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No where to run, up to 340

people die in a Cambodian

stampede. New Zealand looks setback in its mine rescue overseas for help after a

effort. This is a very serious

situation. And the longer it

goes on hopes fade. And we have

to be realistic. I can't

express the frustration that

our guys feel at not being able

to deploy underground. It is heart wrenching. Schools of

police stage the biggest drug

raids in Victoria's history.

And the birds are they're in good numbers.

across Australia, I'm Ros Hello and welcome to ABC News

Childs. On the lock am share market banking and mining heavy

weights are dragging the All

Ords lower. It's off 19 points. It's been described as Cambodia's worst tragedy since

to 340 people the days of the Khmer Rouge. Up

stampede at a festival in the

Cambodian capital. Millions of

people were on the streets to celebrate the annual water

festival marking the end of the

rainy season. A national day of

mourning has been declared and

this report contains images

that some people may find disturbing.

disturbing. Relatives desperate for news. Cambodia's medical

service is overwhelmed by the

sheer scale of this disaster. The victims were festival

goers crushed at tend of 3 days

of annual celebration and

thousands of people come in

from the provinces for from the provinces for upon

pem's big - Phnom Penh's biggest party. Photographers

there to capture the

festivities instead found

themselves in the midst of a

catastrophic crush. It's not

clear exactly what caused the stampede. What is becoming

clear is most of the dead are women. They'd been attending a

concert on an island in a river that runs through Many suffocated or were

trampled underfoot. Others

drowned falling off a bridge as

they tried to flee. We are

shocked now. Just from the

celebration from, you know, laughter and just people being joyful to screams of hysteria

basically. The Prime Minister

has ordered an investigation

calling it the biggest tragedy

the country has suffered since

the murderous regime of Pol the murderous

Pot. It's been another frustrating time for rescuers

and relatives alike outside the

Pike River coal mine in New Zealand. No word has been heard from 29 miners since they were trapped there by an explosion trapped

on Friday and police admit

hopes are fading the longer the

situation continues. Pike River

is a drift mine a deep tunnel

drilled into the hillside under

New Zealand's Paparoa Ranges.

The trapped men are thought to

be more than 2 km inside. There providing fresh air and are

emergency supplies of oxygen are dotted throughout the coal

seam. Officials are drilling a

15 cm wide bore hole into the

body of the mine to access air

quality and lower listening

devices. They had been

preparing to send in a military

robot to see if it was safe for

rescue teams to enter the shaft

but after days of preparation

that equipment has broken down

and there's no back up device

tippings point for available. And that's been the

tippings point for anxious

relatives an friends of the

mine ers. Their patience with

the rescue effort is being Zealand correspondent Dominique sorely

Schwartz who is the mining town of Greymouth on the South

Island. The authorities can't

seem to get a break, can they?

