Kooralbyn, the property from Oakey 11 days ago. The animals were moved to and cared for them We've bred them and loved them and mega dollars on them is devastating. and to have this happen is confident it's not Hendra virus. Biosecurity Queensland whose wife plotted to kill him A Melbourne man to moving on with his life says he's looking forward of attempted murder yesterday. after she was found guilty by his wife's secret lover Chris Soteriou was stabbed 18 months ago. leaving his birthday dinner. The attack happened as they were it's been hell. For the last 18 months, and again justice has prevailed. Hopefully we can just move on in November. Vicky Soteriou will be sentenced have been jointly awarded Three women this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Liberian President is among the trio for the safety of women honoured for standing up and promoting equality. Off the 97 people who had been awarded the Nobel peace prize, only 12 have been women. Only once before has the award being split three ways. But then these are extraordinary winners. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Labor Coobowie and Tawakkul Karman. For their non- violent struggle for the safety of women and for women's rights. In 2005, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became elected female President, taking Africa's first-ever democratically-

over Liberia, a country devastated by more than a decade of civil war. It is doubtful, though that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf could have achieved what she had without her fellow winner, Leymah Gbowee, a peace activist who faced down Liberia's warlords and encouraged other women to join her. It is 32-year-old Tawakkul Karman who joins them. She heads the women's rights groups Journalists Without Chains. have taken out top honours Bob and Bindi Irwin in Sydney. the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards thrilled thousands of fans, Teen heart-throb Cody Simpson performing a medley of his tracks. (SINGS POP SONG) voted in this year's awards. A record 1.6 million kids In finance news - 27 points. The Nasdaq also finished down, the FT-100 added 12 points. In London, To the commodities. an ounce. Gold is trading at US $1,637 Oil is US $82 a barrel. 98 US cents, The Australian dollar buys 75 Japanese yen and $1.26 New Zealand. here's Mark Beretta in Bathurst. And now with sport, I love the smell of petrol in the morning. The it's a magnificent morning at Mount Panorama. You can smell the campfires. 32,000 people are camped here and the early arrivals are bagging their spots behind us. the recruitment The Bulldogs will confirm Manly coach Des Hasler of dual-premiership winning at a media conference this morning. Belmore in 2013 Hasler's decision to defect to a potential player exodus. has the Sea Eagles facing It's believed five players, and Anthony Watmough, including Brett Stewart in their contracts if Hasler leaves. can activate get-out clauses is a big thing. His culture in the club We love playing for him. Manly must decide the final year of his contract whether to force Hasler to fulfil or appoint a new coach. is the man they all have to catch Holden's Garth Tander at the Bathurst 1000. in this afternoon's top 10 shootout for Fabian Coulthard in practice. It was anything but smooth sailing Jamie Whincup also had his moments but the championship leader was able to recover and qualify third. It's really consistent. We've got a great shootout car. We got picked in the end but we have a great car. So does Tander, who produced a blistering lap to shade Ford's Mark Winterbottom for provisional pole. All the action's live on Seven today. Check your TV guide for times. The Socceroos have tuned up for next week's World Cup qualifer against Oman with a 5-0 demolition of Malaysia in Canberra last night. Luke Wilkshire got the hosts off to a flyer and a double from Josh Kennedy ensured the game was as good as over at the break. COMMENTATOR: It's 2 for Josh Kennedy, 4 for Australia. Malaysians have just been cut to ribbons. The focus now shifts to the A-League, with Harry Kewell's Melbourne Victory up against Brett Emerton's Sydney FC at Etihad Stadium tonight. Outgoing Collingwood coach Mick Malthouse has emphatically closed the door on a return to AFL coaching in 2013. Malthouse addressed the Magpies faithful for the final time at last night's best-and-fairest dinner, where Scott Pendlebury was a dominant winner. Several other clubs held their best-and-fairests last night. Adam Goodes took the honours for Sydney, while David Zaharakis was judged Essendon's best. Matthew Boyd triumphed at the Bulldogs and Darren Glass won at West Coast. Another switch-hitting century from David Warner wasn't enough to get New South Wales into the final of the Twenty20 Champions League. Warner hammered an unbeaten 123 from 68 -balls But the Blues' total of 2/203 proved to be nowhere near enough. Chris Gayle replied with a jaw-dropping 92 off 41 balls as the Royal Challengers cruised home with nine balls to spare. Black Caviar will race into the history books with victory in this afternoon's Schillaci Stakes at Caulfield. The wonder mare is out to equal turf icon Phar Lap's record of 14 straight wins and is destined to start one of the shortest-priced favourites in history. Classy colts Helmet and Smart Missile are the top picks for the $1 million Caulfield Guineas. That magnificent sound of rattling guns in the morning can only mean one thing - it is a V8 weekend and it is two. Brink it on. Better than your alarm clock in the morning. It makes you sit bolt upright! 32,000 camped on the hill at the moment - it is quite a spectacle, just incredible. It wouldn't be very warm in Bathurst either. I wouldn't say so. I have 42 layers on. No wonder you are sitting bolt upright! Time for weather now, with James Tobin. James, good morning. The best place to be watching the action is from your couch this weekend. It is fun at Bathurst but it will be cold this weekend. It's beautiful here at night. It's all about Australia's biggest health check month, which is all about making one little step towards being more healthy. For example, if you are on the mountain at Bathurst, you might say, today I will drink 23 cans of beer instead of 24. If not, drink more water or run around the bay, which is beautiful here. Come around, I'll show you what is happening. This is part of Australia's biggest health check month. You remember these girls from 'Australia's Got Talent'? They are the rhythmic dancers. They are extremely talented and very flexible. We also have Michelle Bridges giving health tips. You can chat to the guys from various magazines about health tips, and over here you can get a free check all day. That's happening all day. We are here for the action. Now let's take a look at the forecast. On the regional fly-around. Fine in Cairns. Fine in Townsville. Thunderstorms in Bundaberg. And showers and thunderstorms for Brisbane. In New South Wales, clearing showers for Coffs Harbour. Sunny in Broken Hill. Showers here in Sydney. A shower or two in Canberra. And clearing showers in Albury. Mostly sunny in Mildura. A shower or two in Melbourne. Developing showers in Launceston. A shower or two in Mount Gambier. Fine, becoming sunny in Adelaide. Partly cloudy in Alice Springs. Afternoon inland storms for Darwin. And in WA, a chance of a storm in Albany. A shower or two in Perth. A morning shower in Geraldton. Sunny in Exmouth. You don't have to bend over backwards to get a little bit more health in your life. Small steps is the way to start, and we will have some great tips throughout the morning. Thanks, girls. See you in half hour. JT has become almost obscenely healthy lately. Drinking his soy coffee, brushing his teeth every five minutes... He has got very good personal hygiene and he is getting ready for a triathlon. Looking good. In just a tick here on Weekend Sunrise, can this man become king of the mountain? Grant Denyer and his L-plater co-driver gear up for the Bathurst 1000. But next, we're live to Bali for the latest on the Aussie teen arrested for drugs.

