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(generated from captions) can you believe it? 40 sign changes in just 1km, The craziness of speed zone changes even more chaotic. and how it's all about to get eating out entire homes - Super termites can't spot them, agents and pest controllers

gripping our suburbs. the new epidemic Charlie Sheen out of control - outrageous TV interviews hear today's that may well end his career. the man who did the impossible 'Chicken Mick', come true - and helped make a dying mum's wish now his nationwide challenge takes another twist. as this incredible story and thanks for joining us. Good evening, to drastically cut First tonight, the new plan on our streets. the number of signs and speed zones We've all been along roads changes countless times, where the speed limit out driving too fast. confusing drivers and catching them Now the push is on to put a stop and blatant revenue raising. to that confusion David Richardson has more. the hair and make-up The regulators have been doing on the speed system for decades is make it more complex. and all they've done in front of us. Look at all the signs 14 and cameras. Cameras and all that stuff. wasn't difficult enough, As if driving now there are so many signs, of speed-sign fatigue. drivers are complaining sometimes six or seven times And then we've got speeds changing in the space of a kilometre or so. we've been having this little chat, Yep, and in the time nearly 40 different signs we've gone through information about what's going on. designed to give drivers And that's in less than a kilometre? Because I can't. Yes. Can you recall them all? forest of signs along our roads Hiding among this ever-growing to govern our speed are signs supposedly meant and that's changing all the time, in just 2km. sometimes as often as nine times what is often waiting nearby.

A speed camera. what is often waiting nearby? And guess

This is clearly confusing of signs behind us because if you look at the plethora and all up and down this road, get confused and get ticked off. you understand why motorists Australia's largest motoring group, Wendy Machin is the president of the NRMA. For years, drivers have campaigned across the country. to cut the number of speed zones In other countries, they don't. We have so many speed zones now.

In the UK, they have broadly three. the speed for regional roads The town speed, and the motorway speed. 40km/h, 50km/h, 60km/h, 70km/h, Last time I looked, there's 10km/h, 110/km/h, 130km/h. 80km/h, 90km/h, 100/km/h, So we have 10 across the country? and that seemed to work OK We used to have three because it was less confusing but now we've got 10.

and engineer John Cadogan believes Today Tonight motoring expert are confusing, dangerous the yo-yo speed zone changes but lucrative to governments. There's no apparent consistency It's very hard to keep track of are imposed. with the way speed limits

if you make one mistake. and you can do your licence right across the country. And it's a confusion from 40km/h to 110km/h. NSW has eight speed limits Victoria has 9 with a 10km/h lower limit. speed zones. Queensland also has nine West Australia runs eight zones. Tasmania, eight as well. Tasmania, five as well. has nine While the Northern Territory from 40km/h to a top of 130km/h. We've got the Great Western Highway where the NRMA has said 40 changes in 70km. there's something like

the Pacific Highway And then you have that don't make sense. that has multiple speed changes Barry O'Farrell New South Wales Opposition Leader and speed cameras wants an audit of all speed zones to try and simplify the system. of speed zones Flatten out the number and the public and provide comfort to government is appropriate that where the cameras are isn't about raising revenue. and where the speed cameras are do not have one demerit point 75% of Australian motorists who are screaming. and yet it is the 25% Why is it the silent majority? being taken care of? Why are they Harold Scruby can live with an audit The Pedestrian Council's it will achieve anything. but doesn't think I just don't know how you do it. I would love to see it. to reduce the speed in one space, Every time you want somewhere else. someone wants to increase it The answer is as we have it. to worse roads. We go from better roads

with no pedestrians We go from roads pedestrian intensive. to roads where it is down to 50km/h - So you go from 80km/h we can't avoid it. the Injury Risk Management Centre Professor Raphael Grzebieta from to avoid speed sign confusion. believes there's one way All you need is a GPS system speed adaptation system or an intelligent what the speed limit is, which will tell you it will warn you fixed in your car. or you can have it The technology's already there. speed limits when two would do. Let's not have three or four Now to the plague of termites like never before. destroying homes from the inside out One couple bought a home

the worst infestations we've seen, riddled with one of all the required checks. despite doing warned them not to buy the house, Not one of the experts they hired being eaten away. despite every interior wall frame It raises the question of what homeowners and buyers can do

