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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - worst fears. in North Carolina Reports human remains found 10-year-old Zahra Baker. are that of missing Aussie More drama.

strikes engine trouble Another Qantas plane into damage control again. as the Flying Kangaroo goes And face-to-face.

hold their first formal meeting. Julia Gillard and Barack Obama You're never too old. Also today - who's got the world in a spin. The 69-year-old DJ

We will start with my nails, they

are gold and silver. Yeah.

Amazing. And the rings. wild-child popstar Kesha. The softer side of 2010. It's Saturday the 13th of November, here's Samantha and Larry. VOICEOVER: Live from Brekky Central

Hello. What else do you say when

Kesha is going...

You should have said sweetie, you

need new tights.

I bought you a pair of Kesha tights

for your birthday.

Nice. Hello, thanks for joining us. Also today - is Tiger on target? comeback at the Australian Masters? Can the golfing star stage a while he's here? And is he being well behaved who should know. We'll talk to someone That's in 15 minutes.

It's not Shane Warne we are talking to. to Britney Spears Plus, from Justin Bieber and even Larry! continuously killed off by the net. Coming up, the celebrities who are

I died on TV so many times but on

the internet, just a few times. the latest news from Sarah Cumming. But first, let's begin with Good morning, Sarah. after yet another mid-air drama, Qantas has hit more engine trouble this time over Perth. to turn back late yesterday A flight was forced a strange vibration after the pilot noticed just minutes into the flight. after yet another mid-air emergency. QF768 - grounded in Perth for Melbourne The Boeing 767 had just taken off started vibrating. when the port side engine and crew was forced to turn back. The jet with 234 passengers with a faulty engine. Prefer to turn around than go on back on the throttle on the plane. You could tell that they'd pulled

The engine certainly quietened off. the pilot came on and told us And then a couple of minutes later all about what was going to happen. The plane landed without incident other flights. and passengers were put onto what went wrong with the engine, Engineers are now trying to work out made by General Electric. to the national carrier's It's not the same engine fitted troubled A380 fleet. part in the Trent 900 engine Rolls-Royce has blamed a faulty over Indonesia. for last week's explosion After such a turbulent week, was last night celebrating it was ironic the airline with supermodels its 90th anniversary in company. and Hollywood heavyweights eight days but a great 90 years. It's been a very difficult when its A380s will be in the air Qantas still can't say will be sitting idle. or how long this troubled 767 in North Carolina Human remains found as those of missing Australian girl have reportedly been confirmed Zahra Baker. of media outlets, According to a number says the remains found yesterday a source close to the investigation as those of the 10-year-old. have been identified have announced a media conference North Carolina investigators for later this morning. to the United States Zahra's birth mother has travelled

to her the news isn't good. and says police have indicated The tone, their demeanour... ..the mystery evidence. what it is? REPORTER: And they won't tell you No. But you know it's bad news?

Yep. just over a month ago. Zahra was reported missing is headed for a hung parliament The Victorian election opinion poll. according to the latest On a two-party preferred basis, has dropped by 1%, Newspoll shows Labor's vote with the Coalition. making it a neck-and-neck race has also taken a hit, Support for the Greens by almost a quarter. with their primary vote dropping to be the better premier John Brumby is still believed Ted Baillieu. over the Opposition leader on the 27th of November. Victorians go to the polls a primary school teacher taped shut WA police are investigating claims students. the mouths of her grade one at a Kalgoorlie Primary School The 43-year-old teacher has been stood down. after their children said Nine parents have complained

Monday afternoon to keep them quiet. their mouths were taped on in the past, We're aware that this teacher had, with classroom management, had some issues all of which we thought and managed appropriately. were being dealt with The teacher is still being paid until the investigation's finished. but she won't teach any classes Aung San Suu Kyi Burma's pro-democracy leader from house arrest today. is expected to be freed begun gathering at the headquarters Hundreds of excited supporters have of her political party in Rangoon.

for 15 of the past 21 years The 65-year-old has been detained threat to the military junta's rule. and is still seen as a significant release papers have been signed, Government officials say her may not accept her freedom although it's believed Suu Kyi attached. if there are strict conditions After years of going solo introduced to her new playmate. Britain's only polar bear has been by a wire fence The bears had spent a week separated to interact. before they were allowed didn't seem too sure Polar bear Mercedes about her new, younger companion,

and chasing the 23-month-old. baring teeth each other company but won't breed. Zoo officials say the pair will keep In finance news: And now with sport, here's Simon Reeve. their 2008 World Cup defeat Australia will be hoping to avenge against New Zealand in Brisbane. in tonight's Four Nations final veteran Petero Civenociva The Kangaroos have dropped from the match and will need big prop Dave Shillington to fill his enormous boots. Despite a resounding victory over the Kiwis in last weekend's final pool game the Aussies are expecting a much improved opposition. I'm sure they would have been doing a bit of hard work this week to rectify what went wrong. A sellout crowd of over 40,000 is expected at Suncorp for tonight's match. The Wallabies will be looking to make it three wins in a row when they take on England at Twickenham tomorrow morning. Much of the focus in training has been on improving the scrum with Australia copping a battering last week against Wales. Experienced Hooker Stephen Moore comes back into the side and says he can't wait to lock horns with the English. I really enjoy playing here and there's no greater test for us as a forward pack than this Saturday. The Wallabies are set to stick to their free-flowing game despite wet conditions predicted. Gold Coast United has moved to within five points of A-League leaders Brisbane after a 3-1 win over Sydney FC at Skilled Park last night. 2-nil up at half-time United put the result beyond doubt after the break as Joel Porter smashed home his second goal. COMMENTATOR: Oh! Fabulous goal by Joel Porter. Sydney did manage a consolation but are still languishing at the bottom of the table. McLaren's Lewis Hamilton has upset the major F1 title contenders by setting the fastest practice time ahead of Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel for the season-ending Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. Championship leader Fernando Alonso was third fastest - one-thousandth of a second ahead of Aussie Mark Webber. who trails Alonso by eight points in the standings. Jamie Whincup will be hoping to close the gap on V8 supercar leader James Courtney in today's 120km race at Simmons Plain in Launceston after watching team-mate Craig Lowndes top the time sheets in yesterday's practise. You can see qualifying and today's race right here on Seven. Australia's Adam Scott has taken a 2-stroke lead over Englishman Ian Poulter at the halfway mark of the Singapore Open

after a second round 65 moved him to 12-under for the tournament. Meanwhile, Tiger Woods will be aiming to claw back some of the nine-stroke advantage that Australian Masters leader Adam Bland holds over him when the third round gets under way this morning. England are set to extend their lead over South Australia in today's tour match in Adelaide. But Ricky Ponting won't get more pre-Ashes batting practice. He played on,

out for just five against Queensland yesterday.

