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(generated from captions) (LAUGHS) Yes.

doesn't it? That's gotta be worth something, Now we're talking. Come on, Nicole. Over to you! Megaguess! Megaguess! (LAUGHS) Yay! (ELECTRONIC FLOURISH) Oh, two grand? in the nose with a blunt tongue. Well, it's better than a poke $2,000. Over to you, Nicole. What's in your case? I'm going to say $1,000. Come on, Nicole. Let's pop the locks! It's... ..yeah! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) There was the $150. Well, there we go. You're leaving with two grand. but it will get both of you home. It's not exactly Phuket, from there. And I'll let you sort things out

Let's see the money. Yeah, Phil, if I was you,

desk at the airport, when you get back to the check-in to be seated separately, you know. maybe just ask hour and 10 minutes otherwise. It could be a long You got us out of a hole there. Thanks, Nicole! for a while. You're gonna be hearing about this

in the Deal-a-Drome! Bye now. See you next time This program is captioned live. Tonight - for a Central Coast teenager. new clues in the desperate search A twist for the Sydney escort Richard Pratt's millions. fighting for as an orange slick hits our coast. Beachgoers warned hostage mockumentary The Prince Harry sparking widespread outrage. you have to see to believe. And the Aussie basketballers with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. Fears are growing

teenager Matthew Appleby that missing Central Coast has drowned off Avoca. is there. Crime reporter Robert Ovadia of finding Matthew alive? Robert, have searchers given up hope Chris, not at all who I spoke to this morning, but his father, is increasingly worried, at the beach last night. after finding Matthew's shoes the theory That discovery tends to discount that he went for a bushwalk. he went for a swim. It now seems more likely It's a big stretch of sand for clues here is meticulous, and although the search Matthew Appleby could be anywhere. the reality is We're looking in the water. adjacent to this area We're also looking in the bushland around here at Avoca. walking around Kincumber Mountain Bushland because the teenager likes

without footwear. but he's unlikely to have gone there We're talking a pair of shoes. apparently discarded, The shoes were dry, possibly for a swim. found them last night Matthew's father was found on Tuesday. after his backpack and not a single sighting. Four days The last information we have a white T-shirt and grey shorts. is that he was wearing Terrigal High School uniform, Part of his

like this one. about Matthew's disappearance, Some students here are joking others are upset. I've asked teachers

try to avoid away from that topic. and they've sort of, like, early Monday, The 17-year-old was last seen leaving home to Terrigal Primary School. and walking his younger brother to his school He should have continued but didn't and some time later,

south to Avoca Beach. he's presumed to have walked Matthew was expected there Bronze Medallion. to complete his surf lifesaving He is a strong swimmer. Police are hopeful. watching this tonight, If he's sitting there contact at least your family that you're safe and well. and let them know that he was a truant. There are reports Police are looking into that. of billionaire Richard Pratt A Sydney escort suing the estate for $5 million by the Supreme Court has been ordered of any services she provided. to give details any records relating to Mr Pratt, The ruling requires her to produce

his mistress. and any relating to another woman, Richard Pratt's high-priced escort. Madison Ashton was billionaire the 'Cardboard King's' mistress Shari-Lea Hitchcock was

and mother of his love child.

waging legal wars They're both separately on his widow Jeanne Pratt of his $5 billion estate. for a slice in a Sydney court today But documents tendered over the nature of relations raise questions

between the two other women.

