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Live. What's in the

Live. What's in the fine

print? New concerns about

Canberra's swap deal with

Malaysia. Just heat and serve -

the trans-Atlantic alliance

high on the menu in London. As

relationship and an David said, it is a special

relationship and an essential relationship. Not feeling the

love - baby boomers unpopular

in the workplace. And NSW takes

heart but Queensland takes points at Lang Park. They

would have got a lot of

would have got a lot of

confidence out of the way they

played tonight, I would

feel. Hello and welcome to ABC

News across Australia. I'm Ros

Childs. On the local share

market, the 4-day sell-off is

Ordinaries is 45 points higher, over. Miners and banks are

the Nikkei and Dow are up and

More the dollar is at 105 US cents.

More finance later. Bone Pope Benedict bone says given assurances asylum seekers Benedict bone says he's been

transferred to Malaysia will

not be caned. Human rights

groups and the Opposition

aren't so confident. The issue

has brought into question

Australia's humanitarian

commitments as it plans to export refugees to a export refugees to a country

with vastly different laws. When the deal's done, 800 of

Australia's asylum seekers will

be bound for Malaysia. The

numbers seem certain, their treatment is not. treatment is not. I want the

Minister to give a guarantee

that no-one will be caned in

Malaysia. I can give that guarantee for Nauru. All the

people that we sent to Nauru,

none of them were submitted to

caning. I'm not embued with

legal system. Amnesty confidence in the Malaysian

asylum seekers International is concerned

asylum seekers are routinely

caned there but the Immigration Minister Chris Bowen says

Malaysia has any asylum-seeker transferred

from Australia in line with the

human rights, they will not be

caned. If you're concerned about conditions in Malaysian

refugee company camps, you

should be happy about the deal

we're doing. We're taking 4,000

people out of Malaysian refugee

camps and putting 800 back

in. But Australia's Human camps and putting 800 back

Rights Commissioner remains

concerned. Very difficult to

be confident that if we send

people tool Malaysia that obligations to those people Australia's

will be met there. Critical

too of Australia's own

detention centres. We saw

people with scars from self-harm attempts, we heard of

people swallowing detergent and

and we know chemicals in self-harm attempts

and we know three people died

in three months at Villawood,

apparently suicide. The commission wants detention used

only as a last resort. Bronwyn

Herbert, ABC News, Canberra.

The former Opposition Leader,

admonished by his own party for

missing a parliamentary vote.

Mr Turnbull and five colleagues

were absent for the vote in the the Coalition subsequently chamber on Tuesday night and

lost. A letter has been sent to

all MPs criticising the missing

members. I am a very committed

team player and I don't think

anyone would fairly or

objectively suggest that I

wasn't. Was the whip's letter a little bit

accurate but I won't go any

further than that. The party whip says the Opposition

Leader, Tony Abbott, was not behind the public

dressing-down. A teenager has

been stabbed to death in front

of horrified commuters at one

of Sydney's busiest suburban

railway stayings. The brawl

involved several young men and two others were badly injured.

The 16-year-old, who can't be

named, was killed on this railway platform last night. A

22-year-old man is under

injuries. A 15-year-old has guard in hospital with serious

been treated in another

hospital. What is of

significant concern is this

happened at 6:45 on a happened at 6:45 on a weeknight

at a busy railway station. This

is ab absolute tragedy but also indicative of there are young

people still prepared to walk

around our street with knives

and are so foolish they're

still prepared to use them. Homicide detectives questioning several Homicide detectives are

and examining security footage.

Special and essential - that's

how US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron are relations between their two countries.

countries. Mr Obama once again

turned on the charm and Mr Cameron turned on the access

that's again made the President's visit historic. Philip Williams reports. Time

to get down to business. The US

President a guest at number 10.

A meeting with the

leader. The big issues of the

day - Libya, Afghanistan, the

global economy. But even Presidents and Prime Ministers

have to eat, being served at

the Camerons' backyard country

were members of the armed

forces from both countries.

Both reaffirmed their

commitment to stay the course in Libya and a

in Libya and a hint to an

escalation of the stalemate in

attack helicopters possibly answer to a question about

being deployed. We should be turning believe the pressure is on that regime. President Obama warned

that with NATO ground troops

ruled out from the start this

would not be a quick fix. Once

you rule out ground forces you rule out ground forces then

there are going to be some

there are going to be some

inherent limitations to our air

strike operations. As her

husband was talking of wars,

Michelle Obama was selling a

quality of opportunity, taking disadvantaged inner city children to children to the hallowed halls of Oxford university. All of

us believe that you belong

here, that this is a place for you as well. Inspirational.