Finally, it feels like spring and

summer have come to Sydney.

Thank goodness.

Do not pre-empt the weather. You

have crossed the line. JT, we have

no use for you. Don't speak too

soon, Simon.

I'm glad it's spring and sum are in

Sydney. In Melbourne it's dreary

today. Rain, hail or shine, it's not

going to stop Santa making his

arrival to Melbourne. Myer's

Christmas parade is on today. This

is one of the big moments in

Melbourne for the year. You guys

would have experienced one of these

before. It's for the kids and big

kids. For the kids, Santa is

arriving. Last Friday, Myer opened

up their big Christmas windows,

which is always a huge reveal and

kids come down for days and days

before Christmas to see what is

behind the window. Elmo is going to

be here. Bumble Bee is going to be

here, and we have got 'Hairspray',

they are doing a number and 'Mary

Poppins'. It's a huge day. We want

the rain to hold off. At the moment,

it's not looking great. But let's

look around for the rest of the

country's forecast.

Weekend Sunrise weather, brought to

you by PoolWerx. Home of the $

you by PoolWerx. Home of the $69 starter service. On the regional fly-around - A few showers and 31 for Cairns. Afternoon showers in Townsville. 28 degrees in Rockhampton. A possible shower and 27 in Brisbane. In New South Wales, Sunny and 26 for Coffs Harbour. The chance of storms in Orange. Mostly sunny and 28 in Sydney. 27 in Canberra. Chance of storms in Wagga Wagga. Rain for Mildura and 22. 20 degrees in Bendigo. Rain periods for Melbourne. A morning shower or two in Strahan. A shower or two and 16 for Hobart. Rain periods in Mt Gambier. 20 degrees in Adelaide. A possible storm for Alice Springs. An afternoon storm for Darwin and 33 degrees. And in WA, partly cloudy in Bunbury. Sunny for Perth.

A warm 36 for Karratha. Sunny and 28 for Carnarvon.

Jim Stynes is the grandma shal

today, leading the parade. Bernie

Brooks the CEO of Myer is going to

be here. Jen Hawkins is going to

ride with Santa, she has the best

seat in the house. If anyone can do

it, Santa can. He has got friends in

high places. You can't get much

higher than the North Pole. Let's

hope that him and his elves can do

something and stop the rain. It will

happen rain, hail or shine. It will

be better if it was shine. See you

guys in half an hour. You don't want

to see Santa in one of those $

to see Santa in one of those $2

disposable ponchoes.

It looks miserable, doesn't it? Ahead on Weekend Sunrise - a mother's worst fear. Reports human remains have been identified as Zahra Baker's. We have a world exclusive on that story. We'll bring it to you next. Plus, is Tiger Woods out of contention at the Australian Masters? The golfing star struggles to find form. Stay with us. At Holden, we've taken everything we've learnt making Australia's best large cars and put it into a smaller one. The result is the Holden Cruze. This is a car that's fuel-efficient without feeling like you're driving an experiment. It has heaps of space so you don't have to do yoga to get into the back, and with six airbags and stability control standard across the range, its 5-star safety rating is the highest possible for any car on the road. the small car just got serious. At your Holden dealer now. Go better. Dulux Wash & Wear Kitchen and Bathroom paint repels moisture and actively prevents mould and bacteria. So only nice things can grow in your home. Prime Minister Julia Gillard joins the leaders of 20 other nations in Japan today, as the APEC Summit gets under way. Ms Gillard will also hold her first bilateral talks with US President Barack Obama. is our foreign editor. Dr Keith Suter Good morning, Keith.

of the APEC Summit? What is the value What will be achieved?

It's an Australian idea. It arose 20

years ago because in Europe, there

are all these regional organisations

that take care of economic and

social co-operation and so Bob

Hawke's suggestion over 20 years ago

was we needed to have all sorts of

regional organisations. Asia and the

Pacific region is where the

will be in the 21st century. So the Pacific region is where the action

feeling was we try to draw together

the countries that go around that

Pacific rim. So that was launched

over 20 years ago and it's turned

out to be a useful way to enable the

leaders in this correspond are of

the world to get together. It will

be a useful session. formal face-to-face meeting Julia Gillard will hold her first today. with US President Barack Obama

I imagine she is quite excited and

nervous about that: for the PM? How important will this meeting be

Shaoi is on a fast learning curve

for foreign affairs. She is having

to invent herself now as a foreign

affairs person because last week she

was meeting with Mrs Clinton and now

the US President. In fact she is on

this fast learning curve to

reinforce her credentials as a

foreign affairs person.

She has almost alluded to the fact

she doesn't enjoy it. She said the

other day the banks were ripping off

Australians. Would they know what Australians. Would they know what "

"Ripping off"

"Ripping off".

It was a stupid thing to say. In

foreign affairs, words are bullets.

It was a silly thing. It's part of

this learning curve. She is

to be much more diplomatic. A very this learning curve. She is learning

fast learning curve for her. Yesterday at the G20 Summit to sell uranium to Russia. the PM made a deal for Australia Is this a good move?

This came up three years ago. There

was a Parliamently report which

recommended against this and, of

course, The Greens are her Coalition

partner have said don't go ahead. It

will be a controversial move

will be hearing a lot about it when will be a controversial move and we

she returns next week.