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killing 99.9% of germs, so once you're done, germs are gone for good. Thanks a lot, Mum. You know that Milo Cereal tastes great. But did you know that it's made with 50% wholegrain and has earned the Heart Foundation Tick? Milo Cereal. With the Heart Foundation Tick. A 14-year-old Australian boy has spent his fourth night in custody in Bali after being arrested for allegedly buying marijuana. Australia's ambassador to Indonesia will be in Bali today as diplomats work behind the scenes to free him. from outside Denpasar Police Station. Good morning, Reaso. Ambassador Greg Moriarty will also meet with the boy's parents? Yeah, that's right. Been a couple of hours' times. It is for 15 am now and we imagine quite early this morning that he will drive into the building behind me, the police headquarters, where this 14-year- old boy has been held. He will meet with the parents of the boy and the boy himself is currently held in a three by three-metre cage in the corner of the drugs squad room on the second floor, and this is a massive show of support. The family have been saying that they are delighted that the amount of government support coming through, official visits, Kevin Rudd's phone call and the pressure put on them. It is extraordinary to have the ambassador fly down personally to show a bit of Australian strength. It's a major show of support for the government. A lot of emotional support online from friends support online from friends and family. There is one message on Facebook purportedly from the boy himself. Yeah, that's right, which goes to show a little bit of the conditions he has got. He has access telephone. His parents have been allowed, unusually in the circumstances, outside the same room, and they have been sleeping there day after day. They have been arguing to have him taken under house arrest at their hotel. It hasn't been successful last night. He was allowed to get on Facebook and has been swamped with messages. This is the message he put on: An indication of what he is going through right now. His lawyer says that child protection officers are urging police to drop the case. As far as I know in these situations, if you plead you are drug addicts, you may get special treatment by the court. Are there any grounds to drop the case before it gets that far? They are hoping so. The lawyer told us yesterday that child protection officers saw the 14- year-old yesterday afternoon and after that meeting they told the lawyer that charges should be dropped immediately. When he was first arrested, there were no police presence, no child protection officers, no parents. The police are saying that is not a big issue, they will start again, and find re-interviewed him yesterday afternoon. As you know, that would not be allowed in Australia, a major slip-up by the police, but the police here, it seems they are keen to keep going. As for that claim about, if you say you have a drug dependency you could go shorter term, up to four years, the lawyers have already said they are ruling that out. They will not try that with this boy. Thank you for getting up at four o'clock in the morning your time. We will check with you later. Moving closer to home. Members of Australia's largest bikie gang have been pulled over by police for alleged drug possession and speeding offences as they gather for a massive conference in the Victorian city of Mildura. With more, Victorian Acting Assistant Commissioner Jack Blaney joins us live from Melbourne. Good morning. Police have stepped up their presence for this event. What are you targeting? We are not particularly targeting anything. What we are doing is ensuring that the community are reassured because, as anyone would realise, if you have got a situation where you have over 500 motorcyclists from an outlawed gang riding into your community, it creates some concern, some intimidation issues, so we are ensuring we have a highly visible police presence in the vicinity to win sure they behave themselves but also to reassure the community they have the matter under control. 500 bikies in one spot is a fairly intimidating thing. Hundreds of bikies will arrive in Mildura. How do locals feel about that? We have been tracking them across the nation from early in the week. They commenced moving from Victoria on Monday and were able to confirm yesterday their final destination would be Mildura, so we have been dealing with the community in keeping them informed about what's occurring. The Community have very clearly noticed there has been a significant increase in police resourcing from the town, and just threw that presence we found that the township itself has been very quiet overnight and we are very pleased that the behaviour of the Rebels group has been very good overnight. We are looking at pictures of sniffer dogs checking out these bikes - a lot of police interaction. How receptive have the bikies been to this? Renegotiated this with them early in the week. We told them what our expectations would be and we are pleased their leaders gave us reassurances that they would behave themselves. However we did also tell them they would be subject to police checks, so we will be checking for drugs and alcohol in terms of their riding. We were also be checking their licences and their bikes, so that process has been very clear to them to and they have been co- operating through that. Let's hope it's a quiet weekend in Mildura. Thank you for your time. You're welcome. Well, it's one of the toughest races in the world. The Bathurst 1000 gets under way tomorrow. Sunrise's own Grant Denyer and his 17-year-old co-driver are hoping to take home the winning trophy. Mark Beretta is at Mt Panorama. He has just got his hands off the rattle gun. Beretts, have you managed to catch up with Grant yet? I have. Just a couple of years ago he hurt his back very seriously, thought he would never drive again, but he qualified yesterday. That was a big milestone for him. He's also been through this process where they have come up with the co-driver for him. He is 17 years old, Cameron Waters, and this kid can't drive on the road. He doesn't have his licence, but he will be with Grant. It is a remarkable story. We know Grant Denyer as a fun-loving, you know, has a joke about things, but when he gets here and it gets serious he puts his Race face arm and he is almost a different guy. You've got to be excited about getting back in the car on this track. This is not fight. It is legitimate. I've spent 10 years trying to get a Mount Panorama, missed the last couple with a back injuries. I'm now 100% fit. I've also got a great co- driver. 