any documents Ashton was ordered to hand over for the billionaire, detailing exactly what she did how long it took while it happened. and who was present records of services she provided - She'll also have to hand over any sexual or otherwise. any such documents exist There no suggestion or any services were rendered linking, sexually or otherwise, and no evidence before the court and Miss Hitchcock. Mr Pratt, Ms Ashton to have the case thrown out. Mrs Pratt's lawyers failed It will go to trial next year. formerly known as Roseanne Catt The woman of trying to kill her husband and wrongly accused for justice. has vowed to keep fighting Now Roseanne Beckett, a compensation ruling today she was expecting want more time. but government lawyers And this is what they do. This is just not on. to keep the matter before the court, They just have the resources if they keep spinning it on, they think she's going to get sick of it and we don't to deal with it. and maybe she'll die Ms Beckett spent 10 years in jail into police misconduct. but was freed after an inquiry to avoid parts of Sydney's coastline Swimmers are being warned which have been invaded by an ugly orange slick. occurring algal bloom isn't toxic Authorities say the naturally in some people. but it may cause a reaction a fluorescent slick - It stands out for kilometres, coating the ocean. not of pollution, but algae, This was near Palm Beach and this just off the Heads. When we have the currents changing or strong winds, we get cold water that's got lots of nutrients coming up into the shallow water and that causes it to grow in large numbers. It comes right into the shore

and if it's quite thick,

the white-water of the waves will be red. On the beaches, in the harbour and not just here - in the past few days, algal blooms have been reported all the way up to Newcastle. It's marine algae, or Noctiluca Scintillans, which partly means "night light", and that's because it also glows in the dark.

The big concentrations a big concern for the microbes they feast on but we should also be wary. Inside the cells is a chemical called ammonia and when it gathers together,

that ammonia can cause very mild skin or eye irritation. Even though they're not considered toxic, authorities are urging swimmers to avoid the discoloured water. As conditions change, the algal blooms will disperse naturally but expect to see more of them as summer approaches. At least the whales don't seem to mind - just another sight to see off Sydney.

Toyota Australia has decided to join a worldwide recall, ordering checks on some 25,000 cars. They're Kluger and Lexus models that could develop a master cylinder leak, if the wrong brake fluid is used. It's not an immediate safety issue.

It's not as if the brakes are suddenly going to fade - you do get some warning.

The recall affects about 1.5 million cars worldwide. Toyota Australia says owners will be contacted by mail with any repairs free of charge. The Federal Opposition has vowed to use the so-called new politics in Canberra to force the Gillard Government into dumping one of its new detention centres. The residents of Woodside, in the Adelaide Hills, are incensed that they weren't consulted about their new neighbour. The people of Woodside gather to tell the Government where to put its latest detention centre. Put them next to your place, mate! The calm... We want ordinary people living in an ordinary, nice Woodside. ..and the angry... They want to come here because the money's good! ..outnumbered the welcoming. I'd like to think of us as a charitable nation, as a people that are willing to help. Just like the Murray River meetings, there was no minister in sight, leaving a bureaucrat to cop the brunt. The Government's made its decision. Now it's a question of implementation. These people say they should have been consulted first. Julia Gillard was here on Sunday

for a photo opportunity in the Adelaide Hills but didn't have the courage to come and tell this community that she was about to announce a new detention centre. Mrs Gillard, or Miss Gillard, or whatever you want to call her, has crucified us. 1,108 kilometres away in Sydney,

the minister was confident the anger would fade.. Once centres are up and running, the local community responds very well. The response last night was overwhelmingly against. Those in favour? (CRWOD ROARS) There will be another vote next week in here. The Opposition will try to force the government to negotiate with the locals. Police have released pictures of a man wanted over the indecent assault of a woman in Sydney's inner west. Detectives hope to question him over the attack on a woman, who left Lewisham railway station just after midnight. As she arrived home at Dulwich Hill, her hair was grabbed and she was indecently assaulted. Anyone who recognises him is asked to call Crime Stoppers. The parents of a Sydney man appealing his murder sentence in Bulgaria say they're disappointed the court has refused to review security pictures. 23-year-old Jock Palfreeman was convicted last December of fatally stabbing a man and wounding another in a street brawl. His defence team will be allowed to re-examine key witnesses. I think today represents a very small positive sign I'm not going to call it a victory at all because it's still a long way to go. Palfreeman admits pulling a knife but has always argued he acted in self-defence. Britain's Channel Four has infuriated the UK's military leaders by broadcasting 'The Taking of Prince Harry', a drama depicting the royal heir being kidnapped by terrorists.