to protect their biggest investment. Here's Bryan Seymour. what's the problem? You know, Sharon, I'm not sure, This looks great. with the house. I love what you've done you've done. Show me some of the remodelling work timber that has been replaced. What you can see now is the new Oh, OK. Yep. That's all safe, no termites in there? No. Coptotermes acinaciformis - they're the most common termite pest in Australia. You had the home for 13 months. You're telling us you had no idea there was every internal wall was eaten by termites? We've talked, OK? I have no further comment. We had no idea at all. Living in a house gutted by termites, Dean and Sharon Yarnton and their two children face a bill over $100,000. They had building and pest inspections done. They hired a conveyancer to interpret the legal jargon. Still, they ended up with an empty shell. How is it living in a house with no walls, apart from the fact that you've got no privacy? It's very frustrating, considering we paid top dollar for the house. I'm asking you to come back with me to the Yarntons' right now because they want to talk to you face to face. Will you do that? No, I won't, no. There's no comment. This is the real estate agent, Wayne Hack, from Century 21 Menai in Sydney's west. He recommended the conveyancer

and he sold the house for nearly $600,000 after having it listed for more than a year. How much commission did you make on the sale, Wayne, and will you refund some of that commission to the Yarntons because they're going to have to fork out tens of thousands, maybe $100,000, to fix this home you've sold them? Bryan, you said you would send a list of questions to us. I'll do that but I also want to... Now you'll probably cut that part out, won't you? No, no, I won't and I'll send you the questions. I'm a little bit upset at your attitude because you're trying to put something on, you're trying to put a connotation on... You know what's really upsetting? The Yarntons' home. And we'll cut to a shot of it now. I'm probably a little bit embarrassed to say but I actually had to go to Salvation Army to buy some cheap doonas to keep the kids warm. I was regularly going to the doctor's on fortnightly basis to get asthma medication, so that's why Dean's decided enough's enough - second winter, we need walls.

Get upset about that, Wayne.

If you want to be upset about something, be upset about the people living in a house with no internal walls that you sold them. I have empathy. Well, mate - they need more than empathy. They need cash for their family. No comment. Wayne and his boss, Frank, say they had no idea there was anything wrong with the house. They admitted it was highly unusual to have one listed for so long. They refused to do an interview. They refused to answer written questions. You're telling me that the agent, the conveyancer, the pest inspector, they're all saying maybe these eight nests popped up after you bought the house? Yes, that's right.

The professional obligation lies with the inspector and the conveyancer to highlight the concerns that are in that report, not just hand over that report and say, "Do your best with the technical jargon that's inside this report." Michael Carbone from Knock-Out Pest Control thinks termites attacked this house over a decade ago,

citing a pest report from the year 2000. He's amazed no-one told Dean and Sharon they definitely should not buy the house without a much more detailed examination. Absolutely - there should have been more communication between the inspector, the conveyancer and the client. Again, I go back to the X-ray analogy. That's like the radiographer handing you the X-ray and say, "There you go, mate - what's broken?" The inspectors, the conveyancer and the agent all say they did everything in writing and by the book. Well, they're saying they did their job as well as they needed to and that you just have to be aware and get your own independent checks. Be thorough when you're buying a house - that's what they're saying, isn't it? We weren't advised that the house was on the market for 395 days. We weren't advised that a previous interested party had done a pest and building inspection and that actually came back with termite damage. We weren't advised that a more invasive inspection was required to be done when we relied on the conveyancer to be our eyes and ears.

Dean and Sharon thought they'd done everything right. So what should you do to make sure you're safe?

Have an annual termite inspection. If there's any sign of these,

go inside the walls for a closer look. The only people who are cautious about it are the people that have paid $20,000 to have their house repaired and another $5,000 to a termite inspector to remedially prevent the termites from getting back into the house. Bryan Seymour reporting.