I am sure we will be hearing about

her meeting with Barack Obama too.

Keith, lovely to talk to you. this morning Authorities are fearing the worst Zahra Baker. for missing Australian girl in bushland in North Carolina Human remains were found near where she had been living with her father and step mum. It comes as Zahra's biological mother, Emily Dietrich, told of her heartache to Seven News.

I feel sick. (Cries) I feel sick. (Cries). about a month ago. The 10-year-old was reported missing has been covering the story. Robert Ovadia Seven News reporter

in North Carolina. He joins us live from Hickory Good morning. shortly. Police will hold a media conference What's expected to be said?

Depends on what version you hears.

There has been a lot of speculation.

Emily Dietrich has not been told

specifically what will be said at

this press conference in 45 minutes

time. She was not specifically told

yesterday that the discovery made

the day before north of Zahra's home

are human remains. The police are

protective of her. They had an angry

exchange with media outlets. They

have reported it was human remains.

They reported what was found was a

head. We were with Emily this

morning as she is watching this

coverage on television. It's

upsetting for her. We understand

Emily will be told in the minutes

before this press conference happens

exactly the content. But local media

reports suggest very emphatically

what will be released is that not

only human remains have been found,

but they are those of Zahra.

Gut-wrenching scenes with Emily

Dietrich. How is she coping when the

cameras are off?

She has her ups and downs. An hour

or so ago we were with her and she

was reading blog comment

was reading blog comments at the

support they are offering. She can

also laugh but she has her very,

very low moments. When she

approached that shrine, that

makeshift shrine to Zahra yesterday

morning in the dawn light, saw the

house where she lived, all sorts of

emotions came out. It took her a

good two minutes to be able to leave

her car and cross the street just to

be able to make it there. We saw

some of the emotions on display.

The remains found in the bushland,

speculation? lots of speculation. Is it all

It is speculation but it has to be

said, it's not - the reports coming

out from the local news

here in Hickory and out of out from the local news stations

Charlotte, they are very emphatic.

They are not saying it's

that it might be human remains. They They are not saying it's thought

are saying that sources have

confirmed to them 100% that what was

found are human remains. Having said

that, Emily Dietrich hasn't been

told that. Hopefully in the next few

minutes she will be likely told what

speculation. this is about. You are right, it is

Bring us up to speed what is

happening with Zahra's father and

stepmother. Are they suspects?

They are very much suspects. The

laws in Australia are so much

stronger than here. Yes, there is no

court action. You look on talk back

shows and blog sites and everywhere,

news articles, everybody is pointing

a finger at Adam Baker from Wagga

Wagga and her stepmother. The

stepmother wrote a fake ran some

note. Adam Baker was questioned late

yesterday, only for half an hour, he

had his attorney prefmt there are

death threats for both of them. Adam

baker is hiding and the stepmother

is in jail.

There is a vigil on Tuesday.

That has been organised by a local

journalist. She has been trying to

get in touch with Emily Dietrich to

Troy to get her to come. Emily

couldn't even look to the house

until yesterday. We don't know how

many people will turn up but very

much in the same Cas Kesha Abrahams

that went missing in Sydney west,

there has been a massive outpouring

of grief. The same sort of tlaoun,

teddy bears, notes written by

children saying they are praying for

her, the same sort of emotions. You

would expect at that Tuesday vigil,

there will be quite a few people

turning up.

story. Another sad chapter in this tragic

at the Australian Masters Tiger Woods isn't ruling out victory third round even though he starts today's nine shots off the pace.

heads the leaderboard Australian Adam Bland Tiger, stage a comeback but can the defending champion, and take home the title? is here. Golf commentator Grant Dodd Good morning, Grant.

Tiger seems to be struggling this

year. He can comeback?

He can make a comeback. He is one of

two greatest players who can play

grove in the history of the game.

This time last year, we were going

through the massive reveal about his

after-hours indiscretions. He has

had a divorce, split up from his

wife, no access to his children.

There is a lost dpis tractions going

on in his life. He will make a

comeback at some point in time. He

has some issues with his golf game.

This time last year he was mobbed by

fans. The numbers are down this

year. He is not quite the draw

year. He is not quite the draw card as he used to be.

He is still the biggest name in the

game. There is no question what has

happened over the last year has hurt

his reputation and his appeal to

certain sections of his fan base as

well. Look, you know, the thing

about golf at the moment, if you

want to have an opportunity to have

a serious successful tournament,

Tiger is the man you need to have

coming through the gate.

We talked to JT and the weather

looks terrible in Melbourne. How

will that affect today? Will it have

an effect on Tiger's game?

Yesterday it blew a hurricane,

certainly had an effect on Tiger. He

is nine shots back. It's a long way

to come. Not a particularly strong

field and a lot of players in front

of him at the moment that will be

looking over their shoulder and thinking "

thinking "Tiger is chasing me" and

that has always had an effect on

Tiger's performance in the past.

Like when I play golf. Thanks coming in.

I've seen you play golf in a cyclone.

I'm a fair weather golfer. Next - news, sport and weather together. You're watching Weekend Sunrise, on the Seven Network. It's got the usual suspects, all on sourdough - genius! and a little bit fancy. the Murray-Darling Basin's long-term problems. A changing climate means we need to prepare for less water to share around. Water for the Future is securing our water drop by drop. and help keep our communities sustainable. It will help farmers produce our food with less water and give more water to our rivers. A new plan is being developed to manage the way we use water in the Murray-Darling Basin. Drop by drop we're securing Australia's water for the future.

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Katy Perry. Justin Bieber.

# Baby, baby # .

Pink. Usher. The biggest names, the

biggest concerts. Another reason

Sunrise is Australia's number one

breakfast show.

Hik Tok... #

That's the song. I'm going

That's the song. I'm going to talk to her soon.

I love how you get the song.

Me, three times their age.