The top brass had demanded it be dropped, fearing it would endanger soldiers in Afghanistan. Please, I am a pilot. The risk is real. Prince Harry's character is on the front line in Afghanistan when he's taken hostage by the Taliban. Prince Harry would face torture and possibly death at the hands of the Taliban. The mockumentary shows how the British army and government would work to free him. Can we even be sure that Harry is still alive? We can't be sure of anything. British army bosses wanted the program banned, concerned it would distress families of serving soldiers. One week, no money - we kill. The real Harry was pulled out of Afghanistan in 2008 after his secret deployment was made public. But the 26-year-old wants to go back. Well, extremists often watch videos like this and get their ideas from them so it's not a good idea for that sort of material to be in the public domain. Britain's Channel 4 defended its decision to air the show, saying it was exploring the dangers to a royal in the modern theatre of war. All Western troops must leave Afghanistan or else they say they will behead me. Fortunately for Harry, in the film, he didn't need saving - when the Taliban weren't looking, he legged it. Rejoice and celebrate Harry the hero. Still to come - the life-changing drug giving hope to thousands of Australians. Also, a fisherman hooks a monster catch. And we put some unbelievable Aussie basketballers to the test. That's next. SONG: # When there is always something there to remind me # Always something there to remind me VOICEOVER: With 'Spirit of Tasmania', you can take your vehicle and take it easy. Why rush when you can sit back, relax and take it all in? Book now at and make it a trip to remember.

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What we need now is energy - the energy to keep the economy growing, the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. What if that energy came from an energy company? Chevron Australia is investing billions of dollars in people, in ideas, seeking, teaching, building, fuelling growth around the nation, now and in the future. This is the power of human energy. Police in Sydney's south-west are hunting a thief with a penchant for antique jewellery. $500,000 worth of rings, brooches and earrings were stolen from a car at a McDonald's restaurant at Hurlstone Park last Saturday morning. While the owner was inside grabbing a burger, thieves smashed one of the windows

and stole a metal case containing the jewels. Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers. Australia is one of only two countries in the world

which has approved the use of a new drug to treat multiple sclerosis. People with the condition say the breakthrough treatment will change the way they live their lives. MS affects everyone differently, the kind Stephen Papadopolous suffers from is kept at bay by injections. It's nothing like a bee sting. It really does hurt and the fluid that's going in has a nasty sting as well. He's covered in bruises from nine years of daily needle pricks. A tablet would be amazing - to actually just pop a pill. Now there is a tablet, Movectro

that's taken for just two weeks a year. Russia is the only other country to approve it. Now they're getting treatments which seem to be suppressing the disease very much better than we've ever had before. MS attacks the central nervous system. It affects some people's ability to walk or talk. You wouldn't even know Kerri Hammond has it apart from the inconvenience of the drugs. I hate injecting myself.

Even my children hate it so to have a tablet would be wonderful.

In here is a month's supply of injections. It costs around $30. The tablet will be much more, around $20,000 for the 2-week course. So MS sufferers are hoping the government will pay for it. I can't afford that so hopefully, the government can put that on the PBS as soon as possible so people like me can afford it.

A year ago, scientists discovered the first trickle of water on the moon. They're realising what a big splash they made. New tests have revealed parts of the moon once thought to be completely dry,

have enough water to fill 1,500 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Other useful resources such as carbon dioxide, mercury, and silver have also been discovered. It's hoped one day astronauts will be able to extract the water and essentially, live off the land. Most fisherman boast about their monster catch but for one angler, here's the proof.

British man Jeremy Wade landed a 50kg tigerfish during a fishing expedition in Africa. It's a deadlier version of the piranha, with 32 teeth the same size as a great white shark's. You can't ignore those teeth and I wanted to get the fish but I wanted to keep myself in one piece.

