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(generated from captions) 'MasterChef' in turmoil - a banned mobile phone to cheat. how a leading contestant smuggled in and what's next for the show. We take you inside the TV scandal to pay off the mortgage - Tapping into your super funds so you never have to worry again. the radical plan and, for many, their homes. How it will save you thousands executive tenant He's the high-flying who refuses to move out. but they won't budge? What happens when the lease expires The battling landlord left homeless. special event - 'Australia's Got Talent' all the past winners tell all. the fortunes made and lost The backstage secrets, to this year's favourites. and their warnings superfood diet - And the winter wonder in just two weeks. losing three dress sizes sent packing. First to the 'MasterChef' contestant has been booted by producers Mat Beyer possibly to access recipes, for using a smart phone, of the show. which is against the rules has been found guilty The 24-year-old against him. despite no hard evidence Jonathan Creek finds out. So, what happens now? If you cheat, going to get caught. you are pretty much in the 'MasterChef' kitchen There's scandal brewing of a recipe for disaster. and it has all the ingredients ..and 10 minutes to go! IT technician in Mat Beyer, Take a 24-year-old tech-savvy for a $100,000 grand prize put him in the mix and then remove all cookbooks. to his phone for help. Chances are he's going to drive what he's been accused of. That's exactly has been kicked off 'MasterChef'. Word on the street is Matt After all these months, he is gone. had the phone on him in the kitchen It's unclear if Beyer or hidden elsewhere to cheat or even if he was actually using it to having access to his phone, or if he's simply addicted like millions of other Australians. on him for weeks - Reports claim he'd had the phone he was using it to access recipes producers becoming concerned where cookbooks were banned during a challenge months in advance, but with the show filmed to watch it all unfold, audiences will have to wait the finale. knowing Matt isn't going to make whatever he may be looking up - Using a phone to access different recipes - ingredients, methods of cooking, over the other guys, he is getting a massive advantage so it's definitely cheating. Fremantle Media, The show's producers, the claims refused to confirm or deny Today Tonight's calls and Channel Ten didn't return contestants were told not to talk. while all the 'MasterChef' is a former 'Big Brother' contestant Peter Timbs and now entertainment reporter. and pressures of reality TV. He knows the inner workings Oh, it makes for fantastic TV. you can't script. I mean, this sort of stuff, scrambling for a replacement The shock exit has left producers already sold, because with the advertising space a week short Channel Ten just can't cut the show compromising the entire competition? but who can they bring back without And it's not the first time as a vital ingredient a mobile phone has been used in the 'MasterChef' kitchen. access to a phone In series one, Chris allegedly had help with ingredients and recipes. and was calling his girlfriend to and guest 'MasterChef' judge 'Conviction Kitchen' chef it's not all bad news for Mat. Ian Curley believes ingenious for having a go in it I think, well, good on him - and he was told he can't do it but if it was illegal and he's been busted, he should take his medicine. Psychologist Evelyn Field explains by reality TV is actually unreal. the environment created aren't normal. Behaviours, therefore, that when you're labelled, Well, I'm concerned people have very, very slow memories and generalise. and will hold it against him Timbs explains As far as shock exits go, would easily rate Beyer's dismissal, if true, reality TV scandals. among the top three would have to be My most memorable exit a couple of years back. the turkey slap from 'Big Brother' was even mentioning it. The then prime minister from 'My Kitchen Rules' is another The exit of Kelly and Ash was starting to lose her sight. when it was revealed Kelly some early casualties. Centre stage has also claimed Toby shocked audiences music stardom on 'Australian Idol' when he ditched his shot at as a schoolteacher. to return to the classroom And who could forget pulled the plug when singing favourite Cosima on the eve of the finale? to leave the competition. It's forced me to make the decision 'Dancing with the Stars' has also had its walk-outs, has also had its walk-outs quick-stepped off stage early. when David Wirrpanda When it's your time to go, you go. it's these unscripted scenarios According to Timbs, for TV magic. that are the perfect ingredient is that it is reality The great thing about reality TV and you don't make it up. in suburbs across the country. Now to the pain being felt at their highest level in 15 years, Home loan defaults are suffering more than others. with some postcodes Now there are calls to allow homeowners for the Government to save their homes. to access their superannuation