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Tonight - Australia mourns

the loss of its greatest opera

East Timor over regional star - Joan Sutherland Talks in

refugee processing centre The

man accused of the Downer

double murder takes the stand.

Sally Pearson makes up for

disappointment with triumph at the Commonwealth Games. Good evening. Welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger.

The Royal Opera said she could

sing anybody off the stage. Luciano Pavarotti described her

as the greatest voice of the

century. As for her lee John

of fans, she was simply known

at La Stupenda. The supreme

one. Dame Joan Sutherland has died at her home in Switzerland. She was 83. For

more than four decades Joan Sutherland thrilled opera

audiences in the world's great

concert halls. She was born in

Sydney to Scottish parents. Her

father died when she was six

singer and inspired her years olds. Her mother was a

Joan Sutherland's strongest daughter to embrace music.

influence, though, was kugtor

Richard Bonynge, who was to

become her life partner.

Winning the Sun Aria in 1951

was a turning point and Dame Joan pursued her career overseas. She the Royal Opera House at Covent overseas. She won a place at

Garden. While her voice was

stunning she lacked stage

skills and sophistication. I

was fairly stiff on the

stage. In 1952, Joan Sutherland

sang her first leading role at

kaf kaf - Amelia in the 'The

Masked Ball'. Seven years later

she soared to international Masked Ball'. Seven years later

stardom with an acclaimed

performance as Lucia in 'Lucia

de Lammermoor'. The role

became her signature. It was

at a performance in Venice that

the Italians dubbed her La Stupenda. Soon Joan Sutherland was embraced by the was embraced by the Americans,

beginning a decades-long sogs

with the Metropolitan Opera in

New York. In 1961, Dame jon was named Australian of the

Year. But it was another four

years before she returned home

to perform. Why has it long since you have returned to

Australia? I've been busy. She

performed to sellout concerts

around the country with a

little known tenor Luciano

Pavarotti. Dame Joan won many

Royal favours. Her loyalty to

the Crown was fierce and during

the Republican debate in the

mid 90s, she sided with the

Australians for a monar ki. Her

address where she complained

Australian passport raised about applying for an

hackles. It upsets me it is so

hard to get an Australian

passportment you have to go to the post office and be

interviewed by a Chinese or an

Indian. Dame Joan spent her

final years at her home in

Switzerland. She returned to Australia for special

occasions. Her last Australian

performance was in 1990. At

the age of 63, her farewell

song at the opera House was 'Home Sweet Home'.

Dame Joan was survived by bon

bon bon, her son Adam and an

music and performances. In outstanding legacy of opera

death, as in life, Dame Joan

Sutherland is receiving a

lengthy ovation. She's been

remembered for more than just

her mastery of opera. At St Catherine's School in Catherine's School in Sydney's

eastern suburbs, the flags are

flying at half mast. Former known to be on the shy side

with a reputation as a champion basketballer. She auditions

for the choir but didn't make

it. She did try to get in the

choir but didn't succeed, as I

understand it. It just goes to

show you can go on to do great things no beginnings. Just as Dame Joan things no matter what your

left a proud legacy for her old

school, so too did she help

build Australia's largest opera company, pioneering outdoor

free concerts. Without Dame Joan, you wouldn't have a

modern day opera company in

Australia of the scale and size that we have now. Around the

world today, one word was

repeated. Inspiration. She

was an inspiration to several generations of singers,

including myself. Her

technique, her artistry unsurpassed by anyone technique, her artistry were

remembers her for 'Lucia de in the world. Everyone

Lammermoor'. An extraordinary inspiration. At home, other qualities were remembered.

Dame Joan I think showed a lot of quintessentialy Australian

values. She was described as

down to earth despite her

status as a diva. She'd sit

and do her pappestry, stand -

tapestry, stand up and sing

like an angel and sit down

again. There were no airs or

graces. A private family

funeral will be held in

Switzerland. Opera Australia

is planning a gala tribute

concert later this year.

