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Not getting enough Sleep - the consequences -

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(generated from captions) On the other hand, in tasks where you can self-pace your activity, and then a little bit longer to do something slowly and carefully, we see quite significant adaptive capacities of individuals to manage fatigue. What kind of impact would it have on a pilot, for example? Well, that's a quite complicated question. We've run simulator studies over the last few years, and what those simulator studies show quite clearly is that when pilots are fatigued, we see an increase in the types of errors that they make in the cockpit. What is reassuring, however, is that we also see evidence that tired pilots are actually capable of adapting to the types of errors and picking up the mistakes they make, either as an individual or as part of a team. So, we see that there is quite significant adaptation possible when people are fatigued, and that's one of the exciting new areas of research. There's been a long history of litigation around people falling asleep on the job and causing accidents, but quite interestingly, in the last year we've started to see an emerging litigation around the areas of the health consequences, as distinct to health and safety consequences. The US, for example, last year there was the first case where a group of employees initiated a class action suit to sue their employer for shiftwork being the primary cause of their type 2 diabetes. In that particular case, the judge said it's important that we start to think about this, because the evidence is starting to emerge of that link. This is a big wake-up call. Similarly, in Europe recently, shiftwork has been identified as a probable carcinogen under WHO guidelines, so this is a whole new frontier in terms of the public health implications and... ..and for businesses. ..for businesses, in terms of their legal liabilities. OK, thank you. Now, let's take a look at a big sleep issue for the not-so-young. ? SALSA For some people, ageing is a lot of fun. But as we get older, we can experience many different changes,