Bryan Seymour has the story. you don't belong here. Get out of the property - till 5:00pm I spent from 1:30pm yesterday apparently... (CRYING) talking to World Home Loans and at bursting point. Australia's mortgage belt This is the face mortgage stress. of a country buckling under renewed Families unable to pay. every day from their homes. Banks now evicting 10 families I was sick - Two days late - putting the payment through two days late we got a bailiff turned up. and with that, House repossessions are up. Bailiffs are busier then ever. Evictions like these have increased by 12% in just 3 years. Families late by only days, paying the ultimate price. We've lost our house. It's sad, it's sad, it really is. For the first time ever, a map of Australia's mortgage crises. The official postcodes of pain ranked by FITCH Agency as the worst for mortgage delinquency. Queenslanders are suffering worst, making history as Australia's worst state for mortgage defaults - 2% of mortgage-holders are in arrears. New South Wales is home to 5 of the 10 worst-performing regions in the nation. In Victoria, even wealthy suburbs like South Yarra, seachange favourite Ocean Grove and regional city Bendigo are all among the worst-performing areas. Extreme times, extreme conditions. Some are suggesting an extreme solution - early access to one's superannuation to alleviate the pain. This is the best time ever for Wayne Ormond from Refund Home Loans supports early release of super funds as the only solution many families will have Type keeping a roof over their head is more important. It would make a huge, huge, huge difference if that money was released. It's a solution that couldn't come fast enough for Rebekah McLean. She is desperate and wants access to the thousands sitting idly in her super fund now to simply survive. I don't think it's fair. I think they need to look at this means-testing a bit further because I am legitimately experiencing financial hardship and I wouldn't be asking if there wasn't a necessity, which there is. Mortgage stress is a part of life for the 36-year-old single mother - a student, a mum and a self-confessed mortgage slave. She's prepared to forgo a little later to save what she has now. I'm concerned that it's just being eaten up and I'm worried that by the time I'm at retirement age that there won't be anything left of it and it's what I need now, not in 20 years time. Superannuation is not meant to be accessed until you retire. In certain circumstances, there are two exceptions. It is a situation when you cannot pay everyday living expenses. The other is compassionate grounds where there is a situation where the trustees of the fund should show compassion to the situation. James Kirby is the managing editor for leading investment publication, 'Eureka Report'. He says under those two provisions every fund is set up to release your money. It's a process - you apply to your fund, the fund applies to the regulator and, as I say, they are approved if they match the criteria. Experts advise the best ways to access your super early is to contact your provider directly and do your research before picking or switching super funds. If your provider says no, or a financial counsellor. try contacting Centrelink And once you get through the bureaucracy, the success rate of it being approved is pretty good. There's something in the nature of 18,000 people who, per annum, would apply for exemptions so they can get money out in advance and something like 14,000 of those who are approved. But the experts agree - it really should be a last resort. There is a problem where people will have less super on the other side. So what do you think? Should super be available for people to pay off their mortgage if they're at risk of losing their home? You can have your say on our website: Still ahead - the superfoods diet. It's super healthy, cures all sorts of illnesses and ailments and you can lose three sizes in just two weeks. That's coming up. The laws covering rental properties are heavily tilted in favour of the tenant and there are plenty who take advantage. But none like the man you're about to meet. He's a high-flying executive on big money, using his cash and knowledge of the law against his landlord, a single mum who's endured her share of tragedy. James Thomas reports. Why is it more important for you The formal notification was sent six weeks prior which was more than required by law. You know that she wants to move in and you know that the lease has expired. It leaves me with no house to live in. Landlord Anne Murray and her son Daniel have been dealt a dud hand. The tenants in their house, the Goldsmiths, won't leave even though their lease expired last month. Talking to us from behind his door - or, more rightly, Anne's door - is Stephen Goldsmith. He says he's staying put till it suits him and, by the look of things, he can. The law is a lot more sympathetic toward tenants. They can act out of time, they can leave out of time, they can move out after they are supposed to. Lawyer and property commentator Tim O'Dwyer