East Timor has agreed to

continue talks with Australia

on the plan to establish a

regional refugee processing

centre. But details remain

proposal and East Timor's scant about

President isn't offering any

guarantees. Sara Everingham

reports from dill Dili. It

Australia won't be the last time

Australia and East Timor are at

the table on the Timor solution. The President's

Australia. They're set to start agreed for more talks with

in a month. I will progress

this proposal further for further consideration by the respective Governments by early

next year. The President says

it's too soon to make any guarantees.

guarantees. Then we will see

when whether we have something

on paper, or we see how we proceed. Officials from both sides have been charged with

developing the details how a

processing centre here in East

Timor could work. A proposal

would then be negotiated as

part of the multi-nation forum

- the Bali process. Australia's

Minister says the people of

East Timor would have to

benefit. But the President

doing this for themselves. says the Timorese people aren't

They're continuing discussions on humanitarian grounds. While political leaders might be

having talks here, many people

here in East Timor are yet to

be convinced putting a

processing centre here is a good idea. A Government

Minister recently suggested a

centre to bring economic Timorese island could host

benefits to the people. This

resident at least isn't keen.

TRANSLATION: I didn't agree

with the idea of putting the

centre in East Timor. We're too small and our island is too

small too. The asylum seekers should go to larger

countries. But local businesses

think it could be good for the

country and for jobs. I don't

have in mind how much million

Australia is going to spend

here but I think it is a few

million dollars and we will benefit a lot. President

Ramos-Horta said the centre

will not be opposed on the team

and key groups would need to be consulted on any

The Federal Parliament will

start its debate on Australia's commitment

commitment to Afghanistan next

week. Both political leaders

visited the war zone. Tony Abbott maintains Julia Gillard

tried to politicise the issue

by proposing a joint trip

then leaking his refusal to the

media. It was, I think, a

carefully-laid political ach

bush. That's essentially what

it was. I just think that this

kind of thing detracts from our

polity. It's not my intention

to add to this matter. Julia

Gillard agreed to a parliamentary debate on

Afghanistan as part of her deal

with the Greens. MPs will begin

making their statements on

Tuesday. Farmers in northern

Victoria are warning there

could be an arcy if new plans

to slash irrigation levels in the the Murray-Darling Basin

goes ahead. The first of a

series of consultations was

held in Shepparton today. Farmers struggled

contain their rage as they made

their way into the Shepparton

hotel. To find out what sort

of blow they are going to deal

us this time. The lunatics

that want to take our water.

That's all I can say about that

- they're mad. Officials from the Murray-Darling Basin

authority spent an hour

explaining why they want to return 4 thousand billion

litres to the system.

Irrigators around Shepparton

are facing a 45% cut to their allegations. Are we going to

finish up with a healthy river

with third world generations

living on the edge of it? We

have been targeted more than any other area. One farmer

warned that after a could be the tipping

point. Nearly a state of

anarchy exists when the

majority of the people, the

region, are put out of business and that's what will happen. The local Liberal

member scored some political points. There's no Labor Party

MP that I know of in this

audience and certainly no Federal Labor Party MP

either. The Murray-Darling

Basin authority told the people

the plan isn't a done deal.

Bill Sali left the meeting as

he arrived - angry. They get

paid, they go home, they forget

about it. We're the ones that

have got to bear the

consequences of the decision

that is are made by those

people and other idiots like them. The consultation meeting

was the first of 28 to be held

in towns throughout the basin

and in five capital Murray-Darling Basin authority's next stop is dealt


A NSW man accused of murdering murdering his two friends with

a meat cleaver in 2008 has told a court he doesn't remember

killing the alleged victims.