Membererable. Perfect. An assessment her husband may well

have earned here too. The

President of the United States

of America. Barack Obama. Barack Obama was

President to address honoured as the first American

Lords in Westminster Hall. The

President spoke of a need for political settlement in Afghanistan, including

Afghanistan, including the

Taliban. The overarching message was one of optimum. It

is possible for hearts to

change and old hatreds to pass.

It is possible for the sons and

daughters of former colonies to

sit here as members of this great parliament and for the

grandson of a Kenyan who served

as a cook in the to stand before you as

President of the United

States. Next up the G8 meeting

in France and while it may not

induce the same warmth Ireland and Britain, the

issue's the same, conflict in

Libya, Afghanistan and Middle

East and a global economy in

less than robust health.

Dramatic footage has emerged Dramatic footage has emerged of

a truck driver's brush with death during the US tornado

disaster. A twister was heading

disaster. A twister was heading

for his cab but somehow

the rig's trailer. All I

remember is the truck lifted

up, I put my hands over my face

and felt like I was getting

bounced around inside the truck and

and then I realised I aus

outside the truck laying on my

back on the grass. The 29-year-old walked away with

just a broken arm. At least

just a broken arm. At least 140

people have died in the tornados which have pommelled

the US this week. Nearly the past day alone. It's the

end of an era in American broadcasting. Oprah Winfrey has

broadcast her last show, one of

the most watched in television history. She delivered one

final message for the many millions of loyal followers.

You also have to know what sparks

sparks the light in you so that

you in your own way can

illuminate the world. Start embracing the life that is calling you

to serve the world. On the journey from a poverty-stricken

childhood to becoming a

household name, she fronted 4,500 episodes and reached 150

countries. The Queen of chat will retain an interest in television

television by running the cable

channel bearing her name. In

Zimbabwe, an artist is facing

decades in jail for daring to stir up ghosts of Zimbabwe's past. The exhibition, which

depicts atrocities committed in the

Mugabe's presidency, is now a

crime scene. Both the artist

and gallery curator have been

charged with insulting the

President. As Africa correspondent Ginny Stein reports from Bulawayo, the court case

court case is fuelling

speculation about the coming

election season. Artist Owen

Maseko is unrepentant. He is

still down there and locked

up. He's facing more than 20

years in jail paint about the past of

massacres committed in the

early days of Robert Mugabe's


rule. Those atrocities, you

can't talk openly about them in

Zimbabwe so my exhibition kind

of made this issue come out and

people started beginning to

talk about the exhibition. When

his show opened a year ago

there was optimism about the Government's reconciliation

proposals for past massacres.

Our whole aim was

debate on the massacres and debate on the massacres and let

the people talk about what

happened. But within 24 hours,

the exhibition was shut down and Owen Maseko was on his way

to prison in leg irons. This

individual is actually dripping blood on

blood on to the whole

population. He's now out on

bail and painting again,

defiantly. It is difficult in

Zimbabwe to separate what is politics and politics because maybe people see Robert Mugaben my paintings

because it is what is on their

minds and their faces and it is

what is giving them quite lot

of stress every

Government's efforts to bury

history have instead provoked

memories of the past. As

Zimbabwe moves towards

elections, fears of renewed violence, particularly in rural areas, runs deep. Robert

areas, runs deep. Robert

Mugabe's place in history is

firmly etched but at 87 years

old, he's just announced when

elections are elections are called he'll be running for office again.

The Reserve Bank says it

expects households have an

increased aversion to debt

which is helping the economy.