Like with Tommy Lee, you said did ya

call the cops" Coming up - Dead or alive? The celebs who continue to be killed off by the net. Plus... ..the 69-year-old grandmother who's also a DJ.


That's more my speed.

She is pretty cool. I don't know. But right now, let's get a news hit. Here's Sarah.

Police are expected to shortly

confirm that human remains found in

Carolina are that of missing

Australian girl Zahra Baker. Police have been searching for Zahra for more than a month after she was reported missing by her father and stepmother.

Zahra's birth mother has

Zahra's birth mother has travelled to the scene and provided police

with a DNA sample.

It hurts seeing the house and

everything law enforcement has had

to do to dig up the yard. I don't know.

A police news conference has will be

in half an hour's time and we will

bring it to you live. Qantas has suffered another mid-air drama,

this time over Perth. A flight to Melbourne was forced to turn back just after take-off late yesterday because of engine trouble. More than 200 passengers were onboard the Boeing 767. The pilot just said there was vibration in the left engine and better to turn around and come back to Perth. Everybody was really calm and did exactly as they were told and lovely landing and we're happy to be back on the ground. The passengers finally finished their journey to Melbourne late last night, as Qantas executives in Sydney celebrated the company's 90th anniversary. The problem engine is made by General Electric and engineers are working out what went wrong. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard has arrived in Japan for a meeting with Asia-Pacific nations. Ms Gillard touched down in Yokohama last night. She'll hold her first formal meeting with US President Barack Obama today, ahead of the APEC summit. Ms Gillard was under fire at the G20 meeting in South Korea for not getting tougher on Australian banks for their interest rate hikes above the Reserve Bank's official increase. An investigation is under way into the shooting death of a man in Sydney's inner west last night. Emergency services were called to a street in Newtown around 9:00 last night, following reports of a man lying in the street. He had a gunshot wound to the head. Anyone with information is urged to call Crimestoppers. Police divers have found the bodies of two men who disappeared while swimming at a waterhole in Sydney's west. The men, in their 20s, had been with a group of family and friends when they decided to swim across Bents Basin at Greendale. They disappeared halfway across. It's believed they were swimming against a strong current. Victoria's high country can expect a drenching this weekend as severe storms move across the state. Parts of Melbourne received a battering last night

with heavy rain and strong winds leaving a trail of destruction in the city's south.

The State Emergency Service received up to 300 calls for help, mostly in response to uprooted trees. I'd say from everything that we've seen tonight, we've had a micro-burst which is what a lot of people call a mini tornado. Up to 150mm of rain is expected to fall in the state's north-east over the weekend. There's been a dramatic rescue of 20 Chinese sailors who went missing when their cargo ship sank near Japan. At least three men have been pulled from the water alive for treatment. and have been taken to hospital to the ship It's not yet known what happened crew members told the Coast Guard but it's been reported the it suddenly took on water. to come out firing Australia is expecting New Zealand at Suncorp Stadium. in tonight's Four Nations final

a number of changes to the side Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens has made last week. that easily beat the Kiwis is utility Kurt Gidley One of those back in the side for the battle against New Zealand. who says his side are up is a tough game What people want to see what you want to be involved in. and certainly as a player that's could have played his last match Veteran prop Petero Civenociva

for the Kangraoos. by Dave Shillington. He'll be replaced in the side

The Wallabies will be hoping to keep

their dream in the European Tour

alive when they face England at

Twickenham tomorrow morning. Aussie

coach Robbie Deans is confident of a

big improvement.

You have to manage your time

appropriately. We have had an

forward to the game now. appropriate focus on it and looking

Hooker Stephen Moore comes into the

experience in the forwards. side to add some much needed

Gold Coast united captain Jason

Culina said he is proud of his

team's performance at skilled

on the Gold Coast last night. team's performance at skilled park

Pretty sloppy at the start but then

we picked it up. It was a solid

performance in the end.

Joel Porter scored twice. While

Bruno scored a consolation goal for

struggling Sydney later on.

Despite Red Bull's boss saying

Sebastian Vettel could win against

Mark winner, it looks like he will

have to do it all himself.

The event has not changed in the

change here. last couple of races and will not

Vettel is like a cold German kettle.

It's the only word that rhythms with


There is a bad theme developing

here. Saturday, rain. Last week Avalon.

Simon, talking about races. We

watched that promo about how great

the music on Sunrise it is. We do

get the big names on Sunrise. You

know who else gets the big names? V8

Supercars. The last week in

December, is the last round of V8

Supercars. They have the biggest

line-up in music you have seen. The

race is going to be spectacular.

They have got Guns N 'Roses, the Ain

else, James reason. I got a press

release from spider bait yesterday.

It's exciting if you are into sport

or cars or music. If you are into

cute bears you need to be at Myer

today. Myer Christmas parade. Here

in Melbourne, the rain might be

falling at the moment and that's not

a good thing but the Myer Christmas

parade will go ahead behind me. We

have some of the floats ready to go.

You see the gingerbread man. Charlie

the Myer Christmas bear, he is

of the favourites. They have got the the Myer Christmas bear, he is one

milkshake float. I was here last

year. I got excited about last year.

This year I'm back. It's an exciting

day. We need the rain to hold off.

I'm about to talk to Wayne Latham

who knows all about Myer and their

merchandising. But first forecast.

Weekend Sunrise weather brought to

you by PoolWerx, home of the $69 starter service.

Victoria which is triggering areas There is a trough extending into

at times. of rain and storms which are heavy

Hot northerly winds are in New South

Wales. Southerly winds as a cooler

change moves over Victoria is

bringing showers and much cooler

capitals: temperatures. Looking at the

are more showers in the coming days. The five-day forecast shows there

Wayne Latham, it's tricky with two

umbrellas. I will go high and you go

low. This Myer Christmas parade is

such a fantastic event. It is going

to happen. We have great floats that

have been put together all year.

We've been working on them all year.

They are fantastic. My favourite is

the Myer toy express. Worth coming

down and having a look regardless of

the weather.