The gas is still too toxic for

anyone to go in and that robot

as broken down, what's the plan

now? The plan, Ros, as you've

suggested, is to try and iron

out those hitches. They had

hoped by now to have drilled

that bore hole right through

the rock but at around about 20

metres before they got into the

tunnel underneath they hit very

hard rock so that's been slow

through this afternoon so they

can put down listening devices

and cameras. The robot, that

went in early this morning and

after 2 hours around about 500 to 700 metres after 2 hours that stalled

inside the tunnel, so they're

just going to have to leave

that there. In the meantime

they're trying to source more

advanced robotic equipment from

Western Australia or from the

United States. Now they have

attached one listening device

to a tube that runs into the

tunnel. I can't detect voiced tapping if there were any but

noises such as that but they

haven't heard anything. So all

in all it's been very

frustrating and very

frustrating for the rescue crews. Trevor Watts

Zealand Mines Rescue says his

men are all ready and waiting

to go. Another 18 personnel

have been brought in from NSW

so there's now 65 underground

staff ready to go, ready to

move in but they can't. Here's

what he had to say about it this morning. I can't express

the frustration

feel at not being able to

deploy underground. It is heart

wrenching. We have got highly

trained and experienced trained and experienced Mines

Rescue personnel waiting to go

and collectively we are unable

to do so on the back of expert analysis around explosability

of gases. The head of NZ Mines

fru straition of Rescue there talking about the

The families must now be incredibly frustrated about the

pace of this operation? They

are indeed, Ros, and nobody

knows that better than the

mayor of the region and he

joins me now. Mayor, how are

the families coping with these

delays? No, it's really gut

wrenching. When we heard that

news this morning that the

robot going into the mine had

stalled because water got into it, there was enormous emotion

and anger in there. But we've

pulled it together, everyone's

relying on the police to keep

this operation going forward

but we

situation where we do need

another robot. Yes, going to

the United States, going to

Western Australia, look, I'm

appealing to Prime Minister

Gillard, look, if you can get it on an air force jet or

anything and get one out to us

we'd really appreciate it

because the eyes of that robot

are the only eyes allowed down

in that mine at the moment and

those eyes will take us to the

miner and the miners and that

will find out exactly where

they are and it will tell us

one way or the other if they're

dead or alive. It's that

simple. So we just need

robot in there because after 5

days our people are losing hope

and we need to know if we can

actually get our men back

because they are, they're hanging on the hope they're

breathing down there somewhere

and they can get them back. The police language has changed

over the last couple of days.

They were talking about rescue

mission, now they're talking

about rescue and recovery and

they have acknowledged that

they might be dealing with a

loss of life. Is that just

being realistic? Yeah, they are being realistic, enough, but I'm dealing with the families and one of the

families said to me yesterday

that his father had

that one of the miners that

actually came out and had been

out of the mine 15 minutes

before the explosion went

around and sat him down yesterday and showed him where

his son was in the mine. He was

only 10 feet away from

ventilator shaft, so he's

saying look, my son's down

there and he's breathing oxygen

so if he's thinking that, I'm

thinking it and we're hanging in until someone tells us to the

contrary. So hope still lives

on here? Hope asdefinitely living living on, there's no doubt

about it. You have to have

hope. The only way we will

diminish our hope is when a robot

robot or somebody goes in that

mine and tells us that there is

no hope. Thank you very much.

That's the mayor of the region,

and as you've heard he's appealed to Julia Gillard to do

whatever she can to get robotic

equipment over here. So

recapping, Ros, at the moment

we're waiting for that drill to hit through down

below, trying to get some ro

botedic equipment in there but still

still at this stage it's too

toxic, the gases won't allow

the rescue mission to go ahead

so we're still no clearer as to

when those rescuers can go

in. Thank you. Police say they

acted in self-defence when they

shot dead a man during a

robbery in Sydney overnight.

Plain clothes officers were investigating a series of armed

robberies when they saw two men

entering a pub at Condell Park.

with a machete. It was a bit in

the background and the next

thing I know the gun went thing I know the gun went off

and everyone started ducking.

We thought they had the

gun. Police confirmed the

officers weren't car yig Tasers

or batons. It was a life-threatening situation and

police were required to defend

themselves. Another man shot in

the upper body is recovering in hospital. Victorian police have

conducted the largest drug

raids in the State's history

targeting over 60 properties across Melbourne and western

named Entity, is targeting a

syndicate producing and trafficking high quality

cannabis and other drug. More

than 40 people have been

arrested and other arrested and other 6,000 cannabis plants have been

seized. Police say the raids were part of a 2-year


(No sound) Apologies for

the lack of sound there. It's

believed the syndicate s have links in Vietnam and New Zealand. The Federal

Government has been accused of

ignoring a warning in its first

term that shutting

Pacific solution would risk

more asylum seeker boat

arrivals. The warning came in

departmental advice in the

early months of the Rudd Government. But the current

Immigration Minister says too

much is being read into one

sentence on closing the Nauru detention centre. From Canberra, George Roberts

reports. Diplomacy starts at home. Hello. Prime Minister, ta thank you for taking the

time to see me. Julia Gillard's welcomed the welcomed the Deputy Prime

Minister of Singapore just as a

relic of an old diplomatic

problem has bobbed to the surface surface again. It's been revealed that in February of

2008 the Rudd Government was

warned of an increase in people smuggling as

smuggling as it delivered on

its promise to end the Pacific

solution. This was one line in

a document not about people smuggling. There's a reason why

there's only one line in this

document and that's because the Government have literally blanked out all in the document. The one sentence released under freedom

of information says "While the

range of risk mitigation strategies have prevented

significant boat arrivals in recent years, intelligence at

the time on issues including

the closure of Nauru suggest

the possibility of increased

people smuggling efforts." The

Opposition's riding the tide

and claiming it as an endorsement of the Howard Government's approach. Only 10

boats arrived in 6 years with

250 people. The Australian people know

people know that our policies

worked. The Australian people know that this Government

dismantled those policies and

the Australian people know that

9,000 people have turned up on

190 boats. 190 boats. Grave fears that the closure of Nauru would lead into increased people snugling

activity can't be born out by

any subjective analysis of

thesedom. Pr pressing for the

Government is the fate of the

bill to carve up Telstra. It's

essential to the National Broadband Network. It doesn't

have the numbers in the Senate

and one cross bencher is

keeping it guessing. Thiess deal with the bill. I'm hoping

it won't come to that. I'm

hoping we can get a greack

through in releasing enough information for parliament to make an informed decision. No

room for fumbles in passing

this bill. An alarming picture

of problem gambling has emerged

from a survey conducted by

Deakin University in Melbourne.