After a few happy snaps, from the camera, that is, Jeremy returned the monster to the Congo. Now to a story about a remarkable group of young men who do remarkable things with a basketball. They're four Aussie mates who throw long shots for fun and charity and these are no ordinary 3-pointers. They call themselves 'How Ridiculous' -

Derek Herron, Brett Stanford, Scott Gaunson and Kyle Nebel. They met at their local church.

We found them on YouTube, throwing a basketball off Perth's Narrows Bridge. (CHEERING) The sort of stunt where you think, "Is that for real?" So Seven News put them to the test with our cameras. Patersons Stadium - the 3-tier stand. It was just the fourth throw of the morning. And just to prove it was no fluke, this from the second tier. That came on the second attempt. Then there was this. Laser it? Fourth attempt. Even from underneath the stadium. Good mates, wholesome fun and on their YouTube postings, they urge people to support a charity. And compassion is the one we've chosen. A couple of us have got sponsored children in other countries

so if people go out and do that in response to our video, then we're just wrapped. Today's been a dream come true, really. Sport now with Tony Squires, and Tim Sheens strikes back. He was steaming today, Chris, outraged at claims club bias was behind Lote Tuqiri's Australian selection. That's next. Plus, forget the Kangaroos,

the Kumuls have a run-in with the Bondi lifeguards. And So You Think as close to a sure thing as racing gets for the Cox Plate.

Good recent rainfall has not solved the Murray-Darling Basin's long-term problems. A changing climate means we need to prepare for less water to share around. Water for the Future is securing our water drop by drop. It will change the way we do things and help keep our communities sustainable. It will help farmers produce our food with less water

and give more water to our rivers. A new plan is being developed to manage the way we use water in the Murray-Darling Basin. Drop by drop we're securing Australia's water for the future.

Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens has blasted claims he played favourites by picking Lote Tuqiri for Sunday's opening Four Nations test. Senior players have backed their coach for not starting Dragons star Darius Boyd against Papua New Guinea. The Kumuls might not have been playing Australia if it wasn't for the Bondi lifeguards. (HORN BLOWS) They were about to swim out into a rip. We need you to play footy, not drowning, you know? Lessons on the rescue board didn't help. (ALL LAUGH AND APPLAUD)

We're all nervous. A few of the boys' first time to come to Australia so a lot of excitement because of that. They'll face a Kangaroos side under extra pressure after Tim Sheens' selection decisions. I don't want to sit here justifying why I pick players and why I don't pick players, for that matter. Sheens denies he promoted Lote Tuqiri over Boyd because Tuqiri plays for his club side. Oh, please. That, that - you're having a go at my integrity there. Sheens says he needed a specialist a winger but Boyd's been good enough for Queensland - winning 7 from 8 Origins with 6 tries. Darius isn't the only player who missed out on the side. There's a lot of other great players who missed out. Banned from being Tonga's waterboy against Samoa, AFL convert Israel Folau's threatening never to return to league. It is really disappointing.

We would like to have the big fella around helping out. Wallabies flanker David Pocock has capped a spectacular year, winning the John Eales medal. and Quade Cooper Pocock beat Matt Giteau for rugby's highest individual award who stole the limelight. but it was Cooper stepping out for the first time The Wallabies flyhalf Olympic champion Stephanie Rice. with new girlfriend, triple of calling themselves Cooper stopped short the new Posh and Becks.

ABOUT myself. Lesley a good sort, I do not know for their spring tour tomorrow. The Wallabies leave has arrived in Melbourne Jockey Corey Brown favourite Shoot Out ahead of riding sentimental in tomorrow's Cox Plate. Stathi Katsidis, who died this week, He'll wear the silks of good mate

at Moonee Valley. in what will be an emotional day of riding in a Cox Plate. Katsidis had a dream has rocked the racing world His tragic death earlier this week a start on Shoot Out. and given Corey Brown once I go onto the track. It's business for me, sort of the world on my shoulders Like I've stated, I know I've got and Stathi will be there with me but I've got a job to do. The field is chasing the shortest-priced Cox Plate favourite since Tobin Bronze won in 1967. So You Think is odds on to give legendary trainer Bart Cummings his fifth success

in the weight-for-age classic.