Aside from the parade, Myer stores

they moment look fantastic. In

Melbourne last Friday, you opened up

the Christmas windows. Can you tell

me, if people haven't come and

experienced that yet in Melbourne,

what is the theme this year?

The theme this year is a Nutcracker.

The windows are a proud tradition,

in their 55

in their 55th year, in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Where can I see Santa this year,

going and getting a photo with Santa

and telling him what I want and the

necessarily get it. disappointment when I don't

You can visit Santa, he is a busy

man but he is in every single Myer

store. The tip is to go to one of

our down town stores. You can have a

ride on our Santa land express

ride on our Santa land express train

and visit Rudolph.

There is the hot tip. If you want to

see Santa, most Australian Myer

stores have him. He is so busy, but

the bigger rival is today. This

when he is arriving from the North the bigger rival is today. This is

Pole and who else to welcome him but

Jen Hawkins. That's happening at the

Myer Christmas Parade today. Brave

the rain, come and join us. I will

be here. Plenty of Channel 7 people.

Sports stars, musicians. Hayley

Waters here, we will speak to her in half an hour.

What is wrong with a Weekend Sunrise

float. We can do a nut cracker.

Where do you think Santa would

rather arrive from the North Pole to

see - Jen - Laz, Jen - Laz.

Santa likes Jen. on Weekend Sunrise - Coming up Kesha. The softer side of wild child rocker

That's hard to say. Plus... ..Death by Internet. killed off. Why celebs continue to be Including our Laz.

That's easy to say.

I get the easy bits.

something big - a small car. At Holden, we've launched It's called the Holden Cruze, than you might expect. and there's more to it to keep you cosy in winter There's heated seats

to keep you safe at night. and auto headlights wheel to control your iPod, There's buttons on the steering

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Was that cow vomiting money?

How revolting. A great competition.

Cash Cow is back on Monday. Your

favourite game.

Sunrise is giving away $ Sunrise is giving away $200,000.

It's the biggest prize pool ever.

Took me by surprise. Be watching

Monday for your chance to win from

the Cash Cow. Good luck. you read on the Internet, You can't believe everything especially when it comes to celebrity deaths.

Amount there are great Nigerians

that offer you great things. This week former AFL star Ben Cousins became the latest star to be falsely killed off.

And he's not alone. let's take a look. If you trust the internet, these guys should be all dead. It takes just one person to start a rumour and the web to spread it around the world. This week, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter went crazy, lighting up with news former AFL star Ben Cousins was dead. A quick call to his dad from a Melbourne radio station proved it was wrong. Ben was in fact alive and well and holidaying in Perth. He isn't the only star to be killed off prematurely. Actor Zach Braff was forced to deny he was dead last year.

Following online reports he'd committed suicide.

Hi, it's Zac here. I'm alive. There

was a big internet rumour today

was a big internet rumour today that I was dead, that I OD'd on some

pills. I'm alive, here, working on 'Scrubs'. Justin Bieber has been reported dead four or five times. When the 16-year-old failed to post on Twitter for 14 hours, his fans began to panic. Rumours spread the pop star had died, with rumours of everything from suicide to death from convulsions. Bieber quickly put it to rest. In 2006, a dodgy press release claimed funny man actor Will Ferrell had died in a paragliding accident. The news spread like wildfire across the web. Car accidents are a popular way of killing off celebs. Back in 1969, long before the internet, reports surfaced about Beatle Paul McCartney dying in a crash. It was rumoured he'd been replaced by a lookalike.

In 2001, internet forums were abuzz with news Brittney Spears had died in a crash with ex boyfriend Justin Timberlake at the wheel. A radio station broadcast the news, then was forced to apologise. In 2004 fans were prematurely mourning the death of Michael Jackson, sparked by an email he had overdosed on sleeping pills five years before his actual death. On the same day the world was coming to terms with the real life death of the King of Pop, word spread that veteran actor Jeff Goldblum was dead.

Do we have any more on this breaks

news of Jeff Goldblum falling to his death.

I have a report that New Zealand

police are saying Jeff Goldblum fell

from a cliff to his death while filming in New Zealand. It didn't take long for the rest of the world to realise the news wasn't true.

The New Zealand police confirmed it.

Wow. You know, I guess I really am dead. The list of hoax deaths goes on, from Bill Cosby to Tom Cruise and rapper Eminem. They've had the condolences coming in and, yep, they've even got me. My death was announced on Wikepedia last year. Well, I'm still alive. But it leaves you wondering who'll be next.

That's terrible we found out we

thought you were dead.

You do get some very interesting

phone calls. You didn't call. You

didn't call at all.

Someone in the building told me. We

had Andrew ready to come on. There

There is always someone else in telly. Coming up - Saturday's top showbiz news, including... ..I'm sorry. Ronan Keating apologises for cheating on his wife. Plus, Lindsay Lohan's family reunion. The trouble actress reconciles with estranged father Michael. That's next.

The Weekend Sunrise showbiz report. Tomm Taylor is our man in Hollywood.

What a man he is, too. Good morning. Ronan Keating Aussie 'X Factor' judge to his wife. has made a heartfelt apology

In doing so, he is trying to keep

the marriage solid with his

beautiful wife Yvonne. They have

been together for 12 years. Ronan

slipped, he said he went into a dark

place. We hear he had an affair with

a younger woman, a 26-year-old

British back-up singer. Now he is

saying you are the most incredible,

inspirational woman I've ever made. " inspirational woman I've ever made.

"For the mistakes I've made in my

life I'm sorry"

life I'm sorry". He goes on to say " life I'm sorry". He goes on to say

"I was in a dark place and you were

the light to bring me back"

the light to bring me back". That

dark place was a pleasure trip and

he wants to stick with the wife. He

has three great kids, he is part

'X Factor'. has three great kids, he is part of

We wish him well on that path. is on the road to recovery. Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan She's even making ammends with her estranged dad. Tell us more.