225 staff at Crown Casino were

asked about their working

conditions and how problem

gamblers were treated. Among the points of concern staff reported poker machine players

urinating and even defecating

on the gaming floor because

they don't want to stop

playing. An unwritten policy calling taxis for injured

patrons and staff instead of

ambulances which may trigger an

emergency services report, and

1 in 5 staff don't feel safe at

work at all times. Reverend Tim

Costello released the study's

findings today. He said the results belie Crown Casino's

claims to be a world class and responsible gambling

venue. What this tells Crown is it is completely without regulation and out of

control. When 225 of its own

employees current employees are

talking about talking about tipping

intoxicated people out, keeping them drinking and gambling,

even seeing them urinate while

they're still playing pokie, we

know that things are badly out

of control. As you say 225

workers were spoken to, that is a pretty small percentage of

the total number of staff at sure this study accurately represents the situation

there? Because these 225

people, they were anonymous,

are fearful they'll lose their

job if they job if they actually speak up

but they're still current

employees and it fits with all

the things I have heard over

the last 15 years. Many Crown employees have come

individually to me saying this

is what's happening, I'm

scared. When they've spoken up

they have just been sacked,

isolated, they are stigmatised. Somehow they're whinger, they're disgruntled. people are saying the same

thing. - 225 people are saying

the same thing. This is why I

trust this evidence. There are a long list of problems, which

is the most serious inure

view? The most problems there really are

continuing to serve people who

are intoxicated, tipping them

out of the casino on to the CBD

streets when we have massive

violence, crime and a law and

order election going. The

problems of not intervening

when people are staying at a machine up

they say is perhaps a bit long

and not seeing the signs, signs

that other casinos with much better practice and regulation

around the world train their

staff to see to These are just some of the

problems. Now you have this

information, what's the next

step for you in taking action?

Well the next step is to really

say to the Government you can no longer go on par paroding the minister of the crown.

of its revenue stream and

Treasury benefitting from it.

It must be brought under the

rule of law. The regulator must

act. In 2008 nearly breaches of Crown's

self-exclusion policy and the regulator didn't even slap a

fine on. No sanction

whatsoever. Crown has immunity, this immunity must stop. Reverend Tim Costello,

thank you. It's a

pleasure. Crown Casino said the

allegations made in the report

are unsubstantiated. A spokesman

management or the relevant

regulatory bodies. He said

there will be no negative

consequences for workers who do raise concerns through proper

channels. Some of those

grounded Qantas A380s will soon

be back in the air. The plane's

Rolls-Royce engines have passed

safety checks and the first

super jumbo to be brought back

into service will leave for

London from Sydney on Saturday. Completely

comfortable now with the

operation of the aircraft. The

aircraft have been grounded for

19 day and we believe it's

appropriate that they start the

services this services this week. Qantas

grounded its fleet of 6 tlaickt

A380s after a Rolls-Royce

engine explode ed mid flight

forcing the plane to make an

emergency landing in

Singapore. Channel 10 is fast

becoming home to the country's billionaires. Another one has

signed on. Australia's richest

woman Gina Rinehart has bought

a 10% stake worth more $165 million. She joins fellow

billionaires James Packer and

WIN television owner Bruce

Gordon. Also coming on board is

Lachlan Murdoch. What are these wheeler dealers seeing at Ten.

Peter Cox is a media

consultant. He says Gina

Rinehart's move was

unexpected. It was certainly a

surprise to everyone in the

sphri but if you think about

it, she comes from the mining

industry in Western Australia,

they've just had the experience

with the Government about the

super tax on mining and she's

probably looking to get some she sees the media as being an

area she could get that. There are some powerful players raid

at Channel 10 now, Rinehart,

Packer, Murdoch and the WIN tz

TV owner Bruce Gordon, could that

that be a strength or could they be pulling in different

directions? They certainly

can't work in cooperation

because they would be well

beyond the 19.9% limit from

which you then have to make a

bid for the whole company. One

of them may choose to do that

in the future and also for media laws anything above 15%

is considered a controlling

interest as well. So they

cannot work in cooperation with

each other. However, that's not

to say that they can't all

agree on the sort of direction

that 10 should take in the

future and the direction in

which they should work. You've explained why Gina Rinehart is

interested to getting into Ten

for reasons of political influence but what about the

business case? Where do these

people see their rivers of

gold? How are they going to

make money? I think the

business case is a much more difficult issue. For many of us as analysts in the industry,