17-year-old, the youngest ever to drive the mountain, the winner of a TV reality show. It is kind of cool because this kid would have been lost through the cracks. He doesn't have connections, would never have seen a race track, but he is a good find. It is the toughest thing about tomorrow. There's 161 ways for it to bite you. It is a huge task. It is 32 degrees, it Kennedy up to 60 degrees in the cockpit. -- it can be. It asks a lot physically and mentally but it is super cool. Even if Craig Lowndes pass as a 20 times, it is still awesome. You know what I mean? But we want to take it to these guys. But we have a young bloke here that would love to get out and start throwing the green machine around the mountain. Bring it on. I assume it is legal to have a 17-year-old driving your car at Bathurst! Is it? He does have a racing licence. It is all taken care of. He will start from 29 on the grid tomorrow. And the top 10 shoot-outs this afternoon? It's a huge day. This is one of the highlights of the year. We have the 10 fastest qualifiers from yesterday. Garth Tander leads the field, but Jamie Whincup, Craig Lowndes and Mark Winterbottom this afternoon - this is as hot as it gets, the top 10 shoot-out. It's going to be a beauty. We will soak it up. Talk to you soon. Literally - it's pouring with rain! We are getting ready to sit on the couch all day. Next the latest news, sport and weather. You're watching Weekend Sunrise. See you on the other side. We've been making a lot of changes lately and it's paying off. We've just been awarded Australia's best coffee chain for customer satisfaction. So come in and taste the difference today. (AMBIENT MUSIC) VOICEOVER: Spraying ordinary air fresheners only masks odours, allowing smells to return once the fragrance fades. 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with return airfares for $781 dollars departing Brissie, $899 ex Sydney or $921 out of Melbourne. Be quick! Call 131 538 or visit I hope you don't wake up with someone chalking your pool cue. Maybe that's what you want on a holiday. Berretts has got us revved up this morning. I've got the V B in the fridge. Just ahead - we talk to Chopper about his time behind bars in Australia's worst prisons. Let's get a news hit. Here's Jess. Australian authorities are hopeful Indonesian police may consider dropping drugs charges against a 14-year-old boy being held in Bali. Police have admitted they first interviewed the teen without a lawyer or child protection officer present. Indonesia's Foreign Ministry is maintaining a hard line. Our policy has been very clear and everybody should know by now that the illegal drugs in Indonesia will face a very severe penalty. Australia's ambassador to Indonesia will meet with the teenager and his parents today. Hundreds of Rebels bikie club members have descended on the Victorian town of Mildura for their national conference. Yesterday, police carried out licence checks and random breath tests. Police say they've received assurances from Rebels leaders that they will behave themselves. We've been working with the community in keeping them informed about what is occurring. The community has very clearly seen an increase in police resourcing. The Rebels are the largest outlaw motorcycle gang in Australia. The parents of murdered Queensland teenager Daniel Morcombe say they hope to begin funeral arrangements soon. It comes after police advised the family the search for Daniel's remains near Beerwah, on the Sunshine Coast, will end next week. A pair of shoes and three bones were found at the site in August. Brett Peter Cowan has been charged with the teenager's abduction and murder. Controversial new police powers have been approved ahead of this month's Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth. A major security operation is being planned for the visit by the Queen and Commonwealth leaders later this month. Among the new police powers - the right to ban people from venues and events that they consider would-be trouble makers. Persons that are in that sort of category, that are prepared to break the law, are prepared to damage or prepared to actually stop people going about their lawful business. Police say they're already drawing up a hit list. Four tourists have died after the bus they were on overturned and crashed into a cliff wall in Indonesia. The group - from the Netherlands, Belgium and India - were on their way to a local hot spring, when the driver lost control of the vehicle in West Java. It's believed faulty brakes caused the crash. Around 800 people were forced to evacuate their homes after a freight train derailed in the US state of Illinois. Several tanker cars carrying ethanol came off the rails, It took officials nearly five hours to get the fire under control. Arnold Schwarzenegger has opened a museum dedicated to his life while on a visit to his hometown in Austria. Braving the weather, he unveiled a bronze statue of himself built at the entrance. The museum is located in the two-storey house where the star was born. Displays include the 64-year-old's first barbell and several life-size Terminator models. Must get to that museum! Now let's go back to Bathurst. I can hear that sound. Yes, I know you love it. I've organised a short symphony of rattled guns to greet uses morning. Just a little something to tune up the years. Wallabies coach Robbie Deans has put his faith in the return of three strike weapons for tomorrow's World Cup quarterfinal against the Springboks. Digby Ioane, David Pocock and Stephen Moore are all back to bolster the Aussie line-up. We can take a bit of confidence out of that our preparations been good. But other than that you've just got to put it together on the day. Pat McCabe returns to inside centre at the expense of Berrick Barnes, who's been isolated from his team-mates after sending an illness scare through the camp. David Warner's second century in as many matches couldn't get New South Wales over the line in this morning's Twenty20 Champions League semifinal against Bangalore. Warner smashed 123 off 68 balls as the Blues amassed 2/203. It looked like an impressive total until Chris Gayle unleashed. COMMENTATOR: That is out of the ground! Bring another ball. Gayle plundered 92 off 41 balls, setting the Royal Challengers on the path to a 6-wicket victory. Holden ace Garth Tander is confident he can win the Bathurst 1000 after claiming provisional pole for this afternoon's top 10 shootout. Tander edged out Ford's Mark Winterbottom for top spot, with series leader Jamie Whincup recovering from an early crash to qualify third. Fabian Coulthard somehow avoided a major disaster in practice but Jason Bargwanna wasn't as lucky. The Socceroos will head into next week's World Cup qualifier against Oman with plenty of confidence, after dispatching Malaysia 5-0 in Canberra last night. Josh Kennedy scored a first-half double, giving the hosts a 4-0 advantage at the break. Alex Brosque also bagged a brace, completing the route in the 69th minute. The Socceroos play Oman on Tuesday night. A game-high 28-point from NBA star Patty Mills guided the Melbourne Tigers to an impressive come-from-behind win over Sydney at the Cage last night. The Kings dominated much of the contest but Mills stepped it up down the stretch, carrying the Tigers to a 6-point victory, 82-76. There is nothing like the atmosphere here. If you are a motorsport fan, this weekend is something special. We have a full broadcast in the United States this weekend. Quite incredible - they have brought their own commentary production team and will broadcast live to the United States and which opens this event up to millions more throughout the world. It is quite incredible, but for the diehards, they still come here in the morning. You can still smell the campfires as they get through breakfast. They will make their way up here and settle down for the day. On the hill behind me, they are places that have been staked out for the weekend. People come on Thursday, put that down, and that's your patch. They have already moved in for the day and won't leave