The deputy governor of the RBA

says he expects the

conservatism to continue for

some time yet and household

loan arrears, particularly

amongst first home buyers, are still

group bears close watching but

so far at least first home

owners do not seem to be disproportionately represented in loan arrears. in loan arrears. While the

household sector as a whole continues to show a good deal

of resilience in median loan repayments,

repayments, the increase in

indebtedness over the past 15

years means households are now

more significantly sensitive to

change in interest rates. The prupOtion of household income devoted relatively high. The common

view of Generation X and Y workers by their older baby

boomer colleague s is they're uncommitted,

uncommitted, overly demand ing

impatient but now a new

management survey has turned

that on its head. The research

commissioned by Leadership

Management Consultants

astrolaingsa found baby boomers

themselves are the scourge of

the workplace. Owen Maseko is executive chairman of LMA. As a baby boomer,erators bit

embarrassing to say it, Ros,

but the research shows that

but the research shows that we're fought perceived to be as

flexible or - not perceived to

be as flexible or willing to

change as other generations and

we're not tolerant of their

different needs, expectations

or motivations. They just don't

think we value what they bring

to the workplace or value the things that are important to

them. And younger workers in

particular don't like baby boomers as bosses but

baby boomers as bosses but unfortunately baby boomers are

now of the age where they're

moving into those senior roles so it doesn't bode so it doesn't bode well. That's the challenge because

people go where they're wanted

but they only stay where

they're appreciated and if all

of management takes a baby

boomer approach that we're

right and everything should be

judged by our version of what's

correct, then people aren't

correct, then people aren't

going to stay in organisations

and with a talent shortage

coming up, this massive challenge for a lot of companies. It's Generation Y,

the youngest workers in their

mid to early 20s, who are the

most popular and make the best colleagues, it seems. What is

it about them that makes them

so great to work with that

perhaps baby boomers could

learn from? I think if you go back 10

back 10 years ago the baby

boomers were complaining about

GenX not toeing the line or

doing it the right way and

we've done that for the last what we've seen with what we've seen with Generation

Y is a tremendous willingness

to learn, they're very

adaptable and eager and as

they're getting older

becoming a bit more reliable in

the eyes of the other

workers. A lot has changed in

the workplace

the workplace since baby

boomers started their working career. There's that whole

working to live not living to work change that's around right

now. Is it any surprise really

that baby boomers are a little

grumpier than their younger colleague s? Not at all.

Generation Yers and Generation

Xors see work as an expression

of their life not a reflection.

For baby boomers,

For baby boomers, our career was everything and so

was everything and so when we

see the Generation Ys in particular chopping and

changing careers, we have

difficulty adjusting to it and

that's probably cominging

across in our attitudes and the way we deal with them. Energy company Woodside has been

accused of breaching privacy

laws and intimidating the

public over its proposed gas

hub off the

hub off the Kimberley

coast. The company admits they

have been filming people near

the site. This footage was

taken by a worried Broome resident near James Price

Point. It shows a man with a

camera filming people, cars and

their licence plates and residents say it's been happening for several weeks. As we went through checkpoints as such. There were vehicles on

the side of the road with

the side of the road with lots

of workmen taking photos of us and recording what we were

doing. It made you

doing. It made you feel really awkward like what are they going to do with the information? It was intrusive

and invasive. The proposed gas

hub at James Price Point has

been controversial and the site

has been targeted by

demonstrators. The company

behind the project, Woodside,

says it's carrying out what it

calls security and safety monitoring

monitoring because its work teams are being harassed. Some

of the vision it's shot has led

to an anti-gas hub protester

being charged with damaging a

contractor's vehicle. I think

that's not fair and that's not

right. People should be able to

go about their recreation without cameras in their

face. Woodside maintains it's not collecting personal

information and that it is a

public place and there are no

public place and there are no

restricts on recording activity

there. Under the Privacy Act, companies as may only collect personal information that is strictly

necessary and must tell people

while they're being filmed. There's There's a whole range of

potential breaches of the

privacy principles if they apply here that could be investigated and would be the

basis of a complaint to the

Privacy Commissioner. To some

res dnted say they're planning

to lodge a formal complaint -

residents. Let's take a check of the markets. Here's Nicole Chettle. Is dispute having any impact on

the market? The the market? The transport

operator Asciano says the row

between Patrick stevedores and

the Maritime Union is hitting

them in the hip pocket. Asciano says the industrial action on

the wharves in Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle will

slash its full-year earnings by as much

as much as $4 million. Still,

its shares are ticking higher

today. And the pay TV giant

Foxtel has made a bid for its

regional counterpart? That's

right, Austar's confirmed an

offer from Foxtel that values the company at $1.9 billion.