free to air is an old, bit of a

dinosaur, been a little bit

revitalised by the strength of

advertising over the

months and by the success of

the digital channels but in the

long-term it's going to be

fragmented and it would appear

to most of us not to be a great investment for this group of

people to be making. So having

said all that why is

free-to-air TV suddenly the

flavour of the month especially

when we've heard for so long that Internet its way towards us? There's

always with investors there's

some herd mentality of

following where other people

are investing and with the rich

it looks as though they like invest where other rich people

invest and that's where we get

all the children of the

billionaires in Australia coming together in one company. Peter Cox, thank

you. Thank you very much. In Victoria workers building the

State's first desalination

plant have voted to end their

strike after their employer

announced they'd sacked a

manager. Staff at the project when it emerged a surveillance company had been hired to spy on workers. Thiess construction

says the spying was the action

of rogue employee s and has sacked the site's human resource manager. At resource manager. At union

meetings this morning workers

accepted management's action and agreed to return to work. Let's take a check of the

markets. Here's Lexi

Metherell. You've got breaking news news on Paul Hogan. The Australian Crime Commission has

dropped its criminal investigation into the actor

who was recently banned leaving Australia at

tax office. However a source

close to Mr Hogan says a probe

into his unpaid tax liabilities

continues. A statement will be released on the released on the matter this afternoon. How is the local

market looking after a weak

night for global stocks? Local

shares have taken that soft

lead from overseas. The All

Ords is down 0.4% and so is the

compeax compeax. The miners are

in the red after falls in

commodity prices. Macarthur

Coal is down nearly 2% and the

banks have followed their global peer down. Westpac is

fairing the worst with a 1.8%

fall. How is QR National

going? The newest member of

the stock exchange is still

enjoying a warm welcome after rising 10 cents above its

listing price yesterday. Today

QR National climbed as much as

another 7 cents. A short time

ago it was 4 cents higher and

as we heard earlier Ten seems

to becoming the play thing of

the billionaire. It was

revealed after the close of

trade yesterday that the WA

mining magnate Gina Rinehart has taken a

Ten Network but its shares are

down today. A check now of the comes domestic market's other

big movers. Riversdale mining continues to climb.

Thank you. On the Wall Street

and Ireland bailout lifted the

US market yesterday. Today it's

had a rethink. Investors fear Ireland's financial crisis

could spread throughout Europe raising the spectre of losses by exposed American banks.

The Irish Prime Minister has

rejected demands for him to

step down and call an early

election. His Government is

facing a wave of anger for its decision to accept an

international bail out but it

says it's not going anywhere

until it passes the new budget

and finalises the details of

that rescue package. Europe

correspondent Emma Alberici

reports from Dublin. For weeks

they'd they'd been assured that their

country's economic future was

safe in the Government's hands.

Then Ireland woke to the news that

that it could no longer afford to pay its own bills. Protestors stormed the Prime Minister's offices calling for

his resignation over the debt

cry - crisis, angry that a

country too poor to support its

work class had found $70

billion to rescue the banks. The junior joined calls for the Government

to stand down but the Prime Minister insisted there would

be no election until after the

emergency budget is passed. It

is my intention at the conclusion conclusion of this budgetary process with the enactment of

the necessary legislation in

the new year, then seek a

dissolution of Dail Eireann and

enable the people to determine who should undertake the responsibilities of government

in the challenging period ahead thereafter. Government ministers met late into the

night to come up with ways to

slash the budget deficit, dropping

cuts to welfare among a raft of

measure dose signed to save $20 billion. This Government

shouldn't be in anymore. They shouldn't be negotiating with the IMF. They shouldn't be

giving out the 4 year plan

because they will be out. We're

here in the hope that we can

have a general election this

week and we can get rid of this

most corrupt and inept government. I'm absolutely

disgusted with a devvet that has consistently lied to

us. The Opposition Labour Party wants the and an election called

immediately so a new coalition

can be formed with a clear parliamentary majority which

can delifr a new 4-year economic plan. economic plan. Let's have a

quick look at other stories

making news around the world.