in the Caulfield Cup, Fresh from her success of a boilover with More Joyous. Gai Waterhouse is confident in the race. There's never a let-up in the Cox Plate, There's never a breather that it's a pressure-cooker. that's the beauty of this race - It's a tiny, little, tiny track. is an even shorter price favourite So You Think

than the great Kingston Town in 1981 that won three in a row. Tomorrow, this striking stallion has a chance

to create a slice of history and win back-to-back Cox Plates. Horsepower of a different kind on the streets of Surfers Paradise with Ford's Mark Winterbottom clocking the fastest time at today's practice for the Gold Coast 600 V8 event. James Courtney was third fastest while his championship rival Jamie Whincup could manage only the 19th best time. Bathurst champ Craig Lowndes was seventh quickest. Coverage of the two big races tomorrow and Sunday right here on Seven. Checking finance now and a late rally this afternoon saw the share market close higher. The ASX 200 was up 25 points. But it posted its first weekly loss in three weeks, down almost 1%. among the big banks. There were mixed results ANZ was up more than 0.5%. NAB closed slightly lower. Sara's next with the weather, before the rain arrives. soaking up the last of the sunshine Yes, Chris. western Sydney this afternoon. Already, a few showers across More on the way tomorrow. from Observatory Hill I'll have the details after the break.

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A few showers and storms this afternoon, rolled off the ranges severe at times over the Hunter for large hail and damaging winds. with warnings there stayed mostly sunny. The city and coast Cloud is starting to build here at Observatory Hill,

where it's now 20 degrees. in the mid- to high-20s. Northerly winds delivered tops On the charts - scattered storms and rain a weak coastal trough is generating New South Wales. across central to northern will push through New South Wales, Tomorrow, a stronger trough causing showers and storms to build through southern and central parts, followed by a late southerly change. That change will sweep and Tasmania tomorrow. across Victoria in Melbourne. Early showers Sydney's waterways: in Canberra. A rainy day

across the ranges Isolated showers and storms and western suburbs tonight. We'll see cloud increasing tomorrow developing, with rain and thunderstorms bringing 10-15mm. ahead of the change. Expect a hot day to some brief showers on Sunday. The rain and storms should clear

A shower Monday. Fine on Tuesday. It should start to warm up again early next week, but Sunday will feel quite cool. rolling on into Monday. A shower or two A bit too early to predict what the weather will be doing next weekend - that's when the Seven Bridges Walk is happening. These volunteers are ready to go.

More information on our website. for this Friday. And that's Seven News

Have a great weekend. Goodnight. Thanks for your company. I'm Chris Bath.

The biggest speed camera fight. to prove how wrong they are. Police taking on the police This burger is 21 years old and looks brand new. Inside one man's bizarre McDonald's museum. The Nobel Prize winner's shock scientific report into what mobile phones are doing to you. It's not all bad.

And the showdown with Australia's biggest cult.

The story, the secrets,

they did everything to stop Today Tonight from showing. Plus, best barbecues for every budget. See what $10,000 buys and the types of sausages to cook on them. Good evening and thanks for your company. I'm Matt White. First tonight, further evidence the speed camera system in Australia is a shambles and incredibly, it's the police saying so. As state governments rush to add more and more cameras to our streets more and more are being found to be faulty. Lynda Kinkade reports on the ultimate clash between police and their own force which further erodes the credibility of the cameras. They're certified, they're tested, they're sealed. All fixed cameras are working correctly. It's a very rich stretch of road. The police association expects that this member will be successful. If the police member is successful, then that will give great hope to everybody else. Usually enforcing the law,

the men and women in blue are now taking it on. In a stunning about-face, the Victorian Police Association has joined the fight against speed cameras on behalf of one of their own.