All the correspondence regarding that story is on our website. Still ahead, the latest twist in the touching story we brought you last night - what happens now to Angela's family and 'Chicken Mick's challenge to the nation. That's coming up. Another local council is under fire for organising women-only events to cater for Muslims. First, the Monash Council in Melbourne was criticised for plans to spend $45,000 for a screen at a public pool to allow Muslim women to swim. Last week, it reversed that decision. Now the Moreland Council has applied for an exemption from anti-discrimination laws to hold women-only dances at its civic centre. That's not the Australian way. What we want to do is integrate people, not segregate people. John Roskam from the Institute of Public Affairs argues it sets a precedent we don't need. In some situations, it's appropriate for women to do women-only things, and we do that in a lot of other walks of life, but councils shouldn't encourage this kind of thing. The council says the dance sessions are for women who would not get involved if men were allowed to attend. Ever since his TV bosses shut down production of his hit show, 'Two and a Half Men', Charlie Sheen has been a very busy man. He's been letting loose with both barrels in a series of interviews. The world's highest paid TV actor is now effectively unemployed, but as James Thomas reports, Sheen is demanding a hefty pay rise to go back to work. When was the last time you used? Used? See, I don't use - I use a blender, I use a vacuum cleaner, I use household items. When was the last time I ingested or took drugs? Yes - when was the last time you took drugs? You see, "use" is such a stupid AA expression or term. I don't remember. Train wrecks make compelling TV and Charlie Sheen has derailed, crashed through the station and is still going. I probably took more than anybody could survive, you know? What are we talking about? How much? I don't know, man. I was banging 7g rocks and finishing them because that's how I roll. I have one speed, I have one gear - go! At times bordering incoherent,

Charlie Sheen is in the middle of a media blitz to tell the world he's OK. You say you've cured yourself... Yes. ..of addiction. You don't need Alcoholics Anonymous. How have you done that? I closed my eyes and made it so with the power of my mind. I had to unload 22 years of fiction and just decided that I don't believe that any more and I know my own truth and that's what I stand on right now. The inconvenient truth is that Charlie Sheen's life has caught up with him - drug benders with porn stars, accusations of violence, marital problems and a major falling out with his employer, CBS. The network was paying him $2 million an episode to star in 'Two and a Half Men'. Not any more. They have halted production and effectively sacked Sheen because of his antics, including reportedly anti-Semitic remarks thrown at the show's creator, Chuck Lorre. I'm sorry if I offended you. I didn't know you were such a, I didn't know you were so sensitive. I'm sorry if I offended you.

I thought after you wailing on me for eight years, that I could, like, take a few shots back. I didn't know you were going to take your little ball and go home. It's all a little late. CBS seem resolute

so Sheen is telling everyone and anyone who'll listen that he's back on track off the drugs and deserves another go. Are you worried you're going to relapse? No. Why? Because I'm not going to. Period - the end. But how do you know?

I blinked and I cured my brain, that's how. Everyone has the power, man.

People who are experts in this kind of thing

say that one of the reasons

why you've been firing off in the way that you have, it's a classic symptom of a guy who was taking a lot of drugs and then stops. Right, so I'm on a pink cloud? Possibly.

Yeah, and in their opinion or their vast resource, pink clouds have to go away. Can't you just be in a pink cloud your whole life and just be super bitching and focused, like? Look, he was clearly psychotic during one of those interviews, you know - talking about being a rock star from Mars or that normal people don't get him. People can put labels on it and they can figure all this stuff out and they can try to, like, normalise it, normalise it, boring, stupid, you know? And that's fine, but for me, I've just answered to a higher calling and it happened in the blink of an eye and I am totally excited by it. That's what normal people say. So he was clearly quite psychotic, quite delusional. Dr Ginni Mansberg gives her diagnosis on Sheen's appearance during media performances. His pupils did seem pretty dilated, which is something that happens when you go on a bit of a cocaine bender

but who knows? He has said he's been clean, it is possible that he's just got some serious mental health problems that have come on as a result of years of drug use and that he is clean at the moment. Some are saying that you're bipolar. Wow, what does that mean? I guess that, you know, you're on two ends of a spectrum. If I'm bipolar aren't there moments where a guy, like, crashes in the corner and, like, "Oh, my God - it's all my mum's fault?" Shut up - shut up. Stop - move forward. Moving forward will be hard for Charlie. He's lost his job, and is seemingly spiralling out of control in front of the world and he's in denial. You borrow my brain for five seconds and just be like, "Dude, can't handle it - "unplug this bastard, yeah" because it fires in a way that is, um, I don't know,