The cash offer of 1.52 a The cash offer of 1.52 a share

is appropriate, Austar's shares soared nearly 10%, cooled slightly but

cooled slightly but are still

up 10 cents. The news hasn't

affect ed the Telstra share

price as part owner of Foxtel. James Packer's Consolidated Media Holdings also has shares

in Foxtel along with News Corp

and Consolidated shares making gains. The big wet in the east has a silver lining?

Yes, a record harvest in the east

east has bumped up Graincorp's first half net profit by 66% to

88 million. Investors will get

a fully Franked interim

dividend of 15 cents a share

plus a fully Franked special dividend of 5 cents a

share. How is the broader

market? It is a sea of green across the board. The All

Ordinaries is climbing 50

points and ASX 200 is

points to 4 rrb 634. Let take a

look at the domestic market's

other big movers. Paladin Energy Energy and copper and

goldminers are putting on over


And Wall Street has broken

its 3-day losing streak.

The health insurance company

NIB is planning to launch a

website where patients can rate

the performance of health care specialists

specialists like dentists,

physio therapists and

optometrist s. White will allow

consumers to consumers to discuss good and

bad experiences. There will be

three aspects of ratings that

will be able to provide on some

of the practitioners. The of the practitioners. The three

aspects are a likelihood to

recommend score, a service

charge score and then customer

comments that are left by our

customers so in the customer

comments there will be the

opportunity for people to both

criticise and praise the

provider and I do want to point

out that over 90% of comments

that are so that are so far on white have been overwhelmingly positive. overwhelmingly positive. What can customers say in the

comment section of the website?

Can they say, for example, that their dentist

their dentist is incompetent or arrogant or has bad breath?

Our moderation guidelines are published. Our customers are

allowed to say anything that they believe is truthful about

the provider but not that's

defamatory or in any way

inflammatory and as per

your example, if a dentist did have bad breath they are

allowed to say that on the website. You haven't got

doctors, GPs or specialists on

the website. Aren't they the

most important people in the

whole modical process? Have

you left them out because you

fear a fight if you were to

include them? No, the main

reason we've not included them

is as a regulating ed health

insurer, most of our claims are either with respect to

specialists in hospitals or

extras providers like dentists

and optometrist those we're

focused on providing ratings on

dentists and optometrists and extras providers rather than specialists in hospitals. And

persons treatment is a lot more

complicated than rating a car

or a restaurant or a movie, is

de$a danger that specialists

who have to deal with a

patient's condition that is

complicated and tricky will be worse off than one

worse off than one who's

present would a case that's

easier to treat? There's No Doubt the treatment of a health

need is more complicated than

going to a restaurant or a

movie, however, we think consumers are savvy enough to

both place comments with

respect to that service respect to that service and also read and understand them

and what we consistently see is

that we agree providers -

sorry, our customers are not in a place to rate the quality of

the service they've received

but that are well equipped to

rate the overall service experience. Rod McKensey, thank you. Thank you. In Russia, an Internet blogger dedicated to uncovering corruption has attracted millions of followers. He's also now the focus of two focus of two criminal investigationess that his

supporters say are aimed at

knocking him off the web. Moscow correspondent Norman Hermant

Hermant reports. Mention political power in Russia and

this is what comes to mind. A

ruling tandem who so dominate

the broadcast media that even

when they get together for a game of billiards and to watch a movie it makes news. But for

many in the younger generation,

this is the face of political

change. This man is a change. This man is a blogger and anti-corruption watchdog.

Any activist

Any activist in Russia who is

involved with independent

activities is taking a certain

risk and I'm taking it. I'm

sharing the risk with the other

citizens. His latest website which reveals which reveals seemingly corrupt Government contracts received money from more than

15,000 donors. Those who have

watched his popularity soar say

that's unheard of for the Internet Internet in rush xo the Government

Government knows it.

TRANSLATION: It's the people's

support they are mostly scared

of, the real support of the people who transfer their

money, several million rubles.

This all started several years

ago when the man's anger over dubious spending on yachts and

villas by Russian businessmen boiled over. He bought shares, obtained company financial

records and posted them online

but it's this website that has

really put Alexey really put Alexey in the cross

hairs of Russia's political

establishment. The red number

is the value of is the value of Government

contracts it says it's exposed

as fraudulent. About $55

million worth. Some have even mentioned the corruption

fighter as a possible

presidential candidate. Not likely, he says, likely, he says, but there are more and more

to hear what Alexey has to say.