says the law needs to be changed to provide compensation to landlords for tenants who drag the chain on exit. To make it more appropriate and more protective of landlords when tenants don't move out. Theoretically, the laws are structured this way to protect tenants who, typically, are more vulnerable than wealthy landlords. But in Anne's case, if anyone needs protection, it's her. I'm basically a widow with a disabled son, who this guy doesn't care less that he's leaving on the street. My husband took his own life. I struggle every day to find a reason to keep living and I just keep getting pushed back and back and back and I just don't know how much more I can take. Anne and her son Daniel, who suffers autism, have painstakingly packed their belongings to meet their own rental deadlines. But now they're stuck because the Goldsmiths won't budge. It is very, very wrong and bad. We should be allowed to move back in there. With the death of Daniel's father, Anne is his sole carer. She earns $500 a week and can't afford to move into a hotel or pay to store her belongings while she waits for the Goldsmiths to vacate her house. I just don't understand how he could do this to me. He knows my situation, he knows that my husband has passed away. And here's the kicker - Anne says Stephen Goldsmith pulls in $5,000 a week working as a senior executive at Fujitsu Australia. While we wait for the tribunal case, Anne is forced into a hotel. You earn $5,000 a week and she earns $500 a week and you can't see it within yourself to try and find yourself a new place to live? Consumer advocate and former real estate agent Neil Jenman agrees the law is prejudiced to protect tenants but he believes that morally, the Goldsmiths have an obligation to Anne. Please, she is a widow with an autistic child. Let's let her in the house. Give her a break, please. Stephen Goldsmith and his wife Amanda say it is not their fault they overstayed their lease. They blame the agent. We categorically deny that. And Ray White's Lisa Pennell provided proof. They were first advised their lease was not to be renewed on March 24 - eight weeks before the lease expired. Formal notification was sent on 14 April - that's six weeks notice. The law only requires 30 days. And the Goldsmiths are well versed in tenancy law, particularly when it suits them. If she went and moved into her house now with her keys to one side, and moved his furniture she would get into trouble. It is so unfair. The Consumer, Trade and Tenancy Tribunal has ruled the Goldsmiths must leave by 20 June or the sheriff will be called. This is all too late for Anne. Because the Goldsmiths have dug in, she's been forced to extend the lease at the property she's renting and will be stuck paying rent, as well as her mortgage, for three weeks. I'm going to have to pay the rent here and the mortgage at the other house, all on $500 a week. If you want to talk about respect, how about a bit of respect for a lady who has just lost her husband, has an autistic son and can't move into the house because you're sitting here? She is packing boxes with her son trying to get into this house. As 'Australia's Got Talent' enters the finals, the acts still in with a chance will be starting to think about what it would mean to win. Tonight, four previous champions tell Sally Obermeder about life after the show, their dreams for the future and the obstacles in the way. What you're about to see is 100% real. (SINGS) # This is your song # Yeah, look, I have to say the wedding is fully sick. # Oh, sweet Georgia Brown # # No, no, there's no way # I'm just really happy that Australia has put me through. Piano prodigy Chooka is through to the next round of 'Australia's Got Talent'. Magician Cosentino and Benchmark will also battle it out but who else will they go toe-to-toe with? I got goose bumps three times throughout that performance so, to me, that's a winner. You're sensational. Opera singer David De Vito and impersonator Ben Price blew the judges away but can they beat teen dream Jack Vidgen? # ..nothing, if I don't have you # Jack continues to astound Australia with that voice but does a win guarantee success beyond the usual 15 minutes? (SINGS 'NESSUN DORMA') Mark Vincent! Winning the show at 15, it still feels so surreal, you know? And if it wasn't for 'Australia's Got Talent' and if it wasn't for the people that voted for me, I probably wouldn't be where I am today so I'm very fortunate for that. Since winning 'Australia's Got Talent' in 2009, Mark Vincent has successfully juggled the demands of school with a thriving singing career. Well, I'm up to my fourth album now. That is crazy. Like, I'm 17 now. Four albums in two years, so that's absolutely amazing. What's been the biggest thing to happen to you? I did actually do a tour with Whitney Houston, which was, wow, you know? Like, Whitney Huston. And it was funny - when I was performing on her show, she put her hand on my throat and said, "Mark, this voice is a gift from God. "You're going to have fans all over the world." I'm like, "That was just Whitney Huston!" It