The 35-year-old has pleaded not guilty to the murders but has

admitted setting fire to the Downer

Downer house in which the

bodies were found. In September

2008, Scott Alexander McDougall

went around to this Downer

house to drink with his friends

Struan Bolas and Julie Franco - also known as Julie it i

Tattersall. The accused toltd the court he became involved in

a heated conversation with Mr

Bolas about someone he believed had been talking to the police. McDougall said

McDougall said he also told

Franco he'd heard she was a

police informant. He told the

court Mr Bolas came at him with

a meat cleaver so he defended

himself and just lashed out. He said after that moment, his

mind went blank. The accused

said he later screamed and

cried as he knelt in front of

Mr Bolas's body. McDougall

became emotional while talking

about Ms Franco who was a long-time friend. When questioned about whether questioned about whether he'd killed her because she

witness to Mr Bolas' death, the

accused said he wasn't that

cold blooded. The accused said

he hadn't seen the photos of Mr

Bolas and Ms Franco who both

suffered severe head injuries

and he didn't intend to kill

them. The trial before Justice

Malcolm Gray will resume on Friday for defence and

prosecution submissions.

While the Federal Parliament

comes to term with minority

Government, ACT Labor says its

alliance with the Greens is on

solid ground. The two solid ground. The two parties say they've been able to for Canberrans but the

Opposition says the alliance

has failed to improve services. Two years into this

term, Labor and the Greens are

still on the same page. What

we've done over the last two

years is work hard to build a

relationship around trust which

enables us to deliver strong

Government and stable

government. We have been able to deliver stable government

over the last two years and

along the way be able to

achieve a lot of good benefits

and outcomes. At the 2008

election, Labor lost its majority and governs with the

support of the four MLAs. The

relationship has been

constantly attacked by thes Opposition. A genuine cross

bench is about keeping people honest.

honest. There are some

come to terms with the whole

minority Government

situation. During the last

election campaign, the Government focused much of its

attention on health. The Minister says work has at least

started on all commitments in

this area. But patients are

still worried about waiting times for treatment. If we're going

going to use an report like we

do in schools, I'd say C is

competent, that's where it is,

but there's great potential for

improvement. The Government has

met its promise to employ extra teachers to reduce class sizes.

The teachers' union says it

wasn't ambitious in the first

place. It probably looked good

before the election but it is piecemeal

piecemeal approach. At the

halfway mark, the alliance hasn't encountered too many problems. Next election the

Greens will face a real test -

to see if the party can keep its four of power.

The Commonwealth Games relief

and jubilation has replaced

heart break. Sally Pearson

laid her demons to rest with a

stirring win in the hurdles final. She not only earnt a

gold medal but set a new Commonwealth Games record.

Australia continues to lead other

other nations with 145 medals

overall, including 64 gold.

Michael Rowland is in Delhi. Tears of joy instead of

disappointment. Emotion washes

over Sally Pearson as her

moment of triumph finally

arrives. The 24-year-old was a

picture of concentration as she

lined up for the race. The

start was clean and the winner obvious from the first hurdle.

She's over the last. It's

gold. It's in the bank. No-one is

her. Not the medal, nor the new Commonwealth Games record and

the sense of redemion. Just a

huge re relief. Everything

this week has been hard. Also

smiling is Steve Hooker who

made the pole vault final another one-sided affair. He

was tested early by England's

Steven Lewis but he soared to

victory with a jump of 5.6m. My

My main objective was to come

here and win a medal. To come

here with the bare minimum is

enough for me. I'm happy. Divers Melissa Wu and

Alexandra Croak had another

good night at the pool.

Australia's rugby sevens team

had a nice training run in its

early matches making short work

of Uganda and Sri Lanka. It

came up against England, the

Australians losing narrowly in

a tough en kountd

calling it the dawn of the stem

cell age. The world's first official trial using embryonic

stem cells on a human patient

has begun in the US. The paralysed patient has had cells

injectd into the spine in the

hope nerves will re-grow. These are embryonic stem cells which many scientists believe

are the future of regenerative

medicine. For the first time

they are being used on humans. It's important because these are embryonic stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells em. They

- The cells have been injected

into a patient. The hope is

the cells will recoat nerve

cells. What stem cells promise

for a heart attack or spinal

cord injury or diabetes, you go

the the hospital, receive the

cells and go home with a

repaired organ. Use of the

cells remains controversial as

they're gathered from embryos

left over from fertility

treatments. This first trial

will check if the cells are

safe. It will be a while

before doctors know if effective as well.