until tonight, and they will be back first thing tomorrow morning. Quite incredible. James Tobin, the weather is of great interest here. The sky is clearing up but everyone is dying to know what the weather will do it Bathurst. Some late morning showers with tops of 19, fairly mild for what the hell can be like up there. It can be pretty cold on the mountain. Have a great day. You may be having the top 10 shoot- out but here at Australia's because health check we are having the top 10... Potato sack race. They are doing little things to be more healthy. Let me introduce you to our competitors this morning. We have some one, Amy from women's health, the bloke making our coffee, Simon, Chrissie, Tony from Nature Zone, Anna who has introduced herself as an expert, come we've got Bronwyn, we've got Natasha, we've got Emma, and finally... This is my speed sack. There we go. Why does mind seemed so much smaller than everyone else? That's what James Tobin looks like in the sack. Get your engines ready! A low-pressure trough is generating patchy rain and isolated storms over eastern and south-eastern Australia. A weak high over the Bight is helping skies to clear over western South Australia. A slow-moving cold front is approaching WA, bringing an increase in cloud and wind to the south-west. Now let's take a look at the capital cities. And Brisbane will have showers and the chance of a storm. ahead of storms on Monday. Here in Sydney, a shower or two. There will be cloud about tomorrow and rain for most of the week. Expect a shower or two in Canberra today. The forecast shows showers will continue through to Wednesday. In Melbourne, a shower or two. Ahead, rain tomorrow and showers through the week. Hobart will have drizzle increasing to showers today. The rain will be easing tomorrow, with a cloudy start to the week. In Adelaide, it will be fine and becoming sunny today. There will be patchy rain tomorrow, clearing by Tuesday. A shower or two for Perth today. Looking ahead, it will be cloudy tomorrow, with the chance of a shower on Monday. And in Darwin, afternoon inland storms with a similar forecast all week. OK, guys and girls, are you ready? Set, Go Up! We have Usain Bolt there. He has got good style, though. He does. He has got a classic technique. Bronwen, the chemist! What sort of pharmaceuticals are you on? Must be those multi- vitamins! You can come and join in the fund. There are three fitness classes. You can get your health check done for free. You can get a coffee from Simon if you like. You could maybe take on the potatoes sack race a little later. We will be back in half an hour. I don't know what will happen. Maybe you should drug- test that chemist. She was streets ahead! Being in the sack with a very fast chemist... You could end up in court. Remember, we tried to warn you, alright? Goes track events have some correlation to life - there is some skill you apply. The javelin is an agents spearing contest. Running, outstripping lions and stuff. What is sack racing about? The only skill, the only time you use a school like that would be escaping from a mental institution, I suppose. What else would you use it for? This is where we love your brain... Coming up, Chopper Read tells us how he survived behind bars. But next, is 'Mr Average', 'Mr Right'? The latest twist in the hunt for a husband. (QUIRKY ORCHESTRAL MUSIC) VOICEOVER: When there's no time to steam clean, you can still bring carpets back to their best. New Vanish Power Powder removes five times more dirt than vacuuming alone and dries within 20 minutes... (DING!) ..for a soft, fresh clean. (DOORBELL CHIMES) Tick. New Vanish Power Powder: It turns out, women are actually looking for 'Mr Average'. and are under 6ft tall, you're prime-picking for the ladies. But even though there are a lot of Mr Averages out there, it's still very competitive for single ladies. Many women are turning husband-hunting into a national sport. We've officially replaced Miranda's normal nipples with normal ones. Let's see what happens. They work! Because sex in the City is real. For more we're joined by author of 'Sex at Dawn', psychologist Christopher Ryan along with dating columnist Samantha Brett. Welcome. Sam, you've called it husband hunting. Why is the search to find a hubby becoming more competitive than ever? Yes, it is husband hunting! What has happened is the marriage age for men has been delayed, so men nowadays are getting married at 31, up from 26 in 1981. So what's happening is, when a man is ready to commit, he has so many more options to him available, and the women, when they are ready, late 20s, 30s, they are finding there is more competition. 30-year-old women are competing with 21-year-olds and that's why husband hunting has become a serious sport. That's only the first time round of course. Then there is the second time around, which is much more common, 51% of marriages ending in divorce. It just gets harder and harder. Women write to me in their 40s and 50s, where can they find men? That's where it gets serious. Moving to you, Christopher. You say sticking to one partner for a lifetime isn't natural. Is that the reason why one in three marriages ends up in divorce? Yeah, I think most marriages that end up on the rocks are running up on sexual issues, whether it is an affair or sexual incompatibility. When we say we don't think sticking with one partner through a lifetime is natural, we are speaking specifically about sexual monogamy, not essentially emotional monogamy. So what is the answer? Christopher, you've likened monogamy to vegetarianism, it isn't for everyone. Women want monogamy. Men, maybe, not so natural. How should it work? Everyone has to decide what works best for them. What we have tried to do our book is to simply refrain the conception of what sort of species Homo Sapiens is. And two shows that, because of the way we evolved, we evolved, as you say, our ancestors were omnivorous, sexily as much as in terms of diet, and that helps us understand why long-term sexual monogamy does not come naturally to us and come naturally to us and will present challenges, just like vegetarianism. Just because you've decided to be a vegetarian doesn't mean bacon stops smiling good. Remember that if you are looking for a man, Sam! Sam, you've written numerous articles on the dating game. Are women changing what they look for in a man? A survey came out just yesterday in the UK, and it was 3,000 women the UK, and it was 3,000 women they surveyed, and they found women these days just want Mr Average. Don't want the tall, dark knight in shining armour, they want a man whose dependable, isn't too tall and puts them as a priority. So, yes, things are changing. Does that fit your bill, Mr Average, Sam, and someone that smells vaguely of bacon? Thank you, Sam, and Chris. We have to leave it there unfortunately but it's been a pleasure to have you with us. Christopher has just appeared at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas - no more dangerous idea than the one that Sex at Dawn, Christopher and his wife's book, proposes. We will talk to you later. Thank you. 