Michael Lohan has been, in the past,

beyond the pale and he has invited

Michael Lohan into the Betty Ford

centre to have a rendezvous. The

experts are saying the

experts are saying the relationship could be helpful. She got lectured

by a judge. She has spent some

in a jail, too. Now she is mandatory by a judge. She has spent some time

rehab until January 23rd. Michael

Lohan has spent some time with his

daughter after this relationship is

on a new course and he is excited

about that. He is excited he can

maybe make money by tipping off the

might go. paparazzi where he and the daughter

If this family patches things up,

what are we going to talk about? I

know - Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber has been injured. There's reports teen pop star What's happened?

The Canadian singing sensation and

thank God, he was injured

wasn't the vocal chords that were thank God, he was injured but it

injured. He was on stage in

Cleveland and twisted an ankle, he

was a trooper, people were

applauding. But he was in pain and

his management hopes there will be

nothing serious. In the past he has

tripped and fallen and frck toured a

foot. He is hungry for fame and we

love the Beeb.

Hope he gets bettier. Finally, the mother of Madonna's new boyfriend has spoken about about how she feels about their relationship. Does she approve?

The boyfriend there that we see,

that's Braheem. Madonna met him

through her daughter Lourdez. The

guy with the hat is 24. His mother,

not too happy about the

not too happy about the relationship with the pop star. She is 44, which

means she is only eight years

younger than Madonna. Who knows if

this can weather the storm.

is a super talent but she gets this can weather the storm. Madonna

attention by changing her hair

colour and now she gets attention by

getting guys in their 20s.

She obviously has a lot of energy.

We will see you later. together. Next - news, sport and weather

The Cash Cow gives away $

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This morning - worst fierce:

another Qantas plane strikes engine This morning - worst fierce: A

trouble as the flying kangaroo goes

into damage control again.

And face-to-face. Julia Gillard

Barack Obama hold their first formal And face-to-face. Julia Gillard and meeting.

Also today - you are never too old.

world in a spin. This 69-year-old DJ who has the

My nails, gold and silver, shiny, amazing. Yeah.

And the rings.

The softer side of wild child Kesha.

It's Saturday, 13 November 2010.

Now back to Weekend Sunrise. Here is Samantha and Larry. Now back to Weekend Sunrise. Here is Samantha and Larry. Now back to Weekend Sunrise. Here is Samantha and Larry.

We are going back to Hickory

We are going back to Hickory in North Carolina in the States. Robert

Ovadia is there. A world exclusive.

Rob, what can you tell us?

I can tell you the news that is

about to be broken to the us media

shortly that we can bring you now,

there is a DNA match on the bone

found a couple of weeks ago north of

Zahra's home. That DNA has been

matched to various items that were

recovered in Zahra's house here in

Hickory. Also beyond that, police

have confirmed the growing

speculation that the remains that

they found a couple of days ago,

again north of Hickory, seem to be

those of a little girl. So for all

intents and purposes it looks we are

getting confirmation now, all but

positively, that police are saying

that Zahra Baker is dead.

For official confirmation we are

going live to the press conference.

Please understand I cannot get into

many specifics about the

investigation but the DNA evidence

from the bone found on Kristy Road

match the sample, a DNA sample from

the house. The sample from the home

was taken from personal items

believed to be Zahra. A known DNA

profile from Zahra will be created

from cheek swabs from her biological

mother and father. She will be

mother and father. She will be sent to the North Carolina lab to create

that profile. Remains found at

Dudley Scholes Road have been

Dudley Scholes Road have been sent to the North Carolina's medical

examiner's office and to the state

investigation lab for positive

identification. According to medical

examiner staff on site, when the

remains were uncovered, they are

consistent with a child. Until that

test is complete, we cannot

officially confirm they are Zahra's.

The timetable for those results are

not available at this time. This is

still a developing case and we are

gathering all facts we feel exist.

We understand the concern and

interest in this case by the public

but we must be cautious in releasing

further information so we are not

jeopardizing future court

proceedings. The release of any

information from this point on will be very limited.

Investigators, agents and officers

and staff who have work odd this

case are devastated that we are not

able to find Zahra alive and bring

her home safely. We appreciate the

support we received from the public

today our community mourns. Our

state mourns. Our nation mourns. And

the world mourns as we go forward. Thank you. Con

Confirming the remains are that of

10-year-old Zahra Baker. Robbo Vlad

ya is in Hickory. You are travelling

with Emily Dietrich. Was she

listening to that press conference

or had police informed her of this

news before the press conference?

Sam, police have been keeping a lot

of information close to their chest

for obvious reasons. This is a high

pressure investigation and they need

to control that investigation. It

was only about 15 minutes or so

before that press conference, before

we just broke that news, that Emily

Dietrich was informed that it is in

fact her daughter that has been

found a couple of days ago. I

haven't had the chance to speak with

Emily just yet. She has had an

emotional journey, not just from the

first time we spoke to her in her

home town of Wagga Wagga but

when she visited the shrine home town of Wagga Wagga but also

yesterday, she was a torn woman. It

took her a couple of minutes to

cross the street to get to that

shrine, she almost threw up. She was

bracing for this news. There has

been a lot of speculation, that is

what this press conference would

confirm. I will be catching up with

Emily shortly.

Rob, the Police Chief suggested the

timetable is not available for how

this investigation will unfold. Any

indication? Are we talking days,

weeks or months now?

I do have a fair indication, guys,

but I'm not liberty to say, only out

of protection of the investigation.

I don't know an arrest is imminent.

It's not a case of finding a body

and the police have the entire case and they

and they can effect an arrest. There are still people to

are still people to be spoken to and

briefs to be had. A lot of

scientific work as well. In terms of

timeframes, it's difficult to

confirm exactly. I don't suspect an

arrest is imminent, just around the

corner, unless there is a specific breakthrough.

Rob, as briefly as you can, describe

this scene. How far were these

remains found from the house Zahra

was living in with her father and stepmother?