Queensland has gone one up in

the rugby league State of

origin series with a 16-12 win

over NSW in Brisbane. The Blues

scored two late tries to take

the lead at the business end of

the game but the Maroons struck

back with a Billy Slater try clinching the win. John Hayes

Bell reports. Behind closed doors,

doors, NSW listened up. As Queensland built atmosphere, showing off last

year's spoils to the 52,000 in the

the cauldron, each stated one 8

of the open ers in Brisbane. Cameron Smith found space Johnathan Thurston behind a

shaky line. In a grim struggle,

no more point came

no more point came in a first

half dominated by the Maroons

but the Blues were in the game.

The mate versus mate line was

accentuated as Darius Boyd

twice pommelled fullo Mark Gasnier. Those hits were

punctuated by hesitation at the

back, a mix-up which sent the

Maroons 10 clear. The missed

penalty from in front was a momentum swinger. Greg Bird

surged through, setting up Mitchell Pearce for his

Mitchell Pearce for his first

Origin try. Then Josh Dugan linked up with Michael

Jennings. He scores. Jamie

Soward piloted the Blues to the

lead but he remained a target at at the other end when Thurston,

Lockyer and sate Slater mounted the final assault. Billy Slater scores his 10th Origin

try. It was try. It was a Queensland Origin coaching

Origin coaching record 12th win

for Big Mal. The whole effort

for the team was great.

Everyone made a special effort

when it was need. Nobody will ever, ever question the desire

and passion of a NSW jumper

while I'm the coach. The

Maroons are on the cusp of a sixth consecutive series win.

Hostilities which spilt beyond

fulltime resume in Sydney in

June. fulltime resume in Sydney in

June. Australian Sam Stosur and Anastasia Anastasia Rodionova with both

through to the third round of

the French Open. Rodionova and

Stosur had straight-sets wins

over their Romanian opponents.

Last year's finalist Stosur was

in ominous form as she disposed

of Simona Halep 6-0, 6-2. The

victory took just over an hour

for the eighth seed. convincing win for the

convincing win for the

Australian. In the men's draw, Roger Federer and Novak

Djokovic had straight-sets wins. After rejecting the

teachings of Confucius for decades, China's Communist

Party is now embracing the

ancient philosopher. ABC

reporter Huey Fern Tay visited one heartland of the survival, a school on the outskirts

a school on the outskirts of

Beijing. In the outskirts of Beijing, there's retreat where students of a

boarding school go to for two

weeks every year to be

imporoused in Chinese culture

and classics. The curriculum naturally includes the ancient

philosopher, Confucius.

Confucius is the teacher of our

teachers, that is why he is the best representative of our

culture and we want children to

know him from a young age and get

get the feeling that Grandpa

Confucius is very cute. Confuciusism from Chinese schools in society

for more than half a century because his teachings were

denounced as backward and an

obstacle obstacle to modernising and

strengthening China. Now the

sage is back in favour and so

too are other traditional holidays, beliefs and values.

Some researchers say

Some researchers say it's

because his teachings on

respect and order fit in with

the official emphasis on social stability and harmony. Confucius is being

a moral comp xs the solution to

a spiritual void. I feel that

in a rapidly developing economy,

to find stability and should

find an anchor in

Confuciusism. But there are

those who question if the

ancient teachings of Confucius are still relevant in modern

China. The country's fast-paced

modernisation has brought about

many problems like social

inequality, land grabbing,

corruption, food safety. These

are issues that a belief in

Confuciusism alone cannot solve but there are optimists who

believe there's hope.To the weather

weather now. The

image shows cloud breaking up

over eastern NSW as a low edges

further east across the Tasman

Sea and low cloud lingering

over the rest of the southeast

in cool southwest winds. A

large high will dominate most

of the country keeping inland

areas dry. Light onshore winds

will bring isolated showers to coastal to SA, more frequent in NSW

thanks to the tail end of a

thanks to the tail end of a weak cold front.

That's the news for now on a day

day when said it had received guarantees about the treatment of asylum

seekers sen to Malaysia and

baby boomers were dissed by

Generation X and Generation and other baby boomers in the

workplace. Mrs There is continuous news on ABC News 24

and news online and my next

bulletin on ABC 1 is 7:00 this

evening. I'm Ros Childs. Have a

great afternoon.

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