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at Mercure Hobart. It is quite the thing now with the Museum of Art. It's close to everything, including Salamanca Place on the historic Hobart waterfront, where you'll enjoy the best restaurants, bars, cafes and the famous Saturday Market. Mercure Hobart is offering Weekend Sunrise viewers twin-share superior rooms for $90 a night. That's half price. But you'll have to be within the first 200 to book. Book online at or call 1800 030 003 and mention Weekend Sunrise. Tomm Taylor is our man in Hollywood. Good morning. Another day, another celebrity nude scandal. This time a much older starlet is caught unaware? Yeah, last night when I got these pictures by email, I said out loud, oh, Madonna, I'm eating! Yes, she dances, yes, she sings, yes she takes off her clothes from time to time. These photographs, taken in Brazil when she was 50, have circulated, and it's shocking - she is topless, dishevelled and un- airbrushed. Very uncomfortable with that gaffer tape. One of the crew just dropped a glass they were so shocked! I don't think she can be called a starlet. She is the star, a supernova. She is an megastar at 53 - super. Indeed. She can walk round in her bra if she wants. We all do, don't we, Sam? Steven Spielberg remakes an old children's classic. You've got a sneak peek of the much anticipated flick 'The Adventures of Tin Tin'? Peter Jackson is involved as producer. Steven Spielberg is doing an amazing job. We have a click. We have to wait until Boxing Day for the cinema but this is what the adventure looks like now. We are saved! Captain, you're doing fine. Beautiful animation. I loved that as a kid. You will have to take your voice to that. Great. Take them all weekend... Next, news, sport and weather together. You're watching Weekend Sunrise on the Seven Network. VOICEOVER: Everyone is secretly judging your loo. Don't let your dirty liquid cage lower your score. Harpic Hygienic is cageless, keeping your loo clean and fresh for up to 1,000 flushes. (APPLAUSE) Harpic - like a new loo every time. It's the quality of the houses. It's affordability. It's about nice homes. VOICEOVER: It's a fact - it's the life at a Lend Lease community. Display village now open at Springbank Rise, Canberra. This morning - get him home. Pressure builds on Indonesian authorities to free an Aussie teen arrested for drugs. The objective here is to get this lad home as soon as we can. Deadly mystery. Experts scrambling to find out what killed 17 horses in Queensland. And debunking myths about Albinism. Also today, inside word. Chopper Read's raw account of his time behind bars. Then cracking the dolphin code. Can we talk to the animals? Welcome to Saturday October 8, 2011. It's news time. Here's Jess. A 14-year-old Australian boy has spent his fourth night behind bars in Bali after being arrested on drugs charges. Australia's ambassador to Indonesia is in Denpasar today to help secure the teenager's release. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd says getting the teenager home is a top priority. The Government expects them to spare no efforts in achieving our objective, which is to get this young lad home as soon as we possibly can. If convicted, the 14-year-old could face up to 6 years in jail. A trip up the Brisbane River and a barbecue are just some of the activities on the Queen's itinerary when she arrives in Australia later this month. Buckingham Palace has released the monarch's official schedule for her 10-day visit. The Queen and Prince Phillip will kick off their whirlwind tour in Canberra, where they will meet the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader. They'll then travel to Brisbane and Melbourne, wrapping up their visit by attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth. Thousands of Qantas passengers are facing more disruptions on Monday as engineers prepare to take nationwide strike action. Workers in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are planning to walk off the job for four hours. It will be the longest single stoppage in the current dispute with the airline over pay and job security. Qantas says it'll have to cancel dozens of flights to cope with the industrial action. It's still not known how 17 horses died at a property near Kooralbyn, south-west of Brisbane. Authorities have confirmed it's not Hendra virus that's causing the animals to have fatal seizures. It's very very upsetting to come to a scene like you can see here and it's devastating. Autopsies have been carried out to determine a possible cause. Fierce gun battles have broken out as Libyan rebels try to capture Muammar Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte. Rebel fighters have reportedly gained control of most of the city, despite facing strong resistence from pro-Gaddafi loyalists. Tank and mortar fire has been pounding the city. Thousands of civilians have fled ahead of the push. Three women have taken out this year's Nobel Peace Prize, recognising their work in promoting democracy and gender equality. Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, fellow Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman from Yemen were jointly awarded the prestigious award. They are the first women to receive the award since 2004. Wonderful to see three women takeout that Nobel Peace Prize. Let's get the sport now. We are getting so excited. What's going on? Welcome to the mountain. Garth Tander is in the box seat heading to this afternoon's shoot-out. It was anything but smooth sailing for Damien Coulthard in practice. Jamie Whincup had his moments but the Championship leader was able to recover and qualify third. It's really consistent. We've got a great shootout car. So does Tander who produced a blistering lap to shade Ford's Mark Winterbottom for provisional pole. All the action is live on Seven today. Check your TV guide for times. Darren Lockyer's stellar Broncos career has ended with another accolade. The champion five-eighth was named Brisbane's player of the year for the third time last night. But he hasn't got time to reflect just yet. Lockyer goes into camp with the Kangaroos tomorrow to prepare for next weekend's Test against the Kiwis. Meanwhile, Canterbury will confirm its recruitment of Manly coach Des Hasler at a media conference today. Outgoing Collingwood coach Mick Malthouse has emphatically closed the door on a return to AFL coaching in 2013. Malthouse addressed the Magpies faithful for the final time at last night's best-and-fairest dinner where Scott Pendlebury was a dominant winner. Several other clubs held their best-and-fairests last night. Adam Goodes took the honours for Sydney while David Zaharakis was judged Essendon's best. Matthew Boyd triumphed at the Bulldogs and Darren Glass won at West Coast. The Socceroos have tuned up for next week's World Cup qualifer against Oman by thrashing Malaysia 5-0l in Canberra last night. Luke Wilkshire opened the scoring in the third minute. Josh Kennedy bagged a double before half-time. Alex Brosque also notched up a double. Sprint queen Black Caviar can make Australian turf history today with victory in the Schillaci Stakes at Caulfield. The world champion sprinter is out to equal the legendary Phar Lap's record of 14 consecutive wins. Joining us now is Seven Sports reporter Tom Browne. Tom, this is one of the great race days of the year but there'll be even bigger crowds at Caulfield for this special occasion? It's really the official start of the Spring Racing Carnival and with three Group One races it is one of the best days on the calendar. Probably 50,000 people are expected. It is one