Survivors of the 2002 Bali

bombings have marked the eighth

anniversary of the attacks by anniversary stepping up

stepping up their campaign for

a peace park. They want it

built on the Sari nightclub

site where more than 200 people

lost their lives. They say the

park will fund itself while becoming an important cultural

symbol in bally. The owner

wants to build a new nightclub

and the survivors group has

little man. Indonesia

correspondent matMatt

Brown. Eight years after terror struck, a small group of

survivors is struggling to

establish a peace park on the

sciet of the attack. It will

show the world terrorism is bad

and when someone dishes you

that card, we're going to make something beautiful out of

it. Ground Zero, as it's known,

is a car park and the oern

owner wants to turn it into a

new nightclub. Members of the

survivors have released a study

showing the project would

finance itself by charging $1

US entry. I loss seven dear

friends there and 202 people

died there. It shouldn't be a nightclubment there shouldn't be people drinking beer right there.

there. There shouldn't be people partying. However, they

must first buy the land and

it's worth millions of dollars.

The association is yet to start

local officials worry the

project has dragged on too long.

long. TRANSLATION: The peace

park is a good idea but we

don't want to disadvantage the owner of the land either. As

the survivors and their

supporter s remember their

loss, Indonesia's struggle against against terrorism is not over. Since the last anniversary, the Indonesian police have

discovered a new terror cell.

Even today, the manhunt

continues. The British Prime Minister

says the attempted rescue of a

kidnapped aid worker in

Afghanistan was justified despite revelations despite revelations she may

have been killed by American

troops in the process.

Coalition military chiefs are investigating whether Linda

Norgrove was killed by a hand

grenade thrown by the US

soldiers sent to rescue her.

The 36-year-old was abducted

with three Afghan colleagues in Afghanistan. David Cameron

says he gave his blessing for

the rescue operation and he

stands by the decision. I will

obviously go over in my own

mind a hundred times as to whether it was whether it was the right

decision but I profoundly believe it was given the

advice, information and everything we knew about Linda's dreadful situation. Authorities

initially said Ms Norgrove was

killed when one of her captors set off a bomb.

The long-awaited inquest into

the London bombings has heard

recordings of the first calls

to emergency services. The

inquiry is now under way more

than five years after the 7

July attacks on three trains

and a bus. Newly-released audio

recordings show rail staff and

emergency workers struggling to

cope with the crisis. We have

thick smoke coming from the

tunnel. We have customers on

the track. On the track? Yes.

They are de training themselves

I've been advised. We're

trying to assist them but the

smoke is heavy. 52 people killed in the deadliest terror

attack on British soil. The

inquest is expected to last

until next March.

The consumer watch dog and

Microsoft have issued warnings

to home xiert owners. Phone

scammers have been making uninvited calls about a fake

computer virus in a bid to obtain personal information.

IT consultants say it is a

dangerous new way of hacking. When Karri Barrett

received a phone call she

thought was from Microsoft, she

was caught offguard. At first

they sounded very credible. He

addressed himself he was from

Microsoft woins Windows

support and we had a vierus on

our computer. The man wanted to run a system. was running it and another

voice in the background said

"Is she running it?". Then I

thought something might not be

right. The scammers may not have been able

have been able to fool Karri

Barrett but they have been

duping others. Authorities say

the number of complaints about

phone scams has jumped over the

past two months from 200 per

month to 2,000. People are

getting taken for a ride. They're having their personal

information taken and they're

paying money for things they

shouldn't be. IT consultants

say the scammers are trying to

run a program through home

computers that tracks and

records what people enter into

their keyboards. If you go to

your bank and type in your user name and password, that's

recorded and sent back to the scammers. Microsoft has issued

a statement warning Australians

not to be fooled. The company

says it hasn't been cold calling immediately. Even if they say

they are calling from a reputable company like a

software company, then these calls are a scam. Take your

computer to your local computer

shop and have it thoroughly

cleaned. People who may have

been targeted by scammers are advised to contact their advised to contact their bank immediately.