It's about 35 kilometres odd north

of where Zahra lived here in

Hickory. The significance about

where those remains were found

that it is very close to where where those remains were found is

Zahra's step mum, Elise a Baker,

42-year-old was living three years

ago, before she met Zahra or Adam

Baker. That specifically, that

specific site is very much of

interest to police with where Alice

a Baker used to live. She has been

charged with hindering the

investigation, in having written a

ransom note in her own writing for $ ransom note in her own writing for

$1 million asking for safe return of

Zahra. She has been charged with

hindering the investigation. There

are a lot of people around Hickory

who want murder charges as soon as

they possibly can. This is not a 60

minute CSI episode. Police have to

put something before a court that a

jury can con viblgt upon.

Thank you for keeping us up to date

with that story. Let's get the rest

of today's news. Qantas has hit more engine trouble after yet another mid-air drama, this time over Perth. A flight was forced to turn back late yesterday after the pilot noticed a strange vibration, just minutes into the flight.

QF768 grounded in Perth after yet

another mid air emergency. The

Boeing 767 had just taken off for

Melbourne when the Port side engine

started vibrating. The jet, with 234

passengers and crew, was forced to turn back.

Prefer to turn around and go on with

a faulty engine.

You can tell they pulled back on the

throttle on the plane. The engine

certainly quiet evened off. Snoot

pilot came on and told us what was

going to happen.

The plane landed without incident

and passengers were put on to other

flights. Engineers are now

flights. Engineers are now trying to work out what went one with the

engine made by General Electric,

after such a turbulent week, it was

ironic the airline was last night

celebrating its 90th anniversary,

with supermodels and heavyweights in company: Expectations are high that Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi will be freed from house arrest today. It's believed the 65-year-old is currently negotiating

the conditions of her release. Hundreds of supporters are gathering at the Rangoon headquarters of her political party. Suu Kyi has been detained for most of the past 21 years and is still seen as a significant threat to the military junta's rule. The Victorian election is headed for a hung parliament, according to the latest opinion poll. On a two-party preferred basis, Newspoll shows Labor's vote has dropped by 1%, making it a neck-and-neck race with the Coalition. Support for the Greens has also taken a hit,

with their primary vote dropping by almost a quarter. John Brumby is still believed to be the better premier over the Opposition leader Ted Baillieu. Victorians go to the polls on the 27th of November.

An investigation is under way over

the shooting death of a man in

Sydney's west last night. Emergency

services were called to a street in

Newtown at 9 o'clock last night

following reports of a man lying in

the street with gunshot wounds to

the head. Police are trying to

identify the man and work out the

circumstances leading up to his

death. Time for sport now.

Australia will be out to after

evening their World Cup defeat

against New Zealand in tonight's

four nation final in Brisbane. The

Kangaroos have dropped sin sieve a

from the match as shifg tonne steps

up. Despite a resound ling success,

the Aussies are expecting a much

improved showing from New Zealand.

I'm sure they would have been doing

a fair bit of hard work this week to

rectify what went wrong.

A crowd of 40,000 are expected to

pack out Suncorp Stadium for tonight's big one.

The Wallabies will be looking for

three wins in a row when they take

on England at Twickenham tomorrow

morning. Much of the focus has been

on improving the scrum with

Australia copping a battering last

week at the hands of the Welsh.

Stephen Moore is back to bolster the

forwards and says he can't wait to

lock horns with the old enemy.

I really enjoy playing here and

there is no greater test for us as a forward pack than this Saturday.

The Wallabies are said to stick to

their successful free-flowing game

despite some rain being about.

Gold Coast has moved into five

points of Brisbane over a win at

skilled park. 2-0 up at half-time,

the result was under doubt.

COMMENTATOR: Oh! Fabulous goal by

Joel Porter.

Sydney managed a consolation goul

but are still languishing at the bottom of the table.

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton has upset

the title contents ders by setting

the fastest practice time yesterday

ahead of Sebastian Vettel.

Championship leader Fernando Alonso

was third fastest, just one

thousandth of a second ahead of Mark

Webber. Jamie Whincup will be hoping

to close the gap on James Courtney

in today's 120k race in Launceston

after watching Craig Lowndes top the

time sheets in yesterday's practice.

You can see qualifying and today's

race right here on Seven. Grant is a

biggest V8 Supercar fan, he will be


That's one.

My mum, she watches as well.

Weather time now with JT.

Thank you very much, Laz. The Myer

Christmas Parade is on today. Notice

the difference between this cross

and the cross half an hour ago - I'm

not holding an umbrella. It's not

raining now. Please come down

raining now. Please come down to Bourke Street. There are soft fluffy

floats with things like fairy floss

and candy Kane's and gingerbread

man. Then there are manually floats

like the bat mobile. It broke down,

which is a bit embarrassing. He's in

there but he won't come out because

he just said it's a bit of an

embarrassment it broke down. It will

be in the parade. It will be going

down the bourk Street Mall. Home of the $

Home of the $69 starter service.

Home of the $69 starter service. A few showers and 31 in Cairns. 28 in

Rockhampton. Possible showers and 27

in Brisbane.

In New South Wales, sunny and 26

In New South Wales, sunny and 26 in Coffs Harbour. A chance of storms in

orange. 27 in Canberra. The chance

of storms in Wagga. Rain for Mildura

and 22. Rain in Bendigo. But

and 22. Rain in Bendigo. But clear at the moment in Melbourne. A

morning shower or two in Strauchan.

A shower or two and 16 in Hobart. 20

in Adelaide, possible storms

in Adelaide, possible storms for Alice Springs and an afternoon storm

in Darwin and 33 degrees. In WA,

partly cloudy in Bunbury. Sunny and

26 in Perth. A warm 36 in carat a

and sunny and 28 in Canarvon. 26 in Perth. A warm 36 in carat a and sunny and 28 in Canarvon. 26 in Perth. A warm 36 in carat a and sunny and 28 in Canarvon.