horse in particular people are out to sea, and that's the world's best sprinter, Black Caviar, looking to equal far that's record. Peter Schneider thinks the horses getting better. He is nervous and it is no surprise the world's fastest horse will start as one of the shortest favourites in history at $1.04. Black Caviar, if it wins, will be put ahead of other mere mortals. Only a small question over its start but that should not worry tomorrow. She will set the fastest lap in pole position and probably win quite easily. Fantastic, thanks very much. The full wrap up in Seven News tonight. It is a big day in Australian sport, no doubt about that. Black Caviar's odds are very short. It is $1.06. You wouldn't win much caviar with the winnings, would you? Let's get the weather now with James Tobin. We are having hit so far here at Leichardt.. It is about small steps - let's not try to conquer the world in one day. A bit of hula hooping might be a way to start. Doing some fantastic stuff. That's a junior Jessica Rowe! It does look a little bit like Jessica Rowe. Here's the test... Jess, can you do this? Here we go. Are you ready? Did she know that was coming? She wasn't ready! Yes! Oh, well done. Very impressive. If you were watching half an hour ago, we did a potato sack race as a bit of a competition. Jess, I know you have done well at kids' parties before. We will have a Hula grouping competition before. You will have done that in the backyard? All of that and more. The three- legged race. Egg-and-spoon race. We will have a hero and competition and a few seconds. First, and a few seconds. First, the nation's forecast. -- hula-hoop. Weather time now with James Tobin. On the regional fly-around. Fine in Cairns. Fine in Townsville. Thunderstorms in Bundaberg. And showers and thunderstorms for Brisbane. In New South Wales, clearing showers for Coffs Harbour. Sunny in Broken Hill. Showers here in Sydney. A shower or two in Canberra. And clearing showers in Albury. Mostly sunny in Mildura. A shower or two in Melbourne. Developing showers in Launceston. Increasing showers in Hobart. A shower or two in Mount Gambier. Fine, becoming sunny in Adelaide. Partly cloudy in Alice Springs. Afternoon inland storms for Darwin. And in WA, a chance of a storm in Albany. A shower or two in Perth. A morning shower in Geraldton. Sunny in Exmouth. You just keep going, show us how to do it. We have the competition half an hour ago. Let me reintroduce Solomon from the cafe. Bronwen from Priceless baseline. Tony from Major Zone, and climbing to competition as well to see who can keep it up the longest. Tony's company sells a product that can help with that... Ready, Set, Go. He's very good. Tony has fallen short acts that much better than the sack race. Look at him go. -- tiny has fallen short! I look out. It is hard to do with a microphone. Simon, all the caffeine in the world has helped him out. The decider in half an hour. Let's return to Bali now where diplomatic pressure is building for the release of a New South Wales teenager arrested for alleged drug possession. Our ambassador to Indonesia will today join diplomats working behind the scenes. Senior Seven News correspondent Chris Reason joins me live from outside Denpasar Police Station. Reaso, realistically, what are the chances the boy could come home? Good morning. It's an impossible guessing game, trying to work guessing game, trying to work it out in Indonesia. No-one knows which way the legal system will go. Sometimes I think the people Sometimes I think the people inside the system don't know how it works. You get so many conflicting interpretations about the law. On his side is the fact firms are small quantity of drugs that was found, three grams of marijuana, first offence, the fact that police slipped up, and not having a lawyer or child protection officer present during those interviews - those factors work for him but no-one seems to be denying at this stage the allegations themselves, that he bought the drugs, that he was in possession, and at the end of the date Indonesia takes an extremely hard line on drugs. Narrow one of the same as heroin, amphetamines. What way it will go I can't tell you - marry one. There's increasing speculation that he was set up in some kind of sting. What's the word there? It is difficult to think it is anything other than a sting. The boy who bought the drugs, we know this much, went to some sort of foot massage shot. He came out that a short time later and four cops were waiting for him. This was from witnesses at the supermarket across the road who saw what went down. One of the tourists saw it as well. It drew a lot of attention as the cops grab these boys and put them in the car and took them away. Apparently it is a common methodology by police, and interesting to note for 14-year-old Australian was arrested but no word on whether the delay himself was arrested. We will have to leave it there. Thank you. Back home, and mystery has deepened in Queensland as to what's killed 17 horses at a property in the Gold Coast hinterland. The Hendra virus has been ruled out and further tests won't come back until next week. Joining me now is Queensland RSPCA boss Mark Townend who's in our Brisbane studio. Mark, these sudden deaths have everyone scratching their heads. Have you ever seen anything like this before? It's a bit of a mystery. You get five very healthy horses that have died quickly, and the other was very sick and had to be euthanised. There have been postmortems and the results will not be back for a couple of days but very serious. Were there any obvious symptoms of illness before they died? At first people were thinking there was quite a bit of tick infestation but that has been ruled out at his point. I know the bio-security guys have been doing a good job trying to find a result and they are out there today checking out some of the vegetation on the property as well. These horses were brought in about 10 or 11 days ago, or healthy. It has been used before for animals and there have not been any other problems. Have you seen anything like this before in terms of the mystery surrounding this incident? No, I think people are more vigilant since the Hendra virus, which is great to see, because when something happens, at least private vets, bio-security, the RSPCA are on to it quickly to make sure we can get at the bottom of it very quickly. This case is a mystery. I don't think that this point we will be able to find out for a few days. Is it possible to offer advice Is it possible to offer advice to other animal owners in the area? I think what you need to do - this Owen was very good. He was interstate at the time and came back. But private vets were on the case very quickly. That's the main thing, get onto it, make sure you have protective gear if you are also not all in the industry to stop the spread of disease obviously. Thank you for joining us this morning. To Melbourne now, where a very unique conference is taking place this weekend for some very unique Australians. The Albinism Fellowship is hosting its fourth national conference called the Spectacular Platinum Festival or SPF for short. Albinism is a rare condition, affecting an estimated 1-in-17,000 people nationwide. It causes pale or white hair and skin due to a lack of melanin or pigment but can also trigger more serious health problems. Joining us