maybe not from this particular terrestrial realm. It seems all is forgiven

between retailing giant Myer and model Jennifer Hawkins. They're teaming up again for the first time since Jen was dumped from Myer's G'Day LA fashion campaign. And at tonight's autumn-winter fashion launch, the former Miss Universe will share the catwalk and the limelight with the woman who replaced her in LA. Lynda Kinkade has the story. How good would that be in the lounge, watching a movie? I was disappointed. I haven't seen Jen since. People would be delusional to think that in any relationship, there are not problems. Jen's out. Jess is in. Both JH, so it doesn't really matter. The million-dollar face of Myer and her international model replacement about to be side by side again. There won't be any awkwardness at all. After almost five years as the face of the department store, Jennifer Hawkins was dumped from its recent G'Day LA campaign.

And so, too, her swimwear line.

I knew Cozi wouldn't be on stage and that was the thing I was disappointed about most.

Left at home over a contract dispute, 'Sports Illustrated' model Jessica Hart filled in for Myer's fashion assault. I really love working with Myer. It's, like, a perfect fit for me.

Contract negotiations between Hawkins's manager Sean Anderson and Myer executives have been tense. Cracks in the relationship began to surface early last year when Jen poised nude for 'Marie Claire' without telling the retail giant. More recently, insiders say Jen wasn't happy sharing the limelight with Jessica Hart on every page of the latest Myer catalogue. I just want to move on. This is the first time what really happened. Jennifer Hawkins has spoken about Why weren't you in LA?

certain commercial arrangements They couldn't come to so that's business. that had to take place? Was there any compromise

you know. I don't want to talk about it, They've sorted it. It's between my management, Myer. made clear there were some issues. What is important is that we have just in time for tonight's show. Those issues have been resolved for her swimwear range, Cozi, Jennifer Hawkins's contract was due to expire. to extend it for three years Myer have agreed will remain as a Myer ambassador. and have confirmed Jessica Hart is of a supporting model. The arrangement we have with Jess Her focus very much overseas is around the big bucks she earns in New York and Europe. Myer communication manager Mitch Catlin. Jen's been with us for four years. She has signed through until 2013, so it's a long association. Jen's manager, Sean Anderson, is also staying. Yes, yeah, I trust him 100% and he looks out for my best interest. In her private life, Jennifer Hawkins could not be happier. so it's been fantastic. I'm still sitting on a cloud,

to the former Miss Universe Boyfriend Jake Wall proposed

with this $200,000 diamond. it's just very safe It's just the most amazing feeling, and it's just lovely, I love it. have thrown their hat into the ring A few designers to design her wedding gown is on this season's new trends. but for now, she says her focus old Hollywood glamour. That's 1950s styling, And this one is Charlie Brown a few minutes a go. a few minutes ago. and I only just saw this one Showing a bit of leg. It's a leotard. Two trends that are really in. And the faux fur. In the fitting room next door, Jessica Hart is being prepared from Illamasqua makeup. by Justin Henry

What's red hot at the moment is '50s retro eyeliner, mascara and red lips. This afternoon, the final dress rehearsals all went smoothly. Three key trends will be on show tonight - animal prints, 1950s glamour and country-club knits. Everything is pretty much about skinny ties. Myer menswear ambassador Kris Smith is certainly pleased and Jessica Hart on either arm. to have both Jennifer Hawkins to all the boys back home I actually send pictures "Another tough day at the office." and say, After this week, into her new apartment. Jess moves back to New York for her Sydney engagement party. Jen prepares with just loved ones. It will be relaxed and then crazy Lynda Kinkade reporting. Here's what's coming up. Stay with us. to an incredible story. Next - the incredible response helping to grant a dying mum's wish. 'Chicken Mick' did the impossible,

and Mick's nationwide challenge. Now another twist to the story New Optus Pre-Paid Turbo Cap Plus is packed with value. $30 now gives you $300 value plus 500 MB of data and Twitter within Australia! and unlimited access to Facebook Recharge by March 31 and get a $100 bonus value on your first recharge each month for the next six months. Only on Optus Pre-Paid. Yeah! (JAUNTY WHISTLING) can now bring you Cashscan, Come in and start a conversation The beauty of Ski is you never have to think about it. Delicious, smooth, creamy. There's now three live cultures that are good for you. After all, you've got plenty to think about. Like, what can they reach? Do they watch too much TV? they're eating right. Well, at least Ski. Simply good yoghurt.