The Myer Christmas Parade is a

fantastic event. Santa will be here,

Jen Hawkins will be here. We have

got sporting stars, local community

groups, performances from the cast

of 'Hairspray' and 'Mary Poppins'.

There are 2,000 or so of this very

umbrella available for free for

people who come down. Look, you are

not going to get wet. Definitely for

free? Definitely for free. If you

say it on telly, it has to happen.

They are definitely for free. They

look great. You will be dry either

way. Come down and join us.

Looking like a good day there.

Julia Gillard will hold her first

meeting with US President Obama at

the APEC summit Julia Gillard will hold her first face-to-face meeting with US President Barack Obama today.

How important is this meeting for the PM? today.

It's very important, Sam. We were talking last week about the importance of her meeting

importance of her meeting with Hillary Clinton when she was

visiting request r for the AUSMIN

talks. This is amplified by the fact

it is the US President. Probably

important symbolically more than

anything. It's not as if two leaders

meeting on the sidelines in Japan

can solve the world's problems. But

it's more about them establishing a

friendship, the way Kevin Rudd did

with Barack Obama and John Howard

did with George Bush. What can we expect from the 2010 APEC meeting?

APEC was set up back in the late

'80s to encourage the 21 countries

to open up trade barriers and

to open up trade barriers and boost what is going between all of them.

So that's the focus. Julia

So that's the focus. Julia Gillard will be continuing to push the

arguments that we saw her pushing at

the G20 summit which has wrapped up

in Korea. She is telling everyone not to

not to be shy about opening up trade

barriers despite the fact we have

had problems. She said it will be

better if we continue to boost trade. Ms Gillard has said foreign policy is not her passion. Is she holding her own with the world leaders?

It's hard to tell, Sam. I think on

the surface it seems that she is.

But really the only people who would

know that in detail are the other

leaders she is dealing with. They

are not going to talk about the

relationships. It is a crash course

for her. She hasn't been used to

doing this. She is an expert on lots

of things domestically but not

foreign affairs. She seems to be

doing OK. It was interesting to see

her the other day not deliver the

speech that she was planning to

deliver when she was going to have

an attack on the big banks. She

pulled back from that and realised

that wasn't the forum for it. It

looks as if she is learning along

the way.

Jodie, thanks for the update.

Coming up - damage control for the

flying kangaroo. Another Qantas

plane has engine trouble. What is

going on?

Plus, can he make it. Ben Cousins

struggle with drug addiction. That's

next. There's more bad news for Qantas with another mid-air drama.

A flight bound for Melbourne was forced to turn back to Perth late yesterday after the pilot noticed a strange vibration. It comes as the airline's fleet of A380s is still grounded over saftey concerns. So do passengers still trust Qantas or has its reputation been ruined? It's over to our Weekend All Stars

Paul Murray from Sky News and social commentator Prue MacSween. Good morning to you both. Paul, can Qantas recover from this?

And or your sound effects?

Ding. Would you like chicken or the

veal? Obviously it will. However,

I'm planning to fly with them

I'm planning to fly with them later in the year so I will watch myself

here. However, I will say this.

Despite the fact I paid full

freight, although you if you would

like to change that, I can support

you on tomorrow's show, is that the

system worked. It's not like the

planes have been falling out of the

sky. It's the second they find a

problem, they turn around and deal

with it. I'm completely confident

people go to work not planning how

to cut corners so people die. I'm

expecting they go, work hard and

things are OK. I think there is, to

a degree, ex actionally moments like

this, it's like when there is lots

of problems with trains or buses and

it becomes the story. You report

every single thing that goes wrong.

Reality is, most of us have sat on a

plane and it's been delayed by an

hour or have had to turn around. It

looks terrible when it's this close

together. Things come in threes, which together. Things come in threes,

which mean my flights awesome.

We, the media, give Qantas a bad time.

It's been the airline that has never

crashed. It still hasn't but the

thing is there is a perception now

that really, is the maintenance

being down played a bit. Are they

cutting costs, which is always a

question mark. I hope they are not,

and I'm sure they wouldn't, but no

doubt this has done incredible

damage to brand. Maybe they are not

as safe as we were proudly boasting

of. I think if they are changing

their maintenance rules, if they are

exporting that maintenance, they

need to consider perhaps bringing it back.

As nervous as all the passengers

are, imagine the flight crew. They

have to fly every day.

They don't seem to get nervous,


Three engines, we can do it. Moving on, Westpac and the National Australia Bank have joined their counterparts in raising interest rates on home loans.

All the big four banks are now slugging borrowers with rate rises above the Reserve Bank. Prue, are they robbing customers or is it a necessary move?

They are robbing customers but they

are also rewarding shareholders. I

notice the Commonwealth Bank went up

yesterday on the stock market. We

have to vote with our feet. At the

end of the day, move out if you are

not happy with them, change baings.

Apart from Westpac, I believe they

are not charging exit fees. There is

nothing stopping you. Move to a

second tier bank.

Westpac has refused to scrap this

exit fee thing.

I think the exit fee thing is a

fantastic idea for the one bank who

thought it was a good idea, giving

something to the customers which is

a good PR battle. I stand by what we

talk bad last week. Reality is

whether we like it or not, we are

Victoriansed in the banks making

money. If you are Agro about it, go.

Where did this all start going

wrong? It was about four years where

most banks did away with the idea

you had to stand there and write out

the deposit slips. Remember as a kid

I put in 15 trillion dollars to the moon.

Gee that development on the moon is looking good.

I always do the paper deposit.

You are in the dark ages.

I didn't know it was updated. In other news, former AFL star Ben Cousins has revealed that he still thinks about drugs every day.

Speaking in an interview with the Herald Sun, the former drug addict admitted he's even vulnerable to a relapse. Prue, will Ben ever recover?

Let's hope so. We are all rooting

for him, so to speak. We are all on

tenterhooks as well. When you have

this kind of addictive personality,

it's a psychological thing. The guy

needs ongoing help because he could

fall off the edge and we hope that

he doesn't.

Paul, what do you think it's best for him to