from Melbourne now are Elizabeth Beales, and rehab physician Dr Shari Parker. Good morning. Elizabeth, what's this weekend's gathering all about? This weekend's gathering is a wonderful conference headed by people who are bringing together not only medical things related to skin, hair and genetics, but also some workshops on human rights and careers and adaptive technology. But more importantly the things that go on outside the walls of the conference, including an informal catch-up and sharing of tips over catch-up and sharing of tips over a cup of coffee, as well as our wonderful conference that will be held tonight at Wonderland here at Docklands where it will be a spectacular platinum testable. I love the name of it! Elizabeth, what causes albinism? You just take the morning after! Bid is a rare genetic condition caused by the lack of melon in which gives colour to our hair and skin, and it is really important for the development of the eye pathways. People with albinism have white hair and skin and most of us are in the realms of being legally blind. That means we can just make out the top letter of an eye chart. We also have side to side eye movements, we are sensitive to light and we have poor depth perception, but we don't have red eyes. Alright. Now, Elizabeth... Yes! You can answer if you like! Would Australian's be surprised by the difficulties in discrimination faced by people with albinism? Absolutely. Most of our issues are vision related. It is things like reading the new boards in a restaurant. We can't drive. Missing subtle non-verbal cues in a conversation that you can totally misread in a conversation. Also it is the day-to-day, just the stereotype, the urban myth that we have red eyes, that we are a freak show, that we are evil, we can't go out in the sun. You know, we are actually fairly intelligent people and we tend to look on the lighter side of things. Excuse the pun x Macken we kind of have to. We have to do these sort of things. -- excuse the pun Becks that we excuse the pun Becks that we have developed ways of working with it though. It is a terrific name. Have a great weekend. A great little acronym - S P F. Just ahead this morning on Weekend Sunrise, why Australians don't really care where their food comes from despite wanting more protection for local produce. And you can't make this stuff up - the story of the Amish, a pair of scissors and a serious vendetta. (JACKHAMMER CLATTERS) WOMAN: Forget going to extremes. Pine O Cleen Multi Purpose spray penetrates and dissolves tough built-up grease, killing 99.9% of germs as it cleans.

It's not clean unless it's Pine O Cleen. (GENTLE GUITAR MUSIC) From a time when fast food was difficult to catch... ..and bread was baked with a generous spirit... SONG: # Everything in its own time... # The way it should be. Abbott's Village Bakery. VOICEOVER: In our tests, nothing beats Finish Quantum

at removing the toughest baked-on stains. So now we want you to take the Quantum challenge at home. We're searching for the family with Australia's messiest meals to put Finish Quantum to the ultimate test. Enter at: You could win $25,000 and be in our next ad. Finish Quantum: There may be plenty of people fighting for more protection for local produce But a new poll's found most of us hardly ever actually check where our food comes from when shopping. The Newpoll Online Omnibus suggests 8 out of 10 respondents really care about the price. It's over to the Weekend All Stars - 'News Limited' columnist and all-round nice guy Joe Hildebrand along with social commentator Prue MacSween. Good morning to you both. Joe - worrying for local producers? This is something on every current affairs program at least once a week. We hear about it endlessly and we don't care. Of course not. Asking questions in a poll was like asking a bloke questions before sex. They will say anything. "Yeah, I Love You, Baby". Do you believe in buying Australian made goods? Absolutely, yeah. Then you go to the supermarket and think, that one is 5 cents cheaper. What about the other countries that are suffering? This week I will just buy products from Romania. Our economy is fine. It is difficult to find yoghurt from Sierra Leone. That's true. I'm trying to find staff from trying to find staff from their before it goes under. Stick up for our farmers. Libel have sex with you any time you want, Joe, but I will still buy Australian. -- by a will. I doubt this poll. I think most Australians are very into buying Australian where they can. There is no denying Aussie families are doing it tough, and price is an issue. When I go shopping, it's all about price, but I still would rather pay a bit more and support Australian farmers. If we don't start supporting Australian farmers, because God knows the government doesn't, we are going to be importing everything. We will not be having our food supply. We will be importing everything. That's nice. It's not nice! What about France? I don't care about the French. I'm cared about Aussie farmers and I'm worried about them. This is my favourite story of the day, possibly the week. An Amish mob is accused of breaking into several homes and cutting off the beards and hair of other Amish men. It's happened in the US state of Ohio. Police are investigating. Joe, as far as stories go, is this the most bizarre ever? This is a very serious matter. It happened to me. It was terrible. It is not gangs, it is the team from Celebrity Makeover, saying, "You look years younger!". Could you imagine if he burst into your home and shaved your beard off? The only consolation is, because they have to get away on horse and cart, to get away on horse and cart, it is quite easy. They leave prints all over the place. The get away outside... It is members of that no good Berthold's clan. The trend these days is for men to be hairless. I quite like my men hairless. I quite like my men to have some hair. I think they might be hiding something. Is that right? Is that real? I'm not trying to make myself attractive... This is between us, OK? Go away Becks lack that is a carpet burn waiting to happen. -- go away! How about this for rubbing it into those poor blokes who had their beards cut off in the middle of a night? The detective behind this is named Mollet. On that note... Thank you for coming in. I'll be gentle with him! If you are Amish and watching this, turn it off. You can't watch TV! Up next on Weekend Sunrise - Chopper Read's raw account of his time behind bars. MAN: (OVER PHONE) Welcome to Apia. How can I help you? MAN: I'd like a quote on car insurance, please. It's a Holden Commodore. It's for my wife. Not a problem. And has she had any accidents in the last 12 months? No. She's never had any accidents or any claims. 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And independent research says the Bosch Active Water Dishwasher uses: So as well you'll also be shrinking your bills with the Bosch Active Water Dishwasher. Buy one now and receive six months supply of free Finish. Fly from Brisbane to Hamilton Island for just $49 per person, from Sydney for $108 Remember to pack your sunscreen - unless you are Romanian and your body hair will seal you. You don't know what we were talking about during the break! And check out these package deals. Sorry, it's a private joke. That's not fur. We will tell you another day about Jess's ex-boyfriend. Be quick! Call 131 538 or visit News time. Here's Jess. Australia's ambassador to Indonesia has arrived in Bali to help secure the release of a New South Wales teenager being held on drugs charges. The 14-year-old has spent his fourth night behind bars after being arrested allegedly with $25 worth of marijuana. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd says consular officials are doing everything they can to assist the teenager. Up to 11,000 Qantas passengers are expected to be affected by strike action on Monday. Engineers in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are planning to walk off the job for four hours. Qantas says it will have to cancel 40 flights and delay at least 20 others. Buckingham Palace has revealed more details about the Queen's visit to Australia this month. The Queen and Prince Phillip will travel to Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne before attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth. A river cruise, tram ride and barbeque are some of the activities scheduled during the trip. It could be several days before it's known what caused the deaths of 17 horses on a property at Kooralbyn, south-west of Brisbane. We've bred them and loved them and cared for them and mega dollars on them and to have this happen is devastating. Tests have revealed Hendra virus isn't to blame. Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr has stripped bare, posing nude for the first time Wearing nothing but a head scarf and heels, she's pictured getting comfy with a newspaper - as you do. The picture is one in a series of photographs featuring in next month's 'Harper's Bazaar'. If you are a new mum, don't feel guilty - most of us do not look like that if you've just had a baby. Let's get all the sports now and, Berretts, all those V8s, are they warming up? It gets the hot and bothered. It's an exciting weekend! The Bulldogs will confirm the recruitment of premiership winning Manly coach Des Hasler at a media conference today. Hasler's decision to defect to Belmore in 2013 has the Sea Eagles facing a potential player exodus. It's believed five players, including Brett Stewart and Anthony Watmough, have get-out clauses in their contracts if Hasler leaves. His culture in the club is a big thing. The boys all have a ball. We love playing for him. Manly must decide whether to force Hasler to fulfil the final year of his contract or appoint a new coach. The Socceroos will head into next week's World Cup qualifier against Oman with plenty of confidence after dispatching Malaysia 5-0 in Canberra last night. Josh Kennedy scored a double as the hosts raced to 4-nil advantage at half-time. Alex Brosque's second goal of the match completed the route in the 69th minute. The Socceroos play Oman on Tuesday night. Another century from David Warner wasn't enough to get New South Wales into the Twenty20 Champions League final Warner hammered 123 from 68 balls in this morning's semifinal against Bangalore. But the Blues' total of 2/203 wasn't enough. Chris Gayle crunched 92 off 41 balls as the Royal Challengers cruised home with nine balls to spare. Holden's Garth Tander is confident he can win the Bathurst 1000 after claiming provisional pole for today's top 10 shootout. Tander edged out Ford's Mark Winterbottom for top spot with series leader Jamie Whincup recovering from an early crash to clock the third fastest time. It is a huge weekend. One man knows his mountain better than most, Russell Ingall and his boys. The excitement on a Saturday morning - it's pretty special. The crowd has already started to roll in. This is our Grand Final, a fantastic event, and this one will be bigger and better. A lot of people are really keyed up for this one. A lot of drivers are hungry for the win so it will be a tough event. You start from 25th but, as a team, you're pretty red hot together. We are pretty close in size and driving. I've had the Fujitsu car as well I've had the Fujitsu car as well so I have had plenty of cars this weekend. I will have the car sorted by the race and we will do our job on Sundays. You've got to knock a few out of the way on your way to the front foot stop if you remember, 95 Bathurst, we came from last with Jack's father, Larry. We did it from last, we can do it again. What would it take to get Samantha Armytage into the rice' supercar? She looks like a good laugh. I've seen how playing with crocodiles. I've tried to get Nuala in the car for years. She won't do with it. Let's check the weather, JT, and led Sam ponder that. Have a great time at Bathurst. It will be a fantastic weekend and I look forward to watching it from the couch tomorrow morning because there is no Weekend Sunrise. Today Australia's biggest health check is taking place. I'm checking these magazines are out - if you magazines are out - if you want arms like this, Kris Smith, Dannii Minogue's other half, you can get it in this magazine, but if you want legs like these, checkout the Prevention walking guide. Natalie Barr has some good legs. If you want a toned body like this, come and see Michelle Bridges, the ambassador of Australia's Health Month. What is this month about? It is Australia's biggest health check, about making one small change to improve your health, your well- being and fitness. Like less fast food? Yeah, or drink more water. I'm going to not eat chocolate - whatever it might be. Just one small thing that will give you a kick-start into better fitness, health and sense of well-being. People at Bathurst might be drinking 23 cans of beer per day instead of 24. We've been having our a little health and fitness check. After the break, it's the decide on who takes out the big prize. We don't club what it is yet but it is the decider. Fine and in Cairns today. Chance of a storm in Brisbane. A few showers for Sydney. A shower or two in Canberra. Showers for Hobart. Fine in Adelaide. Showers in Perth. Afternoon storms in Darwin. And 33 degrees in Alice Springs. The final Test - we've got Simon, the coffee guy. Take your weapon. Mel. We've got Bronwyn, very competitive indeed from Prizeline. First one to pop the balloon wins. Ready, Set, Go. It is lung capacity. Come on, Simon. It is going to pop. Don't tie it up, Bronwen! As security girls x Mac nice work! -- security girls! Make sure you do one thing to make yourself more healthy this month. Thank you for being part this morning. Mark 'Chopper' Read is a tough-nut. His razor-sharp wit and unforgettable face have been immortalised in film and television. Chopper has also proven to be a prolific author. He pumped out 14 books during almost 24 years in jail. His latest work is about what it takes to survive behind bars. Mark 'Chopper' Read is more than 50 years old. He's spent almost half of those years in jail. He knows the Australian prison system better than anyone. You go to jail, you're sitting there worried about your wife, worried about your family. You got seven years. Bloody well crying to yourself at night-time. You're on your own, you've got no friends. From juvenile detention to the solitary confinements of a maximum security jail. There's been violent incidents here involving me but they've put an end to that by putting me in isloation. His stories are part of Australian culture and even kick-started the film career of Eric Bana. Are you right there, love? (CHUCKLES) Look out! How come he hasn't