to last night's story We had an incredible reaction good Samaritan 'Chicken Mick' featuring the ultimate did to help out a struggling family. and the amazing job he and his mates you were clearly moved by the story. Like all of us, Now there's another twist, by the response, and Mick is so pumped up to all Australians. he's throwing out a challenge of what it's like to be an Aussie, It's reminded the people that's what we've been known for. We always help each other out, to help a neighbour. we're always there and what we have to get back to. It's what we're about Around the country, called 'Chicken Mick'. many are still speaking of a man give me a brush. Brush, somebody - Over 100 texts, phone calls. It hasn't stopped all day. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) It's exactly how Mum wanted it. It's amazing.

I don't know how to thank you. You don't, you don't. Not a dry eye in the house as Mick and his mates, over one weekend, put a smile on a family desperately in need of a hand. I needed it. It's what spurred me on. There's just so much sadness.

We needed some good stories. it was just a sad story. Every time you turned on the TV, for a change We needed something good it's lifted everyone's spirits. and I think to chip in and do it I think everyone's wanted to take the lead. but it just needed someone and his 200 mates took the lead, Last night, Chicken Mick

of community. reminding us the true meaning Many are hailing a new hero. I'm not a hero. Not a hero. I always wanted to do it. It's just good. and hopefully we've done that. Always wanted to help somebody has terminal bowel cancer. 40-year-old Angela Edwards in your life You think everything's fine in front of you and then a bomb explodes and nothing is the same again. Her son Brody is only 18. He has pledged to look after his siblings, 16-year-old Jorgia, 14-year-old Logan, should the worst happen.

I need to step up and do her job and not let anybody hurt them.

It is all going downhill but surely there must be some good luck coming. It was a text message from Hugh Jarvis that got the ball rolling. Well, it's just snowballing. to the family so far. Nearly $100,000 has been donated fielding calls Hugh and the local Rotary Club offering money and help nationwide. It's just been incredible. would be an understatement. To say I'm absolutely astounded who really wanted to help, They were real people and genuinely wanted to help. And they did. on the Edward house, Today, work continues and you guessed it - is working for free. the roofing company Mick is throwing down the gauntlet, Tonight calling us all to arms - I'd like to throw down a challenge and do something - to anybody to go out no matter how small, and have a go. go out into your community You will just be rewarded from your heart. You'll be rewarded. How can I ever thank you? David Eccleston reporting. And once again, here are the details of the Rotary Club of Toronto's Angela Edwards Appeal. Contributions can be sent care of Jarvis Business Advisers: And those details are still on our website.

Thanks again for your incredible response. We'll be right back. the tumbles. Next, the slips, the trips, Slip-and-sue scandals - legitimate claims harder to win. falling fortunes making Phew! Right now, get 1% per annum off the standard variable rate for the first year with our Introductory Rate Home Loan. or call 13 55 10 today. is on Saturday, 26 March. The State Election So if you've changed address, become an Australian citizen or turned 18... Whoo-ooh! your address'll need to update or enroll for the first time. and updating your details, visit: For more information on enrolling Or call us. Your vote is your voice. Be heard.

Tomorrow night, it's called slip and sue - people setting up their own fall in the hope of claiming a fortune. See where it's done, how it's done and how their plans come unstuck.

There are people who see an opportunity to get a quick buck out

of it. More and more accidents are

happening. I will of it. More and moreaccidents are NICOLE: Previously on Home and Away... This is Thabo, and this is Grace. Grace is my wife. But if he has the antibiotics, he's going to get better, right? of the infection, yes. Well, they should take care a new oven, I'm gonna need a new chef, work out some sort of delivery... menus, advertising, I could loan you the cash. It'll cost me about 10 grand. You've got 10 grand just like that? More, if you want. What do you say? Angelo's all the time? What are you doing hanging around Hasn't he told you yet? Me and Angelo are business partners now. How many pizzas will that cook at once?