was crazy. (LAUGHS) And has your life changed? Life has changed, what can I say? Now I walk down the street and people go, "Is that Mark Vincent?" It's really funny. Even though she's no longer a little girl, Bonnie Anderson, the first ever winner of 'Australia's Got Talent' still gets spotted. Some people recognise me and they say, "Man, you were so young" and it just brings back memories to how little I was and how much I've grown up now. Just 12 years old when she won in 2007, Bonnie was unprepared for the reaction. When I went back to school, I expected, you know, everyone to be, like, "Cool, you've won 'Australia's Got Talent'" but it was freaky - like, everyone turned on me. People calling out down at the basketball courts as I was walking up to my class, like, "Australia's got no talent" and things like that. And I was like, "Oh, my God." It was really heartbreaking. Mum Connie upset but unable to stop the bullying. It was a bit of a shock and she'd come home and say things and I'd say, "Well, maybe you should say..." and she'd say, "No, I'm not saying that, Mum - "I'll just keep walking." So she probably handled it better than me. I think, as a mum, you hurt for your child, but Bonnie handled it pretty well. I think it made me a lot stronger as a person. It's that sort of thing - you've got to be more confident and have a bit more strength in you to get past all that stuff. With Mum's guidance, Bonnie resisted the recording contracts being offered. Because I was so young, we just discussed, like, that I should do my schooling and just learn my craft and do things the hard way. And I think, at the time, if she'd gone with it, it would have been a very quick run and a lot for a child to take in - a lot for anyone. Now 16, Bonnie works seven days at a Melbourne cafe. pays for her trips to Los Angeles, The money she makes pays for her trips to Los Angeles where she's working on new material. # You're the perfect man for me. I love you, I do. # Justice Crew! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Hip-hop group Justice Crew have turned their win into serious dollars with tours and endorsement deals. Music guru Molly Meldrum isn't surprised. He says a win on 'Australia's Got Talent' can instantly turn your career around. There's no doubt 'Australia's Got Talent' is an absolute bonus for Australian artists. From the moment you go on, if you're good enough, you get national attention and you can fast-forward your career and become a national identity overnight. 20-year-old guitar guru Joe Robinson has definitely been noticed and he's wasting no time capitalising on his series win from 2008. I've been to Europe, like, seven or eight times, toured there. I've toured America and Canada and Japan and Thailand and Australia and New Zealand and, I mean, literally been to countries that I never really even dreamed of going to so it's been amazing. With a new album in the works, it's been a meteoric rise for the kid who taught himself to play simply by watching YouTube clips and for that, he credits the show. To win something like that at the very start of someone's career, it's like an incredible kick-start, you know, and I felt like it was the best education I could ever ask for. Their advice for this season's hopefuls? Just follow your dream, you know. If you are really passionate about something, you know, pursue it. Don't let anything stop you and don't let the people say to you that you can't do it. Always follow your own instincts. If you have a goal and you have a dream, go for it. Sally Obermeder reporting. We'll find out what happens next for the current contestants next Tuesday. Here's what's coming up. Next, the superfood diet. Just changed my whole life. Developed to cure health problems - now people are dropping three dress sizes in two weeks. If I didn't have blood transfusions, I'd last eight weeks...max. It's amazing how something so small changed my life completely and gave my life back to me. I needed blood because I had cancer. My thanks can't be expressed in words. It's just to say, "Here I am." Please roll up your sleeves and give blood. Call 13 14 95 today. The clock is ticking! The Holden 4 Day Sale on new and used vehicles

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somewhere you can get to whenever you need to, somewhere you can share with the family. WOMAN: New Optus Smart Safe, now included on all Optus Mobile plans. Thank you, little fishes. It was a diet developed to help people with allergies and food intolerances. But now it's being hailed a weight-loss wonder that can help anyone drop three dress sizes in just two weeks. As Lynda Kinkade reports, it's all about eliminating certain foods and sticking with the super ones. I'd go round from doctor to doctor to try and find out what was going on with no answers. I felt really sick and bloated and I didn't have much energy. I just thought it was a middle-aged bloke thing where my body's just getting old. Bloated stomachs, cramps, fatigue, fluctuating weight. This new diet claims to help ease those conditions. It's