To finance and shares in the

local exchange fell sharply

today as a wave of selling hit

Asian markets. As Alan Kohler

reports, the Australian dollar

fell back below 98 US cents. The All Ords fell 1.5%

today but keep your eye on the trend. So far this financial

year it's clearly upwards.

Today's fall doesn't take it

outside the trading range. Supporting the market this

month are the resources stocks. After tracking together they

have split from the banks with the the resources index up 3% the resources index up 3% and

banks steady. The reason for

the difference is simple - metal prices are booming. This graph shows London Metals

Exchange Index and Australian

resources index, although the

scales are a bit deceptive,

metals prices are up 30% while

resources index is up 14%. Food

commodities are up more. The

global sugar price has soared

63% sign 1 July. Gold and oil

are both up. US and European

stocks were steady to slightly

higher overnight but currency

problems are starting to tell

on Japanese and Korean

companies. The Chinese market

continued to go up. In

Australia the market highlights

were falls of more than 2% by

Rio Tinto, Westpac, Qantas and

Wesfarmers. The only rise of

any note was Crown at more than

2%. On foreign exchange markets

the Australiay dollar has fallen be low. Finally, a

graph of capital city rainfall.

No, you haven't nodded off and

woken up during the weather.

This is finance. If the 10-year

drought has broken and we are

in for a La Nina event

opposed to El Nino, there will

be less demand for electricity to name a few things. Australia

has fought back against India

in the second test but not

before Sachin Tendulkar had

scored another double century.

Tendulkar's 214 was his fourth

highest test core. India lost 5/60 to claim a lead of 17

runs. Australia has to win to level the series. level the series. The cricketing world can't hem but hem but embrace Sachin

Tendulkar. On day three of the

test Tendulkar and Murali Vijay built a stand of 308. It was

India's third biggest partnerships and Australia.

After tea Mitchell Johnson had

Vijay. Pujara was trapped.

Tendulkar pressed on. The

37-year-old moved beyond Brian

Lara being the only player passing 150 20 times. Nathan

Hauritz also had more than 150 against his name without success. Michael Clarke picked

up the day's other dismissal.

Tendulkar was still there at

stumps. 191 not out and

Australia's total in sight. It

was more of the same to start

day four. Tendulkar and Dhoni

punished a tired attack. The

next milestone - Tendulkar's

sixth double century came with

a sharp single. He

when fresh-faced test debutant

Peter George claimed his. His

dismissal triggered a collapse.

The last five fell for nine runs leaving the runs leaving the game in the balance.

To the weather - despite the

threat of rain around today

there wasn't any. The there wasn't any. The sun broken through for much of broken through for much of the

day as we reached the top of 21

at the airport. There was a similar picture around the

region - no rain, just cloud

and bursts of sun shine. There were showers in

Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Rain in Hobart

To the satellite image - the

thick cloud is indicating

potentially severe storms in Victoria. There are currently storms in northern WA.

The synoptic chart indicates

storm activity in the tropics and south-eastern Victoria.

Around the nation tomorrow -

The theme right around our

region tomorrow is a little


Wake-up time in the Wake-up time in the morning is

6:23 a.m. and the sun will set

during tomorrow's news bulletin

at 7:17 p.m. Looking ahead -

Before we go, a brief redap of

our top stories - East our top stories - East Timor's

President agrees to continue

talks on

talks on a regional refugee processing centre. That's ABC

News for now. I'll be back in an hour. For now, This Program is Captioned


Welcome to the program. And

shortly we will have our own

tribute to the lathe Dame

Sutherland and we will're haer

in the Murdoch editor who sued

his boss and won. But first to politics and Opposition Leader

Tony Abbott has upped

in his ongoing verbal battle with Julia Gillard over

Afghanistan, cruise accusing

her over not only trying to

lure him into a political trap

but also of failing to support

three soldiers facing criminal

charges over the deaths of

Afghan civilians. For her part, the Prime Minister has brought

on her promised parliamentary

debate on Afghanistan next

week. Political editor Heather