Parts of the Croatian city of Dubrovnik have been left

underwater after severe flash

flooding. Shops, ka face and

roads in the historic old town

were flooded. Schoolchildren

were told to stay at home

because power supplies and

transport routes were

disrupted. What's claimed to be

the largest satellite ever into space has been launch by

the United States. The spy

satellite was sent aloft on

board a Delta 4 rocket but the

Air Force says Air Force says it's a classified mission. And the form vice-president of the

Democratic Republic of Congo,

Jean Pierre Bemba, has pleaded

not guilty to charges of

murder, rape and pillage at the

start of his war crimes trial

in The Hague. Prosecutors

claimed Bemba allowed 1,500

members of his personal militia

to run riot in 2002 and 2003 in an unsuccessful fight against

lebls - rebels. Violence has

again flared in Yuendumu. 8

people were injured in riots

involving up to 150 people, some armed with steel picket

and traditional fighting stick. Tensions have been simmering

since the return of a group of

about 90 residents late last

week. They'd fled the community

2 months earlier in the wake of

unrest triggered by the

stabbing death of a young man

in Alice Springs. Police say

the latest trouble coincided with the departure reinforcements sent in to restore order. The

catastrophic collapse of bird

populations in parts of

Australia has been well

documented but documented but there appears to

have been a turn around. A decade-long survey has found

key species that were in

trouble because of land clearing and

clearing and grazing are on the way back. Environment reporter

Sarah Clarke travelled to

southern NSW for this report. A

combination of good rain and

replanting has given this grazing region

a new lease on life. And that's

been enough to bring back the

bird life that had disappeared. For many woodland

birds in southern NSW we're actually actually seeing quite significant increases in

reporting rates of those birds

over the last 10 years which is

a fantastic good news

story. David Lindenmayer and a team of scientists have

surveyed 300 sites across 150

farms over the last decade and

in some cases rare species have

doubled, if not tripled

numbers. We've been getting

diamond fire tails, fantastic

threatened species like that,

and with the reptiles we're picking up blind

pink tail worm lizards, these

are specieses that very rarely

come up. The key to this

comeback is the landholder.

Neil Stuart's family signed up

to a stewardship program with

the Federal Government years

ago. They've helped replant

glassland and regenerate

endangered woodlands and taking

great pleasure over seeing great pleasure over seeing the tra Matic turn

it's great. I just like talking

to other people who are involved with this and they get

a bit excited because it's the

first time they're seeing

something happening instead of

just the same old sort of stuff, you know, they're seeing

some results. This is a

positive outcome after years of

drought and habitat loss. It

also gives hope that any future

loss of woodland bird species

won't necessarily be uniform

across all regions. As for the

landholders they reap the

benefits of a diverse

ecosystem. It's a sure sign of

a healthy landscape. An early

Christmas gift perhaps from the

National Library of Australia. Personal access to historic copies of the 'Australian

Women's Weekly'. The entire

first 50 years of weekly is being posted online including

the first issue in 1933 and the

final weekly issue before the

magazine became a monthly in

1982. The bulk of the

collection came from the library's archive while public donations filled in

gaps. I think the content is

a real highlight of Australia

over time, particularly over the 20th century.

from the '30s and '40s,

particularly I think in the

advertisements. We've seen a lot of change. The entire 2,600

issues are expected to be on

line by the end of December. A

look at the weather now. look at the weather now. The

satellite shows scattered cloud

across the eastern a trough, patchy low cloud over

the east and onshore winds and

a cloud band crossing southern

part of WA in another trough.

Moist, south-easterly winds

will bring showers to Queensland Queensland an north-east NSW.

Warm northerlies ahead of a

trough will trigger showers and

storms in South Australia and

eastern WA. Unstable easterlies will cause storms and shoiers

across the north. And around the capitals:

And a final check of the

markets the All Ords is 20 points lower.

And that's the news for now.

There's continuous news at ABC

News 24 and there's also news

online. Our next full bulletin

on ABC 1 is at 7:00 this

evening. I'm Ros Childs, have a

great afternoon, see you

tomorrow. Closed Captions by CSI

The west coast of America - California. 1,100 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline. Yet one place here is unlike any other. Because right here, on Mother's Day, May 2004, these seas ran red with blood. May 9, 2004. A tourist boat sets out from the small harbour town of Moss Landing into the cold waters of Monterey Bay. The unsuspecting passengers onboard were about to witness something extraordinary. This film is a reconstruction of what happened next, based on eyewitness accounts and actual video footage from the day. It is a remarkable story of survival. All your eyes are important now. From this minute on... The boat's captain was Heidi Tiura. ..often get dolphins in here. Tiura ran a tourist business, taking groups of would-be nature watchers out onto the bay. Keep those eyes scanning the water. Her passengers had high hopes. There were a number of people on the boat. Many of them were family groups, and there were some small children. And then there were older children like me