particularly good news for the 5 million Australians who suffer those problems constantly because of food intolerance. I thought, yeah, I'll give it a go and, yeah, it just changed my whole life. The doctors behind the diet claim you can lose three dress sizes in just two weeks. When tummies are blown out, that makes people need to have bigger-size clothes because their tummy can be distended so when you go on this diet, the flat tummy that people wake up with can stay throughout the day. Dr Sue Shepherd and Dr Peter Gibson have developed this eating plan known as the FODMAP diet. Wheat, onions, apples, pears. All the people who have irritable bowel syndrome, or have a problem with FODMAPs, these are the sorts of foods that are causing these symptoms. I feel like I can squeeze into all my old clothes again. Sara Wade had bloating and gastrointestinal symptoms for years. Simply changing to the FODMAP diet shaved inches of her waist. I felt fantastic almost within in a couple of weeks. You can still eat bread but you just have to choose the right type of bread. I would try and mask it by going to the gym and burning energy and things like that but then still feel sick. Despite being a regular gymgoer, Andrew Menzies could not shake that bloated feeling. It wasn't until he discovered his intolerance to milk and wheat and changed his diet that his stomach began to shrink. I've lost 10kg, which is almost good. 8-year-old Maya Konstantantis had been complaining of abdominal pain, bloating and nausea for two years. We had some samples taken, we also had a blood test done on Maya and it all came back that Maya was lactose intolerant and had allergies to lots of different foods but wheat being one of the main ones. Mother Danielle heard about the new diet and quickly adapted, moving to gluten-free bread and lactose-free milk and a healthy mix of salads and fruit. Within days, the symptoms disappeared. For those with intolerances, these superfoods have no adverse effect like bloating. Bananas, potatoes, spinach are very safe bets. If you can't tolerate wheat and dairy, Gluten-free bread and pasta, lactose-free milk products and oats. If you're suffering extreme bloating from an intolerance these are the foods to avoid or only eat in small amounts. Ice-cream, baked beans, onions, lentils and pears are the worst culprits. Around 1 in 5 Australians suffer the effects of food intolerance with the symptoms varying in severity. If have any ongoing problems, it's advised you consult your doctor before ruling out any of these major food groups. This is not the right kind of diet if you want to lose weight because it really does eliminate a number of vegetables and a number of fruits which are very important. Nutritionist Karen Inge. If you do want to lose weight, then it's a matter of controlling all the portions of all the healthy foods that you eat and making sure you're doing plenty of physical activity. What has sold it to me is knowing what it feels like to be well again. More details on the superfoods diet can be found on our website. Stay with us. We'll be right back. Still ahead - the biggest driver blitz. You know the reason you have been pulled over today? On the job as police swoop on the most annoying drivers. Tail-gaters, slow-coaches, intersection hoppers. Wait till you hear the excuses. Imagine what you can do with unlimited SMS. Recharge with $30 on Optus Prepaid Turbo Cap Plus and you'll get $300 of call value, plus unlimited SMS to family and friends in Australia. Imagine the possibilities. And you can grab the Nokia 2730 for $49 with our 30-day Coverage Satisfaction Guarantee. There's never been a better time to switch to Optus Prepaid. WOMAN: These Kathmandu down jackets are cosy as a doona on trips like these, and pack away to nothing. And at half price, they're incredible value during the Winter Sale. Find a huge range of travel, outdoor and adventure gear at up to 60% off. Now on at Kathmandu. as police target the worst habits of drivers. What they're looking out for and what you should avoid doing behind the wheel. Unfortunately, we do see those that constantly do the wrong thing on the road. You're obstructing northbound traffic. That's the reason you've been stopped. You just want to swear at them. It can be dangerous, it can be distracting and it can cost a life. On the road for that blitz, tomorrow night. And on 'Sunrise' in the morning, shutting down your kids' Facebook profile. The new push for parents to have the power. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - BIANCA: Previously on Home and Away... That's two out of two, Braxton. What else have you got? OK, then - let's play another game. Loser takes off an item of clothing. Strip pool? Well, if you're too scared, that's fine. Start thinking about what you're going to take off. With Roo, I was great. But on my own... I'll make a deal with you. We both go down to Melbourne - you face your fears, I'll face mine. Oh, Georgie, I want you to grow up and be a good boy. I want you to be smart and kind and I never want you to forget how much I love you.